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Hebrews 12:5-29 "The Highway to Mount Zion"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 1, 2009
    9:00 AM
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him for the Sabbath therefore since we study from your words and we thank you for this privilege as things that will open our eyes to the prison Jesus RI so again were any picking up in Heber 's chapter twelve and has a brief review from last week we cover the concepts of verses thirty nine forty and he reads aloud and that they were talked about the heroes of faith have they all have entertaining and report through faith receive the promise God having provided some better thing for us that they without us should not be made perfect and justify a brief wave received these all including cuniculus translated as he was resurrected have received not the promise what is that they without us should not be made perfect to work perfect is tied to the WordPerfect and Hebrews ten which describes the blotting out of son and so even Emacs and Moses you are in heaven have not have their sins blotted out because that's what happens at the end of the judgment in the heavenly sanctuary on the David's and so then in verses one through four we are given the exhortation to run with patience the race that is set before us looking at it Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we get to the end of that race will have the same faith that Jesus is the ramifications and Jesus are seated at the right hand of God DC author and finisher as a result of this right is our high Priest of the right hand of God he was a and as our high Priest he writes his father hearts and minds and if he rises on their hearts and minds that means we will be an obedient people is the new covenant we run with patients in that year the race we have the faith of Jesus and that combination you see the one hundred and forty four thousand thousand people who are translated without I'll say that they are the people that because of all those sure to obtain a good report through faith will receive the promise of being made perfect or another were having their sins blotted out the judgments is not a brief review of what we look at last week and I to go pick it up in verse three this relates an interesting some very interesting points in the remainder of human chapter twelve the fourth reset a lot of time talking about verses one through four there were to look at what the rest of the chapter describes subjecting anniversary essays for considers can that inherent such contradiction of sinners against himself unless he be wearied and faint in your minds have not yet resisted in the blood striving against his son so when we run this race of patients there is going to be client opportunities to become weary and faint harmonic and exhorting us to do is to consider here consider Jesus but it would Jesus want through once again near such contradiction of sinners against South and when we consider him when we look to Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith he will help us to resists the blood striving against sin forgot to mention this again and some of you have asked you know where it is Ellen White say that Paul was the author of Hebrews says last week now the mention of this weakness this is one place is probably other places she specifically referring to he restructures walruses one C is a sound review and Herald October eighteen eighteen eighty one six if you're on the CD-ROM and she refers to running the race and help all exhorts us to run the race yes the first currency and nine twenty four three twenty seven and engineers to passage in second Timothy four Paul says I thought you thought I finished my course and she connects those three passages together he was twelve percent is not and second Timothy about running the race soon very clearly if you believe Ellen White inspired and you believe that follows the author of Hebrews is so we consider Jesus Junior at such contradiction of sinners against himself and causes like you're not yet resistance on the blood striving against sensor the mommy become weary and saner minds in this pathway of life Lisa and I consider Jesus to get and if we let that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith he will help us in our fight against them in this life as well now you continue on here picking up verse five says in the effort God the experts station which speaketh unto you as in the children my son despise not now the chastening of the will nor fan when thou are reputed for him the Lord wanted teach Jason answered us every son whom he received this if he endeared chastening God deal with one year as he is with signs for what son is he whom the father chased on now when you look at those three versus their five sixths of doesn't make you think of any other passage of Scripture is about Revelation three zero Revelation three in Revelation chapter three is Jesus gives a chasing him essential to the way to seem churlish he says we think original recipients have need of nothing that actually were wretched for blind and naked and many councils is what to do numbers nineteen he says as many of our love I read Buchanan Chase the zero was therefore uneasy that the similarity in language to gamers twelve to Jesus Losee reviews and shares and he raced for all Paula saying what my son despise not thou the chastening of the Lord are saying when our review if so it's interesting when you look at the passage earlier and Mrs. considers can and there is a contradiction of sinners against yourself what you need a Reagan fan in your minds and inverse viruses Saint not when you're received of the Lord so sometimes were called to run this race with Tatian is that means to endure the chastening of the will and the Lord allows us to be chastened or to be tried by having to deal with people who try her patient what Jesus and near the contradiction of sinners against himself what we need when we are placed in trying circumstances and more with people that let's say they get on our nerves and we thought giving them a piece of our mindsets these do we consider Jesus to endear the contradiction of sinners against himself he opened not his mouth recommended all the goblet judges righteously or did or do we speak up for herself I ride that's why ways is not the only way that certainly one of the ways of the Lord allows us to be chasing for six he also reviews us in that review can message is the way to see a message that we think we are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and that is in essence spiritual language because Jesus is even now not when you're wretched miserable for blind and naked and we've talked about this before but the word rapture it is also found in Romans seven describe the man of room seventh two thousand things he wants to leave any of the things he doesn't want to do at the end of the chapters is our wretched man that I shall deliver me from the body of this death of the latest CNN and the word measurable in the latest two messages found in one other place as first Corinthians sixteen that describes a man who in this life only households in Christ and many in Laodicea thinks that in this life that they're on their way to heaven but actually it's only a hope in this life is to find out in the resurrection that they came up in the wrong resurrection and other hoping prices only in this life on earth and not for eternity so that's a spiritual message in the message of repeatedly by saying that about me out of the godly truth that Jesus is Jesus and what I love you and I want you to be with me so I'm giving you a message abbreviated and Paula sang way if we are sons of God we should be able to endear the chastening of the Lord North and we should not think when we are repeated because the Lord wants him he chastens and see if we can hear chastening then God deals with us out with some women continue conversely that if he be without chastisement wearable ever take are you pass through the nonsense is so slight as it is a difference if the father has signed and there's someone that doesn't belong to be more than likely he's going to deal with this song and get his sunshade and delight whoever's in charge of this other child deal with that person so if God is in chastening then we are really his children and we should be thankful that he chastens us because that shows that he was more his children so we can be thankful for the trial that he allows us to pass through a significant Proverbs three eleven says my son despise not thou the case for a very good verse nine continuing ounces furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us and we gave them reverence and I was listening to be fair to say that you know we think back to our fathers probably more often than not the fathers of the one you are you come across as being of maybe a little bit more stern and they give a little bit more discipline the mother 's development moreover while the fourth love from both angles just a different flavor of it that when we think about in our fathers you know I will exactly what Johnson was that my dad sold me that the way I saw it in front of those people when I was seven years old was inappropriately spent the fourth page of the five developed a habit of continuing to do that I would be a complete insurance today I'm thankful for my father keeping me online and we were like that also go out for my father how he appropriately discipline and so we give them reverence and we've gotten everything you know my dad did the best they could on thankful for our him while we take care of me is happy mindset is so if we give our fathers that kind of reverence for disciplining us in that respect shall we not much rather be in subjection under the father of spirits and was also a fiscal year reverence of our earthly fathers shouldn't we also feel that way about God the father that he shaves and repeats us us me within forever so he allows us to be chasing them to be reviewed to run arbitrary things in our lives that we keep us remain with him forever in verse tangerine they are earthly fathers apparently for a few days and chastened us after after their own pleasure that he for our profit that we might be partakers of his holiness so why does God allow to be chastened so that we might be partakers of his holy verse eleven now now chastening for the present seem to be enjoying us agree this nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby so in the heat of the trial doesn't feel too good to do later on what does the chastening yield this is the peaceable fruit of righteousness so when we have the fruit of righteousness also have the peace of God in our lives for peace that passes understanding and maybe you may wonder that we talk a lot about running the race of patients looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and we talked about and that's very important and we spent a lot of time in our Hebrew class talking about that him him verses five through an several verses later elite university fall fourteen I basically given not all of what it needs to run with patience the race set before us and insert citations document near the chastening of the Lord and its expectations to pass through the trials that God allows to pass through when we look to Jesus as the author finish her faith when we endear the chastening of the Lord the end result is the peaceable fruit of righteousness in our lives and so that is what Paul is exhorting us to the human ear the chastening of the Lord that's interesting is not directly to the methods of away to see insurance for Jesus is as many as I love I rebuke and shapes and especially the Laodicean church needs the message out in hearing the chastening in the rebuke of the war begins of the Laodicean church that is wretched miserable poor blind and naked so God sends a message of chasing and review and is the latest in people in here that message they will be prepared to yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness now and they will be partakers of his holiness is a inverse twelve answers wherefore so because of all this ran a race with patients and during the chastening of the Lord is thinking not near repeat offenses wherefore lift at the hands which hang down and the feeble knees so humanly speaking you look at the path that God is set before us him him for a race in requires occasional that patient endurance are basically the same word when it means we need to be near chastening of the Lord and Tina near being reviewed and humanly speaking we went about our life boy 's file on started on the top of the time of stuff the following causes and wherefore looked at the hands which hang down in the feeble knees what he says like what does that the pathway that is set before you lift up your hands and strengthen your feeble knees and thing is honestly and make straight paths for your feet so down to wow the trials that you see before he succeeds in from walking the straight and narrow pathway and to keep your eyes on Jesus because this is for our benefit wherefore looked at the hands which hang down in the feeble knees and make straight paths for your feet West that which is lame be turned out of the way that letter rather be healed in the notice first fourteen this is what happens when we walk on the straight path this is followed to use with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord now you were falling as we saw earlier in verse ten versus God for our profit allows us to endear anything near chasing to be reviewed is that we might be protectors of his holiness so as we are chastened and as we are relieved we partake of this holiness him as we do so that allows us to follow peace with all family have holiness and without the women holiness no man shall see the Lord so in other words this is halfway in the pathway of holiness in an order to be on this for you have to have a holy life of the peaceable fruit of righteousness and economics for you will not see the Lord and was halfway set pathways we run with patience the race that is set before us we hinder chastening in the review of the Lord so that we can become partakers of his voice now on I just jump ahead to verse twenty see what shows us where the pathways leading is and I go back to the book of Isaiah to show how it's crystal clear that this is the case as it were on this pathway and inverse eighteen nineteen he sang and I cannot conduct to the mountain where the voice of God spoken the earth shook and people were afraid and even Moses was afraid of ever twenty cases you are to mount design and under the city of the living God the heavenly Jerusalem and to an innumerable company of angels so this pathway which we are called the Roman is a pathway where we application the end of the race where the face of Jesus Jesus is the author and finisher of face on the right hand of God is all sore I preceded on the right hand of God he writes their hearts and we are commanded he can people possibly a patient survey that uses we keep the commandments of God that's describing a hundred and forty four thousand Revelation fourteen twelve and this pathway is taking us to Mount Zion now in revelation fourteen one three five we see that as a one hundred and forty four thousand she were on Mount Zion for the land him so if you want to think about this way Hebrews twelve verses one through twenty two is really a manual to the hundred and forty four thousand on how to live our life to be prepared to see Jesus when he comes in the clouds of the so we look to Jesus the author and finisher of faith we lay aside every side every way in the semester so easily beset us we look to Jesus we resist in the blood striving against sin we endear the chastening of the Lord we lift up our hands and strengthen the feeble knees at peace with all and that brings us to mountainside which is where the hundred and forty four thousand stand with the land in Revelation fourteen is now just in case you're wondering about this connection so I think and act in the Old Testament to the book of Isaiah and this is where Paul gets some of his ideas is pretty receptive twelve this is Isaiah chapter thirty five Isaiah thirty five and is a fairly short chapters white sand versus the Paul was able to extract a lot out of this chapter now is my start in verse three Isaiah chapter thirty five verse three says strengthen neither we can then confirm the feeble means not of that sounds similar to the receptor twelve verse twelve forces and wherefore let at the hands which hang down in the feeble knees Isaiah thirty five verse three says he strengthened me that we can then confirm the feeble knees back and my Bible margin it connects twelve twelve with Isaiah thirty five three six not the only one who makes a I always say I have also according from Isaiah thirty five three four okay so what's the connection Isaiah thirty five three the strength of the week can you confirm the feeble knees is interesting verse five we know this verse is in the eyes of the blind shall be opened to entry in the latest in church is described as being one so that's certainly a connection then you go on now and we know that were being called to walk away and verse eight engine Isaiah thirty five this is an highway shall be there and away so we strengthen your hands and your feeble knees to go on this highway away and what's this highway called it's called the way of holiness remember and he was forward says in verse twelve with the hands which hang down the feeble knees figure thirteen make straight paths for your fantasy members fourteen ounces follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord and Isaiah thirty five so you strengthen the hands and the feeble knees you go on a highway that's called the way of holiness we see that connection there is supposed clearly drawing from Isaiah thirty five now where is this highway was meeting to continue on in Isaiah thirty five in verse it all just keep reading is this I wish with all the way of holiness the unclean shall not pass ever that it shall be for those wayfaring man live there my hair therein first I know why it shall be there nor any ravenous beast of Europe there on and shall not be found there but the redeemed shall walk there so this is a highway for the redeemed seminars first is the ransom of the Warsaw brochure and then some Q where design please see the connection that he resolve Paul's is what you are not coming to the earthly Mount Sinai where the Earth 's shape when the voice of God spoke and even that is was afraid that you're coming to Mount Zion on and about twice as earlier list of the hands which hang down strengthen the feeble knees follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord Isaiah thirty five is strengthened that we can than the feeble knees will go on the highway which is called the way of holiness and it will be the highway of the redeemed that comes the mounds on now I make this a little more interesting even for when they can amount Linux is they want songs of everlasting joy they shall obtain joy and gladness sarin sisal feel free away so what maybe the highway that were online now call the souvenir the chastening in the rebuke of the Lord that the and of the highway we will have joy and gladness are signed to flee away when we come to Mount Zion is now staying in the book of Isaiah is another place it talks about a highway and this is in Isaiah chapter one and Isaiah eleven is the famous chapter four says that study about the Sabbath around so on and so forth day in Isaiah thirty five we see that there's any a highway on the way of holiness that leaves the mountains on and he was twelve we see that is the latest in the insurance that is being exhorted to go on this way of holiness for this highway so that we would be able to come to Mount Zion of the hundred and forty four thousand and in Isaiah eleven and make sex a clear connection him him when this concept by their chapter eleven verse six he served as we have a high wherewithal the way of holiness which we can outline the restore we see that if the hundred and forty four thousand that should be on the point limitations of the sanctity of the commands of God and the faith of Jesus is in Isaiah chapter eleven verse sixteen is what it says about this highway in says and there shall be in high way for the remnant of his people which shall be was from Syria likely with Israel and the David K came up out of the land of Egypt name I said okay well now as for the children of Israel this highway while actually if you work first of all verse sixteen describes the run of his people and then if you get traverse the web this describes a little bit more about the run better on this highway verse eleven says potential come to pass in that day that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people okay the Lord is recovering the rhinitis people County Times is now the second time you have the Israel of old that came up out of the land of Egypt but now the Lord is setting his hand recover the remnant of his people the second time and according to the book of Revelation who is this run people who keep the commandments of God Jesus what I think people and God has set for his lastly random people the highway and if you keep following down to see what this highway is virtual that he shall set up an ensign for the nations harness that all the time that the status of that Posada so when God recovered his run he thought anything forty four the Sabbath was recovered as well and the word and send more inside is the same as the word sign and Ezekiel twenty versus twelve and twenty V assigned throughout the generations the Sabbath is a sign and then in verse fourteen of the throwing up a little bit of Daniel eleven you see that Edom and Moab and Ammon will be the remnant people in Daniel eleven see that the Edomites Moabites and the ammonites escape from the hand of the king of the north which is papal Rome they join the Roman people to you can see that clear connection so what I'm trying to show here is that the Sievers chapter twelve describes a race which can also be described as a fast way for a high way or the way of holiness which calls us to when you are chastening to fame out when we are reviews and at the end of that pathway yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness that develops holiness in our lives so that when Jesus icons those who were on that pathway will see as he is nearing the end of a diversion the offices for we shall be white for we shall see him as he is in the responses without holiness no man shall see the Lord so when we look to Jesus the author and finisher of faith when we lay aside every weight and the same is so easily beset us when we resist them the blood striving against sin when we hear the chastening and review the North that yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness and holiness in our lives and that's the characteristics that I had an forty four thousand have patience and faith of Jesus Salinas seek the Commandments of God all of the see what all is really an attraction manual on how to be the hundred and forty four thousand and has written especially for the latest stamp Stifel to think there is rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing than they realize not that the wretched miserable poor blind and naked so therefore it's not to be a pleasant experience for people who think that spiritually speaking they are okay to hear such chastening and the rebuke of the Lord of the Lord is doing matters because he wants us that he wants us to be on the pathway that prepares to be part of his last day people who will happily see Jesus and McLeod twenty times because without holiness no man shall see the Lord and the Lord want to see if he does he was to die for us so continuing on in verse fifteen of the receptacle for idea and will certainly see the connection between the verse twelve in Isaiah thirty five and Isaiah eleven in the latest interest is unclear you read a letter I will you guys think it is very get search down this pathway takes a sound of the closer probation and the gloriously mountain is Mt. Zion 's absolutely truth will Michael stand up with the information you said this pathway will lead us to the time of Michael standing on never sixteen says looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God or the marginal readings is what any man fall grace of God is the root of bitterness springing up trouble you and thereby many pedophiles so a notice for subpoenas is looking diligently and that reminds us again to look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith how do we let them diligently because of the sporadically demanded Jesus before looking at them half the time and were looking at the world the other half of the time guess he's never won that battle is to win that battle for looking at the world happens on Jesus the other half is so we'll look and the Jesus diligently lest any man fall from the grace of God how would we soften the grace of God will there is many ways that the example of Paul uses is here in verse fifteen lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you and thereby many pedophiles now notice what he says was any root of bitterness springing up any Deuteronomy twenty nine eighteen and write soon the root of it all and more on what would be the same as is better as a drive so I wanted to take you speaking of this root of bitterness now I do take you to the book of James which is just the next workout or him will start in verse thirteen in chapter three in chapter three verse thirty seven the book of Hebrews James three thirteen says it was a wise man and endeared with knowledge among you would show out of a good conversation his works meekness of wisdom verse fourteen but if he have dinner envying and strife in your hearts for a not then why not against the truth that is resurfacing this with the dissent is not from above but is earthly sensual devilish for work and being and strife is there is confusion and every evil work in the numbers on seventeen says that the wisdom that is from above is first pure then please will not remember how this way of holiness yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness so whenever feasible fruit of righteousness we will have roots of bitterness in our life and if we have through the bitterness in our lives that is not from above the bathroom on the double and specifically when you are on the halfway of the endearing chastening of the Lord and fainting not when your review in one of the ways that we endear chastening as I said earlier it is to deal with people that frustrate us that do things that we don't appreciate that were upset by and the Lord allows us to pass your experiences with other people or perhaps they they wrong ladies and students that were clearly wrong and we have been wrong for the person who is not strong of anyone who ever walked this earth is Jesus who did nothing wrong and yet he was treated unfairly to the highest degree and so when we hear the chastening of will we deal with and for whom this treatise so what is our reaction to that the we feel the peaceable fruit of righteousness and pray for those people ask the Lord to forgive them father forgive them they are not what they need or do we have written better this spring in our hearts and think about how angry we are with those people and how long they've been to an old inner grudges against people like and what Paul is saying is willing we need to look diligently to Jesus because if we hold bitter grudges against people that we will fall from the grace of God and we will pedophile the money continues on Lisa's love to be any fornicator that's pretty straightforward and of course her spiritual fornication with spiritual Babylon or profane person has he saw two for one morsel of meat his birthright so Esau is described as being proof saying he treated that which was wholly as a common thing his birthright he sold it for a massive pottage and many of us are at risk of selling our heavenly birthright for the pleasures of this errors which allows for the short season soon lest there be any fornicator or profane person is Esau who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright for seventeenth tree now how that afterward when he would have inherited the blessing he was rejected for he found no place of repentance at least I carefully with tears so we don't want to throw away that which we will regret later on after the close of privation since the proceedings for you not come in an amount that might need such that might be charged and then bring him one of blackness and darkness incentives and the sound of a trap in the voice of words which voice as they are heard and treated with the word should not be spoken to them anymore Connie it would've been very amazing to be there at Mount Sinai when God 's voice it really scared the people his voice shook the earth and verse twenty four they could not hear that word which was commanded so much as a beast touch the mountain it shall be stunner through three with regard as a charitable with the site and not as a set I exceedingly fear in a way that even now is as you have been in the presence of God when God 's voice spoke and shook the earth even Moses was afraid I soon that were not competent and rightly say they were not coming down mountain that was about experiences in verse twenty cases per year the Mt. Zion is that under the city of the living God the heavenly Jerusalem thank you an innumerable company of angels and if we were so if God 's people had passed through that kind of an experience when the law was first given to imagine what if any light for God 's people as were marching to the heaven these on and it's not explicitly stated here that someone applied there is Jacobs on the trouble that God 's people will pass through on the way she is now fine and that experience will be much greater in its them what the earthly Israelite experience to Mount Sinai and the only way to pass through that experience is that you have learned how to follow peace with all men and holiness on this pathway in line to run the race with patients in the fourth as we are coming of Mount Zion this is where the hundred and forty four thousand were going to say when the one in Canada the city and the living God the heavenly Jerusalem and you will company of angels first three General assembly and church of the firstborn which are written in heaven and to God the judge of all the spirits of just men made perfect there is the concept of the judgment that God is in charge and to his last day people we will be judged according to whether or not we follow peace with all men and yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness forever if we have the roots of bitterness was double the files first twenty four and to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant Jesus is the Lamb standing on Mount as the mediator of a new covenant with the new covenant he writes in salon your hearts and minds and our sense he remembers now more because he wants to now so Jesus is the mediator the new commander the blood of sprinkling that speaketh better things than that of able so the blood of the covenant speaketh better things anatomy over twenty five see that you refuse not cannot speak this fourth ASAP not to refuse to mistake on earth so that if he refused God and they did not escape they died in the wilderness much more energy he makes reference to the interest rate of those who enter not been authorized continually promoted on Iraq died in the wilderness for the escapes she refused him that spake on earth much more shall we escape if we turn away from him the sequencer as I got a student has a hut to us from heaven are we listening are we following are we here in the chastening of the Lord because if the children are miserable the state not neither will we it's very clear first twenty six two 's voice then ship the years but now he is promising yet once more shake out the earth but also have an enemy an amazing day with when the heavens shake at the voice of God is not just any mounts on Saturday that have shaped up any incredible him we will know clearly what side we are on that date and I was so much that he wants us to be on the right side when the first twenty seven this will word yet once more signifies removing the remaining of the things that are shaken as of the things that are made that those things which cannot be shaken may remain in our a lot of time to talk about this for as God cares his last date he thought this hundred and forty four thousand and ready to me in the clouds there is going to be a shaky among his professor Keith and some people will not be able to be near the thought of run with patience the race that is before us not be shaken because they have roots in that verse twenty eight wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be made grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear for our God is a consuming fire so interestingly for the chartered and it's like what God can speak to me shaking the church and when he appears he will be a consuming fire that he followed peace and holiness you you will see God he will not be consumed by his presence but if you have root of bitterness those roots are in any consumed by the presence of our God who is a consuming fire sixty which father will benefit down the message that reminds the Hague God he was sometimes is unsure if he is to prepare the Esquivel is not as ultimately found that we allow me that we will have the fruits of holiness in our lives and when he appears we will not of been shaken out in his presence of the consuming fire will not destroy us we will be with him forever on Mount Zion will be one hundred and forty four thousand on the one with her celebrity the message of Jesus for us and we will finish the race probably settlement units with only a aside that she was finished he researching to thank everyone


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