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The Most Important Sermon Jesus Ever Preached

Richard Walton



  • July 11, 2009
    10:00 AM
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what was the most important sermon Jesus never preached you will notice if you look at the program today that my sermon title is a blank I suggest to you there is a reason for as you think about what the most important sermon Jesus ever preached was on the invites in response what was the most important sermon our Lord ever preached while he walked this earth for three and half years I am the bread of life yes the sermon on the Mount Beatitudes Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the year the other ideas the way he lived indeed what was the Lord remembered for compared to profits and founders of other religions many of whom had some interesting personal history what is the one thing that is most remembered about our Lord that indeed perhaps one could say he set an example low other prophet or wise man could set a perfect sinless life is indeed the most important sermon Jesus never preached were not the words he spoke but the way he lived what does that mean for us today beautiful chapel and Loma Linda California and was it mean the life we live in the week to follow like to share with you three stories of people at will helpful and hopefully help to focus our thinking on what the most important thing anyone is a human being can leave behind it was a sunny hot day in Phoenix Arizona over the Sun City mall came a beautiful tightly packed for shipment at sixteen Charlie's screaming along full military power five hundred feet off the deck in this display of airman ship caused a letter to the editor to be written to the Phoenix daily Sun that went as follows the newly thing for the morning air show last Wednesday at precisely nine eleven a.m. a tight formation of four F-16 jets made a low pass over our mall continuing westward Bell Road approximately five hundred feet imagine our good fortune to the Tom Cruise wannabes feel we need this wake up call or were they trying to impress the cashiers at Mervyns early bird special any response would be appreciated the author of that letter did receive a response from the United States Air Force it went as follows regarding a wake-up call links jet 's letter dated Thursday on fifteen Janet precisely zero nine twelve hours a perfectly timed for ship flyby of F-16s from the sixty third fighter squadron at Luke Air Force Base flew over the grade of captain Jeremy frescoes kept investors was an Air Force officer who was previously stationed Luke Air Force Base and was killed in Iraq on thirty Main Memorial Day at zero nine hundred and fifteen Jan his family and friends gathered at Sunderland Memorial Park in Sun City to mourn the loss of a husband son and friends based on the letterwriters recount of the flyby because of the jet noise I'm sure that he did not hear the twenty one gun salute the playing of taps for my words to the widow and parents of Captain for us is as I gave them their son 's way on behalf of the president of the United States and all those veterans and servicemen and women who understand the sacrifice they had endured a fortunate flybys and display respect the Air Force is to those who give their lives in defense of freedom we are professional aviators we take our job seriously and on fifteen Jan what the letter writer witnessed was for officers lining up to pay their final and ultimate respects the letter writer asked to do we think the morning air show the fifty sixth fighter wing will make that call for you and forward your thanks to the widow and parents of Captain Frese and thank them for you for it was in their honor that my pilots flew the most honorable formation of their lives sincerely Lieutenant Colonel Granville Rosenstiel Junior United States Air Force what is the legacy of the life we lead Captain Friskies was shot down on thirty may member the twenty third special tactics squadron -based Hurlburt Field in Florida shot down in Iraq and in fact is buried in a common grave with the Iraqi and American military personnel were an aircraft with them because they were charred so badly beyond recognition that they could not be positively identified in fact Captain Frese 's appears the last moments of the why is attempted to save the lives of his comrades another story it's a story of a politician distinguished man of high public office who when another politician had embarrassingly personal failure in the Oval Office found the closest microphone that was available to them and began to speak he spoke at length about the evils of infidelity until the American people that there was no excuse for a politician and a Christian to behave in that manner and people listen to those words because it was right there was no excuse for President Clinton's conduct fast-forward ten years and Governor Mark Sanford is again in the news what ladies and gentlemen will he be remembered for his pious words over the political grave of Bill Clinton or his own actions if the most important sermon Jesus ever preached was the way he lives what does that say for us and our Christian experience how will we be remembered for what we said for what we did for the entertainment that he indulged in the diet that we followed or didn't even though I believe it's this institution it is confirmed that the diet we've known was the right way to eat for a since eighteen sixty three in fact as now what is its to my medical colleagues in the audience twelve extra years of good healthy life how do we deal with the truth that we are given one thing serve the Lord 's temptation in the wilderness the beginning of his ministry Christ goes out into the wilderness forty days and forty nights needs nothing in it the devil appears and presents him with a number of highly clever theological challenges here's something you can do Lord to demonstrate your power your hungry you have the power why don't you use it what if Jesus stated he say well this is very simple obviously my human mind needs sustenance and so yes I will use my creative power soon the bread and then is less encouraged to engage in a long debate over theological principles with you Lucifer and I will demonstrate to you how wrong you will the Lord answered not with his words but with his actions he refused to be tempted to do the one thing above all else and he really wanted to do if we look at the life of Jesus we see time and time again the Lord who spoke in parables the Lord who spoke as much through the miracles he performed in the life he lived as he frequently cryptic things that he said he see a Lord that lit the message he preached let's turn to John chapter seventeen John chapter seventeen a very end of his life for Lord looks up to heaven and in praise to the father that he will soon have to rely on as he turns loose of life and at it it's a beautiful prairie praise as for the RTL and he's going to be going through he prays for his disciples he says the father hour is come glorify thy son that thy son also may glorify the as of yet has given him power over all and he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him I have glorified thee on the year how did he glorify his father I've glorified thee on the earth I have done what I have finished the work that you gave me to the enough father glorify me with your self up the glory which I had with you before the world was I have manifested thy name unto the men you gave me out of the world finds a word you gave them to me and they have done what they are proclaimed my word they've kept my we know that's not always true we know that many of the disciples struggle with keeping the words of Christ right up until the very last moments of his life when Peter struggling with his own vanity with his own weaknesses does exactly the thing the Lord said he was going to do but the point is the disciples never quit trying I never gave up on keeping the word of God if you have to let the real message of the most important sermon Jesus ever preached were his actions at what point in his life at what point in his ministry do we most clearly see the one message above all else that Jesus left were asked through his words and through his actions where in his life do we most clearly see above all else the message of Christ has for us today on the cross cross is always a good place to start I suggest to you that the events leading up to the crucifixion demonstrates far more powerfully than anything the Lord would have ever preached the true depth and breadth of the loan let's pray the Lord this morning organized than just a few minutes talking about the last few moments of Jesus life on this earth we we seek truth in the words we seek truth in the example had disappeared May your word speaker Jesus and open the word Matthew chapter twenty six I understand I have limited time this morning so I will try to be brief in a beautiful Passover weekend in the space of one life the Lord of creation is seized the Garden of Gethsemane taken down the children gorge across the kitchen Creek and up through the eastern wall of Jerusalem and he is escorted into a beautiful judgment hall where a simple is the Supreme Court of Israel Jewish term for it is the Sanhedrin seventy one of the finest trial lawyers and sitting trial judges in the entire nation of Israel and into fat room comes the Lord and walked into the finest legal system from a defense lawyer 's perspective that humanity has ever seen in fact the system that exactly nears and parallels the biblical model for the plan of salvation very briefly let me talk to you about what some of the important procedural aspects of the Sanhedrin are in the Sanhedrin sat and considered a K self seventy one judges would sit with debut call on talk they would all sit in a semi circle on these large fellows overlaid down on the halls the on the paving stones in the hall of justice and a set semi circle so that every single one of them would have an equally good view of the accused unlike our courts today including the Supreme Court where the justices sit on the straight bench the Sanhedrin wanted every jurist to be able to have an equally good perspective of the keys why give because every single judge on the court was charged with the life and the defense of the keys in the great Sanhedrin there was no such thing as what I do for a living a criminal defense attorney can exist why because the court itself the court charged with judging the life or death of the accused was also charged with the accused defense the court itself for the ethical obligation of doing everything in its power to get the defendant nor was there such a thing as an office of prosecutor or prosecuting attorney in a capital case lawyers were not permitted to appear for the prosecution the prosecution had to be put forward by whoever the complaining witness so into this system comes the Lord of creation is in front of the court charged with he is this defense and into a system where prosecutors simply did not exist so that you stated in front of the high priest are three scribes and if you try case in the federal or state court today you will see one court reporter sitting in front of the bench and taking notes on the proceedings why is that because in today's system of justice we believe that one court reporter is sufficient to keep track of the proceedings not so in the San Pedro where it was absolutely believe that you need to read scribes to keep track of the proceedings to make sure there was zero error in understanding what had happened little again insight into the mind of Christ how many times during his ministry did the Lord say you will see the Son of Man on the right hand of power I go to the right hand of my father why does he lies Lord so fixated with the right hand anyway this is like lefties now you have to understand the system yet understand Jewish mindset in the great Sanhedrin there were three scribes why because the scribe on the last records the votes for condemnation of the accused the scribe on the left records the votes to put the prisoner to death described in the center records both of those for acquittal and for condemnation guess what the scribe on the right-hand side of the high priest he records the votes for salvation for acquittal of the prisoner every time the Lord says to us I go to the right hand of power he's saying to the Jewish mind I go to record the votes salvation so when he unlocks the Lord he's a raid and placed in the center the semi circle of pillows incomes of the High Court of Israel judges address these beautiful spotless white robes and turbans representing law and justice incomes the high priest himself Kia is within the breast place breastplate of judgment and of road bordered and blues the protection of the law protection of due process and fairness and the Lord finds himself in the middle of a kangaroo court Matthew chapter twenty six and beginning with verse fifty nine and the chief priests and elders and all I counsel sought false witness against Jesus to do what the putting to death first procedural mistake with the trial of Jesus is what the court itself which is charged with peers defense is now seeking witnesses for his condemnation what happens they find not gay though many false witnesses came yet found a non- at the last came to false witnesses and said this fellow said I'm able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days and they could not get their testimony to a great what's wrong with this picture editor at procedural safeguard but the Sanhedrin in this magnificent system of justice head for an innocent life or even a guilty life where you did not have an absolutely airtight chain of evidence in today's judicial system if the government can put on evidence witness a saw my client approached the car with this piece of my client break into it witness C saw my client get him drive off bingo you have is called a chain of evidence each witness can place my client at a critical place at an inconvenient time and their testimony together establishes that my client probably be beyond a reasonable never in a million years could you have obtained a conviction in the Sanhedrin with that chain of evidence why because in the Sanhedrin you had a rule of strict of strict agreement you had to find two witnesses who saw every single bad thing that the accused did and could recite it and would agree in every particular why couldn't the witnesses agree in this case caused Caiaphas and coach of the nephew seeks even acting as a prosecutorial body which it was not supposed to do even seeking witnesses actively to put Jesus to death the Sanhedrin still had to go through the motions of a basic cross-examination he said he was going to destroy the temple I didn't say this and got three p.m. in the afternoon on next witness what time yesterday to visit her bullet nose in the morning I think the problem is you can't get your witnesses to agree because even though they got the speech he said he'll destroy the Temple and then rebuild it they couldn't agree on the details because they had been coach well enough and even a basic cross examination by the incredibly brilliant court would expose the fact that they were not in agreement they could not agree on the details under the rule of strict agreement if you could not find two witnesses who would agree as to every particular it was the duty of the Sanhedrin of this the high priest immediately let the prisoner go up to this point Caiaphas 's theory of the case is been sufficient you're going to go and tear down the temple which is a a Roman Angus the best way to think of in today's language would be a national historic landmark you are you Jesus and said I can go blow up the capital building and rebuild a thing in three days what the high priest is going for is a chart that is convicted he's quite confident Pontius pilot who was actually charged with executing Jewish death warrants would go for you see the Jews did not have the ability to execute anybody themselves they had to have the Romans do it for them as a Roman province the problem is to get the Romans to execute anybody you had to have a conviction for a charge that the Romans would actually care about and tearing down this landmark historic landmark that the Romans inherited from the Jews would be a charge of sedition insurrection terrorism but something that the Romans would buy off on and would probably execute Jesus the problem is the witnesses can't agree and under Jewish law Caiaphas can get a conviction so what is a view he changes his theory of the case then trial he decides to test drive a new argument because he sees its edition eight and a work form now he decides that totally changes theory of the case and say Jesus I'm going to try to prove my case out of your mouse so the high priest a right in the middle of them and says to him answer you nothing what is it which these witnesses testifying against you so it Caiaphas can't get two witnesses to agree buddies hoping that he can get Jesus to implicate himself in his testimony agrees with one of the witnesses you will have what he needs but is really to get a conviction album or just a little but too smart for that and once again through his silence he testifies to the travesty of a judicial proceeding in which he finds himself Jesus held his peace so now the high priest answers and says to them I journeyed by the living God you tell us whether you are what the Christ the son of God here's your change in theory Jesus won't give him his second witness for sedation and so Caiaphas tries to change his theory of the case and prove his case out of the mouth of defendant having said nothing throughout the entire trial Lord finally opens his mouth when challenged in his father 's name Jesus response of its turnover to the book of Mark I get the story in Mark chapter fourteen in verse sixty two and Jesus said that am I I a amazing statement only one being in the entire cosmos can make that statement I am I have wife existent within me I am the creator I have been I always will be and at that point under Jewish law he's committed not sedition but blasphemy in the eyes of the court by claiming to be God that he doesn't stop there having been challenged in his own name he goes further and you will see the right the Son of Man sitting where the hand of power once again even you try at the for every lousy human being out there who tries and fails again and again and again I will be there on the right hand of power voting for your acquittals on the last and coming in the clouds of heaven and then the high priest rent his clothes and said what further need have we of witnesses throwing the roots rule of strict agreement out the window the high priest is what further need have we of witnesses you heard the blasphemy what Yankee and they all condemned him to be guilty of death once again I very unusual procedural rules of the Sanhedrin in a court of law here in in in American factory much anywhere in the world if we get a jury verdict back faster design prosecutor loves more than a dream he comes back in eighteen minutes and says he's guilty in fact as a defense lawyer you typically think the longer they are out the better your chances are that there are really wrestling with where your client did it or not we like quick jury verdict because we think that proves the case was so clear everybody immediately agreed totally separate mindset the Sanhedrin in the Sanhedrin the procedural rule was if the court unanimously and immediately agreed it was the immediate duty of the high priest to set the prisoner free why because a unanimous and immediate court smacked too much of mob justice and in the eyes of the jury and the Talman in the Jewish procedural law in a mediate verdict of guilty meant that you weren't struggling and enough with your conscience in finding the Senate Israel guilty and sending them to prison because of these procedural safeguards there's an old saying that the a Supreme Court that I sent Hedren the convicted person every ten years was a butcher shop it was almost impossible to get a conviction in the Sanhedrin even for someone it was incredibly so here in innocent man the Lord of creation goes into this system trials of life to another violation of Talmudic law which requires that trial be held between the morning and evening sacrifice which is why they came back in the morning to have having he had the real trial the night before the court was required under Jewish law to hear the case again as a metallic body to revisit their own decision to agonize the crates of fast to try to find some legal theory it hadn't occurred to one of them before as to why this person 's life should be safe the court comes back again in the morning to have the Dieppe halite hearing required under Jewish law he turned back to Matthew twenty seven you can even see the court gathering in the morning the chief priests and the elders took counsel against Jesus to put him to death that this part of the story in comes a bright tragic young Jewish guy named Judas who understood this is where the courts looking for a legal theory a scrap of evidence something we missed that we can use to save the life of the son of Israel and he walks in the smoking gun the thirty pieces of silver and says here's your proof it's all a put up job the Lord is in this one as he told what is that to us see the two the West message the Lord gave us through a perfect one was an incredible message of love you can put me through the most magnificent legal system ever designed for the defense of an accused human being you can break every principle of procedural Jewish law designed to save my life now go through that and I'll go to the cross entire history of the world this is really no analog to the Jewish death March is the Sanhedrin continues to sit and it was back was their duty under Jewish law to remain in session until the execution had been completed and the accused was dead their job was to sit there and Sanhedrin hall and continue to think and pray try to find a theory that point is a young clerk of the court of bright young Jewish lawyer who did research for one of the judges could come up with a theory that would save a life he was instantly elevated to see like membership on the Supreme Court of Israel saw said that Sanhedrin sits there in the Lord walk step after step through the streets of Jerusalem towards Gethsemane as you towards towards the cross the court is in session and stationed at the door San Pedro Mahal is a man with a flag in writing with the death march party is another man not writing forward away the horse is traveling but sitting backwards not just twisted around sitting full backwards on the horse and it's being led by someone else in his eyes right up until the moment the death sentence has been completed are on that flag at the door of Sanhedrin hall because right up until the last minute if there is any theory any reason any possibility to save that life the runner goes out from the chambers of the court goes to the flag when at the door Sanhedrin hall flag drops the horseman says turned a deaf party around where going back to court on a rehear the case and so it should of been that that morning in Jerusalem flag voices on the wind acts of mercy dropping flags galloping Horsemen Branstad without saying a word the Lord gave us his final sermon you can humiliate me you can convict me you can either mail me here and take my life but there is one thing you can't make you can make me stop laughing there were thank you for a few moments this morning to reflect on your life in the example it we have to follow help us each every day no matter the cost of matter the sacrifice to not only preach your word but to live it in Jesus


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