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Territorial Forces: Scenes 1-2

Lo-Ammi Richardson
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What is the truth of the Great Controversy? Is the Great Controversy more than just a conflict over good and evil? Could the Controversy also be over a physical territory? This study will be broken down into a 7 scene drama that will help us see the big bigger picture of the theme Territorial Forces. 


Lo-Ammi Richardson

Harvest Director for SALT Evangelism Team-(Service and Love Together), Orlando 



  • March 31, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father we're here. Because father we know that. We know that we need your spirit right now Father we want in our point of your spirit as Lo Army preaches the word Father I pray that you might empty him and fill him with you father that you might be able to. Share who you are with us father he might be able to speak your words to us. We thank you Father listen to this name him and good evening. Right happy Sabbath. To rest did you guys do understand that the next twenty four hours you don't have to do absolutely nothing except where shipping praise God and relax from all of the stress throughout the week so I'm going to try one more time as I write good evening and happy Sabbath. Much more rested now but I just want to say thank you again so much for coming out to this event as Eric mentioned before this event is just a preview of what we're trying to do in the month of July we're going to be doing a full on evangelist experience. That was home for me I grew up in the city of Orlando attended force like Academy didn't last too long but I attended force like Academy I could share that story a little later and had the privilege of graduating at Evans Evans high school and so throughout my journey the last six years the Lord kind of this has led me everywhere from Mississippi to Michigan to Hawaii to California and as the Lord was leading in my life you know I felt this this drawback to come back home and one of the things that I told God is that if I do come back I don't want to come back and just settle I want to come back and do a work in the city of Orlando and you guys are a taste of what we hope can be a glimpse of what Orlando can be right if they just understand what we have in the sense of God's message God's truth to. The aspects of the health message and and how we can utilize the talents that God has given us through song to impact people's lives and so I'm grateful that you guys attended You could have been anywhere else but you chose to be at the lower the youth center at our force that can we apologize it was confusion with the location as well as the time but the Lord worked at our new as I hear tomorrow morning we're going to be having a secondary meeting at eleven thirty we'll have a free lunch and then we'll have our final meeting at two o'clock so don't let tonight be the only night that you attended tonight is going to set the foundation and then we're going to build off their foundation tomorrow morning but without further ado as you guys know I work with Sol harvest director for Sol in tonight we're going to be discussing the topic of the great controversy how many of us are familiar with the topic of the great controversy our own surprise about half half of you guys are familiar with it well the great controversy is this overall theme throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that talks about the this battle between good and evil and for the most part as I'm affiliated myself with. As an Adventist and with an Adventist I'm there's this idea well it's about good and evil and us choosing to do right and this is what the great controversy is about what we're going to take a look at throughout this weekend is we're going to unpack the truth from the Bible we're going to see that the great controversy isn't just limited to this battle between good and evil but this actually contending for some sort of territory there's actually a physical warfare that's taken place and we're going to take a look at that here throughout this weekend and so tonight we're going to talk about the great controversy really revisited now in this great controversy there is seven scenes or seven acts to this big drama and so as we're unfolding these true throughout the Bible we're going to take a look and we're going to see this movie play itself out and hopefully by God's grace by the end of this presentation you guys will see that the not only is the bible going to come to life but you. You're going to see your role in this great controversy and in this great movie that we call the great controversy it is going to be very impact and it is going to be impactful by God's grace So let's begin Revelation Chapter twelve in verse seven if you have your Bibles if you don't have your Bibles I have the text on the screen but I highly highly recommend for you to bring your physical Bibles I know that we have I mean our Apple phones and our Android phones and we have our Bible abs there but I believe you guys are going to get much more of a blessing if you have the physical buy one turn your pages to those verses so I'll forgive you for tonight and if you don't have a Bible if you need one hopefully you guys we said it we set up the chairs purposely this way so that way you guys can get to know each other personally not maybe by smell but hopefully by. Interacting with one another and a nice place but let's take a look at Revelation Chapter twelve and let's take a look at what the Bible has to say as we begin to unpack this truth of the great controversy and in Revelation Chapter twelve beginning in verse one. Three going to read a well let's begin in verse seven actually Revelation Chapter twelve in verse seven the Bible states and we're broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought and verse eight but they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer verse nine so the great dragon was cast out the serpent of all called The Devil a statesman who deceived the world he was cast out to the earth and his angels were cast out with him so we're seeing that the great controversy started where in heaven are one thing about me I ask questions I like interaction if I don't get interaction I die as a speaker so I need to get some you know some dialogue back as I write so the great controversy started where in heaven so this. Controversy started in heaven and we're see that there is this battle took place between Michael Michael is no other than Jesus Christ pre incarnate we're going to talk about that throughout the throughout the weekend but Michael Jesus and His angels were fighting with Satan and his angels and sometimes we because our our our our world view has been so bombarded by movies and Netflix and T.V. that we sometimes look at this warfare and we think to ourselves men it must have been like a scene from Star Wars right that you know and and there was fighting amongst each other but what's interesting is that when you look at the word war in its original language in the in the Greek that word war is translated to polemic meaning there was an argument or there was some type of politics happening in heaven now we just came out of a very intense election did we not and it didn't seem if you thought you were friends you quickly told people who you voted for and you became friends no longer and there was a lot of politics happening and what takes place throughout politics right what it usually takes place states are the arguments well this is my life this is my stance on this issue I'm going to tell you why you're wrong and and there's dirt being thrown out right and and crooked Hillary and all of these catchphrases that we heard throughout the campaign right making America great again and and people also ultimately choosing which candidate they was going to support so that same ideology the same idea was taken place in heaven we're seeing that there was some sort of argument there was some sort of politics taken place in heaven between Christ and Satan and I was curious to know what it means but we're going to impact this this story as throughout this weekend but we're seeing that Web started in heaven between Christ and Satan and against his agents and Christ angels and ultimately Satan lost his battle and because he lost his battle he got kicked out of heaven but the question is Where did this Devil or Satan and his interest go so we're going to discuss what. Is the territory that that that this great controversy is over in Genesis Chapter one Verse one it states in the beginning what God created two things what did he create the heavens and the and the earth so we see that God is a Creator of All Things and in the beginning of the Bible we see that he created two things heaven and the earth All right so we're going to discuss now scene one we see that the territory that is being fought over is between heaven and earth All right great controversy started in heaven but then ultimately this great controversy. Is started in heaven but then we've seen it take place here on Earth so SIN number one we're going to talk about Dominion who has control who has jurisdiction over this territory and Genesis chapter one of verse twenty six we see that God created the heavens and the earth and as a child as a child to continue to progress we see that God says something amongst you know the God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit there all come together the dialoguing and they're there having this conversation and saying you know now that we created heaven and earth we want to make something that's going to be a spectacle for the whole universe to see and the spectacle was no other than you and I So we see in Genesis chapter one of verse twenty six and the said And God said Let us make who men in our image and after our likeness so when God created men he created us to reflect God's image and God's likeness Now one thing I want to make put a disclaimer on is that God has created us as free moral agents he has given the ability to you and I to choose what we want to choose he's never going to force you to do anything that he wants you to do that's the God that we serve and we're seeing that God says all right when I create man I want to create him and. Such a way that they're going to reflect my image and my likeness So the question is what is image and what is his likeness when we look at first John chapter four verse eight we see that John states that God is what and so everything about God embodies that word love and sometimes you know the English language does a horrible job at describing what love is I worked as a chaplain at an academy and I remember there was a student describing her summer and she was describing how wonderful time she had with her family and how much she loves French fries and under the same breath cheats described her mother and how much she loved her as well and so I kind of thought it was interesting because she said I love French fries and I love my mom for her buying me all of these things when it's like you just equated the love of a mom to French fries right and so the English language does a disservice to what love is we can attach love to everything man I love my job I love my car I love my wife a love God and we kind of everything is kind of equal in order for us to truly understand what love is we have to look at the Bible and love is the fun in First Corinthians chapter thirteen this is love is patience love is kind loss offers long it whenever you have the time I suggest to read for you to read that chapter but for the purpose of this presentation we're taking a look at gonne likeness God's image is in the context of what love so everything that God does has to be out of. I follow you so far. So not only that God created man in His image in his likeness to create man as free moral agents but he created man for a specific purpose and that purpose was to ultimately reflect that love to everyone around them. So but he also gave Adam Eve something as well Adam before he created Eve But it says in Genesis one twenty six it continues by saying and. Let them have what the minion over the fish other see over the foul of the air over the cattle and over all the earth and every creeping thing that creep with upon the earth not talking about creeps in the guise that you meet on the streets but is simply talking about animals right you're such a creep that creeps around the earth right now than I was talking about but God simply created man in His image and in His likeness and when he created men he gave him the ability to domain or to have dominion over something and what was it that God gave Adam and Eve to have dominion over the earth All right so we're saying Genesis one twenty six God created man in His image and his likeness and he gave him dominion over the earth I want to take a look at some stuff to one fifteen verse sixteen notice what the Bible states here the Sama says the heaven even the heavens are the what are the lords but the earth has he given to the children of two so Question What is the territory the man possesses the earth and what is the territory that God possesses heaven so we see that the great controversy began in heaven that's God's dwelling place Satan got kicked out now he is restricted here on earth but when God created men and he created the world he says listen I created this world I created man and I'm giving man dominion over the earth the heaven is mine but the earth is yours are falling so far. So we're going to talk about gods and men in this real quickly God's dominion is where. And man's The meaning is where earth so the question is Where is Satan's Dominion if the heavens is the Lord's and earth is man's and Satan got kicked out of heaven where is Satan's territory where is his dominion. Yeah here but where. I should play the Jeopardy song dude Lander. In certain parts of Orlando it's definitely see it like Slate is the venue is there Satan is the minion was located at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil You see God understood that this great controversy was going to take place here on earth Satan had no right in heaven any longer and so Satan's only option was here on Earth but because God created men in this image and because he gave the earth to men he only allows Satan to be had to have dominion at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and so now you can understand a little bit better as to why God was telling Adam and Eve listen to not the part from each other do not eat of this fruit do not go near it do not look at it do not go anywhere near right because there is going to if you get that is going to be a lot of confusion I know who dwells there and we're going to take a look to what Satan's ultimate plan was so let's take a look let's let's unpack the story in Genesis chapter two and verse sixteen. Genesis Chapter Two beginning in verse sixteen. Genesis Chapter Two beginning of verse sixteen and will read to verse seventeen there were just a verse or Chapter three verses one through eight Genesis Chapter Two beginning of verse sixteen are we there are right and so notice the command that God gave to Adam and Eve after he gave them dominion and the Lord God commanded man saying Of every tree of the garden you may do while freely eat but of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat of it for in the day that you should you have it what the gossip will happen you shall die now question if you had the ability to live forever how many of us would tell do whatever God has asked us to do absolutely he says if he told us not to touch that fruit or you would die OK won't touch the fruit and I will live forever but unfortunately they did not heed God's command I would. To see this unfold in Genesis Chapter Three begin in verse eight Now the serpent was more what Conny forced are several than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made and then now we see that even is now by herself she must have been wandering around you know Adam was kind of you know telling the ground and he was like on board let me go walk around the garden and I can just imagine him I sent to find imagination there that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was far probably far distant and her and that treatise had a special glow. And she was a man I just wonder why God would tell us not to eat of that beautiful tree over there in the garden and so you know she's kind of them. You know and kind of gradually ended up at the place where she was not supposed to be and the now we see Satan has a great opportunity to to put in his work and so he says Now the serpent was more cunning he was more deceptive than any B. C. he looked fantastic and then he said to the Lord God has men and he said to the woman has God in the said that you shall not eat of every tree of the garden what was the was underlined argument that Satan was making towards Eve What was that what was the implication with this question that Satan was also only asking Eve You see God said that you can eat of every fruit except. But what did Satan do say INSEAD they got said you can't have no fun. And how is that translate to our spiritual lives right our battles you know there are certain things that mom dad teachers parents pastors tell you you should not do right and we say yeah we know that's wrong and then all of us or we hear those voices like yeah is it really wrong look how much fun everyone else was having. And we look at this Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil our sin and we. Say yes that's right and then we start hearing those voices that meant God you have to go to church on Sabbath you got to go to Bible study you can do none of these fun things they did God really say you can have fun. Instead of focusing on the things that she could do in start of focusing on the thing that she cannot have and that's what Satan wanted her focus to be and so we're seeing you make eat our souls and the woman said to the serpent and this is this is where things got worse instead of her running away from a talking serpent right she started dialoguing with this cunning serpent ladies. And fellas and fellas and fellas right the guy said You can't date you know someone like me or anyone else I want to get off. You shall not eat of every tree in the garden and the woman said to the serpent we may either the fruit of the tree of the garden brother the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden God has said You shall not eat of it is actually. The got say you should not eat of it all right nor shall you touch it Leslie die question they got said you can't touch it. So what that Eve ultimately do she added to God's word. And because she added to God's word you're going to see how Satan use that to manipulate her we're going to see no it's not us then the serpent said to the woman you shall now while. You not hear me your guy but nationally. And you will die of a just now right now where you'll surely die right but is that what what what what was it a command of God was a command the God told Eve not to eat the tree of the eve of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because the day that you eat of it you will surely die saying says well you die when nationally right you can partake of your sin you have fun ain't that bad. Then the serpent said to the mission actually died for God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be open and you will be like why. God knowing why. So Satan didn't lie. You will receive the knowledge see the only thing that Eve understood at this point was good she never understood what evil was she didn't know what sin was you see Satan would tempt you to believe that what you are about to partake in is going to be glorious and advertising is going to fulfill every desire of your life not realizing the consequences that come with it you see Satan understood the Knowledge of Good and Evil and because he understood what evil was is why he got kicked out of heaven so he forgot that part he forgot to tell Eve a listen you know I kicked out of heaven because I practiced this thing called sent he forgot to he did that for a reason but let's continue for God knows that in the day you eat of it your are shall be open and you will be like God knowing both good and evil and notice these response so when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and it was pleasant to the US and the tree desirable to make one wife. What does she do. She took it up I believe a man in my imagination the Satan in his in his the skies in this beautiful serpent must applaud that fruit and placed it in her hand and said if you just partake of this fruit you have a knowledge just like God and Eve contemplated as she had their fruit in her hand and I can imagine Satan using the same words to ultimately deceive or you see touch the fruit and your not. Eat. Because the day that you eat of it you will be a goddess you will know something that God knows you know sometimes we want to we have this desire to know everything that happens in the world we want to be the most knowledgeable people on earth but you know there is. Certain things that God does not want to have knowledge about he wants us to be ignorant about some things you know God only wants to give you what's good he doesn't care to give you what's bad and most of us are curious about what's bad because we're drawn to it and God says listen it may look tempting but the results are devastating and we're seeing this unfold and Eve Now she ever the fruit not because she was hungry but because she would be like God. And it continues so she ate and you know you can never keep the sin to yourself right you have to share the same with other people so she will run to her husband with her and he ate Lord have mercy you know. The notice verse seven then the as a bunch of them were open and they knew that they were naked they served on fig leaves together and made themselves coverings and they heard the son of the Lord God walking in the garden of the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the tree of the garden this reverse nine and the other got a call to Adam and said to him and what was a question he asked Where are you and so he said I heard your voice in the garden and I was wide of fraid because I was naked and I. Hid myself do you see how the view of God changed because of them partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil we just established that everything that God does is in the context of what love now how is it that God who created man after his own image after his old likeness the one who breathed into the nostrils the breath of life who formed them out of his own hands while of his son are they running away from this God you see the God that was death who is the definition of love all of a sudden look like a God who was out to get them a God who was a tyrant a god who only wanted to seek. And to destroy. And we see that sin all to believe has allowed us to view God in a very distorted way so let's quickly review as just establish the point that we made before Genesis Chapter one Verse twenty six God says let them have what the minyan over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and out of the cow over all the earth and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth Genesis chapter numbers two we see that nor even after the flood that same language is being used and the fear of you and the dread of you shall be of every beast of the earth on every bird of the air and all that moves on the earth and all of the fish of the sea they are given in to you your hand so we're seeing that even before sin God gave man dominion over the earth even after sin entered into the world and God destroyed the world after fire with water sorry with the flood we see that God still gave men the power over the earth and we see the same language being used in some chapter eight were six the states that you have made him to have dominion over the works of your hands are so so far what we have established we know that the great controversy started where in heaven and there was a war but was this war a physical warfare with hands and and swords and guns and all that no it was a war of politics arguing right and the money it was arguing of who got truly is and now we're seeing in Genesis chapter two and three that the Dominion that God has ordained for him to be is the heavens man's dominion is here on earth Satan was restricted to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and there is where it came she was tempted and then we're going to get this we're going to unpacked and see into the surrendering of the throne now the worst surrender simply means to transfer one's power or authority you see Satan did not take this earth by force he. Took it by trickery he took it by deception in other words men gave Satan dominion over the earth. Let's get a little context of who Satan was you know before Satan was the devil the sky the night of the conniving deceptive serpent he was actually called Lucifer the light bearer and we're going to take a look of a little bit about who Satan was before sin into the world and you can find it in is equal Chapter twenty eight beginning in verse fourteen it describes Satan or Lucifer at this point you are the seal of perfection full of wisdom and perfect in beauty you were in the garden of God Now we just established in Genesis chapter three that there is only three people in the garden who is the three people Adam Eve and the serpent All right so we're seeing that this serpent was controlled by someone and we're saying that it was no other than Lucifer or Satan you were in even the garden of God every precious stone was recovering the solid as a topaz and dime in the birth of the onyx and Jasper the stuff by the turquoise and emerald with gold the workmanship of your temples and pies was prepared for you on the day that you were created in other words as brother can sing soprano acapella you know he can hit seventy notes all at one time right this man was a special creation and notice the appointed job that was given to him you were the anointed share up who covers I established you you were on the holy mountain of God you walk back and forth in the midst of fiery stones so we're seeing that Lucifer before sin entered into him or before iniquity was found in his heart we see that Lucifer was perfect he was beautiful the brother can sing right. Pass for effect. He had all of the in Temple jewels and also he had one of the. Best Jobs in heaven now this language is being used anointed share of who covers this is called what we call the sanctuary language the sanctuary had three compartments and had the outer court had the holy place and then the last compartment was the most holy place the most holy place is where God's dwelling place is at and in this most holy place is where God's law or his throne resides and his throne is seated upon his very law which is the Ten Commandments So check this out Lucifer his job was to cover and protect God's law. And I don't think you understood what I just said he was in the very presence of God and His job was to protect the very law and foundation that God established from way before so who understood God or better than Lucifer. No one outside of the Godhead Lucifer's job was to protect the very law of God and when he looked at that law he understood that this law was only a reflection of God's character which is a character of love it continues you are perfect in your ways from the day you were created to what was found in him you want to know how a nickel was found in him. By the abundance of your. Trading you want to know what trading is is the word the great the Hebrew word is translated to slandering or gossiping. So he was perfect in every way until he started gossiping. That going to be happening today in two thousand seven hundred one in this room. You know we don't participate in Gossip Girl did you hear what happened at work. The want to tell but. You now got a water cooler and you know. Did you see what other sensors did at first of the room. Lucifer was perfect till the nic when he was found in him and the reason why how Nikolay was a was was formulated in him was because the abundance of his gossip it continues you became filled with violence within and you sinned therefore notice I cast you as a profane thing out of the Mountain of God The Mountain of God is simply talking about the dwelling place of God so because Satan started gossiping and started telling lies to the other angels about who God really was and started this this is the vision in Heaven God says you can no longer be in my dwelling place I have to kick you out I follow so far and I destroyed you all covering sharer from the midst of the fire is Stones your heart was lifted because of your. If I check your instagram post right now how many selfies you have on there. Right if I check your Facebook post right now how many selfies do you have of yourself right we want to be careful because we're seeing that someone who is perfect found it was always found iniquity in his heart not only because he was gossiping but because he kept looking himself in the mirror a little too long. He want to make sure he was struck in every angle you know he started looking at his beauty and he says man I am one handsome angel you know I can sing I got a good job. You know. How good and you know this thing that God be always telling us to worship Him You don't know with all that I want to do me right. Your heart was lifted up because of the beauty you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor the knowledge that God gave to Lucifer the knowledge of himself he squandered it because he wanted to receive his own knowledge could it be that we're squandering the knowledge of God for higher education to learn about man's theories instead of what God has to teach in His Word. And so notice you the fall your center is by the multitude of your iniquities by the iniquity of your. Trading is translated into custom because the scent of your gossip I notice that this is not just something that is stated and is eager to have twenty but is actually a principle found throughout Scripture eleven it is chapter one thousand for sixteen you shall not go about as a tell bearer among your people nor shall you take a stand against the life of your neighbor I am. So one of the laws the limit Levitical laws was the God established between the people of Israel to the people of Israel was for you not to go around telling lies of the people don't be gossiping that's one of the laws that was established there is and given to the people of Israel also in Exodus Chapter twenty three verse one you shall not circulate a false report do not put your hand with the wicked to be and on righteous What witness and other words do not associate yourself with people who tells lies and always spreading false reports you do not want to be an unrighteous weak witness I want you to know something very interesting in some chapter fifteen they were asked a question and he asked this specific question Lord who may have by in your Tabernacle in your sanctuary in heaven and then he asked who may dwell in your holy hill or the Mountain of God and notice the response to the question he who walks what rightly and works righteousness and speaks the truth where in his heart he who does not that bites gossip with his tongue nor does evil to his neighbor nor does he take up a reproach against his friend do you know that God is a friend of ours of ours and so we see that Lucifer the reason why he got kicked out. Of heaven was because one he was telling us appeals backbiting against God he was doing ill will against his neighbor not knowing that the lies that he was spreading to the other Angels was also really going to lead them to a path that was going to lead them to destruction but also he was reproaching against the very friend that he had in Jesus and in God. And we see this the deception of sin alternately led Lucifer Satan to ultimately ten Jesus the creator and the whole theme of the great controversy is over this theme of worship who are you going to show your allegiance to and when you look at Matthew chapter or sorry looked up to for beginning a verse six we see that sense in terms of Christ and in terms of three specific ways but in verse six I want you to take a look at what the Bible has to say it says concerning Lucifer as the or Satan as he is tempting Christ in the wilderness and the devil sent to him all this power over I get the and the glory of them for that is delivered unto one me and to whosoever will I So what is the language of Lucifer or Satan is using here Satan is saying my rightful place and authority is here on Earth and Jesus you don't have to die for it you can just simply buy down and worship me and I'll give it to you. Can you imagine the created is asking the create or to worship him you know. He's giving him something that's not even his in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth God gave it to men but Satan took it or we gave it to him right I'll give you this fruit you'll know what evil is and returned you give me dominion of the earth and said OK here you go and so throughout from that time all throughout Scripture Satan is bragging that I am the ruler of this earth and Jesus I'll give you back your territory if you see. Down and worship me you see Satan want to Jesus to ultimately use his method of warfare and we're going to take a look at throughout the Scriptures and unpack this throughout the week and that Satan wanted to use deception deceit and lies but also also physical force in order for him to win the territory that he claims to own and second create this of the ten verse fourteen Paul states for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God and pulling down of strongholds in other words this warfare isn't a physical war say warfare per se but it's one that it's a power that allows us to break out of the strongholds of sin and we're going to take a look at that here so again Jesus never dialogues and say you know what Lucifer you know this earth is not really yours this is my world he never dialogues or argues with him because this this that the Satan is the ruler of this earth is found throughout Scripture John Chapter twelve or study one the ruler of this world he's talking about Satan second critics chapter four in verse four the god of this world and then finally Paul states an official chapter two verse two he is the prince of the power of the air so we see that that Satan is saying I have rightful claim to this world to this earth I'll give it to you if you simply bowed down and worship me Jesus never says and does not work I created a he doesn't dialogue he acknowledges that yes Satan does have control and supremacy over this world we see that he is the rule of this world he is a god of this world but he's also the prince and the power of the air notice what air means it is a more of the trajectory of the spirit the thoughts the feelings of the age meaning it's the more power of self centeredness. So the very atmosphere that we live in he is the ruler of the atmosphere and you don't have to other have to tell you all you have to do is try. On the news and what you see everything is about me I shot this present has he looked at me wrong I need this and everything is about me me me self preservation and it's very hard to find people who are naturally just selfless because in reality everyone is rooted in selfishness it's about me so the Bible states that listen not only is Satan the ruler of this world but he's also the ruler of the atmosphere that you and I live in he is the center of our and the spirits of thoughts of self centeredness So the very atmosphere the very characteristics that we see in people Satan has control of that and we're going to see here and first John chapter fivers from nineteen you will know that we are of God and the whole way old lies under the sway of to the wicked one this is why you can see people kill each other now feel remorse for it this is why you can see people stealing from other people and they say well you gotta get it how you get. It we live in a world that everyone is looking out for themselves and everyone is living under the principles of Satan This is why John states this a we we are of God we were created in His image and his likeness to demonstrate love to others and the world they're all about themselves they don't care about anybody else but themselves Satan is the designer Yeah he's the spirit of the atmosphere around us you know in order for us to fully understand the great controversy I believe the story of Job gives us the best example of what we just described I want you to notice in Job Chapter one let's turn there quickly and Joe chapter one. In Joe chapter one we're going to take a look at the story of Joe. And Joe chapter one we're going to read verse one. And Joe chapter one beginning of verse one we're going to read the context and we'll jump to verse six over there Joe chapter one. There was a man in the Land of Oz. Whose name was Joe and the mare was what blameless and upright or perfect and one who feared God and what did he do shun evil so there was someone who who abided by the principles of God and rejected the principles of sane one who feared God and loved him with all his heart all right so now there's just a verse six now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them so the sons of God is described as the the best like a better word the leaders or the represent the representatives of other people around the world OK so this other world other galaxies outside of Earth and it was hard to believe because we kind of center everything on earth but there's other planets and there's other representations or other representatives of other worlds and so God called a meeting with all the representatives of all the world and they're gathered together this is described there by the sons of God and they came to present themselves in this great meeting that got a cult and then who showed up to the party. The same shows up and notice and the letter said on to Satan where you come from. This is only a meeting for those who appointed rulers and leaders of the respective planets in the world around us and so he says say where you come from he says oh I was walking to and fro on the earth. Aka my territory. He played the trump card he said listen I'm here to represent earth. And I can use the word trump any more now. But he says. I have access to this meeting and the representative of Earth notice. So from going to and for the Earth same statutory and from walking up and down it so I had a I was just walking around Earth I heard there was a meeting and so I decided to come and check out the meeting and see what this meeting was about Notice what got out. Yes right after. Go back I didn't put the verse let's read let's we jumped up to one and verse seven then burst eight then the mayor said to Satan Have you considered my servant Joe. What was used as implying here. So I get excited when I study the Bible then listen to me carefully Satan was walking to and fro the Earth saying I am the ruler and the king of this world and here I am to represent earth God What is this meaning about he says You say that you're the rule of the earth but have you considered Joe. Because there's still one man who doesn't abide to your principles who loves me with all of his heart and what to say to reply by saying he said Oh he only loves you because you protect him he only loves you because you give of things you made them rich you gave him love you gave him a nice family but I guarantee you if you remove all of those blessings he will curse you and he will be one of my servants and so the whole book of Job is this internal and physical battle that job is going through he does not understand what's happening behind the scenes. He never lost his faith in God but he did have some questions he did have questions as fellow believers we do not know what's happening around us we do not understand the spiritual warfare that's taken place so when certain things happen in our lives it happens in the world we have the right to ask questions but we should never lose our faith in God. And so Satan did everything outside of killing him and Joe remained faithful and because of Joe's faithfulness listen to me carefully is why Satan did not have full access to the world. Because Joe was faithful to God is why Satan cannot claim the Earth as his own. Merely for a little bit. He cannot claim the world because of one man because one. Decided to say you know what I'm not going to follow what the world says and what the world do I want to be faithful to God even if it means me dying. And Satan also believe had to swallow that pill and he had swallowed hard so I want some things to keep in mind John always under the protection of heaven OK And then we see that God places ahead all around those who ultimately fear him and we're going to unpack this tomorrow morning but we see that job is under the protection of heaven and God places and heads around those who fear him so those who follow God's orders God's commands and worship them and give them to the the rifle respect that God deserves God and puts a protection around him and so Satan's argument was well remove that protection and see how he will curse at you and ultimately have him be one of my servants so God remove that had your protection but he said you cannot kill him you can do whatever you want but don't kill him you see God knows us better than we know ourselves you know Sometimes God allows us to go through certain trials and difficulties in our lives not knowing why God is testing us but he understands you better than you know yourself. And so that he knew that Joe can endure unto the end Satan can read the heart he only saw the circumstances around them and so we see that God places the head around those who fear him but when we disobey God has to remove his protection we're going to see that here in some study for over seven notice what the Bible says the angel of the Lord in camps all around those who would fear him and does what delivers him so remember Joel was one who feared God and because he feared God He protected him but once it was a joke that in this way but we see that the principle here and thirty four percent in the end of the Lord accounts are on those who fear them and he delivers them then notice in his secret chapter twenty two Verse thirty we're going to wrap up here in a bit so I saw a notice notice a language here that is equal as is. Is speaking on so I sought for a man among them who would make a wall a hedge of protection and stand in the gap between before me and be half of the land that I should not destroy it but what happened was a dilemma. Dan is looking to see who is it that I can protect who is there to to follow my principles and my law and as he was walking through and forth the land to find someone who was faithful to him he didn't find any and so notice what happened therefore I poured out my indignation on them I have consumed them with the fire my wrath and I have read compares their deeds on their own heads says the Lord so in other words because you are your deliberately choosing not to follow me I had to leave you up with your I had to leave you with your choices and the consequences that come with those choices you see God wants to protect us but that protection comes under the condition of us following what God asked us to do once we say you know I got I don't want to follow you anymore the guy says listen you're going to have to suffer the consequences of your own choices that's what love does love can't force you because of Gaza's No I'm going to tell you to come over here than that and love this rate God can't force you to do something that you don't want to do and so we see that God had to allow these men and women to suffer the consequences because they rejected the principles of God So what we're going to do is discuss this a little bit more tomorrow morning at eleven thirty we're going to be covering scene three Scene four and Scene five and then at two o'clock we'll cover sin six and conclude with sin seven but so far what I wanted to establish here tonight is that there is a great controversy between good and evil but the great controversy isn't just limited to doing what's right or was wrong but you and I actually play a role in how this great. Versity plays out and we see the example given in Job that God removed as protection to prove a point to Satan to show that listen though the world may be following your principles though the world may be looking out for themselves though you may claim to have territory here on Earth the world is not yours because there is a faithful people who is willing and wanting and desiring to follow me so we established that tonight that the heavens and the Lord's God has given us the earth but Satan has triggered by trickery and the sea has taken the world upon himself and now he is tempting mantle to to call it and his politicking even now to have men follow him and follow his precepts and his law but he cannot clean the world as his own because there are still a few faithful people here on Earth that decides I will reject the principles of Satan and I will live according to the principles of God And so tonight we established that heaven says Whose the Lord's dominion was given to man Satan was only limited to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil but because through the sea and the section he says I will give you the knowledge of evil and in exchange you give me the power and authority over the earth and once we made that exchange Satan's objective throughout the whole Bible and even now is to have men a his politicking all around the world to have men comply with him and to vote for him and to choose him as his Lord and as their savior but we see through the story of Job that even though the whole world may be following the principle Satan and everyone's looking out for themselves there's always a faithful person who's going to stand true to God and we're going to stablish that by seeing seven you're going to see that God raises up a church to ultimately fulfill that great desire so hopefully this whet your appetite enough for you guys to come tomorrow morning at eleven thirty. But also invite a friend if you've been blessed by an invite her friend will have will start at eleven thirty will have music by Peter as well as. With project one twelve will have a free lunch so you don't have to worry about going home and getting lunch if you want to bring something to eat you're more than welcome to do so so I have a meeting eleven thirty and they will conclude at two o'clock for how many of us I learned at least learned something new this evening around so if you've been blessed and you learned something new make sure to invite a friend bring your Bibles bring you no pants and. You know spread writer because I talk one hundred miles a minute so nonetheless let us pray and it's conclude with a word of prayer for the god just want to thank you again a for your Sabbath for the day that you have given us and Lord a day that we can just cast our burdens on our cares towards you nor do we see that this this drama this this drama called the great controversy is is so much greater than us and we see that you have given us the million over this earth you created us in your image and in your likeness and Lord we foolishly given up our rights to this earth because of for our desire carnal desire to partake of sin and so would allow us to be like Job allow us to fear you to love you with all of our hearts nor do we want you to put ahead of protection around us so that way we may all to be represented here on this in this dark earth and be a shining light for the world to see Thank you again for everyone who has who has come this evening I pray that you may give them Traveling Mercies as they head home and father as we return tomorrow morning Lord as we unpack the truth of the great controversy My prayer is that we may leave this place transformed in that this weekend may be a life changing we can we love Him for we ask this in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the users or if you would like to listen to more sermons visit W.W.W.. 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