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Myth or Miracle?

Alan Parker
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Alan Parker

Professor of missions and evangelism and director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University



  • April 15, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Today we're going to be taking a look at a fascinating subject we're going to be taking a look at the resurrection and is it a meth or a miracle and I want to begin by by describing a bit of my journey I did not come from a Christian home and I remember when I decided to become a theology student my stepfather's name was John O. he took me aside and he said By the way you know it's not true you know there was no such person named Jesus but fortunately I had taken a class called life and teachings and in that class we had discovered some evidence for why Jesus existed and so I started sharing some evidence with him and you know the good news was he was blown away he had never heard of these things before and so he was he was looking at this and saying could this really be true and I was like yes it is it is true and I see said well I'm going to have to think about that and I wanted to let him know you know that most skeptics today acknowledge that Jesus was a real person the problem is the resurrection could the resurrection be true I mean this whole idea of God entering into human history dying and then being raised back to life I mean you can explain that there was some carpenter guy in Nazareth that everybody started following and turned him into a hero but for him to come back from the dead that was more difficult and that's something that my stepfather Johnno struggled with and I'm going to be telling you more about his story later but in typical Chris Anderson fashion I have another story to tell that I'm not going to finish right now but I will finish later and it occurred in nineteen ninety one it was February twenty eight and it was a mother's worst night. Ma'am. Two men in army uniform standing outside her work they had come to tell her that her son Clayton had been killed in a blast in the Gulf War just two hours before the cease fire. And she was devastated that night she went to her room and she just cried and she kept looking at his picture and saying it can't be true it can't be true for her ex-husband who lived in a town just eight miles away when he got the same message delivered by two gentleman he started letting the town know and the Word quickly spread by the next day they had he was getting flowers and he was getting casseroles and the people were coming to give their sympathy in fact at the General Store Johnson's general store they had set up a little memorial there and people were writing notes and little memory you know bringing things that were a memory of their mysterious and fun loving son and it was just a very dark tragic day. Coming back from the dead. Who would think of such a thing you know we think it's incredible now but even in the first century it was considered to be pretty incredible the only people who came back from the dead were mythical heroes like Dionysus and ionizers was supposed to be one of those people who was born between a union of Zeus and a human mother and out of that union came out this mythical hero who ended up fighting many wars and then he came back from the dead he had supposedly killed by the Titans depending on which story you read and then his heart was still beating and somehow they resurrected him for. Is beating heart is Jesus just a mythical hero like Dian ISIS or did he really come back from the dead even back then people thought of the story and they realized it was just a legend is that all that the resurrection story is a made up legend or Pabst even if Jesus somehow came back from the The Dead maybe just fainted or maybe the disciples stole the body and today what we want to do is we want to find answers to these questions as conclusively as possible because I believe that our faith depends on it in fact about eight years ago I had a student who wrote an article for a magazine a Southern University administrator versity and at the school newspaper and in there he basically wrote Jesus is dead he was never resurrected is that really true. Did Jesus never resurrect from the dead Well he has what Paul has to say in our. Scripture reading that we read today and he says this moreover brother and I declared to you the what the Gospel what is another word for gospel the good news he says I've got the good news and he uses this term. Forty six times in the New Testament to declare the good news which I preach to you which you also received in which you stand by which you are saved I means a lot of things that this Gospel does for you he says if you hold fast that word which I preach to you and less you believed in vain he says this is so important this gospel that I'm going to tell you about that if you don't hold fast to it your whole faith is in vain and this word hold fast really means something that you hold onto with certainty and then he says look this is so important I want to tell you that this is something. Which I have received I didn't make it up on my own I received it and then I delivered it to you and I received it and delivered it and he says this is the gospel I want you to notice these three facts because these three facts are incredible number one Christ did what diet for our sins according to Scripture is number two he was buried and number three he rose these three facts are unlike other religions because these three facts are historical these three facts are events of history when you go to Buddhism what they have are teachings interesting teachings that people who come Buddhists because of the teachings when you go to Islam people become Muslims because they believe in the teachings of the prophet but when you come to Christianity we not only have teachings we have historical events that are miraculous and here we have these events that Christ died he was buried and he rose again and each one of these events is according to the what the scriptures according to the Scriptures so these are events for told in advance by Scripture and now this is very important Christianity is built on prophecy. It is built on the prophetic word you take out the prophetic word you no longer have the gospel the prophetic word for fill in Jesus Christ pointed back to by the Apostles is what the gospel is and there are a number of Christians today who have forgotten the prophetic word but you take out the prophetic word and you have lost the Gospel can you say amen to that Amen you have to say man because the prophetic word is what leads us to an understanding a guy. Hard For told it in advance and then it came to pass the Gospel is founded on the prophetic word. And in Paul says look these are historical events I want you to know that it's true he says I want you to know brothers that the Gospel that I preached is not something that man made up it's not a fairy tale he says this is true Saturday we want to take a look at can we really believe this story about a resurrection. Is Paul right or wrong and I believe the answer is critical for us as we consider the resurrection story. Because this is a highly unexpected event not even the disciples expected it it is a standing if it is true it completely changes our lives if it is not true our faith is in vain and so today we want to have a look at is Paul right in proclaiming the scar spel so the first question we're going to have is that I hit the wrong button. All right it's coming back it will be resurrected. If I hit the wrong button then just get me back on track the So first question is Did Christ really die did Christ really die can we believe in this testimony that there was a real Jesus Christ who died and here we have conclusive proof from the early second century the Roman historian Tacitus he says this Christus using the Greek name for Christ the founder of the name for Christians was put to death by Pontius Pilot pro-grade of today or in the reign of. Burials almost all skeptics except this testimony why because it's a Roman historian who's not a Christian he's actually against Christians and he identifies exactly the same details that we have in our gospels that Jesus was put to death by Pontius Pilot we know exactly the time we know exactly the place there is no doubt that Jesus died and this is demonstrated not only from the Bible but it's demonstrated from the clear testimony of a secular scholar of that time now notice something else some people say you know well Jesus maybe he just fainted and he didn't really die on the cross OK Well let's understand a few things about this firstly the Romans were really good at what they did no one survived this gruesome method of torture they knew how to how to kill a person and then you had to do really well in fact if you didn't do your job they would kill the soldiers who failed to kill you you understand how it worked and so there was no way that you were going to leave a man alive so they there is clear a clear understanding the Romans knew how to do this no one survived crucifixion number two when they shoved that spear into his side and there was blood and water. We know that they they knew back then that this was a clear indication of death now this is various ways we can understand that medically fluid maybe around the heart or fluid from the lungs. But the reality is they knew if a person had blood and water then they would be dead we can't replicate that today because we're not allowed to crucify people as part of our scientific experiments but they clearly knew this man is dead. It also helps us to understand why Jesus could not have just fainted on the cross and then you know get revived you know maybe this is the theory of actually. Some Muslims were the ones who came up with us they said. You know maybe when they put that rag up to his mouth that kind of knocked him out and then they took spices and then they revived him back to life and anyone thought he had been resurrected and somebody was saying you know that's fascinating could that really have been what happened and so there was a lady who wrote about this too to a gentleman let me see if I can find his exact words. Yes they wrote to Vernon McGee and the lady said look we found out that Jesus maybe just swooned on the cross and His disciples nursed him back to health what do you think and this is what he replied Dear Sister here's what you need to do go take that person he told you that beat them with a leather work with thirty nine heavy strokes nail that guy to a cross hang him in the sun for six hours run a spear through his heart in bomb him put an put him in an airless tomb for three days and then see if you want to worship him as a resurrected savior. No there's no way that Jesus could have just fainted been brought back to life and been seen as resurrected he wouldn't have been a resurrected Lord he would be barely able to do anything and the Romans we said we're good at what they did they do you out to kill a guy and to do it well so no one today really promotes the swoon theory it just doesn't work and so did Jesus really die the answer is yes he died but not as why he died Paul says he died why. For our sins and Romans five A saint is so powerful one of my favorite verses it says but God demonstrated his own love toward us in that well we were still sinners what Christ died for us while we were still since he died for our sins he stepped in our place he took our. Sins upon him he didn't just die for the punishment for our sins he died in order to takes an away from us this is so powerful you know my brother discovered the power of this because one day as a struggling agnostic he had just started to read scripture and and he realized that he had lived a life totally apart from God It's a great story I don't have time to tell it all now but he was sitting at a business man's breakfast and there was a guy at the front who happened to mention that he was a Christian he said if anyone else would like to know more about Christ come and speak to me afterwards I'd be happy to talk to you about him and so my brother went up at the end of the session and he says he said to this man he said listen. There's no way. That God would accept me because I've rejected Him in every way possible and the man looked at him and he said Don't you realize Jesus died for years. And my brother says he just started to cry. And in that moment he surrendered his life to the one who had dared to die for his sins. And he called me that night I know so you've heard the story and he said I man I'm like you're in what. I'm a Christian. And then I started to cry which is always a great thing. Because Jesus died for our sins and then as he not only died for our sins but he died for our sins according to the what the Scriptures the prophetic word had said that some of you have memorized as I'm hoping from our early days at South Bay but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for. The chest size men of our peace was upon him and with His stripes we are healed he died for our sins scripture predicted it. WAY in advance and Jesus came and paid the price for us yes Jesus died so the second question we have well therefore was he really buried was Christ really buried and there is no dispute on this because we know where he was buried he was buried in the tomb of an influential rich man Joseph of Aram a Thea Now why is that important because you could go and you could find the tomb and you could see if it was true if the Tumen be nameless if we didn't know who own the tomb it to be a little more suspicious but the fact that we know the name of the person who owned the tomb meant that you could verify the details so no one today says that Jesus was not buried and so therefore we come to this critical question Did Christ rise from the dead and I'm going to share with you several facts and then we're going to do a little bit of an investigation on the final fact in order to discover if this is true so the first reason why we believe that Christ rose from the dead is that no one denies an empty tomb that the Jews said hey the body was stolen. You know the disciples came and took it but no indeed nine is that the two was empty because this is such a powerful demonstration that Jesus wasn't there remember those words he's risen he's not here I don't know where they've taken him. The body is gone no one can discover the body and the empty tomb lets us know that Jesus in fact had left the to me behind you know there was a young man by the name of Philip and he wasn't the brightest person in the class and it was around spring time and the teacher said Why don't you go out children and go and look for signs of new life you know it's spring going come back and find signs of new life and she gave them all. They looked like little eggs but they were really penny householders Do you remember what those looked like Anyway the little pair used to put the pantyhose in these egg like things so she gave them each one of those didn't tell them what they were used for and they went out and they all came back with butterflies and a twig with a little leaf on it and and various other things the signs of life and love for the when they got to him they opened up his little egg thing container and it was empty and everyone began to kind of market him and laugh and said he you know you didn't get anything the teacher is even a little upset for that he didn't get anything but he said but it's empty that's like Jesus too because he came back to life and isn't that powerful that the tumors and the I mean you can go to the pyramids of Egypt and they're famous because they have the mom of five bodies of ancient pharaohs I mean you can go to Westminster Abbey and in London and in that race the body of famous English nobles and notables you can go to Mohammed's tomb and you can see the stone coffin and the bones it contains you can go to the Taj Mahal and there you see a memorial to one of the wives of the Indias Shah's you can go to Arlington Cemetery and you can see the bodies there but the garden of too much of Jesus is famous not because of what is inside but because it's empty and if it's empty then where is jesus it's powerful. Then we have a second fact. Got to excited up here we have a second fact and that is that the first witness is a woman now we don't understand this today because we didn't value woman much more than they did back then but you would never have a woman as a witness you know my wife was reading the Bible the other day she gets more excited about some of these things than I do but she was really upset with John the Baptist's parents friends you know why. Because Elizabeth tries to tell them that his name is John and they ignore her because she's a woman like no no no that's you got a name after someone in your family and she's like sorry but I'm telling you this what his name is not all the dad writes the name down that they accept it and my wife is like you see they don't even value woman to accept them for naming their own children so if you understand the call you understand that and so he has you know if one were not considered to be reputable witnesses you would never make them the first witnesses and list the story happened to be true that's the only thing that makes any explanation because it's found in all the accounts women are there right at the beginning and and you wouldn't make them the first witnesses and Liz that's the way the story actually happened then thirdly there is a remarkable turnaround in the disciples attitudes you find them running and hiding during the time of Jesus' death you find them scared you find them and certain of what's going on and then the next thing you find them preaching the gospel to the world now we're going to take a look at how long was that time period before they really got out there and started sharing that but this is such a remarkable turn around the only explanation thank you your bread and your water shall be sure. The only explanation would be if they had actually seen a resurrected Lord nothing else makes sense for how they went from from running and fear to this holy boldness and so even the skeptics acknowledge they must have really believed that this took place and then not only do they believe this but they willing to die for their belief can you imagine dragging someone off like Peter you going to crucify him and that's a good moment when he goes sorry guys I was just joking you know that didn't happen at all we just made the story up you know to kind of cover ourselves no they thank god of the the. To death and yearly all of the Apostles die a pretty tragic death because they believe in what they stand for they really believe that because Jesus rose from the dead I have resurrection so there's nothing you could do to me you can take me you can throw me in a pot of boiling oil you can crucify me you can do anything you like it doesn't matter because I know in whom I have believed and I am persuaded that he is able Amen so they are willing to stand for this belief to die for that belief but subs say wait a minute maybe it's still a legend because a lot of the stuff that we have written about them comes from Christian witnesses and maybe they still somehow made this up well I want to to show you in the next few moments here some pretty conclusive evidence that shows you that it isn't possible for the resurrection story to be a legend Are you ready. Firstly we're going to go back to the gospels now the Gospels critics tend to date the writing of the Gospels to about eighty seventy to eighty ninety five that means a forty year gap and so the critics go you know forty years a lot of things can happen and if you asked your parents about how tough life was forty years ago you know and how they had to walk to school our people both ways ten miles in the snow you know if forty years later sometimes our memories can be a little suspicious and so they go they look look at this it's forty years now I've been to believe some of the gospels were written earlier than this but this is the skeptics are saying forty years is enough time to develop a legend Now having said that I'm going to critique that a little bit because it's one thing to say how hard it was to get to school it's another thing to say my entire life is based around the resurrection of a man forty years ago and for me to be wrong just to give you an example of. The difference in this. If I was to to pace out here four hundred steps and there's not enough space to do it but if I was to space out four hundred steps you can it's a little dangerous to do it right here and I put a four hundred steps that would be the length of time from Alexander the Great and to the first recorded history about him four hundred years later so we have four hundred years later recorded history of Alexander the Great Does anybody doubt that Alexander the Great exists no so Alexander the Great is an indication that in the ancient world this period of time forty years is not actually that long even if you take famous emperors like if you take Siberia Caesar the first recorded testimony of his life the first history of his life is done by Tacitus and he's a Roman emperor in fact. Various season has about the same number of sources as Jesus does but Jesus is a humble little guy from from Nazareth a carpenter from there and this is a Caesar So in terms of the ancient world we actually have a remarkable amount of evidence that's fairly soon after Jesus' death but there is more I want you to go back with me to first Corinthians fifteen. And notice it says he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures and that he was seen by you. See for us who's that that's Peter remember Peter's original name so this is Peter's original name and here we have the Paul is saying look I want to let you know that this resurrection isn't just something I'm saying it's something that Peter himself witnessed now in order to understand when Paul is writing this he's writing this in fifty five a day and he's writing back to current they've written him a letter he's now writing back and we know exactly when Paul. Visited current you know how we know that because in the book of Acts it mentions a statesman who was there a governor who was there at that time and we know the history of the governors of current and this particular governor was only governor for one year and it happened to be the year eighty fifty one fifty two so we know exactly when the service so he is writing back in about eighty fifty five all skeptics except this eighty fifty five he's running back to the city he visited a fifty one fifty two and that brings us to a gap of just twenty years because when did Jesus die. Eighty thirty one right so just twenty years later we now have Paul same work I'm writing to you later on you know that the resurrection is real but he says he received this from someone else. Well first of all of course he received it from Jesus but he also spoke to the Apostles and we have that fascinating story in Galatians chapter one collation Chapter one is Paul telling the story of how you was converted your memory on the road to Damascus he fell down and he had a vision of the resurrected Lord right there and then he says something fascinating about this experience and verse eighteen he says after three years remember he was in Arabia for three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter and remain with him for fifteen days now we're much earlier than twenty years because he's saying three years after my conversion I met up with Peter and what do you think they were talking about. They were talking about Jesus this is how I saw Jesus what was he like so he has fifteen days he's doing some preaching he meets up with Peter and then he says I didn't see the other parcels except James the Lord's brother I want you to remember that because James is going to be important in just a moment so he meets up the three of them they're having this fascinating discussion what does jesus like and and then Paul is kind of hanging. His head and saying you know but I didn't accept Jesus and and James says you're not alone I didn't accept Jesus at first either even though I was his brother I thought he was kind of a nutcase for a while there but now I realize I was wrong what do you think chains change James mind the resurrection so they comparing notes now if we can find out when this is this is really going to help us to know whether the resurrection is true or not well fortunately we can know when this is because we know it's three years after Paul's conversion so we can we should be able to trace it back if we can figure out exactly when Paul's conversion is and goal ations to verse one tells us exactly when that is because remember in the in the Bible there were no chapter headings Originally it was all just one text so let's look at Galatians two verse one then after fourteen years he says I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas we have a date for when he did this it was to persuade them to reach out to the Gentiles we know when he did this it was eighty forty nine we have that historically nailed down so all we have to do is go back how many years. Go back fourteen years from eighty forty nine now remember Jews tended to use inclusive reckoning so somewhere around eighty thirty six maybe even eighty thirty seven was his first visit to Jerusalem and he said he was in the in Arabia and Damascus for three years prior to that so again using Jews Jewish inclusive reckoning that would bring us to about eighty what. Thirty four so eighty thirty four would be about the time of what the stoning of Stephen So then the Gospel that's when the Gospel started going to the gentiles you if you remember your prophecy so now if we are going back to eighty thirty four and eighty thirty six we are within five years. When. Jesus had been crucified and resurrected if we're within five years there's something fascinating because Paul says look I have delivered to you that which I received that meant they are they have already this statement here and first Corinthians fifteen is already a creedal statement it is a statement that declares their belief it is solidify and it takes scientists say about three years to reach. A point where you would agree on a statement that you would say this is what we believe so if we take three years off of this process we are within one to two years of Jesus' crucifixion. And resurrection and nobody out there says that you can develop a legend within one to two years particularly when we go back to first Corinthians fifteen and discover something else and then it says he was seen by C. first then by the twelve and then he was seen by over five hundred brethren at once of whom the greater part remained to the present the same is the lot of them alive but some of fallen asleep and after that he was seen by James you remember James the brother of Jesus then by all the Apostles and then last of all he was seen by me so notice we have Peter James the twelve the five hundred brethren this that number of all the Apostles and finally by Paul who saw him more by vision so when you look at all of these. Can you hide something within one to two years when all of these people have seen it. Not on and he says this still people alive to the state speaking twenty years later who you can go and question and ask about this and everyone acknowledges that Paul wrote First Corinthians and eg knowledge that Paul is a real person so here is a real person writing twenty years after the events tracing are all are you back to just within one or two years of when Jesus. This was crucified and resurrected and saying we have hundreds of witnesses and by the way do you notice it says five hundred what brethren remember the feeling of the five thousand there were five thousand men which meant you could have had as much as ten thousand people we could have had a thousand people who saw the resurrected Jesus is not amazing all within a short period of time now if Jesus was somehow not divine then he couldn't have disappeared but instead we know he was God within fifty days he's gone he's disappeared why because acts one was eleven says the same Jesus he was taken from you to heaven was so come in like manner as you saw him what go into heaven he was he ascended from them into heaven and it promises he's going to come back and that promise has resonated down through the ages I mean if this is not true Paul says If Jesus is not risen from the dead then notice what he says then are preaching is what amply and your faith is also empty Yes and we are found false witnesses of God and of Christ is not written your faith is futile and you are still in your sins when you agree with that but you have Jesus is risen if Jesus is risen then everything changes now come with me to the very last part of the chapter here because this is how we are going to end and it is so powerful of course I know I have a story to finish. First Corinthians Chapter fifteen First Corinthians Chapter fifteen I'm going to pick up in verse fifty one. Behold I tell you a mystery we will not all sleep but we will all be what changed of course he's comparing death to asleep. So he says we're not all going to sleep but we will all be changed how verse fifty two in a moment in the twinkling of an eye when at the last trumpet so we sleep according to the Bible until the last trumpet and then it says and the trumpet will sound so here is a picture you know back in ancient battles when they sounded the victory trumpet everybody knew that they had won the war and he says that a certain point when Jesus comes back there will be those last trumpet sound of victory and that trumpet sound will be so incredible that that's things are going to happen and we need to take a look at whether this is a myth or America because if it is a miracle then that same miracle that happened to Jesus can happen to us so notice what happens Paul says If Christ is risen then Jesus is coming again can you say amen the trouble will sound and what will happen after the trumpet sounds their dead will be raised you know this is so incredibly powerful that we can face death with confidence you know my step father John and I I had a habit of leaving I behind material for him to read and my stepfather had an experience where I had prayed for him and he had recovered from a sickness but then he got cancer and it didn't look so good it was throat cancer he had smoked all of his life and the throat cancer was not curable and so I left some materials around and he started reading them and one of the pamphlets was on the resurrection and he started reading this and when I came back during a break from college he had circled the prayer at the end of that pamphlet. And I discovered from my mother that he had actually called up the minutes they didn't want to call me because he was embarrassed he had called up a minister and asked the minister to come to him and explain salvation. I said why don't you tell me so we we prayed together and he accepted Jesus Christ. And just six weeks later John was gone the cancer taken his life but praise God. I have this hope. That if Jesus was resurrected from the dead I will see John away again can you say amen to that we never have to fear for death because Jesus lives Amen and not only does he live it says we shall be changed even if you are alive when Jesus comes your all the frail body is going to get are going to get a remake you're going to go back to the original design and you're going to you're going to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and go wow thank you Jesus because there's going to be a change we will be change we will put on incorruptible bodies and this is so powerful it says let's take a look at it. It says verse fifty three for this perishable must put on imperishable this mortal must put on immortality but when this perishable shall upon the imperishable and this morrow will upon immortality then shall come to pass the same that is written Death is swallowed up in victory death where is your victory Oh Death where is your staying we will be able to see death for ever done away with are you looking forward to that can you say amen and then it says that thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ because of the resurrection even sin no longer has power over. Those sense that have kept you trapped that are leading you to want certain death Jesus has the power to break you from those sins. God is telling us the powerful news of the resurrection that when Jesus. This stepped out from that. When he brought new life into a dead body he can bring new lives new life to our bodies. It was the third day. And Ruth. Was at home crying because she had lost his. Glad that he had stood for his country but sad for the loss of life. It was evening and. Suddenly the phone rang. She picked up the phone. And the voice on the other end said Hi Mom This is Clayton. She said she just blurted it out you're supposed to be dead. And he said I know. But I promise you I'm alive and I'm in a hospital in Saudi Arabia and I just got some mild wounds from the blast but it's really mean and she was like but they told me you're dead how can it be you and so she asked she asked the question of him. You know she said All right what did I call you when you were little. Clayton panicked because for a moment he could not remember and then it came to him little garbage disposal because he had such a big appetite. And then she knew this was his son it had all been a mistake back in her ex husband's hometown the word spread fast because the military man came to deliver the news that indeed Clayton was alive and next day they marched down to the store where they had the the little shrine as it were to his death and they took that and they threw it in a fire and they burned it because Clayton was alive. One day. We face a real death not a supposed death not a mistaken death. And we will face it with the same joy and celebration. That they had on that day because we know that if Jesus was raised to life on the third day even though we may die yet we can live again. And God is going to help us to have faith in that promise even in the midst of tragedy and God give us strength to survive until that glorious day comes Father God we are so grateful that Jesus' resurrection is a certain event it is an event of history it is an event of prophecy it is an event that has changed our lives because because Jesus lives indeed he walks with me and he talks with me he into seeds for me he helps me. And he gives me that grand hope that even death will no longer have the victory because Jesus has broken the bonds give us now the strength to face our tragedies to overcome our sins and to allow the love and the living risen savior to forever reign and. We asked Jesus. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. You would like. To visit W.W.W.. Org.


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