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Restoration 2017: Question and Answer Session

Anthony Baca David Machado Ryan Dolinsky
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  • April 22, 2017
    7:00 PM
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First question is What do you remember personal devotions. That's a great question deftly I read my Bible every day from a person of oceans and with that I read the Spirit of Prophecy as well currently I'm reading ministry of healing with my Bible and trying to see the different principles from the Ministry of healing counted Scripture and so that's kind of what I'm studying right now it definitely correlates with the new mission we're going to be doing in Arizona as we're trying to combine health and evangelism over there and so easy to pray for that but definitely my Bible along with the Spirit of Prophecy hand in hand and the way in which I do it is I'll read a biblical passage first read how the Spirit of Prophecy correlates with that and then I will reread the exact same passage again from my Bible so that I see it in the Bible I get glimpses from the spirit prophecy and then I see what she saw in the scriptures and I missed the first time I read it. I also read the Bible and spare prophecy for devotions I'm currently going through the testimonies on the volume eight and MOMO snowmen it's been a wonderful journey. But normally I'm doing evangelistic meetings and so I'm always studying out the particular topic down the Sherene trying to dig deeper find new things I haven't learned before so my my messages are constantly changing and with the new knowledge I learned for the particular topics. I'm also studying the book of Revelation I do I like to do verse by verse study I like to understand every verse in its entirety and what I have to believe do is I look at one verse I studied as much as I can and then I come to my conclusions and then I usually check in with the speed of prophecy to see if she has more light to it or if I'm headed in the right direction of by God's grace that's that's been my method for years you know it's. It's kind of a hard question to ask because you get when you're studying the Bible so much you find one verse that really hits you that day you're like This is my favorite today and the next day this is my favorite It is constantly changing but there's been several passages that have really meant a lot to me in the last the past ten years that I've been with the Lord I have accepted Christ into my life and probably the my favorite tax consistently throughout the Scriptures has been found in Michael Chapter seven verse seven through nine and it says Therefore I will look into the LORD I will wait for the god of salvation he will hear me rejoice not against me or my enemy when I fall I shall rise when I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me I will bear the ignorant nation of the Lord because I have sinned against him until he pleads my cause executes judgment for me he shall bring me four to light and I shall behold His righteousness the basic on is we fall we struggle you know day in and day out but it's so sweet to know that when I fall I don't need to stay there that keen Jesus is right there to lift me back up to bring me into his righteousness and so that has been a consistent favorite passages of mine really given me hope in my course of relationship with God. So your question. Sort of. What are your top five words so we decided to combine this together and I'm going to share a couple of Dave's and share a couple for sure John chapter one verse twenty nine. And John see Jesus coming and save the whole LOT of God to take it away the sins of the world has become one of my favorite Bible verses in the Bible because if we study the entire Bible in light of that text the entire Bible becomes a mark to us with that John took a five or starting line and said that a lot during these presentations Actually Jesus says sure to Scriptures and then you think you have eternal life and these are they would testify again crisis the foundation center of all Scripture. Really guides all my Bible study and all my lectures that I do on another aspect another one last verse second print in five seventeen was the first of our first ever memorize it was the first promise I ever said in Scripture Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature all things that possibly behold all things have become him that tax if you heard my testimony this weekend you understand why that new creature experience is very precious to me that God can change me into the person today and by His grace continue to change me to be more like Christ. You know it's it's kind of a hard question to ask because you get when you're studying the Bible so much you find one verse that really hits you that day you're like This is my favorite today and the next day this is my favorite It is constantly changing but there's been several passages that have really meant a lot to me in the last the past ten years that I've been with the Lord I have accepted Christ into my life and probably the my favorite tax consistently throughout the Scriptures has been found in Michael Chapter seven verse seven through nine and it says Therefore I will look into the LORD I will wait for the god of salvation he will hear me rejoice not against me or my enemy when I fall I shall rise when I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me I will bear the ignorant nation of the Lord because I have sinned against him until he pleads my cause executes judgment for me he shall bring me four to light and I shall behold His righteousness basic on is we fall we struggle you know day in and day out but it's so sweet to know that when I fall I don't need to stay there that keen Jesus is right there to lift me back up to bring me into his righteousness and so that has been a consistent favorite passages of mine really given me hope and my course of relationship with God. Since this is. Can you. The first voters mentioned the revelation the answer that question is yes you can in the seminar I talk about the verse by verse method and how you go one wrist at a time chronologically through straight through extracting the thought you can study the Book of Revelation this way at the same time there are times in Revelation where it is advantageous and very helpful to use other parts of the Bible to interpret it namely Revelation is a unique book it is a book written predominantly in the language of the Old Testament they author is constantly quoting in alluding to the Old Testament out of the four hundred four verses I believe it's two hundred seventy eight or so are direct quotations or allusions to the Old Testament I love the book revelation it's a great book so there are times when it will be helpful very helpful to interpret a passage or revelation utilizing it's all Testament backdrop stories however that being said like I mentioned before in my seminar if you are studying verse by verse the seven trumpets and you didn't understand all the symbolism that was taking place but you saw the big picture of Christ your high priest standing to defend his people and response to their prayers that day you would be your per life in a much different way and it be a blessing to you so I would compare I would say yes verse by verse is how I personally study Revelation but I do use the proper or test of stories at the appropriate time to shed more light on my verse by verse. As well as how to do. What she believes please share the secret of so well being a family member so the question is how to win my family is a question and essence how do you win your family well I believe the that's an interesting question first of all is now an easy one to answer but throughout the last two studies the first one the first thought I shared with everybody was that. The secret you find a couple of secrets from the life of Joshua that made him such a great man and the Bible says an exodus up to thirty three versa Levon the Moses who had this face to face relation with gone into a goal monks the people but it says that Joshua as a young man departed not out of the same area I think it's extremely crucial in order to win your family that you spend plenty of time with God spend plus spending plenty of time getting to know God to get hearing his voice being that example for God for your family another thing that was really profound to me was from the life of Joshua you'll find in Joshua to believe in verse fifteen that Joshua did everything that the Lord commanded and left nothing undone I've and I share this principle throughout the my last. Message and the principle was. According to the scripture that you never lead someone to the truth by compromising truth I think you spend time with God You learn the truth and you live the truth simply and as a result that is one way that your family who may not even read the scriptures or may not be interested in God will get to know got Do your own life and so one thing that's crucial spend time with God do not depart from the same size or young spend time understanding the plan of salvation for yourself too don't compromise choose to to bring someone to the truth. Do you have a recommendation or. Approach to some of the first. Yes I do. When I said he'd read the Bible my first time I did it with a compilation of the series. What I really appreciate specially about the modern book form of that is in the bottom at the beginning of each chapter it tells you this chapter is based on Genesis three Verse twenty nine or this. Chapters based on mapping for verse four through twelve or something of that nature and so it tells you the passage of Scripture that it's actually based off of and I really appreciated that as I was going through my Bible and I was studying verse by verse to the different books of the Bible I would get the conflict of the series book that's either patriarchs and prophets prophets in Keane's desired ages actually the Apostles or the great controversy inclusive with that price object lessons and from the one of blessings that pretty much covers the entire Bible for you right there and when you do verse by verse and then you add that to it like actually apostles will have an entire chapter dedicated to the a pistol to the Thessalonians And so if you're studying Thessalonians you would want to read that as supplementary material not to take the place of the Bible but to shed light on the by what hope to get a deeper understanding of the passages in the Scriptures themselves and so the conflict of the series included in an answer that thoughts on the Mount of blessings and Christ object lessons is a very very good spirit a process supplemental to go in verse by verse any other scriptures. Where witnessing to someone who knows the Bible but has a different word. How do I know. I think Paul kind of nailed it so I think you are and. I think is extremely important to look at the life of Paul I think he was one of the greatest soul winners in all the Bible and he says something profound I share this in my and one of my seminars been a first verse in one thousand it's as though I be free from all men yet I have made myself a servant unto all that I might win the more or gain the more the basic Dawn is in order to reach anyone for Christ is not necessarily the truth that you see that will win them but the truth that you live that will win them and I think right here Paul says are you. Free from all men but yet I'm making myself a servant unto all before someone cares about what you have to say they need us see whether you care about them personally you know I have the opportunity of studying with many people Muslims Catholics I sit in their homes I study the Bible with them and one thing that I have found one thing that's been my method is before I even start opening up the Scriptures with them I ask them Is there anything that they need help with sometimes or all the elderly people I said would you want me to mow your lawn would like me to help you in the house I help them to understand that I'm not just here to help you spiritually I care for you as a holistic person and so I think it's an incredibly important that before you try reaching someone spiritually that you try to get to know that person individually see what their needs are see what they're going to let them know that you care for them holistically and when you do that like Paul he says though I be free from all men get I made myself a servant unto all that I might gain them more and then that's key I think we need to. Stop we need to start at sort of preaching the gospel I think we need to start living the Gospel the way that Jesus did ministering to people's needs first and foremost and I think once they see that you really care for them as a holistic person they will care what you have to say about the God you serve. OK question really is is there any harm in using a bible version other than all genes were in order. For the development of course the. Scripture example that's a really good question it's a simplified the answer to that question I would say the answer is no. That there is no necessary harm in using other Barbara. And to that that there is cause. When you're dealing with different Bible translations out there you have literal translations as in. On one spectrum and the up paraphrases on the other spectrum. If it's a paraphrase I avoid paraphrases paraphrases are just someone just rewriting it on their own just kind of like their own opinion by which versions like this would be like the clear word or. Though world one. Living viable the transition like these are more paraphrases. Transition Teams you need more literal translations yesterday as well and then you have some in between and so I think we tell people the best that's by which translation of the Bible that you actually read. And so I don't think there's any inherent danger or harm personally I use seven Bible translations for every verse I study. That's me personally I have my software set up with seven Bible translations immediately across the screen and I cross-reference why I don't know Greek and I don't know Hebrew. Which seven that's that's a really good question I should open up my software read it six I change it frequently Currently I believe is the King James New King James English Standard Version American Standard Version New International Version Webster's and Young's Literal Translation. Those are the seven I think I have currently. In my personal library I have forty six Bible translations and I used them all currently I'm reading the Bible through in the modern English version based off the busy manuscripts like the Kenyans and. It's a pretty pretty solid. Translation I really come to enjoy and so I don't side with one translation or the other as a the strongest the best translation is your Greek and Hebrew Bible says so go there and read in Hebrew and be have the best Bible available to you explosive with how do you reach. Homosexuals for a family first of all I want to say that sin is sin I think many Christians look at let's say homosexuals. As like the worse in you could ever commit and you put them in a class on their own and I think that's terrible I think sin is sin and we should treat sinners just the same as Christ treated them I don't think we should think a homosexual has something like leprosy that if I touch them all of a sudden I'm going to get ill like them I think their individual beings with that are struggling the same way we struggle with different since now with that said I think the best way to reach a sinner is let's say somebody that may not be interested in reading the Bible and may feel like they're judged by other Christians there's a Bible passage that has released impacted mean rich in reaching people in first Peter chapter three verse one stalking about husband and wife but has a principle I think it's quite profound first Peter three Verse one says like wives you wives be in subjection to your own husbands that if any obey not the word They also may with out the word be won by the conversation our conduct of the winds the basic on is if a wife is married to a husband was unbeliever has doesn't want anything to do with the Word of God doesn't read it doesn't spend time with God How in the world there's going to be WANT TO GOD Well this Bible passage by the by the wife a living up to what the Word of God says being an example being someone that is not afraid to stand up for truth in essence the husband may not be reading the literal word of God but he's seen the Word of God in action through the life of his wife and as a result he has an opportunity to come to God I think it's the same way our actions speak louder than our words so live the truth and I think it could set others people free from error. For many years. Can I break free. How can I break free of the cycles of the never do this. That's a great question and I'm sure many of us can actually relate with that to some degree the Roman seven concept that which I don't want to do I do in which I want to do I don't do it. What has helped me in my experience because I had that same question as a young Christian especially is Roman skewers forgive the principle. And Roman shepherds to a verse for Paul says something powerful. He says Do you despise the riches of His goodness forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads to repentance when I realized that this is a mistake my personal experience I don't know the heart or the person who wrote this book my personal experience is I have found that there are times when I mean I ask for forgiveness but in my heart I haven't actually experienced repentance. And and sometimes we have to really dig deep in search our own hearts am I really repentant of the sin or like Judas and Pharaoh and my only regretting the fact I got caught or that there was a consequence. If you look in second Corinthians Chapter seven is probably my favorite verse on this contract I share in my Evangelists the campaigns. When I talk about the Gospel and experiencing repentance second print in chapter seven. Beginning in verse nine. The Bible says now I rejoice not that you were made sorry. But that your sorrow led to repentance not posit there thing Romans two Cor said what led to repentance goodness but this passage says is sorrow so which is it the goodness or is this sorrow let's keep reading. It says. As for you or me sorry me in a Godly manner that you might suffer a loss from us if nothing verse ten is the key to explore godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation not to be repented of but the sorrow of the world produces that you see there are two types of Sorrows there there is God the sorrow and there is worldly sorrow one produces life one produces that the godly sorrow it says it creates every Penton it's a turning away that will not be repented of a turning back you know sometimes I think we are we repent too much will repent from sin and repent back to center because we turn away and then turn right back repent literally means metanoia to think differently to turn away from it but the Bible here is saying that there is a type of repentance that will never be repented of and that's produce from God We sorrow. But what produces God the sorrow. It's the goodness of God that actually produces God the sorrow because even six six teaches us that when we sin we crucify the Son of God of price and put into an open shame. When I started experiencing genuine victory over the sins I was in the dead the cycle in was when I had this deep realization that every time I sinned I added one more straight to his back that when I fell short of His glory he experienced Calvary a for us and that brought a sorrow it so my heart it brought sadness to me and I hated sin and I wanted a victory over sin but not because of me anymore if you see too often we want victory for me it will make me feel better it will make me happier or make my life smoother No I don't want to be selfish even in my victory I want to be self. This Lord I want victory because I don't want to hurt the one who love me any more I don't want to hurt your son I don't want to hurt Christ it has produced a sorrow that has led to a repentance and a hatred for sin I believe will give you genuine victory so I guess to answer the question of what breaks the cycle of our confession and asking for forgiveness it's true repentance if you experience through January Pence I believe you will have victory and break from the deadly cycle but we need if you hold the cross we need to see it send us to Christ in order to have a genuine sorrow hatred for it and to turn to Jesus. What is. Truth. I've been a priest of the family a mile a mile little family I have one wife. And. I've been married for about a year and a half and so it's been a blessing to be the priest of the home I like how the Spirit of Prophecy kind of terms the husband's role as a house band that is to say that it keeps the house together spiritually and for me it's been incredible thing we have morning and evening devotions together we spend time praying talking about you know what our spiritual life is going we say our devotions with each other it's so beautiful when you marry someone you when you're equally yoked with someone somebody that is spiritual is just so much fun and so that to me what it means to be a priest of the home is the example that Christ has laid down for us the Bible says in a fees it's up to five very famous verse and verse twenty five as US Husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it I think one of the hardest things about being a priest of the whole is selflessness is recognizing that you're not living for yourself you're living for the one that you love and Christ painted it so beautifully. When he was on this earth he never once thought of himself it was always my church it was always these last people as always on others and I think a husband in order to be a correct priest of the home needs to be needs to learn the spirit of self-sacrifice sacrificial love and so that's something I'm still learning I think when you get married you start recognizing how big of a sinner you really are how selfish you are and I'm just so they will that my wife has been so patient with me but in a nutshell a priest of the home is one that keeps the spiritual thermometer hot in the house one that keeps the the spirituality alive by morning and evening devotions spending time evaluating each other's lives spiritually and making sure we're always growing in the Lord. Who were. True first and then came. Through what I learned about the character. Let's turn our first committee three fifteen. The Bible says but if I am the only I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God which is the Church of the living God the pillar and ground of the truth is a very interesting passage the first time I encountered this passage was I met Roman Catholic apologist and he shared this text with me and there are a couple thoughts there are two ways that the text could be read and that it's true that you have a certain lens in which you read the passage number one that the church is the source of truth or number two. Is that in the church you can find the truth. Two ways in which the passage easily be read if you believe that the church is the source of truth then you would obviously. Read it that way if you believe that it's in the Church of God that you can find the truth you will read it that way it can be read one of two ways however I'm going to suggest that it is not to be understood that the church is the source of truth but instead is the instrument polity for the nation of truth and I do that because of Acts one amateur a couple passages X. twenty beginning in verse twenty nine Paul says something powerful in his day to the church in his time. Which they would be referring to and accepted twenty. Beginning in verse twenty nine Paul says this for I know this that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you not sparing a flock now he's speaking to the elders of the Church of this is in his time. Verse thirty also from among yourselves men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after themselves so he's speaking to the church leadership of his day the church the church leadership saying from you from amongst leadership Wolf will come in. And they will attack the flock from within from amongst yourselves men will speak perverse things and draw away disciples after themselves now if the church were the source of truth how could that be possible for a church leadership to actually fall away and to drag disciples with them does that make sense you also have the seven churches in the Book of Revelation episodes Smyrna Pergamum Tyrus artist Philadelphia Laodicea they are the describing the Church of God for the Spirit speaks of them the angels for the church is right these are God's courteous but what do you see in the condition of God churches in the seven churches were and by attire you have a woman by the name of jazz a bell teaching that it's OK to be seduced into worship eating sacrificed to idols and. I don't think that we would say that that is true because it came from a church. And so the church is not the source of truth but the church is the disseminator of truth it is the one who it is where you find truth and if you look at the experience and condition of God's church in the New Testament you see that it wasn't one hundred percent truth necessarily that came from his church when it wasn't founded on the Bible. Now how does this show got to character. That God loves you so much that he would allow you to participate with him in the dissemination of should think about how powerful that is that angels could do this work better than we can God could have said my church is the church over here on the Hill and it's full of angels they're the only preachers because our perfect but God said I actually want you to participate and share your truth I want you to make up my body of believers on earth I want to reveal myself through you and to bring you into cooperation with me in this mission that is a very beautiful intimate and personal God So that is high seas character nurse. What do you do if you are reading the Bible and pray and do everything right but don't have the peace and joy So the question is I'm reading my Bible I'm doing everything right but I'm not experiencing peace and joy why I think there's a difference between reading the Bible and studying the Bible. I think technology has made us quite lazy what I mean by that is when back in the day when there wasn't i Phones and stuff like that smartphones how many of you remember that are two people excellent. You know back in the day there was in these i Phones where you just put in a dressing and automatically gives you the directions step by step how to get to how many you remember how you had to look on them. Map and right down the different streets of have to make a right here a left to right here left here when you got to your destination by studying out how to get there how many of you were a lot happier that way you experience more joy like I made it I studied it out I figured out and I'm here now we just punk function like a dress on an i Phone gets us there we don't think nothing of our made on time great I think we've become quite lazy even when it comes to spiritual things we read the Bible just on surface level read gospel of the world that He gave His only begotten son that was of a bit of that's great why don't I why am I not experiencing joy I think the reason is because there's a difference between reading and studying the Bible says a seconds of each operative verse fifteen study to show that self approved them to God and work man need not be a seam rightly dividing the Word of Truth The Bible describes that we need to study deep into God's shoes and I believe when we're studying when we're searching scripture when we find something amazing joy comes out of that rather than just skim reading but I also believe added to the added to the frame of mind that you have when opening the scripture A facts how truth comes in and what it produces the Psalms is says in Psalms eighty six for verse eleven and twelve he says teach me that I weigh all Lord I will walk in the tooth unite my heart to fear your name and then he says I will praise the all the Lord my God with all my heart I will glorify the name for evermore the attitude that when you come to scripture should be Lord teach me I want to walk in your truth I want to know it and friends when you have the attitude of a searcher you have one that you haven't added to that wants to know the truth when you find the truth it's such a free produces joy and so I think there's a difference I think many Christians need to stop just. Reading the Bible and start digging deep into scripture that's why I truly believe joy comes when you find a hidden treasure when you find something that God has actually showed you that's what brings joy and satisfaction to one's life OK. So. It's Genesis not verse regarding the curse of all. The curse was on all of this says and this is all of those in it especially sense as ham is the one that. The verse mentioned was Genesis Chapter nine verse eighteen to twenty nine dealing with the curse of ham to summarize the story for those who may be not as familiar No I had three sons one of them whose name was Hamby held his father in his nakedness while the other two walked backwards and covered him and upon awaking in seeing what was done Noah said cursed be Canaan a servant of servants he shall be to his brother and and this was the be the descendants of Ham in first Peter chapter one verse two we learn something about God That's very important to understand when it comes to passages I believe like this I'm going to race over there first Peter one verse two it tells us elect according to the fore knowledge of God the Father in sync with the kitchen of the Spirit for obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ God has something called for knowledge. But it's not for choosing Did you understand the difference for choosing his word God chooses something on your behalf for knowing is simply knowing the decisions that you are going to make one gives you freedom of will one does not I do not see in the Scriptures God forcing decisions I think that's a very abundantly clear first time for it God is Love and Love demands freedom of choice so we can get to a whole discussion on that and of itself so here we see that the curse on have you have three members. Something two principles number one God has for knowledge so he can see things in the future that we cannot see what do I believe he was seeing in this prophetic scene was actually a very powerful prophetic statement that he gives here in Genesis in Genesis Chapter five we learn something about humanity. Adam was made in the image of who. The image of God. This kind of steps us and those will that but people often say oh but we're in the image of God That's actually incorrect according to the Bible if you actually read Genesis five follow along it's a very interesting passage it says speaking of Adam's creation in Genesis five one this is the book of the genealogy of Adam in the day that God created man he made it in the likeness of God There it is verse two he created the male and female and blessed them and called them mankind in the day they were created and Adam lived one hundred and thirty years and he got a son in his own likeness after he is in his and named himself you see that. We are children our children our children your children people who have children inherit the tendencies of the care in the character of their parents they are made in the image of the likeness of their parents what God was saying is he was not forcing these individuals to be a certain way but he was predicting based on his four knowledge that they were going to have the same character that their father had that they were simply going to be found in his image another good example in Genesis you have the story of Abraham when he goes to Egypt and he lies about his wife right he says she's mine. But he doesn't do it just once he does it again and Chapter twenty as well and then you get to Isaac. Abraham Isaac and Jacob and when you get to Isaac you have I. Commit the exact same trespass sand that Abraham commit the exact same and even life they both a lie to ability believe it or not it's kind if you read the story actually both do it to a bit. And it's like the same guys what's wrong with your family right it's like Abraham's line about this woman saying Oh it's my sister but your wife and their ability looks through a window and and sees Isaac with his wife says Wait you're not sure like a sister brother that's not such a like a wife he says it's only the New King James as it's obvious she's your by. And then you get to Jacob. Born a deceiver. Simply inheriting the tendency of the family deception lives and when you see that the character of the parents is transmitted the curse is not an arbitrary curse of God forcing them to be slaves but predicting that because of the character that they will have which will be the same as ham this is going to be the result for that nation and that's a that's a simplified answer of a long long answer dealing with the character of God in the Old Testament. How do you know god's will regarding career choice of marriage. We should do a whole seminar just on relationships. There's a all you have to do put the Michaelmas OK all you have to do is just walk into a room go around in circles and wherever your hand points that's the woman you're supposed to marry just teasing just teasing there's a biblical there's a number of Biblical foundations of how to know God's will for your life summarized There's a wonderful book called The Church well in five pages five hundred twelve you have three three sentences where God shares how God's will is revealed the first one is gone reveals his. Will to us in His Word His Holy Scriptures can he say man so God speak to our speaks to us through His word she also says his voice is also revealed in his providential workings and as doors opening doors closing God clearly making the path a known this is the direction you need to go and then she closes by saying to the appeals of the Holy Spirit and so here is three ways of how to know God's will for your life the. Sure word of of God's Word is Truth the convictions of the Holy Spirit and the doors I got opens and the doors I got closes Now what if you're in a relationship you really like this person and you think this person is the right one for you my wife and I before we got married we memorized a passage that we used to test on one another to see if we were meant to be together it's found in agonist on page forty five it says examine carefully. To see if your married life would be happy or in harmonious and wretched She says let the questions be raised here's the questions will this union help me have been Word will it increase my love for God and will it enlarge my sphere of usefulness in this life three questions so if you know relationship ask yourself is this relationship that I am in helping me have in work is it increasing my love for God As it and is it enlarging my sphere of usefulness then she closes if these reflections present no drawback that in the fear of God move forward I would like to tell you guys that as I was with Abby we we consciously asked ourself is this Union helping me having one is an increase in my love for God is it enlarging my sphere of usefulness after two and I have two and a half years of getting to know each other we said this is absolutely so. Our love for God is growing we feel like we're getting closer to heaven and our sphere of usefulness in which God could use US is growing now I have to say this icon of fell into the Paul trap that is I got I got into the habit of thinking I don't need a woman in my life. I'm happy with Jesus I'm going to I'm going to preach the gospel and I'll preach that I taught that and then I got into a couple of situations that helped me see that I needed I could use some help I'm not going to I'm going to show you those details but the Lord makes himself clear and I'm just so thankful for that but I'm so thankful that God also makes it clear what his will is do the bible through the convictions of the Holy Spirit to the ways he opens and shut doors if you're with a person you could ask yourself the question is this man leaving me hadn't have been word is it increasing my love for God is this person enlarging my sphere of usefulness if he isn't then he isn't the one. OK if you're right. Jesus prayed for it is what should we pray for or. Don't pray heap coals of fire on their head right I don't think that's what he meant and the apostle John tried to rebuke it's. Second Peter chapter three verse nine. I'll read a person I'm going to share story you don't mind if I hear a story do you like a second Peter three nine. The Lord is not concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is long suffering toward us not willing that any should perish but that all should calm to repentance. How many are think for that God is patient with you a man. In verse fifteen of the same chapter it actually says. That the long suffering of the Lord is salvation and the other was the only reason why any of us have one iota chance of being saved is we have a patient God who is patient with us while we were yet his enemies. What do I pray for an end in that they will come to repentance that they will experience Jesus and I will see even in the New Earth. There was a man who murdered my friend back before I was a Christian we had the intention to murder this man and his family for what he had done he was arrested before we got to him. That's OK I just think about this and then I remember. After he was arrested. I don't know six months eight months later I had two is when I set foot in a church for the first time so I studied the Bible for a couple of months just a couple of months mind you that leopard was within still. And. I get a phone call from a really close friend and he's crying it was the brother of the friend who was murdered and he said and the kid and the friend was thirteen years old so he was a kid and so it just cause extra indignation within and I remember he called me crying and said he's out and I said What do you mean what are you talking I don't know if I'm I said he's out after he was able to understand to the tears he said the individual is outs he was a Lego early less than a year he was rich family and things of that nature gets you early. Well my friends family is involved with some mafia type stuff and was able to track him down for us. And then he called me and said hey we found him and his family it's time to finish what we started. And I have been reading the Bible for about three months now. And I remember I went into my bed you. And I was just full of this anger and I remember thinking to myself He's How could he be and the first thought was this man is going to die for what he did. And then immediately the verse came power of the Word of God put it in my name and the house shout not kill and I remember I got angry and I said I told the Holy Spirit I don't want to hear it they got louder. Kill and I remember I very seriously and I'm very sad about this but I got very angry with God and I argue with God and I told him to stop let me do what I had to do and then we can continue our walk. And I remember I was wrestling with God in my room and all I kept hearing his ouster kill. Kill and I remember I broke down and I wept and I wept and I and I told God but I hate him so much I hate him more than the devil himself how am I supposed to live and function right now knowing that he's out there and the thought came. Pray for him. And so every day because the second Peter three nine I prayed for his salvation I pray that he would come to know the Christ that I knew I knew because I was just as messed up as he was before and I prayed Lord as you see me save him and I prayed every day for this man for the next couple of months and I remember at first it's just I know Lord must that man that it's moved on. But over time I remember I would just pour out as if he was a lost relative pleading for him pleading that I'll see him in the New Earth the calm Woods hears and I just want to him to be nothing more than save then a person came over my house long story short they started to do some drinking I don't care they went to my bedroom by the way when you leave the world get rid of the world they meant I didn't get rid of my weaponry my firearms he came out of my room with my sawed off dry by shotgun. And I was like What do you have now for he said I'm going to finish it and he say you drive I shoot will take him out right now and I'm here wrestling and I'm in pain for this guy for a couple of months now and I'm like and I tried joking I'm a jokester inside so I started joking David knows I'm a joke so so I'm joking with this guy trying to disseminate and defuse the situation and he wasn't having it he got very angry and he remembered he put the shells in the shock an inch and he said get out of my way I'm going to go take care of it and I said no I won't let you out of his house he got into an altercation in my living room and he just started screaming I mean I said there's no one let you out of this house that you can't kill that man I won't let you kill that man and he said why not without even thinking about it it wasn't like I had preferred thought these words I'd never even thought it once in my entire life up to this moment but without thinking about I literally just said because I love that now. All of a sudden I heard the shock and Kakuma time church and a barrel went right to my forehead and I thought I'm going to die own house right now and I think he wore it I could've said anything else like I. Don't want to go to jail or something but I on the streets that's treason. That's treason where I come from and that will cost you your life where I come from. And he put a gun to my head and long story short he forcibly put it down on his own resisting nothing through it so the ground he dragged he looked like he was dragging the backwards to the couch and he was fighting to walk or but walking backwards and then he slammed on the couch harder than I slammed anyone down these two in the martial arts. It looked like something had grabbed him through the gun out of his head and dragged him to the couch and held him down the entire night and he was shaking and writing and screaming I'm going to kill you and I remember I grabbed that shotgun I sat there the rest the night and I said Lord name of anybody I'm just going to wash and you know. I'm crap pray for him to I leave my angel save me that night so long. Story short what can you pray for pray for their salvation pray for God to bless them it will change your heart forgiveness in your heart and then and see what it does for you. Praise God. For. His god just really quickly I want to add to that it doesn't just say pray for your enemies Jesus says Love your enemies and really quickly I would like to share something on that note really quick. Many of you know I shared my testimony last night I grew up in a drug abusive home my own school trying to kill me several times and I remember once at one I gave my heart to God I hated my uncle I wanted to take him down and I remember the same thought would come to my mind like if I have a chance when I get bigger when I was little I said when I get bigger I'm going to I'm going to kill them I'm just going to destroy him I would always think that as a kid but then when I gave my heart to God He was the first person that God put on my heart and he said David he's your first so I want you to when I said no way he is my enemy I know I could care less about him and he just put an incredible burden on my heart so every day I said Lord how me to love him as you love him. And by God's grace I started studying the Bible with him I fell in love with him he's now one of my favorite uncles and now he goes to prisons to tell people how God has given him the victory over drugs and alcohol and how they can serve God for the rest of their lives as well the power of prayer just asking God God do what I cannot do give me love for this person as you love me and God will do it. For the sake of. This. State and David for doing this tonight we're going to. For you guys it was. Thank you for this evening that we were put together and discuss your word of the Lord we're on different walks of life we've all been through different things Lord we know the enemy is trying to discourage us in many different ways. The Lord will claim the promise is in your word that you will be there if we call upon. Him or we just ask that you will. Take our rags and fill them and place your. Clothing of righteousness above us for the men they see you. And Lord as we continue to walk with you as you walk I just prayed out that your spirit will be with us that you go with all of us from this place that we may walk and continue to learn how to walk closely with you that we may continue to follow our. Brother me as this is your home. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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