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1. Life of Power

Justin Ringstaff



  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven. Were so grateful that you have opened. Such a channel of communication. Between us and you. Lord as we share this time we want our hearts to be. Convicted. Of the necessity of spending time with you. Maybe the reason why we we don't see more power in the life is because we've learned to live without it. And I pray Lord that as we share this time together that every single one of us myself included Lord that we would since have been calling us. To spend time with you set apart in secret prayer. Lord I pray you bless each one here for having been here I pray that it would be your words that speak to their hearts and not mine. But Lord I do pray that you would speak through me. I pray for a power from on high that I can't manufacture. They you would be with me in that my tongue the be used for Your glory. So Lord we humble ourselves before you. And we ask for your help now in Jesus' name amen. Amen. And some are still coming in here well let me just give a little brief introduction of this week is that blurry. That's there online. I don't know may I say as good as it gets. So we're going to be looking out for parts today we're looking at. A life of power this is more setting the platform in understanding the necessity and the wonderful strength that prayer can bring and then Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we're going to getting into the the more the practical elements of a powerful prayer life and so today setting that foundation and then we're going to be breaking this down as we go through through the week today we're looking at a life of power Howard of you would like to have a more spiritual strength and power in your lives Amen I believe that that's not just you know pie in the sky I believe that God intends for us to have strength and power to make decisions to make a path through our life that is following after his will. So let's begin this comes from counsels on health page one sixty two when to start the foundation looking at the life of Jesus. Oh I says the Saviour's life on earth was a life of communion with nature and with God in this communion he revealed though what he revealed for us the secret of a life of power so says look at the Savior is life when you see how he spent his time his life was just some merged in God's two books in nature and in the Scriptures but also. Part of that he had a communion with God and in that could a new nion be revealed to us the secrets to a life of power. You've instructor it April one eight hundred seventy three she just comes right out and says it the strength of Christ was where I mean that just blow your mind that Christ. Who is who when he was incarnate was fully God and fully man Christ too who nuda glory of heaven in that special hidden counsel with the Father and the Holy Spirit Jesus on this earth has power his strength was where. I mean to me that just blows my mind. That Christ found his strength in prayer. Now I believe that we all in some sense understand in and innately know that prayer is important. But I want to impress upon each of us today that prayer is not just important it is vital if we are going to have a walk. As a Seventh Day Adventist Christian as a remnant people in these last days. The strength of Christ was where. In prayer. Education Page eighty one as a man he supplicated the throne of God till his what tell his humanity. Was. Charged. A heavenly current. I mean just think about that he is there pleading at the throne of God and as he does there is a power that comes upon him and she uses the that were charged with a heavenly current and I think about that I think about going in and sticking your finger at him now a letter something. I mean where there is definitely a change that comes over the life when there is that connection I mean Christ he would go to the time of prayer and he was charged with a heavenly current that connected humanity with divinity. Receiving life from God imparted life to man. I mean just just let that sink into the mind we're talking about Christ he had a work to do but he knew that he could not accomplish that work unless he was first charged with that heavenly current that power in his life that would bring life from God and give life to mankind I mean that incredible. Now I want to spend just a few moments here and toss from the mount of blessing where setting the platform to understanding that there is there can be a life of power through prayer. Posture amount of blessings page one zero two this is a little lengthy passage but OP I want to unpack this because I think this gives us such an incredible insight. Into. The life of Christ and how he had that communion with his father. The Lord's Prayer was twice given by our savior so you remember we read that on the in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew and the Lord says that in this manner you should pray and how's that prayer go our Father in heaven I'll be your name and he walks through that right he's giving a an example a model of prayer. First he gave it to the multitude the Sermon on the Mount and again some months later to the disciples alone. You know when I look at that I think there are times where we may know things we may have heard things we may have read things but there comes a time where we need to be reminded of them a Christ as He has his disciples alone with him he comes to them and he pulls in the park and he want he wants to instruct them in a life of prayer so that they will have a life of power. The disciples had been for a short time absent from the Lord. When on their return they found him absorbent and communion with God. Seen on conscious of their presence he continued praying a lot. So they have been away they're coming back to to me with Christ and there he is off in the distance a little bit and they see him Prain. I mean there have been times where I've just thought of this I just thought Lord I wish I could see Christ prayed. I just wish I could just be whole that even for a moment. I mean there is a profound. An impression that is placed upon the heart and mind when you see someone that loves the Lord their God with all their heart with all their mind or they all their strength with all their saw when they open that heart to guard in you are able to see that there is a profound impression that is placed upon the life I mean there have been just a few. Moments in my life where i have happened to come upon someone in see someone in the secret prayer. And I see lots of people in prayer maybe that secret prayer but there have been a few that have seen that just made me just shrink back and thing Lord I want that cone of connection with you. And I just think as the disciples came upon Christ they see their eyes they saw a living connection and they knew that that's something they wanted. But Christ seeming unconscious of their presence he continues praying allow us. Now that's one of the secrets to secret prayer is praying allow us you know sometimes we struggle with our minds wandering You know sometimes if you wake up early in the morning you know. I mean I'm human i'll just a minute I mean there have been times where I've been on my knees in prayer and and then ourself did I just fall asleep. But as you pray aloud as you train yourself to pray aloud it keeps those those elements from slipping in so quickly it's much easier to keep the mind on track and tomorrow. When we talk more about this I'm going to show you some things that can just enrich in ignites your prayers so that you are you'll have the burden of prayer when you come to that time of prayer. But he's praying aloud the Savior said face was it radiated I mean hey it's a glow with a celestial brightness. On me the glory of heaven if there is truly a connection from Earth to have been through prayer you were thinking that there would be some some. Visual. Just some visual evidence of it. You know after I think about you know just our countenances how important it is you know you you look in scripture any I've gone through Scripture just and looked at those areas about how much the Bible talks about the countenance and how even if even if inside your you feel down if you lift the countenance how it lifts the inside I mean it's incredible here in here crisis he's a career and and his countenance is showing a connection with heaven. Nor the best exercises to train yourself to do is. Smile. Learning to smile learning to to bring the joy of heaven down through your heart and out your countenance and the people sense that there is a joy even in this earth with so much trial so much pain so much difficulty that Jesus was known as a man of ways. Man of sorrows but he wasn't gloomy No I mean where people came Have you ever seen a gloomy person attract little children. Now Jesus was one his countenance was lifted he was he had a joyous heart from his father where he would attractive the little children to come to him and yet he was a man of sorrow because he knew the effects of sin and and the work that he had come to do. He knew that and in prayer. He was connected and had that heavenly current that is coming charge to charge him for service I mean just a moment this is just going tobe low would your spot stop but I'm just telling you this is incredible watch this he seemed to be in the very presence of this unseen and there was a living power in his words as of one who spoke with God the heart of the lift listening disciples were deeply moved there listening to this. They had marked how often he spent long hours in solitude in communion with his father. Don't think that your actions and your habits go unnoticed by others people pay attention even in your own home. Your family will notice the habit in the pattern of your life they'll know that if you have a seeker place a prayer that that is a sacred time and not only will they give you that time but it will have an influence on them every time they see you go to that time the Spirit of God is going to speak into their own hearts. You know our oldest son Elijah. I told you before he's fifteen. We are living in college when he was a baby you know but it will he's born there and my senior year they are Southern and he was just a little one and. Shelley would I have to admit you know. If it was the night she had she was the one who got up. She would you know co-create out act like I didn't feel it you know. But early in the morning you know I would get up and in Alija would wake up in and so I would take him in from his earliest years I would hold him in my lap I had where we were very poor students and so we can have a lot of money to turn hum a heater but I had this little like heating you stick your feet in they have a heater and inside be sitting there and I just tuck I'm right down in there and as I would study and then and then pray and it just kind of happened as I mean for years he would go from there and then he was a little bit older and then when he was about you know four or five when he was starting he was he was you know a sharp young boy so he would be there mimicking me you know in my devotions and till about seven in then he started you know going off on his own time. But you know it was probably present three or four years and then one one day he came to me and he said this when we were living in Lansing pasturing there in the Lansing church came to me and he said that he can i come and devotions with you again. And he came back in there and he was TURP probably twelve. Thirteen and he sat there to get on track again he felt himself slipping and you know I just praise the Lord for that but a point of that is that my children would know that I had that time. And I would hear them you know coming up and they had listen at they still do you know said or to see if I'm still in my devotions and and they don't bother me. They they know that I need that time in place of prayer in Bible study and they know also by that big but that it encourages them to do that and sometimes you know ask them so how are your devotion to this morning and they'll built Oh I read this or that or or sometimes they'll go you know. And I try not to rebuke my my children I want them to see that as a not as a just a duty and it is I want to be very clear in this it is a duty as a Christian sometimes were afraid to say you know there are spiritual disciplines a disciple as a one who is been disciplined in the teaching right. There is a discipline there are times when I wake up and I don't feel like it. I don't feel like that time and place of prayer and yet I'm compelled to it. But the thing is is that you need that time and as they watched Chris they they noticed that Christ took that time genies us away I mean how he spent long hours. In what. In solitude. There is a place for family warship and I hope that you have a family warship. Together every day it's it is so important even when your children are you know this big it's just they grow up and it's a part of their life and character. To be having that time of of worship Now if your children are gone I encourage you to have that time of family worship you know you and your spouse or or if you're alone then of course your family is is with the low heard and so you have that but that is not a substitute. For that time alone with God. There needs to be tying alone with God. There are you will never pray. With others like you pray alone and there are tons of reshooting not pray with others the way you would pray alone right. I do I do I do and depending on the context you know sometimes you know you you pray loud other times it's it's like you're I always pray but sometimes it's whisper even just depends on. You know sometimes I I need the Lord to help me to be in the place of of joyous rapture sometimes or just the burdens of a life and you're just groaning with the Lord. And but I do try and pray out loud not in my in my mind. Now you read you know Nehemiah he's he's. He's. There before the king in and he sends a prayer in his mind right the Bible says so there is a. A place for that but in that secret place of prayer and should be I'm not saying it's a command and just saying it's an example of Christ that we can follow. Are you still with me on this try and stay on track here a lot to cover. OK We go to nine forty five. I believe that right. I'm at ten forty or not I'm already late. Ten forty five OK. Where was I His days were passed in ministry to the crowds that pressed upon him. So let this let this per me in your mind here and in unveiling the treacherous softness tree of the rabbis there is nothing that will drain you more than the criticism and and bitterness and all these things that surround us in this life as Christians and I'm sorry my totally blocking you. And this incessant labor often left him so utterly wearied that his mother and brothers and even his disciples had fear that his life would be sacrificed you may think that you have a busy life you may think how in the world can I set aside time for prayer I have this I have this I have this I just here to tell you or remind you there was not a life more busy more pressured more filled with the attack of the enemy than that of Jesus Christ. His brothers his own mother his disciples as they watched him the the weight of everything upon him so strongly they thought. That his life would be sacrificed. Even before you know what they're thinking about their leaders destroying him or the cross they thought just his labor for humanity was going to destroy him. I mean. I just think about Christ labor. Was going to kill him they thought. But. As he return from the hours of prayer that close the toilsome day they marked the look of peace upon his face the sense of refreshment that seemed to pervade his presence. So he so wearied he so burdened he is just. His humanity is at the very late of its ability and he goes that time of prayer and it comes out of that time of prayer there is a sense of refreshments. We What does that tell you. That tells me that there are something. Supernatural. And divine that happens in that time of prayer. Now where to talk about this more tomorrow I'm not one of those. I'm not an extremist. I don't think we should sacrifice health for. This. Christ had a ministry and I think we need to as much as we can we want to follow his example will never feel the way that he felt. But there are things in Christ's life that were absent that maybe. Isn't in ours there are things in our lives that may have to be replaced for there to be that time of prayer and we'll look at that more tomorrow. But they saw something they they saw the the the wearied Christ and then they saw the renewed strength and Christ. It was from hours spent with God then he came forth morning by morning to bring the light of heaven to men and now this this is incredible here the disciples had come to connect his hours of prayer with the power of his words and works they're watching this they're there with Christ and Jesus isn't just just spelling it out for them he wants them to catch it he wants them to connect the dots. So they will notice and know for themselves that they must have what he has. They watch his time with the Lord then they watch his labor among men and then they watch him coming from those times of prayer and they begin to connect it. You know when he did that. That must have been that time of prayer when when he had that wisdom that must have been from that there but they're connecting it. Now as they listen to his supplication we're going back this is their They've cut they stumbled upon Christ in prayer. And they're listening. You know I would not want to interrupt that. I don't hold that citizens. It is good to hear the Lord curry. As they listen to a supplications supplication their hearts were odd and Homburg old as he ceased Prain it was a conviction of their own deep need that they exclaimed Lord teach us to pray. Lord teach us to pray. And that is the prayer of my heart Lord teach us to pray teach us to have that living in connection with heaven so that we may have a life of power that we may have a life that is evident that there is power from on high. You know what they say about ministers. Pastor doesn't pray for a day he'll know it. Doesn't pray for a week his wife will know it. He doesn't pray for a mont the whole church will know it. When my great fears though is that we have not seen the evidence of the power of God in the life. You know when when you come you look at the the work of ministry in and cursed him and through the work of the elder often I've thought about that and now it makes a comment on the ministry she says. The reason why we don't see as much of the power of the Holy Spirit because we've learned to live without it. And where it should be that if you don't pray for a day you'll know it. But is that always the case. Or if we didn't pray for a week that it that our our family would look at us and they would know because they would recognize that there be a loss of that power in the life from heaven or the church that they would say and I could tell you know our pastor. That he usually has this but there's something happening and we would encourage you know I think we need to we need to be more bold and more direct with each other we need it we need to be willing to challenge each other and ask each other you know how is your devotional life going how is your prayer life going. Yes that's what the Wesley's the early the movement that first great awakening they were coming in miniature there that say drive me to pray when. They wanted to know that they were that they were surrounded by those who love the Lord and were praying and asking God to give them power I'm telling you look at the movements of these those who have a life of prayer it is evident there's not been one revival there has not been one great awakening there has not been one great movement in the work of guard that has been done by someone who is not a man or a woman of prayer. I mean you go look at the great revivals they start by one person. Seeking God and asking God to do a work through them. I mean it is just incredible always says that their revival when revival begins it begins by one person seeking the Lord. And then God does something in their life I've seen in a families a hundred times. Oh yeah the. Family is is. Religious. But then in the someone in the family gets a spark and that influence just ignites and then it spreads in the church and you see the evidence of it in the influence of it. There are cycles they recognize that there was a divine power in prayer they come to Christ they say Lord teach us to pray. Now we know that. It took them a little bit to learn. This Matthew chapter twenty six. Jesus is in the garden of get so many. He had asked them to do was. Watch and pray to be vigilant. To guard that hour of prayer that he was calling them to. And so Jesus he's there since L.-Y. tells us at that prayer I mean this just fascinating. That when Jesus went to pray that he was still within the city sight and hearing of the disciples. There are many. The power of darkness is waiting upon them. They were they wanted to pray. They wanted to pray the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. We have to train ourselves. You know how do you if I put a pole of bar right here how make a good do fifty polos. Mariano even ten some could but he trained eventually the spirit might be willing but the thoughts were very weak but you could strengthen that. By exercise. So they saw that but there was something that was still lacking. They were overcome. But Jesus said in verse thirty six sit here while I pray I go and pray over there and he took with him Peter and the two sons as ebony begin to be sorrowful and deeply distressed then he said to them my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to what. Even to death. Before they thought that now Jesus himself is saved it's. Now I says that he entered get so many if they had not if the disciples were not there to catch him he would have fallen to the ground. He stumbled in agony into that garden. And he tells them. I'm sorry full even to death. And then he says. Stay here and watch with me. And he went a little father and fell on his face and then he begins to pray disciples there overcome with sleep. The sorrow. There are times we feel so overwhelmed that. It's hard to even open the mouth to prayer I've been there I know that. But there is a power that comes when the mouth is open it's in you may not think that you can but as you open your mouth to that time a prayer God. Gives us strength and we know that the disciples would have prayed they would not have what. They would not have entered into that temptation. Jesus came and he said. To disciples and found them sleeping instead of Peter what could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray lest you enter into temptation. I believe Christ is still saying that to his disciples to day watch and pray. Thing I don't want Christ to say to me is what could you not watch with me one hour. You know I've wept bitter tears when I've heard the Lord say that to me. And I just think of it the time that I have lost that I wish I could regain for the Lord and for his service. I think all through the disciples lives they will go back to get so many and when they were tempted to miss that time of prayer they'd hear the words of Jesus can't you watch with me warn our. You know even those that a terrible experience that they went through God could work even that for good I don't know what your experiences in prayer I don't know if you've started in fall when it started and follow it or maybe have a strong prayer life now maybe you've never had a prayer life. But the Lord can use that past experience even for good if we surrender to him it could be remind her to us I think of my earlier days and I am still young you can see that. I probably look younger then sometimes mean a lot because he's taller than me now. People if I'm not dressed in a suit or they think are brothers. Until they hear how we talk. My He's fifteen but he still calls me daddy and I'm not going to change it. But I think of those years and Lord. Forgive but it's a reminder to me. It's a reminder I never want to be in a place in my life where I don't have that connection. I do I need that connection I crave it I want it more than anything and it's like you know I want the heart of Moses where even in that close presence of God He still not satisfied Lord please show me your glory show me your character show me who you are and let me be found after your character. But they did learn. We know that. The book of Acts testifies to it honest briefly fly through here I've been enjoying the early morning sermons. Looking at the Book of Acts and specialists mourning the. You know the giving of the life to the service and care of others and how are our good works. Can bring glory to God. You know Matthew five sixteen where that says that I thought let your license shine before men that they may see a good works and glorify your Father in heaven you know ultimate way our influence helps people glorify the God in heaven now. That is how do we give. Let me give you a Bible quiz here where in the Bible do we read Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour his judgments come. Rose fourteen we know that as the. Greatest message partake in specific leave the first thing is message and since you probably all are a unlucky revelation. When we say fear God to give glory to Him We're talking about how we what live our lives. Right. So as our good works cause other people give glory to GOD alternately how we want them to give glory to God. In the way they live. Not just the word of the mouth but the change of the life habit and character. But they learn so let's go through honest look at a couple perspectives here in the book of Acts Acts two forty two to forty three and they continue steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and the breaking of bread and in what in prayer. Then fear came upon every soul and many wonders in signs were done through the Apostles so as they kept to the Word of God and kept to the time and importance of prayer what happened there was something incredible that happened it says then the fear came upon every soul they begin to see that this movement had the power of God attending it. You know when you go when you read early Avonex history it is evident that the power of God was. Was very present people looked and they would say this could not have happened unless the hand of God was apartment's. As Because they were at prayer earnest prayer. Four X. four thirty one and when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together was shaken and they were all filled the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with boldness. There are their prey they have a connection with Heaven God gives them boldness and they are speaking in acting in a way that is different than they naturally would what happen in guess so many. The shepherd was stricken and what happened to the sheep they all scattered. But now there is a difference about them there's a boldness that attends them I'm telling you you may be this shyest person in the world's I'm a very shy person you know. I've thought Lord I could be more like John the Baptist and just go out in the wilderness and and hide in a cave. I made you know I could go out and sigh I love getting out in nature and just sitting there I could just sit there in the stillness and never go. But God puts a burden on you. He puts a boldness in you and you cannot keep silence. You can't do it. You cannot I. Do an experiment on telling you you can not. Keep silence. Because people will see it and they'll come in though ask you and you'll be forced to say something. They spoke with boldness X. five fourteen the believers increasingly attitude toward multitude of both men and women they prayed there was something that was the law if in the church and it began to move rapidly. X. six three three and four therefore brother and we heard this this morning the distribution was not happening among the Greeks. So it says Seek out from among you seven min of good reputation full of the Holy Spirit what does that tell you right there. What does this mean. How could they be full of the Holy Spirit. These were men of prayer. We cannot we cannot miss these things they say they sought out men of good reputation people saw that they were and they were filled the Holy Spirit there's only one way they can be filled with the Holy Spirit and that is by having a life of prayer Yes. Yes. That's right that's right I loved what the great early revivalist. Said what's his name. John it isn't Jonathan Evans. No it's not done the words of Evans Robertson. Evans Roberts. If something like that. But he he would pray May my deep long. Make my cut D.. So I can be filled with that much more of your Holy Spirit. Make my cut deep Lord. He said then me. Then to me over it to your will. But they did this why because they recognized that they could allow nothing to keep them from prayer and the fruit of that life with God was the ministry of the words they knew that they couldn't allow that to keep them Acts Chapter twelve we know that the church would see the evidence in the power of prayer you know they pray. That the church is in crises they pray and God does a wonderful miracle this here is a picture well the painting of. We have no idea what he looked like anyone know who that is. It could be anyone in the Bible right. Now is it this is that this is a painting of James. Not James the apostle James the brother of Jesus and I love I love his story it's in. Yet the yet to be careful where some of the stories that come from the early churches sometimes you take with a grain of salt because sometimes there can be a tendency I'm not I must biblical stories I'm talking about. The historical Rashid's of that time but in in the book Fox's Book of Martyrs I don't know if you've ever read that book now read it before you try to go to sleep. I just. In. I've tried and I just can't sleep because my mind is just so filled with. Experience that they went through but James the brother of Jesus at first he rejected Jesus as the Messiah. He didn't believe in Jesus as the Messiah and then he was converted. He became a powerful leader in the early Christian church and he came to not only see Jesus as his brother but as his Lord and Master. But history history tells us that he was such a man a career he went into the temple day after day pleading kind of like you find Daniel pleading for the sins of the nation you see then Dana chapter nine and this is what I love about his story is that he was so committed to prayer that they said he says he lost feeling in his names. He would go in kneel in the temple and he's there on the hard ground he lost feeling these any and they said he got knees like the knees of a of a camel. Because he's always in prayer I thought. I thought that you know we interview pastors You know we we get resumes and all those things. I found about just saying Oh I think I need to know lift up here the lady of your pants. Let me see the evidence. Lemme see the evidence of a life of prayer. For James has that they were so. Enraged the. Heresies and the Jerusalem leaders they were so upset because they thought that everyone was going to follow Christ and you read that the Book of Acts that even of the leadership of Jerusalem many became obedient to the faith. And so since James had such profound influence. They asked him to calm those Passover they asked him to come in addressed the people and tell them not to follow Christ so if they did as they took him they put him on top of the temple. To address the multitude and instead of say that he wasn't the Christ of course he confesses Christ and calls them all to follow him and in their anger they took him they threw him off of the temple. And but the fall didn't kill him and he rolls over onto his knees and he begins to pray. And he says Lord forgive them. You can find that in the book of Fox The Book of Martyrs. And I can look up that page number for you later too but he rolls over and begins to pray and they pick up stones and start to stone him and then someone comes finally an INS his life by hitting him in striking him they on. But you just see the character. Of. A life of prayer I mean Jesus on the cross Father forgive them Stephen being stoned Father forgive them. I mean no font of self to slow or use me in my life for the work that you could do in the lives of others. But here's. This is what I'm moving here and this is where I want to get very very real and serious with you. Prayer a life of prayer is hard work. I do not know a harder work that I've ever experienced. Than prayer. It is a. Sometimes is the greatest joy sometimes the greatest painstaking work you could ever do. It is hard work everybody wants the power that prayer will bring everybody wants the strength of life and character everybody wants the the lifted countenance that prayer can bring but very few are willing to pay the sacrifice of a life of prayer. To set that time and to meet God day after day after day very few are willing to pick up that cross to follow Christ. In the book of Acts you see an example of this it's Simon he's been baptized. He's confessed Christ and yet his heart is on conversion. He follows that because he wants to be connected with the power and appeal that Christianity is bringing on turning their lot of people are going to come into this movement because it sounds good it makes sense but when it comes to trial they're going to fall away. Friends I'm telling you there is a shaking that's going to come upon us the lights we have never seen. Unless we are rooted in Christ going to be shaken but Simon he wanted the power he saw the Apostles there laying their hands on people in their. Even the Holy Spirit and then he comes and he says I want that power and he tries to buy it. He doesn't want to sacrifice for it he does not want to go and humble himself and pick up that cross to have the power of God He wants to purchase since. Friends I'm telling you you cannot you cannot get this any other way than sacrifice you cannot have a life of power you cannot have a life of prayer unless there is a sacrifice. Every morning when you get up. It will be a sacrifice. It will be something that you're taking in from other things to devote to the time of prayer we cannot get it any other way. Notices patriarchs of prophets page five zero zero nine. The secret of success is the union of divine power with human effort. Those who achieve the greatest results are those who are alive most implicitly upon the Almighty arm the man who commanded Sun stand that ouse still upon given and down moon in the valley of as yon is the man who for what who four hours lay prostrate upon the earth in prayer in the camp of deal gal. Is not that he just went out and said I want this son stand still no he had been on his face on the ground pleading with gawd to do a work for his people the men of her of prayer are the men of power. You want to see power in your life. Take time to Per. Wait you know the secret to a life of prayer is. That it is a life of prayer. Right this secret to live a prayer is that it is a life of prayer it's a life of prayer. You take that time I know some people are morning people I know that. I. Know that. Now The Times I want to just sleep sleeping. And there are times where I have. And I failed my lord. But then he calls me and say Thank You Lord for not cast away. Or make it the habit of your life. You know you can change a habit. You can change a habit. You know and Shelly and I we when we first got married we were we went to South Korea as missionaries. Before we had children we went there six weeks after we were married and. She had never been on a plane before. She grew up in Ohio she was born and raised in the same house in the same town. And I get take her on a plane another country another culture and it was quite. A wake up call to her she cried for weeks for me to take her home. In and she grew to love the work there. But the Korean people wake up while the older generation they wake up early. And many times I would you know wake up early to go climb the have mountains all around go climb the mountain to spend time in prayer and. You know at four o'clock in the morning there are I couldn't believe it there were not won or two there were so many people going to climb mean those mountains and I wint I mean some of them in there I mean they're probably in their eighty's some of them and they're climbing this mountain to just write it on how bit of profit there happen and. But I went past this this one morning went past this and I this little open area were the break in the trees and you could see all over the city of Seoul. And I saw all these two Koreans there policing with God for the city of Seoul. I couldn't understand them I going to stand if a little bit. They were preening careered. But they were weeping pleading with God. And I thought. Lord that's this is why the Korean nation is the strongest Christian. Nation among the. Asian nations you know when you fly into Seoul. Well used to be into Seoul now it's over an inch on but you fly in there and you look out the clear night you look out over the city you see hundreds of these little neon red crosses all over the city. I think Lord bring a mighty awakening to the city not just to Jesus but to the fullness of Jesus in return. And I believe he's going to do that but I mean there is a sacrifice in prayer and you mate you may not be a morning person but I'm telling you the Lord is going to make you a morning person because you're going. To say Lord I want to be with you. I want to be with you and I need that time of prayer in the morning I must have it. I'll give you a couple tips tomorrow about that. The minute prayer or the minute power of your life of prayer. You have a life of prayer you can't help but you have a life of power. Cost workers page two fifty nine the greatest victories gain for the Cause of God are not the result of labored argument ample facilities wide influence or the bonnets of means there gain an audience chamber with God when with earnest agonizing fate men lay hold upon the mighty arm of power you may think that there is a natural talent that there is a billet see that there is resources but none of that matters what matters for a life of power is that you come in you hold on to the Mahdi army of power. That's where you have power. And you will know this is. This is a preacher that lived in the eight hundred hundreds he died two years before our own why he's not a seventy avenues minister. He was a minister in. The Methodists of his. South Church. And. He was a man of prayer powerful men of prayer and. You know want to let me give you a little can give you a pastoral Council that OK. Be careful what you read. Be careful what you read. There are so many books on per out there to. They that not even start to go through them and I think. No. Now this is a book that I would recommend though power through and you are no. Use by E.A. am bound since. This is the I'm bound. He am. Ballons. Power through prayer there are several books I could recommend the maybe I'll do that tomorrow maybe I'll tell you a few books that have been rich gems to me in my study of career but I am bound was a powerful man a prayer he only published two books before he passed away and he wasn't very popular but after he passed away his books got in his writings and his journals got published in those things and it became a very powerful movement in helping people understand the necessity of prayer. But when it comes to prayer in the work of God It's just incredible the influence that he's had on countless numbers of ministers power through prayers is written primarily to ministers but I believe it is a lesson book for for many but this is what he says. Inbounds power through prayer this is right in the first chapter says we are continually striving to create new methods plans and organizations to advance the church or to advance your own life wherever working to provide and stimulate growth and efficiency for the Gospel the church is looking for better methods God is looking for what better men what the church needs today is not more or better machinery not new organizations. Or more novel methods she needs men whom the Holy Spirit can use men of prayer men mighty in prayer the Holy Spirit does not flow through methods but through men he does not come on machinery but on men he does not anoint plans but men men of prayer I'm telling you if you want to see a garden move he's not going to move just through plans he's going to move through you know he's going to work in your life he's going to give you a life of power as you give him a life of prayer and I want to I want to if I can impress anything upon you today. Is that there's no other way to have a life of power unless you have a life of prayer. I don't think it's an accident that you came to this seminar. And I pray. That this will be a help and a strength's you. Are going to stop here just a minute because I want to spend time in prayer with you. Tomorrow and a look at. A time for prayer. We're now going to unpack this and we're going get very practical and I'm going to show you some. It's going to show you the example of that and show you how I do that in my own life and you can glean from I'm not I'm not going to give it as a model for you and you give it as an example for you to glean from and we're going to be very practical tomorrow on Wednesday. We're going to be looking at making prayer work there are several things where people say oh I do pray but I never see the answer of God. When I look at that. Most I would say that you should be able to see answers to your prayers. You know most of the prayers I pray I see an answer the same day. There are some things that I've been praying of help for years to but my faith I'm claiming that God is going to answer in his way in his time. But we're going to talk about that making prayer work and then on Thursday. When I look at fervent prayer I want to show you that prayer is more than a form. That there is an opening of the heart and life to God. That is very intimate and close where you will you will sense that God is right there with you. Now there have been times I just want to say this I'm not an extremist. And although I want to be extreme in prayer but not in the wrong way there L.O.L. I says there are times when the clouds of my words I'm paraphrasing despair are around you and you may not sense or feel the presence of God But even then you can know by faith that his hand is upon. In that time of prayer. And that has been such a blessing for me spo many times have been felt by said Lord I know you are here. And what that does to mice. All I can't explain but we're going to look at that so I want to be very practical and and I want to see that we could see a Mardi and powerful revival across this conference we see how the Lord has movie who moves through unlock revelation as we're planning I'm tell you what's coming next in the Bible study Reformation I mean it is just incredible. But none of it can work without the power of prayer. So let's learn the lesson from our Savior. So I'd like to do we have a few moments here I like for us to get into well you decide into groups of two or three or a few feel like you need to just buy your head alone and make that come in but I want to ask you to make a commitment today. Would be a minister of the Gospel high to call for decision right. How many of you would be willing to. Commit your life from this day forward to developing your life into a life of prayer. I want to make that decision this isn't decision for me to see or your neighbor to see. Commitments or easy to do this. But I'm asking that you would say Lord whatever it takes of my life. Help me to have a life of prayer they are decision. I want to go to our knees and let's pray and make the lord understand that we want his help to be. An individual that has a life of prayer so let's pray together we'll spend a few moments in prayer and then I'll close in prayer and then we'll be done with our seven are today. Father in heaven. I know prayers are still. Your lord I want to thank you for being here with us. For the burden of my heart when. We. Know that you. Let's you. Both to will and you. Please do a work with the. Lord forgive us of our failure. Forgive us of our weakness Arce our spirits have been willing but we have been so we. Strengthen us for your. Strangeness for the all our own joy in our own lives that we might have the joy and pleasure of having. Right here in this life. Where I think for each one you. Are having. As we go through this we. Know you will strengthen. That long even. Though we were hunger and thirst after you. Now we will be satisfied all we have. Learned to go through this day. I pray that you are in the heart and mind of everyone. Reminder. That they would be as it were added. Prayer. As we come together tomorrow everyone. We've. Learned Thank you. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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