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Hebrews 11:8-40 Pilgrims and Strangers

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 11, 2009
    9:00 AM
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I want a happy sound this is catering and analysis is a continuation of the Sievers class that we've been going through we are in Chapter 11 I must be probably knew that already going on in the quarterly review the book of Hebrews and we are in serious Chapter 11 we got through the first seven verses last time now as you look at the book of Hebrews asset is the last time we started this class from now on Hebrews eleven is that when you ask someone what the book if she agrees is about specifically a person will say Chivers is about faith and a basic sense of such free however one chapter out of thirteen is dedicated to talking about faith of the other chapters are talking about other very important concepts and so the question is what role the Sievers eleven have in the bigger picture of the book of Hebrews as a whole not tenable we've been looking at the last time we went through this last sentence as we've learned as we've gone through the book of Hebrews the book if she injuries is placing a strong emphasis on who Jesus is and what his work is on our behalf we see that he is God in chapter one these match up into the nineties the apostle and high Priest of our profession chapter three and we see words that he does for us outside priest in chapter four one Chapter two Chapter three Chapter four Chapter five and six and seven and so forth the summary of the chapter a see you sick fries his high priest as a mediator of the new covenant and as mediator in the new company he writes his law in their hearts and minds and chapter nine goes into more detail about how Christ is our high Priest so as our high Priest he will blot out our sins and come back the second time in Chapter ten continues to talk about that we see in chapter ten cheeses when he came to this earth he delighted the new job well that's according from Psalms forty percent in God 's will is his law and by the end of chapter ten we see that those who didn't do the will of God are those your God will come back for those people who have gone far written in their hearts of the neutron people answered by the time you get in at Shepherdstown EC expected crisis high priest easier our mediator in his role as our mediator is to variety says the heart of his new covenant people and we may say well that's all my confinement I've never seen anyone who lives that way the matter he was the one about Devers Alonso is what you may feel that your week in phase but here's a whole list of people who were strong faith incidental things that God can't write the Earhart in mind because these people all have that experience so that receivers eleven is showing serious keepers is about face is a lot more than he was eleven this is sort of like the show install of yes it is possible to have this experience this is what God wants to do for us so we studied last time in the first seven verses that faith at times when we believe that God is Creator second don't believe that God created near the way the Bible says you well I have faith for saving face is also important consequently see the contrasts between and enable with ZDNet with CNET we are talking about what is enough to pick it up in verse eight an hour and a talked about Abraham and Abraham of course is the father of the faithful so there's a lot to talk about with respect Abraham so starting in verse eight is by faith Abraham was when he was called to go out and she applies what she should after receive for inheritance obeyed and he went out not knowing whither he went to Vassar Abraham another story he lives in error of the Chaldees he had all of his family there and then God calls some to leave this town and all of his family now how excited you think Abraham was to be asked by God to leave the comfort of his home environment and his familiar surroundings humanly speaking probably not nice he obeyed and of course there is a lot more to visit what's interesting and there's some spiritual applications if you think about it Abraham with vinegar in the Chaldees is eventually where Babylon was built so God called Abraham to leave Babylon and its an example for all those who follow the example of Abraham as he is the father of the faithful Galatians three of the shoppers as they live the Christ are Abraham 's seed and heirs according to promise so the sealer of the seed of Abraham will of them in like manner he was concerned with what out of Babylon and ironically enough God was a message is a message to call his people out of that will suit there is a practical illustration it is not as Abraham when he went out it wasn't like he was leaving I get a job for a better job with a good home for a better home you didn't even know where he was down to his former job call media 's September signed by safety sojourned in the land of promise as in a strange country dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob the heirs with him of the same promise so Abraham must've had a pretty nice and if you study the history he came from a very wealthy family and thirty euros or more in a mansion to living units and she never owned a piece of property the rest of his life in fact when his wife Sarah died she had to buy a piece of property in the state where he buried because he did now anything so we think it of Abraham I carry a Ramseys have this vast expansive territory in the promised land he never found that that was the land from .com is that the humanists see the Abraham never owned that one of his entire life up until the point that he died he lived in sense with Isaac and Jacob heirs with him of the same promises versus for he looked for a city which hath foundations his builder and maker is God so what about Abraham Abraham was looking for a different place he was looking for a heavenly city whose builder and maker is God now use a she had stayed in his home plan that you him out of which was double disc Babylon a few things that will when God called him to come out and see have been able to look for that heavenly city and apparently not according to Scripture and that because he obeyed God is that he enables him to look for a heavenly city his eyes his mind was set on a better place to Morgan to see more about this as we gear through socially versus thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen continuing on numbers one through faith also Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed when she was delivered of a child or can she was delivered of a child when she was past age because she judged him faithful promise now you remember the story God comes personally to Abraham in error Sarah is in the next room over two years so Abraham is she and Abraham Reagan have a child that in her heart she knew what God says why are you laughing as she and why Diablo classroom so at that point she was not exercising and she didn't believe that what God said really happened but something changed now Paula here neither the woman what changed but if you are the Romans for a this is very interesting in Romans chapter four is starting in verse eighteen and this is speaking of this very story speaking in Abrahams is your guests have believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations for that which was so social I see the first nineteen MVA not we can say to consider not his own body now dead when he was about a hundred years old neither yet the deadness of Sarah 's one so what happened here Abraham is strong in phase giving glory to God that the first twenty ten because of his face he's considering his physical death necessity can have a child and even cancer so not only is God saying hey you insert have a child not be bad enough of one of the most past childbearing age but both of them and so Abraham has to believe in God to overcome his physical impossibility and it says he considered not necessarily want to reflect both gotten take care that problem with me he can take care of that problem with Sarah also been and gently based on what we see from Romans formed from Hebrews eleven it was Abraham 's faith that also produce fruit in Sarah 's and because Abraham had faith it costs Sarah also believe is MMA both the leaves they were a child and the spiritual application for us is this it's one thing to say we believe in God is wanting to say we have faith and if our belief in God and our faith is not producing faith in other people then our faith is that because Abraham 's faith was so strong that an effective sera as well she's in wow if Abraham really believes this strongly then it must be true many people see that one race yes wow that person they are so dedicated to God he must be true how I want they have any see that even in the illustration of Abraham and Sarah is why Abraham was the father of many nations the father of the faithful of course eventually Sarah had to make that feature you can just go on Abraham 's coattails of his feet it became her own phase that he was the one who first believe in was passed along to her first twelve therefore spring there even of one and him as good as dead so many of the stars in the sky and multitudinous the sandwiches on the seashore innumerable of the made in the thankful not from that one believes in the promise of God that God has created a nation of people his people close you are Abraham 's seed those you believe the promises you are as innumerable as the stars in the sky in the sand by the seashore I want even one account figuring the Sanderson handful of along the sand in all the world verse thirteen and this is where things get very interesting for searching these all died in faith not having received the promises and when I thought Abraham Isaac Jacob and Sarah received God 's promises what's going on here they died in faith not having received the promises for flood politics plan a little bit more forty start up having seen them afar off such fees were promises that they saw far off in the future God promised them something far off in the future instead they saw that they died in faith having seen them afar off and were persuaded of him now is when you're persuaded of something is or is you are you sorted on the Santos sang well maybe it is maybe it is in the oldest take a chance and see if God 's truth is like well maybe maybe if God trials take this chance and that these rights in order to get in the video when it is not well it doesn't matter I'm here with your life anyway not these people were persuaded that means one hundred percent belief in what God promised them as interesting when you get a reference for it says of Abraham he said being fully persuaded that what God promised he was able also to perform and therefore it was imputed in the varieties so they were persuaded and what God promised what they got so Abraham that he would give him a child how did Abraham believe in how was easily persuaded by God Sheridan the stars of the Scots of uncreative and neighbors said oh yeah you're creative you can create a new birth with means there but I cannot think of a earlier as Abraham was fully persuaded in God 's was Isaac Jacob Sarah were persuaded and then raise them so not only were they persuaded of God 's promise they embrace God is and when you embrace God 's promises that means that you bring those promises in and you hold them tight teeny you don't want to see you're not only are you persuaded that what God says is true you raise them into your life so it affects how you live your life you embrace God 's promises that says and she stress so not only were they persuaded some intellectually they him experientially labeling them and hold the promise is close but they confess in other words they tell others this is what we believe and people may these people believe in God 's promises are persuaded of them they've embraced them in their life and they confess to others but these are the promises of God now what was the result of being persuaded and raised in confessing the promises of God here's what it is they confess that they were strangers and told him years Abraham came out that are in the county so he came out about people itself and he went from living in mansions to weddings he was looking for a different study he was looking for a different place this earth was a place where he was a pilgrim and a stranger if you're a stranger that means you don't belong here like it if SC recently where there is a stranger the was hanging outside of our house last time you fail in my house about the plight of a linear stranger to my house after children that means your passing three and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Sarah because they saw the promises of God they were persuaded and made them to raise them in their lives they confess them and because of that they share an otherwise they would they were pilgrims and strangers on this earth so they saw something in the promises of God that were so powerful that what he offered to them was better than anything here on this Earth so that means you modern day language gifts there is someone who is a total stranger today if they are in the promise of wealth and good paying job a nice house in town all of those things but it is at the expense of the heavenly said he also knew that the stranger was saying I don't want to give him a pillar in the stranger passing through the has no value or attractions and not sacrifice the promises of God for what's here on this Earth on past history as interesting as you go on here verse fourteen is they that say such things declared for unique that they seek the country so here's the point if you aren't children and strangers she means that you would have if that means he will be persuaded and have embraced him confess the promises of God the same way Abraham Isaac Jacob and Sarah did and remember Abraham the father of the faithful so if we are to follow Abraham which means that means were supposed to be pilgrims and strangers your nearest if we are to be children's as strangers here on this Earth that means that our lives will be clear for namely that we seek a heavenly country and this is some time for some personal introspection is your life declare plainly that you are seeking a heaven with a if you get a word does your wife declare plainly that you're seeking a heavenly country or do you fit right in and up here like you're trying to get to the top and make the most money and have the most influence and be the most respected him those who are filler strangers on the earth there lies the cleric claim for those of us he maybe physicians for example we had a work and we continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ I have no shame in saying are not going to work same as now hopefully one of these days I'll make the most money in my group and all control what everyone else in my group doesn't like call the shots in this obvious that works over the strangers were passing through and were continuing the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ and whatever other one of work he may do the same thing as a people say well now I want to let Doctor they treated me differently than most doctors they actually made me feel like I was in the presence of Christ in this allows those amazing that's what it means to be a disorder stranger 's and gifts by her pastor say this one time as people at your work down how to hear a Christian it might just be because you're not about something to think about you we declare plainly should we believe and who we are persuaded us to we confess so verse fifteen shrill he if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out they might have had opportunity to have return now if you nest the world that you gave up you can always go back and if you come out about along there's nothing to say that you can't do that and what Paul is saying here is if you're mindful of that country that you came out of one of the need to be mindful of that counter when you are him or how did I what is my remember those good old songs that Michael Jackson is the same or something like that on the Lord Elvis Presley or you name it and you message the command like a disservice on everyone's wallet no wonder the playoffs should be like this year on .com you can always go back that is the implication is sheer Abraham Isaac Jacob Sarah they were not mindful of the country they came out of they didn't want to go back because they had seen the promises of God and they they were persuaded of the promises they embrace them and they can set a and they were having this straddling the fence experience in like boy it sure is nice that is how some of those good old days and I like to have things are so much better with God why would I want to go back to the soon to be in touch for 16-bit and how they desire a better country that is in heaven when he said he wonder of course unanimous on the message to give to the world and out of her my people to come out of Babylon and very clearly the seventh at Mister just cause lasting churches is clearly not about one of the police know if Vanderbilt about that but we have to ask ourselves in our own personal lives do we still have about one within herself in the way to know that you see you just do your personal introspective check and say in my mind for the country that I came out of I gave my life to Jesus and my son Jesus crucified on the cross for me for my sins and I saw all this and that the mother in my nose him us him do I want to go back to some of the senses that the Lord gave me victory over before and there was shoe see Christ and him crucified whom I be mindful of the things I gave up they will press on to the mark of a high column of crises is so we desire a better country what God has to offer force is better in as a heavenly country wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God was an interesting concept processes God is not ashamed to be called their God who is God not ashamed to be called their God those you are fully persuaded and embracing confess that they are strangers and pilgrims on the earth and those you desire about that country yet he read the message the way to see if I got talks about the shame of our nakedness and he wants to see us out of his mouth he implies that he's ashamed of his people here's a group of people who profess to be God 's people in the the wretched miserable poor blind and naked and if we want to have the experience of being a clone of the righteousness of Christ and to have and be proud to be called our daughter to not be ashamed he was eleven study experience with Abraham Isaac Jacob and Sarah the same out of the land broken which was Babylon they never wanted to go back they always kept their eyes on that better country that heavenly dream and because of that they became strangers and pilgrims on this earth and God says does your stranger him on this earth I'm not ashamed to be healthier God is mighty for you and Abraham was the father of the fatal manipulations reasons and they that are Christ's R Abraham C so if you are Abraham 's seed it means you are Christ's which means means you belong to the people on the Christ you will be a stranger in a photogravure on this earth and the promises that God is not ashamed to be called their God for he had prepared for them the city has got prepared for USC and trust me it's better than anything here on this if God prepared e-mail to me the very best and then continuing on her sentencing by faith Abraham when he was tried offered up Isaac and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son of treatment was said that an Isaac show my CV converse nineteen accounting that God was able to raise him up even from the dead from whence also he received similar thing here so Abraham in Genesis chapter fifteen you see it all done Romans four is given the promisee were eager to have a child and a ramp like that God Sarah hire past childbearing age then he believes in God is in the child is a miracle happens then years later doctors take your son your only son whom you want to be like big Mama is your only son and you want to kill and it is said in Genesis twenty two that he was a lot of says is how Abraham reasoned okay God gave me Isaac Sarah and I were past childbearing age that was America that should not happen now he's doing something to me that again him humanly speaking there is no way around this is so what about this in the face around and because God can do whatever he wants because he's creating art because he says the Isaac will be the seats are good and there'll be the stars of the sky in the sand by the sheep seashore innumerable he must plan on raising him up then after I kill that's what he was eleven thousand now will think about this room is when was the first resurrection is it was the first person to ever be resurrected as Moses did Moses lived before Abraham or after Abraham Doctor Avery 's and what Abraham believing in deleting a resurrection of this on about something that's never happened before the Abraham learned seeing something around and so she believes in the created for God who can do things that are impossible and is and was transferred with ousting the N/A and there is a name translated and outright sure and that's true that translation is a marathon the service will receive his Abraham believes that God knew something that's never happened before and so when you read the Bible Nice to see a group of lastly people to keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus and you say well I've never seen someone to exercise the favorite dessert keep the commands of God let alone a whole group of people will that's their lack of faith it is of God 's word says levels can happen them I believe it because my dog him forty cells will be now what's interesting is in Genesis twenty two when Abrahams about this way Isaac and Bob Simmons is Abraham now I know that you fear God and Romans four Abraham believed that God could give him and Sarah Child he was strong in faith giving glory to God 's Abraham 's wife is a demonstration of the first Angels message you fear God he gave glory to do with the government stranger here on this Earth do you believe in God as creator and of course the first Angels message calls us to worship him and use the creator of heaven is so here we see there's a lot of rich material when it comes to the faith of Abraham and their Lucy will be ready for Jesus to come at the end of the world will have the same faith that Abraham 's continuing on verse twenty by six oh is a a a right and right right is a history having it pointed out that five on this with an illustration of course of Jesus the only begotten son of the father being actually filled and then he was raised that Abraham have a faith belief that would be soon experienced that yes he would personalize the Pentagon would raise them back to are you the kind of faith that Abraham has an Jesus on the or him that he's incentive for lunacy that God would raise so you see interestingly that the faith of Abraham is very similar if not the same as the faith of Jesus very interesting concept there is something else and the other thing is that I was forgotten and is why did God to Abraham through this experience they are Abrahams a faithful man how dare a job for the faithful trusting loving obedient servant of sin is through such a terrible horrible experience how can God see that bullets can develop this way Abraham believed the promise of God that he would have a child then she made a mistake and Ishmael came and you can read about them put in Galatians and so what happens is .net is the Abraham 's faith that he needed to share the rest of the universe and all of us that he says Abraham is the father of the faithful he really is and here's a demonstration so Abraham through the demonstration being willing to sacrifice his only son Isaac shows that he is as faithful as God says is a half right on sure absolutely I continuing inverse choices by faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things is by faith Jacob when he was a dying the worst that the sons of Joseph M worship leaning upon the top of the staff and secure you see the faithfulness of Isaac and Jacob you see how Jacob is right before you die through the vision to make the prophetic pronouncement of what will become of this and just about to make a little point that some out-of-town travel I see that he worships his staff may use out as an excuse to be on the image worship model worship on the proper translation as he worshiped and he was leaning upon the top of the staff while he worshiped as the minor side first by faith Joseph when he died made mention of the departing of the children of Israel and gave commandment concerning his bounds verse twenty three by faith Moses when he was born within three miles of his parents because they thought he was a proper child and they were not afraid of the king 's commandment service to receive the wine if they continue you have Abraham Isaac Jacob Sarah after Jacob you have Joseph and after Joseph you have matters as his parents about what recognizes parents had not has stayed to hide their son Myles and it's an higher likelihood he would have been murdered with many of the other young children during that time that life is a kid in and believe that God would protect an anomaly that is then Pharaoh 's daughter decides that she wants to know this for a child but she won't taken place four years old so Moses is biological parents raised him from the first twelve years and effect in their home influence for the twelve years was so profound that we know the analysis is the fairest for which is the highest honor in the world at that time the riches the greatest riches in the world he was unfazed he stayed faithful to God said that's an admonition to all parents here that just you raise your children in the fear and sadness of the Lord in the right way they what only God will matter what circumstances in the past three or twenty four by faith Moses when he was ten years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God and to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season and how in the universe alone is a review committee added with young people of our day on many ominous young people over there maybe they are raised to properly understand the value of heavenly and eternal things the way Abraham Isaac Jacob Sarah and Moses parents understood them that they go through our schools and made all see the things of this world and for some reason they think that being like Hollywood ladder for the entertainment industry or anything like that is is aware that an wrong they'd rather enjoy the pleasures of this world and offered them to be a faithful God fearing Christian who wants the Lord with all their hearts to hear someone who was raised for twelve years and I got to run and shoot the most ungodly environment possible with the greatest temptation as possible I know this could happen at all he was given in the next Veronique and found whatever he wanted and yet he refused to partake in that choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God and enjoy the pleasures of sin and receive a notice for twenty six seeming the reproach of price and greater riches than the treasures of Egypt outside what when you see what Jesus went through in Gethsemane and on the cross and the choice that he made to die for us to save us from ourselves and if our hearts are melted by some as one for us a there's nothing in this world that will break that that will love for us he will want to send him to have God 's will he embraces your lives and nothing of the world has to offer is a breakdown on an analysis as an example nice use deemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward is continuing on resource on the FAQ for sick Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king for he endeared as seeing him who is invisible to think he kept the path around the sprinkling of blood was Tina destroy the first launch of substance and I were going down in the history of the children of Israel and leaving the land of Egypt verse twenty three fake the pass around the sprinkling of blood no sorry verse twenty nine my favorite pastor the Red Sea is my dry land which the Egyptians assaying that he works around tonight now is an amazing story of how the children of Israel step foot into the Red Sea the Red Sea parts the bottom of the ground is dry they passed through no problem then fair as army comes on they get stuck in the mountain the water comes ever than the drowned and yet after that the children of Israel didn't have faithfulness are running out of water for any and we think we looking other like matters so we can face the one about is so God is a wonderful divine providence is in our lives is a man now flat tire on the side of the road like you want meeting and will and we do that anyway last because we do that hopefully will drown our experience and see continuing on bursary by faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were asked about seven days were thirty one by faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believe not when she had received the spies with see him I was even able to reach the harlot no one is unreachable and in fact it is through the line of Rahab that Christ is talked about redemption for us first thirty two Marshall and more safe for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon American Sampson and objectives of Damon also in Samuel and the prophets to through faith subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness obtained promises to stop the mouth of wine mouths of lions quenched the violence of fire escapes the end of the sword out of weakness were made strong waxed valiant in fight turned a flight the armies of the aliens it's easy to get Gideon Barrick Samson Johnson David and Samuel verse thirty two versus thirty three and thirty four describe what they didn't even read the story for example Gideon Barrick and Jepson book of Judges we of course not Sampson David Samuel and their stories that center since of these people were victims four yes they were able to conquer there further than that attention however thirty five women received their dead raised to life again and others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection is the sometimes exercise Doctor Giamatti victory is possible circumstances and other times Broadway should arrest and you know that you have a better resurrection would you know what affinity of whatever faith calls you have whether it's passing through a near-death experience in incentive for being my duress said the rate of about a resurrection either way that his face continuing on verse three six and others had trial accrual markings insurgents being moreover bonds and imprisonment they were so new they were sauce on your workcenter were slain with the sword they wanted about sheepskins and the other things being destitute afflicted tormented of the world was not one they wandered in deserts and mountains and dens and caves of the years and these all having a him for through him to receive from God having provided some better thing for us is that they without us should not be made perfect nothing about this is the world was not worthy of his teeth and is the more of us before children and strangers in the world worthy of America's leading up on Tanzanian Foreign Minister hair as short name is obese and asunder down slain with the sword homicide trouble is we don't know what we make it through that if we have faith we will be like these people and whether we escape and likes peanut or translator without saying that the weather were like the prophet Isaiah he was on work and everything is as interesting for hits like about this in our next thoughts of wiki wiki is ready to talk about what it means one of those these all having obtained a good report through faith proceed not from God having provided some better thing for us what is world news as I will study out next time somebody that Julie


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