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Why the Law?

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • March 18, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Morning everyone. Blessing to be here for a blessing this. Early. Having completed a series of studies it's a blessing to me to know that there are people out there who are really still interested who want to know what God wants them to know and who can make a call to render their hearts to Him for him and this blessing it's about. We all have to. Be there to. Invite you to turn with me to Galatians chapter three I suppose you've seen the title in your boat why the law. I don't know if it's an obsession with me or what but I keep on studying the plan of salvation trying to understand the law in relation to Grace and A of these things and I'm hoping always that the Lord will give us something to chew on. Then by the name of John Bunyan most of you know that he is the author of Pilgrim's Progress wrote a little poem I don't know if it was more than one stanza but I know once then it's right here in my notes it says this and he is writing Run John run the law commands but gives me neither feet nor hands far better news the gospel brings it gives me fly and gives me wings. I read that this week and I thought oh I just got to decide this thing although I had to read. The citation. The log then is obedience but it there isn't much the law can do can't even lift a little finger to help us to keep the law. The Gospel On the other hand promises a savior and the savior that it promises can save us from our sins there is power in the Savior the. The Gospel presents to us and so we need to focus on the Savior and on the promise and on the Gospel what God has given to us so then brings the question why the law I had to turn in your Bibles to go lation chapter three we're looking at verse nineteen interestingly enough that question is asked right there and Galatians chapter three we're looking at verse nineteen where for that is why then service the law what's the purpose behind the law and it answers this is Paul answering the question that he asked. It was added. Because of transgression Now did you get that the law was added and that's in answer to the question why the law what service does it what does it serve what purpose does it serve and it was added and the question is to what was it added And why was it added Now certainly it was not added to save us well that's kind of a strange thing to say for sure everything that God has done is for the purpose of giving us driving us in the direction of finding salvation but you cannot be saved by the law we know that you can see that in verse eighteen you can catch that there for if the inheritance be of the law it is no more a promise but God gave it to Abraham by promise So how did Abraham get the inheritance. He received it by a promise he did not receive it by the law and by extension we can ask the question how are you and I going to be saved is it going to be by the law now it's going to be by promise and when we think of promises Who is it that fulfills the promise is it the one who has made the promise or the one who is the recipient of the promise. The one who made the promise that makes perfect sense doesn't it now it's true that when there is a. Promise sometimes there are conditions to the promised conditions that need to be met but in the end it's still the one who makes the promise that has to fulfill the promise that he has made you may have little children and you may promise to bring them to the corner store for an ice cream cone the little child maybe three years old he doesn't have a penny to his name he has no way to get to the store there's nothing he can do about getting that that ice cream cone except fulfill the promise and I mean fulfill the condition and the condition maybe you need to straighten out your room you go and straighten out your room and if you straighten out your room I'll get you an ice cream cone. In the end that child cannot fulfill that promise himself he's got no money's got no way to the store and just got no wait for the promise you still have to fulfill the promise because you made the promise and it's the same thing as far as the plan of salvation is concerned we can not save ourselves I don't know if you realize how impossible this thing is and I hope that by the time we're done this morning we're going to see and I'm sure that many times as I have spoken here that I have spoke. About that before. We know that it's impossible don't we know that it's impossible to save ourselves Yeah it's amazing to me that in spite of knowing that it's impossible there are many of us myself included that works. On keeping the law so I can be saved doesn't make any sense at all so that's the question why the law cannot save us well have you turn with me now we've already seen and I don't know if we read all the way here let me read that verse again where for then service the law it was added because of transgression and so we know that it was added to something what was it added to it was added because of transgressions so let's see how this thing plays a. Itself out turn with me to Deuteronomy Chapter five Deuteronomy Chapter five. We're looking at verses one two six in Deuteronomy Chapter five. Moses called all of Israel and said to them here all Israel the statutes and judgments which I speak in your ears this day that you may learn them and keep and do them and the Lord the Lord our God made a covenant with us in horrible now the word horrible here is where cyanide is always talking about Sinai when it says horrible K. The Lord our God made a covenant with us in the horrible past tense this has already happened so you need to realize that what we're talking about is post Sinai post Ten Commandments OK The Lord made a covenant with us there now I want you to notice what it says in verse three. The Lord made not this covenant with our father. If you can see that but with us even us who are all of us here alive this day the Lord talked with you face to face in the mount out of the midst of the fire I stood between the Lord and you at the time to show you the word of the Lord for you were afraid by reason of the fire and went not up into the mouth saying I am the Lord thy God which brought the out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage and so what I want us to focus on right here is what we read in the beginning of verse three The Lord made not this covenant with our fathers So here we have God making a covenant with the children of Israel that is different from the covenant that he made before hand before before Sinai before with that he was making now with the children of Israel so what covenant is Moses talking about well this is not hard to understand to know the covenant because if you go to verse seven all the way. Verse twenty one all he does there is reside the Ten Commandments all over again so this is what happens here there is a covenant before Sinai they get to Sinai when they get the Sinai the law is what it's added to the covenant look at verse twenty two I think you can see it there very carefully. Very easily these words the Lord spake unto all your assembly in the mount out of the midst of the fire of the cloud and the thick darkness with a great voice and he added no more and there's that word again added he and he wrote them on two tables of stone and delivered them on to the and so very clearly we see here that what was added was the Ten Commandments and it was added to the covenant that God had made with our fathers before. Why were the Ten Commandments added to the covenant that God made with Abraham. Well because if we can go back and we will read that further on but I can recite this thing it says in Genesis Chapter fifteen verses Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness. God did not and have to add the ten commandments to the covenant that he made with Abraham because Abraham believed God and it was added unto him for righteousness Psalms one hundred one thousand verse one seventy two says all my commandments are righteousness and when Abraham believed God He took God at His word He trusted that what God said God will do he didn't have to add the Ten Commandments because he didn't need to God would speak Abraham would believe and. And Abraham believed he followed in the path of the Lord God did not have the Ten Commandments so why don't last go with me to Romans Chapter twenty. ROMANS me Romans Chapter five we're going to look at verse twenty in Romans Chapter five Verse twenty and we see there why the law was added. Moreover the law entered or the law was added for that deal fence might abound. You see the Israelites didn't know how sinful they were they didn't know how impossible it was to find their way into the Kingdom of Heaven they had no conception of this thing and so when God spoke they said we will do it we will do it and God is thinking all that there was a heart and them that they could do it but they can't do it it's not like they believe God they believed in themselves you see and because they believed in themselves God gave them the ten commandments one point a couple of weeks later what are they doing there dancing naked around the. Golden Calf. They had trusted in themselves and they were not able to keep the Law of God and to do what they had promised to do. You weeks ago I think I shared with some of you and I'm just going to repeat it again when I first became a Christian when I first became a seven as we would go from door to door doing a real health survey at the end of the health survey there was one question the last question on the survey in the last question on the survey was if you should die today and end up at the pearly gates and Peter is standing there he's going to ask you why should I allow you into heaven and what would you answer that was the question on the health survey and invariably you know. Oh I mean one from Northern Ontario in Canada it's pretty well French Canadians over there and they're all Catholics almost all Catholics and so the thing the answer would be pretty well predictable the reason that Peter should allow us into the kingdom is because we are good people. We bring home the bacon I don't kick the cat. I'm faithful to my wife I go to church every Sunday I put a dollar in the plate where good people there's no reason why would God wouldn't allow us in the kingdom and when you hear that as an answer to why you should go to heaven you you kind of think like they don't have a clue how sinful. The closer we come to Jesus the more faulty we appear in our own eyes the per the away from Jesus we are the more wonderful we appear in our own eyes we compare ourselves among ourselves and because we compare ourselves among ourselves we think we're pretty good because we can always find somebody that's not doing as well as I am somehow. Friends if we come to the place where we think we're pretty well good enough to go to heaven you know that at that point we don't need a savior I'm already good enough to go to heaven what do I need a savior for but it isn't true if there isn't anything further from the truth we don't seem to have an idea I'm talking we don't seem I'm sure you do but anyway I'm preaching it. We don't seem to have an idea of what it means enter into the kingdom of heaven we're going to explore this thing together as much as I can we're still in the book of Romans. Interestingly before we even go there go to Romans chapter one. When Jesus looked at the Seventh Day Adventist Church and you can see that in Revelation Chapter three he he looks at the last day church his last day people and he doesn't have something very great to say about us. He says You say that you are rich and increase with good in need of nothing in other words you say that you are good enough to go to heaven the way you are and then he says you don't know you don't know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and me and I and I can't imagine that you think in those terms in this room but still and all it seems to be generally that God looks at his church and that is the problem we think we're good enough we will surely we're good enough Yeah I'm going to make it into the kingdom of them I mean why wouldn't you let me and I'm not going to jeopardize heaven. Really. What it means so now I've got you in the book of Romans and I want to tell you that. Paul in writing the book and by the way I think the book of Romans is the best book on the plan of salvation in the whole Bible I love the book of Romans but do you know that Paul takes the first three chapters to tell us how bad we are I wonder why he does that and I just we're just going to go the through this quickly in the first chapter of the book of Romans he points to the ungodly that's people without God and then he describes what the people without God are like OK we can't take it read the whole the whole chapter but starting with verse eighteen all the way down to the end he is speaking about the ungodly they know God we can see that he has revealed Himself to them in verse twenty but in in verse twenty one it says when they knew God they glorified him not Verse twenty eight. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a reprobate mind and we start with verse twenty nine and just look at the description of people without God. They being filled with all unrighteousness fornication wickedness. This maliciousness full of envy murder debate deceit malignity whispers backbiters haters of God This spiteful proud boasters inventors of evil things disobedient to parents without understanding Covenant Breakers without natural affections implacable unmerciful who knowing the judgement of God who knowing that the judgment is coming that day which commits such things are worthy of death not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them so there really without God I mean this is what is in their hearts and I don't know if you've ever been there but I've been there I've been in the world I was without God for many many years like twenty five or so years. And this was who I was I mean every description but you know this was in my heart that's how it is that's how the ungodly are if you transfer over now to Chapter two Paul at this point he addresses the Jewish people verse which started with verse seventeen. Behold there are called the Jews. And you rest in the law and you make your boast of God You know His will you approve the things that are more excellent being instructed out of the law you're confident that you are yourself a guide to the blind and a light to them that are in darkness you're an instructor of the foolish a teacher of babes which has a form of knowledge and of the truth in the law and then verse twenty one to twenty three thou therefore with teachers which teaches another teaches though not by self that preaches that a man should not steal do you steal. That say is a man should not commit adultery does that will commit adultery thou that of Horus idols the commit sacrilege thou that make a sly boast of the law through breaking the law that you design or God And so this is how he is addressing the Jewish be. People and I don't know but I'm sure you've studied the Bible enough in this period of prophecy enough to know that the Jewish people in the days of Jesus were trying with all of their hearts to keep the law but all that they managed to do was keep the law externally and so externally they look like Christians but internally they were cruel they were harsh they were designers they were bigoted and they were so bad that they could manage to kill to murder the Son of God and think that they were doing God a favor. They were a mess Absolutely we go to chapter three now and in chapter three Paul addresses the. Gentiles and the Jews and us starting with verse nine and I think the indictment here is worse than anywhere other place verse nine What then are we better than they know now the implied answer is No And not only that not only is it implied that is the answer what then are we better than they know in nor wise not at all for we have before proved both Jew and Gentiles which covers everyone really that they are all under seal as it is written there is none righteous no not one how many are righteous not due Gentiles not Christian none no one sitting in this room there is none righteous no not one I believe our Bible says all our righteousnesses are filthy rags if you going to count on your righteousness to get the heaven you have you have a. You have something coming have a check coming your way it's not going to happen you're not going to get to heaven by your right if you don't have any zip all that we think is. Our righteousnesses is filthy rags and verse eleven. There is none that understands there's none that seek after God we're all self-seeking everyone is selfish they're all gone out of the way they are all together become unprofitable there is none that do is good no not one none that's who we are Jesus said there is none good but one that is God and if Jesus says that I suppose it's true right. Now I don't want to discourage you but we have a little more to go for it we're coming to the gospel in a minute verse thirteen their throat is an open supple curve their tongues with their tongues they have used the seat the poison of asps is under their lips whose mouth is full of cursings and bitterness their feet are swift to shed blood destruction and misery are in their ways and the way of peace not known there is no fear of God before their eyes who. That's the first three chapters of The Book of Romans. And he goes out of his way to help us to see how fallen humanity is how damaged by sin how unrighteous we are OK So why does God Paul start the book of Romans that way well he tells us in verse nineteen now we know that what things so ever the law says it says to them that are under the law that is or under sin that every mouth may be stopped and all the world might become guilty before. The law was added that deal fans might about. The law it was added that every mouth may be stopped so that none dare boast that they are superior to anybody else the law was given so that none their boast that they in any way claim that they are good the law was given so that we recognize that all our righteousnesses are filthy rags the law was given. So that no one will criticize anyone else because if you criticize anyone else you are setting yourself as superior to the person you're criticizing Are you really superior to them if you just back up to chapter two and look at verse one verse one in chapter two of Romans. Therefore you are inexcusable Oh man whoever you are. That judges for where you are in you judge another you condemn yourself for that out that judges do with the same things don't criticize anyone you're criticizing yourself that's what it's saying here they'll be an accuser of the brother and because whoever you're accusing you're accusing yourself because you are no better than anyone you are accusing this is what Paul is saying here and he is telling us that's why the law was given by God that deal fans might abound in our hearts in our minds so we can recognize that we are absolutely lost without God OK now that we've established that and I hope the thing is established in your mind let's go let's look at verse twenty. Therefore that's how it starts in verse twenty that is therefore because all the world is guilty before God and everyone knows that there is in them it just and without righteousness therefore by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in his sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin you can promise God today that you're going to keep the law perfectly from here on out and if you manage to keep the law perfectly from here until you die you still can't go to heaven because you've already broken the law student eight it's too late and we're going to see that it's worse than that and in just a few minutes therefore by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in his sight for by the law is only the knowledge of sin that's all that the Law was given for to speak to us and say you are guilty. You are lost you have no hope verse twenty one the next word is but now but is a conjunction between a positive in the negative and we have heard enough negative to last us a long a lifetime this morning and so now finally we come to the positive OK and the next word but now when. I wish that I could express the importance of that word right now. If we could only see what all in that little word now but now right now what the righteousness of God. Without the law that is without what the law can do without what you can do to keep the law is Nana festered being witnessed by the law and the problem it's. The. You know that at the pearly gate there are ten witnesses and they're called the Ten Commandments and you can show up at the pearly gates and this is nonsense you're not going to show up at the pearly gates even if you die or some other time well I suppose we'll go through the pearly gates some day but anyway there are ten or ten witnesses there are standing at the pearly gates there are ten commandments and there's they're telling us right now nobody gets in to heaven there is no righteousness that gets into heaven except the righteousness of God There is no other righteousness that gets into heaven except the righteousness of God none zip so in order for you and I to get into the kingdom of heaven it's got to be that we receive the righteousness of God in our lives and I mean receiving the righteousness of God in reality not just a counted on some some Ledger somewhere. This is how that ended then this is what this is preaching here verse twenty one but now the righteousness of God which the Ten Commandment looks at and says we approve that's the only. Righteousness that will be approved by that there is no other righteousness as a group if you don't if you get to heaven it will be because you have the righteousness of God not your own verse twenty two by the way the Apostle Paul here repeats the words of the righteousness of God over and over and over again verse twenty two even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all of them that be upon all then that appropriate the righteousness of God unto themselves for there is no difference with any people who are all the same Look at verse twenty one for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God How many have have use in are you able to acknowledge that you have sin there is no difference all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and I don't know how many times I repeat it here but I like to repeat it anyway. What is it that you do that you do as well as God can do the thing that you do best I mean some of you are really good at one thing and someone else is very good at something else do you think that the thing you're really good at you're good and you're as good at it as if God was doing it now so so if the best thing you do is not as good as God can do it. What in your life then do you do that is really good. None nothing. All and then the Bible calls that sin all have sinned and come short we come short of the glory of God in absolutely everything we do absolutely everything can you see it and it's called Sin can you see how last we are. There is no hope except through the gift of the righteousness of God So as it says in verse twenty three for ALL have sinned in verse twenty four it says all are justified freely by the grace by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. As whom God has set forth to be a appreciation that is an atoning sacrifice through faith in his blood to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are passed and through the forbearance of God to declare I say at this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which believes in Jesus where is boasting in it is excluded by what law of works no no but by the law therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the long. Included is it conclusive. There is nothing more conclusive we're not going to heaven except by the righteousness of God that's it there's no other way and we may as well get good that in our craw get that in our heads get that in our hearts because there is no other way to the kingdom of heaven so let's go to Sinai again the going to go back there there is something a little deeper that we need to understand go to Exodus now Exodus Chapter nineteen and I want you to notice that Exodus Chapter nineteen comes before Exodus twenty that's not right it's rocket science I think you know that but I'm saying this because you need to understand that Exodus Chapter twenty is where the law was given so as we were speaking about parents. Ten commandments now we are speaking about three ten Commandments OK store on this side of Sinai in chapter nineteen We're starting with verse one. In the third month when the children of Israel were gone forth out of the land of Egypt the same day came the unto the wilderness of Zion I saw their arriving there in the wilderness of a sign for they were departed from rapid him and were come to the desert of Sinai and. Pitched in the wilderness and there is real camp before the mount and Moses went up on to God and the Lord called unto him out of the Mount saying does shalt thou say to the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel you have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bear you on eagle's wings and brought you to myself Do you see how powerful I am is really what he is saying here now therefore if you will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant then you shall be a peculiar treasure and to me above all people for all the earth is mine. Which covenant is about well there was only one covenant before Sinai and that's called the everlasting covenant that God had given to Abraham So what I'm going to do now is have you turn to Genesis Chapter seventeen I sure hope you don't mind using your Bible. Genesis Chapter seventeen and we're looking at various We can start with verse one and we're looking now at the everlasting covenant the covenant that God has made with the human race this is the covenant before Sinai where the law of God was added because the children of Israel just didn't understand how bad they were OK but we've also seen that Abraham understood who he was somehow because when God spoke to him he believed God and it was a counted on to him for righteousness righteousness whose righteousness was. God gave him his rifle because he crossed to accomplish do the thing that he said. That's all there was that's all there is to it now watch we're looking at the Covenant Now verse one Genesis sixteen. And when Abraham was ninety years old and nine seventeen you're right I do that. When Abraham was ninety nine years old the Lord appeared to Abrams by the way look at his name as Aber I'm here and he's ninety nine years old I thought that happened sooner but I guess it didn't and said unto him I am the Almighty God walk before me and be thou perfect that is Be thou upright and watch various two and I will make my covenant between mean you and I will multiply the exceedingly we go to verse five neither shall die name any more be called a broom but the name shall be Abraham for a father of many nations have I made the and I will make the exceeding fruitful and I will make nations of the and I will make kings come out of the and I will establish my covenant between me and the seed after the in their generation for an everlasting covenant to be a god to you and to your seed after and I will give unto thee and to thy see that after the land where in the hour the stranger all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession and I will be their God And God said to Abraham thou shalt keep my covenant there for that hour and I see after the in their generation. Who in the covenant is making all the promises. I will do this and I will and I will and I will and why is God talking that way because God understands we are so damaged that without me Jesus said you can do a much nothing nothing. And if in our little lives there is nothing then maybe we're not connected. So God understood and he said they can't do it I know they can do it I'm going to establish a covenant we're going to agree on this thing I'm going to do this and this and this and this and this and. This and if you will keep my covenant if you will believe my covenant if you will cherish my covenant if you will will. Have affection towards me and the covenant I will accomplish all of these things in your life. Genesis fifteen verse six just repeating what I said a while ago and he believed the Lord and he counted on to him for righteousness What did he believe. He believed that God could do just what he promised to do and Abraham believed so much that one day got a pierced Him And He says I want you to take your son up to Mt Mariah and I want you to sacrifice him there. What that Abraham do. It was a terrible struggle and I assume that you can imagine what kind of struggle that was his only son I mean he had two sons but this was the promised son this was the son of promise the one that would be heir of all things this is this was the boy that he cherished more than anyone else in the whole world and God said Take him take him to sacrifice and there. Now that is me. That is that is trusting God totally And we're told in the book of James he trusted God so much that he knew that God will fulfill the promise through his son and he knew that God told them to kill him so he would kill them believing that God would have to resurrect them and he believed that God would resurrect them I mean who can you imagine the Lord asking you to do that and you're trying to believe that God will resurrect your daughter your son. You know her. It's amazing that's the kind of Faith we're talking about here this morning so it's not just believe only be. It is really trusting the. In the fullest sense of the word in everything that God does let's go back to the Exodus No No He was me that's not right here all that God wanted Israel to do was to say and then. That was their part of the bargain and then I trust you to accomplish in me what you promised to accomplish you remember the the. The story of the sack Araya when the angel appeared to Zachariah and he said you're going to have a son you're going to name I'm John and he's going to be a great man for the Lord and Zacharias looked at himself and he said you know how old I am. You know that my wife is beyond child by a bearing years the you know that this is impossible why are you saying this you know and what happen to Zacharias. God said because you did not believe you were not going to be able to speak until that boy is born. So he was not able to speak until. You know that a few months later that same angel appears to Mary and he says to Mary you're going to have a son and she said Well I'm not married he says no problem the Holy Ghost will come upon you and the child that is born of you will be that holy thing and she says do it on to me even as you have said. That's it. That was pure faith. She had no more reason to believe than did Zacharias I mean it was as impossible for her as it was for Zacharias in that she didn't and she wasn't married yet and she was not going to commit adultery or fornication or anything of the sort. She didn't have to sin. And they Joel an angel tells Jacob's mother Jacob and Esau are born are twins she says the the older will serve the younger the older the younger will have the birthright. The younger will have the blessing the younger will be the priest of the family and so the boys grow up and Jacob has it in his heart because his mother told him I am going to be the priest of the family I wish I had the birth right I wish I had the blessing I I need to cooperate with God in this thing what am I going to do and he was a Calera type of individual he was he could work and he he could get things done and he tried really hard to cooperate with God and so he cheated his brother out of the birthright and he lied to his father and he stole the bill the blessing from his brother and connived with his mother and it was since in sin all he had to do was say hey God said it's going to be that way it's going to be that way whenever God works it out because I can't work it out. So Moses is born to Jocko bed right and the angel says to Jack about this boy's going to be the deliverer of Israel and so she tells her son you're going to be delivered Israel and then eventually he ends up in the King the palace of the king and he is educated in the University of Egypt he becomes a military hero and he's a statesman and he's a historian and he's a poet and he's all kinds of stuff very very successful he hits forty years old and he's been really successful on the battlefield I am ready to deliver Israel was he ready Hasting is into his own hand and he kills an Egyptian and the whole thing turns around and he ends up having to run and forty years later the Lord approaches him and said OK now you're ready and he's like. Like I had a phone call from my wife this morning which is also a man equipped and I said well that's what the Lord does he he found the wise by using fools. That was a compliment. You should see what I insulter. And so ever I have had the same problem. Right he was promised a son twenty five years later no son he's got to take things into his own hands he don't have to take things into his own hands the Lord has promised the Lord can deliver Candy he can deliver we don't have to take things into our own hands God has promise I mean just look at the prophecies not that's not in my notes but I'm just thinking now as even as I'm talking look at the prophecies what God has promised us hasn't he promised that the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon us in Latter Rain power and that the whole world will be enlightened with the glory of God's character do we think we need to make this thing happen what are we going to do to make it happen I don't know what to do. I don't even know how to do like Jacob you know I seem to get it happen no it doesn't work God has promised it will happen. It will happen. Anyway. When God utters a word what happens. It happens. God said to the Israelites I am going to do this and I'm going to do this I'm going to do this I am going to reveal my power to you I'm going to meet all your needs and I've promised you the land of milk and honey and if like Abraham you would believe my word it's all yours how did they respond. I think we're not far from Exodus go to Exodus Chapter nineteen Exodus Chapter nineteen. And we're looking at verse eight. And all the people answered together and said all that the Lord has spoken stop they're all that the Lord has spoken when God speaks what happens the thing he speaks is created he speaks it into existence all that the Lord has spoken we will do. Really why would they say that they could do what was impossible for them to do. They had made a promise and they were going to. They had no power. But they didn't know. That was the problem so he added unto them the law so that the offense might about so that they could find out how weak they were so that they can come to the place eventually that they get on their knees and say Lord I can't do it have you ever had that experience. Every day. When I came to the Lord he were a miracle answered kinds of things God revealed Himself to me he is there I know it's true because he has done so many miracles then he introduces the law on the stand. And. In all the rest and all of a sudden I am trying to fulfill what God has promised before by promising me a new heart and in this I'm trying to keep the law so that I can go. And God says. And there come a day. Where you're going to get on your knees and say. Unless you fulfill your promises. Our. Xeon can to fulfill his promises. Yes he has promised to save us. We just believe every word that was. 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