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You and Your Mental Health

Laurie Snyman



  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Well you have the and. It's in your holy spirit. Contemplating. Itself Laurie to explain. We're. Here and will. Stand. Here and just. Be honest. Amen. All right some of you got little cards you might need more cards anybody who needs a card to write on if they choose I would like you while you're while I'm talking to jot down an idea that you feel that impacts you now they've done some surveys on how it is that we listen and we get the message they found out that when I'm talking just like I'm talking right now most of you will probably forget I'm not a statistic person it was something like eighty five percent of what I will say if you write something down and you review it later you'll kind of more you get it more maybe like sixty five percent I was pretty good. But if you say when I look at that about forgiveness we'll give that as an example and it remains to me this because when this happened to me that whatever and then you tell somebody else about it just like when we witness to people about what price is done for us it really touches our heart so much more and we get it in our brain better so I will only ask for a couple of people at the end to share something that they got out of our talk today and how they can apply it in their life because we just don't have that much time and so if you would just jot something down that impacts you that you think would be really helpful that would be great not ask at the end of class and if you don't get to share you'll get to bring that. Card home and remember house that. You know there are prisons out there. Made out of concrete and. Have you seen one. Describe what you would see. Walls concrete walls right and you said Barbed Wire and Glass and trying not to look at the door and. And it would be and guard towers and people are where in those there in those little cells and they are stuck and we go thank goodness it's not me right but the truth is what. There are many people even in this room that have a prison in their mind and they truly are imprisoned by the way they're thinking the way they're living their life the way that they can't get over some traumatic difficulty the way that they are stressed over some situation they are in a self-made prison would you agree. And we can get into those prisons can you give me some short answers how can we get into those prisons by somebody what. Prison. OK so maybe you're very distressed over a marital situation and all you can do is think about how can I you know just this constant thought anybody else. Addiction is that not a prison when you have that fear actually fear is like at the root of many of these things what am I going to do what am I what's going to happen what is what's going to happen in the future how my going to get through this number that saying that we used to have when we were growing up sticks and stones may. Words will never hurt me is that true. How many of you remember when you got your knee hurt. Wow not. Many of you put your foot I mean your foot up. That's because I have my foot in my mouth all the time. How many of you know somebody who said something that was very demeaning to you and discouraging and you just never got over it and I don't really need to even have you put your hand up because you know it right and you never forgot it. But when somebody complimented you wasn't that really nice and you remember that too but actually the bad things can outweigh the good things in our mind who would want you to remember all the bad things absolutely he just continues to hammer you and push your Those nails into your head right just like oh it's really difficult physical illness I I had a really bad Christmas. It started Christmas morning. I didn't know I had gall stones they can kill you and I got paid. And I lost my gallbladder and then I but I had a big problem on the operating table fluid came up in my chest and actually it was traumatic for me and then we decided that we would go on vacation anyway we decided to go to Mexico where we had reservations we knew our way stem I'd been saving for it and we went oh by the way I got home and had a kidney stone and it up in the hospital again same seven days you know so two days later we went to Mexico and I got. The worst case of food poisoning. And I got it on the we're way home on the plane. And I got home and my mother was having ice surgery and she my friends my husband was going to take her but he got food poisoning that day so I had friends that had to help me and my mother had a complication she was you know when you're in your eighty's you can get really loopy over the anesthesia and her. Her cataract. All crackled in her eyes they had pieces in there and they had to go back and have another surgery and I'm still not as he ate it and she gets a bug so I end up going to the hospital with her it was just it just happened you know how and you know you know that the devil's out to get you're right. And people I'm fine now right it took about a month to get over that pancreatitis and you get all that Nazia done and I'm fine but up here people are going how are you doing and. I'm heard John most die you are you feeling OK and I'm like thinking well I don't know maybe I had and they are going you're colorings looking a little better than it used to I'm like was it really that bad. And. When I notices like I'm fine physically but the trauma of what happened can stick with you have you ever had that and you can't think I just can't believe that happened right and I just can't believe that as can believe that happened and the truth is that well even the Bible talks about it that we have many problems but they are not going to be healed and it means that on Earth we're going to suffer a lot of natural consequences and we need God to help us. Bones may break but your words are forever right. And perhaps you've been gossiped about or hurt or somebody said something really on kind or somebody was discouraging and said I don't think you'll ever make anything of yourself or or I don't think you're going to go anywhere you've been wrongfully accused or misunderstood. Or. Your reputation was hurt and it really impacts us with fear doesn't it feeling fearful you know just by talking about it will bring stuff up and I want you to know we're going to go into a positive place pretty soon but the fear a fear of want not wanting to sound like a fool start to impact our self-esteem which on Wednesday going to talk about self-esteem. And fear that somebody is going to miss misuse me or reject me or betray me right starts to get us really focused on our self right. And then that makes us in our self-made. Prison and when we're in a prison mentally how does it impact our Christian experience. She says she's doing sign language downward what would go down where in. Our happy it steals our joy. Peace are we supposed to have peace is steals our peace. And it makes us anxious about what's coming up next and it makes us always be fearful about the future correct. If you've had some major devastating illness you might be feeling that way people come in for counseling after they've gone through a terrible time with cancer and I bet loads of people in this room either have been through a cancer scare or have been through something with someone that they love because it's so common and what happens is that when we stop treating it we still get worried about now when I need to do how do I know it's not coming back or you get a little sore you go oh no that could be a get right there are just things steal our piece because of the trauma. Here is that Tex Jeremiah thirty twelve tells us that our wounds are incurable and I looked up wounds and that means hurts fears doubts guilt. When we gave our lives to Jesus what did he promise that he would heal. Us with the stripes. How many of you are living a healed life I I don't need your hands up but do you feel like your holy healed holy with a W. holy healed. When I gave my life to Christ I thought that that was going to be all I needed to do right I'm a zinger that it was not that my mind can fill up with garbage just like always gas. Critiquing people found it really easy the devil could use my mouth open mouth insert foot deny just say that dried off one put the next one in yeah. Yeah so wires that if we're supposed to be healed with Christ stripes that so many of us are still walking around it. That just doesn't make sense. Maybe it's because we forgot one of the biblical principles which is that God wants to do what to our minds Renu our minds doesn't E Well how does that happen does it just happen. And here's I've been trying to study it to figure out what's that biblical concept I'm going to read that Romans twelve two and if you have it you're welcome to read it it says Do not conform to the pattern those who are old you shouldn't be just like your neighbors because we are what kind of a people. A peculiar I am I want to change that to Special be killer just as negative but special Killer mean special we are different we should look different and we should act different we should be able to cope differently we should be able to feel differently we should be able to have our focus on God and be completely on and have it about our worship with him and yet we're not doing that so let's read this again Romans twelve two I'm doing it in the New International Version and I'm doing the first part do not conform to the pattern of this world but be. Well what does transform mean. Changed. Be transformed by the what renewing of your minds while I keep looking at transformed renewing and you'll see that there's a lot of things about reading God's word in the Bible. And I'm convinced. That. One of the things we need to do is Dylan diligently search the Scriptures and as we do that my water's gone as we do that oh think you. Can dry with that band as we do that. And we take time to pray that little by little verse by verse passage by passage we start to change and we don't even know all right so when I say well how come I haven't changed that's a sin to to keep looking at myself because by you be holding him what. We need to make sure we're beholding him. And there are people who need more help than just reading Scripture and getting to know scripture and we're talking not about people who are having serious issues but we're talking about how important it is to read the scripture and in time as we do that our minds change our attitudes change our concerns change any of you read stormy or Marty NS about how to change how to pray for your spouse. And the and the precept on that is that when they took couples that prayed I'm sorry prayed for their spouse they gave him a prayer it was kind of a silly prayer because they wanted everybody to do the same thing so they could measure them they didn't it didn't matter whether they were Muslim or Christian or whatever. They had them praying for their spouse and in thirty days you know how they do a pretest and a post tests pretest they weren't very. Distressed most of them were kind of average they said their marriages were average but the end of the thirty days they said measured them they had more of love for their spouse they felt better about the problems. And they felt that. That they would had improved their situation what do you think about that when we're really distressed about something most of us don't like to keep that in we want to talk to somebody isn't that true when we talk to our Heavenly Father. We're getting it off our chest are we not. When we're writing about it to him and journaling it that's a very important way to get rid of some of that when we're thinking about somebody in a loving way because we're praying for them we start to have a new feeling and more interest in that person. And the Lord does some amazing things that at Stanford they asked people to pray for I had floors of a hospital. Now none of the people in the hospital knew that there was this prayer group that was praying for them. At the end of a thirty thirty I'm sorry thirty day period they looked at the statistics the people on the odd floors healed faster went home faster had fewer deaths the ones on the even floors had many more problems they didn't even know it so to think that just praying for somebody actually helps something it's very important do know that minimize how important her is at a Polish grandmother she was quite the personality she was crazy. I have no doubt she is crazy probably had some mental health personality and my thirty eight cousins on that side a Polish Catholic family they think that I'm similar to her that is not that is not nice. And when I was in college she would write to me I have to tell you the whole story she would write to me and she would say now that you're at Pacific California do you know that there are many Hawaiians there why don't you find a Hawaiian because I heard that they lose their hair less they keep their good hair for more longer and they won't ever get bald. So I wrote back and said well I'm dating a South African and he's already showing signs of baldness and she wrote back it's not too late by one it's not too late don't go any further she also told me that that she did not like her church she thought everybody was stuck up there I was starting to really get worried about her personal life and her spiritual life she said when she'd go to church everybody would want to shake her hand so she'd take a scarf around her neck and every time somebody look like they were coming up to shake her hand she'd wrap her hand the scarf Asli her hand kids like you're here today. So I said to her it was you know I'm old. Living Bible was kind of new back then so I said to her grandma you know I want you to read the Bible and be happy going to church and maybe you need to read your bible more often and I know that you told me it doesn't make sense to you but have you ever tried a Living Bible I would be happy to buy one for you and she sent me a letter back in to says I have eighteen Bibles none of them are living they're all sitting on the counter and or on the bookshelves and they're gathering dust. They just sit there. And I guess I have to ask all of you is yours just. Because we need to be reading it right how often did not not a devotional. Not not something else we really need to read the Bible because there are some power in the Bible in. It really does point out our errors in our thinking and it really does show us people's experiences that have made mistakes even though they're from other times and dates it's just that it helps us to understand and avoid some issues you know in history we are told that we learn history because why. It helps us not to repeat the same mistakes Mrs White said that we have nothing to fear for the future except if we forget how the Lord has led us in the past. When we have a issue we need to remember that the Lord lead us through the past why are we getting so keyed up about it right. That helps us to cope doesn't it another dysfunctional way well by the way when we think in a dysfunctional way we have our minds renewed by the Bible and by prayer a dysfunctional way that we often think that will impact us by the way does it just impact us mentally. Helps us I mean emotionally spiritually. And physically. How can mental health negative thinking impact us physically anybody no. Stress hormones. All serious fatigue you know my husband and I gotten a little squabble right after we got married and my now broke out in hives when he took my credit cards and cut them up. So my mother you know how mothers are all honey what's. Something you don't like. This room and I could tell by your neck. And that wonderful it's like a little gauge Yeah. But the other way that is dysfunctional is the if only thinking. If only what if only I had more money I could be happier by the way we think that. Often Don't worry money doesn't hug you it doesn't give you complements it doesn't encourage you. It doesn't it doesn't come to dinner on Thanksgiving you know money is not out there to be if only I was married I'd be happier. If only I had a bigger house I'd be happier you ever had somebody I just want to bigger house I just I can't stand you know it's just too small I don't have places a put it and then like this is what happens because I do counseling and I'm I'm so old and and people come back ten years later and then they go this house you know I can hardly pay the mortgage and nobody holds true at the house we're good I just feel like that's all I do is clean you know how that is. You know or if only I wasn't so busy I'd be a so winner here met somebody who's retired the I'm so busy you know we've got this woodworking shop and we're like yeah it's like we do what we want to do when we want to do it right. Or if only I'd have more time I'd go get exercise yeah talking to myself OK if only I'd gone back to school people would look at me different I could've gotten a different job. Anybody ever heard of that kind of thinking What's your if only and I'm not going to ask you I want you think what is my if only. What's wrong with if only. What's wrong with that statement if only. What was that. Keeps you stuck in prison because why. You're not you're not allowed to be happy unless you attain a certain thing you're never happy with the process you're only happy if you get to a goal what else it's regrets you know what the Bible has something to say about that. Well first of all I'm going to give you a word picture if you like word pictures. Let's say you're driving a car. And you're trying to go forward but you keep your eye. I on the rear view mirror. What happens. It's kind of like when I don't know how those dental hygienists put those mirrors and they know where to move Have you ever done that you're trying to go and you go in the wrong way like yeah so when we have regrets we're going the wrong way are we we're back focused we're past focused and here is a verse in John ten ten says God wants to give us life and all of it's what. Fullness is that a full life when you're focused on the past all the time. So many times it's about guilt right we feel really guilty you know it makes us feel really bitter by the way so it's lack of forgiveness guilt. Bitterness you ever seen a better person maybe you can see it in their face when you go out they seem like they've had a real problem you can see it in their face or somebody who divorced somebody without maybe a reason but they always are trying to show that they're good person they're doing something they keep they do they go the opposite you go on I don't even know who that person is they they change so completely like guilt can really motivate us to do some really difficult things I mean some awful things. So we need to forgive who. Yes we do you know humans don't forget things have you noticed. Remember that yes specially women Yeah you say to the man so you know you member that thing you did and they go oh. Well you know when you said that I do the right the woman goes yeah you said that three o'clock and you said this this and this right because emotion burns that into our brain yeah. Guiltiness is not OK because we have a father that wants to forgive us. Humans may never forget it remember that thing about forgive and forget Well that's a big lie isn't it we forgive but the other part is forget like why do we have brains the Lord want us to remember something so that we're wise if Sharon back there she's going all over you know one of them if Sharon had a baseball bat and she hit me I might forgive Sharon right. But I need to know that it was Sharon that had the baseball bat so I'm going to watch to make sure she's not carrying it again when I see or can't meaning right. And I I may say Sharon I love you the Lord loves you but you can't be my friend anymore and I'm not going to be having you in my house because I have so many bats all the way around my house and I'm fraid that you might pull one out and hit me right we can't think that forgiveness means that they're always going to regain our respect or that they don't have a consequence or that they're going to be our best friend or that they're going to be in our from the circle or that we can have our children by them we can't do that but we do have to forgive who says that. So we have to forgive people lot of people saying well no I could never forgive him for that oh don't allow nothing to happen to you with God You know those banner over you because you're on protected because God said that he wanted us to forgive and if we don't forget have we are protected clarify. Lack of forgiveness. Yes turns into bitterness and then we often carry a lot of guilt thank you for reminding me I'm like one of those I must have I don't have as much estrogen because I forget when I say things. Thankfully God and Jesus came to rid us of our guilt and paid us for our sins so if you don't feel forgiven what's the problem. What's wrong with that we if we don't feel for good. And. Nothing. Our feelings are damaged what does the Bible say. He is faithful to forgive us our sins is he a liar absolutely not we can't go by our feelings say today to yourself I will not let my feelings decide my behavior I will not let my fear decide my behavior I will not allow the devil to have a conquer over me and allow him to conquer my life because I don't feel something we can no longer allow feelings to keep our behavior going we have to remember what God says the Sabbath how many of you feel like doing some months I haven't any of you feel like sleeping in. How many of you feel like you've just had it and you don't want to go to church anymore. Right how many of you feel like you'd like to slap your kids really glad you don't it's money that you can do that for your kids but we need to be thinking about worshipping God and doing what we need to do because of the principle of it right not because of the feeling. All right. Feelings cannot be trusted when we allow them to run our lives we dishonor God we need to be going by principles and guess what when we're honoring God we're praying we're encouraging we're we're working on our feelings I'm sorry when we are working on what God wants us to do we expect that God's going to help our damage feelings to start healing yesterday. To say that I was really frustrated something happens somebody was mad at me and then I started to feel mad at them Jeff or get that. And I couldn't get that person I was like I kept trying to go to see them so that I could get it resolved because I do not want any problems between me and another person and the Lord kept telling me that I just needed to get that resolved there's some. The thing about letting some stay it stinks right I just couldn't get a hold of that person it was something that I said they got offended and then I got offended that they got offended right. So I was really Innes that you come. And I'm like Lord what do I need to do well I had a thermos from a banquet in my back of my trunk with ice water and a drink and said Go out and serve the people in the parking lot. So I went out with my cups in my car and I go how are you thirsty and they're going. I'm like do you want something to drink and they're going like what. And I'm like well we got some we got some tropical juice with ginger in it it's a little unusual but it's very refreshing if you'd like to try it and I go sure I'll give it a little and then they're like This is some nice of you thank you that's really refreshing and really the welcome. I had that eight times out of by that time I was happy and then I found the person I needed to talk to you we got it all resolved and I'm like thank you Lord for not letting it ruin my Can't meaning perience right. We do need to just ask the Lord what we need to do because he's going to help us. And when we have these feelings of regret or guilt come up in our mind we have to go Lord I've asked you for forgiveness and I know that you didn't lie so it I'm forgiven so help me to forgive myself because I need to keep working on that God put such a precious value on our lives He sent His Son to die for us and if we continue to sin with our thinking we're really adding more to that war we just don't want to hurt our Savior. Romans eight thirty one says If God be for us for who. Who can be against us. You claim that. When you're really having a hard. We be thinking I hope you're claiming that very important the devil wants us to get down ourselves because he is against us. I don't want to be honest team do you. Remember OK that word remember remember. Is used with what verses. Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy OK then it's used another time remember. Actually isn't it Remembrance Well it's a it's a longer we're remembrance do this in remembrance of Me What is that communion. Lot's wife about remember lots wife because she send and wasn't looking towards God she was not looking towards a future she turned around and she looked back and what happened. Her life was done. Well I thought it was interesting because I think there's only four times that they say remember a remembrance in the Bible and it's an EIS a forty three eighteen and nineteen. And it used biblical language so I'm going to ask you how you would say it it says remember not the former things which means in our words today. That thinking about. The past former things that right let's read it again remember not the former things nor consider the things of old consider. Because I am doing a new thing now it springs forth do you not perceive it but don't you get it. So let's say remember not so we are not supposed to do what. I remember the things of old and have you obsess about the things that happened to me I didn't like that I better keep an eye on somebody that's not OK You know I never know. We're going to be up some right. Remember not the former things nor consider the things of old by the way I get people in. Their hearts they really are struggling I had this lady that came in and her husband. Has a hard time not looking at women he's never. Never had an affair the women might be on television they might be in the newspaper they might be a waitress or whatever and so she took out of her purse pages of she wrote down every day that he did that and why she can't forgive him bless her heart and I said you know I'm trying very hard because it's so shocking to me by the way this is she They've been married for forty eight years so this is pages and pages. And pages. That she's kept and written so kindly. And I said to her you must be really tired Oh she said I am and I said I bet this kind of stuff could really make you sick and she said Oh you don't know I have nerve my algae I have an allergy is I have stomach problems I I can't focus on my kids my kids think I'm obsessed with my husband and I'm just so angry at him and I said so physically it's taking you down what do you think you're going to need to do to get better and she said I don't know I said what if we burn those things that you. Know oh this is my record this shows him what he's done. I said so what if the Lord calls you to forgive him well I'm just not going to forgive that easily No I says so did he ever call anybody or did he ever get their phone number or did you ever see him with no hope and I said Isn't it wonderful that even though he looks and sees all the you know those women that he's always chosen to come back to you and she said yeah but I don't know if he really wanted to. Lesser hard I mean you know she's really struggling with her mental health but she is so sick physically and she just could not understand why you would ever want to forgive somebody. We had a really hard time and never did get any better she probably thought I was a terrible therapist because I didn't heal or. Regret and on forgiveness it saps our energy it steals our joy it steals our peace and it ruins our hope for the future and what is our hope for the future. I want to be ready when Jesus comes Jesus said I mean God said I'll make a way in the wilderness and rivers for you he does not want our minds cluttered with the things of the past if you think in secure how will you be. If you act frightened and you think about being frightened how do you be. If you have somebody who says. That I was sorry for you just like somebody keeps asking me how I'm doing how do you feel. I'm not going to say I just want to add to it I'm not giving the day I don't want to be on the double side but here is what Proverbs twenty three seven says as a man thinks in his heart so he is. Isn't that interesting my daughter I just used to she was a she had that little melancholy flare Robbie's her beloved babysitter as we were in Kalamazoo. Who look well good bye. And I go wow a paper cut. Over the girl was so then I would say you know when she do something like that well I'm so glad that you have nine other fingers and they didn't get a paper cut so she'd go to her dad and go oh I did a paper cut that mostly move the right to melancholy is right now they almost cry together. And it's like we need to think out of the box right just like instead of saying. I had the worst Christmas you don't know if I could give you an organ reset or you know how my gallbladder isn't my kidney stone and instead of doing that I have to go but the Lord brought me out of it and I'm doing great now and I feel healthy and something nice not to feel nausea I'm just happy about everything right like we need to think the opposite way right. You think the Lord can take a hold of your thinking. We said we need to forgive ourselves but we also need to pray for ourselves do you think about it cani Vale. She had a son that was killed at one of our churches when they were working on a youth room he was electrocuted Conny I mean they they love their son but she coped really well and I said to her How is it that you are able to just move forward and do OK after such a terrible time and she said and I pray every day that the Lord will guide my thinking and so that I will be stable and I think that's a big answer we need to pray for stability do we not. There's another thing that Christians do and that is entitlement they feel that there's other people that owed them something. I could let's apply it to the church that they should get a Sabbath school quarterly but never ever donate any money to it or that they should come to potluck without a dish right but they should eat everybody else's food or that people should give them money because they're in a problem but they never when they're doing OK They never give anything back so there's that entitlement thing there are people that come to my office because I see Christians and they tell me the Lord is supposed to give me what I want in my heart remember he's supposed to give me all the the desires of my heart how come I don't have that yet I want to manor I want to woman her own a car when in. Better CARNEY And I'm just playing oh maybe there's a lesson in the wait for you and just you know you have to think about that and then we have to ask ourselves am I having an attitude that I deserve more than I'm getting. Do you think America's That way I deserve more than getting the government should give me even that commercials on television don't you deserve it don't you think you deserve a better night you need a new mattress go out and get a big one is a McDonald's You deserve a break today so go out and get away OK but you deserve it right. Yeah and when we're entitled and we think that we should suffer as much as people near us then we're faults aren't we because it says in this world we will have problems doesn't it. Here's John sixteen thirty three I have said to you these things that in me you can have peace here that the first word is you can have peace in this world you will have it starts with a T. tribulation another word for what. Troubles the right. But take heart I have overcome the world so that mean all of our tribulations are going to go away because we're Christians and maybe in the next world right. And we need to love the Lord and be involved with him no matter what happens correct. Our class goes to what time does anybody know. OK I just want to make sure I spend fifteen minutes quarter to five quarter for how well that means we got at least twelve hours so here we go. How about the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. That looks better to me she looks better to me that looks but I need something like them yeah isn't that true that one. We start have that feeling that something is wrong all the time or how about if somebody walking into the room can make you feel angry or anxious they have more power than you do. Because you have allowed them to control your emotions Who do we want to be controlled by. You understand all these things the Bible talks about them if we are practicing them and really working on them and thinking about them and putting them in our hurt would we be coping better. God to cause us to endure things and he can help us we have to put our hands in him and we have to trust him even when we don't see something around the corner don't we. Here's another one. Luke twenty two forty says pray that you do not enter into the temptations and the sinful worth of he says you will have troubles. And when we go to troubles in tough situations they test us and the Lord will know how we're doing because when it's tough is when we learn more and when things are going well we don't learn as much that be fair to say we may hurt we may be in a terrible trial we may have a terrible difficulty and God permitted it that's annoying too isn't it that just doesn't seem right because I'm better than anybody else Nashe and have to suffer like other people right that's the problem isn't it you notice that at the point of it it's all selfishness. I don't want to look bad I don't want the Lord to test me I don't want to have a troubled life I don't want to go through any problems. Why is it that. God wants us to not be selfish. Is that because the Lord wants so much for us more than our neighbor because our attitude is whatever happens Lord I want you to. Go with me and we can get through it together when that be important. And if I think that I deserve something it's all about me ne ne ne. Remember the Jesus loves the little ones like me you need but he didn't want you to say that I want meany taken care of all the time and. We're also supposed to ask God for self-control that you know that that's in the Bible and I love this quote says God wants us to be happy and peaceful This is from have you notice that there are steps to Christ and if you go on line now there are modern versions of it done by the white est and this is step sed Jesus. They rename it a little bit so this isn't that more modern language and this is from one twenty six God wants us to be happy and peaceful by the way ya happy in peace are you smiling. When you smile the neurotransmitters in your brain think that you're happy and it starts to flood Sara Tonin into your brain so you really are happier than most people when you're smiling actually they said sales people who smile so more. Ministers who smile more look that just in-ring staffed. You guys happy you could never get mad at him even if coming to call you on you and tell you that you did something wrong you like he does loans you. Sorry. Happyness is gotten from happiness that has gotten from being selfish will soon pass away. This happiness leaves a person lonely and filled with sorrow but there is real lasting joy in the service of God Oh it's not all about me me me me me it's like we need to serve others to get back our happiness we may miss some of the pleasures in this world but we can be happy as we think of the joys that will have in Heaven keep your eyes and your focus in the right place. Because it isn't about down here. I'm like if I had this chord you know this chord is really wrong here let's say. This chord is really long did you see can you see it it's really long can I just tell you back there it's really long. OK Bev it's really long. This is where we started life right here. This is where we're going to end life right here. We're probably right right here somewhere right why are we getting so upset about everything on earth when we have all of this time ahead and it's going to be all good you ever think about perspective. Does that make sense. All right. We just need to keep focus on where we're going. God careen know our minds and he can give us healthy thinking patterns and he can help us fight instability and he can help us be emotionally stable and healthy. So I'd like you to. Think about how you can change your mind about somehow have any of you struggled with keeping out positive outlook and thinking about scripture and where you're going and how good things are and how God loves us any of you struggle with that. OK all of us do. People say well I just can't change my mind OK so I would like you to right now. I'm just going to do a little exercise. Let's think about somebody who is who you feel needs the Lord OK So when you think of a name or a person in your mind and you have really struggled with praying for them but you haven't seen any successes with them you haven't seen them move forward you haven't seen them give their heart to the Lord they aren't can't meeting. And you're really concerned about them when you think about that. Now do you all know what feelings are you got some men in here you know what feelings are. Sad happy discouraged frustrated joyful whatever OK when you think about somebody. Who you're worried about what is wiggling over there. OK. Is there a basket that's hitting the metal. That's Let's keep our focus Laurie. So when you think about somebody who's getting lost what are some of the feelings emotions that come up in your mind can anybody give me one hopelessness failure. Sadness concern anything else. Those are those pleasant emotions. What are some of the favorite things that you like to. What Pete sack I think of. Ice cream. Mashed potatoes. OK Now I'd like you to think about your favorite food. And know that somebody has just made that homemade for you and when you leave here you're going to have to. And it's going to taste wonderful because you know the cook or the or the ice cream maker or whatever. How do you feel when you think about that. What good are some hungry anything else emotions. Happy Joyful shareholder excited OK we did that in about what two minutes you went from sad to happy. The Lord can change your mind and he was. It's to do that by you memorizing scripture or by you counting promises because you want your mind to be happy if you're happy you're going to be able to do many more things for him if you're discouraged and you're depressed you're going to be doing many less things he will actually not be able to use you know in many things people will burn out faster the lack of forgiveness they'll have more issues with depression and anxiety I'm not telling you this is going to cure it if you already have it or whatever but the way that we think actually change is chemicals in our brain and the Lord wants us to have one hundred percent healed brains so he wants more for us than we're claiming that makes sense to you. All right. So Libyans three four. Paul spoke about perseverance Well you know it's a nice seminar and I thought happy all afternoon and then I went home and it's the same old stuff again I just got down again never had that you went to a retreat you were a high on the mountain and right. Paul says I press towards the mark for the high calling of God in Christ what does press mean. Is that an act of birds that I like let me see how I feel when I get there I'll tell you if I'm better at all was me I'll see if I feel better no I don't think I do. Something doesn't it. Yeah press towards the mark we need to be working on it we need to be focused on it we need to be aware of it and we need to continue to work on it if you wake up. In one morning and you're having a bad day that is not your problem. But if ten minutes later you're so having a bad day that's your problem because the Lord once a once you're aware. Where you could change your mind and decide what you're going to think about and how you're going to focus and what your attitude is going to be and you can pray for the Lord's Divine Hell help. And it is very important for you to think the thoughts that God wants you to think so if we're going to encourage our brother and our sisters we're really discouraged what can we say that would be godly. A verse or whatever our thought what. Which is. AMEN AMEN AMEN. Amen. OK Anything else. You did hear that verse is not encouraging empowering isn't it now we'll see if you can do it. Amen so isn't Scripture a great help and also saying you know I know the Lord's got my life I know the Lord wants the best for me when the Lord's convicting my heart I need to act on it right away so I don't let that damage my feelings and my thoughts. Well is that. I know the plans I have for you to prosper you and not to hurt you right. Here's another thing I'm going to read to you and then I'm going to open it because I want to hear what pieces impact your life and how you're going to use that in just a minute. Reading and age. Yeah I want to say mental health I wonder where I got that from. I am age two fifty one OK I won't talk about my brain OK Nothing turns more to promote the health of the body and soul then does the spirit of gratitude and praise what what is it that helps the body and so I want to make sure you all heard that what helps your body and soul. All this. Gratitude in praise right somebody starts telling you oh yes you know I really you know the kids are really running around turns to budget or do you go grad student Fraser. And what do you have a guy to have you both get there alive in that they're campaigning. Both little devils they need a god where you need a god or a way people keep coming up to me you know there's a lot of skunks out there and I'm like well did they get you know I'm like isn't that a wonderful. Yeah. OK it is a positive duty to resist melancholy. Just contented thoughts and feelings as much as it is a duty to pray. What did what did you just hear. Resisting the melancholy thoughts is just as important as it is a duty to pray. Yes things they do and not to do those professed Christians a year that that's like a latitude those professed Christians who are constantly complaining do not have genuine religion Oh it's time to close my mouth isn't it when I'm thinking bad things because we are thinking about it the devil you know you think about the Wizard of Oz member that guy behind there with all those buttons the devil is punching your buttons is a knee and God can change that but you have to ask him you might want to say God you and I are going to have a great day to day. Watch out Devil cuz here God NY come rain you know. And the devils of oh no they're awake. Have you heard that song by The Heritage singers I know I'm dating myself anybody know the heritage singers. And they saying that sign something good is about to happen you remember that one something good I just know something. Is good is on the way I'm like we need to sing that not. Good for all the lives. I mean there's a place for that but we need to make sure we sing this one after that. Clash and three two says Set your eyes on the things that are above think about the goodness of God and purpose. Perhaps the person says Oh you just don't know my situation you say no but God does I'm going to pray with you can I pray with you right now. Important. You're with that thought that your life was worse than somebody else's. My mom always told me somebody's eyes has it worse than you is that true. I don't know if you've noticed my little Carlow if you notice little one or trumpeter. That's my boy. I took him home for Thanksgiving a year and a half ago and he's my boy. I thought I didn't want that to sound bad he says it doesn't sound bad to me Mother Yes yes I said you're just my boy I just love you and he said I always wanted to be loved like. Yeah he's sweet and he has had the worst life I mean when you think about the things that have happened in his life he had an arm that had a broken wrist and they tied a string around it with leaves because the leaf doctor or the herb doctor your Haitian is a leaf doctor an herbal doctor they tied it so tight he was allowed to touch it for like fourteen days to cut all of a circulation off and all they could do was chap his arm and his father hated him and said I didn't have a handicapped child so you're not my kid. His mother was a loving mother but she didn't give many leeway he was to do everything just like other kids because in Haiti when you're hungry there's not enough opportune. He to feed your kids you feed the ones that are the strongest and you only educate the ones that are the strongest in the other kids or like beggars or whatever so he had a really hard time coming up but he's resilient because he loved God and yet his mother had a member izing scripture and he's like I can do all things a crisis strengthens me and he had it hard but he's really he loves the Lord and he's resilient and so when I think about all the things that we have in our truck life I just can't imagine and by the way his mother was out he had children little brothers and sisters there were six of them she was out one day and she never came home and they realize that she was probably murdered and just buried because that's what they do in that country they don't call you on the phone and come to your door they just buried them he never found his mother's again. And I just said somebody has always got it worse than us and we need to remember that these things are really small in our time on earth is really small and we just need to get through them because at some point we're going to have a lot better life so we need to cope better so that we can focus on what God wants us to do in our life. So here's more. James five seven Be patient than brothers and sisters until the Lord's coming see how the farmer waits for his land to yield its valuable crop he was patiently waiting for autumn and spring you to be patient and stand firm stand firm be stable focus on being stable and then verse ten nine do not grow in law against one another that's another thing verse ten talks about an example a patient in the face of suffering eleven talks about purser varing being loyal determined instead fast because the Lord is full of compassion and mercy. So I say that God wants us to stop our if only in our regrets he wants us to stop about obsessing on the past he wants us to forgive ourselves for. The mistakes that we've made my doing it too fast I'm going to get it done and I don't look backwards because you might drive into a wall or a tree right. Stop thinking your happiness is more important than other people. Stop thinking delusional A that though grass is always greener on the other side of the street. Know that the Lord's going to give you strength for everything that you go through. Stop thinking so selfishly I just can't do this I just can't is just up for Instead you go I don't know I have it but the Lord's going to help me it's going to be encouraging Lorcan get me through this I've got through times before in the past and I know the Lord was with me and he's going to be with me this time to. Know that the Lord may stretch used during your difficult times with your emotional hell right all right so now I'm going to open it up to you and ask you what part of this talk impacted you and how will you apply it in your life. Well. We could do often all things through God who strengthens us praise the Lord when we can say amen to her OK back there. If I don't recognize the mercy he has given me and the forgiveness I will not be as kind and loving to other people will I I have to recognize the great gift he gave me and then I'm not any better and my sins don't smell any better than somebody who's done some really big sins in my mind so Lauren hates Austin So yes it gives me more nurturing kindness for other people anybody. Else. Write articles. So don't don't let the things that I'm saying it again for the speaker for the microphone don't let the things around me distract me from doing what I need to do which is to stay focused stay in Scripture praying and doing what God wants me to do very good. I need to have a spirit of gratitude and praise it despite my circumstances. Because that's what God asked me to do. Your Head. Says you want to come oh OK can you like see it appear because it sounds like it's longer go ahead i just what I don't know if I can repeat it all but I will you lost your mother this year so somebody reached out with a card said they knew that you were going to be missing your mother this Mother's Day and they understood and they were praying for you and they and so that made you also recognize how you need to reach out to other people by the way there is such power and when we do things for other people is there not and that's what it should do is propel us to remember that right like. What is it acts of kindness where people are doing things for other people. OK Anything outs. To control or don't allow other people control your emotions don't hand them to them. This. Need to have an attitude to of forgiveness towards other people so that we can tolerate people and their behaviors differently OK Anything outs. Don't allow people to live rent free in your brain that are bothering you because you don't want to them to Accu pyre thoughts when you have so many great thoughts of what God has done for you yeah don't keep. Your side. Right OK. We need to quit being so focused on this world and our lives here because our eternity is going to be so great and so different so quit getting over zealous about this life which is pretty bad. OK. We need to pray for ourselves and our stability because we want to be stable so that the Lord can use us and more effectively. Anything else. All right. Been a really good class I appreciate that Rene can I am pack to ask you to come up and pray. Renee Coffey as a as a teacher who just retired as I went to her she's been she was at Goebbels junior Cademy for how many years thirty three years that's that's called stability in a school program isn't it and I knew her from before when I was a new pastor's wife and Pontiac area and so she's been in Michigan a long time and get a Michigan. All right so you can have prayer with us. We thank you so much for Lori to the Early this year for expertise with. The problems this is. It with. Students fighting. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about Mario first if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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