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Deadly Wound of the Health Message

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 26, 2017
    3:00 PM
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All right since I just showed you the sides who is this individual by the way anybody know he is. Not Colonel Sanders who is it. Who is this man. John Harvey called Does anybody know what John Harvey Kellogg is responsible for. Cornflakes anybody else what else was he responsible for. What is it. The positive things right now positive things. We know that we know this is right here right positive things what's the responsible for we could say oh yeah this is a blessing to this world. Right sanitariums anybody else. OK He along with some others really promoted hydrotherapy any other products he produced. Granola. OK Anybody else. Yes. He designed some chairs. Were kind of chairs. Were the. Anything special about them they just regular chairs I've never known that before I will remember that. He designed. Anybody else anything else we know about him yes. He was. Benji burgers now when I have never heard of either. Anybody else what's he responsible for anybody you know. Some. Gal pone. Oh really I didn't know that. OK. That's interesting. He said that the land in which Cal Poly is lawn was donated by him. The Arabian horse farm which was from his time OK Wow Interesting. So it's so interesting this individual Yes I saw him in the back. But positive things we're still looking at right now. Yes yes. The development of various kinds of grains right it's very interesting things had just become commonplace in our world today right it's very interesting this actually came from the Oxford Companion to the American food and drink encyclopedia and essentially it says this about this individual it says no single individual influenced American eating habits during the early or twenty centuries is very interesting more then Dr Jogging Harvey Kellog Now this is amazing friends because when you take a good look in American history and specifically in regards to food Dr John Harvey Kellog have been has made a significant contribution to this world in fact what also is interesting is this this was actually found on one of these health websites and it says this John Harvey Kellog deserves more than any other person to be called the father of one natural health in fact a lot of not true natural health movements today trace some of their information or foundation to what this individual was talking about what he was just really speaking about I'm preaching about now what we're going to be doing today is take a little bit of journey into his life and why is it important for us understand why. In fact there was somebody who did it Univer you on Dr John Harvey Kellog trying to understand how in the world was this guy so ahead of his time how is it passed. Well for him to be so advanced in medicine and in health that he was completely just lapping other health professionals this is very interesting. David Paul's Palsson M.D. about the year nine hundred thirteen reported a conversation that he had with Dr John Harvey Kellog says this a number of years earlier introductory to the following statement it should be mentioned that in the late one nine hundred century John Harvey Kellog Andy was recognized as a world leader in several areas of medical practice Dr Kellogg asked me in New York City twenty two years ago if I knew how it was that the Battle Creek sanitarium was able to keep five years ahead of the medical profession high do not know that he told me he said what a new thing is brought out in the medical world he knew from his knowledge of the spirit of what. Interesting the writings of Ellen G. White whether it belonged in our system or not if it did he instantly adopted and amortized it while the rest of the doctors were slowly feeling their way and when they finally adopted it he had five years the star on them on the other hand when the medical profession was swept off their feet by some new fad if it did not fit the light we had received he simply did not touch it when the doctor spinal he discovered their mistake they wondered how it came that Dr Kellogg did not get caught you see this small other of the natural health movement hand a secret and you know what the secret was the spirit of prophecy. And for many years wall he was just you could say he aligned himself with the writings and the teachings of the Spirit of Prophecy things began to change in his life and always says is very interesting words about Dr John Harvey Kellog when he began to be very interested in medicine she says this. When I heard that Dr Kellogg had taken up the medical missionary work I was in I encouraged him with heart and soul because I knew that only by this work can the prejudice which exists in our world in the world against our own faith be broken down do you know what got him very interested in contributing to the church he had a revival in his life and it happened in the year eight hundred eighty eight. This man was affected by the teaching in preaching of righteousness by pay he was so touched by this that he we committed himself to God and he wanted to find out how his profession his experience can contribute to the preaching of the third angel's message it's so amazing he begin to immediately introduce this idea of sanitariums and medical facilities and different books and all sorts of facets when it has to do with natural health into the church and begin to promote it to the entire world in fact what is interesting is that his clinics became so renowned that several movie stars several dignitaries several politicians began to come to these places and also understand aspects of the Seventh Day Adventist message in fact during a general conference meeting something unusual was discovered this is it Debbie Debbie Prescott says this I five from the statistics given in the General Conference bulletin on page one sixty three at the entire general conference employs fifteen hundred workers I was not quite sure Mr Chairman of the statistics but the best I can get from the report is that the association employs seventy four physicians four hundred forty eight nurses and about twelve hundred other helpers am I correct the secretary says I think that is about right Debbie Debbie Prescott says this then if this is the case there are more persons in the employ of the assistant so she. In the various departments of work then in the employ of the entire in the whole general conference is this correct John Harvey Kellogg says the number is nearly two thousand now you know why this is so important we actually had more workers. In the medical missionary part of our church then employed by the church in other areas something began to explode in the church something unusual begin to happen and you think to yourself Pastor Now what is so different about this I know about Adventists history but this is where it starts getting very unusual you see as John Harvey Kellogg began to really promote this message of combining the third angels message with medical missionary work divisions began to enter in many of the pastors at that time were not interested in trying to combine both of these two facets one might begin to lay out a series of messages to the pastors she said this why do you not cooperate with those who are caring for the medical work medical missionary work is it for you who have the example of Christ before you to stand off and criticize and this is very interesting she says over and over again I speak to my brother in America why do some our ministering brethren manifest so little interest in health reform the messages given on this great and needful subject seem to be distasteful to some bar own ministers that much as change the tone and. They would put forth some faint efforts to reform but because they had no mind to practice it they lapsed into an indifference upon the subject then in order to been decayed their own course of action they began to pick flaws in the men who advocated this reform if they could only if if they could all find any excuse for remaining away they would not attend the meetings where health reform was presented. These men became its bitterest enemies now I want you to see what's happening here and you're going to start seeing where this leads again and why is it important for you and me today what happened one hundred years ago to continue reading. Thus those who should have been the first to advocate the principles of health reform in every line of their work by piece Upton example showed that they were not in harmony with it and then she starts describing where their split begin to happen and something unusual begins to take place something say tannic begins to happen the Lord is not pleased with the division between medical missionary physicians and gospel workers by some notice these key words strange walls have been built up we should study to reach that unity of faith truth will bear a way the victory on every point you see won't begin to happen at this point is as this individual and some of the other medical missionaries were criticized by the pastoral part of our church at that time the division began to grow greater and greater and greater soon John Harvey Kellog began to talk him out something that really aggravated a lot of pastors he began to push this idea of mission medical mission work soul strongly that he starts heading towards a direction this direction by the way was not bad in fact you're going to see the point in which the devil dropped the bomb on to read The Lord has given Dr Kellogg his work it is a fact that our ministers are very slow to become health reform or notwithstanding all the light which the Lord has given upon this subject this has caused Dr Kellogg to lose confidence in them their tardy work in health reform has created in him a spirit of criticism and he has borne down on them in unsparing manner which the Lord. Does not sanction he has belittled the gospel ministry and in his regard and ideas has placed a medical missionary work above the ministry I have seen that in the century a minister with ministers remarks have been made which have not been to the honor and glory of God now you're starting to see the response some of the response from Dr John Harvey Kellog Francis is so important. As I said before you're going to understand why. You know it's very interesting one day. When I was a youth pastor and it was like October thirty one you know October thirty one is. Hall of mean. And so I turned to my youth kids and I said we need to do something different instead of dressing up like monsters and doing this getting booed I said we're going to dress up like Bible characters. And so what we did is we went to the closet and what we found were ponchos. And we found bathrobes So what we did is we put our bathrobes on in a poncho is on we took a stick we found we pulled off a tree we carried a lamb around so it looked like we were shepherds then what we did is we took glow pamphlets I guess I'm a glow pampered star was a youth pastors like we got to pass out to everybody and so we're passing out to everybody and you know Pastor No I love to pass out literature but sometimes I do not like passing out literature because it is very fearful anybody here feel that way before yeah so we were down to our last little pamphlet we're walking to the car and my youth kids they're like Hey Pastor Now if you want to pass out this little one this last one and I was like. OK I'll do it I was just want to direct you guys now I'll do it and so I grabbed it and I saw a group of people barbequing and I was like American. You know American I was born here as I walked out with my bathrobe and I said hey and I looked at it and I just gave it to move quickly and it was something about health I mean read it the man looks at it goes through his stomach through and he's like This is interesting you believe what's in here and I was like and I on my mind I was like only read like the first front cover and I was like yeah I believe it I mean I hope the Gore people are doing bad stuff right so I said Yeah I believe it and he's like he said you know it's interesting I think this might be from God I go why you say that he's like I'm a pastor of the local non-denominational church he says I want to do a series on health and he says I've been looking for information about the Bible and help and he says I'm looking at this and it's just it was a glow planted on the Bible and hell and he was like Man this is really good and he starts reading and I was about to walk is like hey don't leave yet and so I was like OK he's like hey can you answer some questions for me and I started answering some questions for him in my bathrobe OK and I'm there and you know shine just like you know an Indian in a bathrobe on the hollowing talking to people who are barbecuing but I realized something then I was like these people are looking for health these people are looking for health in fact when I was that we mark college I had a friend he was a good friend this guy was like a missionary go to Taco Bell it's a mission trip with this guy right he would always go to non denominational churches and he'd always say to them hey can we do a health presentation though like sure and so what would happen is he get some of the we more students and we would do the new START program and many of these non you know these first day churches and it was so interesting because we go to New Star principles nutrition exercise water sunlight. You know it I know it. Temperance air rest and then trusting God so I was going through we were going through all of it and people were like oh. Oh my goodness I've never heard this before like they're flipping out there were so excited about this message and it was such a powerful being as we were seeing many of these non Adventist Church is just absolutely embracing the health message in fact one day I walked into a Sunday school and sat way in the back and the teacher was asking a bunch of questions and I was like I think I know the answer to that so I kept raising my hand like a little bit of noxious Lee and I raised my hand and he said Man you should you should teach a class and I was like I'll do it if you need me to do it but you know let me do it you know I know it doesn't have been to but he was just we were just talking about health and it was really really exciting I realize something man it's like these non Adventists were embracing the health message do you know as a same damn as evangelists if I was to present a health message by years ago the number one objection I would get. I get this all the cleaning thing gone did away with that at the cross. You know what the number one objection I get now. Is not from people who are. Seventh Day Adventists. I get it from Adventists now just the basic health message in fact none of the Non non Adventists on bringing up the traditional arguments anymore you want to know why because science has been dictated the position of the scriptures on health there's not a question about it's like yeah that's common knowledge now but sometimes I haven't as I would just want to hear this message before in fact when I was a youth pastor years ago years ago I'm telling you guys a secret right now I actually got fired for preaching the HELP message the pastor brought me for the born is like hey look we don't want you to preach legalism here in homes like telling people pork is bad legalism and I was like What in the world in my own right now but anyway so I realized something there was an opposition to justice health message but it wasn't coming really. From the out it's coming from within Now friends we need to be tolerable but we need to love people in spite of these things that we need to deal better with people even if there are differences but there is something we need to understand here something so important and that is this God intentionally wanted the medical missionary part of our church to work with those that were part of preaching the Gospel this was so important God had a special plan this is what is said right here by Alan White My brother and will the Lord calls for unity for Oneness we are to be one in the faith I want to tell you when the Gospel ministers and the medical missionaries all workers are not united there is placed on our church's notice is he words the worst evil that can be placed there. Not just think about worst evil. I mean just because a medical missionary workers on united with the Gospel workers of the Gospel workers aren't united with the medical missionaries really the worst evil let me ask you question what do you think that means RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. I won't embarrass your promise. Maybe you will. But even that means the worst evil why would the worst evil be produce as a result of medical missionary work not combining with the gospel work yes. OK So you're saying the division would bring about would make us not as credible right because there's just these differences that exist anybody else. Anybody else I mean there is evils but imagine the worst evil yes. OK Very good we would be missing an opportunity to bring people to the Gospel who could come in no other way except through that facet. Anybody else. So would you simply say oh it's just about we just don't want to see division or do you think there's something else she was talking about here yes. So the Gospel would be limited. And its effect. Anybody else. Would Happen. The church would end up having a form of religion. Why. Because those that are involved in gospel work would not have the opportunity to help people in other peer areas of their lives the church would be separate and all we would become is simply more of a theological branch rather than reaching out to people and where their needs are at it would have a form of religion but denying the power there. Let's continue with this we're going to get to a point that's so important for us our medical missionaries ought to be interested in the work of our conferences and our conference workers ought to be as much interested in the work of our men. Our medical missionaries. As a result a reaction has said against the medical missionary program the baby was thrown out with the bathwater as someone remarked This is Ministry magazine the medical work received the deadly wound which has never been fully healed the right on which is the medical mission work and which is to break down prejudice practic the church and open new your doors keep new doors was fractured and has remained in that state pretty much to the present now friends I want to introduce you to something something in which the devil began to really divide people on. J. Harvey Kellog began to present something that was so unusual when he was talking about medical missionary work you can read his writings he began to use Isaiah fifty in a whole new way that had never been used before. You know he started saying that I was a P fifty eight this talked about the Sabbath that the SAP it should be used as the day of healing people a day of reaching out to people like Arias let me just go out and sing a few songs at the elderly home what he was saying is look if we're going to be helping people if we're going to help people with their health issues we should capitalize on the Sabbath specifically and use that day as a day of help and healing to other people using this biblical. Is a biblical. Zero hours of biblical. Because Jesus said in Luke eighteen are not this woman being a daughter of a plan think of it be bound by say to eighteen years be loosed on the world in other words if there's any other no better day than the Sabbath to bring about healing to other people what's that look like though what does that look like now that's something that's going to be study let's continue with this it's very interesting how slow men are to understand God's preparation for the Davis power God works today to reach hearts in the same way he worked when Christ was upon earth in reading the Word of God We see that Christ brought medical missionary work into his ministry cannot arise be open to discern Christ methods can we now understand the commission he gave to His disciples and to us this is so powerful friends it wasn't just Seventh Day Adventists to a call to the medical missionaries David Livingstone the great missionary to Africa was a medical missionary in fact it wasn't just DAVID LIVINGSTONE Well what else was interesting was the world then seas were medical missionaries you find many of our reformers were medical missionaries it's so powerful man we begin to understand what was actually happening and how. Poles who were preaching the gospel did not neglect the healing of the body friends our church has suffered a fissure when it comes to this idea of combining the medical mission work and the gospel work in our world today in our churches we are seeing changes that are taking place very rapidly but I believe God wants to even more than we fully understand strange things that are taking place or bringing Seventh Day Adventist to the forefront of the world to give a message did you know the country Don. You've heard of that country before you Don sometimes pronounced Iran right. Before the Shah of Iran was removed and the Islamic Republic took over. He logged Seventh Day Adventists we have entrance into that country no problem more than other other Christian if you want to why you love your doctors you love our doctors they help to mount so many times we have had openings in under countries that other Christian groups did not have one because of the medical missionary work it's a powerful thing when we begin to realize wait this is the work God wants us to do more of in fact Jesus did more healing than he did preaching right you see God has blessed the church with this understanding of the health message and he wants us to use it do you know the Egyptians. After there's been M.R.I. scans on Egypt your mummies it's been discovered many of them obviously did not live past the age of thirty or forty they just did not live long in fact what is also some interesting some controversial studies show that some of the Pharaohs had cocaine in their body you want to know why that's unusual. Come From. What is a plant come from. Where does it originate Someone's is competent. Right enough. I grew up in Southern California. Where does it come from. It comes from South America. Which really just blows apart the view of history and the Egyptians were not Mariners but anyways. It was so interesting many of them you look at the many of the Pharaohs they did not live past fifty or you know forty or fifty years old do you know when Jake up the patriarch who's about one hundred year old hundred years old at that time who Joseph brings to the fair do you know the first words that come out of barrels mouth. The very first thing Carol sees which a cup is not like Hey How you doing I heard the story it's how old are you. Think about of all the words that could have been said to this old man Jacob the first thing he says is how old are you if you want to know why. Because there were no senior citizens in their community. And when it says in the book patriarchs and prophets God was using Joseph to bring Bible religion to us. And this was an example to it of it friends I want you to understand something if God is blessing us in certain areas of our of our identity in our ministry then we need to use it to reach out to other people Amen amen God wants us to be a blessing to many people alright let's continue with this. God it help those whose attention has been aroused on this subject to have the mind of Christ the sympathy of Christ if we were as closely connected with Christ as were his disciples God could work through us to heal many who are suffering the Lord blesses people enable them to come to a right understanding of His will I keep switching where I get to the end continue with this. Medical missionary work is the right hand of the Gospel it is necessary to the advancement of the Cause of God God as Dole as through it men and women are led to see the important. As of right habits of living the saving power of the truth will be made known every city is to be entered by workers trained to do medical missionary work as the right hand of the thirteen tools message Gaunts method of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of president and this is where it gets so powerful right here this is such an amazing thought right here much of the prejudice that prevents the truth of the third angels message from reaching the hearts of the people might be removed if more attention were given to work health reform when people become interested in this subject the way is often prepared for the entrance of the truth if they see we are intelligent with regards to hell they will be more ready to believe we are work. Can somebody reiterate that last line in their own language well in our language English but I mean in just your own words. How would you reiterate that last line in your own words. OK Good anybody else yes. OK good. OK good yes. What are Christians accused of by a theist and skeptics. Like what is so wrong about Christianity what does it violate the laws of science they've looked at Christians as an educated people who are illiterate in the laws of health and science friends this isn't about trying to prove that we are creationist I believe we should prove that I believe we should understand that concept but even more sure we understand how the body works did you know that the early church when they became corrupted they have ventured we began to set up a premise in. Which Fiola G. began to become store for mouse and that the study of the body and the mind the body in the mind the physical part was removed in fact there was this view that because of the destruction of the world that would eventually take place that natural focus needs to be on theology when the Sabbath was removed the focus of creation was gone do you know what began to happen study out what happened during the Dark Ages in the Middle Ages that the understanding of health science was completely down to a very minimal basic medicinal remedies that would have saved thousands gave millions of people were gone did you know what happened in the fourteenth century the black plague came upon the world do you know it nearly destroyed all of England and half for Europe do you know researchers have actually looked up and said if these people had just Sipress simply practice basic medicinal kinds of things they would have saved themselves from death. And in response to this darkness of the light of science that the French Revolution began and then it produced atheism we're told what papacy began atheism you know finish and since that time there have been many people in our world today who have looked at Christians as those who are coming from the Dark Ages people who are illiterate with the laws of science remember I showed you that one of those criteria of that woman that atheist woman one of her criteria was look the Bible how the writings have to match up with science friends what Ellen White saying right here look if people know that you are intelligent and regards to health they will be ready to believe that we are sound in Bible Dawkins' you want to know why because they know you are not a crazy nut case. They will know wait a minute if this person understands the basic laws of health they want to send wait a minute maybe this person is not a. As I thought. It will open the doors to new things so what am I saying to you that if we begin to really grasp this like never before we will see more people coming to the church than we've ever seen before if we're really to challenge ourselves as a church as a community believers to embrace this message of health gone will open up doors that have never been opened up before you know when I was passing in series I told our church I said we're going to have a health care this was in the year two thousand and nine like OK we're going to have health care we don't know what a health care was but I just knew we needed to. So we began to plan and pray and we put together a health fair we had some check ups we need a cooking school I made my famous Superman smoothie and use it all these things and it was so interesting something unusual happened to the advertisement we sent it out to a few people then we started getting crazy calls the last week before the series started we got this call from one teacher and she says I just got this fire everyone in the school district is passing out the spire. Is it true you guys are running a health yeah you hear about this or like I got it from this person got it from this person or from this person and we're like wow that's so crazy then I got another call from another somebody in another school district and they said we're passing out all the flyers with the kids that are going back to their parents' home or going home and I was like Who told you this and you know we are from this person heard from that person is for it from this person this happened for a fine times for different school districts. The city began to advertise for us and it was so amazing people begin to come out and we were just like whoa we never expected this and it was such a powerful thing we did it the year after there were people who were baptized brought into the church it was such an amazing thing I had never seen the Church so many people in the church from different parts of the church being. So active in ministry you know what happens when you just run evangelistic serious this is what happens you sit down preacher comes in like me I preach a sermon you sit down in the pews you may have a few you know conversations with people and then you may sit down with them and then you leave and that's your interaction that's your ministry. That's it. Really friends when we did health IT WAS SO AMAZING we had people involved in this this part of the church involved in this is part of the church involved with this we had people who were even spiritual in the church involved in ministering to people it was so amazing I never seen so many of our church involved in this ministry in fact when we did our church plan at Wal-Mart the council lady showed up and she's like what is going on here just like that like we're having a health care she's like I never heard about this. This is what's going on she's like can you guys give me a free checkup when my B.M.I. checked out OK so we let her through and she's like she's like I'm going to bring this up at the City Council she brought up the city council you know began to happen the city started paying for our health events they said can you do a cooking school for us and we told them they were going to be Seventh Day Adventists all the way through they're like from that spawn we've been looking for a faith based group that does health stuff and we just started a church plant there a few years ago friends I'm saying this because Gore will open up new doors for you he will open up powerful doors never been opened up before and you know what I like about young adults is you guys have the entrepreneurial spirit you guys have and just the innovation about you that you can say wait a minute how can we look at this system and how can we make it better for the glory of God How can we bring resources together what new things can we talk do you know I just had a conversation with some friends and they're like and now we're going to bring the first vegetarian taco truck to Fresno California. A taco truck to Fresno California I was like they're like No no it is a vegetarian we're only going to serve veggie stuff really I said you have my blessings go for it it was so amazing and I was like then this is interesting I have a friend who in Michigan you're across. My friend Jeff he's like he opened up a cross fit. And I could see I was about six and just put it was Jeff Jeff winter you know. Now I'm going to say I'm refusing to say right now Jeff went to work at this cross fit jam he got really excited about it and he started saying I'm going to open up my own cross but you know what started happening. Many of the young adults found out about it they sort of come into this he closes it down on Sabbath Friday night he holds a Bible study they're winning people to the Lord now he's opening up his gym with his own label now it's amazing friends what is happening in our world today the world is crazy about health they're crazy about health and they want to know about health and this is a prime time for Seventh Day Adventists to say wait a minute we got something special for you we got something special for you friends this is not meant to be just a money making venture although those things may be a part of it it's about linking it back to the Church of God and for the glory of God Amen God wants to use his people in a very special way to bring a beautiful message of health and healing you see the health message is actually a representation of the gospel as the gospel spiritually heals you the physical health message is to bring about a visit call healing to you in our world today that are so wrapped up. In different things the conversation you can have with anybody any time anywhere. Is about health and fitness one day I was at John but use. Here in Southern California. I thought so anyways. This lady worked I've gone to the gym I went to drama to she works now and she just you know really just kind of people are just moving like this not stopping and she's like OK I'll get the. Mango something something something and she was just moving her feet and I was like hey do you want to come to this health care she said no thank you and then I was like All right I turned around I just want to get that kind of spine and I said. You know the longest living people in the world are today and she's like who I said come to this health care you find out. And you happen. She looked at me and she took the paper. It works it works Amen you got to use if we got it right. To use it all I'm simply saying is this guess what friends God wants to use you right now and you know you work with your pastors you work with your leaders and you say we want to do something for our community we want to bring about health we want to bless people and don't always have an agenda I hope I'm hoping that they get this by I will say you know what sometimes gone just want you to do good to people with no response and you'll see what he does with that in the future right we started running five ks at our church I was running the five K. I was always the supervisor and the guy in the bullhorn I don't like running very much at all actually I don't like it at all I like weightlifting more but anyway so we run the spy case we get one hundred to two hundred people and we just start naming the spy case during like the groundhog sounds like we got to come up with a cool name the underground five K. get it maybe not getting it I guess I got it but we started doing the underground five K. and people showed up it was so amazing the city paid a sim Patterson to run a five K. and they've all the prizes it was on Thanksgiving Day They called it a turkey trot and so funny because. They got as prizes turkeys. Frozen turkeys. And I remember I thought to myself like. It be different if I was running. And it was just like these people going for the but you get my point the point I'm trying to make is that there are a lot of people who are interested in health a lot of people are interested and not waiting this is a prime time special for people who've got short minds who are created to say what can we do right now to bring about health it is amazing friend so many opportunities are abounding right now this is a pivotal time for God's people and you don't want to miss it because one day this door. Will be shut now I believe until the end of time people are going to bleed but guess what friends we have a prime time right now where we're looked on in very positive sense where the word Seventh Day Adventists is not just a theological term it's a medical term these days live like a Seventh Day Adventists live like a Seventh Day Adventists friends this is the time that God is calling us to really engage in this to embrace this like never before and one thing I really want to challenge you to do so well and why it says is to study out Isaiah fifty eight and the Sabbath and how we can combine the health message with the Sabbath nothing wrong with seeing an elderly for homes you got to do that ministry nothing wrong with passing out glow but friends God wants to do even more and he is waiting for people who are willing to say Lord what are you calling us to do on the Sabbath to bless other people in regards to health Look I claim to cook. But I am not the greatest cook in the world if you want to know something I know how to cook vegan case Dius. Yes I'm talking about good cases Dia's I said we're going. Put together a cooking school a men's cooking school. Put on by men but not just for men we called a men cooking school. Anyways. We had a military theme we had. Ammo box is my secretary designed it really well and I took me like two hours to camouflage my apron right there but I made delicious big in case it via some of the other men they cooked different things we're not good cooks in many areas but guess what we can cook a few good things and put together we put on a prime time cooking school friends we look like pros but a lot of people came out to them and they said we want more of this where can we get more of this this is the time that God is calling his people to engage in things you don't have to be a professional you have to be willing Amen coming down to the very end of this medical mission work is the what. You know what the word pioneer means. What does the word pioneer mean. You're trailblazing you're opening up your You're starting a new path right medical missionary work is the pine your work of the Gospel in the ministry of the word and in the medical missionary work the gospel is to be preached in practice he designs at the medical mission which shall prepare the way for the presentation of the saving truth for this time the proper mation of the third angel's message if this design is meant. The message will not be eclipsed or nor its progress hindered friends notice what is being said right here if we will embrace this health message like never before. The gospel will not be clipped or hindered any more friends we are coming down to the very end of time and for seed she foresaw the future and she said. These words we shall see that's Future Tense. The medical missionary work broadening and deepening at every point of its progress because of the inflowing of hundreds and thousands of streams and tell the whole earth is covered as the waters cover the sea IT workers will humble their hearts before God the blessing will come the oversea they will all the while be receiving fresh new ideas and there will be a wonderful revival of gospel medical missionary work and now wound many years ago because the division. Will be gone and no trace of it will exist friends this is the time that God is calling his people right now to engage in this to pray about this and to say Lord what can we do this isn't one thousand nine hundred eighty Sprint's when not talking about health being meritorious it's nothing to do with doubts about helping other people Amen about blessing those who are in need and those who are dying right now waiting to experience what you have. Amen. Powerhead forward a prayer. Father in heaven as we just close this afternoon. Whatever seeds are planted in our hearts Lord whatever we needed to hear. Please water those seeds and bring to fruit. In those things you want us to do God If you are laying a special burden upon us to get involved in something to get training in another area of our life to experience something new in regards to medical missionary work. Or thank you it's already part of your purposes and plans commit ourselves to you we think you in Jesus name Amen. This media was brought by audio viewers a website dedicated to spreading God's. Worth through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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