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Transforming Family Discipleship- Part 5

Dr. Sung Hyun Um



  • June 13, 2016
    2:00 PM
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I'm fine thank you so much for this opportunity to be a camp meeting Thank you for Dr and I just pray that we will get out of what you would like us to help us to carry forward in life to better serve you and Jesus in how many of these feel that that you may have a breakdown in your life right now still have to raise your hand and how do we bring about great through in the place a breakdown that's been on my mind and I thought there is some of course Jesus is the one I thought there is some you know tremendous insight that we have gained in that area bring break through in the place a breakdown but I came to realize that to be able to experience breakthrough in the place of breakdown what is most needed in our lives is to take actions and other words we got to do things differently you know to me and then doing things did is something that we need to start from today right now we can make that choice right now OK And so some of the stuff that we are learning the disciples can have been really powerful way when we start incorporating into our lives and the start what star allowing that to be a you know just norm for new practice in new principle is our lives and we start practicing it and that's the way you know God wants us to you know experience change because it's going to take your choice and my choice to do things differently to someone who was who had been paralytic for the past thirty eight years what did what did Jesus say you know he's a couple of things first of all do you want to get well because it is really calling for a while or a choice do you want to make that choice to do things differently and to be better and to be transformed because someone can someone can define insanity. You know you're expecting this you know a different result right Jesus call. On them to make a choice and so how many of you today want to make a choice not just to get better but to be transformed every day every moment of our lives instead of expecting someone else to be transformed we want our lives to be transformed every day is every moment of our lives and men and if you read the Bible with that attitude it's going to it's going to change our lives in a tree tremendous way and then Jesus says once Jesus found out that he wants to get better and then just says well take up your mat and what. If you look at unwise writing and I sat that at one point of his life this parallel tick made a choice to meet Jesus no matter what and choice to be healed by Jesus no matter what and by the time and he was Charolais he was unable to move himself and so he could have made he could have made excuses and you could have justified in oh I can't walk so I can't go to Jesus but when he made a choice to go to Jesus Lord provide him with four friends who could work a little bad up and bring it to Jesus and by the time he came close to the house the house was full it over crowding the whole place and there is no way they could approach Jesus so right on that point he could I'm in an excuse right there is no way to go to Jesus let's give up this too much I'm being too selfish but I don't why says right on that point it was he it was him who made that suggestion to his friends that let's go up to the root. And then Car of the roof and come down and meet Jesus he made that choice and nor supported that choice allow that to happen and gave him the resources that he needed and his friends were willing to do anything for him the point that I want to make is that when we want to be healed when we choose to be here when we choose is to bring you know a transformation. Now lives than heavenly age in God's resource resources are there to make things happen but it's Until but it is until we make that one choice Amen and then when he came down from the roof when he saw Jesus and when he can Jesus said Your sins are what very different and I was says that when he heard. That comforting words from Jesus he was longing to hear because he was really pounded in and killed and all that and then finally he said to. Himself then you know what. Now I can die. In peace he was ready to die is more than ready to die it's a drive was too much for a game. And then Jesus said. Go your life is not over your life is about the world this is a man. When you turn to your life is over when you think you're at the bottom of your life when you think that there is no way we can get better my life is already gone out the window I live my life all your whatever i'm exhausted all my resources and so on I'm hopeless and so on and now only he forgave R C But he tells us. Get out and what walk. And walk. So it is my prayer that as we open up and share our session today that I want this moment I pray that this moment to be a moment that you hear from the war that it's time for us to what. Get up when what was up and then you find yourself what. WAL KING. Amen amen you know I always tell my vices that maybe because I'm blue hours tell my wife honey you better stay with me. You better stay with me because life is all about to get better. I'm. A live virus and you're saying that every day and I'll tell you you know you got a good livin because you know tomorrow did better than today. And we have not no time to talk about divine perspective it's perspective on us in our Ask Khattala G R A V U out and. Has everything to do with not only knowing what's going to happen in the end. But in class it already happens. You know in that we live today not only looking toward tomorrow we live today from the and perspective in that we bring in the shore and earth to meet victory or timid fulfillment or to meet restoration replaying that joy of earth to me restoration to the day. And star experience seeing the joy of heaven for tasting the joy of heaven when today why not. I have something to share. There is one guy who was dying he was dying. Or he was dying in Africa somewhere he was he was serving he serve the Lord forever and he was dying of malaria was on the back then way back then and his family members came. Friends came and they were trying to console him they were trying to really comprehend but he was just too full of joy so they got battered by this. Are you so happy to leave us. And he said when I get to heaven. I will be joyous without. Any sorrow. And only time and only place where I can experience joy in the midst of suffering is undisturbed. I don't want to lose that chance I don't want to lose that possibility. Romans Chapter five years far in three to five tells us that you know you know we Joyce in the midst of suffering and hardship and all that it's not because of suffering because what we see not only was it we shall become but because what we shall become is something that we bring into our days today and we are our selves to express our experiencing it today so power of resurrection is readily available today in men and therefore transformation is possible in Christ. Our tell you something today as we talk about our growing up you should. How many of you. How many of you experience growing up is one of the most challenging thing ever. Really all of you grew up right now. Am I Am i am i now seeing right all of you seem to be grown up. OK so if you you had a very small sailing story. Yeah OK and that's a blessing to. That's a blessing you know so let's talk about it whether it will be true or there's a blind spot in your life that maybe you don't see what you need to see you know so we'll find out thank you for being attentive with me OK Let's talk about growing up OK because this is a very important class because one of the first step that we all need to take when it comes to you know getting married in the process of marriage is one of the first step is to is to leave our parents and leave our parents it's important to know that not only late is a lot on the whiteness to leave her house her parents but it tells us that the man needs to work live his parents whoa which is totally unlike Asian culture especially you know in any car knew that woman is going to live but then he's making a very sure the man is the little man is taking ownership. About intentionally are sharing a place for marriage to take place in order for a marriage to take place to be rid of those in law is shown although it doesn't mean that we should cut out our parents but it tells us to live and then I'm telling you that living is necessary in a sense where we are called to leave the unhealthy patterns of the past on healthy patterns of the childhood right because it is very passive or the one had unhealthy patterns of relating might be still what with us with. Us realizing and other crazy thing about growing up is that. It might be shock for you to realize that. When you date somebody as you as you marry somebody is called Miss L. action you end up finding someone. Who might be equally stuck. In the developmental process Well it. And others if I'm stuck in the middle of childhood that I may find somebody who is nice. Because similar similar similarity attracts. You know it's something that you're familiar with so you're being attracted to it. So as much as I need somebody who is healthier than me it is very possible that if I am stuck in my own years and I may very well find somebody who is. Around there in that place together so if. If my wife's sister then was going to happen to their marriage. You get really stuck then what's going to happen to your children they get really stuff was going to happen to the society. What's going to happen to the church. You see I know this is a very this is a very negative in a view of everything and knowing that none of us are perfect right none of us are permit none of us are OK in that sense not all of us have our all broken as to deal with right you know in me and I came to realize it but we don't realize our brokenness until we get worse and until we get. MARY. Is it true how many of you realized before you get married that man am a broken person hummin you realize that people get married. It was you. See that's that's a News of very mature for you to experience that for me I didn't know that I got married when I was twenty five and I thought I was old enough you know not to worry not Little did I know my father presided a wedding and when he said when you marry this woman go of love and I said yes not knowing what I was getting into. And then I came to realize that you know no wonder why men wears tuxedoes Plec tuxedo when they get married why because for a man it's a funeral. And then for a woman they were while dressed because they're being literate in the skating. And so you know I didn't know I had no idea and then after five ten years into marriage and I came to realize there why. I thought I was perfect kids because I grew up as passes kid piqué. And then I came to realize that. Only thing as a human being only thing that I can bring to God is my Perkins and my weakness. And get this Jim symbolic said this New York Tabernacle Church pastor he himself once experience real brokenness in his life and he said God is attracted to our brokenness. God is tracked on the disavowed he said I repress it card is attractive. To our of witnesses. Jim symbolic Jim symbolic is attractive to our witnesses why. Why. Why why why. Because because of that the only need in we can bring our. That's the only thing. In its raw form our incompleteness. We need to bring We need to be authentic about our inner tensity. That's how we come to God. You know. And Steve orrible is the guy who started the new life clinic in California. And he himself gone through. Tremendous ordeal in his life his wife let him in all that and then he came he came to Lor being broken. And he came to realize that you know what I'm not OK. And then came to realize not only are not OK you're not OK. But but it's OK. Because it's fixable in Christ. You know. We are. And so we can only in that place of brokenness and there it is no wonder if you look at let's take a look at if you have your Bible with you are let's take a look at Book of. Its look Chapter four verse eighteen. I. Think it's. This is a proclamation of. The mission of the Messiah right when Jesus came in she just was. You know taking the quotation from. And then verse eighteen this is what she just says the spirit of lore is on me because he has no knowing it me to preach the word good news to the whore he has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and then recovery of sight for the what line to release the oppress to proclaim the ear of the Lord's favor. And then to just make it very clear about this passes is that Jesus said When Jesus came to new industry to his people I came out went this three human condition that all humanity were in it's call three D.. I'm going to do this and I'm going to come back to our syllabus today I'm going to go through it very quickly because I need to contextualize it three B. has to do with three broken S's. All humanity if it's in first broken as is is. Bankruptcy. Is it right I don't know the bankruptcy OK And then second brokenness is bondage. And then third brokenness is blinded ness. To sum it all of I kind of sum it all up this way the pack ropes it has to do with poverty. And other words we're not able to. Help ourselves and we are unable to do you know. The stuff that we need to overcome power of addiction or that we are unable to do it so poverty has to do with our inability. Our we are powerless. Over the power that overcome us and bond this has to do. With the stuff in our lives that takes away the sense of freedom in our lives such as what guilt and shame and all those things even though there's a garnishing hardly you know guilt but bondage has to do with what you thing is the extreme version of bondage. What you think is Earth image full of bandits in our lives. Sin what what what the sin results in Earth image form of. This so this one has to do a sickness an illness not only physical spiritual all kinds of sickness and in this that we are not whole in great a stenosis I mean don't have time to go through it and we are we are like you know in in pro can this in the sort of speak this talks about real brokenness in the wee hours we are we are you know if we are ill and we are not well and the second thing greatest followed by this is what is I call it death. Death is the earthly palm of bondage but then what brings real of bondage in terms of physical that is a spirit of that in the inner sense of being what separated alienated from God and separated alienated from one another and so much so that you know we always said our relationship is dead we're alive but we're dead in our relationship because we're early in. Separated and so then are to me form of it is Ted and then Turley blinded ness that we're not able to see what we need to see so almost all this what do you think is most urgent when it comes to needing healing in our lives. Are you with me. Blind in this right because we you know since we are blind we're not able even not even able to see that we are powerless it we're not able to know that we are in bondage. So then most urgent of all is what. Is an area ground in this when it inside from when you can see things you know where the god would have us to see we need to power the Holy Spirit we need in life and in our lives you know and so on and that's where this kind of seminar comes in and then your study of God's Word comes in the Holy Spirit comes in and all that so this tells us and all of us are in this category of brokenness. And then Jesus came to bring power when we are powerless and he bring freedom when we are in Bonn this and then he brings in light men and understanding in area of but blindness Amen and then so how many of you tell me how many of you can tell me Richard your hand tell me that hey that doesn't describe about me I don't belong there I'm an exception of that. Well if I don't know that I'm broken then we're not broken. You know Nancy I don't even know that I'm broken and I'm damn much broken you know so we're all humanity that's why and to love about the Bible because men looked after for verse eighteen gives us the divine diagnosis on all humanity. Everyone thinks they're right so we all have a what growing up to do amen amen I'll get you. And I got in touch with a broken nose in my life you know true my family dynamics were you know my mother died early when I was like seventeen and my youngest brother was in the elementary school and then I never thought that my mother would die on us because I was praying to God even skipping lunch I was praying the car would hear my mother had severe liver cirrhosis and I didn't know back then I didn't know the severity of it so I was praying and praying and I was even holding on to the pine tree I said until the root of the pine tree comes our prayer when I was in high school so I knew that i Pad I was I knew for sure that my my my mom wasn't going to die when everybody around me telling me that you've got to be prepared for her death and I said no no no she's not going to dot. All men of little faith this is not going to die that's how I responded. And then one day you know I went and visited my mom and then my mom here after you know Asian care to me and me to eat that I don't know why she did that it was painful for me to eat that pear and after I ate there pair out of obedience and then she looked up to me and said Son I have something to tell you. And I said OK Mom I thought she was telling me you know final wishes or something so I was like you know really just being really respect for and say hey mom please tell me whatever that's in your heart please tell me. And start cry. And she can continue. And then she said some are tell you later. And the next day casually I went to you know. Her hospital and then everyone trying to avoid me and said this is weird everyone try to avoid now all the nurses I know everyone try to avoid me and then I talk to a stranger and then I minute I went into the room. My mom body was already covered. And I became so angry at God. And I was like kicking and screaming while my wife and my father were sitting down and crying I went into the restroom I closed the door slammed on there I was like kicking and you know. Why I can't believe this. And after that to make a long story short I was praying. I really needed to know what my mom wanted town. I really need to know it was just driving me crazy so again I went up to the mountain every lunch hour skipping lunch. And tray. After one month into crying. One day. I. Was reminded by the scene that I have forgotten about time. It was just like as if it happened yesterday that I was introduced to a scene where I was I was woken up by somebody murmuring. Just next to my bed early no morning. I. Woke up and it was my mom nearly and praying for me. And so I got extremely interested man what on earth man how is praying for me in this early hour so I pay attention to it. And of course I didn't tell her because I don't want to shark or as I was a. Listening to it and this is how she prayed and that's how I remember after one month into praying Lord hears my song. My humble song. I. Am giving him to you as an operator. And at the time when I was hearing Man my life is over. With my my purse without my permission my mom is there. Then my mom my mom continue on saying that you know the Lord please take my song and use him as your service. And then the Holy Spirit was just over overwhelming me telling me. This song what your mom wanted to tell you is that he wanted you to be a servant of God. And though when I was hearing her per hour I felt like a man I am doing now I'm stuck. But I was assuring me that that was her wishes for you. And guess what. In one thousand eighty nineteen eighty nine I believe. I. Got ordained as a pastor in Chesapeake conference. The conference President asked me to preach a sermon on Sabbath morning. And he asked me what would be your title of the sermon. And Lord gave me an inspiration. And he said preacher bar prayer never die. So my sermon title is for never dies. Even though the one who prayed for me for it died a long time ago prayers she are for never die. As a man. And God heard my mom's prayer and I became a pastor. And not only I became a pastor my brother became a pastor. My brother says I had nothing to do with Pastor in a zero there already have too many people he said I'm going to go out and make money and he go he ran out and made some money and then him basically with his friend and lost it all. And then my father didn't see anything that bothered me he didn't say anything to my eyes brother I thought he was easy on my brother and then he came back to the war and said you know I'm giving my life to him so he became a pastor. And then my says I demand we have two men as you know our family she said I'm not going to marry a pastor. And then she ended up marrying a pastor. And one day. In our brokenness. You know my father remarried. And I had a real hard time calling my mom new mom a mother. If you had that experience you know what I'm talking about I was already Quorn up and then in Korean cost mother has the right spot that is a symbol of power she has a rise part and then when you are you know when you're you know doing out of you know rise and you've got to call her. But I noticed and no one's calling her Everyone's like acting like a beggar can memorize you know I think like a beggar I said this not going to happen this cannot happen continue on you know like this so I gather up my brothers and sister together and say tonight. I'm going to call her mother. And when I do you better call her mother. And excuse me for my expression and then. I said I mean if it works in Korea back then I say if you don't I'm going to kill you. I mean it's just like you know Korean cause and I said I'm going to like. You know I used that fear tactic. And then my brother and sister were like No way no way you're not going to call her mother. And I was finishing up my ride and I muster my Chapstick skill that I had developed for eighteen years. I was picking on rice one by one. I only had five left. Finally last when I ate it and then my brother and sister were looking at me. No you're not going to do that. And that that night that dinner I look at my mom it was weird it was not comfortable at all but I said Lord help me help me to see this is very important for her for us I need to show her respect and love and affection so I finally called her Mom I don't know how I called her like in Korean mom means I said. Something in there and it gave me a rise and then as soon as I say the word ALL MY her eyes and my eyes just hit to gather and there was a spark. There's a spark. And then my mother gave me like. So much rice I couldn't handle and then and then and then I was looking at my brother and sister you call mother. And that that night that night they are core her mother out of here. And the next night my mother my father went away for. Or for a business and as he was calm propriety was going everywhere he was gone. And then my new mom and me and my brother and sister we were worshipping together. And we were singing some song that I don't remember. And my mom started to cry. And so out of obedience I started to cry and our of fear my brother and sister started to cry. That's all right then we were. And everyone cried to a point where we became very embarrassed at the end like why requiring But but something was overwhelming or something was all Wyoming as I knew I knew that it was Holy Spirit holy spirit touching our hearts. And my mom opened. And. I know why you guys are. I know I have my own brokenness you have your own brokenness for losing your mom. And now we are brought together. And then she goes. We are like the part that has been broken into pieces. Yours and ours or broken into pieces but in God's law. And in God's mercy in his providential hand. And he can and he is bringing all of those pieces together and put put it back together he my mom is funny. She literally uses this word she said God is going to use his crazy clue of love. Isn't it amazing this is a god is going to use is crazy grew up a lot and then puts. You together put me together put all of you together then when he put us together back again with this crazy glow we're going to be more stronger than ever. And in that they are so you and I will carry. That treasure. Of cats. Love. And now even my father died. My mom is the only one you saw live in California. And God has renewed our relationship in such a way that you know how woman likes to receive phone calls. From you. Preferably once a day. And then there was a time I had not even call her even once a man I was really bad. But then I came to realize that you know what I need to really love my mom I really need to love my mom because I have some doubt I have some doubt as to you know what's going to happen what's going to happen if my mom father dies then I don't have any biological connection with my mom so what's going to happen to their relations I was kind of afraid of you know that we would like fall apart but guess what. When my father died. We all went into a funeral home and they were making an arrangement. And the printer sales person they were into sale there hey you know you can actually dig the whole little bit deeper so that when your mom dies she was right there then. We can bury both of your parents together. I don't know if you know about each and curch or in Asian culture man is now allowed to go on there. Don't do this we did it this way but Americans are doing it this way you know. But then I said I didn't care because I became really American I am a Christian and I look at my mom she never ever felt really belong to our family anyway and the lower give me an insight then you know in my pother raising already die and therefore the best gift I can give to my mom is to allow her to be buried with my father so I said yes let's do that. And I can see the spark and rice. And then what happened my brother just too caught he got so mad that I would put. Our own father on there and he had issues with me about that. And then I said you know we're. You know what if you don't want to be under Don't tie. Whoever dies first goes under. And that's confusion isn't which is very confusing. We don't believe in it. I'm telling you this is because. In our growing up years we all have our own sorrows we all have been broken we all have our own you know hurts to deal with. But it is that they replace a broken this. Is the place where God wants to reign over. And God wants to bring hewing. In our lives in such a way that you and I become and what. Transformation and change Amen amen with that in mind let's talk about this point OK let's talk about a couple of points. About our growing up in the stock point that we have in our lives first of all it's called what pacified do you have that with you pacify. Pacified is the one who receive. All kinds of materialistic materialistic gratification when parents are not able to give then emotional connection and so for an hour of killed ten hours you know are killed a lot of times and parents just pacify the kids in a way that that would make them irresponsible and allow them to be even on grateful in the end and then in the end they become what they become very quite dependent in on the system you know to me and a lot of the pacifier children this is what happens when it comes to pacify children is that. You and I are created to be theer where love. You and I are created to be to win love and I want to tell you you and I know Mary whether you receive love from your parents and siblings and you know what not un are created to be free to give love. Because love doesn't count from anybody else but from God or to nearly so this is a trip while we have counsel in our relationship while we may feel like I'm not getting what I need in will from relationship from my husband and wife and what the truth of the matter. Is that we are a call to receive love and grace from God so that when I am graced by God and able to what grade is my spouse and my children other people even when they do not meet my needs that's freedom and other words free to be able to keep even when we do not receive what we need that's freedom. How many of you decide how many of you desire to have that freedom in your life and when you have that freedom in your life so willing to give what what you may not receive from other people so you and I are made by God to be filled with love. In a way that we feel we are filled with love from God and in that we overflow to be able to give love to other people. And what happens when our love is empty. That we're not able to receive love from God then we are of the word walk in this place we are filled with emptiness. And then this place of emptiness is filled with what what happens when person feels anti. As much as you feel empty when it comes to love that if it comes that it is empty place becomes a place of anger. Anger or sadness. Sadness is something the internalized anger is something that you you know bring it out to the work so it becomes a source of all kinds of addiction and and then. This place of emptiness becomes a place of what. You know and I mean so I want to tell you the people who are pacified by providing everything but truly stick gratification in everything. Then you become what you become so empty and then you end up we end the pain was so addicted I must tell you lot of the second generation immigrant family cared they end up being well so. They are pacified and they are the been so addicted and then they become so all irresponsible I'm telling you I'm dealing with the adult children who are in their thirty's and forty's who are just irresponsible I know a guy I know a guy smart guy he went to Purdue and then he ends up dropping out because he feels like you know what's the point working so hard. So he came home live with his parents told a pacifier father and mother are killed in chain just giving him everything he model everything and guess what happen. His days become now his night become day so when everybody goes out he sleeps and then talks why he gets up go shopping the eat. And he's already were very private or. So what do you do. What do you do what do you do to break the cycle of this this kind of unhealthy parent. What do you do I've done many cases where I intervene in that you know I told parents I'm so sorry to tell you this but you've got to move out. You cannot kick them out so you got to move out to a. Studio. We're just barely have just two of you. Now. And then and there you put a sale sign and sell and they move out and then you give him three months or six months you know. Just Rand and then allow him to. And they did that. And then as a result what happened to this past five child. He had to grow up. Sometime and we had to force into the system to bring change and sometimes it gets very what invasive it gets very basic but you you have to do what you gotta do because because pacify a child can manipulate the situation to what to try to like control the system in a way that nobody else can and there's so much to talk about but just but let's just just move on allowing the kids to be responsible is so important so I want to tell you this. None of us. Not you know. In my life Earth merely I am responsible for my own life. Or to merely my life I am responsible for my own happiness and joy in my life. You know I mean I have a guy who come in and said you know I'm thirty five years old and I am what I am because of my mom and that they control my life to map out my life and I'm still dependent on them. And I said Howard are you said. Some thirty five and you know you can no longer play in your parents anymore did you know that after that after the age of twenty one you can no longer prevent parents according to Bible. Because from the age of twenty one year you can be drafted to the military according to Israel and then that's the time you are responsible for your destiny and what you know and you can no longer blame pair. One guy came up to me and said you know what I made the biggest mistake in my life because I married this woman he's an Indian guy I married this American woman and she doesn't know how to say and then she opens the can and. Doesn't even use it and throw it away as she drives me crazy and she makes my lied miserable. As are you telling me that. You're totally being controlled by. Your wife is making you're miserable Therefore your life is miserable so you have no choice to make. Basically you're like being in bondage. And said no no no no that's not what I am a man you know I'm like India man you know I'm spicy you know and as that. You know I I have my own spirit and a no no you're saying that your wife make you miserable therefore you're miserable if your wife makes you happy you will be happy. Then you have no law you have no choice. You're not a human being anymore. So what what. What what. And I want to tell you today that I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life and the freedom in Christ. Is possible by of what happens in our lies in that and that's very very important and so so I tell you so this guy you know he did so I told him you know what you need to break free from your mother's control in a way that you need to be financially free from her. You're thirty five and you've been dependent on her low wonder she controls you you need to appreciate that to begin with but then you will never become men on less. So guess what a day so I gave him. I gave him one month to you know rent. And then he went out looking for jobs he was like actually medical school dropout and so on so. He was overqualified for everything. But he found a job somewhere and he was called to make two thousand dollars a month. And then the day came he made two thousand dollars and then he brought it home with pride and he gave that money first time in his life while he had three kids he gave that money to his wife and then hey I made this money. That day he became a lot Net man. So. People tell me all kinds of things and I want to tell you this we have it's this is our life. We have. Circumstances in our lives. Then you and I react to it. Negative emotion today with emotion whatever we react to it and then we become bondage to it. But it's a way of freedom is that we are called to what not being influenced by our stimulus but we are made to respond to it in such a way that I can still make choices. For freedom. And when I can still make choices for freedom. One day we went to the hotel hotel with my wife and then we you know we were part of the same in our and then we you know it was late like ten thirty in the evening we went in and then in lady came and cleaned everything and then she didn't leave any powers. And so my arm was about to take a shower and she was like the worst of tower and that lady didn't leave any towers and you know it's a she was kind of a little bit agitated and I said honey we can still make a choice I learned those things I'm learning to. Act This is a honey we can still make a choice. What kind of choice we can make. What kind of choice we can make. The difference. We can still make a choice that you know what OK there is no tower instead of complaining about it instead of like you know resulting in to succumb into a victim mentality and I can say you know what OK there is no tower OK I choose to the fact that there is no tower here OK But you know what there are so many towers all around this hotel next door neighbor probably have some tower or at the at the information desk may have some tower so I choose to have tower and I go down and then I said I asked for towers and I brought a whole bunch of towers and then I said to my wife here's tower. One day I was about to sleet. And this is not me actually this is somebody else Gary. Gary Small was saying he was about as he went on a long trip he was ready to go home and he was call winter night and he was on the second floor window and then as he went into his bag he was holed he had to warm up his bad to sleet and he was getting Libby warmed and his game was getting ready to sleep and his wife. Called him up remind him honey he to turn off all the lights. And then at that point he had a choice to me. Right. Kind of choice. What are some of the stories. Get out of bed and then go down and then turn it off and come back up. Or what or why. They live the lives of. All or or you tell your wife may your tomorrow. Why can't you go down and turn of the lights right and then you will have discussions right. And then during that moment of decision value of this is Joe. He made that choice to go down. And turn up the otherwise came back up and as he was about to go back to sleep. This is what his wife said. He said I'm so sorry. That I was been so sad case when you go on a long trip you came there I asked you to I'm so sorry I'm so spoiled. And she goes I tell you. For the rest of our lives from now on I'm going to turn up alive every night. And then too that he goes No no no no no I would be our love to do that as long as I am alive. To be able to do it. Every time we have a choice to me. One time one time I thought I gave a Bible study to a whole bunch of young people my English was really bad I gave a Bible study and then one guy literally sitting in front of me there's even from me like this with a Walkman we have a long time ago he was going like this. I mean it was a pursed day there I was being interviewed by their church right so I can do anything to this guy got really irritated and then after we finished everything guess what happened. I gotta go talk to this guy so I was going to me he was running away from me he felt guilty or something was running or when the Jets were sinners does right he was running away I went on car hand and then I said hey. My Bible study musta been really boring to you for you to listen to needs like that how can I make it interesting for you. And I tell you he became one of the past allies in my ministry. And then one time I was preaching. And the kids were sleeping kids were talking I wrote down all of their names as I was preaching. And then afterwards I mention all of their names and they were coming out like a sinner so like this. As why OK. Next Tuesday I want to take you out to Peter. Who are pigs I was going to ask me I just love you guys I want to take you guys out. So I took them out to pizza. Guess what all of them came out the pizza. All the sinners gather. And I gave them pizza. And then afterwards what happened so they were asking why are you feeding I was like Is there something going on here they were confused I said I just love us. Next said I was witches. All those kids all those kids were blessed minute they were sitting in the front row. And when kids were trying to make noisy people I had pastoralists Pritchett. Then pizza power was great. When I. I had every reason to when I had every reason to punish I use it as a chance to keep grace and love in such a way that our relationship became turn around. And I'm going to end with the Stars sorry that we haven't covered all the stuff but you know what I mean we will do that some other time OK but I really feel like I did feel I'm glad to talk about this because I have a testimony to share. I've gotten in touch with this freedom in cries so precious that I'm going to share and I'm going to end with this. In my relationship with my wife we had a lot accomplished. Especially after five years into marriage we had we had a complex in our marriage. I guess a five year period is really you know typical that you go through a lot of adjusting and all that so I didn't like the way she was she didn't like the way I do things and we just both cut irritated by each other OK I had ever gone through those points in your marriage and my not alone and my making a full out of myself no right all of gone through there all of us can through that so so one day my wife not literally symbolically kicked me in the pants in a symbolic and not literally you know what you got to take care your relationship with God and I said you know you were taking lessons with our. And so I went downstairs I went into my closet starting to pray and trying to really see. And then the first time in my life ever I've been a Christian from day one but then first time in my life ever I experience what the grace of God for me was all about first time every morning I would open God's word and I would experience God. Love God racing is so much I did can't be can tear it and then amazing thing is that when I started to experience God's grace in my life I began to hear things I became very sensitive because before I couldn't hear anything and then all of a sudden as I was doing my own Bible study the downstair in the morning I could hear my son getting up I could hear my daughter again with three kids and then guess what I Powerpack sack. And then sixty six in the main I would go up and then take my son being in my back. It's when I. Saw I would go walking outside I was reading the. Really Bible is you not going to stop me from going to God's Word they meant nothing can stop me from receiving God's grace we need that every day so I was receiving God's grace I was like really being immersed into it because we're five minutes into it my son look at me he was like two or three very little will look at me and then. He would end up just like falling asleep because I think he he knew that you know what testing I can do is to plus my dad is to fall asleep again. And then I would put him back in his bed and then my daughter would get up and then I'll put him in my back I would go out and just like doing this and while my wife was just totally exhausted and then the first time in my life I'm Korean men and Korean men back then not anymore remember. We don't. We don't we don't even go into the kitchen that's how. The first time I live I was so crazy. I said I want to cook for my wife. But only thing I know Harumi was ramen noodles. But I am sure my wife would not a priest. Eating Ramen in the morning she's very health conscious lady so I didn't know what to make I didn't know what to make and then only thing I could find was oh this is easy just add water you make. It wasn't that easy. I burned the oatmeal. I put a little water in burned it and that smell of burning oatmeal going everywhere and my walk in there's a fire she came out and this is all the work OK. And something touched her she when you're in touch with the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit in you touches other people in your life. And the host be touched her and she had like a little bit of like a moment like you know inspiration and then she look at me smiles and then she came close to me and says songs as more than pine and she said You and I And today we're going to for a pearl of bring to the Lord. Burn off into the war and I tell you that was the beginning of transformation in my relationship with my wife. Because I allow God to grace me. And then I would free to love just for the love sick. Image. And so I have countless stories after stories but I want to tell you is that we all need to grow up to a place where we are so empowered by God we are so crazy by God to be an agent to transform a xtian in the lives of people going to share with you one more story the powerful stories wonder. And who was like already always criticizing me about everything. And I told you a little bit I wanted her to be raptured and so on right and then I didn't follow with the story what happened was that one day I came to hours praying to God about her in Gaza you need to be changed and then And then finally I was so curious and I was able to go to her and that is what I said so and so I want you to know that you are given with such a spirit of desire imminent understanding and even as I was saying I can believe myself say it I feel like a hypocrite because even sighs like I don't believe this but I was saying it and then I said to her you know what I think one day you can make a career counseling but deep inside I would not go to her. First but guess what three years down the road. I went to kill you see. And then I found her there. And says measuring word constantly. She's a clinical psychologist now. And so. I want you to know today. That's first Peter chapter three verse eighteen tells us that you and I are called to grow in the grace this is what it says Grace. And knowledge of. Now saving knowledge of Jesus and I tell you there is no salvation none other than Jesus Christ in our lives. In that when Jesus creates me. Then I'm able to be an agent of transformation in dollars of people but I let me tell you why I'm going to end with this let me tell you why how. You know I think here. I figure I decided to change my topic a little bit today White the year because you all been lectured throughout the whole week. This is Friday you came here I really feel like your heart needs to be touched not just are mine that's why I'm sharing what I'm sharing I hope the Holy Spirit I really believe the Holy Spirit is really touching our hearts but this is one I want to share. When I say grace. I'm speaking from Romans Chapter five verse twenty one Romans Chapter five twenty one and on tells us and or so Romans Chapter five Verse five tells us that the grace of God is more powerful than power of sin right and then this is the equation I came away with when we think of grace of God we only think of the cross so. Grace equals with the power of the cross. The kind of grace the crowd wants to give us is this power of the cross how powerful it is. How are the grass gives us forgiveness in freedom from the punishment and the poundage of sin you know killed have seen consequences of sin power of the cross that's where we experience forgiveness that's where we experience acceptance and all that but much more than that if you study the Bible on Grace I mean I study great deal Romans and all that coalitions and all the stuff the power of the cross Plus what power of the what. Power of the. Resurrection and. Amen. Grace equals with what power of the cross Plus what. Power of the resurrection how powerful that is let me tell you how powerful that is OK as we close our message today it is equals with it is we close a grace of God is equals with Hundred and forty four thousand. Two hundred forty four thousand will be saved and hundred four thousand equals with twelve times twelve times thousand. Symbolically speaking hundred thousand are going to say and they are the one efficient to tells us that they are the one who experience the income parable follow after me in comparable. C'mon it's almost over in comparable their riches of cards grace. God's grace is already in measurable but of Paul says that when it seems of God's grace who saved him transform him it says it is in peril riches of God's grace bigger than biggest mega. And then it is equal with one hundred forty four thousand I mean I don't have time to explain in detail why hundred forty four thousand they are the one who's gone through persecution great things in the they are the one who has. Overcome insurmountable difficulties in the they became trying. In the by choosing cries by choosing to receive God's grace in their own laws all most twelve point zero point where is the equals with twelve times twelve times thousand and twelve is the kingdom number in the by a ball because twelve represent plentiful ness that plentiful ness has everything to do with the plentiful ness of God's grace and then Jesus paid five thousand people how many pairs gets a prayer that were made baskets of bread were left over twelve so too. Well this kingdom number because it represents a plentiful net of cards grace and follow with me plentiful ness of cars craze times one. Come on come on come on come on come on. For America who knows how to preach back at me or that OK OK OK so plentiful ness of God's word Let's do this every word plentiful ness of God's grace and then why are times while plentiful less of God's great times one. Thousand Tara. So how much of God's grace. How of this is God's grace. In your overall limitless grace of God coming to you today to empower you transform you three you you might tell me Pastor on what I go through is impossible to go through while car only deals with the impossible. What's possible with men here you do it. All humanity shares one problem we have the kinds of problem that is beyond us. Amen and therefore I am getting so excited to reel every day God wants to give me this kind of grace. There is the equal with the power of the cross combined with power over resurrection. And he saves me today and tomorrow with a life of God that is equal with power of the cross and resurrection in that it is in parable riches of God's grace as long as karts Grace is with me as long as I am incorporating their career. In my life as long as I'm open to their grace as long as I'm choosing to receive that grace and activate their grace in MA lives. Our lives will be a life of transformation. And then. If you can tap the two tells us let's repeat in chapter two as a closing Amen amen I and a preaching to us. Sorry sorry. And the preaching. I'm a preacher anyway. It isn't have to chew. Our give you hope today from God's word Amen efficient chapter two. Is Let's read verse. Six. OK God raised us of with cries meant this is another cons can't raise us up with Christ and seed us with him in the heavenly around in Christ Jesus we're not even here we're up there already we have made it up there were no we're not only going to heaven we're coming out of heaven as we're coming out of the most holy place not only we are moving into the most polling place we not only we're moving toward your womb leaving our salvation this is an amazing amazing concept of Paul and then he said in the coming in order that in the coming ages this is crazy in the coming in order that in the coming ages he might show in comparable riches of His Grace expressed in his kindness and others. Has a plan for you to showcase the power of carts Chris through your life. There when you get to heaven all inhabitants of the universe will get together what is your name Laura and then when I get to. Heaven there is a peephole stir when I say I saw this lady she came to my seminar. And then there's a poster Nora speaking at Mars. And then find out that with billions of people get together and she is the single speaker and who's going to introduce her Jesus Christ is going to introduce her. And she's going to be up there showcasing in comparable riches of God's grace. And because of the grace you have made. The way you have made. A mess. You and I are here in this place of brokenness in this place of emptiness in this place of suffering man I am part of the per minute St I'm telling you there's so much suffering there's so much in the lives of people people just come to you even today people just come to you as soon as they kneel and just like pouring out and crying and just people have having gone through this point of breakdown in our lives so Mark but hell hole gone handle all torn Iraq. Because the grace of God was showcase the power. In such a way that in Possibility become a possibility in Christ and UN are you are here to give you a showcase for the whole universe and then you and I are preparing the message that you will share throughout the universe eternity to eternity Amen how many of you are your life your lose your life to be used by God to showcase God's grace for the rest of your life not only that we ARE WE ARE WE ARE A car is preparing us to be a speaker for heaven Amen. Eternity ten a day. Hundred forty four thousand and I came here to showcase that to you that His Grace is real more than a man and we all can grow up in Christ in me lets pray together father. I'm just a earthen Basso. What can I say what can I do what can I see to green hope in the place of hopelessness bring help in the place of helplessness bring your comfort in the place of sorrow. Father you are the one of the Hope you are the one power you are the one who can truly transform our lives you are the one who can bring break through in the place the breakdown in our lives Lord day you be all that you are as long as your crazy is a veil of grace of God is available that transforming grace of God is available today we have a hope we can go to you we can choose to leave why we can experience your freedom in New in such a way that we would be an agent of transformation in the lives of others the Lord made that transformation begins with us every days of our allies and may it permeate throughout. The people of influence that we have. We pray in Jesus's name Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about yours or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading with W.W.W. audio or.


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