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Avenues of the Soul

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse




  • June 26, 2009
    7:00 AM
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morning everyone little inappropriate I think it may be appropriate to call you the remnant when not the rest of income yet but I guess that's what we are I am told that I have until seven forty eight that's very specific time so hopefully they don't mind if I and a few minutes early even let them my name is Alastair I represent wash the hills college and Academy I'm very happy to be here help me Morrow which I consider a sister school on the West Coast and also I am representing also audio verse and perhaps later I'll share more with you on that so we don't have much time to meet messages morning is entitled avenues of the souls let's bow our heads and wonder right into it father this morning as we contemplate this topic of avenues to the soul may open our hearts and our minds are better understanding of what it means to have the mind of Christ and as we are here gathered early this morning for the manner I pray that you would bless us and grant us that spiritual refreshment we pray speak through me in spite of me and to each one of us we pray in Jesus name you know I am a very visual person my guess is most of us are this good reason for that using our sanctified imaginations our minds I think about this phrase avenues of the soul it's a word picture isn't it newsletter avenues there roads that go in and out usually befit abbeys of the city your avenues of the town Avenue the village right but in this case we're talking avenues in and outs inputs outputs roads into the soul and invited use the word mind as a synonym for us all then I think we see a close application to the theme for this weekend don't avenues of the soul you know interestingly enough there was a name his name is John Bunyan anyone heard of John Bunyan most popular perhaps for his book Pilgrims progress is written plenty other than that one of his other books is called the holy war and that both talks is also an allegory much like pilgrims progress talking about a town whose name is man's soul it's a city that was built by a chain named Shaddai and then salt was built in show dies image the self familiar allegory and the city man's soul has certain avenues that can go in and out five gates that goes into and out of the city nobody supposes five gates are call some of you are smiling I know that you know what they are five dates gate number one the eye gate gate number two the ear gate gate three the feel gate the nose gate and the mouth gate five dates corresponding to the five senses of the human being now the story goes that there was a diabolical enemy his name happened to be Diablo 's representing of course the enemy of souls she comes and he tries to or he infiltrates through his nefarious means man's soul and he overtakes the city but what's interesting is what happens when the city is overtaken there are three what we call the three wise men of the free beating dignitaries if you will of the town Mansell widening well there is the major mayor understanding and is said that when Diablo 's over to the city the allegiance of these three leading authorities turned the eyes of understanding the mayor was hidden from the lack conscience was the recorder of the city may be the historian or something of that sort he became a mad man at times sending and at other times condemning the sin of the city but worst of all was the Lord will be will whose desire was completely changed from serving his true Lord to serving Diablo 's now the rest of the book of holy war is talking about the son of Shaddai whose name was Emmanuelle who comes to re- claim man's soul interesting parallels in this allegory between man's soul that city and each one of our souls is not right now with the analyte have to say about this in the book avenues home page four oh one paragraph three F2 and F3 this is why right all should bar the senses Leslie can gain victory over them for these are the avenues of the soul so Ms. White defined what are the avenues of the full offenses the inputs okay you will have to become a faithful sentinel over your eyes your ears and all of your senses if you would control your what your mind and prevent vein and corrupt thought from staining your soul the power of grace alone can accomplish this desirable work this is why core operates what John Bunyan communicated through the allegory and that is Satan she can infiltrate the mind is through the five dates the senses and noticed she specifically mentions two other senses by name which to did you did you catch them the eyes and ears I date and the ear gate the two most significant dates even in the holy war and his home also I read in page four oh three she writes those would not fall a prey to Satan 's devices must guard well be avenues of the soul they must avoid reading seeing Andy Fiorini that which will suggest impure thoughts the mind must not be left to dwell at random upon every subject of the enemy of souls may suggest the heart must be faithfully Sentinel or evils without will awaken evils within and the soul will wander in darkness know specifically Mrs. why she is saying God he admitted the soul but she mentions what we see what we read what we see here specifically in Matthew chapter twenty Chapter five excuse me verse twenty seven through twenty nine Jesus gives us an admonition he is speaking on the subject Matthew five verse twenty seven ye have heard that it was said by them of old time but thou shalt not commit adultery is twenty eight Jesus says he gives a spiritual enlargement the spirit of the law but I sent to you that whosoever do with what other woman looked if upon a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart verse twenty nine and if thy right eye offend the question we do pluck it out and cast it from before it is profitable for thee that not but one of thy members should perish and not the whole body should be cast in the help what is Jesus saying if I could just distill this down Jesus is saying guard your hearts and in the largest to guard all of your senses to get that is the way in which Satan can corrupt your mind if you are tempted to be lustful dull look at those women plucked out a ride of footage Ms. Liffey say guard the avenues of the soul and according to what we put that already and happens home she makes special emphasis in the areas of what we see and what we hear what we read what we see what we listen to and what we hear those of the emphasis were to come back to that point but what are the principles what are some principles to govern principles by which we can measure what it save the date inputs of our mind and what is not safe non- very happy that God has given it to us in one verse this one works with Flickr Philippians chapter four Philippians chapter four and verse eight eight one birth distillation where God simply gives it to us in almost a bullet item list these are things that you think a bond band then ban ban ban and he gives it to us right and I can put it this way also these are the things that Christ thinks about that's the key that the mind of Christ if you think the thoughts to feel the feelings of Christ so what are the principles one of the things that Jesus thinks about food is for verse eight finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things we look at this person with A-OK so what what now what about this you know if I were to spend time dealing with every item on this list and apply every item on this list to all five senses we would be here for a long time and that I don't think is necessary best why God gives principles and that's why God gave us minds and brains so we can apply the principles as we meet various circumstances it would talk about the mouth okay so what goes into our mouths obviously referring to what we eat right Bogart thought about what comes out of our mouths rights they better be true and pure and honest and good reporting all of these things of course we could very quickly think about all that means we should lie we should and us we should bear false witness yes all of those things are true we could talk about even the feel date if you will and in those gates what goes in our noses what comes out through our feel and what we touch this could apply to sensuality could it we can talk about the and we can talk about various aspects of what it means to garner all I think on her ears I'm in a be those things you will but I would like to do I would like to focus on a particular area or a particular concept that I'm afraid far too often even within our own church and in our schools is swept right under the rug it issued to me that is so to large degree were so ignorant of ignorant at least of what the what inspiration has to say and it has to do exactly with Philippians four eight and has to exactly with guarding the avenues of the soul and for the remainder of the however minutes I have I will spend we will spend contemplating this concept so what is this what is it menaced excuse me messages to young people page two hundred and seventy two paragraph two what is it that we need to apply the principles of Matthew for Versar Philippians four verse eight and also the idea of guarding the avenues of the soul putting together what is it along why rights the readers of fiction are indulging in evil that destroys spirituality eclipsing the beauty of the sacred page it creates an online healthy excitement fever the imagination on the fifth the mind before usefulness we use the salt from prayer and disqualify that for any spiritual exercises that strong herself it appears that exactly what I thought when I first read the readers of fiction in a week if I didn't left that out you might think of those who are committing immorality those who are drinking or those who are smoking or those who are doing all sorts of other heinous evils these are the people that are unfitting their mind forgot service and end the whole list of bank eclipsing the beauty of the sacred page create an unhealthy excitement feat of imagination we dissolve from prayer is disqualified from any spiritual exercise Mrs. Lai says reading friction does that guarding the avenues of the soul Minnesota Stevie would come into ministry viewing if I keep saying it but method of the young people same page two seventy two could a large share of the books published be consumed a plague would be see that is doing a fearful work upon mind and heart love stories frivolous and exciting tale than even that class of books called religious novels books in which the author attaches to store a moral lesson are a curse to his readers religious sentiments may be woven all through a storybook but in most cases Satan is but closed in Angels ropes wisely clothing Angels robes because he is Diablo than you want to take Mansell Satan is clothing Angel Rhodes the more effectively to deceive a number were none are so confirmed in that's so secure from temptation that they are safe in readings reading these stories either religious novels even fiction the intent they teach good morals is a curse were told now what's the big deal right what's the big deal innocent stories how could it possibly do all of these evil that that LOI proposes Philippians four eight one as the first principle what is the first principle that should guide what we think about what is the first one whatsoever is true let's look in John chapter fourteen what is so significant about truth with minimal weekend discussing the importance the nature of and the value of truth on the summer for some enough for you right here in one verse John fourteen and verse six we all know this Jesus they than to him I am the way and what the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me Jesus characterizes himself his character as a character of proof that sly when you think about truth it will have the mind of Christ the care did Jesus do we want to be a light key that we need to think about truth read of the actuated life through both what is fiction by definition what is it it's untrue this would get another John eight John chapter eight and verse forty four John eight verse forty four EE are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the want in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the father of it Jesus draws indirect contradistinction his character as Satan character sheet is that I am the way the truth and the life defacing it is a liar and the father of it because there's no truth in him and what insufficient insufficient truth was efficient closer if I could be euphemistic year closer to the father-in-law I think the answer is clear how can we possibly be indulging in continue reading filling our minds with the character of Satan that's what fiction ends Ms. is why goes on now we come to minister viewing page four hundred and forty six if you think she's being strong so far just I'm glad she said that and not me it is often urged that in order to win the youth from sensational or work with literature we should supply them with a better classification this is like trying to cure the drunkard by giving him in the place of whiskey or brandy the milder intoxicants such as wine beer or cider the use of these would continually foster the appetite for stronger stimulants the only safety for the inebriated and the only safeguard for the temperate man is total abstinence for the love or affection the same rule holds true total abstinence is his only safety there's no gray area this is why it is not speaking in half way language she is safe fission is wrong fiction is bad and we should have as Christians those who think that the mother price which have nothing to do with it and I know for many of us for me almost all of my growing up years we either don't talk about this or else it is subjugated to other rationale we rationalize oh is no big deal you have to understand a little bit about this type of efficient because you have to be a well-informed member society and how could he possibly be well-informed and how can you possibly be a good member in good standing in society if you don't know anything about fiction can possibly be a a wise are a respectable person without ever reading Shakespeare I've read Shakespeare unfortunately and let me tell you something it doesn't help you in life I've traveled to many countries in the world and never once have I been benefited in the preaching of the gospel for having Reggie in fact what does Shakespeare did just you me Romeo Juliet and what kind of love the Lord about either the dropping self-sacrificing Christlike love was the selfish erotic mindless love that I would go you for no other reason except for last fiction is not necessary and it is downright harmful I've only should we give out free passages year I had an assignment when I was at in college in which we had to study what's their prophecy has to say about the subject and I did not do an exhaustive study okay I did unfortunately for those of you are students don't follow my example I did the maximum of what was required and you know what I can with eight pages single spaced eight or not ten point font of just quote after quote after quote of what she says on the berries subject it's not just one or two obscure quotes if there and I challenge you to study it if you don't believe what I'm telling you right now so some may still say what's the big deal what is the big this is the big deal what the big deal is what I think what society thinks what cultural thinks versus what God thinks is the bottom line are we going to follow what we think is okay what society tells us is important or okay or are we going to go against all of those inclinations and fall a clear thus saith the Lord that's the bottom line but you now have the same time some of us are sitting here we may be sitting back figuratively in our minds across your on saying that that that apply to me I know people who haven't read a book cover to cover in years and he's how don't even have time to read on to be the latest study I read my textbooks and that's not efficient of it will depend what classes are taking taking literature class well I'm not so sure but said on the medical school oh I just have time for a NPN whatever else I will have time to read the set with your breath doesn't apply to me it does apply to us and this is the reason why blood books for hardcover books hardcover magazines newspapers stories that you tell her EU reader tell about what they were in Mrs. White's day is replaced in our day with the silver screen movies and TV shows and even some classes of video games are the fiction literature fictional literature of our day think about it just think about this what are movies movies are fiction fictional literature enacted and just to think that Satan is trying to get into our minds the more date Sweeney manages the opened himself the better off years and before we would have to just read the words on the page to get that fiction into our minds but now we just sit back we shot our brains often we open our eyes open our ears we put on the 3-D glasses even nowadays and Satan places in the firm straight into our brain what is fish and liabilities a suspension and living color of all others and your when Jesus was trying to reveal the character of truth when God revealed his character what was the clearest way that he could do it the Bible tells us in John Burns one of the word was made what finish and we beheld his glory to glory as of the begotten of the father so what you suppose is the most effective way for Satan to transmit his character into our lives he takes the ship lives and he made six is not what movies are human beings in acting sin in front of our very our and what do we do we sit back and wait last when God 's name is taken and they we don't even blink when adultery is committed grotesquely in front of our eyes we see the lives we see could squeeze the idolatry with the covetousness we see in the order of every good grief and we said we cross either he said that entertain and we paid ten dollars to lock ourselves in the darkroom of pipe Satan character into our minds and what happened to us and I am I being too strong or am I just speak your truth you know some say oh it's just amusement well think with me for a moment what does the word on the use mean whether the word means mean with use to think what doesn't happen that mean to say Muse to what not think movies are for our amusement yet in that exactly why it's back because as a Christian we need every faculty to be firing on all six cylinders there's no time in the Christian experience when we can let our guard down and you know some people I've heard young people I teach high school and young people say oh I watch movies it has no impact on me look at it has a look at Joe that's exactly what I think you should say because that's what movie did was I use the watch so many movies it known the mind it known the mine where one glories seen a week later becomes benign becomes innocent and we need the bigger explosion the more explicit language as sexual images and as we continue down this path we still forestall think I'll has no effect on just think if we go out barely by a movie ticket and we go and watch whatever this latest movie Transformers or whatever and we walked out of the movie theater and we sit down we open the Bible only to find out what interesting I would I get down on our knees and are we going to be able to concentrate in prayer to the God of heaven I will walk out of Transformers elegant essay alone let's go knock on doors and the Bible studies do you believe that minister to them just young people itself says the readers of fiction are indulging in evil to destroy spirituality can we fill that in with those who watch movies have you ever know when I was young resale how can we can go to movies know what what's wrong with going to movies with respect people there ever her that it's a bad environment well you know maybe at one point where you went to the live theater there were you know but through gestures whatever that she talked about in the bad people send cognitive drunkards whatever but nowadays people say all movies and all I mean it's safe you're just sitting at room there will be wrong with that right well you know something there is nothing wrong with the theater in fact I have many friends conducted plenty of event listed meetings in theaters losses fold up and one in theaters is not because of the bad environment or not even necessary they're bad people there a way should we not good on its is the same reason why we should not bring movies home toward VCRs DVD players onto computers onto ideas or iPods iPhones whatever because movies communicate the character of Satan into our lives as Christians that is unacceptable that's it and God has not spoken in uncertain terms God has not spoken in half-baked languages I might just mention this one last aspect of the speaks personally to me that our video to this will be young people out there in this congregation are addicted to video games but I was at one point I had the PlayStation I have the mod chip to legal chip that lets you play pirated games I had thousands of dollars with the gains I spent all worse is seeing myself in the fictional world of the characters I was controlling with my buttons and joysticks and and as I see big again today the lines are blurring between real life and video games videogames we can go out and murder people and hijack cars and blow things up I mean it's not even watching it anymore if you get to control it when it happened to dildo demolition murders could you do that what ever else as Christians I think we need to stop just succumbing to the pressures of what the world around us lays in front of us and it's time for us to go back to what God says whatsoever things are true and it's time that we begin to be more careful in guarding the avenues of our soul and I've I've spoken long time to close I think after hearing these things it's appropriate for us to spend a thoughtful moment in response to God so just to appeal this morning how many of us today want to say first of all Lord I need help to guard the avenues of arsenal and I'll speak the first to say I need help it is not possible of myself to just grit my cable pull myself up on my bootstraps and just try harder yes effort is bald but that's not enough because we have defections we have a fallen nature that prevents us from being able to live holy lives out of us here today just by raising your hand want to say Lord Jesus I need your help help that's my prayer as well but the next appeal I think has to be specific I've been through this I know how difficult it can be some of us have been filling our minds with fiction be it in the printed form in printed form doesn't just involve a book anymore printed form on the Internet is still printed literature some of us have been filling our minds with movies video games with TV shows and today we have realized that inspiration has spoken clearly condemning such things the principles of God 's word it says that it is not possible to harmonize these things with the Christian life especially in this hour versus it can be done and so how may of us today which ones of us today want to say Jesus Lord I give those things to you if I have movies Tara be on my computer my iPod my iPhone my VP phone whatever is on deleting it in five DVDs destroying books in my collection though not appropriate there gone movie tickets no more I can't I can't put it any other way because that's how strongly inspiration puts the massive pubis how may of us here today have those areas in our lives that right now we are saying Lord Jesus take I give them all to you if that is your desire if that is a commitment invited to stand right where you and I know this may not apply to everyone some of us understand these principles and there are things in our lives we've already surrender these things I understand that this appeal is specifically to give up those areas related to fiction books and magazines and Internet websites in movies and TV shows and video games and all those kinds of him standing we are saying Jesus I give you God bless all of you stand stood Jesus will give you strength and he can replace the void that those things have taken in your lives with that which is true and pure and honest and could report father the sport some of us have heard some shocking things for the first time some of us have been reminded of the vigilance that is required of having the mind of Christ and of being your disciple and Lord help us to recognize that this road that we have embarked upon is not one that is always easy or smooth but involves sacrifices and surrender of our wills and of our desires to you and what you have seen the hands that were raised earlier all of us asking for oh two these avenues of our soul for we cannot do it alone we commit our our souls man sold to you Emanuel Shaddai below are some of us have stood this morning because in our lives there are aspects that are reviewing the character of Satan rather than the character of Christ fictional literature or movies or shows or whatever they are Lord we are standing because we are saying we want to follow Jesus the way the truth and the life and we want his character reflected through us and so there is no more games anymore my life when I can play this game of let's straddle the fence must try to get as close as we can to the account edge of the cliff were giving all the and maybe live faithfully according to the principles of Philippines four eight and lower whatever those things are if we came to think of them right now bring it to our minds and that we may be able to cast them from us and that we may live a new life in Christ with the mind of Christ as we continue this weekend as we study your word together we pray that you would bless her room will be a garage means I will and will will media was brought as iPod is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more I would like to know about our universe and life is more assertive in www. .net verse .org


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