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Transforming Family Discipleship- Part 3

Dr. Sung Hyun Um



  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this opportunity again today to be able to meet and. We just pray for your spirit to be here we know that. You have things that you want to share with us through Dr Um and I just pray that you will speak to him give him your words and help us to have ears to listen we can just be drawn closer to you through this we love you we thank you in Jesus name Amen. Amen. Before I go let me just provide people with a perspective on personality that would help you as we. Explore in this fascinating reality of personality. What we have in front of us is something called personality. People because speaking personality is something that is carte given. And something that you were born with one of the way we can prove that that even though ten children came from the mother same mothers warm they all have a different personality right you know so you can say they're all It all depends on education and so for something that was given to the child the way that the person child is wired is different by different kids right it goes beyond gender and so so that's why we believe that it's given by God. So so I want to start with that if it is given by God if it is given by God You know it's a good thing right right God is all good isn't it yeah and even though we can make it all go in one there is something within you in the early that are woven by God and I want us to really. Get in touch with that and then it is our job not to create a personality we're not here to create something right we're here to what we're here to discover it we're here to discover it and then we're here to cherish it and we're here to nurture it we're here to allow your personality to shine and bloom and blossom Amen and that's our goal and so personality that is a given I call it nature. And then there is a nurture. It's definitely a nurture can be the Word of God Holy Spirit the way we've brought education environment friendship and all that that stimulates us in such a way that it nurtures us it nurtures us and then you end OK nature plus nurture it cause with what. Anybody can answer start with C. character OK So character is something that you develop of on your personality OK personality is a soil in which you know through fertilizing to research showing all of that and then we end. Developing and creating and maturing something called Character OK So that's sort of like the way we need to look at it as we look at personality today that's what I'm telling you to go back to your childhood as much as you can OK And so today's goal is for us discover our personality and for us to really cherish it and nurture it and allow it to have to be a point of celebration in our lives because some of your personality as you leave on. Fortunately sadly enough some of our. Personality may have been by suppressed or been hidden. Or. Maybe there's a shame attached to it you know when there's when there's no need to and so our like us to really go back and get into the rule of the and the way the car is designed to be a man and it's going to be a very exciting exciting journey together and yes there are. Some very very perceived is. No no this for personality types are the ones that that can be actually it's a good question I was going to deal with later on but since the question has given as a reason alone media were there in this way you maybe blew. It depends on what kind of blue you are. So we can be healthy people we can be unhealthy below or we can be sickly below your I'm saying or you can be very destructive people but but it has nothing to do with your blindness you know the way the car has made you to be has potential to be healthy and to be blossoming but then the way we utilize it and use it the way we've been conditioned by it or way we choose our lives to be we we can and downgrading to a point that we can make it unhealthy sickly and destructive and so for OK and the hearing comes in an area where we made it unhealthy we were we made a sickly Christ come it's grace comes word that comes the Holy Spirit comes in such a way that God can transform it but car is not going to change your personality. But car is going to car is going to use it in such a way that it becomes a point of just really flourishing progress. For me yes. Exactly regenerated or activated if I were to saw it activated You see I want you to know today I'm very excited about what I'm about to share today because it can be a point of life right transplant for you because all of us have potential to be soulmates not that you are not we have a potential to be so powerful in our lives you know and saying God has made us to be that way but in the way we brought we've been conditioned in such a way one way or the other you're not a man you're not good enough and you you know all that stuff going on today I want to set all the aside I meant all of that aside and then just get in touch with the way the car is designed to be OK this is created by talk to Taylor and I like this personality test particularly because let's let's look at the second page if you look at the second I really love this personality number one because it's simple some other bricks Meyer all the other personality tests you have to take all day a couple of hours to take it it's complicating and you know I've been through all of that but I found this one about ten some years ago and I found this to be very easy to take and it is not simplistic it is complicated enough to deal with the murder type faceted Nature of Personal Let's take a look at it here I want you to look at the left column where this personality test will help you to understand your motivational level in that different personality gets more. Our shortcomings to be overcome. By not only overcome by your work by you working on it on the you overcome by bringing teamwork with others who have the strength. When you don't have that in your life and so forth so let's do that OK people we go on how many of you are predominantly read. OK How many of you are predominately great read read only one person. OK OK that's fine that's a bit the way you see it but you will see that there is a correlation there is a connection so OK how many of you are predominantly read one person or two people or three people or three people yeah read I need we need some red in our group otherwise this roof will come down OK and then and then how many of your blue predominantly blue eyes I seen so many blue Michigan has a lot of blues OK. OK we have enough blues how many white we have OK white and a lot of men are why some ladies are white predominately white OK great how many yellow Do we have OK three OK three can handle about three hundred people so that fine OK OK So our like to inconvenience a little bit and if you're settled in your sit I'm sorry but you need to gather and then pull together according to your color codes that way it's going to work so all the red come out in the front and all the blues come to the first and second row and the white side and then yellow would be on that side can you you can you guys come closer here thank you over here. Over here so that I can see you guys better. OK we have how many rats we have three rat OK And then we have how many clues do we have up to here. OK you're part of the OK you're part of the low here OK all this below all this OK and then. All the white here OK and then all the yellow there. Three yellows OK OK Yeah those are excited yeah I was very excited to talk to each other. OK. OK I'm going to I want you to I want you to take a moment to look around OK so I'm going to introduce I'm going to introduce all the red would you please stand in everybody everybody welcome them all the rest stand and welcome them. You need to get to know these people it's going to benefit you get to know these people visited OK And then all the blues would you please stand all the blows OK you know you must get to know these people otherwise you'll be in trouble or get to know these people who people give them the canned OK thank you thank you and all the white people where so many white people OK. It's not. I'm not talking at the nickel you white OK OK all the white lady people OK give them. A. Look while yellow people Usually I bring them up here but since we don't have time. To give them Hari you know really like. OK OK. I'm going to introduce the different personality in ways that that I will let them bring them down a little bit to be Browns So I hope you won't get kind of you know buy that OK and I'll make some comments and I hope. You will not be traumatized OK. And you to have OK let's start with fluid and we're going to talk about the strength that each of the collar has OK what more debate what motivates different college to begin with as you as you can see on the chart read people. Are motivated by was motivated by power the piece stands for power. They are powerful people and they want to be powerful OK they are the C.E.O. or C.F.O. OK and they are the boss in the family and they are the shaker OK they are the mover of the society OK and they like being in charge and they have a tendency to pass people around. And they tear tendency to pass people around because. They think they are what. Our always right. But then the study shows that they are only forty nine percent right. But then but then. Putting their argument to that is like you know you know forty nine percent you know other other fifty one percent and it didn't work out right because they didn't listen to us OK and that made them to be well always of is right always right you know. And and read people are very goal oriented. If they focus on something you know they're they're not they're not going to deviate until the day accomplish their set out to accomplish OK. Yeah even if it takes a little while they're going to do it they're going to even if it means for them to kind. No make their relationship Rocky or something they're there for because they get it going and they're in charge and so this roof this building would not be here if it were not for a while some people. So for which we appreciate that OK yeah yeah and so let's give them what they really love to hear because their version of have been is a place where everybody listen to what they have to say. And they want to bring that heaven on this earth every day and they're working really hard and so let's give them what they want to hear OK by saying that you are oh is right everybody OK. OK let's. See you oh is right and guess what they say I told you so. OK And that's rad people they are charged power OK. If. If you were me. Well let me ask you yeah I'm glad you asked that question because there is a difference there's a bitter difference between man and woman in that if you're a man you're born with certain color if you're a woman you're born with certain colors in it to begin with if you're a woman you have. Your woman you have your woman and your blue you are. Really Bill really will. Your men and your red and your what really really read OK and that poses some challenges so even if you think you know you don't have blue collar it's in you as well. Yeah exactly I want you to know that so let's go on let's go on. And then let's talk about blue people we have so many blue here OK and this blue people are on like red people while Red People are motivated by power and accomplishing things for them you know. It was for them to be productive it's very important for red people to things have to be productive OK while while read people focusing on the product and efficiency and productivity. To look people focuses on the process they are more interested in not only how to get stand but they are more interested in how they are related to people. They are there more because they are motivated by was motivated by meaning and the desire for intimacy then Annie other groups in this room. Relationship so to speak OK And so. Even if read person think that everything's going well house being built and you have great cars a nice house and everything OK. And then poor person come around and says you know what. You know we cannot leave us. You know it is this kind of way of life it's very meaning less. And then their personal after meaning drugs everyone loves and then everybody else don't understand what this proves people are pursuing after a. Lot because they're crazy. But because they're there their desire for meaning is beyond everybody else. They have a sense of crisis that no one else when it comes to what relationship for then being related is most important thing and that's what more people them when you. The that you are relating you're close and intimate with somebody else this group of people can do anything for it they can even go to the moon and bring down the moon. If you know what I'm told. So these people are motivated by a desire for closeness and intimacy and they're living seeking out for meaning in their lives and therefore we need to listen to pollute people. If you don't listen to blue people what's going to happen. It's a signs of end time OK. You've got to listen to blue people OK And then you've got to listen to them when it comes to being productive and powerful and all that but I appreciate blue people because they are desire for meaning is something that is very spiritual very holistic very holistic OK And I want you to know that Jesus understand us. When there's nobody may not be able to understand you appreciate you. Yeah. That. Intimacy Yeah intimacy OK So let's let's continue I'm going to have so much talk about let's continue about you know pollute people in that you see day. They can. While pollute read people can pretend. While other group can pretend this blue people they cannot pretend. If they have issues with somebody else is shows up on their face. And then to lose their appetite for right and to lose their sleep for it right and it powers them so much and it just sucks the energy out of them so much no it's not because they're too sensitive. They're wild in that way yeah and so but but if they feel intimate that's what's going to work energize. So you've got to find ways to be supported in that way that may be intimidating because you know all the stuff that you need so what they want from other people. If you can kind of hold of your questions later on so that we can deal with it better so if these people or if they are on the show. And they are. And that's all of they need in terms of reward you know in saying so if you have a wife or if you have a husband who's below you know how to talk to them now right yeah you know how to darken OK So so let's give them what they need to hear OK we will say we of pre-shared you but when you're saying that you really need to mean it because they can catch you. OK we can say it in a casual manner and they're going to find out they're you don't mean it. So let's say it with our hearts really meaning it and let's also say I really really appreciate use a really is an important part OK. OK everybody ready we bring you what is and make your sale. Then now they're going to cook for us for the rest of our law you know. Everything for us OK. OK that's fine understanding in appreciation OK you can write it there OK let's move on so I love blue people because my wife is full of so I'm an expert on blue people and so we'll talk about that OK as you move on why people. Theory in. Trysting people white people white people may. You know white people or I have white people in our eyes in my life because they are peace making people. They are from you and. United Nation. And they don't get paid by us but they volunteers. And they are peacemaker they hate conflict OK they are the go between people and they are the reconciler and they take the burden of all kinds of you know stressful situation in life and without them this word will power part you know. You can tell right you can look at them they're very peace loving people OK. Last thing they want to do is to have a conflict somebody just takes too much away from them while red people they're going to fight their way and so for and then blow people all you know they fight in their own way and they don't give up easily but but don't get me wrong. If white people and blue people I'm a Red person and I'm living together. Then. Who's with her to merely get Stan. Red or white. This white people are so smart. That they make you think they made you think there you are getting your way all the time. In the air and they're getting what they want to do and so in the end. They're the one who's winning. Yeah they are winning without fighting OK And so they are really white not just. And I love white people because one of the number one strength I'm getting into strength on them one of the number one strength that white people have I mean when it comes to red people they're focused their they are determined they are directed to know how to lead and you know they're confident and pollute people are into meaning and you know being intimate and they know how to connect and they see things I heard of their like very prophetic You know so we got to listen to them but why people one of the number one characteristics that we are the manner of about them which actually makes their life very cost sometimes even for that she just needs to come right away. And they have tremendous ability to be patients. Tremendous ability to be patient and if they end up coming to me and said you know what I can no longer. I can no longer be patient anymore and so what does that what would that tell me. Oh then it's really really really a point of crisis right if Brad people come out to me and I can't I can't be page and then you know. They always like this or I'm fine with it. And then if people come up to me and say you know our life is so meaningless then how do I take it. You can see how life is really you said he read this book you know. Real proverbs you know they say life is meaningless that almost means that they have portable. Reason to go on almost. Right you know to me. But if white people comes up to say that you know I'm losing. I can't I can't take any longer it while Lady comes to me and say you know I've been married for thirty years and you know what I'm going on. If they say that then it's not the time for me to open book of revelation here of the patients of St. And there are you're talking to me about patients. Here are your mind. We take it serious and what do you say what do you talk to them how do you talk to them or wow it must be well. You must be extremely extremely. Difficult for you to say. That you have put guys with. You know. One thing they had more than anybody else a sense a patient and there you are. But if you ask them how is it are is it their Brokaw they never see their this arrogance far. That's wrong. But even so what didn't sider like running needed inside their lives really really suffering because they are there they have a tendency is suppressed things in order to make it easier for other people. We're going to get to that OK. And so and so. But why people one thing that you don't want to do to them since they're already enduring so much. What is one thing that you don't want to do to them. Over the more you push them forward or you don't want to push them forward. Because they're already pushing them so. You know. And so it is very important for us to listen leave them alone. However however I'm not done yet however it is important not to leave them alone too long because if you leave them alone they're going to be left alone for a law. And which is which may not be good for that because we're going to talk about that OK So so how do we what do we say to them Well can you say to them to make them feel really. Wonderful. Hang in. There hang in there right is. Know. We accept you the way you are that's very important if you try to change them. They're not going to change. They're not going to change because then you tell you something about like people. He can be done. He can be high at least stuff which is great for then it's not bad for us OK so I'm going to talk about I care for people you know so let's say we are set you the way you are yeah they're doing tremendous things for us so much for us you know to me. So let's all say that we are set you the way you are everybody we say you way you are is a danger of finally I think you. Who who I don't have to find you know OK yeah old people or you know people how many of you are yellow all of you OK you're taking care or you read here OK Sarette OK how many of your you love you have three of you right. Three of you and yellows are amazing people well I want to tell you if you are a man you're blue how many blue we have man you're if you're a man you're blue right you're the one you're the most romantic guy. OK. And and I'm glad that you're in crisis because you could be dangerous just kidding OK. I'm going to joke around to make it make it interesting OK and then yellow people are they live their life for fun. And you ask them why why why why aren't you making payment this is fun. OK And so they're really into Fon and they are charismatic they're very charismatic twelve point where if you're just even if you're enemies to them or you know you consider them as enemies if you have lunch with them you and a liking them. You know they're very charismatic and they have dying energy about. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you first or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W. Dot org.


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