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Who Will Take the Son

Taj Pacleb
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Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • January 12, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven. Or we thank you so much for your great love in your mercy we thank you Lord for this wonderful week of revival we've been experiencing we thank you Lord for the privilege you've given us the freedom to study your word. You've given us a mind that can understand it. And a heart Lord that is open to follow. Now dear Lord we pray that your Holy Spirit continue to be not only in this place but that you come into our hearts that you convict this afresh of our need of Jesus that we would see our wretchedness at the same time see our need for your righteousness father pretty you bless this up in the Scriptures please open our hearts to receive it this is our prayer we ask this in Christ precious name Amen. And I to take your Bible and openness me to the book of Mark actually let's start with the Book of Ecclesiastes these. And as you're turning there we're going to Ecclesiastes written by the eyes of men I want to begin by sharing with you a story about a very prosperous farmer by the name of a leader how fed well was his name. A leader has said he was a prosperous Persian farmer that lived in India and a leader was very happy and content with his life he only large beautiful estate decorated with orchids in streams and fertile for you all one day there was a Buddhist monk that came to visit a levy in his beautiful property and this Buddhist monk came to tell a league rate tales and stories about other ordinary farmers just like him who. He came extremely wealthy from selling their farm and going out into the dining mining industry and for months after Levy had that visit with the Buddhist monk for months after that a levy became captivated with the thought that props he could do the same thing that he could become extremely rich and wealthy by selling his farm and going into the diamond mining industry he became obsessed with the thoughts of luxury and riches and he thought to himself Why am I working so hard when I can have a much easier and more comfortable life if I can just find some of these jewels I can be rich and thus I will be happy. After these thoughts continue to dwell in his mind finally he acted upon those impulses and you know ended up selling his farm and leaving his family behind and he launched out on an expedition that would leave him eventually friendless penniless and hopeless Alevi after he sold his farm he would spend the rest of his life wandering the different continents of Asia and Africa and Europe searching for these diamonds but unfortunately he never found any. And finally after years of frustrating and fruitless searching worn out and penniless and in a fit of despondency a leader Fed threw himself in the Bay of Barcelona and drowned he committed suicide he felt so foolish in giving up everything for absolutely nothing that he lost desire to live on and so he committed suicide. What a terrible story. Well one day. The man that had purchased the farm from. I was walking through his property just admiring the beautiful investment he made and he was passing along one of the streams in his back yard when all of a sudden his vision caught a bright spark from the peripheral The light was reflecting off of some something that was lying on the bottom of one of those shallow streams and so this individual went to the stream many picked up a good sized crystallise stone and he said wow this is a beautiful rock he admired it's its beauty that he brought it into his house and he put it on the shelf to display to others well not long after that that same Buddhist monk that totally about all the stories about farmers selling their farms and becoming diamond miners that same put his money ended up visiting the man that had purchased the farm from a leap and as he went into the house he saw that stone sitting on the shelf and that Buddhist monk picked up that stone and he nearly fainted and he said wow where did you get this from. And the owner didn't think much of it he said I got it from one of my streams in my backyard and and the Buddhist monk said Do you realise what this is he said it's a beautiful stone. And the Buddhist monk said this is probably the biggest diamond I've ever seen in my life. And the skeptical owner said. Are you sure because in my backyard the stream is full of those kinds of stones not as big as that one but there's so many of these stones and in the stream in my backyard and Francis so happen that the farm that a league of Fed had sold to look for diamonds in faraway lands that form that property ended up becoming the gold condom minds of India that produce some of the rarest and biggest diamonds that our world has ever seen some of those. Diamonds are in the crown jewels there in England. How ironic while a leader look for riches. In faraway places. He didn't realize that riches was just within his reach. Because he did not realize what he had Listen listen listen because a lead did not realize what he had. He cheaply gave it away and sold it. For that which he never attained. What a terrible story. But friends in the same way. Many times we are just like that many times our lives are a prayer our are an endless pursuit of happiness that ends in disappointment and death why because not because we're not searching we are searching but unfortunately we're searching in the wrong places for the wrong things. We're looking into the world. The things that sin offers for happiness we are searching but in the wrong places for the wrong things it reminds me. Of what C.S. Lewis had to say. C.S. Lewis was a famous Christian philosopher and I want to know what he says as I quote If I find in myself. Desires with which nothing in this world can satisfy the only logical explanation is that I was a made for another world. Did you catch that let me say it again C.S. Lewis said if I find in myself desires yearnings longings and nothing in the world can satisfy those longings then the only lodge. Explanation for the existence of those longings and desires is that I was not made for this world I was made for another word. And that's the truth friends were made for more than what this world. Has to offer we were made to live for God amen. And friends riches are within your reach right outside of the door of your heart as you hear Jesus Naki seeking to come in Ecclesiastes Chapter two written by the wise man Solomon the richest king of Israel and I want you notice at the end of the of his life he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes days this is his summary on the vanity of life in the world and I want you notice what this rich man had to say ecclesiastic Chapter two beginning with Verse four if you are there would you please say amen. Ecclesiastic to that universe for the the wise man's King Solomon said I made me great works I builded me houses and planted me vineyards I made me gardens in orchids orchards and I planted trees in them all kinds of fruit I made me pools of water to water therefore the wood that bring it forth trees I got me servants and maidens and hands servants born in my house also had great possessions of great and small cattle above all that were in Jerusalem before me verse eight I gathered me also silver and go and all the peculiar treasures of kings and of the provinces I get me men singers and women singers in the lights of the sons of men and musical instruments and that of all sorts wrist nine so I was what I was great. And increased more than all there were before me in Jerusalem also my way. Remain a with me here Solomon is is going through a list of all of his accomplishments and all of his success he had houses. He had all the luxuries of life he had lots he had food in abundance he had silver and gold anything that money could buy was his now only that but he had the finest entertainment musicians and men singers and women singers he had money and not only that friends he had he had a thousand he had a hundreds of wives and and concubines he had all of these success wisdom fame popularity in the eyes of the world Solomon had it all. But I want you know what he said concerning this in verse ten and what server mine eyes desired I kept not from them I withheld not my heart from any joy and my heart rejoice in all my labor and this was my portion of my of all my labor verse eleven then I looked on all the works which my hands had wrought and all the labor that had labored to do and all this was what vanity and vexation of spirit and there was no profit under the sun another translation says a likeness I had toiled and indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind and there was no profit under the sun Solomon in summarizing all of the riches and all of the wealth and all the fame and fortune and success and popularity that he had attained in his life he said all of that when when when he come down to it it's all of that it's all for not it's like grasping the wind. Have you ever tried to grasp the when. You can try to grasp the. When But you never catch it. And that's. What the world offers it gives promises but it doesn't fulfill those promises riches and happiness are not found in the things of this life it's found in the things of God Let's go to the Book of Job Chapter twenty two please send me the Book of Job Chapter twenty two job was a very wealthy man as well and I want you notice what job had to say in chapter twenty two verse twenty three thru twenty six job twenty two verses twenty three to twenty six The Bible says this. Job twenty two wrist twenty three if you there would you please a. Job said if the return to the almighty thou shall be built up now I shall put away iniquity far from the tabernacle then shall the lay up gold as well as dust and that go to or for as the stones of the brook verse twenty five yeah a the Almighty shall be the ID finance another translation says the Almighty shall be your goat and Thou shall have plenty of silver friends the Bible is clear that true Richard this is within our reach not in the things of the world but just outside the door of our hearts as Jesus is knocking seeking to come in. And so don't be distracted by the glitter and glamour of Hollywood Don't be distracted by the fame and fortune of the stars these music stars in sports stars in movie stars these stars might be shining bright today but without Jesus these stars are simply falling stars they're going out in darkness and you don't want to follow a falling star you want to follow the bright in Morning Star. Jesus Christ. And so what I want to do this this afternoon is is very simple Today we want to look at a story of a rich man. That had everything. Except one thing. He had everything except one thing and if he only realize the value of this one thing that he did not have if he understood the value of this one thing he would have given everything he had to attain it the record tells us he didn't and as a result his stories in the Bible as a solemn warning to each and every one of us and so now as go to the book of Mark Chapter ten shall we Mark Chapter ten we read a very familiar story perhaps to you but let's read it with new eyes this morning let us hear what the Spirit has to say to the church this day it might not be new but may be fresh in our hearing this see this more this afternoon in March at the ten beginning with Verse thirteen we find the story of a young person like many of us. A. Young person but but this young person was very rich. He rode around in the nicest chariot I'm sure. He lived in a very comfortable home. He had very nice clothing. He was living in luxury. Now only was he rich he was also young in the prime of his life he was ambitious he had dreams and aspirations and goes at the very prime of his life he was young he had the strength and vigor of youth. Not only was he rich now only was he young he was also a ruler which means he had power he had authority. Influence leadership responsibility and respect he was rich he was young he was a ruler and in the story we find that he is also religious. Brought up in the church morally upright. Respected in the church this rich young religious ruler was the type of man that every Christian mother would hope that their daughter would marry. And one day this rich young ruler. Catches a glimpse of Jesus. And seeing Jesus for all of the one whom others call the Christ the Messiah the son of the Living God when this rich young ruler sees Jesus from the distance Bible tells us that you ran to Jesus and he knelt down at his feet. And I want you notice what the story says verse seventeen of Mark Chapter ten if you are there and if you read a study would you please say amen. The Bible says. And when he was gone forth into the way there came want to running and near to him and asked him good master what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life. You see this rich young ruler. Is a very interesting character to me. From the distance he sees Jesus blessing the little children. And when he sees the matchless charms of Christ the love that Christ displays and demonstrates even to the little children those whom many people say are insignificant and too little for the Messiah to notice. This rich young ruler realizes that there is something missing in his own religious experience the contrast between the key. Of Christ's and his character is painfully distinct and though he feels rebuked by the purity of the presence of Christ at the same time he feels drawn to the presence of crisis you see as a good systematic Christian this individual thought himself secure in the favor of God But when comparing himself with Christ he sees there's something missing when he compared himself with other people he thought he was all right he was a good religious person. But. Now he realizes that he is simply a why did septic are full of dead men's bones he longs for deeper experience he's dissatisfied with the routines so he runs to Jesus in desperation for help and he asks a question the golden question the question of all questions What must I do that I may inherit eternal life. And other there are some observations we need to make. Concerning that question how many of you think that's a good question is that a good question he's asking basically how a man is saved and the reason why this religious young person is asking the question is because he himself did not have the assurance. Of. Eternal life. Brought up in the church. Keeping the Sabbath. But it wasn't sure of his own salvation. Is that you today. Maybe been brought up in the church maybe in your mind you have all the right answers you know the truth. But if Jesus was to come right now you're not sure if you're ready. He doesn't have the assurance and so he's asking because he wants to know and then Jesus replies in verse eighteen. Jesus now tests the sincere tea of the questioner and verse eighteen Jesus said to him why I call us that our meat good. Is trying to find out how sincere this rich young ruler is why do you call me good there is none good but one that is God Jesus is trying to find out what this rich young ruler thinks about himself you're calling me good but there's only one good that's God are you calling me good because you believe that I'm God. He's testing the sincere eighty of the question and then he answers his question in verse nineteen Jesus says that our no isto. Of friends help me out today that I know is the what the commandments do not commit adultery do not kill do not steal do not bear false witness defraud not honor thy father and mother so Jesus answers his question What shall I do to inherit eternal life by reminding him of the importance of obedience to the law of God. And Jesus said you know what the commandments say. So he's not telling any Him anything new he is simply reminding him of that which he already understood the importance of obedience. But then the rich young ruler responds in verse twenty any and he answered and said to master all of these I have observed from when from my youth. He was born and raised in the church friends and yet he was still dissatisfied with his experience he sensed that his religious routine wasn't enough. And he's right. You know the commandments but the question is do you know the commander. We know the Word of God but our head knowledge is not going to save us because many. The know the Word of God but they do not know the God of the word we all know about Jesus but the question this this afternoon is do you now Jesus or only or do you only know about. The rich and really knew the commandments but he didn't know the commander. What a tragedy friends many times are religious experiences just like that our heads are for but our hearts are empty we have the right answers but the wrong experience. Jesus told us in John Chapter seventeen verse three. And this is life eternal. That they might do you know it. That they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent. In John seventeen verse three Jesus summarizes and distills for us what it means to be saved what it means to have eternal life it's not found in or what we know but is found in a who we know do you know Jesus Christ us and for us that word know is a very shallow word in the English language but in biblical terms the word no is a deep word for the Bible tells us in Genesis chapter four in verse one that out I am a new either and she conceived and bare a son so the word know has the connotation of oneness of intimacy of two coming together in a personal intimate relationship and that's how God wants us to know him not just knowing about him intellectually but to have an experience with him. To lead him to come in us and we in him. This rich and ruler lacks that experience is not about what we know but who we know. What's wrong with this. Young person he was doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons he was trying to serve two masters. Though he looked good on the outside crisis was reading the dark pages of his life Jesus saw and saw beyond the religious exteriors of the rich young ruler and as Jesus looked into the depths of this young person's heart Jesus saw that he was serving God with selfish motivations he was doing all the right things because he wanted to go to heaven he was serving God from the motivation of reward not the motivation of love and friends let me tell you if you are serving God today and if your sacrifice to God is motivated just because you want to go to heaven. Eventually you will stop serving God It is not the reward of heaven nor the fear of hell that is powerful enough to keep us faith in our sacrifice and service to God The only thing that's powerful enough to keep us free fall all the way to the end and consistent in our walk is the love of crimes. The Bible says instead and create the instructor five Verse fourteen that the love of Christ compels us it motivates us and we need to come to the place in our experience that we don't serve God because of Heaven or Hell we serve God because of God. That we're serving Him not for his pressings we're serving him for his fellowship. That we want him more than the heaven he's preparing for us a friend let me tell you even if there were no heaven or hell for me I was to serve Jesus because Jesus satisfies a man he gives peace in joy in the here and in the now but this rich young religious rule. Or. Did not come to that point yet and so Jesus sees the hypocrisy in its art he sees the inconsistency is of his life as he reads this rich wrong religious life he reads of selfish motives and compromises and inconsistency is and Jesus when he sees all the fields all the darkness all the dirt that he is hiding beyond this clean religious exterior Jesus is not repulsed by it. But notice how Jesus responds verse twenty one for me is one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. Verse two I hope as we bout to read verse twenty one that it hits you like it hits me the Bible says then Jesus be holding him. Loved him. While. He looked at him. And instead of being riposte by the hypocrisy. Bible says that Jesus responds with infinite love pity and compassion for this young person group who grew up in the church. Active in the youth. It did not have the assurance of eternal life. Friends I want you know this afternoon. You are fully known. At the same time you are fully loved by a God This sees every single thing about us and despite all our feelings he looks at us with the eyes of love how many are thankful for Jesus and so let me use Amen. And that's the eyes that Jesus wants to give us that we would see others. With the eyes of crisis not for who they are before what they can become by his power and grace Jesus looks at him and he loves him he is is desperate to save this young person from his selfish motives. And so it says in verse twenty one. Jesus looks be holding him love him and his love for him compelled him to speak and Jesus said unto Emma who won a thing that has how many things that he lacked friends. Now Jesus could have given a list of things I'm sure that this rich young ruler had more than one problem Amen I'm sure he had many problems but Jesus summarizes all the problems of his life into simply one thing. How many of you have problems in your life. And mother only one you've got some issues problems difficulties maybe you're a you're in university and you have a hope you have a huge student loan that's a big problem worried about how you can pay that off maybe have problems in your health your finances problems with your relationship with your parents or your spouse but friends all of the problems we face in life can be summarized in just one thing just one thing he was like you know never forget when my wife and I was going to do meetings in the country of Malaysia we were in Thailand in transit heading to Malaysia to do a a we can revive our youth revival we had a wonderful time you know my wife and I we always try to travel together when we do ministry she is a registered nurse by by profession but but really she is the backbone of our ministry and and I never like to go anywhere without having my wife with me because the Bible says it is not good for man to be alone even. And so we're a team we want to represent the Lord together and so we were there in. Thailand about to go to Malaysia and we were dropped off at the airport we had all of our baggage and we're excited to go to Malaysia and just before we were about to check in our luggage I was looking through my bag trying to find my passport. But it was nowhere to be found. And I started to get nervous I had everything I needed for the trip I had my clothes I had my all my bags I had my my Bible and all everything that I needed I had with me except one thing. And it didn't matter that I had all everything else without the passport I'm not going to make it to my destination or you hear me. And so I was frantically looking for my passport and I started to get nervous and frustrated and worried but my wife she wasn't as worried as I was because she had her passport. And so she focused up on you know she had some sympathy for me but but for herself she was confident and comfortable because she had her passport until she opened her passport and she realized that she did not have her passport she had my passport. And upon realizing that she had my passport she realized that she could not get to her destination off of someone else's passport we're not going to make it to heaven off of the spirituality of our parents young people we're not going to make it to heaven off of the passports the spiritual the spirituality of our leaders if you're going to go to heaven you need your own passport a member. Bible says Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling and so I. Happily grabbed my passport from her hands and I'm now feeling confident and comfortable Yes I thank the Lord I got my passport in and now my wife the feeding swish now she is frustrated she is worried. And she began to search diligently how. And she had to go deep. Into her bag and at the bottom of her bag she found her passport but that required a deep and diligent search. And thank the Lord we both made it to our destination together friends the point is this we had everything we needed for the trip except for one thing. The passport. Jus one thing. The Bible says. That the wages of. Sin. Not sins in the plural the wages of sin the singular sin is death. In the books that's the crisis page thirty four it says this even one wrong trait of character one sinful desire persistently cherish will eventually neutralize all the power of the gospel. If you catch that not a whole bunch of sins just one persistently cherish that one thing we eventually neutralize the poller of the Gospel this rich young ruler. Lacked one thing. And what exactly was that what Jesus continues one thing the lack is verse twenty one twenty one goal of i ways so whatsoever that I have asked and give to the word to the poor and Thou shall have what shreds you're in heaven and come take up the cross on follow me Jesus was asking this are rich young ruler what he's asking all of us. And what our theme is calling us to do today to sacrifice so that we can serve. What was this rich young readers problem with Jesus said sell what you have. You see this work rich young ruler was a slave to the God of riches and so in asking him to sell his possessions Jesus was asking him to surrender his God that which he put before Christ you see the one thing that this rich young ruler lacked was a surrendered heart. Yes he was a religious person. A church goer. He knew the commandments but he had yet to surrender that one thing his heart fully to God. Friends whatever you put before God is your God no matter what your profession is whether it be a job. A relationship. A car money whatever is the top priority of your life your education your children whatever you put first place in your life that's your God no matter who you profess your god is because action speaks louder than words and what Jesus is telling us in this story today is that in order for us to serve God acceptably we must sacrifice that which we're placing ahead of him and that which is blocking the blessings of heaven from flowing into our lives you know every month in the world or there's a new moon. Which is the opposite of a full moon now let me ask you a question for is does I'm does the Mona have its own light yes or no. No For as the moon is just a dark planet where does the moon get its light from. The moon simply reflects the light shining from the sun. And every month there's a full moon where the moon is reflecting the sun and the whole planet is reflected but every month there's also a new moon where you look into the heavens And it could be a clear sky and there's no moon at all now the moon is there but you can't see it it's not reflecting or receiving the light from the sun and why is that do you know the reason there is something that separating the sun. From the Moon. So that the light from the sun is not able to be reflected by the moon and what is that. It's the weren't planet Earth. In the same way friends we are like the moon a dark planet the all the blessings we have come as a gift from the sun the S O N The Son of God but many times those blessings that God wants to liberally bestow upon us he can't why because we got too much of the world that's blocking us from the sun. But for as Jesus promised the rich young ruler. If you sell your possessions don't worry you're going to have treasure where. You know what I love about God. God never takes away something from us without replacing it with something better. God is only trying to take that which is harmful to give that which is healthful to us and you can go down the line with every standard that the Bible gives us the reason why God has not the certain meats is not because he's trying to take away the things that taste good to us he's trying to take away something that's harmful to give us something that's healthful when I was in the world I was addicted to worldly music I was constantly listening to all kinds of music but I realized that if I'm going to serve Jesus. I had to change the things I listen to I couldn't listen to those musics and maintain a pure mind and so even though it was challenging I by God's grace able to throw all those cds in the garbage you know God he replaced it with something better. I have the privilege of leading a ministry called the revelation of hope ministries and my favorite music group in the world actually works with me the revelation of hope singers some of the most beautiful music you ever hear God takes away something from us but he always replaces it was something that's far better when I became a Christian I A Before I became a Christian I had a whole bunch of friends. And one of the things that held me back from sending my heart to Jesus is I thought to myself What are my friends going to think. If I give my life to Christ they're going to think I'm weak and so it was the crowd and what they thought of me that held me back for Peter a time of serving God and find a way when I came to the point that I'm going to serve the Lord I had to be willing to sacrifice all my friends and unfortunately mostly all of them no longer were my friends they were not true friends. But God took them away to replace them with true family the family of God The family of faith. Friends many times we want to hold on to that which God is calling us to surrender because we we can't imagine a life without that thing. But if we don't we recognize that God has something better for us we would so easily make that sacrifice. It's just like when I was in Africa a few years ago we got the chance to go to Africa a few different times five four different times we love going out anywhere and if you've been to Africa before wonderful continent beautiful people and when we were there we held evangelistic seminars and what not just preaching the Gospel and all the world and when I was there I learned something interesting about how they catch. Monkeys in Africa. Do any of you know how they catch monkeys in Africa anybody raise your hand if you know good let me tell you because it's absolutely fascinating it's genius here's what they do the they get a gourd which is a a plant that when it's dried up it's like a pot a pot like vessel it's big on the bottom but it has a small opening at the top and they take that gourd and they bury it in the ground with just the top part sticking out of the ground so can you put your mind the gourd is underground but the top part of it is sticking out then they put bananas in corn and different food and the cord that's buried in the ground then the monkey comes and the curious monkey wants to come in check it out so the monkey does he places his hand in the cord the pot that's filled with food and he grabs the food and he starts to get excited he can't wait he's anticipating a wonderful lunch and he has to pull his hand out of the cord stuck in the ground but because he has a fierce full of food he can't get his hand out. So then the people come can they catch the monkey What a stupid monkey. All of the monkey has to do is what led to. And he can remove his hand and he can go free but because that monkey is not willing to let go. He's trapped and in most cases loses its life. For as you know sometimes we're no smarter than that monkey. Many people are going to be lost in this world trapped on planet Earth when Jesus comes why because they're not willing to let go of their pride let go of their sins let go of their selfishness let go of an ungodly. Relationship that's separating them from Christ let go of their Sabbath breaking let go of their worldly music and entertainment let go of fornication and adultery and pornography let go of anything that separates you spiritual pride friends we want to hold on to these things because we think it will give us joy. We're selling heaven. And we're looking. For that. Which will never find. In this world. Happiness but God says let go. And let me take full control of your life friends you can trust the Lord He is a God that only thinks kind in benevolent thoughts toward us. He is a god that just wants to give us something better all he wants to do is save us. All listen to the lies of the devil the divine exchange Jesus gave to this individual you will give up your treasures but don't worry I'm going to give you heavenly treasure it's a whole lot better it's not going to rust thieves will not break through or steal it. But this rich young ruler. Threw away the offer. I love with Jim Elliot said and if you heard of Jim Elliot He was a missionary in here's a mission for you which country but his wife was Elizabeth ELLIOTT The wrote many books on courtship and marriage and relationships but Jim Elliot was a was a man of faith and he wanted to reach people read this on reach people in a I think it was Central or South America. A group of people who are the most violent people on earth. These individuals would spear each other whenever there's a disagreement they would instead of talking it out they would go in spirit each other and the and the age the average age of of the men in that tribe was only around twenty or thirty years old it was if they would murder in. Sure that it was a very barbaric tribe and Jim Elliot took his family there to that place to reach these people. And because he was a pilot he would fly over the place that they stayed in the jungles and he would drop care packages and food and and different gifts and and finally he did this consistently enough they felt now it's time for us to make face to face contact and so he did he landed the plane and he made friends with them but unfortunately the same day that he landed he and his other missionary friends were speared to death he died as a martyr. His son and his family and his wife continue to stay to work in that place trying to reach those people and and finally to make a long story short those people through the ministry of his wife and his children and his family eventually they accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ and are Christians today. His life is a life of sacrifice and service but I love what Jim Elliot wrote before he died and I quote here is what this missionary that was martyred for the cause of Christ had to say he said this listen carefully. He said. He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. He is no he is no fool who gives that which he cannot keep to gain that which he can never lose. That person is a wise man. What does that mean friend you understand what it means God is calling us to give up sin give up the things of this world we can't keep it anyway so why not just give it up and surrender to the Lord and as we do we will then game that which we can never lose eternity which eases. It's even more powerful realizing that this man who wrote those words gave all for the cause of Christ in France can you imagine the joy of Jim Elliot when he gets to heaven. And he sees that tribe that speared him to death many of them are going to be saved as a result of the sacrifice he made in the mission field friends he could have stayed home in America and lived a nice easy comfortable life in pastoral a beautiful church but he had a burden he wanted to sacrifice and serve the Lord in places in dark places of the world that that no one has ever gone before. And when he gets to heaven over the joy that will be his when he sees people from that tribe glorified in the kingdom of Christ all my brothers and my sisters What are you holding onto in this world. What separates you. From. The riches of heaven. He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose but this rich young ruler. He's brought face to face with a choice. He was at a major crossroad when Jesus gave him that offer the direction of his life which change from this moment on this decision he was about to make would bring eternal results Christ was offering this rich young ruler everything if he would surrender his everything which in reality was nothing in comparison to Christ everything. It's an offer that can't be beaten but what was his choice verse twenty two were almost finished verse twenty two and he was sad at that say and went away feeling how. Grieved for he had great possessions. He walked away from the offer. What a foolish choice in walking away from Jesus in order to hang on to his worldly treasure he was walking away from life. Everlasting he was deceived thinking that what he had was better than what Christ was offering and you can imagine that the heart of Jesus broke by his choice but friends this in we serve a God that loves us enough not to force us to follow He loves us enough to let us all walk away if we so choose. And so he walked away. How could he be so foolish how he could have been so great friends think about it if he would have listened to Christ sold his treasure and followed Jesus as one of the disciples perhaps he could have had his name on the foundation of the New Jerusalem like the rest of the disciples remember the New Jerusalem the foundation has the names of the of the Apostles but but Judas is missing because he was the one the betrayed Christ Prost this rich young ruler could have replaced Judas and if he was faithful maybe he would have had his name on the foundations of the City of God but he traded that. For so little. And so now Jesus seeks to teach an important lesson to the disciples in what had just transpired and in verse twenty three Jesus looked around about and said into the disciples how hardly show they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God. He warns them of the danger of trusting to earthly riches and then a verse twenty five Jesus is looking for an illustration to really drive this whole this point home and he says in verse twenty five it is easier for you what. A camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. What an illustration easier for a camel to go through the out of a needle than a rich man to be saved or friends I thought that that. A literal cam on a literal needle and that's impossible but friends is it possible for rich people to be saved yes or no of course in the same way it's possible for a camel to go through the eye of a needle if we understand what that means you see here's what I studied and they say the eye of the needle. In this context in that day you see the gate of Jerusalem was very big and whenever that gate was open anything could come through but sometimes they would close the gate of Jerusalem and they would have a little door in the gate that people can get in and out of the city without opening the gate and that little door in the gate they called the eye of the needle it was possible for people to walk in and out of the eye of the needle but for a camel to get through there it was very difficult. But it still was possible for a camel to get through that little passageway if the Camel did two things how many things and these two things that the camel had to do to get through that little passageway is the same two things that all of us need to do in order to be saved that camel number one had to unload. It had to work. Unload all the baggage that it was carrying it had to get rid of everything it couldn't get through the eye of the needle with all that baggage number one it had to unload it and number two it had to bow down it had to work. And if the camera was unloaded and bow down it could get through the eye of the needle friend if we want to make it to heaven. We too have to unload the things of this world that holds us back and after we unload those things we need to have bowed down in surrender in prayer and friends how can we have this experience verse twenty six and they were astonished out of measure saying among the. Cells who then can be saved the disciples say because remember they looked upon riches as a blessing from God And so they thought to themselves if those who are blessed by God can't be saved then who can be saved. And then Jesus said in verse twenty seven with man now in his word impossible but not with God for with God all things are possible in the Contacts What does it mean all things are possible the ability to surrender or to Jesus is possible by the power of Christ why he is the reason Second Corinthians Chapter eight and verse nine Write it down were almost finished second prettiest of the eight verse nine the Bible says For you not the grace of our Lord Jesus that though he was Ridge you for your sakes he became poor so that you through his poverty might be made Ridge what makes it possible to surrender our earthly riches. It's because he. Surrendered his Heavenly Rest riches. To take our earthly rags and die on a cruel cross. We can go to heaven because Jesus left Heaven we can wear the crown of life because Jesus wore a crown of thorns we can walk the streets of gold because Jesus walked the way of suffering. And because of the great sacrifice of Christ the richest being in the universe laying all of that aside and becoming poor in poverty in this world for you and for me I think that love that grace that power enables us to have that same experience as well. He did it for you friends Jesus died for you. We live for him. He has something better to offer you and now I close with a store. Ory of a rich man and his son who are fine collectors are some of you perhaps heard this story before but this father and son were very close and they were very wealthy they lived in a very big mansion and they would love to collect art they were into the arts and they collected paintings from very famous artists all around the world and they decorated their large mansion with these paintings all over the place it was just the Father the Son They were very close but unfortunately the son contract in a very rare disease and his health began to dwindle he started looking sick and pale and death was inevitable the father knew that his son was was going to die soon and so before he died he hired an amateur artist to come in and paint a portrait of his son his spill of it son that at that point was looking sickly and pale. Shortly after that the son passed away. And that was the last portrait of the Son and that became the father's favorite painting. When his son passed away the father was so depressed. His health began to dwindle he was in deep depression he declines in health and and shortly after that the father passed away as well leaving no heir to his estate no family members to receive the inheritance and so what happened was the state got together the state started an auction they were there to hold a big auction to sell off all the beautiful paintings in the mansion as well as all the possessions and the House as well and people all around the world came to the estate they came to the man's house with the auction was to be him to bid upon all these famous paintings and representatives from companies companies all around the world and museums came and it was going to be a great event and so the auction begins and the auctioneer stands up before a crowd of people and the first painting that they were to bid on was the portrait of the man son that had died the. Son that He loves so much but people looked at that. And it wasn't by a famous artists and no one wanted to buy the sun they didn't like the sun and so no one made gave any pads and people started grumbling and complaining oh we don't want that painting less Let's get on with the of the other pieces of art work no one wants to somebody auctioneer said no this is the first painting that must be sold in the Father's will he said this is the first one and so who would take the son who would take the son while anyone take the son but no one one of the Son and finally there was a gardener that had worked at that estate that knew the look that the Son I'm the father to be kind and generous individuals and because no one else wanted the son this gardener came and he gave a bid I'm not a wealthy man but I will give twenty dollars. To take the son. That's the bit that he gave. This anyone else have a higher than anyone for thirty but no one would bid higher than twenty and finally that painting was sold to the gardener and after it was sold everyone was relieved they said All right let's get on with a better paintings and the auctioneer said I'm sorry the auction is closed now and people are beside them so what do you mean what about all the other paintings I'm sorry the auction is closed because in the Father's will he said that whoever purchases the son. Will inherit all of the other paintings the house and all of its possessions and so this painting of the Son all the other paintings this beautiful mansion is all going to the gardener who gave everything in order to take the son. And friends that's the same for us today God is asking who will take the son. Who will take the son. And if you take the sun Jesus you receive everything else and so how many you want to take the sun today. Friends you have to give all in order to take the sun. You have to enter your whole life. But when we do he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep the game what he cannot lose so let's stand together and take the sun today what do you say that a stat. And by our standing were saying yes Lord I take the sun no one else may want the sun but I want the sun I will take the sun. Let us pray Lord we thank you so much for this very simple story. That teaches us such heavy and profound lessons Lord you have summarized. All of our problems with just one thing that we lack. And that as a fully surrendered heart. Father we today stand wanting to surrender our all to you. You gave everything for us Lord. And so we give our hearts to you today. Lord I we ask that you please forgive us for being like the rich young ruler. For serving you. Out of a selfish motivation. But Lord Today we pray that self. Will be sacrifice so that our service will be acceptable we take the sun today Lord Jesus please. Forgive us for looking for riches in faraway places with riches are within our reach just outside the door of our hearts. Now we pray Lord that you would come into our hearts make our hearts your home. And our lives may be pleasing to you this media was brought to. You buy audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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