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Territorial Forces: Scenes 3-5

Lo-Ammi Richardson
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What is the truth of the Great Controversy? Is the Great Controversy more than just a conflict over good and evil? Could the Controversy also be over a physical territory? This study will be broken down into a 7 scene drama that will help us see the big bigger picture of the theme Territorial Forces. 


Lo-Ammi Richardson

Harvest Director for SALT Evangelism Team-(Service and Love Together), Orlando 



  • April 1, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Lord I just want to thank you again for your love for your grace and for everything that you have done for us in our lives and throughout this week Lord you have set aside the Sabbath a day that you set aside for us to acknowledge you as redeemer and creator of the world and Lord I pray the my request this morning the Lord as I pray to you is that law me Richardson may not be heard or seen but that you may hide me behind your cross that your son may be obliterated and that all men may be drawn on to him as we heard the words of the song the Lord I want to be true to myself I want to be true to you and that's our prayer that this is our desire as we dive into your word this morning we love you we thank you for we ask this in Jesus' name amen the great controversy is broken down into seven scenes seven dramatic skits and now we're going to enter into SCENE three the promise warrior Now we know that just last night we discussed that Adam and Eve are part of the fruit and because a particle the fruit the the view of God We know that God are going God created man he created man in His likeness and his image and we establish a concert first and for verse eight that God is love like God is the definition of love and everything that he does is going to be in the context of love and soul as Adam and Eve particle the fruit and we see that sin entered into this world we see that God gives the first prophetic message in all the scripture it is found in Genesis chapter three in verse fifteen It states and I will put enmity between the and the woman and between that I see and her see he shall bruise my head and that shall bruise his heel you see where God was ultimately stating was that you may have won the battle but Satan a lot simile when the war you may have deceived my children into partaking of the fruit and to give them knowledge of evil and knowledge that I do not want them to partake in you may have won this battle but one is also. Undone I will win this war but not only did he promise that he will be victorious in this great controversy but we see that he was going to put something in us so that where we can combat the serpent that we know to be called the devil he said that he will put and Miti and what is another definition for enmity What was it was another definition for enmity. Hostility what else hatred are right and was sometimes you know it was kind of hatred though because I really don't I hate broccoli so is that the talk I hate that God wants me to have hostility Well let me give an example right I usually get this example and hopefully by the time when we are tempted to sin you guys will remember this analogy there was a rock artist known by Led Zeppelin he was known for his theatrical. He was the No for his the actress doing his performances and doing his shows and and rumor has it I don't know I tried to see if the story was confirmed or not but it was a rumor so we could take it for what it's worth but as he was. During his said he stopped one of his songs and he asked a security guard to grab this big cup and to go all round the audience in the Congo. Are those who attended the concert and to spit in this cup now if you ever been into any type of rap concert or any type of concert you know Worley concert hope you haven't gone to anything recently right but for me when I used to go there I mean they're smoking this drinking this and this cocaine this all type of stuff happening right and so I can imagine this cup is being passed and people are throwing up in this cup people are spitting somebody may have got over a cold right in and you see green God why don't get all of that different gods right and they're spinning in this cup and finally this cup is filled all right and the security guard brings this bigger cup full of spic gunk and everything else you can imagine and he starts to set he picks up this cup and he starts charging the things that are in the you see what that face that discussed you have is what God wants to give you toward sin. That is enmity it's not just oh I can't stand sin it's a discuss it's one that makes it like when you're tempted God wants you to feel like you're about to throw up what you just saw right so hopefully next time you're tempted with sin you can remember that analogy now for an hour but that's what God wants to give to you and I he wants to give us not only at enmity or hatred but our complete discuss for sin I don't my brother. And we see that God has you put enmity between us and the serpent but that yes Satan you won this war or this battle but I will ultimately win this war and how was God going to win this war were first Peter chapter four verse eight and above all things have been love a monster sells for what lawless shall cover the multitude of sin so the way that God was going to win this great controversy was by revealing his very nature and his very character to the world he was going to demonstrate his love to the world and by demonstrating his love is how he was going to win this great controversy so love will be the way that God was going to win this war now when we look and we can summarize the Bible we can summarize the Bible and these two ways the Old Testament in simply the anticipation of this Messiah who is going to come when you read from Genesis to Molokai we see that the prophets of old anticipating for them aside to come not only to a living ate them from the street you know from from the of the oppression that they was receiving from all of these earthly powers but to deliver them from the chaos in the sense in their own lives and all throughout the Old Testament we see the prophet anticipation of this promised Messiah that was prophesied it was going to come in Genesis three Verse fifteen the New Testament if we can summarize it is just the realization of his victory for us the Messiah comes he dies he wins this war and all throughout the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation. Is the realization that we can be victorious in this great controversy and we see that the victory is not ours to gain but is for us to trust in the one who has the victory and if you agree can I hear a hearty amen and so we see that God comes into the scene the great controversy is said God comes into the scene and says listen I have entered into this great controversy I will enter into this warfare and the way that I'm going to win this great controversy is by demonstrating my love now you're ready for the exciting part if that was an exciting enough Are you ready for the exciting part seen for is now going to enter in to organize forces this is a scene that you and I play a role in and by God's grace you guys are going to see something that you possibly haven't seen before so seeing for we we cover see one Dominion we've covered see into that that that the mini was handed over to from Adam and Eve were handed over the Dominion to the earth to Satan but now the promised warrior and seen three comes to reclaim the earth again and now it's a sin for the organized forces is where you and I play a mighty role in this great controversy I want you to notice in Deuteronomy Chapter thirty two beginning of verses one in eight is says they're here are we what heavens Now where does God Well where is the dominion of God and heaven and I will speak and hear earth the words of my mouth now who dwells on Earth men and who did God give dominion to so here's a here's a cry hear me at all of Heaven on Earth hear what I'm about to say when the most hard divided the nations end their heritance when he separated the sons of Adam he set the bounds of the people all courting to the number of children all of whom when you look at the Septuagint the the orignal language we see that that word is. Roe is really the original word is holy angels said as God was coming and made this announcement to the heavens and the earth he says we are separating the territory and we're going to the holy angels are going to be guarding certain territories here on Earth all right so we see that when the most heart divided the nations he separated the sons of Adam he set boundaries of the nations according to the number of holy angels assessable our right so it continues it continues by saying But the but we're from Lord and Satan ultimately assigned angels to the territories here on Earth you see I sitting or a nation makes third decisions not simply by the words spoken but the actions demonstrated and by the actions and the words you speak you ultimately choose which kingdom you are going to show allegiance to our fallen so so so let's say I am a Christian I am going to abide by the principles of God's word. And because I abide by God's principles the promise found in some study for over seven as we cover last night is that he will put a what hedge of protection around me now if I am married and I want God to protect my marriage but I go hour and start flirting with other women and start having a religious illicit affairs with other people what is God ultimately going to do he's going to remove the protection of my marriage is he not but one of my declaring to heaven and earth yes and they proclaim to be a Christian but my principles are aligned with Satan and with the earth with this prince of policies of the air that we discussed last night so God doesn't necessarily care about your proclamation he's more concerned about your demonstration who is it that you're going to show allegiance to and so we're seeing that the Bible clearly states that God is sending territories base. On those who follow Him those who are going to obey Him those who are going to fear him a lover with all their heart that those people God is going to put a hedge around them but those who are going to reject that protection and want to follow by the principles of their own corner hearts the hearts of self centeredness then Satan puts his angels and that's how the territories are the ultimate He separated if that makes sense can I hear an amen All right now we see the steam continue on through out the Bible and accept the seventy beginning of verse twenty four to twenty six it states God who made the world and everything in it since he is a lot of heaven and earth does not dwell in temples made with what So though we know the Spirit of God is in this room understand that God is not confined to simply in this room are you following God does not dwell in churches made by men he dwells somewhere else we're going to talk about the here in a bit but not our nor is he worship with man's hands as though he needed anything since he gives to all life breath and all things he continues and he says and he was made from one blood every nation on men to dwell on the face of the earth and has what determined their prayer point at times and the boundaries of their dwellings so sin sin entered into the world man was establishing the boundaries and which God had access to and what the boundaries within this great controversy so let's read Romans Chapter six beginning of verse twelve to eighteen we're going to see you Paul write our state some points that I think that is beneficial for us to understand in Romans Chapter six beginning in verse twelve how many of us write our Bibles this morning and that i Pads and i want to see your i Phones I want to see your physical Bibles. People Reeboks and more is a shame candles ruined it anyway rummest after six beginning of verse twelve are we there. All right if you're not I'll give you some mercy and some grace and Grace is done all right Roman six verse twelve I don't. There was God he's long suffering I'm not I've got time we're on a time or strain or Rama six verse twelve Therefore Paul says Do not let sin reign in your mortal body that you should obey in it it's not just and do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin but present yourself to God as being alive from the dead and your members as instruments of righteousness to God for soon shall not have dominion over you for not under the law but under what Grace So what then shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace and what is Paul's answer to that question certainly Lantz do you not know Notice that to whom you present yourself slaves to obey you are the one slays whom you obey whether of sin leading to what. Living unto righteousness so we see that the boundaries that we set for ourselves all simile honors God So let's make this thing practical if I know that the boundaries that I say were honor God then I have to be conscious of the things that I eat the people that I sociate with the things that I listen to and the things that I watch because if I'm allowing anything to just penetrate into my soul then that's also me determining whether or not I'm going to allow God to set his boundaries in my life. So if if if I can honor God by the boundaries and I said then I have to be very conscious of what I watch what I hear who I so see it with and ultimately what I eat because you know what what you mind you know they're right. And so we're seeing that we can honor God base on the boundaries that we said and we are ourselves but let's bring this thing a little bit home a little bit home a little bit closer and bring it home and let's go to Revelation Chapter thirteen now if you if I lose it here I apologize but I'm sure they'll be people here who can explain it to you a much more in-depth but what we're going to summarize the Book of Revelation Chapter thirteen. Fourteen hear in a bit in Revelation thirteen beginning of verses one through ten there's this kingdom or this beast of beast is represented by kingdom that comes out of the sea and this and this piece according to Revelation Chapter thirteen verse four that we see that everyone is wandering out of the beast everyone is paying homage to this beast everyone is worshipping this beast OK And his whole purpose is this Can we power is wanting to persecute God's people then in verse eleven are in verse eleven it states then I say another beast or another kingdom or earthly power coming out from the earth and he had rights to have horns like a now stop what is a lamb represented in the Bible. Jesus Christ read Remember when John the Baptist right before Jesus was going to get bow ties he says Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world so we see that is not following me we see that as an earthly kingdom that is going to look Christ like. But it actually speaks like a who now who is a dragon represent in the Bible Revelation twelve or one tells us that the dragon is all serpent called The Devil and Satan himself so we see that this lamb has horns like a lamb but will speak like a now for the second time that kingdom is no other than the United States of America now this nation was raised up for one purpose was to give liberty for men and women to be able to worship freely according to their conscious because they was a stepping persecution because the Catholic Church or Mother Church during the time was telling them were no you have to look where ships and pay homage to us and they said no God raised up a kingdom an order for God's people to be able to establish a land where men and women can worship freely without any. Without any what so what I'm looking for persecution. Any There is another word. Here or it will go with those words. All right. So we see that alternately even the constitution understand that the Constitution has a lot of Dali principles in it and so we see that God raises up no listen to what about to say God raises up this kingdom that is going to have Christ like characteristics but also Billy will start speaking like. Now how does a nation speak through his laws and through his legislation. And are we not hearing a cry from the world that will we need God's protection to this great great country do we not we need to regard back into this country but how can God set boundaries over this nation when worse passing legislation and laws that goes against his very principles. And this is why we see this nation looking as crazy it is as it is. Could it be that the laws and legislations that we pass conflict with the Bible now I don't know where you stand on this issue but we know that God has certain boundaries and certain guidelines as to what consists of a marriage of biblical marriage and could it be that that those laws or legislation that's being passed that they may say listen we have Christian principles but we want to be united in accepting to all but let's pass a legislation that will go against the principles of God's word. And then how is it that God can able to protect the nation when in reality they're not following the counsel and the principles of God's word. So let's continue durometer thirty first MONEY continues for the Lord's portion is his people Jacob is a place of his inheritance and notice when he talks about Jacob he found in him in a desert land and the waste land howling wilderness and what did God do or for Jake up here encircled him and he instructed him and he kept him as the apple of his eye you see the. God wants to protect and establish a lineage through Israel he says listen very well worlds may be following the principles of Satan I am going to establish a a group of people the people of Israel I'm going to protect them I'll put a hedge around them and I'm going to give them an inheritance if they abide by my word. And so we see this this hedge or this protection around Jacob and Gaza Zire that it was Gaza's are for the people of Israel through Jacob was for people of the people of God Israel was all he wanted Israel to continue to abide according to His Word and according to his promises and God had an eye for the people of Israel all throughout the Scriptures but notice what happens as an eagle stirs up its nests and hovers over its young spreading out its wings taking them up carrying them on its wings so the wearer know let him and there was no foreign guard with him the reason why God was able to protect Jacob the reason why he was put able to instruct all around them was because as he was looking at its life he realize that Jacob had no foreign gods in his heart. But as time progressed no to what takes place as generations continue to grow as generations continue to pass we see that the people of Israel they now want God's protection they wanted to be like everyone else you see God are a special plan for Israel was for God to be their king and their protector and their provider but they started looking around the say you know everyone else has a King we want to have a king too. And you can imagine sandals heartbreak is like well God has done so much for our people he has taken one of the land of Egypt out of the land of bondage he's going to give you an inheritance and take you to the promised land and they said no we want a king and send you as he's pleading with God does as listen Samuel. They have rejected you they reject me and that is what happens the people of Israel alternately provoke God to jealousy why they provoked him because the Ottoman start possessing foreign dogs with ADD abominations they provoked him to anger they even sacrificed to the demons not to God but to God they did not know and to New Gods new arrivals that therefore that your fathers do not fear so so here it is that that Jacob was the standard of what God wanted the people of Israel to be he called Jacob Israel he says through you Israel is where I want to have this lineage and here is a here feared God he loved them carried God God instructed him he protected them he was the apple of his eye but as time progressed we see that the people of Israel rejected God's principles and ultimately they started accepting foreign gods not only that they start sacrificing to demons and alternately started worshipping New Gods not to God the Father the Father Abraham Isaac and Jacob but New Gods for gods and this will provoke God to jealousy. Do you understand that God sees us as the apple of his or. Do you know that he brought you back he has redeemed you he has provided you breath in your lungs food in your stomach a house to live in and yet we have the audacity to go worship for gods and then come Sabbath morning and say Lord you are good knowing that six days of the week you've been living for the devil. Can you understand why God will be provoked to jealousy Why is this devil Why is this demon having all your time and attention when I have done so much for you see rebellion against the principles of heaven removes the protection of God So we're going to see how this actually happens are you ready if you like me before you know so like me out of this because one thing about me I will keep it honest and real with yaar. And so and so we're going to take a look now what I say but what the Bible says we're going to see how God's people all similarly started accepting foreign gods sacrifice that it is the means and ultimately rejecting God and accepting these new does in their lives how did this happen and there were sounds one zero six for study six states but they mingled with the Gentiles and they learn. The people of Israel started focus to stop focusing on the Word of God stuff following his counsel they started looking up and they said. You know what the way they worship seems to be much more entertaining than the way we worship. Let's let's run their works you know our Christian education is kind of boring but a lot look having all the nations are you know providing their education every four you know the start of mingling with the way only folks with Gentiles and they started learning their works they start rejecting God's principles and his commands and they said teach us how you do things teach us how we should eat teachers how we should finance our money teach us how we should work who we should worship and how we should worship teach us. And then also really they serve their what their idols which became a snare or a trap to them and here they are they're trying to make listen listen listen there's a misconception that's happening that we should be friends our brothers or sisters from other worlds and I agree one hundred percent but the Bible does not say learn their ways and learn their works the Bible does not teach that should we accepting it sure would be accepting Yes sure we learn their ways. Because if we start learning their ways star and taking their ideology guess what happens we're also only going to serve the Ganser and that of Florence is going to be a trap for us is going to snare us but it gets worse they also may sacrifice their sons and daughters to demons. Mothers and fathers took their children that God blessed them with and sacrificed them to the devil his angel. Could it be that in two thousand and seventeen Could it be that we. Are sacrificing our children. Could it be that we're sacrificing our children to demons with the things that we allow them to watch with the people that they we allow them to associate with with the things that we allow them to hear we can we can listen we can grow up claiming that we love the Lord but if the things that we are allowing our children and even ourselves to partake in if they're not reflecting God we're sacrificing our children and that ultimately gets what happened they ended up shutting innocent blood and even see that around us right you can see that we're living in a time where the things that people watch the people the things that people play the things that people listen to influence the everyday action that results of the tragedies that we see every single day and we're seeing that even the land that we're living in is shared with innocent blood but notice the blood of their sons and daughters whom they sacrificed to the idols of came in and the land which is the territory was polluted with what with blood now we can have a better understanding as to why the world is reacting the way it's reacting is not God's fault is that men rejected God's protection and they said we will do what we want to do we will sacrifice to these strange gods and these strange idols and also really we see the land being polluted with blood killings our all time high abortions at all time high everything that is that God said that will not happen if you follow me it's happening at all time right thus they were the fall by their own works or their inventions the things that they started designing they started to break themselves like God I was watching a video last night that that scientists are now creating. What they call super humans you don't. A man and a woman to procreate they can create humans based on their own knowledge and all stem cell research and all of that and they said it was your feeling about super humans meaning they can create their own D.N.A. they can create the type of hair they have to type I call it. Where is God in that picture. He is the one who says he creates life but man says. We can create it. There with the father own works and their inventions God has given to say a diet that we must follow this in our But what is meant to start modifying things you heard. Here is man's inventions not gods. Because they were the father of their own works inventions and played the harlot by their own deeds therefore the wrath of the Lord was kindled against his people it was God's people that he was angry with why are you following their ways when that way is only going to need you to one place to death I don't so much I've brought you back I redeemed you at taking you out of the land of Egypt out of the land of bondage I've given you life yet this is how you repay me therefore the wrath of the more was Kindle against its people so that he uphold his own inheritance that God's people also he said I rather have earth than what God has promised me in heaven. Got to a point by just simply mingling with the Gentiles and learning their works they got to a point where they a hoard the very inheritance of God promised to them and so notice what the Lord did and he gave them into the hands of the what else that he had to do I mean because God works on the principle of love this is not if God started forcing Israel to start doing what he asked them to do with that we love so he says listen if you loved Gentiles so much go with them. And notice and those who hated them. Ultimately ruled over them. The very Gentiles who will try to befriend who they thought were baddies was a star learn in their works and start having the same mindset as. Them they ultimately. They became slaves to them. Could it be that were slaves. Today are we like slaves to that were slaves by education when slave by what the world tells you you must be and when slave to that we want fame we want fortune we want riches we want all of these things and here is a God says if you love those things so much they go with it but at the end of the day it's not going to be worth it. You see because of idolatry and his people God was forced to relinquish his divine protection and he ultimately gave over to the king that they chose which is the devil himself. And we see this play out a little bit more clearly in Daniel Chapter ten Daniel had a vision he was in the kingdom of Persia and as he had this vision he didn't fully understand this vision as early as the Lord Layard I need help to understand this vision and then a chapter ten beginning of verse eleven we see the response of the angel and he said to him and he said to me talking about Gabriel Gabriel is the the high art angle that took. Place. And have to remember that Lucifer was a covering Sharon while he got kicked out or Gable stepped into the role All right so Daniel is praying that now I want you to follow me closely then I was praying he says Lord give me wisdom and understanding about the vision that you gave me God here's the prayer he was he tells Gabriel I want you to deliver this message to Daniel and Gabriel leaves immediately right you followed orders and he said to me talk about Gabriel a man greatly will of understand that the words that I speak to you and stand upright for have now been sent to you while he was speaking this word to me I stood trembling wabi German two of us a big oh my the angel you know come into my presence right so here is Daniels like he shook. His. Shook his trembling but then he said to. You know do not fear down your four from from the first day that you say your heart to understand and to home for yourself before your God Your words were. So the god in a in responding to then you notice what took place and I have come because of your words right so here I was here to answer your prayer Daniel what I was in a battle with the prince of the kingdom of Persia and he was withstanding me for how many days twenty one days listen to me carefully. It wasn't that God did not want to answer the prayer of Daniel it was that Daniel was in the territory of Satan and when Daniel prayed God said goal Gabriel I want you to answer Daniel's prayer but the reason why he cannot deliver the message was because he was battling with Satan himself and here's their argument hey I need to go to Daniel No you have no right here on the king of Persia everyone around me is following by my principles of my law the government is under my jurisdiction is under my control you have to go I'm a caravan You see that's only one man no no no and for twenty one day this contention is happening this arguing I have the right Daniel spring I need to go there that's my take Daniel's my territory No I am the king of Persia and this battle happened for twenty one days and behold Jesus one of the chief princes Michael one of the cheap princes Jesus came to help me for have been left alone there with the Kings of Persia So Gabriel spotting the same in all his the humans. Trying to get to Daniel but can't because he's in Satan's territory and this arguing is happening for twenty one days until finally Jesus had to come down and say sane the rules of the great controversy is that whoever abides by either our principles we have access to them so you may have all of the land of Persia But Daniel is mine and have access to Daniel. And so we see that Daniel comes into the scene and Gabriel also many reveals I am the prayer so I want you to keep in mind when we pray and those prayers are not answered immediately now that is not that God doesn't want to answer but there's a spiritual warfare that's taken place that Satan does not want God to have access to. Our total dollars some. You see Daniels is in your territory I agree but he's praying to me so he is mine Satan will not let Gabriel in because Daniel was in the very kingdom of Persia aka the kingdom of death of the devil himself so we see even Jude Chapter nine Michael the Archangel talking about Jesus when contending with to the devil he disputed about the body of Moses does not bring it against him a railing accusation was said the rebuking So remember that Moses led an upright life did he not but it got to a point that when Garces speak to the rock what the Moses do he was so frustrated that he struck the rock twice the Nina and because of that disobedience he was not able to enter into the land that was promised and Satan at that moment thought he was victorious he says I got more says. He disobeyed God He is mine and one family most of passed away of course Moses repented of it and when Moses died we see Jesus and Satan having disputes over the body of Moses and this is the dispute he's mine there is not he disobeyed you yet he disobeyed but in the records is fro shown that he asked for forgiveness and the blood that I'm going to shed all Satan he is covered he's mine no no no that's not a body he disobeyed you can't be you can't you can manipulate things the way you want to work and got a sin in there you know it got to a point it does as you know when I stop and these are the rules he is mine. And where the Moses and the Gone. You see Michael is a priest incarnate Christ he has the or he is the only one who has the power to resurrect and this is why we know that Michael Michael is only used in the context of this conflict of this every time you see a war in the New Testament and Michael is used that's Jesus for lack of better words that's the name that Jesus uses to go into battle. All right so when you see Michael just know that Jesus fighting All right so we see that that then Jew Chapter nine describes the same thing and I and I watch it man listen these stories are not going to even become more impactful they're going to going to shed new light in these stories that we've read so many times and I want you to notice is Matthew chapter twenty six beginning verse fifty two Are you familiar with the story of the demoniac Yes Notice well before we get this I want to cover this before because this is the point I wanted to make we remember that Satan last night we discussed that Satan uses certain principles to fight in this great controversy he uses lines deception deceit but he also uses what physical warfare as well right he kills what he you know what what he sees he ultimately seeks and he wants to destroy all right so say when Jesus right before Jesus was going to lay his life for you and I he was betrayed by one of his own we know that Judas gave Jesus a kiss and that's how they knew that Jesus was a was a person that they were supposed to arrest and Sir Peter God bless Peter's Hartman big because I think that Peter did not understand how Jesus was going to win back the kingdom of how he was going to establish His kingdom and notice Peter without a sword he says not today you hang on take my lord right chaps of the man see what he had to go to war and Jesus has to stop and look at Peter and says Put again away your sword into his place for all that they take oh. All that they take by the sword shall perish with the sword. I think is the hour that I cannot pray to my father and he shall present me give me more than twelve legions of angels understand the language that Jesus is using here you know if this war was about a physical war you know or think that I could call my angels in Heaven to come fight this war for me I don't need a little puny knife and sword Peter you're weak bro I got a Angels with chariots ready to come and my commands and you know it's interesting to me that when Christians step on some toes but it's all right it's amazing to me that we were a lot more gun legislation and gun rights than actually relying on God's protection in those times of moments. God said listen they just tell that your little puny gun is going to protect you from are in danger how about this just do what I ask you to do our project you. Put away your gun put away your sword you know and this and that where legions is in the language that Jesus is using is this physical battle terminology the word legions refers to a Roman army that has two thousand foot men and six hundred horsemen. And Jesus is your think like a cult twelve legions. You have that are going to call two thousand times twelve Feltman two hundred times twelve horsemen to come and fight my battle this battle is not about a warfare physical war for Peter Put away your sword and notice we're going to see this even play out in Luke Chapter eight so we're saying that Satan wants to fight right he wants to use physical but he's trying to win this great controversy from physical force and those moments where God could use it he says no we're not using physical battle the way that I'm going to win this great controversy is through what. Through what we establish a scene three through May of for love covers a multitude of. So proud of where you are so are the way I want to win this is going to be so ingenious Peter that is going to blow your mind is going to be great I promise is going to be great. Yeah let that sink in I'm Luke Chapter eight. Luke Chapter eight notice the story that the money I remember the money it was going to talk about look up to eight years twenty eight. When he saw Jesus he cried out fell down before him with a loud voice said What have I do with you Jesus son of the most high I beg you do not do what torment me and now the question where were these angels these demons and these devils where were they before they got kicked out of heaven there when they haven't heard me to the character of God they did but can you see what Saint has also many did to even these fallen angels that they had the audacity to say Jesus are you here to torment us. Forgetting that God doesn't want to seek and to destroy but that he wants everyone to come to a point of obedience and so follow him but yet sin has distorted their view of Gus so much that these devils are saying will you torture us first twenty nine for he commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man four had often seized them and he was kept under guard bound with chains and shackles and he broke the bonds that was dragged in by the demon into the wilderness and noticed a question you know the disciples are shocked they're seeing this whole thing play out there's a man in shackles but not any ripped off right the chains are running a butt naked man who's crazy is running at the disciples Jesus says and he says What's your name. And what's a where and the responses My name is legion in other words we are organized. We are here for battle. We are in the territory that we're possessed we're allowed to be. In the territory that we possess we have the right to be here but because the men want to Deliverance what a god do he sent the legions of the engines out and now we see languages being used here in verse twenty thirty one. And they begged him that he were not command them to go out to the abyss listen we understand that this territory is now yours but we must Quest somewhere test all send us to darkness or darkness so God says. Or the demon says what about the swine can we go there and they said yes you can of occupy this one their bomb and war any way. You can go in them and so they possessed the pigs and they jumped off the mountain right but understand that the language that was being used was a language of warfare what's your name legions. Legions there's many of us. But you know this is kind of a man who didn't notice that the legions of demons was just shot by one man named Jesus. Gave it you haven't got a cut that I just got that along with this very swank survey there was a little bit of demons in the presence of God and I said where God handed us. Just sent to somewhere there's the herds even the Devils know the power of Jesus don't they they know exactly where they know what Ahmed is so so they access period in other the period they access the pings which is ultimately abominable but notice it continues verse thirty five because notice notice notice notice notice verse thirty five is what's key to helping us understand what Jesus is doing now is restored if I've noticed noticed. Then they went out to see what had happened and came to Jesus and found a man who from the demons had the party sitting at the feet of Jesus cold and in his right mind and they were like How did this happen. And notice. This demoniac wanted from Jesus they also said to him it told them by that what means he had been demon possessed was healed and then the whole multitude surrounding region of the the Guardians asked him to depart from them they were seized with great fear and they got into the boat. And returned now the man from whom the demons had the parted back in that he might be with them but Jesus sent him away saying notice return to your own house and tell what great things God has done for you and he went his way and proclaimed throughout the whole city what great things Jesus has done for him. The man wanted to go with Jesus. For the first time he's in his right mind for the first time he found a lover a friend named Jesus Christ and his greatest desire listen was to be with Jesus when you want to be would use up the deliver you from a legion of demons Well what does Jesus say. Now that I have a rightful place in your heart and you're my territory I need you to go out and tell everyone else so that way I can win this territory back because the context was there was rejecting what Jesus was doing they didn't want to hear the message so when they saw this miracle Jesus thought to himself If this man comes with me who has access to this land. Who has access to this land if he comes with me but now. That you're in your right mind and now that the multitude are wondering I have access to this territory I want you to stay and tell everyone about the miracle that you just experienced so the man that has the devil wanted to go with Jesus book prices no stay here I has set a hub and say instead of Tori So you want to know what the what the what the greatest weapon of choice is in this great controversy prayer prayer is the key and winning this great battle between go. An evil listen to me carefully when we intercede on other people's behalf we are giving Jesus permission and access to territory that Satan has possession of. The brothers pressure because I have to deliver justice move. When you and I pray we are giving God permission to enter into Satan story territory because we're giving him permission to have access there. Can you imagine the city of a. Without churches. Can you imagine that every church that God has established in the city of Apapa is a hub for God to have access to you're not listening to me. Yet I can go a mile down this road and there's people who have never heard the name of Jesus. God has established churches in this territory so that way it could be a hub for him to have access to the territory. And yet we don't pray enough yet we don't access the key to the victory in this great controversy listen intercessory prayer is the reason why I'm here when I was rebelling against God's principles my mom raised up a child in the way to go and she became the promise when he gets all the way he understands it he want to part from it but I reject it as a damn good I'm going to pursue a career in basketball going to small government a drink I'm a part I'm a live at the good life I want to go to clubs I'm going to go to circumvent all of these things right and as I look back in my life I see moments where it was only by God's grace that I came out of those difficult situations what then I started realizing the reason why God protected me wasn't because I was listening to his principles but because I had a mother who was faithful who. I was praying to say Lord protect them in those moments because if it was up to Satan he would a snuffed me out and then it would have been the same battle that Moses that was happening in June with Moses while his my territory was falling by my principles and I never had the opportunity to repent and that's what Jesus has to do yeah you're right he's yours. Are you understanding how this great controversy comes to life now prayer intercessory prayer gives God the right to access any territory the same possesses. So our weapon in this great controversy is prayer it's exercising our rights for God to intercede. Oh you have no access here yes but I was granted permission by law on me for me to be here for my friend for his friend in this situation. I wonder how are paralyzed going to be out there. Because because now you can have this picture or you go be you don't be putting yourself in the most demonic places by layer layer you know are saying your age I give you permission no legs. But you see we see that Jesus takes back a human as this territory listen to carefully remember that God does not dwell in temples made by hands he wants to dwell in you your the territory that he's fighting over and as he has access to you then you have access to physical territory that he doesn't have permission to go to unless he has access to you. There are places that you have access to that I have no access to I'm not a nurse I can go to the hospital and act like a nurse but God has ordained you to be a nurse and now he has territory in that hospital and he can utilize you to enter a scene in that place and you can fit a scenario in any in any situation so Jesus takes back to human territory he takes back a mind he takes back a heart he takes back a life see the. Territory that God is most interested in is you. He understands that if I can have access to you that have access to the territory that you abide in. Scene number five the on ward were the on armed warrior. Who should. What time is it is it because. When is it. One o'clock. It's our young All-Star lesson see number five and war on our warrior so principles using the great controversy we established as Satan uses force and deception but God only uses two things one large and truth so let's take a look at Luke Chapter eleven. I promise you once we're done with the scene we'll each fellowship and then we'll conclude scene six or seven salute Chapter eleven beginning of verse fourteen. Look at have a beginning of verse fourteen and he was casting out a demon and it was new so it was that when the demon had gone out that the new spoke and the multitude marveled but some of them said he cast out demons by buzzards of the ruler of the Demons other testing and saw from him a sign from heaven but he knowing their thoughts and said to them every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and a house divided against a house Those What follows is Satan also is divided against himself how would his kingdom stand because he you say I cast out demons by those of them but if I cast out demons by those above by whom do your sons cast them out therefore they will be your judges but if I cast out demons with the finger of God Surely the kingdom of God has come upon you so we see that the devil is not going to cast out demons of his own he is not going to cast out his own people and so the accusation was well Jesus cast out. Demons based on the name of the of St He says Well that makes no sense because if Satan is going to do my work then a house that is divided is going to fall but if I cast out demons just know that is they it's a finger of God It's my working alright you see that's a farce a Lotus John Chapter twelve we're going to go quickly John chapter two as I know you smell the good food that is about to you guys about to eat right now Jon Taffer to a beginning of verse thirty one. John Chapter twelve beginning of verse thirty one now it is a judgment listen to me carefully now is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world will be cast out and noticed a prophetic language and if our I be lifted up from the earth will draw all peoples to. Come on when Jesus say listen devil can cast out his own people this is not how the great controversy works he is trying to snuff out my people and suffering on his people and Jesus is now leading everyone to point to an event that's going to take place now while the judgment of Satan is going to come. And the heroes of this way old will be cast out now remember he got cast out of heaven. There in up and he came to Earth where now God is saying listen to me carefully there's going to be a time of judgment that the world is going to see something so spectacular the Satan will have to be booted out of earth as well. Now is the judgment of this world now is how the prince of this world be cast out and I are he lifted up from the earth will draw all men unto me the principle of their satan uses helped Jesus win the victory over Satan's principles listen to me carefully the cross was the demonstration of His love for the world and he. You Satan's own weapon against Him Satan only wants to seek and to he was so consumed and snuffing out Christ that by snuffing him out he also many demonstrated his great love for you and I. This is why when you see the the the. The chance of the people crucify him crucify him crucify him they lead Jesus to be crucified. But as soon as they are wrecked did him up there was a language. Oh now you got it if you're the son of God come down come down because he realized that that very moment he lost his kingdom. He was so consumed the trying to kill Jesus that Jesus says your method of how you going to destroy me and when you use it to destroy you. And at the cross if men can simply see the cross there was see my love for them. They spit in his face they put nails in his hand turns of crown on his head and the words that Jesus ordered out of his mouth as Father forgive them for they know not what they do love. Come down come down the cross is the demonstration of God's love for humanity. Collages to verse fifteen and having spoiled principalities and powers he made a spectacle of them openly triumphing over them in it. As their way was making you know even realize what I'm doing. I'm standing here in a condition where as they look at me and they can as I am putting you to open shame I am making you a spectacle to the world because now everyone really knows who you are. Everyone now knows who you truly are saying. Having spoiled prince of polities and powers Carter makes a ten X. battle all of them openly and in God's greatest moment of. Of embarrassment was ultimately his greatest triumph. So what is a power Satan. Deception threats and force say think things it's first for force a battle for Barrow a where for war Satan thinks by killing Jesus he won but in reality he realizes that he lost. And I will put them into between you and the sea you will bruise my heel but I will crush your head. Your methods of warfare is not my methods you use the seven threats and force I use love Second Corinthians as we wrap up here so I can create this chapter ten beginning of verse three second Corinthians beginning of verse ten and verse three notice notice notice notice what the cross does second critics have the ten beginning of verse three through five four then we walk in the flesh we do not wear against a flash for the weapons are on welfare are now what they are not a physical warfare but there are no good mighty in God for pulling down strongholds their imaginations or ideas so what ever idea or imagination or thought that you may have of God Look at the cross and your whole imagination an idea would change if you think that God is only out to seek and to the store you look at the cross. That imagination ideas cast down casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing to every thought into the captivity to the obedience of God So notice the great war that was happening I have in the dialogue the politicking ends at the cross at the Occultation I'm not going to. This is yes we see the face to face crisis and Satan is at a standoff. At the cross is where you see Christ's greatest love for humanity you see love at its full extent and at the cross is where you see what sin will ultimately do to someone who loves you with unconditional love. Satan and Christ are that are there face to face and notice a quotation desire it is at the cross of Calvary love and selfishness. Here was their crowning manifestation Christ had led only to comfort him blessed and in putting him to death Satan manifested the magnitude of the obvious hatred against God He made it evident that the real purpose of his rebellion was to the throne of God and to destroy him through whom the love of God was shown. But. I understand that when Christ died. At the same place that you find love is a same place where you see selfishness at its deepest core. And all of Heaven understand did not understand what state they really thought the Satan had or argument but once they saw the cross listen to me once they said the event that happened to theirs to their master to the Lord to their Savior Jesus Christ their decision on ever rebelling to Christ. Was removed you can even use the word they were sealed in the decision and following God. Heaven has already made their stance and who they're going to pay the allegiance to but notice Revelation Chapter twelve who like it is. Larry's Revelation Chapter two a beginning a verse seven and where branch out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought and they the not prevail nor a place found for them in heaven any longer so the great dragon was cast out. The separate of all called The Devil is Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast out of the earth and his angels were cast out with them then I heard a lot very saying in heaven now salvation and strength and the Kingdom of God and the power of this crisis come the cross for the accuser of our brethren who accuse them before our guard they the night has been cast down. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the way we have their Listen it's people who saw the cross for what is valueless and now because of that experience they have a testimony to tell the world. The great controversy has already been won is up to you whether or not we don't finish the job. Very slow Levon States God's people overcame by the sacrifice of the cross and they have a testimony to share to the world that listen I used to live. A rebelling as a guns will but I'm no longer about saints Kingdom and for God's kingdom and now matters worse twelve therefore returns all the heavens and he who dwell in them and well into the hundreds of the earth and the sea for the devil has come down to you. Having great wrath because he knows. That the time that he's able to possess this earth is coming to a close. I want you to know this Revelation chapter twenty. Revelations have the twenty first two. He says in verse Let's reverse one then I say are an angel coming down from heaven had in the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand he laid hold of the dragon and the separate of all who is the devil and Satan and bound him for how long so listen I'm just going to summarize a great controversy in about four sentences. God is the heaven. Is a ruler and has dominion heaven and earth was given to man to have dominion Satan only had access to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil he was only corn there was fear change was made Satan started taking over the territory. But as soon as cries that on the cross and men understand the principles of what Christ has done for them at the cross and people start sharing their testimony with others and proclaiming the gospel also mentally God wins back his territory and Satan is quarantine once again to be by himself. And we will leave you with that thought because now when we when we do the afternoon session you are going to see the purpose of the church. And when we conclude the word of prayer for a father just want to thank you again. For the sacrifice that you have made on the cross. Lord we don't understand it Lord we may not even comprehend it but by your grace Father we want to accept it. And Lord we understand that at the cross is where we see the full flourishing of sin was selfishness will automatically lead us to do to crucify and killed our men who only desire was to demonstrate his love towards us but at the same place Father we see love manifested in its entirety and we are thankful for that Father and Lord as we conclude here this morning let us never forget that you have we are asking you father that you give us access in our lives so that way we can be used as vessels to win back territory that's rightfully yours bless the meeting that we just had blessed of who were about to eat. And Lord as we conclude the scene six and seven I pray that we will have a greater picture of your love towards us we love that we ask this in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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