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3. Making Prayer Work

Justin Ringstaff



  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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All right well welcome to everyone. You enjoyed your devotional time this morning. How did they did you did you try a little bit of what we talked about yesterday you know you get a card. On a sheriff here this is what I glean this morning. What's interesting about this is that every morning we have staff warship and over there in the chapel and they talk this morning you know as the. Pastor was talking I looked at my wife Shelly and I just saw her this and it was like right on the same thing he was talking about how the Lord's really speaking to me today but this is this is what it says. A. Con courteous Christian is the most powerful argument that can be produced in favor of Christianity. And then a treasure and a conduit curteous Christian is the most powerful argument that can be produced in favor of Christianity and. That was in gospel work read it right the. It was in gospel workers. A kind courteous Christian is the most powerful argument that could be produced in favor of Christianity so you can guess what part of my prayer as this morning. Well are to help me to be a calm and courteous Christian that I can be a powerful argument in favor of Christianity. And in this other one I glean today from the book of Amos see good and not evil. You may. Live so the Lord God of hosts will be with you. That's Amos five fourteen and that one when that exist. So I thought Lord no I do I want to set my eye on good but even when I look at people I want to see good in people they have some that they always go around picking at out that negatives and people I want to look at people and see the good in them and what God can do in and through them. And I definitely want the Lord God of hosts with me. A man. Gospel workers. Gospel workers that's just what I glean this morning anyone else calling something I want to share maybe one example someone had a found a treasure this morning all right yes right here in the front stand up and speak loud so we all can hear I was reading. Yes tribulation Yes for a little bit of what I'm going through right now so I pulled out. Or help me to feel a gratitude. And I'm a man. And a man I had a passage for that to someone else probably knows it as well. Book of James. Chapter one. And verse two my brother and counted all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. That's James one two. And. I'll tell you searching the scriptures this for prophecy is just such a joy. I mean there's so much in there. But there's another one here. And. I. Find it here. This one is for you Mike. You ready. First Peter for. Verse twelve B. love a do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened to you but rejoice To the extent that you partake of Christ suffering that when his glory is revealed you may also be glad with what. Exceeding enjoy. They go down to verse sixteen if anyone suffers as a Christian let him not be ashamed to let him glorify God in this matter. It's for your brother. That treasure OK I'm going to tell you a funny story because this is just works. We have the best of intentions to do and worship. That in you that you aren't but at three thirty this morning. And. You and I just yet. Oh now. There is. No you have to wait. Here Thomas and our time. To rehearse. That thing where That's right oh you know she left me free I'm not. That I'm just saying that's why that's right. And. So I just want to share Yeah. It's just amazing how how the enemy works and yet we know that all things can work together for what are good to those who love God Those who are called according to His purposes are right come on and we may need I think there is there more room in the back row there too so come on impress together. OK yeah. Yeah that's right. That's right. We can start over that's right OK Well let's go ahead and have a word of prayer. And we'll get going here let's pray together. Our Father in heaven. What a joy what a privilege it is to come before you once again. Now we together join in our hearts together as one Lord can come asking for you to be here with us. What a rich experience it is to share this time together and Lord I pray that you'd be here Lord every single one of us we want to have a living connection with having. So come in be here with us you know our hearts so Lord I pray that the one who knows would be the one who would speak to our hearts. I thank you Lord I pray that each and every one that is here this morning will be blessed for having been here. Once again I pray that you would speak through me Lord. And I ask that my lips might be touched with the call from your fire. Lord if I were to say anything that would not bring glory stop my. A mouth full heart. But if it is for your glory please open it and loose my tongue. I pray this in Jesus' name amen. Amen. I want to know as you're. Developing and growing in that devotional time when you open the scriptures every day is going to be a richer deeper experience because it takes it takes some practice getting used to reading the scriptures and reading the spear prophecy in that devotional way but I just wanted to make the point because yesterday as it want to be unclear. Even though. The word devotionally in your in your studies devotional A doesn't mean that we're not learning of the Word of God It's not that we're we're not understanding the movement of Scripture because we are reading that we want to understand the Scriptures but my point was. Devotional time should not be only a study experience it should be an experience where you sense God speak into your own heart and the problem we have a lot of times as well read scripture or will read the spirit of prophecy in our mind will immediately go to other people and will start thinking oh if only so and so would do this if only so and so would read this I wish my wife could read this. And think and we have a we have a message for them and yet the message may be for us and so that was my intent of saying that yesterday that we want we want the Lord God of heaven to speak to us and it takes some learning of him to do that's why Ellen White calls science a pray I mean. Prayer a science a science is not something that it is just taught it's something that's practiced in learned and you grow in that so I pray that that will be I saw him and Yes and. Yes. Yeah absolutely want we want the heart to be fully given to the Lord not just an understanding that's why when you read about. You know Samuel the scripture says that he did not yet know the LORD Well he he knew the Lord you know about global He did not know the Lord in that deep relationship experience yet and that's what that's what we want to do if we want to know the Lord we want to know him and we want him to have access to our hearts all right you better get going here and it's just a joy though to to share the word of God together. It's just such a rich experience but today we're looking at making for air work Monday we looked at the call of God for a life of power and that life of power can only be had through a living daily living connection with Christ and yesterday we looked at a time to pray where we realize that we have to set time apart to pray and God is calling us and he's saying it's time to pray then we looked at an example of that time with the Lord in the morning but they were looking at making prayer work I've you know who this guy is this is a was a revivalist preacher who was in the not in America in this. Second Great Awakening you remember that there were two great awakenings one was in the seventeen hundreds and went to the mid seventeen hundreds and then you have an other great awakening that's happening as the Lord is once again preparing people to understand the Scriptures and what I believe is that he was moving that so the churches of be opened people have ears to hear as low as calling him to the hour of judgment in Revelation fourteen and of course Daniel eight and verse fourteen. So but he was one of those revolvers His name is Charles Finney. Now I don't agree with all of his theology and I agree with all of his. Methods but he was a powerful man of prayer. And. He was a of revivalist preacher and he led countless numbers of people to the Lord. It's interesting to me when you know in my study of him that he himself said that he never became a Seventh Day Adventist he was. The dean of Oberlin College Bible in seminary college but he said that he could see as the first great awakening Great Awakening was closing he he could see that the Spirit of God was not among the churches like it had been before now he doesn't know it but I believe it's because they were rejecting the message that the hour of judgment was upon us and that the movement of Christ from the Holy Place to the most of most holy place was happening but this is this is what he said. Here he's just telling his story this is in his autobiography page ten. But says on one occasion when I was in one of the prayer meetings I was asked if I did not desire that they should pray for me I told them no. Because I did not see that God answered their prayers. That's pretty bold. He watches are VERY of can we pray very or Absolutely not. I said I suppose I that's a type I need to be prayed for for I am conscious that I am a sinner but I do not see that it will do any good for you to pray for me. For you are continually asking what you do not receive. And you know I don't know if I have bold. But I can learn from that. That we we must be a people that when we go to our knees to pray that God hears and answers our prayers and today we're going to look at several ways and some of them you'll know maybe some of them will be new to you but there are certain things that hinder our prayers and unless we are sincere and honest with God we will not be someone who can develop a life of powerful prayer and so we're going to look at these together the reality is that prayer does work. It does work if it does not work then God is not telling us the truth. And if God through His Word is not telling us the truth then. What can we trust. Prayer does work it has shaped Nations it has turned people's long. Lives upside down it has caused the opening of the way for the for the work of God to go forward in ways that could not have happened unless prayer was evidently working. You wonder who this is. This was a another man this man was greatly affected by the Welsh revival. And his name is Reese how else and he was from where else and after this revival that happened in in Wales known as the Welsh revival I mean one of the most profound revivals of the one thousand eight hundred one thousand nine hundred three but it is incredible how the Lord moved that whole area but he was profoundly affected by that he began a life of prayer. And what was interesting to me in his life of prayer you know it started to happen as you know I was reading his story. He started sensing that there are a life of prayer meant that there were other things that would hinder his prayers and he began to distance himself from them. Now you're talking this is you know early one thousand nine hundred so the society was very different than it is today. But it just was fascinating to me some of the things that he stopped doing. Close. He stopped going to the theatres. He stopped going to worldly amusements. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong and if Sunday they can even sit up here. And there's a couple spaces back there. And there's a space here well make room well maker of press then. But the thing the thing is is that. He started realizing that his life had to be separate from the things of the world now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with sports but you know what he went to a I think was a football game and he said as he went in there the screaming and yelling and the competition all those things he just felt the Spirit of God just whisking away from him and he said I never again went to another one. And that incredible and I'm not saying that it's a sin to go to a baseball game or something like that but I am saying is that in his life he began to realize that if he was going to be close with God and have a life of power in prayer that there are certain things that he had to distance himself from even in this person you know even his diet started to change now this is the way he was in a seven there was he didn't have a health message but he started having a simpler diet because he realized that that had a profound effect upon his life in upon his prayer. And then incredible. And I found this in my own life that. That as we go to our needs the Lord starts to prune us. In the Lord starts to chasten us and sometimes that can be a little difficult you know and. But I just want to encourage you don't. Be upset with the Lord for his chastening just know that anything that the Lord is guiding us in is because he wants that closer walk with us. So I thought you would enjoy enjoy that. Period. Yup Reese how I think he has a book called Reese how intercessor. And now I just want to give some caution in that you have to read these through a filter so you know I say I take the Apostle Paul as a device hold fast what is cling to what is good or what is evil or in first this loneliness five is it you know keep what is good in you know get rid of that which is not so test all things test all things. This was resolves and then this guy we looked at John Welsh. I told you before that the Lord was in his purse the Lord was showing him things that were going to be coming upon the world I mean it's just incredible as you read these things he's in prayer one night and his wife comes because he had woken up in the night he had gone out to pray used to keep a blanket beside his bed so when the wake him in the night he could go into the room and just have it because it was call you know if this was a long time ago you know cold floors drafty rooms but his wife was afraid for his health because he has gone so long so she comes to find him in there he is praying and he starts saying Lord enough Lord and then he silent she just listening. And it's like he was listening to the Lord talking to him. And so she asks him afterwards what was going on and he was you know a little of that why are you listening to my prayers. But then he. He told me that the Lord was showing him some things that were coming upon the nation and he was pleading with God for His mercy and for his help and I mean it is is just incredible Now I'm not saying that we should we have to garner cells because we don't want to look at other people's experience and compare arsed to theirs and we shouldn't be those who are looking at you know these individuals are saying Lord if you have a power per life you have to show me things to come you know Lord work in my life and let me be a blessing to others should be our prayer. But I'm telling you the Bible says that in the last days. Something is going to happen you know or that is along this line in the book of joy all. Let me let me read it to you. And it shall come to pass after words told to twenty eight that I'll pour out my Spirit on all flesh your sons and your daughters shall What. Prophesies your old men shall dream dreams your young men shall see visions also and also my men servants and all my mates from South pour out my spirit in those days I'm telling you he's going to pour out His Spirit on those who have a close walk with him. God cannot do something great through us unless were his. That's the reason why God has come upon men and women is because they've had a close walk with him and if we want the Lord to use us whether it's to sweep the Florida or to preach in the pope it we have to have a close walk with him. Nurses and heavenly pay Places page eighty three. Much prayer is necessary to successful effort prayer brings what prayer has subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness attain promises stop the mouths of lions quenched the violence of fire turned to flight the Army of the ends foreigners I mean prayer is powerful it has worked in such a way that many do not know understand the flowing events of nations and yet those who are hidden in the closet they can see it as the hand of God and they know that it's the hand of God Now if you go and you read about Reese how you read that wow the world has been engulfed by World War two that they are there pleading with God for him to save and for him to lead and defeat the the. Armies of Hitler. I mean this is fascinating I mean this is a man who in his prayers God began to tell him what was happening in in. In Wales was the Roman Church was going to bind up houses and buildings all around the universities. And God put in his heart that he was supposed to. Stop it. And so they were wanting to get this one house as kind of a headquarters for the thing for their work and and the Catholic Church was putting a bit on it and they're pleading with God and God help them get the place instead of the church and it's just amazing to me how the Lord was working in this great controversy battle through these who are dedicated to a life of prayer. Guard has used the prayers of his people to change the view. It's of history and. That's how powerful prayer is. James five sixteen. Confessor trespasser So one another and pray for one another that you may be healed second part of that verse the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much the emphasis is on the effectiveness of prayer. That connection with heaven. Helps. The leak of Heaven to come down through that for the Lord to bless and to work mightily the prayer the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much don't miss tomorrow we're looking at her bent prayer you cannot miss tomorrow it will blow you away I'm serious what God will do as we come to him in fervent prayer. Testimonies for the church Volume one page one twenty four this is for us to just meditate on a moment before we get into these endurance is to answer prayer. I have seen an angel standing with scales in his hands Wayne the thoughts and interests of the people of God especially the young. Wise wisest say especially the young. There may be more impressionable. But what does the Spirit of Prophecy tell us about a group of young people rightly trained. That if they were we had a movement of our young people rightly trained how quickly this work would be finished. In one scale where the thoughts and interest tending heavenward heavenward in the other where the thoughts and interest tending the. To Earth and this scale were thrown all the reading a story books thoughts of dress and show vanity pride etc all what are solemn moment the angels of God standing with scales waiting the thoughts of his professed children those who claim to be dead to the world and alive to God the scale filled with thoughts on earth vanity and pride quickly went down now we're standing the that way after way rolled from the scale. The one with the FOS and interest tending to heaven went quickly up as the other went down and oh how a light it was I'm telling you we come to a life of prayer that scale is going to change places because you cannot have a life of prayer and also a life of the world it can not happen it will not happen there will be a constant struggle there will be you'll be like that Reed tossed to and fro in the wind one moment you'll be on fire the other moment you'll be in the world. The Lord is calling us to set aside that time that he may work in us. That's why the apostle Paul says pray without ceasing. Is that we train the mind to be set always on the things of heaven now I know that there are Monday in things that we do in this life but let me ask you this How long was Jesus' ministry. How long they lived before that. Jesus walked this earth ten times. The length that he ministered. In his public ministry. Did he have a close walk or having. In the Monday in work of the of the shop sweeping the floor yes absolutely he had a walk with the Lord. Even though we are going about the duties in the business of life I need to change that business the selling came in told me you know a busy stands for don't you you know that means. Being under see it's here. As. I just want to be busy about the Lord's work. Of Birth What is it again being under say. So I said OK fine I want to be earnest on of the earnest. Our own to be moving according to the Lord's time. But. He did Christ moved according to that and in the business of life the earnestness of life we can have that we want our mind upon that now this is just incredible. I can relate this as I saw it right here but never can I give the solemn and vivid impression stamped upon my mind. So while she's relating the words what she saw in the impression it made on her she could not fully and accurately portray that. By the pin. As I saw the angel stay with the scales weighing the farts and interests of the people of God. I mean friends when it comes to prayer. One of the I think one of the greatest. We call it. When he says something aside. Just last the word happen to you. Distractions. Well let me rephrase it this way I think one of the. One of things we have lost sight of so much in this society is a time for self examination. Self reflection. And when you go through the day you start that time with the Lord you come through there when you come to the end of that day take time to examine yourself. Examine yourself to see whether you are in the faith and as you look back through the day you can say OK you can see how the Lord is with you and you start to train yourself say Lord I want you with me all the time and I look back I think you know Laura I have lost sight of you they're right there and look what I did and we play with the Lord to help us into shape us we must have that time of self-examination and as we do that I believe we're going to have these impressions we're going to see the angel of the Lord holding that scale and we look at our lives and say Lord I want my thoughts to be heavenwards. We need that time of self-examination. I'm telling you these are things that will ignite your prayers because you're going to have a heart that is given fully to the Lord. And our hearts are to fix this see fully work it right but as we open them to the Lord he's going to he's going to read them and he's going to help us and that can help us but I five so much about that impression. Lord help me to see that let that be an oppression upon my heart there are certain things that happen in your lives that make profound impressions in. Never forget them right. I want the strongest impressions to be of the Lord revealing Himself to me those are the impressions I want or I can learn of him and I can see him and and he can and he can relate to me he's helped me to become more like him. Of course but say this. Coming to the Lord is like. Her one pastor put it this way It's like painting a wall you know when his not very bright or that Wallach's fantastic. Where when you get that painters like me the closer the more brightly gets what happens. You see more of the flaws and that's kind of like the Christian experience and sometimes we can be distance from Christ you come into people and you know I've heard the interviews people come and say do you think you're going to go to heaven and I'll say I think so why do you think you're going to go to heaven oh because I'm pretty a pretty good person. That's not how we get to heaven right. But you know the follow if across we can start to think we're OK But as we get closer and closer to him in the light of His Glory shines upon as we see all of our broken ness of our sinfulness and it makes us just cry out to the Lord because we know that we cannot do anything in our own strength we have to see that as we come closer to the Lord you know I have to believe that that was part of Moses His cry Lord please show me your glory the more the Lord show him his character his compassion his mercy and Moses was learning from that Moses was learning of that in his own life. Look at this said being Joel. Looking at this scene can such enter. Heaven. No no. Never. Isn't that what the Book of Revelation says. Revelation twenty one and twenty two we see that there are three times looking at the contrast between those who are outside and those who enter in a friend's this this is these are talking about eternal things. It's not that that the Lord is making a hard for us to get into heaven is that he wants to prepare us to live in a place where sin does not dwell. And there has to be we have to grow into hatred for sin. You know our hearts love sin they're drawn towards it but the Lord wants to mold and shape our hearts that we hate sin that we're repulsed by it then we look at sin and we think about that if we were ever to even hedge toward it it be like a dog returning to it's what. Such a foul nasty five right. That's what the Lord wants to put our mind when it comes to sin. Tell them the hope they now possess is vain and unless they speed really repent and of things of Asian they must perish friends we are we are the multitudes in the valley of decision and we want to grow in our walk with Christ Christ that he's that he's very he's ready to help us in to save us I want to pay to play a bleak picture Christ is there to help us he is the Great in mighty intercessor or is it acts eight twenty six that even the Spirit of God the Holy Spirit comes to help us in our weaknesses as we come in kneel to pray we don't need to have flowery words we say to open our hearts and just let the Lord bring those words from our man. Off he will teach us to pray to him. And it's a glorious thing. Yes grades or does it have to be out about you meet up with a notice you have to you can pray to the Lord in your mind you can pray in a whisper You can pray in a cry you can pray aloud. But I mentioned the other day in your stime a secret prayer I encourage you to to learn to pray. Aloud Now some places you know I've been praying aloud here can't mean because in this little teeny tiny trailer. But I'm praying in a whisper. But the Lord just wants us to open our heart to him and it's wonderful There are times where you could never pray aloud but in your mind just send a prayer to the Lord and occurred to Lord that. You know yes God saying can't read your thoughts but I had this question today I wouldn't worry about I've never thought about. Say in because I'm praying to the God of the universe. And sometimes I hope say you know hear my friend. Because I know that spirit probs tells us at the sincere prayer of God's people say and Trammel us. So listen in. But what I want what I don't want is I don't want to have a I don't want to face the enemy I want Christ to face in. Christ a face so I'm no match for the enemy but Jesus is my very. I know yes. Yes. Yes Yeah and trust me when you open your mouth the Lord Satan does not want to be in the presence of the. Lyta happen. So but pray in a way that you can relate best and talk to the Lord so if that's silently by home means take that time for a to God silently cell as a wonderful question yes. Yes. Yes. So she said she's used as a prayer journal something I need to grow and I'm not a journal or I try to be. But it is wonderful to have a space though I have a journal and when there are significant things I put in there because I can go back and just see the power of the Lord how he has worked for me but that's a wonderful way is to is to journal your prayers OK we better get moving here. OK sure it was that's OK It was as you listen to talk of it was this one learns that came to me and I could not remember what would or chapter were that it was. And I just want to quote you no problems no that's OK I'm. Just We're glad you're here because the larger the Lord had never still share with us it was as Rose chapter verse twenty six and says like why are these dear also who are we and I need I know what we should pray for as it is fear itself makes intercession groans which cannot be a matter that's Romans eight twenty six A men. Thank you for sharing that Alright put your seat belts on here we go. I. We really need you know a lot more time. I thought the first day and I'm definitely in a scare everybody away but I'm glad you're still. Still here with me. OK. First Peter for some but the end of all things as at hand therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers. No it means to be serious. Sober minded. Means that you make choices. To be. And we're going to look at these hindrances the two answered prayer here making our prayers work. But I just want to think Lord whatever it would be I want to be I want that channel to be opened so I can have that deeper closer walk with you. And so I mean the end of all things is at hand brothers and sisters. If God is going to raise up of people who were at the end of time. We're going to be or not so Lord help us to be those who are serious and watchful so also get hinderances answer prayer first one sin in the life disobedience to the Word of God. All right. I'm going to zoom through some of these so I'll tell you this if any of you want you can come afterwards and you can just I'll give you the clicker and you can go through it OK. OK it's going to go through a couple passages here if I regard iniquity in my heart. The Lord will not hear what I mean to regard. This is talking about cherished sins this isn't talking about I you know I had a bad day and I snap. My wife. That's not bad. That we go and we repent of it of course right cherish sinner those things are like that the Spirit of God is speaking to us on but we are not willing to let go. Get into the habit were. The Lord reveals that say Yes Lord. Yes Lord. Proverbs one twenty to thirty one then they will call me but I will not answer they will seek me diligently but they will not find me because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord they would have none of my counsel and despised my every rebuke therefore they shall eat the fruit of what of their own way I'm tell me friends the path of sin is a hard path there may be pleasure in the beginning but that pleasure passes away and it lives in its wake. A cesspool of misery. God gives us knowledge to free us from that but if we refuse that. We have free will and we can eat the fruit of our own way and be filled to the full with our own fancies. First John three twenty one twenty two beloved of our heart does not condemn us we have confidence toward God become the Lord in any speaking and we know that we've given everything to him there's nothing that was withheld from him or like David created me a clean heart oh God we do that the Bible says and whatever we ask we what we're is sui receive from him because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in his sight and the offense has big promise. Some. Thirty four fifteen the eyes of the Lord are where on the righteous those who are following in his way his eyes upon them and his ears are open to their cry to their prayers the Lord hears our prayers when we are seeking after him to two for sake sin and to follow his way his ears are open but if we refuse that if we refuse that knowledge we cannot expect any answer from the lawyers. Because we He's he was wanting to work but we're not allowing him to. Number two a lack of faith. Or on B. leave. Mark a level twenty two to twenty four cities answered and said to them have faith in God first Surely our Savior Whoever says this mountain be removed to be cast into what into the sea and does not doubt in his heart but believes that those things he says will be done he will have whatever he says Therefore I say to you whatever things you ask when you pray believe that you receive them and you will have them I mean that is an incredible problems and it comes from the very looks of Jesus himself. I mean that is incredible how much our hearts are so filled with doubt and unbelief we believe but where I always pray Lord how high I believe I mean I struggle with this so much I I know that the Lord can do it in my heart I'm just saying. The Lord I'm saying Lord if you don't do it it's OK but really I'm saying that because I'm thinking I don't want to be disappointed if the Lord doesn't do it. If they would identify with that. Some saying Lord. Give me a strong faith to pray according to your will but to believe that if it is your will it will be accomplished and I can see a vast difference in my prayers where I have doubted and where I've had strong belief. So I'm praying Lord help my own belief. Know one of the greatest ways to strengthen your faith to remove doubt is to speak faith. Said Lord I know you can do this. I know you can it's your promise say it and that's why I love about talking Lord out loud because it goes out your mouth and comes in your ear you know you can encourage or discourage yourself by your own words that come out of your mouth. Is true it's true it's even different than just thinking it in your head if you say it out loud it goes in your mind when you hear it it reinforces it. James one six and seven but what him ask in faith with no doubting for he would out as like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind for let not that man suppose that he will receive what anything from the Lord anything from the Lord you know this is. You guys are really getting some history lessons here hard here. You know you'll know who it is and I say. Hey. Remember that countenance we jogged around and. You'll know who it is George Mueller. George Mueller the great man of prayer the Lord used to raise up the orphanages in Bristol. And read this to you. You've probably heard the story but to me is just a great example of this he was on his way to a speaking engagement he was on a ship and. They won't be able to make it there in time because the clouds in the weather so he comes and he says to the captain Yes the captain to take them he says let us go down to the chart room and pray. The Captain says I looked at that man of God and I thought mice to myself what lunatic asylum could that man have come from. I've never heard of such a thing Mr Ruler I said you know how dense the fog is so he says let's go down to pray and ask God to move the fog a hoax I think it's more you know what kind of crazy man is before me. Said so he asked how dense the fog was if he knew how dense it was no he replied My eye is not on the density of the fog but on the living God who controls every circumstance of my life. I know what he's was doing there he was speaking faith. He got down on his knees and prayed one of the most simple most simple prayers I mutter to myself. That would suit a children's class where the children were not more than eight or nine years old. God isn't looking for eloquence he's looking for a heart surrender to him he's looking for faith and belief. This is just incredible to me. The burden of his prayer was something like this. You know what if we get to read his prayer. Oh Lord if it is consistent with I will please remove this fog and five minutes. One more sentence you know the engagement you made for me in Quebec Saturday I believe it is your will. When he finished praying I was going to pray but he put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to pray. First he said you do not believe he will. And second I believe he has I was. And out fantastic. I don't know. How I have to get it for you. He goes on. And there is so and I believe he has in there is no need whatever for you to pray about it. I look to him and George Miller said. Captain I have known my lord for forty seven years and there's never been a single day that I failed to gain an audience with the king. Or is that tell you. He had a life of prayer. And audience with the king as is the life of prayer so he he knew the Lord. He knew that that's how he could have such faith because he knew him forty seven years he had never missed a day of having an audience with his king. Get up captain. And open the door and you'll find the fog is gone. I got up in the fog was gone. I mean that is the power of faith and belief. So should we trust the Lord's words when he said if you have faith you can say to this mountain get up and plant yourself in the sea. Next. I gotta speed up here I'm sorry to so painful for me these things are just so rich to me. Not hinderances to answer prayer not being a channel of blessing to others. Now some of these I said you probably recognize some of them may not be but I'm telling you you cannot have a life of prayer and answered prayer unless you are allowing the Lord to be a channel through your life to bless others. I mean this is such a profound. Thought here. Look at this James for two to three you do not have because you do not ask and then you ask and you do not receive because you ask amiss that you may spend it on what on your pleasures. We cannot come asking of God just to be of benefit to ourselves because when we come to the foot of the cross we see the character of Jesus and Jesus life was a life of blessing to others his life was never. Was never one to selfishness he never worked a miracle for his own sake. He only did that for the sake of others. Look at his cross object lessons page one forty two where to ask blessings from God that we may communicate to others the capacity for receiving is preserved only by what imparting as like exhaling and inhaling. As you X. hail it gives the capacity to end Hale But if you're always trying to bring in you're going to lose that capacity to receive and it's going to destroy your life. We cannot continue to receive heavenly treasure that community communicating to those around us. You know when you get these little treasures. You want to be able to find treasure. Get a treasure every day and share it with someone. You'll find that the Lord do use you you become an expert in finding treasures. And he'll give you treasures things you've read one hundred times but then you see it again and you see a treasure that is going to be a treasure to you throughout eternity. Find a treasure share it and then you'll find more treasures. So instead set a man. Cry subject US since page one hundred thirty nine few pages before talk about Jesus daily he received a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit in the early hours of the new day the Lord awakened him from his slumbers and his soul and his lips were annoying to it with grace why that he might impart to others his words were given him fresh from the heavenly courts Jesus did not give people stale bread every day he came and received that from heaven and then he came to give that to men and that incredible Gere's us all of his sermons all of his works where did he receive that. As he spent time with his father. God gave that to him day by day to give to others I me. This is another blow you away some of. His words were given him fresh from the heavenly courts were that he might speak in season to the weary and oppressed. Of course. Matthew twenty twenty. The. Jews did not come to serve but not to be served but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many enter censor prayer lack of praise. A lack of praise. Testimonies from the church following five three seventeen shower devotional exercises consistent asking and receiving shall we always be thinking of our wants and never of the benefits we receive shall we be recipients of his mercies and never express our gratitude to God never praise him for what he has done we do not pray any too much but we are to go sparing of giving things. If the loving kindness of God called for more things giving in prayer praise we would have far more power in prayer. We would abound more and more in the love of God have more bestowed to praise him for you who complain that God is not here your prayers change your present order and meaning go praise with your petitions when you consider is goodness and mercy as you will find that he will consider your wants pray pray earnestly and without ceasing but do not forget to praise praise the Lord your God even as you go it like we went through just as you're walking through your time your readings and your study praise him you know as you see something thank him for it as you are praying for they do that in your life say Lord I'm so glad you can do this in my life. And praise him for it. And then. I. Didn't Have I was yesterday saving it for today. Seeing to the Lord. Maced it may be very strange to you first. To sing to the Lord. But get to him no and sing to the Lord. Some of the most precious times that I've sensed the Lord drawn near is where and I'm not you don't want me to say. But I have to believe that it's a sweet music to his ears. And I sing to the Lord. Notice this about Jesus there early morning often found him in some secluded pro place meditating searching the scriptures or in prayer with the voice of singing he welcomed the morning light. Was songs of Thanksgiving he cheered his hours of labor and brought Heaven's gladness to the toil worn and disheartened. That was minister of healing page fifty two this is a desire of a just page seventy three seventy four this one I just love often express the gladness of his heart by singing songs and heavenly songs often the dwellers in Nazareth heard his voice raised in praise and thanksgiving to God he held communion with heaven in song. And as his companions complained of weariness from labor they were cheered by the sweet melody from his lips then they give you just a little fuller picture of Jesus I mean. He was a man of sorrows and yet. He was a man that brought cheerfulness and the joy of heaven to people's lives I mean I when I was first understanding this you know in the Bible says that the Lord rejoices over us with singing Where is that in seven Zephaniah three seventeen is it three seventeen I think. Because on. His. Pray same to banish the evil angels so if you're worried about the devil listening to your prayers why should you start doing studies saying. Oh banish them. Do you know this is with you if someone comes in there complaining they're talking or negative about someone who says that we should do. If they when someone comes to tear someone down around us we should never allow that to happen or. If someone needs thoughtfulness and counsels only listen to because they're going there difficult them of talking about that. But their being negative and just. Being on Christ like says if you can't turn them start singing the doxology so don't even try to argue with them just start singing the doxology What is that praise God. You can't imagine you said you were so there all of your thing a lot of what can I do and you start saying. Blessings flow right. If anything they're going right nowhere of happy here. She says start singing the Doxology. So you feel the devil coming star singing. Banish the evil enters in like instance fill the place with fragrance the minds of his hearers were carried away from their earthly exile to heavenly home. Add prayer praise and song to your prayers. It will enrich them it will enrich them. TIME OK. Rob being God. Robbing God we usually read Molokai three eight through eleven less. Go back one verse. From the days of your fathers you have turned aside from my statutes and have not kept them. Returned to me and I will what returned to you says the LORD of hosts but you say how shall we return the Lord tells us right here how to return how to return to him. Well a man rob God yet you are robbing me but you say how have we robbed you and the Lord says and ties and offerings. There is a direct link between answered prayer and our faithfulness to God. And it's not that God needs our money. It's just that it's showing that he is our Lord and our master and that we understand all things are his already it's our trust in him. And this is so critical to understand. We must be faithful to the God of our lives in every area. And one thing the difference between being a thief. Comes in the night and when no one's robber robs. Costs you right yeah that's right police officer I'm OK. Oh yeah. That's a very wonderful insight so she said and I'm saying that also for those who'll be listening later Rabin is different than being a thief thief comes in the night or someone who robs as a right in your face they're more bold they are cost you right there so it's a defined against heaven it's a defiance. Notice this Christ object lessons one forty four. We are to ask bless. Seems from God that as the giver of every blessed seen god claims a certain portion of all we possess this is his provision to sustain the preaching of the Gospel and by making this return to God we are to show our appreciation. Of his gifts but if we withhold from hand that which is his own how can we claim his blessing if we are on faithful stewards of earthly things how can we expect him to trust us with the things of heaven we want the treasures of heaven we want those Jim and those things a share how can God and trust us with those if we're not being faithful stewards to him look at a sentence here it may be that here is the secret of unanswered prayer. Because as in I'm adding this. I. Believe it's a scriptural addition. It's not just returning it's being cheerful and. It's is saying Lord I'm happy to give you this for the sake of your work I'm happy to do this to see the cause of Christ press forward I'm happy to do this because I know you blessed me with all this and so much more you know what we're talking if you have one dollar is given a dime to the Lord's tie and I encourage people to do a double tithe and give a dime to the Lord's work in offering. And of course the offerings or as the Lord has blessed you and as you are able but the top five is the Lord's but don't think that we don't rob the Lord in offering that's what he said in ties and and in offerings. OK I have to go on here so I got just a few minutes. Unkindness to. Wife and Children. Maybe I should say to spouse and children. To your wife or to your husband to your children. Remember this here I read this morning a kind courteous Christian is the most powerful argument that can be produced in favor of Christianity if that is true out in the world it is doubly true inside your home. Doubly true we need to be kind and courteous to our wives or to your husbands to your children. First Peter three seven husbands likewise dwell with them speaking of the wives with understanding giving honor to the wife as to the weaker vessel not that they are weaker in the sense that they're not as good but they're more precious. Our wives should be the most precious things to us and we should hold them with tender care and that's what this is here and has been heirs together of the grace of life that your prayers may it. Not be hindered. Now many times. This has been such a blessing to me. You know I'm human and I get irritated sometimes. I try not to but sometimes I just Lord help me there been times there have been times where I have wanted so badly to be irritated. If you know I've known that ever be irritated with her she is just the most lovely wonderful creature under heaven. But. It's me that is the problem. But there are times when I want to be. I think Ward. It's almost been selfish even then that sounds terrible but I thought Lord I don't want my prayers to be hindered I don't want my work for you to be hindered how could i ever and then the Lord Sauza me to think what Lord not just that I want to be of books and to have my wife to write but this saves me so many times. Where I've wanted to even snap my children. I can't do that I cannot do that and stay in that right relationship with my God. We must the Lord has to help us in this there's a reason why waste we have that sometimes it's because. In the marriage relationship the Lord says they become one right and we think we can control ourselves so we think we can control our specialists. And we can't. We can't but we can love them. And we can cherish them. And by God's grace we can have our prayers heard. Child Guidance page for ninety nine I have seen a father who after reading a portion of Scripture and offering prayer what often almost as soon as he had risen from his knees begin to scold his children how many times after church people go in they get in their car they just been with the Lord and on the way home was the atmosphere had car. Because I've had that experience. Oh the Lord help us help us let us not be the one who goes in the audience chamber of God but comes out unchanged. We have to be changed well worth the Lord how could God answer the prayer he had all hurt. How could he do it. And if after scolding his children a father offers prayers does that prayer benefit the children. No they've bruised in her and they did midst the view of gawd to the children. You know as specially as fathers we are a picture of God to our children. And that frightful thing. Oh. We are all they know until they're old enough to understand and relate to the Father and have it. Is that prayer been for the children no not unless it's a prayer of confession. I have had to pull my children together and say Can you please forgive me. Can I pray together with you and ask the Lord to forgive me I've had to do that in I just as an Prince the Lord help my children to to see you me. But we want our prayers to be heard we cannot be a a public Christian and a private heathen. That makes sense. Cannot be a public Christian and a private heathen. We have we have to be How's the song go Lord I want to be a Christian in my home. In my heart in my home OK last one here. We want to be able to be conformed to the will of God. And all these really come down to this. Will. No we allow God's will to rule our life. Whether it's in what we're asking a what it is the Lord is asking of us will we be surrendered to him you know this passage Luke twenty two forty two Father if it is your will take this cup away from me nevertheless. Not my will but yours be done. First John five fourteen fifteen now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us and if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of him. I want to close with this statement I think by now you can respect this man. He said. GEORGE MILLER nine tenths of the difficulties. Are overcome when our hearts are ready to do the Lord's will whatever it may be. You are no Lord's will nine tenths of it. Nine tenths of it is just letting the Lord do whatever that's if you want to know what the Lord's will is say Lord I'm willing to let you do or to be whatever your desire is so friends. God can give us a life of deeper prayer and deeper devotion to him and I pray that that will be yours on a close in prayer I'm sorry I'm a minute late. Let us pray Father in heaven. Thank you so very much. Thank you that is the simple prayer of faith. That we bring to you. That can move the arm of the Almighty. I pray for everyone here Lord. I pray that you would help them. Pray that you would help me the Lord. Draws ever closer to you. Lord Evers in our lives that would be a hindrance to that closeness with you. I pray in my own heart and I pray that everyone here is saying that in their heart. Or whatever you desire. We want to be surrendered to your will. That With Jesus we say not my will but yours be. We pray this in Jesus. 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