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3. How to Stand at the End of Time

Dee Casper


Are you afraid of the end times? Do you fear that you wont’ be ready? This message gives the secret to being able to stand when the whole world “wonders after the beast."


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • March 18, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for this privilege for the last time to share with the students the school here and I just pray that you would begin the hear in a powerful way that you would give us practical encouraging ways to ensure that we can stand we enter a time of trouble such as has not been since there was a nation. I know you have answers for us I know that you're rooting for us and not against us and that you delight in long for us to be ready so just open our eyes to the importance of the decisions we're making now and how to best be ready when that time comes speak oh God I pray and I ask this in Jesus things in them how to stand at the end of time if you see in the picture there are three Hebrew men with a fourth figure in the furnace with them that's actually what we're going to be talking about now to give some framework here Daniel Chapter three is relevant because of Dana chapter one Dana Chapter two is relevant because of Dana chapter one they were given a very. Difficult situation. From their are being brought away from Israel basically they were turned into Unix by means of unit turning in Tunis because I want to be P.C. this evening and anyway they were turned into Unix and were forced to march nearly a thousand miles through the desert to Babylon and just imagine how humiliating and degrading this is to these young men they were taking the upper echelon of Israel into Babylon so that involves people who were higher in esteem whether it be royalty or the intelligent young people that they could train in the Babylonian schools and prepare them to be Babylonian servants right so in Dana chapter one when they get to Babylon they're different other Huber's are brought into the presence of the king Madame known as three friends Raef used to eat from the king's table whether it be the delicacies of his table in the. And so on they refused and they said just give us water and vegetables which kind of worried the king servant because Ashman as I think is it out if you guys look worse than the others I'm going to get in trouble they said just give us ten days and after ten days it was it was very clear to everyone that they were exceedingly wiser than everyone else and so they were brought into favor with the king at this stage are actually given higher positions already in Daniel one they were faithful to the charge they were given in their homeland they were faithful to God in their decisions so when Daniel two came and Daniel the king tells the Indian attempted to the when the wise men ask for time he says you're just buying for time and you're not going to get it if I don't get the dream and the interpretation you're all going to die but when Daniel goes up and ask the king for time he's given time why because of Daniel one because he stood for God from the get go in his experience he didn't think Oh man I better get serious about God now that I'm in prison like he was continually yielding his decision making to God every step of the way never happens so Dana three significant because we get to the story we're a decree is made and the decree is basically that it's absurd really but in doing a chapter to have a can as or saw statue gold silver medal or gold silver they're all metal gold silver bronze iron in an iron and clay mixed in the feet and he's told that the kingdom inferior to his is going to rule after him he's not too pleased about this but he's humbled and Daniel to right at the end of Dana given the explanation he literally falls on his face before a castrated servant and declares that your god is the guy that's pretty amazing the king of the no world saying that to this young servant David chapter three comes around and he's not too happy with this idea of metals other than gold so he decides to wreck a cubit by sixty six cubits statue I think on the plane of Dura that's made of solid gold. And he's commanding that everyone from the surrounding nations come and worship this idol this this image and as they get to the plain of Dura they play the music the music goes do we do and everyone supposed to bow on their knees to the image and like like these three obdurate weeds on the plain of Dura Shadrach me shakin Abednego who are referred to in Babylonian names for reasons I don't understand head and I fell and Azariah other their mama given names but for a reason they get the Babylonians the dino keeps the Hebrew name I don't know why that is and I dogmatic about it is weird to me but always be shot in the bed to go they don't out out like the decree happens but they don't bow and the king's initial response is one that is not too happy if you want to turn to Dana three read a few lines from this I want to kind of summarize for time sake this evening plus I'm under the assumption that most of us have heard this story. If I'm wrong in that my sincerest apologies but Dana chapter three. Will say in verse. Nine. So actually verse eight Therefore at that time certain Kell DNS came forward in accuse the Jews these three Jews by the way I'm absolutely certain of the fact that there were Jews who did bow it's awkward because these three didn't bow because I'm sure there is more than three Jews there but they said OK live forever you have made a decree that everyone who hears the sound of the horn flute and sultry in symphony with all kinds of music shall fall down the works of the gold image and whoever does not fall down to worship shall be cast in the midst of a burning fiery furnace there are certain Jews whom you sent over the affairs of the province of Babylon said Jack Michigan Abednego these middle King have not paid due regard to you they do not serve your god or worse of the gold image which you have set up the never can as are in a rage and fury now it says in council in wisdom is how Daniel responds to the king's decree and Dana chapter two but never can answer here. In a rage and fury and they gave the command to bring in a bed to go so they brought these men before the King Nebuchadnezzar spoke saying to them is it true Abednego that you did not serve my gods or worse of the gold images I had set up now if you already had the time you hear the sound of the horn flute soldiery in symphony with all kinds of music and you fall down and worship the images I have made good but if you do not worship you should be cast immediately into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and look at what he says next and who is the God who will deliver you from my hands now if there feel insulted you they can tell him the same God that put you on your face and Dana chapter two. They were wiser than me and didn't say that. But it is the same God the same one shall Jack me share going to bed to go answered and said to the king oh never can as are we have no need we have no need they say. Sorrows thing is something else lost my train is that we have no need to answer you in this matter if this is the case our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us from your hand a king but if not even if God does not choose to deliver us we're still not bowing to your image we serve a faithful God to protect and provide for us but even if he doesn't protect and provide for us we're not going anywhere. We will not serve your gods let it be NO NO King that we do not serve your gods nor worship the gold image which you have set up and he's not too pleased about this but I want to read briefly here a quote from I think this is from prophets in Kings as a three Hebrew stood before the king he was convinced that they possessed something the other wise men of the Kingdom did not have they had been faithful in the performance of how many duties every duty and says that he would give them another trial in the same way which Daniel is permitted time because of Daniel one shocked me. Second Abednego are permitted extra time because of Daniel one and because they took every duty they were given seriously whenever given the charge they stood for Jesus no matter what the situation may be that's Daniel three then he can get super bad. And he says that's it game over curtains for you folk and. In verse nineteen the never can as a was full of theory in the expression on his face changed towards Shadrach Meshach and Abednego he spoke it commanded that they heat the furnace seven times more than it was usually heated and he commanded certain mighty min of valor who were in his army to bind and Abednego and cast them into the burning fire a furnace then these men were bound in their coach their trousers and their turbans and other garments and were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace therefore because the king's command was urgent and the furnace exceedingly hot the flame of the fire killed those men who took up Shadrack me second to Bendigo and these three men in the Bendigo filled out into the midst of the burning fiery furnace and if you didn't read any further you think oh man that's it like these guys are are dead or martyrs for Jesus. But the story continues the never can as or was a Stalinist any rose in haste you can just imagine the king is kind of sitting on his throne they throw the guys in the furnace and then he kind of has this. And he gets up and he goes and looks at what's going on in the earth not just three men there look at what he sees kept them going as it was astonishing erosion hastened spoke just Kelso saying did we not cast three men bound in the midst of the fires they answered instead of the king true a king look he answered I see four men loose walking in the midst of the fire and they are not hurt and the form of the fourth is like who. Like this son of God. Then he calls them in forward and tells them hey you need to get out here and then he says everybody you. Won't worship their god they're going to be thrown in the firm so they're going to die right he goes from one side to another like Peter like you are not going to wash my feet if I don't wash you you have no part with me frind washed all of me then he just goes from one extreme to the next But here's the thing that's important to us what is happening in chapter three is an example it's a type of what's going to happen with the people of God at the end of time we're told a Revelation Chapter thirteen in Revelation Chapter fourteen and other places in Dana Chapter seven of Dana chapter eight and other places that there's going to be an image erected to a beast. And the N.T. Christian power is going to be there going to be other beast powers that are bringing people to come and worship this image that has been set up very same situation and it's a picture of us of what's going to happen at the end of time and these guys stood but the thing that's encouraging to me is the people who stand for Jesus stand beside Jesus Jesus is found with them when they stand for him. And Glory is brought to God because all these surrounding nations that never can as are was bringing from every nook and cranny that he could find to worship his image end up leaving worshipping the true God of heaven and I love this that God takes situations that look awful that look helpless and he uses them for His glory he uses them to promulgating the gospel to places that haven't heard otherwise so I stayed in chapter three and I want to read the comments he has on this. She says by the deliverance of his faithful servants the Lord declare that he takes the stand with his oppressed and rebukes all earthly powers that rebel against the authority of heaven the three Hebrews declared to the whole nation of Babylon their faith in whom they worshiped and they relied on God in the hour of their trial there they remember the promise with passes through the waters I will be with the and through the rivers they shall not overflow the and when they'll walk us through the fire that shall not be burned neither shall the flame Kindle upon the that's Isaiah forty three to the. It was written before these guys got thrown in that furnace Remember this morning how I talked about remembering the promises of God Remember the faith of a god they feel is of God their experiences in reciting to God the promises he made I assure you and were told to the lives of the Spirit of Prophecy here that these young men re cited to God the promise he had made to provide for them when they're put through the fire and what did he do he kept his promise they were storing these treasures in their heart when the tree was green so that when the tree was barren they had something to stand on so make sense she continues and in a marvelous manner their faith in the living word had been honored in the sight of all the tidings of their wonderful deliverance were carried to many countries by the representatives of different nations that had been invited by never can as or to the dedication for the faithfulness of his children God was glorified in all the earth something that happened in a location the plain of Dura was now proclaimed throughout the whole earth because people stood for Jesus and because Jesus stood with his people important are the lessons to be learned from the experience of the Hebrew youth on the plain of Durham in this our day many of God's servants the innocent of wrongdoing will be given over to suffer humiliation and abuse at the hands of those who inspired by Satan are filled with envy and religious bigotry is especially will be the will the wrath of man be aroused against those who have all of the Sabbath of the fourth Commandments and that last a universal decree will denounce these as deserving of death she's making the same application that this is a picture of what will happen at the end of time the season of distress before God's people will call for a faith that will not falter his children must make it manifest that he is the only object of their worship and that no consideration not even that of Life itself can induce them to make the least concession to false worship to the Loyal Heart the commands of sinful finite men will sink into insignificance for the hide beside the word of the eternal God. That implies you have a knowledge of the Word of God for yourself right this is why communion with God is so important. Truth will be obeyed though the result be imprisonment or exile or death this is I think the second to last paragraph here as in the days of shout direct me shakin Abednego So the closing period of verses three The Lord will work mightily in behalf of those who stand steadfastly for the right he who walk to the Hebrew word these in the fiery furnace will be with his followers wherever they are his abiding presence will comfort and sustain and in the midst of the time of trouble trouble such as has not been since there was a nation his chosen ones will stand unmoved that tells me that God sees that he knows that people will stand worst scared to death if we're honest with ourselves about whether we will stand we'll get to that but God seems to be abundantly covered in the fact that people will stand and we're promised that if we stand Christ will stand with this last call here Satan with all the host of evil cannot destroy the weakest of God's saints in angels that Excel and strength will protect them and in their behalf Jehovah were really view himself as a god of gods able to save to the uttermost those who have put their trust in Him God will not prove unfaithful to his people in the midst of their hardship and trial. In the greatest difficulty the world has ever known God has promised to be with you in those stages one more example of someone standing will talk about how we stand Daniel Daniel was given a position he's increased in his territory right in Dana chapter four he stands for God There is a bill she has arranged it in chapter six David has been given a position that is very high in the kingdom and the Babylonians are not too excited actually this Medes and Persians at this stage the people in the kingdom are not to stoke about Daniel having this type of position and they're looking for ways to get him in trouble to incriminate him and their fear. Jealousy and here's with the Texas Dana six four and five so the governor's a statue apps out to find some charge against Daniel concerning the kingdom. Tax evasion he's tardy to work doesn't do his homework yells at his children he's a unique but you'd I'm saying right fill in the blank whatever day to day responsibilities that this man has they're searching high and low to find something they can accuse him for. Nor And they says that they could find no fault because he was faithful nor is there any error fault found in him then these men said We shall not find any charge against this Daniel and lest we find it against him concerning the Law of his God and that amazing the only way they can get this guy in trouble he's so faithful in everything he excels in excellence in every responsibility he's ever been given that the only way they're going to be able to get him in trouble is if worshipping God is illegal that's amazing to me. And so this is what they do they come up with this brilliant idea in the King of me to purge it as even realize what happened but they say let's make it where there's a creed that no one should pray to anybody but to you for the next thirty days I think we can look there Dana chapter six and. We'll pick up and verse six of these governors are satraps long before the king and said to him King Darius live forever all the governors of the kingdom the administrators and satraps the councillors in advisors have consulted together now again as one of these people so it's not all but they make it sound like it's all and is even think about the ramifications of what they say. We do we say that you need to make a firm decree that whoever petitions any God or man for thirty days except you a king should be cast into the den of lions now will King establish the decree and sign the writing so that it cannot be changed according to the law the meat in the Persians which does not alter therefore King Darius. Signed The written decree so it is now set in stone you cannot change this no one can change the law they meet in person is very much like ex cathedra right when you say it it's it right the papal basically view that whenever the pope says something it's it that's the deal that's how it is no one can change it this is how I was treated in the meeting the Persians so they know here is in a lot of trouble potentially the decrees made and word gets to the king because Daniel is not going to stop doing what he does and notice that Dana does not hide in a corner somewhere right or yell pray and he hasn't read the New Testament as it existed but you can just imagine what Jesus says your prayer closets are going to hide from everybody and make sure that no one sees me when I pray I'll still be faithful to God didn't do that Daniel literally opens the windows of his of his apartment or house or whatever he kneeled down and he prays towards Jerusalem. As a wrecked and tall as he was the day before as determined as he was the day before how many times a day three times a day unceasing So these people take this news of the King and say look man your guy dangles not toeing the line here and you said and you can't change it he's got to die he has to be thrown into the lion's den and his heart sinks he feels awful in this moment and he does everything it can to try to stop it but he realizes there's nothing I can do there's not a thing I can do to stop this train. So finally towards in the Sundowners they tell look then this is the Korea the meat and Persians you can't play around so they bring him in and they put Daniel in the lion's den and the king has this amazing charge he says. So the king verse sixteen gave the command they brought Daniel Kasem into the den of lions but the King spoke saying to Daniel your god whom you serve continually He will deliver you. I think this is amazing a pagan King has full faith that God will provide for Daniel why because they had the history first of all Dana chapter three. And he knows the caliber of man that Daniel is in the faithfulness of the God that Daniel serves and I think this is amazing this is a huge context is overlooked a lot of times in the story. Continuing there is still it was brought and laid on the mouth of the dead in the King sealed it with his own signet ring and with the Cygnet of his lords that the purpose concerning Daniel might not be changed verse eighteen now when the king went to his palace and spent the night fasting with nobody's issues were brought before him he wants no entertainment wants nothing else he's just going to fast and pray in his sleep went from him then the killer rose very early in the morning and went in haste to the din of lions and when he came to the din this is the king's regret going to God's Triumph now. Verse twenty and when he came to the den he cried out with a lamb and a lamenting voice of Daniel the King spoke saying to day don't Daniel servant of the Living God has your god whom you serve how often continually been able to deliver you from the lions then said to the king old King Live Forever My God sit his angel and shut the Lions Mels so that they have not hurt me because I was found innocent before him and also a king I have done no wrong before you now the king was exceedingly glad for him and commanded that they should take up out of the dim So Dana was taken up out of the din and no injury whatever was found on him because he believed in his god. So an angel from heaven to sit to protect Daniel in the midst of this lion's den Jesus Christ Himself has come to protect going to Bendigo the decrees are very similar worship anybody and any way apart from the way that the faithful God of Israel says that you should worship. And both times these people who were faithful and. One Daniel two now we're seeing a day No three in Daniel six they continue to stand for Jesus in the midst of adversity in the midst of hardship and word of this gets to the whole kingdom and it's a powerful powerful witness for the for the glory of God I want to give one more quote here from prophets and kings on what happened in Daniel six they want to kind of his make some practical application for us which I think will be very encouraging and helpful in practical I hope so she says from the story of Daniel's deliverance we may learn that in seasons of trial and gloom God's children should be just what they were when their prospects were bright with hope in their surroundings all that they could desire we should be the same people in hardship that we were when there was no hardship when there was no potential for hardship what we saw in our lives she said we should be the same person we should be anyone different DANIEL In the Lion's Den was the same Dana who stood before the king as chief among the ministers of state and as a prophet of the most high and then whose heart is state upon God will be the same in the hour of his greatest trial as he is in prosperity with a light in favor of garden of man being upon Him Faith reaches to the unseen and grasps eternal realities only by faithfulness in the little things this is now from Christ object lessons let me go back to that first of all let me just stop here for a second. Most of us are terrified of the end of time we manage confessed this publicly but we're absolutely horrified because everyone and their mother in the church is telling us that we're going to be standing without a mediator we're going to be standing and if we don't we're going to be lost and it's terrifying to us because we just wonder how is it that these guys muster these supernatural guts at that stage in his history and is that going to happen with me. We assume that these people were someone different on that day than they were a day before and how do I know that I'm going to be that type of person it's. Theory to us is that. But always gives us an insight into how we can be ready and I want to kind of elaborate on that as we go cross object lessons three fifty six only by faithfulness in the little things can the soul be trained to act with fidelity under larger responsibilities God brought Daniel and his fellows in the connection with the great men of Babel him that these heathen men might become acquainted with the principles of true religion this is just how mission minded the God of heaven is that even when he is disciplining the Israelites were being idolatrous pagan fools who are spitting in his face and allows him to be carried into exile he always has justice and Daniels who act as pay as. Was the word I'm looking for as Trojan horses in these kingdoms people who will show the true God is like so that even when God is disciplining and displacing the Israelites they are still being used to witness to these other nations that there is a Living God Remember the Israelites were established not because God is is racist are showing favoritism this whole idea of nationalism is absolute fallacy Yeah I said it it's fallacy the Israelites were not someone that God thought was better than everyone else they were the missionaries to reach the world to tell them you can become Israelites to that's the way that the Israelites were meant to work so in this situation God was not trying to make the Israelites better than everyone else when they messed up they got a weapon to just like the Canaanites and in the midst of this woman because they want to share Jesus with these people I'll give you a woman since you into their jurisdiction and people will still priest Jesus to them I think that's amazing God is so Mission minded He's so evangelistic we mind it in so an racist if that's even a word that he's sinning his exiled people to testify to pagans there's a God in heaven who's real. Try what you want but I'm going to prove to you that there's a God in heaven who's real and that's what you point out here. In the midst of the. Nation of idolaters Daniel was to represent the character of God and boy did he do an amazing job by Christ strength how did he become fitted for a position of so great trust and honor it was his faithfulness in the little things that gave complection to his whole life. Daniel did not have like an extra ligaments or something else that made his faith even stronger he understood the value of his day to day decisions and this is what fitted him to be that type of person at that stage in his history it was his faithfulness in the little things that gave complection to his whole life he honored God in the smallest duties and the Lord cooperated with him to Daniel and his companions God gave knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams Daniel one seventeen and as God called Dana to witness for him in Babylon so he calls us to be his witnesses in the world today now if God is calling us to be witnesses in this world today then we need to be training in the way that train and how to day know train faithfulness in the small duties faithfulness in the day to day responsibilities that's how he prepared. In the smallest as well as the largest affairs of his life he desires are of life he desires us to reveal to men the principles of his kingdom. This is why laziness and slothfulness are an offense to God because they don't represent him and it hurts your witness in the big times of need that makes sense now the beautiful thing is when God demands excellence of us or when God asks excellence of us he also promises to give us the power to perform excellence in the things he asks of us he's not just saying you better do perfect or else I'm picking somebody else God's covenant to the Israelites was all give you a new heart I'll put my spirit within you all cause you to walk in my statutes and you will do them you wasn't just saying live a perfect life so people know that I'm God alone all when able you. Live a perfect life so they'll know that I'm God alone but I need your permission I. Need you to cry out to me in the midst of all of your decisions and I promise you I will be faithful to show up and you will work with excellence this is exactly what happened in the life of Jesus Jesus continually abided in God Jesus continually surrendered his will to God at every step of the way everything he did he says of myself I can do nothing you know who said that God. Jesus in His humanity said I can do nothing of myself he continually relied upon God for strength for wisdom for excellence in everything he did was perfect he lived a perfect life in human flesh to prepare us to be able to live a perfect life in human flesh but the answer is found by abiding in God by yielding our choices in our desires to God and he'll give you all the power you need every ounce of sufficiency and strength you need to stand it is Yours in Christ right now. But we have to abide in Him and ask that the God that makes sense but we don't think our decisions really matter it's just whether I prayed the prayer or not is just whether I do this or do that if I do good deeds for people than that I'm a OK and we ignore the other decisions in our lives but we don't realize is those decisions we're making from day to day are making us into the person that we will be on that day. The day that we're all afraid of so here's our hope of being able to stand first of all and Abednego and Daniel did not all the sudden muster some magical faith on the plain of door opening his windows they did the same thing as they had always done when face to face with a decision to make they stood for Jesus. This is so profound and awesome it's simple but it's awesome. Their words someone different than were hoping will be someone different than they weren't. That wasn't how it were. And that isn't how it works the decisions you're making now the reason why they were able to stand then is because their day to day lives had been filled with fidelity to God and to his word their prayerful surrender in each of their decisions that's how it works that's how it worked for Jesus that's how it works for these amazingly powerful paragons of faith that we see. The way that you and I then can stand is by giving God our decisions today. How am I going to stand then by standing today by valuing the decisions that you make today. There is because the decision I make today will make me into the person that I will be in so make sense this may seem overly simplistic but this is God's plan you know it's called character development so it is. What I do that today I'm preparing for my feet fullness in that this should encourage is first and foremost because God seems to place a higher value on my day to day decisions than I do that humbles me that helps me to better understand that second of all because God seems to have more faith in my ability to stand at that time than I do most of us are scared straight because we're too sure that we're going to fail then but just imagine I don't know if I had this in the slide or not. Yeah. God would not have us living at that stage of verse history and less he had faith in your ability to stand. Just think about that do you think that God created people to be losers do you think that God created people to not be able to succeed in the things that he would ask of them that would be unreasonable that would be manipulative and that would be something that would be worthy of casting off the God of heaven if you work that way but the only reason you are living at this stage in our sister e is because he already knows that you will be able to stand by abiding in Christ. I think that's powerful I think it's amazing it is profound that's how it works he wouldn't have you. Or if he didn't believe that you could stand so the question is What are you going to do with gods belief in you will you use that as your impetus to require and ask God to be your faithfulness in those moments or will you just run for the hills I think this is an amazing teaching the same practical lessons again can be applied to our character development simplification is this very thing day to day giving God our decisions Jesus day by day is making you into somebody that you could not become apart from Christ so when you wake up in the morning and you're seeking to know the will of God for your life you know what you do you get in your prayer closet you commune with God Just like Jesus did and you ask for strength to make the right decisions that day so this morning's message is kind of preface this and from there when you're face to face with a hard decision you know my boss is asking me to make a decision that I just I don't have complete peace about I don't think this is above board you know in an ethical sense do I do this or do I not you know what you need to do and you can give that decision to Jesus and stand for him we're in a situation where you didn't prepare for your test and be far easier to cheat look at a person's test beside you you can make that same decision you can yield to Jesus and own it if you feel your test so what. But you choose to do the right thing to take responsibilities that make sense and by the way you would probably be studying because you're using all your decisions to God last night when you're thinking should I study or play basketball you realize you know I need to study right and the thing is if you stay on top of your studies you actually have time to do stuff like that it's crazy we actually manage our schedule and when we yield our schedule making abilities to Christ he can teach you how to be efficient you can literally come to Jesus about everything. Every aspect of your life how you make your schedule how you do your job how you treat your wife how you treat your children how you treat your parents your fellow students you can come to Jesus with all of that. Many people again are free out about the end of time. And the idea of perfection specifically because a whole lot of people are harping on perfection but I'm so frustrated because they do this at the expense of communicating how God makes us perfect and it's insane to me and that breaks the heart of God really because the people of God are so discouraged because all other being told is what God expects of them but they're not being told how God enables them to fulfill the things that God expects that's the new covenant all the things that I'm asking of you i will enable you to do but if all you do is hammer and discourage people to death and I mean literal death or leaving our church in droves right now because of stuff like this the in time scenario is not something that's under question it's solid Biblically the problem is it just seems and it's even more plausible in the last like you know two years last five years really. But once you start to see these things we just feel that we're not going to be good enough and it's just like the people in Jeremiah we talked about twice this week it's hopeless and just going to live a lost lifestyle where a lot of people are I'm not going to be good enough to stand on never be that person because we are failing our members by not communicating the power of the gospel to transform the life. God has promised to make you into what you need to be if you give yourself to Him If you healed your day to day decisions to him as Jesus did guess what you don't have to be afraid anymore you can stand you can stand for Jesus on the plain of Dura when everyone around you bows you don't have to pretend to tie your shoe you have to pretend to have to go to the bathroom you can stand for Jesus on ashamedly because you gave him yesterday's decision and the day before that's decision and the day before that decision and the year before that decision you're developing a lifestyle and a pattern and a habit and a train of thoughts neurological. Ask ways to continually seek power from God. And you'll find yourself standing on the plain of Dura not being afraid you'll be evil to you'll be able to tell the Pope's in the prelate but if not I'm still standing you'll be able to say that this is what God wants for you God does not want you to fail God does not setting you up to fail people who are preaching you maybe said you have to feel but God is not and you're hearing today that God is able to help you to stand and it starts by giving him your day to day decisions that's how the process was meant to work that's what God wants for us this is what prepares us to stand without a mediator and have to deal with this because people get so freaked out about the fact that we're told the great controversy that the time is coming where the people of God will actually have to stand without a mediator we need to define our terms the role of the priest was a media Tory rule whenever the person killed her animal of the interesting she worried the priest as the mediator took the blood of their sacrifice from there they confessed their sin they killed the animal they took this blood into the presence of God and sprinkled it on the veil to make them right with God to make atonement to make reconciliation Jesus is not going to for sake you in the time of trouble are you hearing me today Jesus said I will never leave you nor for sake you he's not leaving you he doesn't cease loving you his role as a mediator ceases which means that he isn't transferring sin into the sanctuary because a sanctuary has been cleansed or you understand the difference today there's a huge difference and for whatever reason we're not communicating this clearly enough and I've had to counsel so many people adults and young people alike on this very issue. What am I going to do when I don't have a mediator the same thing you did the day before. You gave your decisions to Jesus and the time comes that you never believed. You don't need a mediator anymore. That's what happens Jesus doesn't say oh so done with these Christians who are trying to live a Christian life and they can't get it right Jesus is trying to make us ready he's doing everything he can to make us ready and the time comes and that work needs to be finished but his love for you never ceases even the people who are lost God will continue loving. Even them the love of God the love of Jesus never ceases never changes but that role has to cease because a century is being clingier stand the difference so to me that's abundantly clear to you guys today's you're not discouraged off the battlefield Well actually I want to close with a couple thoughts here kind of reminding us of what was covered this morning all praise God for doing great on time all right so you guys remember the how many people were here when the ice storm happened a couple years ago how many students were here in no state what Josh was here. Man so Bubs and Sarah Yes. And Joe Oh hey jolt Yeah this guy so I want to tell you story about the ice storm. The first batch of ice was going to come this is in February right Debbie beginning of February I think February of two thousand and fifteen I was living in Cumberland Lakes right across the highway here and got convicted me on Sunday. Super clear conviction God spoke to me and he said gas water food and move your firewood. And I saw that weather was not going to be too conducive is going to come the nasty so all day Sunday I did that I went to Kroger about two cases of water Walmart wherever about cases of water I bought food and I got as much firewood as I could possibly get from behind the garage up on to the covered porch area just outside of where I was living. Monday morning comes and its ugly thing about a quarter of an engine. Came that day and the roads are not really passable my Bible study is cancelled those are Bible work at this stage and I would come and teach here but I was doing chapel here that week but because the road is kind of precarious to here it is road that hill there I parked at the store and I walked all the way down and I gave chapel every day and told Bible class and walk back up the hill with my backpack and I go back to my house I do what Bible study stuff I could do but it was so cold that we could that ice never went away so how was a big we started to open up but not a lot then Friday came and I was supposed to preach Friday night and Sabbath and the ugly stuff was going to start coming Friday right around sundown Knowing this I decided I'm going to be a just folk and that I need to bring clothes a change of clothes and just plan on staying on campus that night so I did. And I preach things are fine here no power outages no problem. But then the next morning when I wake up there's this eerie sound in those who are here you'll never forget it this sound of. Snap crackle pop you hear it everywhere and when you look outside you just see all of these evergreen trees it has been devastated another half inch I think came so there's nearly three quarters of an inch of ice all over the place. My car looked like it was welded to the ground by ice that I parked outside of the front office which is. That way and. I knew that cars are going anywhere I'm not going to do anything with that so I decided on campus on Sabbath Gilbert and I try to go to my house Sabbath evening after I finish preaching or preach without any power by the way I remember that and Gilbert in the also Bill thing we had when he sold cars got four wheel drive he tries to drive us to my house and it's an absolute war zone you know all trees are down everywhere they're down the mill the road there's power lines down we go this way we had a road block road block we back up we go down through this. I've road there's a road block there we come around we're driving off the road through the ditch in the back on the road and try to get around that happens again we cannot get to the house that I'm staying at we can't get there so we stop like two blocks away and I end up going to the house where I'm staying. They have a wood stove in this house and it doesn't require power and it's a huge kind of Cathedral open living room so it's like this shape but it's another story up so from the base for the house all the way to the roof is just wide open so that he radiates all into the loft area where I slept that's where I stayed as take care this property for some people and as I'm in this situation I have ample firewood they have a generator that can power the water pump for their will and there were nine tankless water heater in the refrigerator and like one light there's enough power for me to be able to do this and the Oliviers were living down the road from me they have no power and the only source of heat they have is a propane fireplace which is going to blast through it so I have the Oliviers come stay in our house they stay with me up in the loft area I stay in the other bedroom Chris was freezing as like fifty degrees and I tried that little tea like clay pot thing. Either I'm just completely ignorant or that doesn't actually work it's probably the first it's probably operator error but I froze to death in that room but they were fine but we were the cook as it was a propane stove there was ample propane I had gas to have the generator for the first couple days and I could take I could drive carefully they finally started to clear out the roads in the main areas and I could get to one twenty I could get to sixty two down the one twenty seven going across the aisle and come back but through this whole time I had everything I needed to survive so that I could focus on doing ministry for other people. Than to worry about it five gallons of gas would last me for eight hours a generator time I ended up buying it took forever to find one by and by this big five gallon like diesel gas can and yellow and that's all I could get and over the span of that time there was no power for six days. And it was such a witness first of all to the people in Monterrey that the school cut their way in from here all the way into Monterey like eight or nine miles and were helping people when they themselves did not have power it was such a powerful witness to them and if you think of this there are huge parallels to the in a time huge parallels So us being willing to serve people and things are starting to go self cause and rise or something different about you the people of God are provided for and they're serving the people who are not provided for their living light Keane's we're told right so I'm living in a situation because God told me what to do by the time that was all over it was I spent I tell you up on a Friday I preset Crossrail the following weekend and. I spent two hundred dollars on Friday I realized how much I had spent between the gas can and the gas that I spent that I would have normally spent money on I spent two hundred dollars I would have normally spent. That next morning Sabbath morning I'm preaching across Will one of the deacons comes up to me and shakes my hand and there's something in his hand and I just put it in my pocket he said and somebody here said they wanted to give this to you I get home you know what it was two one hundred dollar bills. And God affirmed in my mind at that stage that he will ensure that the people of God know what to do and when to do it I knew I knew in a moment that God was showing me that when that time of trouble comes we're going to know what to do we're told that we didn't get the help you know the real how what we talked about this morning when you commune with God consistently in the Word of God in prayer you learn to hear the voice of God And when you're given pleadings by the voice of God You don't argue with him because you recognize his voice and you go where he leads even if it doesn't make sense if it seems kind of strange it's going to lead you where you need to go that makes sense so you're not only communing with God in your day to day decisions to him and if we do this we're going to be the people we need to be and we're going to be ready for what comes at the end. Time I just know it I just know that because I've experienced in my life already and I know that this is a microcosm of what's going to happen then I'm fully convinced of that there is a God in heaven who does not want you to be lost there's a God in heaven who wants you to be ready and who has everything that's necessary to make you ready. But the choice is yours. What will you do when given the invitation to commune with God on a daily basis what will you do when you're given the invitation in the privilege to seek power from God in each day to day decisions what choice will you make. It's not the God's future decision that we need to be afraid of young people. That's not what we need to be afraid of. Is the decisions you're making today that you need to be afraid of because those are making you who you will be then. God is the same yesterday today and forever he loves you he wants you to be ready and what he's going to do on that day is give you what you asked for on the days before that that's what's going to happen. He's not going to finally say finally I can get rid of these people. This is the hardest thing for God to do. To turn you over to your own choices. The power of choice matters folks the will the power of decision has phenomenal power the enemy realizes this and so he causes us to downplay or day to day responsibilities while being terrified by hearing Chryslers messages that don't talk about how Christ prepares his people just that you should be prepared. This is how we can be ready this is the hope that God says before you today but the choice is going to be yours. So it's yours but I hope that the course of this week is seen that there's a God in heaven who truly does care and is doing everything he can to reach you in those thoughts of shame and guilt and condemnation you're contending with don't come from him. Shimon combinational phrase it that way. And that even people who are living lifestyles of sin can still be reached by the power of the gospel. Right this guy it was an alcoholic homosexual who all the while loved God but thought God hated him and when he came face to face with the preaching of the sufferings of Christ everything changed. He said I was separated from being gay in the midst of hearing the sufferings of Jesus. That's what God wants for you the Gospel works there's a practical application but we need to see that the course of this week was missing these are kind of like stepping stones and I agree with that kind of dealing with the lies that were believing about ourselves in the wise that were believing about God and then seeing what God is really looking for and you know what it is it's relationship it's communion it's a relationship that can stand the test of fire pun intended that's what he wants a relationship that is fireproof that's what he's looking for and it's available you today but the choice is yours. So I want to fight it in the air with me as we close out this week to give you a chance to take hold of this precious gift that Christ is offering us. God we're coming to realize tonight. That our power of choice and of the Will matters more maybe than we realized and I pray that the power of Christ we would find ourselves in through the power of the love and the drawing love of Christ that we would desire to commune with you that we would realize that proved we have to give our decisions to you. And that we would be able to have the victorious life that you always wanted for us not just that you expect from us but that you always. Wanted for us and that you've made available to. Us we give you permission to have your way today. To mold and shape us into your image to make us just like Jesus. To give us that ability to think and to recognize that we can continually come to you in abide in you and stand because of you. Drive all the scourge men analyze from our hearts and from our minds and make us into the people that you long for us to be. Forgive our sin of unbelief of stubbornly trying to do for ourselves only Christ can do. And for being unwilling to come to you with the smallest things because we thought you didn't care about them. Now we see it. And I pray that each person in this room and counting myself would see the value of the small things in our lives that we would value them that we would succeed in them through the power of Christ. And that when that day comes we will have nothing to fear that we will have a faith that can say but if not. And that we will be those three obdurate we on the plane. This is our pulling to do this in Jesus' name. In this media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. dot. Org.


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