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The Forgotten Victory at Calvary

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • April 15, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father are gone they haven't. Committed your love. And Jesus to die for us as a father we thank you. For sending Jesus. To take the penalty. So that we can be saved father special way to be a blessing not a curse. Upon our minds and hearts. Of the love and the grace that you have for us. To give us. And also a new heart and life as a father we ask you something special today. Even today that we get greater more beautiful picture of Calvary and the sacrifice. Of. Jesus. You know as a teacher one of the main issues and I'm sure it's a lot more elementary school teachers by the way I can never be a school teacher I salute elementary school teachers some people say how can you teach high school students I said that's not difficult elementary school teachers are the ones that are true heroes. And one of the main issues that we deal with educators is the issue of self-control among our students students making right choices in fact it is that time of year where seniors are frantic turning in their late work to see if they could graduate or not. You know I was told by a colleague this past week that they're. Actually desired to turn in their homework on time. They need to turn their homework in time their intent to turn in their work on time but when they go home they open up to loud. Top and turn on You Tube and all of a sudden their self-control comes out the window and four hours later they're tired and I'm going to go to sleep. So if control. Or as we as I have it is called temperance. You see we live in an age where society has less and less self control less and less temperance we have opiate addiction we have sex addictions we have media addictions in fact we have junk food addiction. In fact in September fourteenth two thousand and twelve the New York City Board of Health voted. To ban soft drink containers that are sixteen ounces or larger. Because New York City has so much of a problem with obesity and diabetes that's pretty bad when the government steps in. Self control. That is a huge issue in fact the Apostle Paul predicts of an issue with self-control and also the Bible says first to be chapter three verse one the Bible says this know also that on what day of the last days so we live in the last days. Yes we live in the last days perilous times shall come so what makes the last days perilous and always in the Bible says in verse three and four the Bible says without natural affection truce breakers accusers incontinent and caught in means without self-control. Fear is the spawn of the Vols that are good traitors heady hard nine day lovers a pleasure is more then lovers of God we live in a society and we live in the last days and we're live in an age where there's a lack of self-control if it feels good do it even our president it feels good do it if I'm angry I'm going to send out a tweet. So when he gets me mad I'm going to lash. But notice we're some of the same and at Ave this anticipated by our very name the second coming of Jesus notice they characteristic of those that are anticipating Jesus' return and those of the Apostle Paul says in First Corinthians Chapter nine hundred twenty five The Bible says and every man that striving for the mastery is temper and how many things. And all things so those that are looking for Jesus' return are temperate in all things now to do it corruptible crown but we and incorruptible if Paul uses the most ration of athletes that when you prepare and train and we know and I'm in the Filipino church of many Paki Wayman. When Pak you are prepared for a fight has died correct your schedule changes is that correct he trained he dedicates his time to get his body right. So to as people prepare for Jesus to come. We are in the straightaway we're in that final stretch of the race and God is more to get us and shape to win that race. But we have a problem now actually we don't have self control. We are on January March we're on our fourth month of this year is that correct. And I'm sure many of you made New Year's resolutions of losing way or the exercise you know it's funny I go to the gym regularly and in January the gyms are packed. February OK by March half of them are gone April no problem. For me. We live in society where we make promises but our natural state we have no willpower. So what happens when we realize it is so difficult to make the right choice we see to have instant gratification. Rather than the long term consequences of the actions we make but there is hope. Do you have no self control you have no will power do you mate the instant choice. That feels good rather than the best choice of life and life more abundantly. There is hope for us even though we made a bad choice because there is someone I came to this earth to demonstrate self-control. Knows the Bible says in Hebrew Chapter two Hebrews chapter two verse sixteen the Bible says For verily he took not on him the nature of angels Jesus came down not what the nature of angels not the nature of Adam before the fall but notice what he took on the seed of Abraham you know Abraham's D.N.A. You know Abraham was a bitch or a liar. Isaac Jacob there have been chill lives Judah all he did bad things he committed a grievous scandal within his father's household he committed adultery with his father's concubine. I have prostitute route them all by and the more guys descended from incest you have David and Solomon in all these people of greatest sins and all that D.N.A. was inherited in the body of Jesus. A legacy of no self control. But why did Jesus take that nature the Bible says Wherefore in all things that move them to be made like unto His brother of Jesus calls us brothers and sisters. Even though as defective in sinful as we are we are family to Jesus and I say amen to that. That he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining got to make reconciliation for the sins of the people for him that himself had suffered being tempted he is able to sick or or help them that are tempted are you strong with self-control today Jesus. I was tempted with the issue of self control. Are you tempted with making bad choices today Jesus was tempted in making a bad choice but because Jesus gained a victory he wants to help us in our bad choices if I know that inspiration says Page forty eight inspiration says it would have been almost infinite humiliation for the Son of God to take man's nature even when Adam stood in this innocence the need it but Jesus accepted humanity when the race have been weakened by four thousand years of sin like every child he accepted the result of the great workings of the great long heredity what these results were as shown in the history of his earthly ancestors he came with such a heredity to share our sorrows and temptations to give us the example of a sinless life. You know the popular term to this I was born this way. I was born as an alcoholic I was born as a murderer. I was born this way. But Jesus was born with that nature as well. But Jesus came and gained a victim of that temptation and today he's offering forgiveness and a new heart and a new life and to give us power over our bad choices. In fact the greatest temptation that Jesus face I believe is not the great temptations in the wilderness I believe the greatest temptations of Jesus found in first Peter chapter two verse twenty two knows the Bible says the first Peter chapter two verse twenty two The Bible says of Jesus who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth who when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered he threatened not by committed himself to him that doesn't righteously. Who is own self there are sins in His own body on the tree that we being dead to since he said live on to righteousness by stripes are. Healed so dreams greatest temptation was I cal. The temptation was one is enemies were abusing him when he uses divine power to fight back the forgotten victory of Calvary is Jesus demonstrating self control at the cross. But what did Jesus do Jesus our example what did Jesus do to prepare himself for those temptations. Notice what the Bible says In Luke twenty two performed to remember Jesus wasn't just somebody. And Jesus said into seventy to watch and pray and Jesus' prayer was this twenty first for it to say Fall are invalid be willing remove this come from me never lies not mar will but thine be done Jesus recognized his weakness in human flesh. Jesus knew that he needed a power beyond himself to strengthen him to make the right choice in other words Jesus laid his glory to the dust when he prayed and asked for the power of the father. You see that is why morning devotion is so important in our being convicted that budgies is one to prepare for those temptations before he met it he prayed he recognizes human weakness and he said Father nevertheless not my will but I will be done so when we get up in the morning. We have yet to suffer temptation We pray Lord I know my weakness Lord I know I have a predisposition to make bad choices Lord never less Not my will but I will be done he met the crisis he med the temptation with prayer. Principle number one. Now what situations was Jesus faced with in regards to temperance and also the Bible says a MAPI point six or forty nine fifty. The Bible says Therefore way if he came to Jesus and said Hello Master and kissed him here's Judas Jesus' twelve disciples his inner circle so to speak Judas desire they just said love the master. The Bible says that Judas was a disciple that also was there and was useful in Miracles to cast out demons and and do miracles and heal people the Bible says that about Judas and here is Jew this kissing Jesus and said unto one friend wherefore are now calm then came day and laid hands on Jesus and took him now. Notice this when you kill somebody for those that kills people you need to be in close proximity is that correct and the person receiving the kids must allow that personal space to be close in or for the kids to happen is that correct. So for Jesus she already knew that Judas would betrayal is that correct he said one of us is of the devil your he said in the Passover that the stop that was dropped the point the Jews but yet Jesus demonstrated self control by allowing Judas to kiss him in the trial Jesus could easily said stay away from me do this but Jesus was demonstrating a love that beyond our comprehension that even though that the betrayer is going to betray him to hurt and abuse and so I'm out to the most abusive form of persecution ever devised inhumanity he allowed to this because he exercise self-control that love that constraint. And so imagine. Have you been betrayed by someone you trust. Have you been in a situation. Where someone is the literally seeking to destroy your reputation. To destroy your livelihood to turn all your friends against you have you been in the abusive relationship know this Jesus understands. And know also this that that bitterness that of lashing out Jesus knows the temptation of that. But notice what Jesus chose not to do and those are the Bible says and Matthew twenty six verse fifty three the Bible says I think is that all that I cannot now pray to my father and he shall presently give me more than twelve leaders of angels you see Jesus also has the vibe power and with a thought with the command angels who would come down and consume all of Jesus' enemies but Jesus chose self-control. Imagine having unlimited power to wipe out your enemies with God. You know I praise God I don't have that power. But Jesus exercised still of control of his divine power. And also desired it page seven hundred paragraph three says. Under abuse and soul and the hands of the beings who created it and for whom he was making infinite sacrifice he received every indignity and he suffered in proportion to the perfection of his holiness and his hatred of said his trial by man who out of those fiends was to him a perpetual sacrifies and he knew that in a moment by the flashing forth of his divine power he can lay his crew tormentors in the US This made the trial the harder to bear so when you're tempted to make a bad choice when you're tempted to satisfy your need that emptiness in your life for harmful choices no this Jesus understands. Jesus was tempted. To satisfy instant gratification of destroying his enemies but he demonstrated self-control. He demonstrated temperaments. Now what prevented Jesus from lashing out what is the key to Jesus' self-control and temperance it was the Bible says in not the point six for fifty four the Bible says but how then this is Jesus talking but How then shall the security people felt that does it must be Jesus knew his identity and mission was tied to his purpose and prophecy. He knew the Word of God and he got his identity on purpose by knowing what his purpose is by the Word of God His relies upon the Word of God and word of God alone notice there was a Bible says Chapter eighteen verse thirty one The Man of Fire the point now is what Jesus said of the cycles the Bible says but then he took on to win the twelve and said unto them behold we go off to Drusilla and all things that are written by the prophets concerning the Son of man shall be accomplished for you shall be delivered unto the Gentiles and shall be mocked and spitefully and treated and spit on and they shall scourge and and put him to death and the third day he shall rise again Jesus knew his mission was to suffer for you and I and that mission that identity allowed him to write aside self-control. You see in the last days we as advocates will be faced with our Cross will be faced with our persecution but knowing the identity and purpose that God has for us the Bible says that the godly shall suffer persecution knowing that we could have assurance that everything will be OK. That we'll have to lash out. That we don't have to retaliate then we don't have to go and you make the easy choice because our identity and purpose is tied to the Word of God. And knowing his identity and mission and purpose knows what Jesus did Philippians Chapter two percent and the Bible says the man himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant this time. It's really boggles my mind. The Sovereign the universe the king a king the Lord The Creator that created the heavens and the earth came as a servant to serve you and he gave as an example of laying his glory to the dust to be in human flesh so that we could be seeing. And was made in the likeness of their being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became obedient to that even the death of the cross you know that God is commit to me you know I'm Agent so I have a lot of pride. I have a Laodicean condition of pride. In the Bible says the LAODICE we were increased with good in need of nothing. But I realize that in order for God to truly use me. And if I am a follower of Jesus obviously my pride to the does as Jesus late is proud. To. Be a servant. And what did Jesus also face that tested his self-control and those of the Bible says a MAPI twenty seven versus twenty nine to thirty one The Bible says and when they had planted a crown of thorns they did put it upon his head and I read in his right hand and the balcony before him and mocked him saying hail came the Jews and they spit upon him and took the reed and smote him on the head and after that they had mocked him they took the robe off from him and put his own Rayment on him and led him away to crucify him. He was tempted into bitterness for those abusers. He could have easily succumb to the bondage of anger over of then and vengeance but knows what Jesus did it was what Jesus how Jesus respond to this abuse and those in the Bible said in Luke twenty five or thirty four The Bible says then said Jesus Father forgive them for they do not know what they do and they part of his Raymond cast lots Jesus. Response was for you. You see if you've been through abuse. Be At Work. Be it from a family member be it from a spouse. Be it from someone you trust know this Jesus understands that. And Jesus because Jesus went through the exact same situation as we did by His stripes we are healed and we no longer would need to hold on to that bitterness because God has taken the bitterness in our being. He is seeking to heal us from the bondage the bitterness the seeking to give us self control of lashing out. And this is very difficult for me because I am a fighter. But God is good. Now Jesus was in this weakest point physically mentally emotionally physically he was thirsty physically he was tired physically he had the pains of the nails that were driving in this wrist and this fee he had all sorts of sensations in his pain receptors mentally he was weak emotionally he was broken he was betrayed he was spit upon he was a lie he was falsely accused at the cross but notice what Jesus did and demonstrating temperance even through this darkest moment knows what the Bible says in Matthew twenty seven were thirty four The Bible says they give him vinegar to drink mingle with God and we need yet cases there are he would not drink. Have you been in a situation. Where you feel empty inside and you try to fill it with something to fill in the last of the pain. It could be drugs it could be alcohol it could be cigarettes it could be destructive things it could even be junk food. Jesus understands that temptation. Because Jesus was is the exercise of control so to he could give you that power knows what inspiration says the desire of ages page seven forty six paragraph two for those who suffer death by the Cross it was permitted to give is too far portion to death in the sense of pain this was offered to Jesus but when he had tasted it he refused he would receive nothing that could be quite as my His faith must keep fast hold upon God this was his only strait that would cloud his senses would give Satan an advantage Jesus exercised temperance at the cross and therefore when you feel the pole to use destructive means to fill the void in your life you know this Jesus understands and by His stripes we are healed and G.'s wants to give you the assurance that everything will be all right and he will heal you and fill you with something better than that drug and alcohol. Jesus demonstrated temperance at the cross and because Jesus said Father forgive them for they do not know what they're doing notice what this person says and desire vision pay some forty four paragraph to inspiration says no courses were called down upon the soldiers who are handling him so roughly no vengeance was involved upon the priest and rulers who were gloating over the accomplishment of their purpose cries of pity them in their ignorance and Hebrew for only a plea for their forgiveness for they know not know what they do. And you know if you look at the Book of Acts the Bible says many of the priests now believe that after Jesus died and resurrected his prayer was not a thing you see when we pray and we pray for someone to be saved hopeless and that present condition but know this faith is a subset of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen so even that present time it looks like God's will will not be fulfilled but God's word will be fulfilled. What hope is that you. Not only a Jesus that died for our sins but a hope in Jesus that died for our sins that gave us the word of God to live by and to love. And so what was the purpose of Jesus going through all this ugliness and pain was the purpose of the Cross and also the Bible says in Isaiah fifty three Verse five the Bible says but he was wounded far trance questions he was bruised for iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by His stripes we are here. Burdens are lifted their talent. Across is not only to forgive our sins but they heal us from the bad choices that we make and Jesus heal us from the choices and to also give us the power to make right choices in the future. You see there is a principle behind the calvary. Calvary was very ugly. Calvary was very bloody We tend not to think about Calvary in physical terms of the suffering messiah we rather focus on Jesus you know he he died on the cross Oh yeah that's beautiful he had a lawyer he was really stripped naked and he was bloodied beyond recognition we don't want to deal with thinking about the physical suffering of Jesus about the Messiah dying the most excruciating is that Calvary was ugly brothers and sisters it was abusive. But there is a principle behind that. What is meant for evil. God transformed it and turned it into good. Is there ugliness of you lives here today brothers and sisters are you succumbing to the ugliness of the past this isn't are you reviewing the past and even your present and your life seems ugly compared to the righteous of Jesus but what Satan meant for evil God means that for good and the ugliness of the cross transformed to the beauty of salvation so to the ugliness of our lives can be transferred to the beauty of holiness. If we allow Jesus to come into our lives. Why did Jesus go through all the suffering those are the Bible says First Peter chapter two verse twenty and twenty one. The Bible says what glorious is when you have buffeted for your faults you have taken it patiently but if when you do well and suffer for it you take it personally this is acceptable with God or even if you're on to where you call because choirs also suffer for who. For us leaving us and what an example of that we should what. Steps. So. When we're tempted. With destructive choices more and more tempted to succumb to our sinful nature know this Christ went through the same thing and he exercised temperance at the cross he suffered in this flesh and are not to be about the cross Therefore Jesus says it's OK my child I know the pain I know the pole but trust me and I will leave you to victory over that temptation I will give you the power of self-control. But we must believe I mean what we most want it. All God's in time people do we said that cries for for us that we should follow in the steps there is one hundred forty four thousand Gaza last generation the Bible says in Revelation seven fourteen that they come out of great tribulation but there's one other half of the one hundred forty four thousand that is a characteristic The Bible says that these are there which fall of the Lamb wherever he go is in other words they follow Jesus in the steps even in their suffering. To follow Jesus is the fall in the steps. And although it may be some hard situation although it may be difficult trials and brothers and sisters I hate trials. If there is a trial or a bad. Situation I tried to run away I am a whip. But know this when there are trials Jesus is my child I'm with you. I gain the victory at the cross of Calvary I demonstrate self-control therefore trust in me lean on me believe in me and love me and therefore I will give you the power of self-control. But there is hope brothers and sisters Jesus died when he resurrected Amen. And by resurrecting What does he do for us knows the Bible says the Hebrews Chapter seven verse twenty five The Bible says wherefore he is able also to save them to the outermost Jesus seeking to save us in the most beautiful music. That come to God by him seeing here ever live it Jesus lives I serve the living Savior that's in the world today that is in the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary to make intercession for you when. Jesus die but he resurrected and currently right now in the present truth of this time is that he's in the most holy place interceding in our behalf making intercession for us. And because Jesus interceding Jesus is pleading for us as our defense attorney knows what we can do knows the Bible says that he will Chapter four the Bible says then we have a great high priest that is passing to the heavens the Son of God. Our profession for we have not a High Priest we cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities but was an all points tempted like as we are yet without sin Jesus went through every temptation that you and I go through he went to the polls and the temptations of addiction cannot be have he went to the pain of abuse he went through every imaginable temptation yet without said. And because he was without sin nor does what he does for us. Therefore come what. We become bully What does that mean to become. Bawly his office door is open any time. Is thrown on doors open any time you know for famous important people we need we need to have an appointment do we not need to be scheduled their mother secretary let her but Jesus open door for each and every one of us so we can go boldly and anytime so if we feel bad that some big shot is giving us the runaround treatment know this the Creator the universe gives us an open door to his office at any time. So we can therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we made up a mercy Jesus and merciful and faithful High Priest and find grace to help in the time of need Jesus is seeking to help us with our choices. But how does Jesus give us help you see we must ask for it and believe it but Jesus does something very special to give us that help the Bible says in Acts Chapter one Verse A The Bible says but you shall receive power that help is power after the Holy Ghost is upon you. And you shall be witnesses unto me so Jesus is the Holy Spirit to give us power. And when the whole is very comes the give us power notice of what we receive what the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace what long suffering or patience or maybe you can say temperance gentleness goodness faith from Ignace and also temperance I think temperance and patience is one and the same. I guess there is no longer. So how do we receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus we have to realize right now he was seven twenty five years in or seen in our behalf right now that intercession all. Us to get help from them because Jesus was tempted in all points and yet gained a victory and now he can help us when we go to him and ask for help. But Jesus needs us to ask him in or for help to be given that he's not going to give us hell unless we ask Jesus is not like our parents who forces us to do piano lessons for our benefit. That I had a nerve here. Or you have to practice because I know fifteen years down the road you are going to be a great pianist and your popularity and you will be bragged about and you'll have many people that like you so therefore with a force you're right now to play piano. Jesus wants you to choose the right decision not like our parents have us be forced to me. So Jesus in or for G.'s to get always spirit we have to ask for his help. Then do you respond the act up to one person A The father says Christ gives us hope through the power of the Holy Spirit gives us out. And then how is the Holy Spirit given the Bible says a chaplain in verse thirteen with we being evil giving good gifts to our children how much more willing is God willing to give the Holy Spirit to us and always for it also given that out of five or three to you to them that obey those are the steps that we see in the spirit we must in a nutshell realize that crosses in this scene are behind. Ask and believe. And so. Final to Tex. How can we gain the power so control the Bible says that he would shout twelve or one wherefore saying we also want our compas of with so great a column. Witnesses let us last side every way in the sandwich that easily beset us let us run with patience or temperance the race that a set of for us how can we run the race of temperance and self control or the race before us here's the key looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Who for the joy that was set before him endured across the spies in the SE and the set down at the right hand of the throne of God. If you're tempted with addiction if you're tempted to make the wrong choice if you're tempted to make choices that are harmful for you if you're tempted to fill in a relationship that you know is harmful but you want to feel that way because you're lonely no this Jesus knows that temptation. And he asked to look upon the author finisher of our. Who through the cross demonstrate the self-control. And therefore he wants to give us the power so control right. The Forgotten victory in Calvary is Jesus demonstrating self-control. Or if Jesus did not demonstrate self-control what would happen he would not be the perfect sacrifice. He would violate the prophesy and we would all be to. Turn the condemnation but Jesus demonstrate the self-control at the cross and if we look upon Jesus sinless and see and we look upon the cross where he suffered in our be out and demonstrate his self-control we can also run the race with patience and exercise temperance because God's power of love that Colonel love is flowing through our V.A.. There's power in the blood rose and God's in time people in religion fourteen twelve the Bible says here is the patience or insurance or the temperance of the saints here are they that keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus and just lie Jesus made. Right choice even though looked hopeless for him at Calvary even though he felt rejected by even the father he remained true at Calvary and therefore he could give us the power to make the right choice. But we must first accept this forgiveness. And his love. And realize that he is seeking to help us and I asked for his help. You know for me it's hard to ask for help. I'm very proud. But Jesus is my child. Come unto me and I will help. And because Jesus. Lives I can face tomorrow. Because he lives any challenge any pain any bad episode in our lives can be fixed by the Blood of Jesus all your past bandages all your past wrong choices all your past indiscretions know this in the present they can be as though as you've never done those choices and there is a sure is that when the present in the present condition you realize these love for you that the past is no more you can look to the future with hope. That even though bad times may come even the trials will come. That they will be victory. And that's your glass seeing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb. The power of Calvary. Is the power for us in the good choices through the power to. The power self-control but we must first come to Jesus. Receive His power and accept it and believe that she's going to work through our lives and when those temptation come realize this we can go to Jesus at any time to receive help. And although we may be painful although we may want to do that thing are for. I know this because Jesus gained a victory so he wants to give that victory. Over and. Have you made bad choices I know I have. I've done things that you're shamed of I know I have. Are you suffering from guilt of some bad choice in the past I know I. Know this today as we meditate upon Calvary and what Jesus has done for us at the cross and know this by his strives we're here. And today could be a new beginning and just like when Jesus died he died of the flesh and the seed of Abraham he resurrected in the glorified body of the newness of life on the third day and he's resurrected right now in or seen R.B.'s so too we can die of our past of our sinful past and today we could resurrect and Unisa life and God is seeking to do that for you and. Our Father and God and. Father we thank you that you've demonstrated. Self-control. At the cross through Jesus Father I cannot imagine the unlimited power that Jesus had to lash out upon his enemies and to consume them with a thought. But yet he exercised control and father in twenty seventeen. We live in a generation right now where there is no self-control we are weak father. We made bad choices but Father we thank you that through the power of the Cross and by Jesus strives we can be healed and we can see power here today and brothers sisters of. A father today. I accept what Jesus has done for me at the cross and today I want to receive. The power of self-control I want to receive the power temperance here today. Not by my will by that I will father today father do for me something special I have an addiction father I'm better this father are holding pain and hurt but today I want to let go of that I want you to heal me I want you to give me the love that constrain it all to make the right choice in my life help me here today. I simply ask that we kneel for that experience. Our father to heaven I am kneeling because I'm a weak man. I make bad choices. But Father we thank you Jesus. Have. To save us to the uttermost. We are all a product of bad choices but today we acknowledge and realize that all those bad choices can be undone because Jesus took the bad choices. At the cross of Calvary. And Father as Jesus demonstrated self-control father as we receive forgiveness a new life. Give us the power give us the love of the Holy Ghost of the fruit of the Spirit temperance and self-control in our choice and Father we thank you now we can remember the forgotten victory of Calvary which is self-control. We thank you Lord for your mercy and grace and we ask that today will be a new day a day that will mark with new victories and if we fall Father we thank you that we have an advocate in Jesus that seeks to pick his back up as a father today. Help us have a fresh new experience we thank you Lord that Jesus lives that we could face tomorrow because he lives. And much more if you would like to know more about.


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