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Transforming Family Discipleship- Part 1

Dr. Sung Hyun Um



  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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A welcome to the family decides the program today and we would like to begin with the words the prayer. Kind of gracious Heavenly Father we thank you and praise you for allowing us to be here today thank you for the desire that I'm sure we all have to serve you better and represent you rightly in our families please bless the speaker I pray that all that is shared will be just see planet to help us to go back and implement them and help our families to grow and mature to be more like you in Jesus' name we pray amen amen. Good afternoon everyone. And it's my pleasure to be here to present this. Seminar with you. And this is actually a dream come true for me because I came all the way from California last August I've been there for more than twenty five years. And I've been a family advocates family minister for the past thirty years. My background of course is in the field to begin what caught my eye and even then I had my Ph D. and marriage and family studies for two hours because seminary. Ever since then having studied psychology for ten years. Really came to realize the value of the Bible much more than ever before and Bible does have all the answers that we need but I didn't have the foresight I didn't have the eyesight I didn't have the perspective to look for it from the Bible in a way that's relevant and meaningful for us so I appreciate psychology gave me two things it gave me the perspective that I need to have and knowing what to look for and then secondly psychology gave me the language to interpret and explain the Bible. In such a way that people can get it you know and so. Do you have your ships with you OK and I termed our seminar called Family discipleship training program one hundred one. Which means that we have much more to come later on and yes we can only do so much for the next two or five sessions together with you but knowing that all of you are extremely interested in the future the family discipleship meaning that we want our family to be a context for discipleship right and we want to make sure that we use relational arena as a place where truly experience the power of aspartame it and so I can honestly tell you that for the past twenty some years of my life I found I found people could truth and people the CO now is and together with the grace of God has been the greatest source when it comes to giving it cause for evangelism. And so then with that I've been able to go to Malaysia I'm going to Malaysia this next month to train people for family decide. Because there's a lot of Muslims out there but you know when I talk about relationship no one get offended you know and last time when I had a meeting over there they were saying that we're going to have about maybe if we have fifty people it's going to be great but guess how many people came to one hundred fifty people killed. And the more than eighty percent of them were non-Christian on church people you know anti Christianity people in those people came because while they were hurting they were broken. And they were needing hearing from some sort in their lives and then Dave can and they found you know great truths from the Word of God And so I find I find you know this family discipleship is a great way to to to really to be used as a tool for evangelism in a very powerful way so if you look at the programs that we have it together today is going to be the most important time of our you know five days together because I'm laying down the foundation foundation for what our ministry is all about you know what about family discipleship I'm going to lay down the foundation using one scripture to scripture actually Genesis Chapter one Verse twenty six and twenty seven so we need to build this foundation pretty solid right yeah and so we may we may involve more all discussed I mean the talking and sharing today and then other days and then Tuesday based on based upon Mondays discussion we're going to talk about understanding gender differences from the Word of God and then I'm going to tie that with efficient chapter verse thirty three and how we are created differently and how we're supposed to tell long and how it's supposed to understand each other not only that how it's supposed to make a teen with with each other you know I mean so making an enemy or being fallen apart from one another of becoming apathetic toward one another but how can we be passionate about not only about God but about each other my wife and I we've been married for the past thirty two years and I can honestly tell you that we are much more in love now than ever before and because ever getting better principle that you find in Jesus Christ that. Something I'm going to share tomorrow from my own personal experience and Wednesday is going to be very fascinating we're going to do a color code personality test it's going to own it take to fifteen minutes for you to take that test and it's not going to be complicated OK you just take that as if it takes more than fifteen minutes I already know your personality. And so we're going to take dad and that that personality test is something that you can use with your children you with your husband with other people you work with your coworkers I mean it gives you a great tool for understanding people understand yourself to begin with I mean particularly Murtala faceted personality that we have personality is not simple I mean there's a more divisional level there's strength in the mare and there's also. Communications style is different by different personalities that interesting yeah and no wonder you know communication gets real to people because you have like gender difference and then quarter of the friends are right for some couple and then plus you have what you have personality difference that gets added into the complexity personally the communication and Thursday we're going to talk about the process of healthy marriage the reason why I talk about it is that and I'm sure you figure that out by now but ninety and ninety more than ninety five percent of marriage problems stemming from where. You see this is when I first got married when I first got married I thought you know what before I got married I had no problem right. You know right right right so the night after I got married you know I began to all kinds of problems so that the problem must have come from what my spouse. That's when you argue with each other. Who is right who's wrong and all that but you I came to realize there more than ninety percent of Mary's problems stemming from your own unresolved issues of the past. That's mind boggling to me. That's why there is a need for all we're in this so much need for awareness and that's why we're going to go back and talk about childhood patterns that that may still linger in our. But but don't worry about it because Jesus knows it so so that he says well we are His We are His children. And so we're going to talk about that and then if we have more time I have boners classes to. You just so excited it's like hey Dr I'm Can we spend more time studying together than I have like one more class that I set aside if there is any core for the class so that so much for that and there's just so much we can cover and if I get a chance to spend more time with you hopefully next time my goal is to go to Genesis I mean John chapter one verse fourteen so this time our scripture is going to be Genesis Chapter one Verse twenty six and twenty seven so by the end of our five sessions you're going to walk away my goal is for you to walk away appreciating that passes so much and actually that passes understanding and interpreting and dissecting that particular two passes gave me doctorate. So I spent my entire life on those passages and I'm writing a book about those two passages Piven is so powerful so powerful and then and then if I get a chance to talk about John chapter one verse fourteen and that there are just so much in there OK So with that introduction. Let's go to our study together. And before we go on I'm like to give you maybe couple of minutes maybe two three minutes together to three minutes together two by two if you're able and just take a moment to kind of get acquainted. You already know each other so so that this is what we would do let's just get up a little bit and switch partners if it's possible OK. And then maybe three people maybe you can have three people to me if you want to OK. And three and three three and three OK. Three and three. Yeah. OK so it's just sit around there don't go don't go too far right there. And then take a moment visited and acquainted with each other with this question How do you resemble your parents the mother or the father or both in what ways in were the outwardly OK how they resemble your pants OK. OK Let's let's get together now to continue with our discussion. There one way or the other. There is a resemblance that we find in our relationship with our parents and you know even for me like I look like my mom my voice sounds like my dad and my father was a pastor is a more I do things in my wife tells me you look like your dad. And so the reason why we did the exercise to just gives us of how all of us as humanity we resembles our Lord our God you know because the scripture that we. Discussed today says Let us make man in our image in our likeness he created man according to His image and created a man and a woman I'm going to just quote through it briefly something that you might know already about the image of God. It tells us that all of us as humanity whether we believe in God or not OK whether a Christian or not we all shares these common things for things that I can point out number one all of us are created by the what same image of. Actually that's what makes us to be human you know I mean we resemble God And so I want to tell you today is that there's a difference between being religious and being spiritual you know and sometimes religion has a way of dividing people right but the spirituality has everything to do with being in touch with the the humanity humanness the way the car is designed me to be you know I mean I can I can talk with Monk I can talk when I grew up talking to Monk a lot in Korea because those monks were very handsome people there I mean tall and handsome those moments and then our talk to them and then I would get in touch with his humanness and then when he is in touch with my own human this when our humanness come together going beyond any religious differences and so forth there is something that pull us together as humanity why all of us are made by the word image of same image of God It has to do with restoring what humanity OK Christianity has everything to do with restoring what humanity. Don't more we become like God don't more we become what someone can finish the sentence The more we become. Like God told moral we will deal like what. We are and more we become like God told more we become the kind of human being the way the car is designed us to be. If our religion if our religion makes us to be inhumane. In an apparatus to be divine there's something wrong along the way. Right we cannot lose what he means to be human because what it means to be human is all about pursuing after God is the more we become like car the more we become the kind of people their car has designed us to be as well as human beings see when we truly vision that's what's going to attract people to us. Even in our religion relations with our children in there got to be a point where like we're more than religious we're more than anything else but we're meeting them on a human level human to human that's so powerful and to me that's what he means when we truly be human that's what he means to the spirit. He meant and we're going to continue to talk about that Secondly created to share the world same spiritual position in Christ and in heritage and the inheritance of God I didn't say rolls rolls may be different as men and women will talk about that tomorrow but created to share the same spirit a portion as as heirs of God as children of God and so forth and thirdly created this is important that's why we do family ministry here because we all of us are created to be what fulfilled by God as what spirit of all of us are made to be fulfilled by God So the more we pursue after here and don't more we know what kind of human being we need to be. In him we find who we are as humanity and the more we discover who I need to be why I am called to be then we have been touch with world means to be spiritual and that's what's going to fulfill us. We need to be fulfilled as of being not by doing to see the difference we need to be just happy with what being who we are made to be ridden try to do something try to perform try to you know in a new little expectations and one there's just so profound understanding there each has cash a vacuum in our hearts image Pascoe said and approach we all know this create we all of us are created to grow toward each other as each grow toward. And this therefore of God is the beginning of our relationship and God is the pointer in our lives and we need to begin with him we need to end with him and he needs to be the earth to be persued our lives which will allow us to be drawn to each other in a way that's going to be life changing one more thing I want to share before I go on is the fact that we all know that our Seventh Day Adventists we believe that God is in Trinity right got the father and just the son and then we're Holy Spirit and it's call it's call triangle in relationship triangle in relationship three in one car has caught the father and son. And Jesus Christ and then the Holy Spirit but isn't it interesting that on a human level on a human level triangle in relationship represents what. The conflicts are relationship the kind of relationship you don't want to be part of so I got I would give like I would give lie. And you know three examples here on the top mother right and then on the left hand side you see what you see the sun and I'm sure it exist in any kerchief as well so mother and son and then son got married and has a wife. OK Do you see that it is called what it's called what. It's called In Love problem. OK so in law E.'s use is the subject and flame for korean drama you know that Right right OK And then why do we create Why do we end up having in no problem why because what's interesting is that this mother even though him you know he may have a husband one he's not she's not emotionally connected to harassment and therefore she is emotionally well emotionally married to her son emotionally emotionally and there is no room there is no emotional room for anybody else to work well in. And there is a bloody fight going on. OK Until someone's death bloody fight going on between mother and. The wife OK daughter in law in order to the mother would not give up her space in his life while she's trying to do everything she can she will utilize manipulations you know how many manipulation tactics that Eva has handed down to all the women in the word. OK let's not get into that. So she would do everything she could right you know mustering her courage and wisdom and all that to. Try to enter into the you know enter into the relationship and to find Spain for her marriage while her mother is not willing to give up in any of this space to share that any of that with her. And that's called triangular relationship OK that's something that that isn't doing that's really really hard to deal with. And then secondly between husband and wife fighting over the alignment with the with the child in they what they want to they want their child to be sided with. With one over the other and that gets pretty pretty you know messy and then thirdly you know when three people get together to be friends get together it's usually the case where. The two of is one right and that's what three children are not good. So usually with two two against one you know you hardly see three of them gay along and that's going to be heaven right and so there is a triangle in relationship. And then and this is one of most heart wrenching and heartbreaking experience between husband and wife there is what someone else however the way you want to call it an extramarital relationship one and other person in that relationship so on a human level on a human level what's interesting is that triangle in relationship represents conflict represent dysfunction represent chaos and very destructive relationship however when it comes to Caught this is this fascinates me when it comes to God triangle in relationship that they have a moment scar had represents what represents what her relationship Amen and so I was going to get in Curie. Yes as they How in the word three God come together and then make it fill for the past how many years who knows how many years six thousand years. You know until hundred six thousand years of marriage and then they made it turn and then then then they provide I want to tell you they provide a model for what it means to be healthy. And that's one reason why we need to know God we need to know God to know and understand as it is modeled by three person in a head as to what he means to relate what he means to connect what it means to separate what he means to be together and in that sense the image of God that we're going to study today is going to provide a divine model for healthy relationship for all mankind Amen how many of you are interested in learning that. The cost of the Hard for me to learn it. And we're pretty blessed to be able to study this together so there is a chart here this is all you need to know and then you find that in this passes. Verse twenty six and twenty seven you find two sides of the image of God OK What's interesting of our Hebrew thought in Hebrew thought is that what what is seemingly please understand very carefully what is seemingly opposing find its perfect match and harmony and. You know commonality in cart and so there's two ideas about the two images of God and when it comes to humanity it becomes those two ideas can be opposing But in Godhead it becomes a source for. You know allowing them to come together in a way that is that it so really fulfilling in their relationship with one another so let's go to the first one that says let us make men according to our our likeness in our what image so what is that one word that that captures your mind what is there one word about the image of God that captures your mind on that on this passage verse twenty six JA right let us make man according to what our likeness in our image right and so let's just spend some time just talking about the world and on this passes as this as to what he means. For the image of God to be given in this sort of our nervous to gather ness in our images what does that tell us about the image of God according to this left hand side I gave you a hint see. It is number one I call it it is number one commune or or collective or if I use a little bit difficult work collectivistic which means that just more than one person and therefore he makes it to be plural right so more than one person is composed of the image of God because it consist of more than one person but more than two people but three people in one god has right and so it is collective is communal commune or wow that's that's fascinating to me about god. God is in community. Do you realize how God created the first community are monks themselves villages of God. No wonder people like the world. Live together create community create village right. You know and then you know what they did was the one time the psychologist put all the children in the big ground and allowed them to play on their own because what they did. It was a huge. Playground. And then and yet all the children started to what Concours are to them and the mingle together. Why because we are made by the image of God to be come in are community people community people then then a ride out of the onset of our communication do you can tell. That what what would be what would be to be inhuman then. To be human is to be communal to be human is part of the community what would be inhumane then. You see you see. I. Met a lady who has been isolated from the community for the past six months. Will she looks different. You know me and so we are called to be part of the community and part of being collected and part of being part of the people that are more than one person considers that it's Plurk because love necessitates the existence of the other person right and you know already card is telling us that you know what the reason why exists more than one person two and three the US because we're we become an object I will love for one another right and that tells us that OK let's just go on and then it creates the we ideally we identity and then when you lose. Gary from a quarter perspective this collective this this very identity oriented discipline or you know direction or aspects of God. There it's Koch so called our image is very much we're very much like what is culture. In Asian cultures really into what coming together becoming one and I love street that with the with with rice. You know the innocent people particularly Korean people are the Asian people kind arise that they like is what it's call sticky rice. We like to stick together we like to stick together You know and then that that idea of stickiness the idea of coming together idea of creating the village and all that and being you know collectivistic instead idea to came from the image of God. Is that interesting. Per one thing I want to tell you though. If Asian God I have this question. If Asian God with the Word to create a human being to defer to a human being right in an effort to reflect their wonderous OK what kind of human being. Would they have created. God to come together and to create this collectivistic reoriented. You know. God trying to reflect that we identity in our ness and all that by creating two human being what kind of human being would they have created. Yeah something that you never thought about right you see they might have created it and I created because because wonderous is important but then in Asian Kircher in Asian culture oneness is encouraged to be established by. Being similar to one another. And other words nail that sticks sticks out hammer being. You don't want to stick out you want to be like everybody else you know them saying you're insane. And so so good theories stay here is that desire to be like everybody else in an effort to be one. And so if we're to create one this being reflected by creating two human being he would have created this in my opinion he would have created Adam. And the world. And them and. Or to be more precise to be more precise he would have created Adam there terror got to be a hierarchy OK courage of there are barracks of Adam and Adam. Journey. That were made it perfectly or evil or evil Jr. But instead OK this is where while we identity. Is similar to engine curch or. This is where the image of God give it from Asian culture to be more than Asian culture. Instead of creating Adam and Adam. Where Adam and Adam Jr and he created Adam and Eve. Ah so you're you're starting to get that right you started so dispassionately as an ancient person so when I was studying that this fascinates me about God because I was I was fascinated to realize that wow Asian collective is a Karcher came from the Bible that's great but it is beyond that. That's where it did me the challenge where you know I'm not here to promote my own quarter I'm here to promote the work value of that is beyond Amen Amen you see that you see where I'm going OK so let's do this year. What's fascinating to me. Is the fact that while in Asian culture ancient culture with them is important being together is important being under the banner of being in a own family or kin spammy or lose family is important even coming from the same school is important. Isn't it crazy crazy enough to know that when you're walking on the street you find some by the sea another Korean person and I talk to him or her and this is the you know one who we came from the same period we came from the same school who you know our parents are related and guess what they do they then all of them over to your house. Even though you may never know this person might be a criminal or one. Talking about oneness. But in Asian culture there is a there is a generic There is a weakness I want to play now in that oneness this is important point one as is wrote Rod by. Being calm form to the rest oneness is created in in the name of what. In view of conformity you kome form with the rest. You know. Almost like was almost like communism you come form with a rash so when I was growing up and nothing against Korean culture nothing against Asian Carter but each Carter is unlimited and no Carter is Perth back in every culture where there is American culture Asian culture Western culture whatever the way you want to call it Tuman card church is not perfect is unlimited as much as we are limited. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W. Dot org.


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