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The Great Omission

Adrian Zahid



  • July 18, 2009
    10:00 AM
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him father I come before you and I want to make some trades I treat in any eloquence that I have her influence I treat coercion for gentle persuasion I trade my unrighteousness for your son 's righteous father I pray especially for the young people in this room today may their hearts be touched and maybe see the potential that they have it working with you I asked if you bless me today and years in Jesus name I pray for those of you who do not know me my name is Adrian side I am the associate director for Evan Hope and for those of you who are more familiar with the church manual I'm the assistant summer school superintendent of Avenal and I think it is important for us from time to time to examine what we are as a group and what we're trying to accomplish as a group because of her not on the same page then it can be disastrous there is a story that was published a few years ago I think it was in London there was a an uproar in the city some of the buses or most of the buses weren't stopping to pick up the riders as a bird on their route and so people wondered what was going on and people are getting upset people would run after the but the biggest one saw Andy has been taken over and over again the final Eagles are going to letter to the editor saying that the buses are not stopping to pick up the passengers was going on and the editor finally got tired of it and he wrote an editorial and then the response came from the head of the transportation for that city and is that the response was this he said if our buses stopped to pick up the people and we will get behind schedule if we stopped to pick up the people we will get behind schedule and we certainly don't want to get behind schedule your inevitable but we certainly want to pick up the people which there is another illustration that is given of a business card numbers here Stephen Covey in his book this is the call the speed of trust he interviewed or surveyed twenty three thousand employees of a single firm trying to find out exactly how many people agreed with the mission and vision of the company and were working to fulfill the commission and the vision of the company and the portrayal of correlation that he got from the numbers was he expressed it in terms of a soccer team and so this is what he did he said that if is the same numbers were to be applied across the board to a soccer team you know first soccer team when they take the field as eleven players he said that four of the eleven would would know what part of what they're supposed to do on the field that is they would know which team the raw just what does nobody thereon two of the eleven is a little unstable but I may have to go to the middle to do the two of the eleven would actually care which team never on okay and only two of the eleven would know which goal to aim okay the rest of them would be in some way working against thirteen scoring own goals or getting their own players or whatever so when he drew from this is that most employees of companies of corporations and even churches most most members of obvious groups really do not know what their vision is whether trying to accomplish and as a result inadvertently they end up hurting their own company and hurting their own teammates in this battle for for winning there are two groups that I have somewhat broadly identified in the Adventist church and maybe maybe five roles bigger thicker it might be more of this initiative groups there's one one group that is called PC don't you salvation by information and please forgive me my spelling skills defeat me in this purpose but there's a scope of salvation by information again the second group is the don't ask don't ask can give crowd okay do moves salvation by information and don't ask and get drunk broad generalizations of the sound of his church and just a disclaimer I have been a member to send out a search for sixteen years a baptized member my father has served thirty five years in the ministry want at and also has office present in the church and my grandfather has served the same thirty five years as a pastor of the church and in the words of our general conference present he says that he used to take ownership of the church and so today I would encourage you to take ownership of the church this is our church and so as I described the circular criticizing it because my church when does the striving a problem and in hopefully a solution okay so that salvation by information crowd they are a big their information but again the Revelation seminars the Daniel seminars the study on the hundred forty four thousand that study in the spirit of prophecy does not move them to do anything in the church okay and then almost but it do the least they have this subtle plan of trying to somehow through gaining information be able to stand at the end of time and therefore goal is self preservation of local self preservation and so what happens is when they go out to do evangelism there have so much input he ever bought a good evangelism they have so much info that they do an information overload they do it like this they expect their attack the bear people were there working with the goal from zero to hear all in just one conversation and so the conversation is like this my dear friend the seven nanometers is the true church of the living God the Sabbath is his seal of perfection on your soul and so we ask you to join the true Sabbath keeping church and be ready and become part of a hundred forty four thousand and two doesn't matter it doesn't matter if this person does it has never heard of the church or is part of another church or couldn't care less I need to be convinced why needs to join this church but they didn't listen so they had a zero to hero thing and enshrined a fail and when they fail they say while the world is not ready is just not ready these guys are just not ready to hear the message or they just feel like these people does not love Jesus then there's the don't ask don't give crowd they have a superficial Christian experience they haven't asked Christ and so they cannot really give anything to anybody that massive and so they can get the generally model of Christianity supposed to be because they really haven't lived and yet they want to really work hard and try to bring people and because a year the processing to bring people in as I go out and they bring people in but the problem is that their untrained in Christ method of winning souls and so they win by fear or they win by friendship with a win by whatever means possible it brings people in but the problem is that they don't how to keep those people and and so because they themselves really do not have a spirituous visit another living connection with Christ they cannot really hold onto someone else and help them get connected with Christ and as a result when the people that they bring in fallout befall alone and are so far removed from other people that when they fall no one hears them fall and they fall out of the church and today just briefly I want us to look at John chapter three to see Christ method of evangelism Christ method of winning souls is great here not to find out the latest and the greatest in soul winning but to find out price method because it's the only method that has long-term results and brings you to salvation price method John chapter three if we look here he's talking to someone who knows about the Bible and so he is using some theological some theological text that he knows that that can reach this person reaching him at his level is exalted level by still very simple and he said he doesn't come out and say hey you need to be born again it is in Zeta first what he does is he creates a need notice in verse three he says Jesus answered and said unto him verily verily I center the accept a man not you a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God are then he goes on to say after he has put that out there and Nicodemus is a theologian he wants to see the kingdom of God and he really wants to be there and so he pushes Jesus Nellie cc this means that but what is it what is it that I'm missing energy this is fairly rare this entity except a man be born again of the water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God sakes he explains little more and then in verse seventy five he says Marvel not that I sanded the you must be born again once he created the need then he becomes way more specific and he says you was that of John chapter four Jesus says reaching out to somebody else is a lady who does not really have not much of a theological experience in the use of something else he has any for which I have a need as well I love my water bottle at the back and some of the kind of find it and bring it up and appreciated he stressed the need he said give me to drink and so he had a need and he asked for and I built a bridge because he or she was fulfilling a need for him they built a bridge Anthony said he found it was the gift of God and was said to be give me to drink all of us would've has asked him and you have given the diluting water then he creates the need for this living water and has interesting hurt to get that living waters that she will not thirst again and then he goes on to say in verse seventeen over sixty musical and call the husband comehither than he becomes very specific about the problem in her life so when Jesus reached out to people first he created this need this spiritual need that was that the person did not realize was there and and he then restart this person and then and got been for himself became just on statistics for you guys since us on survey statistics for those web warning to the church seven a.m. and is ranked number two and those that leave the church okay Joel as witnesses lead the game is briefed on the banks if you want to Joe as witnesses thirty two percent of those that are born as Jubal Jehovah's Witnesses leave the church seven they haven't this twenty seven percent lead the church after they been born into the church Buddhists twenty three percent and nondenominational two percent leave the church after their born into a church so this is this is a survey that was conducted by by outside university is looking across a broad spectrum of churches and internal church survey done by the church by the seven Baptist Church says now this is for those who come in through evangelism right church member retention statistics indicate that close to twenty eight Adventist leave the church for every one hundred will join in close to twenty eight Adventists leave the church for everyone every one hundred would join in and this is in for the world church is a very specific survey according to a recent study profiling former Seventh-day Adventists in the churches north American division okay mostly they left the church over a fundamental lack of genuine Christianity not because they disagreed with the church 's doctrinal teachings or values they left because of a fundamental lack of genuine Christianity right so these are some numbers for you guys just ponder on today let's look at the first church of the New Testament the apostolic church please turn with me to ask chapter one acts chapter one as you look at the first church in the New Testament acceptable verses six through nine when they therefore came together and after then saying Lord wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom of Israel Jesus is two minutes away from going back to heaven and after the crucifixion three years of ministry crucifixion the the resurrection forty days with them he's about to leave and they're walking up the mountain and he's about to leave them when they asking me are you is your chance the German to create another kingdom year and Jesus answered them it is not for you to know the times of the seasons progress of father had put in his own power but you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of your and when you're spoken these things as the sentences right there while they beheld he was taken up at a cloud received him out of their sight just like the two minutes before they still had they still had a wrong conception of what Jesus was trying to accomplish in your life now this look at a few rapid checks over here accept the true verses one through two and when the day of Pentecost was fully come they were all with one accord in one place okay so what's that word that comes out one accord and one place okay so we don't really matter about the one place and is looking at one or again was the fifth in other checks a definition what is what is it mean to be in one accord some people believe that these disciples at that time when it says one accord it means that they were theologically all of them were on the same page everybody loved each other everybody wanted to be with each other and the reality is that under on for the most part yet they were on the same page and if they did love each other and ask forgiveness of each other and it repented of their sins and because they were so close they were prepared to receive the Holy Spirit however if you want to find out the definition for exactly what that one accord means was called to flip instructor to because Paul talks about this as well Philippians chapter two verses two to four C says fulfill ye my joy that you need like minded having the same love being of one accord of one and what does it mean what is it really doesn't mean theological accuracy remember in that in the New Testament church the very first thing that they disputed on was whether they should go out and even witness to the Gentiles and even after they start witnessing there was there was questions about requirements of what do they have to do in order to become to become Christians and so participant 's enormous amount of time I distracted and that hates operation is by faith and not through circumcision or any other rights to come into the church and so he's he's describing what it means to be in one accord and of one mind and is located let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves friends that was the spirit that was in the church during the time of the apostles they esteemed each other better than themselves and they were willing to sit down and talk with each other even when they disagree and work with each other through the problems the great commission that is in our church will be fine the second quote that I read on as we go through this study guide for this the great commission in our church today is that keeps us from fulfilling the great commission is that lack of oneness in the church and you'll see wise people to discern the great commission in the blank you can put in once once exhibit one things that that prevent us from having oneness in the church we has some lone wolves lone wolves people who feel that they can exist as Adventists apart from everybody else that's revamped his wife says many have an idea that they are responsible to Christ for their life and experience independent of his recognized followers honor Mister spirit of independence don't touch me I know it I know it all is that spirit that keeps us from being one that's look at first John chapter one verses three six two seven first-round chapter one verses three sixty seven rapidly and that which we have seen we had declared unto you that he may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with the father and with his son Jesus Christ so John here is saying that look we are writing this letter to you and we want you to have fellowship with us in the Fellowship is talking about is that one of court one place one mine and he seemed really our fellowship is not only with us but also with the father and his son so what happens if you are a lone wolf what happens if you feel like you are responsible for your life for for your experienced the price alone what happens there is that you end up being independent of your followers you miss out on the Fellowship with with your friends and with your family and with people in the church and so what happens is when it when you live in a place North America where we had observed in almost every corner it is a blessing and a curse it's a blessing because each of these charges are able to fulfill specific needs of other congregations but it is a curse because when we do not agree with our brothers and sisters in one charge we can easily hop to another church enemy propaganda hop again and keep popping and not have a fellowship with anybody in the church that is the curse of having many churches in the times of the apostles there was only one church in the city and it was it was just you and them and that's all against the rewards of other Romans and the Gentiles and Jews and everybody else it was as you went to church and yes they had problems of the church there people were sleeping with people they shouldn't be sleeping with never problems with different types of theological part of the church but still it was their church and they work together they prayed together they walked together the Fellowship that you are missing you are also the only missing it but you are depriving someone else of the Fellowship that they could be having with you and the Jesus Christ when you hop from church to church exhibit two is agents of division she writes the evidence that the World Cup would stand and controvert that God has sent Jesus into this world as Redeemer is in the oneness direct that in oneness of the church their unity and harmony is the convincing argument not the Sabbath not the state of the dead not tied by the hundred forty four thousand the convincing argument of the world is what the unity and harmony of the church yes those truths are important and illustrators are vitally important bill will be most important in a timely we stand together at the end of time against the world however right now our unity and our harmony is a convincing argument Satan is therefore constantly at work to prevent this harmony and union that in witnessing the bickering strife and dissension unbelievers will become disgusted with Christianity and fastening unbelief and in fidelity and use the next word God is dishonored by those who profess the true what they are at variance with each other this goes across the board to everybody applied as he will as always her direction but that's it from Overlook a sixty three was the first John chapter four nineteen to twenty one and this is where she cupcakes this is thought from we love him because he first loved us if a man said I love gone and hated his brother he's a liar for either love or not his brother whom he hath seen how can you love God whom he hath not seen and this commandment we have from him that he will love and God love his brother also and that love is not something that is a something to say I love you in some unit you live is a principal of your life it is something that even your enemies and yes there are enemies in the church even your enemies realize that on a deep fundamental level they looking at you love I learned this up over years are dispensable of loving my enemies in the church first I never believe that it could be enemies in the church and the night items acidic there are enemies of the church most of them are personal enemies and on I learned this from my father he loved his enemies so much that even when as a conference present he had to remove people from office from from being a pastor or whatever he still took care of their kids he made sure their kids into the educational subsidy and school he took care of them and those enemies even though in whenever in trouble they would turn to him because a new one person that actually love so these are two main problems that are that are in the church exhibit and their something some artists are going with this is the sex is sex over the success of our work depends upon our love to God I love our fellow man vendors harmonious action between individual members of the church when there is love confidence and confidence manifested by brother to brother there will be a proportionate force and power in our work for the salvation of men many people are waiting for the Holy Spirit to get an apartment to forget the Holy Spirit will give them power when they learn to work with each other and we still have not completely learned that idea yet unity and tries to lead reveals unity in the church reveals price more than two sermons and arguments she says wherever severity harshness and wanton affection and love are exhibited a sacred circle to hold the OB most assuredly a failure in the plans and management pictures digitize the home and the church together into sentences she says unity in the home unity of the church reveals price manner increased more than sermons and arguments so if your home life isn't working out in your church life is to work out either I'm in your church life 's work on the inhibitor failed in your ministry we can reach out to try to say that exhibit three is a mixed multitude in the church in this multitude come from churches and churches for the wrong reasons the people that temperatures for the wrong reason and say amen to that because I'd for many years for at least two years when I was in Ohio I went to church for the wrong reasons I went to a Korean church where understood knowing no Korean identity somebody say moreover said that but I went there because the potlucks two years they kept the endowment research on Sabbath for the potlucks if we were to wait till the churches purified before we brought people in it would be like Melinda University medical Center waiting to accept the patient until they had completely cleaned the hospital of every germ you just can't wait and if you did it would be a crisis and even told me happen this multitude in our church in there and it's good that they're there because they can be changed with their closer to Christ the closer you come to Christ the better chances you have been changed she said like accusing in the days of Christ many today here and believe what I'm going to step out on the platform of obedience and accepted so that it is in Jesus they are afraid of losing worldly advantages their minds I sent to the truth but to a baby is delivered across a self-denial sacrificing the seas trusting in man and making flash their arm and a turn away from the cross so we have a mixed multitude in the church that prevents this one is one step in the world and once up in the church and the holes of problems that go with listless look at the list of the Bible does really rapidly as my time is ending here was look at acts chapter nine is a story of solid member the sorry it's a fairly familiar saw was reading out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord and he went and he he was instrumental in killing Stephen and he went and he got letters and he was going to since they had run away from Jerusalem to pursue them to the ends of the earth and his first thought was Damascus and you wanted Damascus nearly met Jesus Christ when he met Jesus Christ Jesus told him to go and I that he would BMW would be completely changed he lost decidedly pretreated and three nineteen and eat or drink you're just sitting there and Ms. Weiss is a vote for those three days were like years and because it's not a PhD in religion and he was able to to go through Scripture and an link every prophecy with Christ and he he did that in those in those three days and as he was doing that the Lord went to somebody and you went to Ananias and any sent to him Ananias and said behold I am your Lord and he said arise and go to straight Street and acquire in the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus for behold the prayer and it announces mine it was thank you that's awesome that he's praying Lord but do you not know what he is done to your disciples and he said and yet seen a vision of a man coming of a man named Ananias coming and putting on his hand and that he might receive his sight that's even more glorious Lord because now he has even more impetus to take take me and others into jail but Jesus said go thy way to freeze a chosen vessel unto me and he went his way and the Bible says on in verse seventeen demand is when you entered into the house and putting his hands on him he said rather saw the Lord Jesus Christ had appeared and then he went on to give him his life mission and not only that he went on to baptize him as well apart from the baptism of Christ the greatest baptism and down his church was that of Paul and the person that took the risk was Ananias there many people were afraid to take risks with people and we do not have the culture where we can accept people into the church even people who have killed some of our family members or church members or people will torture them and made them give up Jesus Christ can you imagine bringing those people in unlimited something really great for the for the time hereby than he does read this one quote you the role of the church the church is God 's appointed agency for the salvation salvation of men it was organized for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world from the beginning it has been God 's plan that through his church shall be reflected his fullness in his sufficiency the members of the church those for whom just all of the darkness of the marvelous light artificial court 's glory that is the role of the seventh day Adventist church the role of Sabbath school so if you've got this church and thought as a warning to get too good to the world and he wants people to be changed there is something that needs to train the members so they can go out and and to complete the mission the role of the church are going to the church manual of two thousand five said the Sabbath school is the primary religious education system on the seventh Avenue circuit has four purposes right on his purposes study of Scripture number two Fellowship number three community outreach number for world mission and so at the same time there is a balance Sabbath school is not church if you want to read that go to causes of Sabbath school work page one eighty three she talks about a group of people that were selling dishonest school after summer school was over the Redwing one one the rest of the people are going to church and she says that's wrong number for the sake of time here on this matter run through an illustration and what is this an illustration is to make point again and I know that some people oh will still be upset as I make this point but let me just try this and I think people from history are and illustrate a point with this Martin Luther King day we know this is okay JW don't like what ML without the cane Martin Luther okay in other GYN this is what I don't tend to another JW or GSW James White MS Mark Finley argues these two men at the again here because it spoken and I would hope and they are members of the highest body of researchers is an Wilson which is a general conference when we are trying to reach people for Christ and if we are trying to make a change in the church if we believe that changes be made we need to use the method that Martin Luther King used which gone the use which got debarred from Jesus Christ which is the principle of nonviolence okay no violence in your changes this man it years ago no one knew who he was an eight years later he is president United States he is president because he found a way in his campaign to include anybody and everybody to work for him you could conjugate one dollar you contribute several million dollars if you needed to you could he even got computer programmers to work for him did they designed his iPhone app which was able to record the streets of of every street and in an America and then they correlated it with people so people would knock on their doors in their neighborhood and as a nod and/or they would tip them off on their under applicable ago that can for then they would tip them off over there as well as doors that had been knocked on election day they went down the line of people asking people for their names and as they said their names the biggest entertainment and he went to the headquarters and they found out cool was at the polls and who was and as a result they were able to to send back a list of people a list of names to which they could go back and go knock on the doors and make sure that these supporters of a Bob would go to the election booth and will vote for him in eight years he became president Jesus Christ needs to be king of this world and he needs people to go one knock on doors and change the world for him and so if this man could do it I know that Jesus can get people to do John John Wyclif wasn't was a postdoc at the magician a very brilliant man and he realized that if there is any change in the world if you never translate the Bible into English language and he did that for the first time and it began a sequence of events that Martin Luther and helped end and what what John Wyclif was he was this uses academic and we need people down the church were academic people who have high degrees were very well skilled and consecrated like John Wyclif but we also need people like Martin Luther who also had a degree but he also was a man of action he went to the church door in the nail something into the church door and a change history we also need someone like Tyndale a man who would argue with the Bishop he realized that the patient was argued from the tradition of the father is not the Bible and he got so frustrated he said you know what I will make sure that the plow boy knows more about the Bible than you do and equipment today would be someone maybe I'm flipping burgers or something but we need to find a way to make our gospel so simple that even the simplest people can pick it up and become changed we need people like James White James White was that was a unique individual and the Amish church he knew where the church was where it he knew where the church was in the first is a new winter is supposed to be and how to get there very unique person and not only that but he even when he was sick he found a way to learn about the about the health system he went to the cemetery many looked over towards it this is the way you do it and they went and they did and the University medical center is based off of those principles is to last-minute the end of the year of my family integrals in my family was born outside and send out a search even though you have in his father became demonstrated age of eighteen the time that it took for him to go from eighteen of from it all as a young man to becoming the general vice president of the General conference is an example of what people can be when they come into the evidence church from outside that Wilson is someone who represents ninety percent of the average church today young people who were three third fourth fifth generation of interest were still passionate about the church who still want to change the church why work for the church and who and up in positions I think that God gives them in order to to make changes in the church these are consecrated men that he was in the last is over here which I'll drive over here for space it's kind of an open box don't be so deluded as to think that you are the only person that's the way that is needed or we are the only people that are needed to accomplish God 's mission of the church they are people like Saul who became Paul outside the church who wins they come into the church they will radically transform the church and take it to a whole new level that the disciples had the harmony they had the agreement they had everything but half the New Testament was supposed to be written by someone else and a person was still not in the church and were never ready God brought them into the church and he changed the church qualities of church for better and so I created a as we start this year because I will cure starts June one as we start this year at Ivanhoe that you will consider this Sabbath school not as as are not only as a place to worship but really as a training school as a school where you can be trained we know what we don't know everything but we know some stuff and we all learning together and we want to frame you to become a strength to the church possessiveness lights as I was supposed to be a strength to the church we wanted to be able to become by James White to be a facilitator where you are able to look at things and you are able to observe things here and then you're able to go and other countries and subsystems systems of churches systems of Sabbath schools dozens of healthcare leaders off of seminaries leaders of medicine leaders of a different areas of the church we want you to become that someday and we ask you today to consider the fact that Jesus died for your soul and that if you are actually going to be changing if you're if Christ character is not to be reproduced perfectly and you it will also include a burden for souls to Jesus he came and he said might my mission is to do what she can save that which was and is very name is working he shall save them from their and so it is my prayer today that as you come here to this training school that the Fellowship that you have a Jesus Christ and the Fellowship if you haven't assured that you will bring it into the school as well and the school will be a place that will train you said you become better and more effective in the seven Baptist Church and his local church here as well as their father we thank you for the blessings that you given us the blessing of the sound that Mister can be asked of media strength of his church today we ask that you give us a burden for souls father we have been wondering on this earth for hundred sixty eight years as a movement and father we ask that you give us the opportunity to walk where father stumbled to build to pray and to work together and just Jennifer should together where our fathers were unable to do so the last wrote oneness in this church we asked the submission date for most of them we can fulfill the great commission that you have for us in Jesus name


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