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Financing Yourself- Part 3

Jeff Allen



  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Do you have any father Lord we thank you for today more we thank you for the opportunity that you've given to us to have another day of life another day to learn another day to grow more and I pray that you would speak to our hearts to our minds today as we study about the topic of personal stewardship and Lord what it means to be a steward and how we can work to manage your money in Jesus' name we pray. All right so make sure. You are here today we're going to talk about personal an organizational stewardship Now yesterday we took a look we built a budget and one of the very few things we put at the top was what ties and offerings so we consider important enough to put at the top of our budget so it's probably important enough that we spend some time actually talking about what it is how it works and where use where does your money go when you give it to the offerings in we're going to take a look at where it especially goes in the Seventh Day Adventist Church OK so I'm not gonna lie to you I've heard this for to part of this presentation before it was presented by Aaron McNulty how many of you know Aaron McNulty He's actually the Under Treasurer for the Michigan conference so I had heard it and I'm like you know what I want to do one of our days on stewardship can I steal your slides and he graciously gave them to me so I've adapted a little bit so I get to some charts and things I know that they're good because they came from the conference so the numbers are good at and have to invent it recap from yesterday we talked about building an emergency fund and we talked about putting How much into it thousand dollars cash to get us started and when what was the point of the emergency fund again it was for emergencies right it wasn't for the emergency Disney trip right it was for that it was for when we have a problem we can hit the emergency fund so we don't have to put more on the credit card when we're trying to get out of debt right we talked about paying off debt and prioritizing the debt to pay it off was a special term that we use the debt snowball the debt snowball and what do we do with that snowball we will. Their debts from smallest to largest. In interest rates didn't matter right we just want to get out of the debt we talked about where money goes right so we talked about that big fun B word which is. Budgeting which everybody loves so much we built a budget together we passed out a form we made a budget for for the pretend family that we were working on we found out that we could have an extra hundred ninety dollars a month and we applied it towards our debt snowball to help get out of debt even faster right we talked about preparing the budget we talked about the importance of saving three to six months of expenses in the emergency fund after we get out of debt and why did we need three to six months of expenses. He's we lose our jobs right this stuff happens right think about two thousand and eight two thousand and nine remember with the employment unemployment rate went up to in the United States over ten percent. Over ten percent that was the published rate that a lot of speculation that the true unemployment rate was well north of thirty percent meaning people that you could find work but it wasn't really you were underemployed to mean you weren't making as much as you could make for the skill set that you actually had having a three to six months emergency fund helps alleviate some of those problems so when you lose the job you have something to fall back on so you don't have to take the McDonald's job right away you don't have to take something that comes up right away where you might not make as much it affords you to be a little bit more picky with getting the new job and so today we're going talk about stewardship what is stewardship What is it it's one of those words with a lot a lot or so it's probably those ten dollar words right. What is stewardship get some pictures up here we've heard of stewardship of all different kinds you know you know a good steward of this or that what you think it is. But OK let's write some of these things down. Service. Management You know me serving what's it could be. Anything else well what is it I give you the definition here's the straight definition of what the word stewardship means the conducting supervising or managing of something especially the careful responsible management of something intrusted to one's care and you think of anything that's been entrusted to your care in the personal finance world everything you make right everything you make why is stewardship important in personal finance I would be important. Because it's God's money and that's what we're going take a look at today. We live in a culture where we think that everything we get is ours right T.V. tells us that the radio tells us that pamphlets tell us that other personal finance classes tell us that right so let's take a look and let's get into the Bible and let's see what we can find out about what personal stewardship is all about so if you brought your bible I'll be reading from a bible will flip the text together but if you didn't that's OK I have the text up on the screen too we're going to start in Psalms Chapter twenty four songs Chapter twenty four verses one and two. Volunteer who want to read We're going to make this interactive you go it or. The earth is whose. And all its fullness the world and all who dwell on it so is your car the Lord's. Your I quit asking leading questions at nine thirty seven right. Be a really special car. That it's OK Is your house the lords it. Is your job the Lord's. Is your retirement account the words. Bank account. Everything Bible says everything is the Lord's. Let's flip to Leviticus Chapter twenty seven moving backwards here a little bit in the Bible Leviticus because Chapter twenty seven verse thirty two thirty three we have another volunteer out there. Well as. Is. Asked. And he. Lets the T word up there. High I mean Was know what tithe is it's OK to not raise your hands for don't. Hive was the ties. Anybody have an answer. It's a tenth of whatever your increases right so when the Bible was written do you think it was a paycheck that was I was a tithe but was it. So I heard it. Increase in the herd right wealth in Bible times was really measured by how much you had right how big your flocks were and how did your flocks grow. They reproduced right so when they reproduce you added to your wealth right and so what the buy was saying is you'll take a tenth of that and that's what we'll get to Lord So in today's day and age how does our wealth increase. We get a raise or what was that bonuses yes something about that thing that happens every week or every two weeks is your paycheck right. I know a lot of it spoken for you know you get in your I go it's got to get used for something but did you have an increase of one thousand dollars in your paycheck when you got that paycheck Yeah so I go boom right in your bank account right. Now that's what we're talking about. Let's let's flip to Malakai chapter three verse. Eight through ten to another volunteer. Yes God. Will a man rob God so he just talks about the tithe as right and what are we reading here Malakai would be considered robbing. Not returning the ties and offering right. You can see why we built the budget yesterday we put it right at the top right we don't want to rob God Now we talked about we definitely don't want to own anything to the I.R.S. But do you want to own anything to God. NO WAY worse than the I.R.S. right way worse than they are us. Yet you rob me in what way have you robbed me antis. And offerings this is important doesn't say just hides. What else has a say and offerings so it means that there's more required of us than just the ten percent right. Bring all the ties into the storehouse So here on him OK we're actually getting a little bit of we're seeing how the tide system and the offering system collection process is supposed to work bring it all into the storehouse How does that work in the administration you know. Where they start first stuff. Where you give your ties and offerings that you give it to the local church. And then the local church your local church treasure every month turns around and they remit your tied and a month to the conference. OK so the local store house is where it starts and then it moves its way across. Proverbs Chapter three Let's flip to Proverbs Chapter three this is one of my most favorite Bible verses Proverbs Chapter three. Sure many of us have heard these these passages before and you want to like to read it. Robert's three five to ten. And why. Honor the Lord with your what. With your possessions now and with the first fruits of all your increase. As your paycheck let's put the first Chronicles will keep moving here a couple more verses I want to share with you first Chronicles. Yeah absolutely and if anyone has something they want to add Speak right up so this. Is the. One good point. You know they want that frog. They've got a very heart of God Maybe one that extra. Vacation to Europe. Or God. Are they WERE they are they're part of a virus and all. We have and they all have our in God but some about me have to go back and do other things there will be more that. Maybe. That he didn't already know we all. Do that all or. Nothing there has to say no it isn't the God. Oh yeah yeah yeah that's a that's a great point all yeah I mean a lot of all of our possessions Yes. Right. You're. Great you know. You're at. The end of an you know out of place. Now like some of those things you know yet and. He's now and I think that your story touches on exactly what Joel just mentioned honoring the Lord with your present. Sions If your answer would have been no that's going to be rough on the transmission haul in a heavy trailer around and you decided not to do it. Yeah don't put the miles on it you know it's going to affect resale What do you think would have happened. Yeah. It's just. You know I think we all have an example of something like that in our lives where we had something come into our lives we really wanted it and it came to us but then we didn't do that right we didn't honor the Lord with that as our possession and what usually happened to us when that happened. You wrecked it in a car accident someone hits in the parking lot you lose that you know I mean. Lose your job can pay for it yeah if you want the Lord's blessing in our life we have to be willing to honor the Lord with our possessions right. First Chronicles chapter twenty nine verse twelve through fourteen. Anybody wanting to read. Oh. It's so rich is an honor come from home. From God right I think a lot of us know a lot of these things already but it's important that we always remember these things you know I'm guilty of this too you know you sit down you write it and offering checker a type check like that's a lot of money you know I mean temper sense a big number whether you make five thousand year or five hundred thousand a year it's a big number to your right everything's relative and you're like and then you know if your coworker goes and they buy the new car you're like wow. Five hundred dollars that would be about my typing and he doesn't tie the you know and then you get disgruntled right. When you compare yourself to somebody else but who does it where does it all come from Anyways comes from God write. One of our. A verse here that a lot of us have heard Proverbs Chapter twenty two or seven somebody willing to read this one. Anybody. Will read what I bet you did that's why I picked on you to read it. For. Me. Yeah so when you're contemplating going and going into debt for something getting a payment on something what does the Bible say. Borrower is wave to the lender it's true right. If you miss the payment in the payment book what's going to happen. It might not be on the driveway after a couple months right. Yeah absolutely. Let's take a look at the beginnings of the administration I want to look into a few of the founders writings some of the thoughts that they had about stewardship and of course one of our the most amount of counsel we finally come from James and Alan White right so I'm interesting thing different here I have a. Video here. To see if I can do this right. We get it way over here now. And I am. So if we can see this can you see it OK. No one falls asleep. Yes. Get rich quick. So always your. Offspring had a. Special. Break. And. Finally. Thinking. First. Those. From the turning. Point. Well. Rather to take you about resources so that. Yes I believe that. Two lawyers will fight there. You are just a. Little. Isabella. Will also. Your shot. There but you. Never. Yes and. Gracious. And for you. Here your government couch is now. Lost for discussion perfect right. What do you think. The couple things stand out I me at it one thing is while these are obviously actors right all the the lines that they all in white character was using are actually from writings. Nothing was like invented here that's kind of why I almost felt a little bumpy but that's why because they're straight from her writings and. One of the quotes is stood out to me the most is that. She said in the video as debt weakens your faith and tends to discourage you it weakens your faith that's pretty powerful right and that's actually in the Adventist home page three ninety three this book right here I saw that at the A.B.C. You can get it for free on your phone if you download the white writings. Definitely very very powerful Any other thoughts from the video. Void that like the smallpox right is not a vaccine for that though is there nowadays. We're. Used to. You want to. Know they. Know it's also those. Now finally. What do you what do you think about that concept of being out of not being out of that first before you start helping the cause of God. Back. Now. ARE SO IMPORTANT Yeah absolutely you know earlier. You know. All the. Yeah when you know that you know the left. Presses on even harder right. This check can help me get out of that if I didn't write the type check right those are thoughts what do you think about the the line that the world is looking at you. To see how you're going to handle it is it handle your finances is a question more than just a question as a seventh administration. What do you think. If you've been asked that question. You know. World looks at you different when you're when you profess to be a Christian right my mother when you were young our friends. Everybody at work talk about. My you know my thinking or her and then you land think they're better than. That and that. It's you that now you may not. And. You know. Now. The other part. You know. I'm so. Wow. Now. I want my treasure and I was asking about how do i get me so loyal and how do I have my man with then beyond there but I try to bring it out so I don't feel like you when I was down me want to do it heightened and I'm stronger now than I am Wes I mean oh. Thank you for sharing that that's a that's powerful isn't it. Yeah when we follow the Lord's guidance and take care of us every time you. Fall out of the many minds that well and that I'm not going to have an offering but. Now you're that we've got you know. Us who are going to be all out here it was about they were. All. They were supposed to be faithful. And so yeah you may pay off your. Car even if you're correct and out of debt with that maybe I wasn't possible OK now. That they are right and that's you know rather me right with God and someone else now absolutely I was better to be right with God and that was someone else. Was the one last line from that little clip I want to talk about debt as a curse of life. Anybody have any relation to that by chance. Yes I think. OK right. Now is when that they have. You can see. Rampant. As this wife and we're. You know we think because your ears are you know. You. So many years. Even But if you push your record your house and the world the percentage that you get I did the. Crazy. Out of part of that is. When those mean that in when you. Think oh easy get out of that room and worry that we've made it. And whatever happens there will be OK. And. If you write your needs will be met right now baby I know you want right which is a toll and it is not but. It's just so everybody. Knows. I'm always me versus. You need message you think you are because you're not out your car and that has been and. When you don't need it you get more human that you. May write so that when they get her money protectors of it you did you get it and that's where. It goes yeah yeah I think I'm done here I mean it has. Been going back to when I heard wind. WILL Oh yeah yeah. Yeah yeah absolutely you want to hear. That they were what it is why that. And even then they. Are. Already getting by. Baratunde is this. Plan for me. What. About the material. Or I don't want everything I don't know you don't give me credit. Card. But you know way too much and I know. You got really. Your. Time in the blessings you know absolutely I want to do that. I'm going to cover the I Can I have my wife and she you guys. Have been mystical when she comes home first conversation is what you say yeah it's just me how much you say you know there's any did this. You know absolutely Well let's keep moving on your personal stewardship on like to talk a little bit about ties and offerings the system in the administration where it came from to ties and offerings for God are Nick knowledge one of his claim on us by creation and they're also an acknowledgment of his claim by redemption. All our power is derived from Christ these offerings are to flow from us to God they are to keep ever before us the claim of redemption the greatest of all claims and the one that involves the other the realisation of the sacrifice made in our behalf is ever to be fresh in our minds and as ever to exert influence on our thoughts and plans Christ is indeed as one crucified among us testimonies volume six. Very very powerful. So the church of course started out as a small movement we didn't have the you know as academies that we have now we didn't have the facilities we didn't have the infrastructure one time testimonies to ministers as their numbers increased it was evident that without some form of organization there would be great confusion and the work would not be carried forward successfully to provide for the support of the ministry for the caring the work in new fields for protecting both the churches and the ministry from unworthy members for holding church property for the publication of the truth through the press and for many other objects organization was indispensable and this is where we start with our tithe and offering concept. I have tithe involved right here of everyone I've seen these before can I a pass a couple and you know help pass these I hear Jools going to pass them out because I want to look at this with you because just because you know what's on there really well doesn't mean that maybe a new member coming into the church does so any time you can help somebody explain these things to people it's very very helpful OK. The current system that we're operating in in the world now the seventh heaven was actually partially invented by Jan Andrews. Systematic benevolence of ever heard that term before systematic benevolence systematic ones right. Well he actually published this concept in eight hundred seventy nine and it's based on really two Bible. Texts First Corinthians Chapter sixteen. Verse two. I don't actually have these one on the screen sorry. I'll read them for us though First Corinthians sixteen two. This is where we're going to learn about that concept of systematic. On the first day of the week let each one of you lay something aside storing up as he may prosper that there may be that there be no collections when I come so what's he talking about storing up on what. First day a week or the first day of the week comes every week right so here we're learning that concept of systematic. Setting aside weekly being consistent. Bopping over to Second Corinthians Chapter nine. Second Corinthians Chapter nine is where we'll learn about the benevolence Council. German the right spot second Corinthians nine through seven there fore I thought it necessary to exhort the brother and to go to you ahead of time and prepare your generous gifts before hand which you had previously promised that it may be ready as a matter of generosity and not as a grudging obligation but this I say he who so sparingly will also reap sparingly and he who is so soz bountifully will also rebound awfully So let each one give as he proposes in his heart not grudgingly or of necessity for God loves a cheerful giver right so benevolence generous giving cheerfully not grudgingly systematic weekly whatever timeframe is benevolence generously pretty simple concept right. So. I had a very with me I have another video clip for us here this one is from J.M. Andrews. Time. Back and I did. The Bible study. Which was systematic never. Checked. In the. Light and so. We saw just about. Where. I was. Well. I think about. Everybody. Because. Rather. Trust. Is required God promises to over the windows of heaven. He says bring all the ties into the storehouse and. The Lord of Hosts I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing that should not be. So what do you think. I don't know actually about that nine hundred seventy nine publication that's available still or not I'm sure it is. And all a lot of what is in it though I think is what we've just studied today to. See if I can. Transition or hear. That so. All right so the evidence churches structure today right things have come a little ways in last hundred years things have gotten bigger and become more efficient and even more effective. So we have our local church here at the bottom right then we have our Michigan conference at the Lake Union and North American division and at the tip top we have the General Conference and that's pretty much the whole structure I think that's actually pretty cool you know like five layers right there right the helpless church to be very efficient to move from a local church what's going on there all web to the world church model. What are some of the purposes for what the Thai have can be used for you know we all give tithe who have we ever really always stop to think what is it getting use for even you know what is the conference do with all this money. Supports pastors evangelists ministers so pay the salaries. World Missions. I'll just add about the salaries up here you know this is what allows the administration to operate some very small Congregational Church is sometimes is because we're basically sharing some of the resources from larger churches across the entire state so they were able to operate in smaller areas that we wouldn't be able to operate otherwise. Yeah so you were. Asked. Whether you're white male so that you. Or your investment. Like. Well the reason why that's nice and you know. What is the other churches Well you know you negotiate never your salary or how many members of the you're. In the administrators not like this over to Florida. Guards and where. What do you think. Oh God. You know it was. Absolutely World Missions soul winning support personnel Bible workers. Conference mission operating expenses type help run helps run the conference. Literature evangelists. Subsidies for conference ministries. Evangelistic in conference office equipment we need tools right. Bible teaching support personnel in schools. Retirement benefits for church employees. So the tie they all occasion looks a lot like this you give your tithes suppose it's one hundred dollars K. hundred dollars on your tie them hello everybody has one there are there any action was as I passed at all and I don't have one for myself. So tied her at the tub it's right at the top right. Suppose you're right on one hundred dollars that's what you're giving seventy five percent of it will stay right in Michigan the next one the other twenty five percent moves it's way up help support the Lake Union help support the North American division help support the general. The conference tie the allocation This is Michigan this is what I this is why I stole this presentation from Erin McNulty as I know the numbers are good. Percentages wise pastor salaries and benefits so that seventy five dollars of our hundred that we left behind right state at Michigan thirty four percent of it is helping to pay for the pastor salaries and benefits. Twenty five percent pays for Adventist education teachers. And their fifteen percent for various ministries sixteen percent for retirement in a very small percent for actually in ministry. Pretty cool All right we're goes. Local offerings so if we move right on down our tie then we'll oh boy we moved down to nexus as a local church right. Good old combine budget it's being a church treasure it's kind of near and dear to my heart you know it's always the number that I'm dealing with always hoping that it's always in the black never in the red but you're always writing that line you know. Combine church budget Well what does combine church budget pay for. Covers the cost to run the local church building right doesn't do that you know some of the stuff I know a lot of us know this but we have new members that come into our into our congregations they don't know this so it's important that we can help. Disciple them with these things you ever see and one of my favorite things is when you have a new member someone's never been to the church before and they're sitting down next to you and you know and look and they open up and like whoa look at all these things I have to give to you that's your perfect opportunity to lean next to you and say hey I explain this to you real quick do that they'll create it someone had to do it with us right. Church expenses help pay for the heat the electric helps pay for. Maybe you have a church secretary or other people on payroll helps meant by help pay for the subsidy for school if you have a church school attached Pathfinders community service center adventures seven school personal ministries your church budget could pave combine but it could pay for a lot of things that's why it's called Come bind budget combines all these different things. You might have a worthy student fund any Richards's have a worthy student fund you know as you do if you have if you're trying to send kids up here to or to your local school help send kids to school it's not cheap. Might have a worthy camp or fund if you want to help send kids that are worthy to campus Savol. Might have a good summer. Meriton funny thing is called the Benevolent Fund every church kind of calls it just a little bit different that's helping people that are in need I know in Lansing what we'll do with the Good Samaritan fun is maybe we have somebody that's not a member or we've been working with them we've been witnessing the two of them they can make rent this funnel help pay for the rent or help to pay for utility bill in the winter so that they don't get shut off. Church board approved projects this could be anything like strong tower radio could be a special form mission all sorts of things just depends. So the mission conference ministries what we have going on here. Well we're moving down the envelope now we're down to Michigan conference we have support of workers and churches and schools public evangelism some of these things this is what's covered by MAP Michigan advance partners. The manual Institute secular campus ministries campus Savile camps a goal. Can't meeting. Children's ministries Family Life Ministries. Personal ministries but I have a second slide because the mission conference is so active right Hispanic ministries youth ministries Great Lakes administers Canon me. Literature ministries health intemperance communications community services trust services about Joel know something about that. Women's ministries men's ministries that's a long list isn't it. So under Michigan conference map can help with a lot of that helps with our schools the good news farm take a tour they're doing on today I think thirty and oh never mind. Online to everybody just look across the street I guess a bus you can do campground of element that's the campground here campus out. Development I mean you have been a campus obl beautiful right offerings take care of that. What about the General Conference how many of you have ever been out to the General Conference before. But at the General Conference it's a big building right in you is it ever been there or the first time I went to the general counsels like this place is enormous. But that's because the churches it work in the world and there's a lot to run the General Conference houses everything from Treasury to the president's office the whole channel is headquartered right there there's a little annex on there all the on white writings originals are in the basement and like a bank vault that you can go and see if you've never been there you're going to be out to Washington D.C. Take time to stop you can actually take the subway from downtown D.C. the last stop was so over Spring Maryland you can get off and take a cab the rest of the way it's really worth your time really worth your time it's really cool to see what the church is doing but so the world church does receive a portion of the tide moves on up your right from you and me moves its way right on up to receive the World Mission offerings and also receive the World budget offering Let's take a look at those real quick. A World Mission offering totally took this straight off the general conferences website I couldn't say it any better myself the church is united by its call to support mission but few of us know exactly what the mission offering does and you relate to that sometimes I had to go get the quotes that I could do it right I'm a church treasure. Where it comes from or where it goes are offering support frontline evangelism and on entered countries as well as in teaming cities they helped build and sustain schools established churches and helped produce literature for distribution in hundreds of languages in short our mission offerings you everything our ties can't do in addition the thirteenth Sabbath offering allows us to give to specific projects that grow the church in tangible ways how your churches do mission spotlight. Yeah a little video that they play. That's part of world mission. Yeah I did. OK Mission yes men and we're going to. Write more. Yeah you know and these are yet in the world missions really cool so I was out at the G.C. We're doing the audit report with them and we had all the world division presidents were in town so this is those who are presenting to you right definitely a big crowd the auditoriums full and you know what the big topic that they're talking about is the next world mission product that they can work on and it was in this particular meeting it was about reaching people in inner cities Rio de Janeiro I mean huge cities in the world and that's what makes the church so cool is because it's not just in the U.S. we're reaching huge cities all across the world and so world mission offerings they go for that you're seven school and you get to save a school missions this is where it's going. World budget little bit different it's another line here but look it does support missions largely the vast majority of it does thirteenth seventh annual sacrifice address mission appeals evidence World Radio Christian record services Oakwood Andrews Loma Linda and minister of Asian voice of prophecy muse services multilingual ministries chaplaincy ministries all sorts of things only give the world budget these are the things that we're helping to support so sometimes we look at these and we think oh I don't I'm not giving to and I really would like to or you know if you're giving the world budget you're helping those proposed places to OK. So we have the division the conference in the local offerings the North American division in the Lake Union. Division wide evangelism offerings those are taken up twice a. A year and you hear those in the offering calls they receive reports in the tot the Michigan conference they get their special offering through map which is the fourth seventh of every month and the help support the farm campus Savall and then the local church which has their comfort church budget which is the first and third seventh of every month yeah. Right yeah. Sabbath school mission. Now a lot of your world budget offering is actually going to missions so that you know the Sabbath school missions whether you know this is the corner we're helping do this or that that's what they're giving to. But like. Most of the go. Yeah that's not is going to they. Yeah they're very. Right it's the other so school missions as the straight missions world budget will get spread out you know various percentages to across the board. You could use our mission. Well but it. Yeah I mean that goes well yeah we'll have that I'll. Get questions if. They are fine we're just. Talking about we. Are here sorry Yep right here these are these are the loose offerings up so these are the ones were passed around the plate every first and third staying in the local church fourth is going to map and we have the unique one as well you know you are one visitor on the first Sabbath may have been. Part of that. Just read maps if you think you will lose operate. Those were. That other that was only five and there were five it was. A lesson Mark. Or no absolutely good questions you're OK and that. I thought. I. Meant. When you're writing. Why don't you write just now. Yeah yeah yeah because the idea. That I'm crazy about it. Is it's presented right and I like the idea that I'm. Not I'm not so that. More. And more money and how can you know that that's a good question to the there are recommended percentages on here map one percent world budget five percent high that actually says ten percent. Yeah that's what they're on here for some people always ask me these numbers on the far right you are wonder what those numbers on the far right are about that's not a recommended dollar amount those are just accounting codes so that the church treasurer can quickly key something in what I have to type in World budget every time you give something so instead you can just when I'm Can a one point two real quick going kits and I can type a dollar amount yeah. You know. Some of them yup yup so the seventh this is very important on a. Stan that that the Seventh Day Adventist Church as an institution by itself does not run a lot of the ministries that we support and so it is written is not technically falling on the brow of the seventh investor it's a Seventh Day Adventist ministry OK so if you give it is written you're giving directly and you're supporting. A Seventh Day Adventist mission. And then the church is also helping these places yeah yeah. That's that's the job of our world leaders is to figure out which ones which not and how much percentage and that's what the world Treasury is doing for us yeah that was. That put it up there. Yeah I think it upright and put it up here I think it's it is this world budgets though. And then when you get that fifth Sabbath and usually it's for something unique or you know Michigan has something special running or it's a you know. Any of the any D. evangelism or something like that you know it's for those higher up type bigger projects. You're out you. Oh definitely empires. Right. Yeah absolutely and you know that's that's really how of these envelopes are broken up you know you're tired which most of it stays local a lot of it does move on now and then we have what we do locally then we have what Michigan does a state and then we have the mission of the worldwide church at the bottom that's how it flows you. Know. When you're not. Using. Numbers and the. Time I think you're right her. And healing encounters. Right you know that. You never have. And. We're really like you know this so important you know exactly what I mean exactly. Every night when. It comes to. Release of God However. When that who I'm not going in my checking account he might die oh my God I would be a movie on my. Own when you've got a. Rehab and then you bring up that important. Everything and I did. And when my guy did much and every single. You tied them to rules you were tied I'm growing come and go out there I go on record and I'll say that I personally I tiling gross income as well that's that's the top number yeah I do and the reason is this. It's axis you may think of that Act which actually services rather for military. Things that you worked for and sources like pay for your electric bill so I believe that this is off that rose what you call the check and now you don't say well this is what I actually got which were what you actually made your pay taxes you were. We may not think of it that way but that's the reality and it was all. I would say. No I wouldn't I would agree with. That so it's. Yeah we might use you know. Right yeah Yeah exactly yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah I mean. You know these are just didn't have the I.R.S. and the way to electronically take it before you ever saw it right. It's the same concept it just is operating a little differently than a didn't buy. Final thoughts Matthew chapter six a couple final things that a lot of talk about here is your bible let's turn to Matthew chapter six you can shift your six thousand nine hundred twenty one. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where mock and rusty stroy and were thieves break in and steal but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven were neither MOF nor rust destroyed as in where thieves do not break in and steal for where your treasure is there your heart will be also so we've talked already in this class about different things about money mergence the funds budgeting and we've also talked about in tomorrow we're going to talk about investments I'm going to tell you the best investment we can make is where. Haven't all the rest of it's going to burn. So today final thoughts we talked about that understanding God as the source of income is a critical foundation to a good financial plan. That's why I put it right on Wednesday right our Wednesday session we've talked a little bit about some technicals we're going to talk about more technicals tomorrow and Friday right in the middle of all this is what I thought was the most important that we talk about God and our role as stewards of the resources we have knowing our role is to. The words with God is resources is vital understanding how ties and offerings are collected and used is also part of why stewardship just writing a check that it's pretty good but it's also important we know where it's going right. And living a life of financial stewardship draws us nearer to God and provides happiness in life would you agree with that. That is it that is the end today. We actually actually ended up just a couple minutes about nine minutes early today so that's good we can take some questions anybody has questions any questions. Yes. Or and really. Yeah. Yeah you know. I was. There and we had like three or so people I hadn't that were understand. What time of. The birth. Or present are going to break. I think. You know absolutely which from the point where are you both talking. About so. What's that. Yeah that's a great point of all of all the things Jesus talked about and talked about many of the most yes your question right there was the last six months is your best or. Anybody. I don't know well I guess where there's a direct guy always preached on it. That stewardship Without it was the worst of these are going to be. You not you're Bastable he did YOU So you want to but otherwise is that this planet is given to us to selfishness God doesn't need the money right what he wants is our heart and he knows that we have this is the Sastre is related to ship of love he says doing this so viciously at the root and then you'll be able to really be so that's why it's here but I don't just say it and I don't know why I don't know why preachers don't preach. I don't know why they don't visit their members of AA because if you really are biased as if you really want you're going to grow grapes. Have these principles by the ones who are not so you now have permission from yourself for me from Joel definitely right so go ahead and go back to Russia and put the pressure on your pastor to say something it and tell Yeah it is what it is and it's a celebration now and they can preach it other than just a Christmas time and after the New Year to. Go ahead. I'm sorry that we are that we're going to your church just trying to get a part. Why aren't there were nice. That everything is great is that every time there's anything like. Money you know. Money not like that. You know but it offended and I think sometimes it's like. And I'm someone who rightly don't believe me I did not tell a vendor we have. Yeah. You know about that because I'm past. People now and they don't know everything. I don't have the singular when he started. His own church he went to the treasure it. Helped me figure. Out where. I never though you know it kind of your pressures and you know I don't know and that you know I don't you know. You other people they don't want help and that I want to believe that and not like. Oh it hurts that I want to know about. Your hurt. You know that. When it rains. And I don't want my. Money on. My I have to round up all the pastors and go through a storage ship session again or something right also educate you. Why didn't the church. But community. You know last time I started I would give me five. But now like wow. You know and you know. You know you're right about. This. You know. Can't force it on anybody right and. One of the I mean a particle. And just late in the future you know we are the ones that it is really like it and even you know my friends who go to church and I've had her friends who. Are there are they have a conversation and I've known to get this right and you know then how are you able to do this and I think you know I have a testimony and then that helps and I hear that now and they you know those days are due and they have a testimony here that. If you are asked and it's necessary for the server and you know come in if you are testimonies and you're in Syria he like. Hearing our story that. You know absolutely don't don't ever feel scared Sarah sure test long. Before I would. Find out how it was as of the church well just what we've done that at your expense you know that you've been in this network throughout your bed too much or is it means that you really shouldn't cross you know if you'll let me feel. And I don't want it and they are gross and you know just felt like. Some of the use of it and just you know after his neck and then he got really should I. Search started in certain ways and he said more the point. OK Well we are all out of time I think I have like maybe sixty seconds left so if you have questions the end or something like that feel free to stop by if you're on chat otherwise let's go ahead and let's wrap it up with a word of prayer and you can go on a camp meeting in. Good lunches and everything else so. You're only Father Lord we do thank you again for this day Lord we thank you for the system that you have given to us for ties and offerings Lord it's not something that we've created by man but Lord it's truly been given to us from you and we read about it in your word Lord I ask that we would be good stewards of the resources we have the Lord I also pray that you help us to be good stewards of the information that we know and so that we can share that with others that need to know as well more help us not to be afraid to share help us not to be nervous to lean over and help the new person in the pew next to us or help us to. Truly be different to be unique in this world in Jesus name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you force or if you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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