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2. Time to Pray

Justin Ringstaff



  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Our Father in heaven. Thank you for being here with us. I pray Lord that your presence would. Be here in a way that would draw us to you. Lord I pray that your angels might be here. Encouraging and strengthening us as we spend this time together. We won't really understand until the days of eternity. How important it is for us to come together like this. I. Believe there will be a time where we'll look back where in times of trial and these moments together will be a strength for us. So we remember the discussions and. The Times to pray together. The Lord I pray not only for the times to come but I pray for a present blessing this morning. Where we seek that from heaven. And I pray that you would speak through me Lord. I I feel so on qualified to speak of such. Wonders and. Of such a blessing that heaven is given so Laura I ask that you would speak through me and that would be a blessing and be a help to us in our journey this side of heaven Father I thank you and I ask it now in Jesus' name amen. He so much. So yesterday we looked at. Part one life. Of power. And looking at the life of Christ how even jesus us as he walked this earth found power. And strength in prayer. They were going to be more practical and he lay the foundation where they actually do an example here together. And then. Talk about some helpful things as you're building that time and again tomorrow we'll be looking at making prayer work and how we can. Sounds. And I want to sound wrong but how we can help the horrid answer our prayers. And then on Thursday will be looking out for in prayer how to really move the arm of the Almighty. So but today a time to pray now he said that you could take it one of two ways. It's time to pray. And the other is we need time to pray. I love this quote here or of you and Harold October twenty eight hundred ninety six the greatest blessing that God can give to man is a spirit of earnest prayer. And that incredible. Of all the things that God could give of the greatest blessings that he would give us a spirit of earnest prayer and we come to our prayer time and we pray the Spirit of God comes upon us and the Spirit of God comes upon a stone with the spirit of prophecy says every other boy last seen comes in his train. And then incredible So when God gives us a spirit of earnest prayer and we take that time we set apart. Every blessing of Heaven is that our fingertips. What is that in step to Christ where the. Prayer is the key in the hand of faith that does what unlocks what. You know no excess it was says after that. Where our trials are it the balland lists resources of on nipa tense. What is on nepotism mean. All powerful so that prayer is the key and a hand of faith that unlocks that. That is in step to Christ I have to look it up. I have to look at that it's seventy. Two or ninety or there's there's two in there that I really like. But I mean it's incredible. That when God gives us that spirit of earnest prayer he's really given us the key that unlocks the storehouse of heaven where our treasure I mean the treasures that God has for us. Now you know the Lord's phone number right. It's in Jeremiah. Is the Lord's phone number if you didn't know it. Jeremiah thirty three three and. Gosho numbered Jeremiah thirty three three he says call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know and that incredible So God gives the spirit of earnest prayer as we meet him he gives that key that unlocks the the storehouse of heaven were treasured the balun less resources of omnipotence we call him he hears us and he tells us he shows us things that we could not know unless we have met him. I believe that is God's promise to us each and every single day when we meet him we set that time with God we go or meet him he is going to give us a treasure that day and we may not even understand why we need such a treasure that day but as you go through the day it will become evident and as we finish there you'll see how we can mangina those treasures that God wants to give to us. Some sixty three wine. I love the whole song of sixty three. You know I just appreciate so much you know I like. When you say this way I don't like facade. I don't like show. As so I'm going to tell you just be real with me I mean I don't I don't have time for the bidding on the version of things that's what I love about David I love about the the songs in their entirety I just love the wrongness of it just the earnestness of it. Oh. OH GOD YOU ARE MY GOD early will I seek you. MA I saw all thirst for you. You know that's not something that's natural for us. That's not something that's natural Our hearts are bent towards worldly things our characters are bent but as we take that time with the Lord he stray exam out I did a study want to scripture about you know the the crooked versus the straight and crooked really in Scripture through talking about perversity how God has everything that is pure and holy and straight and the devil comes and he bends it in perverts it we have a perverted character in that sense that we don't naturally seek after. But the Lord can give us that were our heart through. At being with him. Where we longed to be in his presence there reminds me of this some This is another one and song sixteen. I mean these are treasures right here. I love this. Some sixteen eleven I mean the whole Psalm is fantastic but sixty eleven you will show me the path of life in your presence is what. Fullness of joy you want to be a happy person. You are going to have a joy of God in your heart what it was a song say it's in his presence you will find a joy in the presence of God. At your right hand. Our pleasures forever more. I'm telling you the Lord has so much that he wants to give us. And we can we can walk in the clouds with him I mean he can rise us a ball of the difficulty and the pain in the heartache of this world that's why the Apostle Paul appeals to us that if we've been raised with Christ we're supposed to set our mind on things above where Christ is he draws us that's why when we come to the time of prayer it's not that God comes down to us but what prayer draws OS up to him. I mean if you say hallelujah. We need to get excited about these things. I mean what the Lord has for us. But our souls should thirst for him my flesh. Longs for you. What does the Bible talk about flesh there are there is that earthly carnal nature that desires the things of this world but here they are saying my flesh longs for you. And I draw I am thirsty land where there is no water. That's what God wants for us he does not want us to. To be in the place where you know it's drudgery to come to him in that time of prayer Now I mentioned yesterday sometimes you know. I wake up and I don't I don't feel I have a prayer I does being honest I mean it is a chore are sometimes to make it there. But I'll tell you I make it there. And I find my joy. I find my pleasure and that's all I need. I don't I don't need anything else. It does it change she said it changes the whole day. And. Can transform us. But it takes time to develop have it so I don't want you to be discouraged I don't want you to to launch out on a journey and expect some for X. to see a feelie because we don't walk by feeling we walk by faith and so you know we may not see feel like in his presence is going to be the fullness of joy but by faith we claim it and we come and then we discover that it is indeed the truth of God in your presence is. Fullness of joy not just joy. The fullness of it. Those who want to be happy. And. I say this all the time but we should be glad venting ists. We should train ourselves to be the happiest people on the face of the earth. And I remember early on. I trained myself to have a smile on my face. I may never even be able to say a word to someone but I want them to see that if they wanted to come they were afraid that I'm I'm an approachable No I I want I want to to not just be fake either I want to be. Real are to be a happy person that doesn't mean that I don't have trial I've seen some wonderfully happy people but I know their story behind and I know they have pain and stress and trial and struggle but they find in the presence of the Lord joy. Joy is not based on circumstance it's based on the presence of the Lord being with us you want your soul to thirst you want your flesh to long. My hand Thank you. Pain. Like this morning's sunrise. A great controversy page two ten from the secret place of prayer came the power that shook the world in the great reformation. How I along for that power to shake us again. I long I don't know if I want more well. If revival means winning souls yes. But how we must have that in the Reformation you see it and then talk a little bit about this this morning you see these these great men of God seeking Him and the Lord directs the past they they are not they were not ready to carry the burden that was going to be laid upon them but as they sought the Lord they were compelled they were drawn they were driven and it transformed not only their lives but it transformed the world as we know it I mean there is a profound. Went from the secret place of prayer what a secret place mean. They went took place where no one knew they were headed with God and in that place came a pal or that shook the world. I mean I thought you'd be falling on the floor after that. I mean does that no blow your mind. That if that from that seemingly hidden thing came a pal are the Shook the world's. This is an EV you ever heard of a little village called hern hut. There there were some faithful believers they were. They were coming out of the false traditions and teachings of the Roman church they were being persecuted for their being persecuted on many fronts but they came in they were CD seeking asylum they were fleeing they came to a rich noble man's land by the name of Zinzan door. And he helped them have a place of refuge and they established a little village called her heart and in this place was people heard they started coming there as a place of refuge. But it was an unusual place because there were so much bickering and fighting. And turmoil for year after year they give us something like five years I mean these were people that were trying to follow the truth of God their conscience as were. Balland to the Scriptures and yet there was strife there was discord in all of this among them. And then you see this here. They came together and they started to pray. And something started to happen I mean almost immediately a different spirit came upon that village. And people be can begin to flock to this village because they sensed that the presence of God was there. And they began to pray and it was. I think it was August twenty seventh or something like that to go look up the date but this was in the early seventeenth hundreds but what they did was they came together and they realized that they saw what prayer was doing for them and they said we cannot afford. Not to have prayer going on continuously so they gather together they came in they chose twenty four men twenty four women. And they began a letter round the clock time of prayer. Each group taken in our prayer. How long do you think that might have lasted. It went more than a week when just a week of prayer went more than a month. But more than a year. Around the Clock Prain as they were doing this God began to put a power within the bee began to direct them they started calling people together and they started thinking we have to start reaching the world with the truth of God Now just a little background even before that. It is really came out of the movement of a man named yon hoofs John Hans many many years before his teachings and in then you have the hustle movement and then this movement came out of this and it kept going I'm tell you when when you trace these things there is a a royal lawn of God's people that are constrained to the Scriptures but if you pull that away from prayer you could have the knowledge of the truth without the fruit of. The truth but as they began to pray they were moved by it and there begin praying hour after hour after hour one week one month one year one decade. Two decades. Three decades. Four decades. Half a century. Sixty years seventy years eighty years ninety years. One hundred years they prayed around the clock for one hundred years. Is that not incredible one hundred years and that time they begin to send missionaries they begin to see the Gospel breakthrough in ways and I don't think that we'll ever be able to fully understand how we get to heaven the strength and power that came out of those prayers I believe those prayers not only helped their moon but helped with the first great religious awakening that broke across Europe it breached not only Europe it came into the Americas. With the Wesley brothers they were here for a little bit of time and then the the great preacher judge George Whitfield. I mean it's just incredible and I believe that this was still mean from a people who came together and said we must set time apart to pray. Time apart to pray. We need time to pray. Hundred Year prayer meeting. You know I put. The Lord put this on my heart for next year's can't meet I thought Lord. Our camp meeting just can't be. Seven to seven. We have to organize and have prayer round the clock I mean this chapel should be filled with people praying for the Spirit of God to be here around the clock at camp meeting. But then I'm thinking oh it's so hard to find people to pray. With the lore say no I have people that are willing to pick of that cross and pray OK well we're going to do it. All right to do it if I merely want to hear we're going to do it. If you want to how I want you to let me know because I am serious I want to organize that round the clock taking our shifts pleading for God to move I think that if we begin to do that kind of work we would see Wanderers. Maybe the Lord even put it in our heart not to just do it it can't meeting a year rounds. I mean. Could God not move in a powerful way. I mean. I just love that. God is going to do something we cannot expect there we're going to have revival unless there's prayer only why says it that we can only expect revival in answer to prayer. We have to do this we have to make time to pray but I'm telling you. You want to spend some more time on this tomorrow making prayer work. If we don't have time in secret prayer don't think your prayers are going to be effective in public prayer. Don't don't think that you can go and tell someone I'm going to pray for you. And think that those prayers are going to be effective unless you have. A life of prayer and I'm not saying that God does that God answers the sincere prayer of the heart but I mean is that that we so often just flippantly tell people oh yeah we're going to pray for you. We may think Lord please help them and then go on with our life. If you want to see answers to prayer you want to see the power of prayer have a life of prayer. And God is going to begin showing you that he can move the events of this world. And show you that tomorrow. This is. Anyone who that is our of there no Martin Luther said when he was going to trial he could not face the day unless he had spent three hours and prayer. He said he was that he was a he had a sharp mind I mean Luther was my. Major reformer that I study going through the seminar I just was fascinated by him. And he had some rough edges I know that and it was hard for me to find a picture because you know his parts are he looks like a gruff old man. But he was a man of God. He was an intellectual and yet he said I. Must spend these three hours he gave his best three hours to prayer. Rather than to study. You know hard that is even for pastors. You know when you're preparing a sermon or that kind of thing you think oh I've got to prepare. There came a point in my minister I said Lord fun to spend. This much time prepare and it's been the equal amount of time Crain. And as I did I found I didn't need as much time preparing. I didn't need it. As much now I needed time to prepare and some weeks more than others but Luther three hours in prayer. Who is this one. John Wesley. Turned the world upside down in England. I mean the greatest revival that that country has seen I mean he's a powerful man every day he would get up at four A.M.. And spend two hours in prayer his he sometimes is spend eight o'clock in the morning for hours and prayer but the reason why it usually will stop at six o'clock do you know why they go preach at a prayer meeting at six A.M.. So he would be gathering to prayer before they would begin the day's work. And so he would go to meet them and help lead in that time of prayer. But he recognized the time of prayer there is I'm sure this is because I don't know why I said it was from the secret place of prayer. That God was able to shake the world in the great reformation you see that with Martin Luther you see that with John Wesley. This is. John Welsh what's what's interesting about John Welsh He was a. Preacher in Scotland is that he was married to a very famous man's daughter anyone know. In what have you heard of John Welsh. Oh maybe a little more of a story tomorrow but John Welsh was. Was is a powerful man of prayer this is a man who as he was in time of prayer guard would reveal to him things that were to come. I mean there were times where he was in prayer where the Lord was preparing him for was coming upon the nations of Europe I mean it's fascinating as you read his story but in the times of prayer he was just so burdened this is a man who said his day was wasted if he did not spend seven or eight hours and prayer. And don't think that because they spent such time in prayer that their lives were unproductive issues that they crowded the world out and they made time for the Lord and His Work. He was married to. John's Knox's daughter. Yeah now about. The debt. Must have been a fry end that. If you don't know John Knox's you have to go and read his story. But powerful men of prayer and so don't. Neglect to take time in prayer so well I says testimonies for the church volume seven one ninety four every morning take time to begin your work with prayer do not think this is what wasted time it is time that will live through eternal ages I'll tell you I think the greatest hindrance to us to come to the time of prayer is that we think it is wasted time. We think it's wasted time we THINK I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO have all these other things that are so important and if I take this time in prayer I'm going away time. The Prophet says don't think that this is wasted time it will last throughout eternity. You. Need to go back a second. And if you want I'm happy to come and get it afterwards too. Great conversely page six twenty two and his record every prayer that is earnest and sincere we should rather dispense with selfish gratifications than neglect communion with God. I have heard so many times people tell me I just am so busy I don't have time to set it aside time for prayer. Well we sure set it Side time for other face everybody has twenty four hours in a day no more no less and we choose how to manage ourselves in that time. It would be better to. Dispense with selfish gratifications the neglect commune with God. So what could some of the selfish gratifications be. Yeah right have to wash away their ten zero. I mean there have been times I've just been so rebuked you know I our you know I love to study and so you know how you know we study and I want to sources that are now out Google something and then it takes me here and takes me at sixteen I think a lot of what am I doing I don't have time to do this I don't want to chase rabbits Honestly there's not time to study and research but I don't want to do that at the expense of this. They desire recording it they're watching it there's a book of remembrance. The deepest poverty the greatest self-denial with his approval is better than riches honors ease and friendship without it nothing is worth taking time from us in God to give time with us and something else if we're going to rob God. Nothing else is going to fill that void. We must take time to pray she says we must take time to pray oh ya gotta speed up here. Some five give air to my words oh lord consider my meditations give heed to the voice of my cry my king and my Gods for to you Well I pray. When is a good time to pray. My voice you shall hear in the morning oh lord in the morning will I draw. Did to you and will love. The morning is such a needful time I know some are morning people. And to give you a couple of. Helps here. When. I want to say that I'm a morning person but I may be more of a morning person than a late night person. And. I still hard to get up in the morning and you know as I was you know growing in my own life of prayer you know I just kept feeling the need the need and more and more time and I'm not I don't want to say this and in any way to. Make you think that I'm up here I'm not you know I I'm down. With the beginners in a life of prayer. But I just sense I needed more time with God And so I you know set time earlier so hard for me to get up what especially in the wintertime when it's so dark it just so hard you know it's is when the bat is dark and you just feel like I go to sleep forever. So what I did was I got a lamp timer. And I plugged in a lamp and had it directed right. And I would say. I don't need it anymore but I use that for on time. What I would set it for about fifteen twenty minutes before I'd wake up. Where I before I was supposed to get up and so you know this light comes on you know how much easier it is to get up when it's light so I have light. Shiny and my wife didn't appreciate it. But she was grateful that I had it. I have like that shine on me and what happened is that I found it much easier because my body would wake up and then when the time would be to get out of bed. I would get up the other thing is that never set a snooze button. Never set a snooze button. That's right right because if you hit that I'm telling you. When you when you're saying that time for prayer the spirit of Gaza are calling you but the enemy is right there too. And it's so it becomes almost habit without even thinking just to go to. And so don't set that train yourself when the when the sound comes it vibrates or whatever that the first thing is immediate response. Get up so don't sit there and think OK I've got to get up just trace up boom like you know like you're raising the race from the dead you know. To just get up. And the body is so incredible the Lord has designed it that after a while you won't even need an alarm. You or need alarm I won't say. One hundred percent but it's probably ninety percent I wake up probably three seconds before my alarm goes off. It's just like. It moment now and there's times change and all of that takes a bit to get back on track but every It's incredible how the Lord has designed our bodies even if I even at times you know is. If I'm coming from a meeting arse are something like that I even get home later I don't get to bed to late that time that morning comes and it's just the your body gets into that rhythm OK here's the next point. Jonah to sleep in on Sunday. I'm just telling you. I've tried everything OK. What happens is. You think it's your day off. You sleep in. And you don't spend time with the Lord or it's delayed in a messes up your whole next week. Get up spend time with the Lord if you have to then go back to bed. I'm serious. Set that time and make it a daily practice a daily practice now there are times where naturally if you're sick or those things understand that and there are our emergency S. But that's what those are they are emergencies that's not the habit of the life the habit of the life is to set that time with God and say Lord this is your time this is my time and help me keep it consistently. And there are times where you'll sleep in and if you do get up and go first to that time of prayer avoid the temptation to do everything else that makes sense. To another tip. Prepare your water to drink the night before. Get your two glasses. Of. Water have them ready. When I wake up first thing I. Know that does. Immediately it wakes you up. And then. I say hard for me to take two glass of water immediately but before my devotion they're done I have to give us a saw already that's the votes tional life is already helping you have a better health life. Because it is such a wonderful cleansing thing for your body to wake up and drink that water. And is looking for my my brother in here who would drink so when he used to draw I think it was like four glasses of water in the morning so I drink too in the winter time the make something warm and have it in my thermos I have my devotional thermos. And it keeps my my stuff warm in the morning have a nice warm warm drink and it's just a blessing so prepare the my head Note also that does. It's reminding you that you're preparing for that time in the morning. Now the most important thing to meet God in the morning. Spent time in prayer before you sleep. It doesn't have to be the. Hour prayer it may be and there may be times where the Lord calls you to spend much time in prayer with him. But the regular head bitch will time spent time in prayer before you go to sleep. Practice kneeling down beside your bed. And seeking God in prayer and then before you finish that per say Lord wake me up in the morning. I don't pray for Laura to give me dreams of having and I don't dream a lot but I love it when the Lord does give me dreams. And it's a blessing. So those things they'll help you hope you have your devotional things set out and ready to go. When you get up I'm telling you the devil gets you from your bed to your place of prayer you have to have everything ready so you just come there and you have that time with the Lord in prayer. That makes sense. Psalm fifty five seventeen evening and morning and at noon I will pray and cry aloud and he shall hear my voice. I believe A says Eve mean and morning because you're going to have a morning you better have your evening. Spend that time of the evening or even in morning and at noon Who is that remind you of then you know that's right then you prayed three times a day three times it was a habit even when there was crises upon him he met that time of prayer and we need that time of prayer. On a move on because I asked I got a we got to do an example here Mark one thirty five now in the morning having risen a long while before daylight he went out and he parted to a solitary place and there he prayed. So Christ it was his habit now let me mention yesterday I said that you know we shouldn't be extreme in this some will feel like well they meet the time of prayer and all these things and that they only get you know four hours of sleep at night. We know that for an adult a healthy time of sleep is between seven and nine hours. I tend to get more on their seven ish. Sighed I wish I could have more on the other side but it's and it's adequate for me and I can get six hours if I get five hours for too many days in a row then my immune system specially in the wintertime starts to drop and then I get sick and then I'm really again not going to be able to function for the Lord so we want to guard our health so make it to bed make it to bed set that time you know if you're accustomed to watching the news before you go to bed change a habit change that habit you will praise the Lord for it you will set a set that habit get to bed. How many hours a sleep seven to nine but if you go to bed before midnight. It's worth to write. Sleep is twice as good before midnight as after. So I try I personally I try to get to bed you know between nine thirty I'm not one thirty ten thirty eleven and. And if I get too usually in the reason why for me is because I usually don't get home until nine thirty or ten so. It's a pastor's work as a second shift job. I mean so it's hard to get home early I mean sometimes it's very late but. But that's the work that God has given us to do and we we work within what he's given us but work to have that time get to bed say your prayers get to bed in then get up now there are times where you will God will have you spend more time he'll put a burden on your heart you won't be able to sleep and so you roll out of bed on to your knees and you plead with God and God will make up for those times he'll refresh you when you could not refresh your so. Through natural means yes the divine power that comes upon those who seek God but we are not reckless we want to live according to health principles so though don't be extreme in it have a have a balanced life but balance that life with the good things not. The things of the world. Look five sixteen so he himself often with Drew into the wilderness and prayed there are times where you will need more time in prayer there are times where I I needed just take a couple days and go away and pray I just I just need that and there are times where we need to have those little spiritual retreats. And we'll talk more about fasting and per layer but it's a type of fasting and prayer we pull ourselves apart and we seek God in a special way we we have more devotion to that time of prayer. So just going to give you a couple quick thoughts here and then we're going to do an example. They be seas of prayer you know those Ask Believe claim so we're asking God we have to believe him and then we claim that promise as if he has already done it according to his will so those A.B.C.'s of prayer will look a little bit more those will impact those some tomorrow when we look at making prayer work. And then acts in prayer sometimes people as they're beginning there they're trying develop. A pattern in prayer and this is one that can help. Used is just X. A is for adoration. Praise God for who he is see is for confession emitting our sin and asking for forgiveness I also usually need person also add in their confession and consecration warning to consecrate my life once again to the Lord. And then Thanksgiving thinking God for His blessings and his wonderful goodness to us in supplication bringing our prayers of requests to him and so I can help as your as are you know getting into that habit of prayer but now I want to give you an example in this. And. Mike you know we pass these out here. And have a helper on this side. Thank you oh I need to give you something else here. Take one of those and one of these. And while they're passing that out how many of you have the discipleship handbook. How many do not have it. This is a wonderful tool to help you in your devotional life not only is it have twenty six chapters of moving through discipleship but in the back of it. It has a devotional reading plan and if you want to powerful prayer life you need a devotional plan and so in the back there is a devotional plan that goes along with the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and it is very helpful you know I set about getting everything planned or prepared for the morning that's what this is. Yes it's you don't want to come to that morning and think OK what should I do this morning you want to have a plan that you can follow or you don't necessarily even have to think about that you commie gun it's all ready to study and so if you if you don't have that it's that the A.B.C. and I have one here and I'll give that to some if they want to come and ask me for it. Discipleship handbook that disciples it handbook Yes. Yes there's a mentors guy that goes with it that helps us mentor someone else in their walk with Christ. So you want to have a plan you want to be ready for that and if you have children at home and those things I encourage you to get them a little basket or a little tub or something and get get their Bible there but if they're little get them a little the Bible story books and let them look through and teach them to have a devotional life teach what are we looking for. Oh we're out. Wow We even made more than we had yesterday while you guys attacked in here today. I'm trying to think if I don't know if we can get if you can share this morning that all this is is just a chapter from the thoughts from the mount of blessings but I just want to go through an example here and we're running out of time. And I have to finish right on time as you got to go but I also have to be on the platform. Or is that. Yeah if you can get it on your phone as well feed so we have someone here is that when I was need one. Raise your hand. It was not in the time we need but you need. There's an extra here. Look we're already learning to live in one accord. OK. Thank you. This is just this is stock from the mount of blessings. This is on page one. It's the it's the introduction in the first chapter so we're going at all we have we have several here we have several. Everyone got a card. OK. On a show you something here just an example. So you have your time of prayer of I'm going to give you an example of this how I do my devotional if I'm not saying this is the the right way or the best way but it's one way OK. Everyone's a little differently so adjust it to your own armor. But when I when I come to the time of a prayer I really think of even my study I think of it as as a time of prayer for me on the show you how I do that because. I believe that the devotional experience is different than study. And I think most have learned to do devotional time as study time. And we we are studying and we're gaining the knowledge of the Scriptures but maybe we're not gaining a knowledge of Christ at His feet and so on is show you some things that and I and no one ever show me so I guess I'm saying I don't know if it's right or Ron but I've just grown in it and and every year it just becomes richer to me. And we should see that each year that it's a richer experience so. You have your time. Name that set apart so say that your time is in this film I say this I would encourage you as your beginning if you've never had a devotional life before I would say right from the start give yourself fifteen minutes of devotional study and fifteen minutes of prayer. If you are have a devotional life in you and you're ready to just get into I would say give yourself half an hour of devotional study and half an hour of personal have a thoughtful hour the if you're going to star in a small I would rather you start a little bit less and get into the habit of it than trying to do so much and and stop so but wherever you are we always want to be growing in that so and for others you know an hour of a devotional study and prayer and then an hour of secret prayer and and then it goes beyond that but so if your time I have found that. I. Have to wake up before my family. And that's just me and I just I love the stillness. And I can hear so much clearer and so. It's very hard you know because by the time I'm finishing you know the children there are their movement and that kind of thing and it's just it's not as rich as it is so maybe you maybe you have a place where you can go and that kind of thing my office in our home is our bedrooms are here I just walk across the hall and office there and then Emma's room is right next to it so and we have. Have the only are all of our wrestlers are stairs so the showers and all that there right I saw so I can hear all of that I even have ear plugs I put in sometimes. Just because I don't want to be distracted and I do help my wife who aren't you know. I try and finish early enough where I can still be of help in the home. But there are times I know that she would like more help. OK. We're going to go through this OK so. You start with prayer I usually spend you know wake up I drink my water I met my place of study and I asked for the Lord's or thank the Lord for the rest say it's a short prayer you know couple minutes ask the Lord to bless me in my devotional time but I don't really stop praying that's what this is what I want to impress my whole time in devotion is a prayer and I want to show you how that can be whether it's the scriptures or read the spirit prophecy so in the devotional plan that I use in this into some handbook and that kind of thing as the Bible and the state of prophecy I just mind even a little bit from that because I like to read. We're going to every now but. I I like to add other things because I'm a minister so I spend time in gospel workers and pastoral ministry. And I just kind of cycle those books through testimonies to minister so I add other things in there for for me personally but my staple diet is the spirit prophecy reading that goes along with scripture Now this is what I want to strongly encourage you spend your devotional time and inspired writings. We have even some wonderful avenues authors they have devotions and those kind of things I don't use those for my personal devotion I we use them sometimes for family devotions or those kinds of things and they're wonderful but in my time with our i need divinely inspired. Writings so I think I could I don't even think to go to something else I want to be in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and I need that I need I need to know that God. Is speaking to me and not someone else. If it's in the great controversy. I don't I do do that in my study but not in my devotional time. That's just me personally. And so just say that you won your Bibles and I would recommend this for devotional time but say I just open to X. Chapter nine. This is how I would begin to read the Scriptures. Then Saul still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord went to the High Priests and asked. Letters forum him to the synagogues of Damascus so if he found any who were of the way whether men or women he might bring them down to Drew slam so I'm not reading it necessarily just understand the story I'm reading it devotional is I'm praying to the Lord I'm saying Lord. I. Don't want to breathe through I don't want to be a hindrance to your work. Lord help me to have an influence that is not a. Foreign in the cause of Christ but a blessing to the cause of Christ. So long as I'm reading through Scripture I'm it's a. Prayer of my heart to God. As he journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven Lord let a light shine around me I want that Lord's can he see how you can read the Scriptures in a devotional way and it just comes alive to you as a prayer to god it. Is different than a time of study. Then he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why are you persecuting me. If you read that devotionally what would you be thinking to the Lord would you be praying to him. Speak to me. Yeah right Laura I don't want to be I want to be a blessing to Christ. I don't want to be some less fighting against him. Lord help me to always be with my face on the ground before him. And as I read through that I'm going to pick out a Jim from scripture. And I'm going to write it on my client. So if I'm looking at that just right there or what's something it's not a paragraph is just as just a sentence I boil it down to a two a a principle that I can use so what is something that you could write from that that we just talked about. Someone just saying. OK Lord help me be on my knees on the ground before you so you can write that you know what spoke to me especially and that is Lord I want to be a blessing to the cause of Christ. So I will write that I want to be a blast scene to the cause of Christ. And I. Writing that down. That's kind of how I do that in Scripture. And I don't write sermons in my devotional time. But I'll tell you most of my sermons come out of my devotional time. Because it's it's not just so reading the scriptures it's in mercy yourself in the scriptures and letting God speak to you through them. And then what I do with these points and will give example in this one too. Is I meditate on. There is a there's a little there's so much false devotional focus out in the world through contemplate of prayer this centering prayer trying to empty your mind of all thoughts no I don't want to my mind of all thoughts I want to fill my mind with Often it's of have and of. But these are things I am never taking on thinking Lord how do you want me to be a blessing to your cos I'm not talking about just future I'm talking about today I told you yesterday that you know a person in my own daily prayer life the reason why God answers most my person same day is because I'm praying for the things of that day I don't have tomorrow promised. I want to see God move in my life today. Of course the things I'm praying about ahead but I want to present blessing. I want a present blessing and the Lord is giving those to me as I'm writing those down I'm meditating on them I'm thinking about them you think of it was Isaac when. What's his name Ellie A's are. Went to go find his wife and he was praying God divinely led him to that but they're coming back what was Isaac doing. He was out in the field praying but the Bible says he was meditating. He was sitting there just letting his mind be captured by the glories of heaven. And that's what these are we we are so fast paced we poll and we run but this slow this down and not only are we praying to God but then it allows God to speak to us so it's not a one way conversation and God is speaking to us in this you're praying Lord help me to glean what you need me to glean for this day. So let's go let's go to this the foster amount of blessings is similar when we come to the. Writings of the Spirit of Prophecy. And see here. Legit start here the Sermon on the Mount is Heaven's benediction to the world. I'll have highlighters now people mark their Bibles and all that and that's wonderful. When I change the color of my bows because I'm bored of blue or before and so. But others change mark in those things and that's fantastic as well when it comes of writings I if I'm highlighting as I'm going through I'm highlighting those things that jump out at me and then I'm not I'm not writing them on my card yet I finish that and then I go through and I glean only one or two points because I can't. I mean I can be blessed by them but when I imagine going through the day I can't remember them all so I choose a few that I want. The Lord to grain upon my heart and so I'm just going through so let's let's do this the Sermon on the Mount as Heaven's been addiction to the world a voice from the throne of God and that powerful saying Lord I want to hear your voice for me very For own this morning it was given to mankind to be to them the law of duty and the light of heaven their hope and consolation in despondency their joy and comfort in all the visit today of law and walks of life. What are we doing there were praising God thank You Lord. Thank you for being that to me. Here the prince of preachers I had jump out at me as a preacher Lord help me to always keep my eye on the Prince of preachers the Master Teacher utters the words that the father gave him to speak. Now that jumps out at me. Good Lord give me words to speak promise for you Isaiah fifty verse four. Lord God is give me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak a word and season to him who is weary here awakens me morning by morning he wakes my ear to hear and the learn the reason why you can have a tongue of the learners could you were awoken in the morning and have an ear to hear what the Lord a saying that's how we have a word in season as from the Lord. The beatitudes or Christ greedy not only to those who believe but to the whole human family. Oh have the Lord loves us he loves us was the Bible say while we were yet sinners. Christ died for us how Ahluwalia said Lord I was once one of those but the grace of God called. We praise him for it. He seems to have forgotten for a moment that he is in the world. And that a G.M. crosses on the on the amount of the Beatitudes and he is in rapture as he looks about the people that are coming to hear you know I imagine him thinking when he is going to be in the kingdom of heaven to share the truth of Heaven with his people and for a moment Christ he forgets that he's in the world and credible. So to my thinking Lord because I am at the feet of Jesus take me out of this will. Oh I am just a pilgrim passing thorough. The Lord is so good to us. Seems a For gone that he is in the world and not in having thinks I am in the heavenly places and he uses the familiar salutation of the world of light. You know what is a sion it's a greeting So when Christ comes and gives the Beatitudes he the book she says he uses the familiar salutation of the world life. So in the world of light. We are the last. The last what are you. Who. That's that is the familiar. Salutation in heaven that is we are given to the will and glory of God that we are blessed we are both who walk in the heavenly places. So in heaven everyone there one around and there all the blasted ones they're all how's another translation of blessid happy. Happy are you. On that wonderful. Was the other salutation of heaven. Rejoice one who said that yes rejoice that's the other citation of heaven rejoice and Peace be to you now wonderful We only know that because God gave us divinely inspired writings and that a wonderful Jim. And then blessings flow from his lips as the gushing forth of a long sealed current of rich life. Oh Lord let my mouth today be. A blessing to others let my lips gushed forth with those blessings to the lives of others so you're highlighting these. Now if I had another I would go through the whole thing can you see how rich that is. And we only went through two paragraphs we went through just a couple verses and they it's a treasure mine I mean it is a treasure that we can glean so what could you glean from this what is something that you would write down just from those two paragraphs if if that was the extent of it yes. Yes. Yeah. Amen. Amen so you would think of a way to write that down as a strength for you that day. Or if if it was you know that Lord let my lips gust forth with blessings to others our Lord as I spent time with you this morning you brought me into the heavenly places. I forgot for a moment that I was in the trial and darkness of this world them though. Well where did you get. Our Christ Green That's right amen amen. Amen. And as you as you read devotion of the like that your experience is going to be trends I mean is going to be is every morning is going to be an exciting treasure hunt for the Lord to speak to you new Write those down now the parallel to this is I didn't know now but in desire of Ages a sermon on the Mount and I glean something there that has been such a treasure to me. And. It's so simple when Jesus came to call everyone it she says the disciples knew. That their place was always next to Jesus. The people costly press the pawn him yet the disciples understood that they were not to be crowded away from his presence. You better believe I underlined and highlighted that and wrote it down Lord let nothing crowd me out of your presence. You take those I mean you've gleaned treasures you have something richer than all the gold in the world you have it with you now some do that in a journal and and I do have a little journal that I write my extraordinary experiences in but this is my daily treasure. You have those treasures. And you have been with you throughout the day you know when it comes to the time of noon you want to lift your heart in prayer to God you just bring him out and you just meditate on him you come to someone and the Lord is going to direct you to people that you that was not just for you but that was for them. You come with someone in and you. Pray together in the Lord has given you divine content for your prayer for that person. I mean is just incredible but you have these and then with your heart overflowing with the goodness and treasure of heaven go to your needs and pour out your heart to God. You're praying for your family you're praying for your church you're praying for the Lord's work here in Michigan you're praying for those who are sick you are praying for the thorns in your own flesh you're thanking God for His goodness but then every day you're pleading with God for those treasures to be seen in your life you'll never have a repetitious prayer you always have fresh gems of heaven to pray to God for God to do in your life I'm telling you it will transform your life by always having a treasure from having. A. Man that fantastic. I keep a lot of them some of them the largest gave me for that day. I so else asked me that I said maybe I should have done this a long time ago just start stacking I mean one a day is three hundred sixty five a year you get to start making little volume's just rubberband them and stick them on yourself it doesn't take that much space. I don't use a card this morning because I didn't want to I don't know if I'd have enough so. But I want to share with you what I pulled this morning then I got a close and prayer. I mean this to me just it's just amazing the Lord gives you something for that day hearing our camp meeting all the business all the hustle and bustle and all these things and I thought. Lord you gave this to me. In. Marked contrast to the teachers of his day was a Savior could to conduct himself among men he was supposed to be different but this is what I highlighted in his life. No noisy disputation. No ostentatious warship no act to gain applause was ever to be witnessed. Isn't that a treasure. This is from prophets and kings. Page six ninety three. And the treasure. And how meditate that on that today and also of those things are going this morning well we have to close tomorrow we're going to look at making prayer work you know want to miss tomorrow. And then Thursday fervent prayer OK was a blessing to you and I like to close with prayer as we conclude. Oh Father in heaven. Thank you for the treasure of your words but I pray that as we see such treasure we will say Let nothing keep me from mining that treasure now we will take time to pray that we will take time not just because we we want to see the world turned upside down but we want our own lives turned upside down for you. That you may use us to turn the world upside down. Or thank you for the blessing of Christ. Thank you for that salutation that we read that draws us into the heavenly places. That we can be a people who are not of this worlds but of another world. Lord I pray that this morning. And through this day that you will use our lips for your glory that from our mouths may make gosh those blessings of heaven that will be a blessing to everyone we come into contact with today. Or maybe not be like everyone. It would be like Jesus. Were not seek applause. So we not have. A. Form of godliness. Without a power to. Bless each one for being here today Lord. I pray. That every single one of us. Will find that time to meet. We pray in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your verse or if you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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