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Watchmen What of the Night

Taj Pacleb
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Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • February 12, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven but once again we want to thank you so much for your goodness and your grace and your love and for this wonderful privilege that is ours in studying your word and we pray that the Holy Spirit would just feel this room fill our hearts captivate our minds convict our hearts convert our souls and make us more like Jesus I pray Father that this message will be presented clearly and understood clearly and that we would get excited about the time in which we live and the mission that you've given to us to accomplish so bless us now is our prayer in Christ's name we ask you men would you please take your By been open with me to the Book of Romans Chapter thirteen Romans Chapter thirteen as we begin our study tonight in titled Watchman one of the night we're going to Romans. The thirteenth year where the apostle Paul shares these powerful and stirring words Romans thirteen verse eleven please write it down and notice with me in your Bible and if you are there different it is that of the Bible would you let me know by saying amen. Romans thirteen eleven the Apostle writes and that knowing the time that now it is a high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light invest verse the Lord through the Apostle Paul sends to us an urgent along on alarm to wake us out of spiritual slumber and sleepiness this passage tells us that the night is almost finished the dead. He is at hame and now it is a high time an urgent time of solemn time to shake off the spiritual sleepiness and to put on the armor of light which is none other than the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But unfortunate friends many people have fallen asleep in this dark world but now God's light is shining upon us and God is sounding an alarm and shining the light to awaken the sleeping giant into eternal victory now our friends is the very worst time to go to sleep and so if you feel a little bit sleepy right now just shake yourself. Into. And if someone next to you see dozing off just go ahead and give them a sanctified nudge. Now is the most dangerous time to sleep. God is calling us to wake up now friends let me ask you Have you ever slept through an important event in your life. Overslept resulting in missing that event. Or Recently I read an article that told the story of one that did just that his name was as you say his name is Jodie George what is his name Jody George and he is a triathlete the lives in the United Kingdom there in England and Jody Georgia is a picture of him he had spent a whole year training for a triathlon in England a race that includes a two point four mile swim after that a one hundred twelve mile run and then ending with a twenty six mile marathon course you'd be one hundred twenty mile cycle riding the bike and then ending with a twenty six mile marathon. And Jody George was competing for a good cause he wanted to raise funds for the Somerset air ambulance and upon sharing his cause with others he was able to draw hundreds of supporters and he raised over one thousand British pounds. From hundreds of people who donated to support his cause every week he would post on Facebook and social media his progress and his preparations and everyone was excited for him and and Jody felt very confident in himself in the night before the race was to to happen he felt well prepared and so and and strangely and unusually relaxed a little bit too relaxed. Looking back in hindsight. Jody went to sleep early that night hoping to wake up early eager to get a good head start on the race the next day and he set his alarm for three o'clock in the morning three A.M. and when that time arrived the alarm went off Jodi looked at the alarm he saw three A.M. and then Jodi made a decision that he would ever after regret he hit the snooze button. Terrible mistake why because you know what they say use nudes. You lose. Snooze you lose. He ended up waking up three hours later. Knowing that it was too late he missed the race he missed the race he was devastated realizing that he slept right through what he had waited for for so long and now he is filled with shame because now he has to apologize to all of those hundreds of supporters who donated over a thousand pounds. And to support his call us Jody had prepared for the race but he was still on ready for the race why because he failed to wake up. And why did he fail to wake up. And not because he did not know the time he didn't know the time the time was flashing in his face the alarm was ringing in his ears but he just wanted to sleep of few more minutes. And so he hit the snooze button he ignored the alone and Jodie it lost that race because he didn't even start that race and he did not start that raise because he refuse to wake up in time what a story what a tragedy or what a lesson for you and me friends listen saw many people in our day in our world today understand that we're living in a very dangerous solemn an unprecedented time many people are acknowledging that just like Time magazine ran this article not long ago that the end is very very near people are seeing the signs. But there are a few zing to wake up they're hearing the alarms but they're hitting the spiritual snooze button they just want to sleep for a little bit longer. Are friends like Jodi. They do it. At the danger of missing an important event. But for us the event is far more important than a earthly race is the race of salvation if we sleep through this event we will be eternally lost and that's the reason why the Apostle Paul in the passage tells us that we need to awake out of sleep the night of trouble is almost finished and the eternal day of deliverance is at hand it is a high time for us to be wide awake and watch war because Jesus. Is coming soon. And somebody should say amen to that. In fact Jesus said the same thing I want you to turn now to the book of march up to thirteen let's go to march up to thirteen where Jesus tells us that in this solemn time that we need to do something very important so important that Christ actually repeats it four times now friends this and when God says something once it's important the first time he says it when he says it twice it's very important thrice even more but when he says it four times it's because it's a matter of eternal importance and I want you notice in March up to thirteen. Jesus in this chapter is describing the signs of the times what is going to be like in the last days and in the midst of this discourse on the last days Jesus then instructs us to do something they were able to make it through the last days now how many want to make it through the last days of soul let me hear. Oh then we need to open our ears and listen to a Jesus has to say in Mark thirteen verse thirty two if you are there would you please say amen. But on that day and Scuse me but of that day and that hour no it no man no not being Jews which are in heaven neither the Son but the father take heed therefore and one watch and pray for you know not when the time is for the Son of Man is he is as a man taken in for a journey who left his house and gave authority to his servants and to every man his work and commanded the porter to watch verse thirty five watch either for for you know not when the master of the House comes that even or at midnight or at the cock growing or in the morning verse thirty six less coming suddenly he finds you a sleeping worse thirty seven and what I say to you I say to all but. What word to Jesus repeat four times in that passage the word what. Watch you don't know the exact day or hour that Jesus is coming back but we're to watch for his coming we're to be wide awake now is not the time to go to sleep Jesus is in the last days we need to watch in light of the fact that time is almost finished we're told watch our read tension is drawing nigh and our salvation is there were there when we first believe and the final movement was movements will be rapid ones and it's coming is closer than we think and what a tragedy friends that this day will come upon us catching us off guard in spiritual slumber our friends there are two reasons I want to share with you today Why does US cause us to watch how many reasons. The first reason is so that you can be ready. Amen. But the second reason why the Lord was wants us to watch is because he wants to use us to help others be ready as well he wants to save you and he wants to save others through you easy God is not only calling us to watch but he's also calling us to be a watchman. In fact notice what it says in his E.Q. chapter three and verse seventeen notice what the Bible says equal three verse seventeen it's on the screen the Bible says Son of man I have made a way a watchman into the house of Israel therefore hear the word at my mouth and give them warning from me the Bible tells us that God is calling us to be a watchman on the walls of Zion and we are to listen to what the Lord is saying to us and then we're to spread that warning to others we're not just to watch for ourselves we're to watch even for others and I love what it says in the book Acts of the Apostles page three sixty one it reads It is the privilege of the watch. On the walls of Zine to live so near to God and be so surprise set the book to the impressions of his spirit that he can work through them to tell men and women of their peril and point them to the place of safety faithfully are they to warn them of the sure results of transgression in trumpet tones their voices are to be lifted and never are they to sound one wavering on certain note not for wages are they to labor but but because they cannot do otherwise because they realize that there is a wall upon them if they fail to preach the Gospel chosen of God and sealed with the blood of consecration they were to rescue men and woman from their impending destruction friends listen carefully. It is a very sacred and solemn thing to be a spiritual watchman the safety of all within the walls of the city and eternal salvation of many outside of the walls depends on that word that you by the grace of God are commissioned by Christ to preach to the weren't And God says that if we fail in giving the warning because of our spiritual sleepiness and if people are lost because we failed to give that warning the Bible tells us that those who are lost because we didn't want them very broad is going to be our on our hands. God holds us responsible and accountable it's a serious thing. To be a watchman God is calling us to stay awake. Just a few months ago I. Had the great privilege my wife and I of going to Africa went to the country of Kenya we were invited to go there to preach to the Messiah people and these individuals are amazing people they live right there with the animals and we held a week of revival there we preach not have tonight and and many people were extremely blessed. We have though we also got the chance to go on one of those African safaris to see the wild animals in their natural habitat and I took some of these pictures I'll show you on the screen I'm not sure if you can see them well. Resolution is not as good but this is a picture that I took Do you see those lions almost perfectly camouflaged in the Golden Grahams we saw that the Lions a pride of lions they were on the hunt. And on their menu that day were these animals I took this picture they're called Topi What do they call. Their part of the antelope subspecies they call them top. And we can see that the Lions looking in the distance eyeballing this herd of Topi these animals and our car safari vehicle was actually parked right in between the lions and the top aides so the Lions were looking right at us but they were actually looking past us looking at these herd of Topi they were eating grass. And these creatures the top these are fast creatures and we noticed that they were all standing erect with their heads up high watching the approach of the prowling lions who were perfectly camouflaged in the golden grass those topiaries had no fear for the Lions as long as they were watching and knew where the lines were as long as they could see the lines and knew where the lines were these Topeka is the out running them and so we were in the middle and we almost said we saw the Lions take off and begin to change the topiaries and the top he's out ran them very easily and the Lions were disappointed they did not have a meal in that moment but later on that same day we saw a herd and here's another picture we saw in the plane of grass a month you can see there but we saw a herd of top. He's sleeping in the grass you can see their horns sticking out of the grass there over there and I thought to myself oh how in the world could they sleep what enables this herd to be so relax when there are ravenous and lions walking about seeking whom they may devour How could they have rest when their lions there are almost perfectly camouflaged in that grass that they are resting in how is it possible and I found the answer to that question when I looked a little bit further and I saw this and I took this picture right here you could see one singular Topi standing on a mound of grass that was elevated his head was high and he was watching in the distance you know that Topi is that's the watchman. The rest of the flock could sleep peacefully why because there was a watchman there was a wide awake standing watching for danger ready to alert the flock at the approach of the ravenous lions and when I saw that picture or that that image of that top piece standing erect I said a little prayer in my heart and I said Lord make me like that. Even. Make me a faithful watchman wide awake standing faithfully at my post of duty and friends is that your prayer today. The Lord is calling us to be a watchman on the experience I had there on the African plains reminded me of this verse in the back of chapter two verse one and two please write it down a back up check the two first one into the Bible says I will stand upon my watch and set me upon the Tom and I will watch to see what he will say and to me and watch what I shall answer when I am reproved the Lord answered me he said right. Vision. And make it plain upon the tables that he may run their reads. God is calling us to watch to make plain the requirements of God to make plain the truth of the gospel so that when the danger comes those who read it those who understand the message can run to the place of safety. God is calling us to watch their friends did you know that there are actually two types of watchman in the Bible. Two types of Watchman the question is which one are you here's the first one Isaiah sixty two verse six write it down I have said watchman on your walls all Jerusalem they show never hold their peace day or night you who make mention of the Lord do not keep silence faithful watching is not going to hold back they're not going to keep silent they're not to be too much concern with political correctness they're going to lift up the trumpet and sound the alarm. Not calculating the consequences of giving the message that's the watchman I want to be like about you but then there's another kind of Watchman that the Bible describes in Isaiah Chapter fifty six verse ten and eleven please write it down notice with me on the screen Bible says He is a watchman on our way. Oh help me out friends his watchman are blind they are all ignorant they are all what does some dogs they cannot bark sleeping lying down loving to slumber yea they are greedy dogs which can never have enough and they are shepherds that cannot understand they all look to their own way every man for his his gain from his corner. Baba describes that there are some watchman who are like dumb dogs they can bark. They're not giving the alarm they're not sounding the alarm and giving the warning they're sleepy they're lying down they're greedy they're living for themselves they're not sacrificing and serving the Lord. Serving themselves. Dumb dog they can't bark I don't want to be like that how about you friends do remember the story of when the twelve spies went to survey the land of promise and. The twelve came back ten of them bore a bad news message but two of them gave the message of the Lord who are those two faithful spies those faithful watchman or their names. Caleb ban Joshua and they gave a message of faith a message that said victory is possible because God has promise they were the faithful watchman the others were too afraid now friends I like Caleb especially Caleb's name your Caleb's may meet means the word Caleb means dog. But Caleb was a parking dog. He was giving the message of the Lord and the Lord is calling us to be just like that now the question this evening is this though how can we be faithful watchman. What do watchman need to watch and what do Watchmen need to know for the sake of time I'm going to read these quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy and I hope you write them down and read them when you go home in the book testimonies to the church volume six page four zero seven it tells us what the watchman are supposed to know in order to be fit for watchman. Knows what it says it's on the screen the watchman is to know the time of what. That Can you see this. Can everyone see what's on the screen. All right so help me out the watchman are to know the time of night. Everything. Is now closed with a solemnity that all who believe the truth of this time should realize the judgments of God are about to fall upon the world and we need to be pair be preparing for that great day our time is precious we have but few very few days of probation in which to make ready for the future immortal life we have no time to spin and have hazard no movements we should fear to skim the surface of the Word of God We need to go deeper friends we can stay on the surface of the Bible we got to go deeper in our prayer life deeper in our devotional life deeper in our study life deeper in our witnessing life we should be afraid to be surface Christians. That it says in this passage that the watchman are to know the what everyone. Remind me what what we just read the watchman ought to know the what time of night now what does that mean. What does it mean to know the time of night now that's not referring to the literal time of night. When the when it says that we are to know all the time of night it's referring to the prophet take time of night it. Doesn't matter if you know the exact time of day or night. The devil knows that and he's going to be laws. You see if we are going to be faithful watchman we must understand the prophet time of night it's. Now here's the question Has God made known the prophetic times to his faithful watchman has he given us some inside information the helps us to understand where we are in profit time yes or no yes he has I wish I had the time to go through this with you but there is a specific time prophecy that that he has given us understanding of that we know and we understand that not many people know in the world today. The time prophecy of Daniel Chapter eight verse fourteen. Where the Bible says up to two thousand three hundred days then shut the sanctuary becomes. Now that two thousand three hundred a prophecy pointing to the cleansing of the sanctuary was fulfilled in what year do you know eighteen forty four. Eight hundred forty four. That time prophecy was fulfilled. And others since that year we've been living in the hour of God's judgment in the time where Jesus is cleansing the heavily sanctuary preparing a people for his soon coming and according to Revelation Chapter ten and verse six. Bible tells us in Revelation ten verse six that time is no longer time is what. Now when it says that time is no longer that's not talking about actual or literal time it's talking about profit take time in other words since the year eight hundred forty four prophetic time is finished. The prophecy of eight hundred forty four was the last time prophecy ever since then we're not waiting for another time prophecy to be fulfilled it's. Time prophecy is finished in one thousand nine hundred four the second coming of Christ is not determined or dependent on a time prophecy God is not waiting for a prophecy of time to be full feel he's waiting for his church his people to get ready and to share the message of the world remember. What friends will profit it time or start again after eight hundred forty four the answer is yes when is the next time prophecy when does the next time prophecy actually begin it will begin when Jesus comes. Because you remember that when the Lord Jesus comes he takes us to heaven and we're going to be there according to Revelation chapter twenty how long a thousand years or so a time prophecy will begin again once the Lord comes back to take us home but in between eight hundred forty four and the second coming of Christ there is no specific time prophecies and other words we don't know exactly what the time of His coming is going to be. No man knows the exact day or hour of His coming and so if that's the case then the question is this how do we know the prophet time how do we know the time of night if there is no time prophecy then how can we know the time of night or the answer is very simple we can know the time of night not by date. But by even it's not by dates but by what everyone. Events I want us to notice how specific events in the Bible. Tell us what time of day and night is in the Prophet day friends did you know that both the first coming of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus is like in unto the morning. Not the literal morning but the prophetic The Prophet morning in the Prophet a day. When Jesus came the first time the bible likens that to the morning when he comes the second time in the Bible also likens that to the morning and we're going to see right now that in between the first coming and the second coming of Jesus there are at least three periods of darkness or three periods of night to. Notice with me on the screen please write it down we're not going to have the time to look up these verses but notice. With me on the screen the first coming of Christ is like into the morning according to modern concept and for verse two and John chapter one in verse four Bible says in those passages that the sun shall rise. The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings that's referring to the first advent of Messiah It's like going into the sun rise that's the morning John one verse four says that that the light came into the world that's the Morning Friends Jesus comes into this dark planet and he brings in the morning he brings in the light it's. Then after Jesus came. When mankind placed him on the cross that was a period of darkness it was a period of night Luke Chapter twenty two verse fifteen three it was the hour of darkness the time that Jesus was crucified Matthew twenty seven thirty five darkness cover the whole land not just physical but also spiritual darkness when humanity crucified their Creator that was night time. The time of night but Jesus thankfully did not stay dead he came forth from the to him as a conqueror over the grave and when he resurrected from the grave that my friends was the morning. The Morning. And thus he empowers upon his resurrection he empowers the early church to spread the gospel it's morning the light of truth is spreading throughout all the world during that time it's morning the light is shining but then after that time of the early episodic church another period of darkness would settle upon the world my time during the Dark Ages. A time of apostasy you can read about it in Daniel eight verse three second visit on instructed to verses one through twelve during this age of compromise history books call it the Dark Ages. It's night time where apostasy. And false doctrines are prevailing in all the weren't but then after night the morning would come again and this time during the sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth centuries when the Protestant Reformation took place in the light of church was restored and the mid eight hundred S. the great Advent movement was arrested up to restart all the truth in all the world after the dark ages here comes the morning the Reformation restoration of truth it's the morning friends not a literal morning a prophet morning but then after that there would be one more period of darkness before Jesus comes the time of trouble in the last days the final night Daniel twelve or swung there should be a time of trouble such as never was from the very beginning of time. Isaiah Chapter sixty verse one darkness show cover the earth grows darkness the people Matthew twenty four the signs of the times it's the final morning the time of tribulation in trouble that will take place in the last days that's the final night and for his lesson we are living in some time in that final night but thank the Lord that after night the morning will come and this will be the final morning of the second coming of Jesus Christ's the day in which. All darkness will flee for eternity Hosea chapter four over six Bible says that his going forth is like the morning Matthew twenty four verse twenty seven the second coming will come and he will come from the east and the sun rises from the east the second coming of Jesus is the final morning it is resurrection morning it is when the eternal morning will come and night will be finish. How many looking forward to the return of Jesus same. That's why the Bible says that we ping show in door for the night but showing comes in the morning. In the morning. And the Bible tells us that when we get to heaven there is no night there Amen that's math that's Revelation twenty two verse five in heaven known might fare darkness is pass and so we want to be ready for the morning Amen. I can hear you you want to be ready for the morning Amen. But friends the we've been told that in preparation for the morning the second coming that the watchman are to know the what time of night. And we know the time of night not by date because since one thousand nine hundred four there's time along we not the time of night not by dates but by events there are certain events that help us to understand what time of night we are that reveals to us how close we are to the morning. And that's why the Lord Jesus said watch and pray for you know not when the time is you don't know the exact time of the morning therefore we are to watch and pray we are to watch the passing of events to know when the morning is near and we are instructed in required to know the time of night I want you to notice in the book great controversy the great controversy page three seventy one here's what. The prophet of the Lord says. Though no man knows THE DAY nor THE HOUR of his coming that's the morning we don't know when Jesus is coming no one knows the time of morning it continues we are instructed and required to know when it is. In other words we are to know that time of night we are further taught that to disregard his warning and refuse or neglect to know when his admin is near will be as fatal for us as it was for those who lived in the days of Noah not to know when the flood was coming so friends very interesting. It says there that while we don't know the exact time of his coming. We are instructed and required as watchman to know when it's near watchman are to know the time of night which And so listen friends while there is a limitation to our understanding as to the definite time of morning what is in our reach is to know what that when it is near and so the bible asks the question in the book of Isaiah the question which is the title of our sermon today the question is asked watchman what of the night which. In other words the question is watchman what time of night is it. And the watchman responds by saying the morning comes and also the night of the morning comes and also the night and so how many want to know what time of night it is. You want to know. You ought to want to know if you don't know because God is calling you to be a watchman and your instructed are required to know so that you can give the warning to others and so if you want to know what time of night is let me hear say amen. First though let us see the importance of knowing Let's turn now in our Bible to the book of Luke chapter one thousand shall we turn quickly word mark right now let's go to the book of Luke Chapter nineteen. Luke Chapter nineteen we're going to know about the time we finish what time of night it is specifically we're going to know what specific event. That is taking place it helps us to know the Lord is soon to come we're going to Luke Chapter nineteen where Jesus describes the signs of the times and the destruction of the city of Jerusalem and remember that the destruction of Jerusalem. Was a microcosm an object lesson of the destruction of the world in the last days so what happen in a literal local location in Jerusalem will be repeated on a grander scale in the last days and so Jesus said in Luke Chapter nineteen begin it would verse forty three if they would you be saying them here is what he says. For the days shall come upon the that an enemy shall cast a trench about B. and compasses the round and keep the on every side. And shall lay the even with the ground and I children within the and they shall not leave in the one stone upon another why because thou didn't know West not the way. The time of that visitation as you understand what that is saying Jesus talk about the destruction of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple and he is saying that the Romans are going to come and busy juice around you in every side and eventually they're going to destroy the city and they're going to raise the temple to the ground not one stone shall be left upon another that shall not be thrown down Christ is prophesied that the Temple would be destroyed and for as my wife and I were just in Israel earlier this year just a few months ago and we went to the Temple Mount and at the bottom around surrounding the mound we saw these huge stones the remnants of the stones of the temple it's still there as a testament that what Jesus said came to pass. I climbed up on those stones and took a pitch it was amazing to see with my own eyes the fulfillment of Bible prophecy not one stone left upon another. All of them were thrown down and you can go to Israel today and still see those those stones all thrown down but why. Why what reason did Jesus give that person would be destroyed he said because you did not know though why at the time of my visitation and friends the time that Jesus is referring to in this chapter in this passage is the prophet at time of judgment described in Daniel Chapter Nine many Jews were lost because they did not understand that time prophecy now the next question is this what event marked the end of time for Israel let's go now to the book of Mark in fact let me just quote it to you for the sake of time please write it down but Mark Chapter thirteen and verse fourteen Jesus said this listen very carefully but when you see the abomination of desolation when you see what everyone. The abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing where it ought not let him that reads understand and let him that be in Judea fully to the mountain so Jesus said When you see with your physical eye the abomination of desolation standing where it should not be then you need to flee to the mountain for your life. So there was something that the Israelites could literally see that indicated the time of the fulfillment of prophecy and when they saw that they were to flee for their lives in the mountains for safety Now what exactly was this abomination of desolation that they would see what is that or friends would have to guess because Mark twenty one verse twenty tells us exactly what that abomination was so you are might be in Luke still let's read Chapter twenty one and verse twenty to see what that sign was and what it has to do with us living in the last days Luke Chapter twenty one verse twenty. Jesus said and when you shall see. Jerusalem come passed with what. Compounds with what armies then know that the desolation thereof is not or near And so what was the abomination of desolation. That told them that the time was was was come for them to flee comparing Scripture scripture Jesus said When you see the armies surrounding Jerusalem and friends it was by the besiegement of the Roman armies that they were to know that the time was near and friends with the Roman armies came into Jerusalem and they came in carrying a Roman standards in their hands. And on that Roman standard was a pagan sign and they took those standers those signs of paganism and they planted upon the holy ground. And THAT my friends is the abomination that would lead to desolation a pagan sign Listen friends this and very carefully when a pagan sign is placed in a holy place that's the abomination that the Jews back then were to look for and friends it's the same for us today now what does this have to do with. Time and will not permit us to dissect and prove every point you are about to say from this point on Allow me friends simply to read you from the spirit of prophecy which summarizes exactly what the Bible teaches for those of you who saw our seminar are revelation of whole Bible prophecy seminar we have at least three presentations that cover this in detail straight from the Bible the abomination of desolation is one of them the mark of the beast and the seal of God is another one and the Battle of Armageddon these presentations we dissect in detail what we're about to summarize right now in the spitter prophecy so even though we're reading for this bit of privacy everything that we're about to read. Is strictly Biblical if we had the time we could prove it but since we don't allow me to summarize what does this have to do with us let me read from testimonies volume five page four fifty one here's what it says. As the approach of the Roman armies was a sign was a want everyone assigned to the disciples of the impending destruction of Jerusalem. Saul made this apostasy. Be a sign to us. That the limit of God's forbearance is reached and that the measure of our nation's iniquity is full and that the angel of mercy is about to take her flight never to return so friends notice the sign of the approach of the Roman armies to the Jews. Just like they had that physical or visible sign. She says so made this apostasy be a sign for us so whatever the first apostasy is is telling us what the time of night is so now we want to find out what exactly is this apostasy if we know what this apostasy is we are going to know what the time of night is if we know the time of night is then we can be a faithful watchman giving the warning to the weren't And so how many of you now want to know what this apostasy is. I want to know I really want to know what that is I want to be a faithful watchman for his do you want to know if you want to know let me hear Salman. Are you sure you want to know if so let me hear you say amen again a little louder. All right some of you look like you don't want to know. This is the majority want to know we're going to go through it and allowing this bit of prophecy to summarize please write this down the context of that quote. It says this testimony is Volume five page four fifty one I'm going to read the whole quotation and then we'll dissect it and I want to show you how this is happening today in our world where here's what it reads. By the decree in forcing the institution of the papacy in violation of the law of God our nation would disconnect herself fully from righteousness when Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the Gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power when she shall reach over the abyss to clash hands with spiritualism when under the influence of this three fold you knew our country shall repudiate every principle of its constitution as a Protestant and republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of people all should and delusions then we may know that the what. Time has come for the modernist working of Satan and that the end. Is Near. Watch me what of the night the morning comes but also the light friends allow me now to break down this quotation and we're going to see how this is happening right now before our very eyes let's find out what does this mean what is the spirit prophecy saying to us let's break it down here's what it says and if we keep it keep it on the screen please is by the decree friends what is another word for decree. Or law. By the decree or law what kind of law the law is in for seeing of the institution of the law papacy. So the papacy has an institution that they want to make a law in the land. And it says that when this institution of the papacy becomes the law it is in violation to who is law to the law. So there is a papal institution that violates God's law that they want to make the law of the lab and it says that that our nation and the way it was writing she is an American so when she says our nation she's referring to the United States of America. Our nation would disconnect herself fully from righteousness friends what exactly is that papal institution. That contradicts God's law that will eventually may be made the law of the land that is specially the United States will pass and propagate it is none other than the Son day law Sunday worship is an institution of the papacy it is their mark of authority and they want to make this a law but they need governmental or political power in order to pass it and that is exactly what's going to happen Sunday worship as the law of a state and when the state enforces Sunday worship or a Sunday law that will disconnect herself from righteousness because it contradicts or violates the law of God and friends do you remember when the Roman armies besieged Jerusalem they were carrying with them pagan and standard and they placed did on holy ground in the same ways Sunday worship is a pagan institution it is the day in which the pagans worship the Sun God. Is on they worship is pagan and when you make Sunday worship the day of worship in the church that's like placing a Roman standard on a holy ground it is an abomination that would bring about final desolation. And so it's not about a national and international Sunday law but how will this law be passed the CO continues to say this listen carefully. When Protestantism shall stretch your hand across the Gulf to grasp the ham of the Roman power. Then when she shall reach over the mystic class the hands would spiritualism and when under the influence of this three Stop right there so it's saying that there's going to be a three fold union that will unite together and as result of the union of these three parties a national Sunday law is going to be perhaps and one of the three parties number one Protestantism number two. The Roman power which is Catholicism and then number three is what spiritualism now Fred let me ask your question is Protestantism and Catholicism are they uniting today absolutely yes friends there is an ecumenical unity between Protestantism Catholicism and New Age spiritualism that we're seeing today more than ever before in the history of our world and did you realise that Protestants many of them have apologized for the reformation saying that it was all a mistake in fact next year is going to be the five hundredth year of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther nailed the ninety five feces on the church door he did it on October thirty first fifteen seventeen next year October thirty first will be the five hundredth year of the great Protestant Reformation and you know what the churches are doing Catholicism and maybe those Protestant churches in Europe are going to have an ecumenical celebration The celebrate the five hundredth year. Of the Reformation unity and ecumenism is a buzz word in mainstream churches of today friends when you think about it Protestantism has changed they're no longer protesting. But Catholicism at its very foundation remains the same we hear the first Jesuit pope saying things like this. That when we cross the law ties amongst Christians we are committing a grave sin. And he is warning people not to listen to apocalyptic preachers I wonder why he's given that warning because he knows that it's in Revelation that exposes the plans of the papacy and friends let me ask you is there a strong unity between mainstream Christianity and spiritualism Yes listen carefully the new spirituality I don't know if you've heard that expression before but many churches of the world today are talking about the new spirituality and especially the new spirituality they're saying this the new spirituality downplays distinctive doctrines and in place of doctrine it exalts human experience. And reason as the test of truth essentially they're saying let's all come together in unity and let's put aside all our doctrinal differences as long as you have the Holy Spirit as long as you have the spirit and many of them are saying and have the evidence of it by speaking in tongues and having this charismatic experience as long as you have that God is in you and God is in me it doesn't really matter what we believe. And they're saying let's come together in the spirit but it's at the cost of truth it's a false spirit and that my friends is essentially new age spiritualism covered with Christian robes because friends what is the new age the New Age downplays objective and absolute truth and exults subjective human experience in place of them and that New Age is just the old lie of the serpent remember the serpent in Genesis Chapter three what that was the serpent essentially saying to Adam any. Has got really said that you shall need of every tree of every tree of the garden number one he was casting doubt. Not on the objective word of God has got really said that God didn't really say that that's the implication and then he said go ahead and eat your eyes are going to be open and you won't be like God knowing good and evil another was what the devil was doing he was downplaying objective truth and he was exulting a subjective experience go ahead eat and have your own experience because your personal experience trumps objective truth. Befriends the truth is this we are to never test the Word of God by an experience we are to test every experience by the Word of God. Because the devil can manipulate your experience he can manipulate your senses truth is the term and not by a subjective experience but by the Word of God but the new spirituality says it doesn't really matter what the Word of God teaches doesn't really matter what you believe as long as you have a quote unquote spirit and that's ecumenism and how they're all coming together in unity so we see that these three powers if we put up on the screen again Protestantism the Roman power and spiritualism are all united today and under this three fold Union what's going to happen next Here's what the quote says. Our country talking about the United States shout do what reputedly that means to take away or deny the truth they shall repeat every principle of its constitution as a Protestant and Republican government. And shall make provision for the propagation of papal false hoods and delusions Francis in carefully the foundational principle of the United States Constitution is religious freedom. And so to repudiate the principles of the Constitution simply means to deny the truth and to remove the right to religious freedom. And they're going to do this in order to propagate a papal false hood and friends what people will they propagate it is the national Sunday law. Now first listen the ecumenical movement is in harmony with this national Sunday law because they believe that this is of the law are you see there is no sinister or evil or blatant intentions behind wanting to pass a national Sunday law those who are for it the Christians who are for it they're sincere they they're saying you know we have all of these calamities in our world terrorism and not to disasters an economic instability and the reason why all of this chaos is happening is because we don't have God's protection because the world is left has left God. So in order to solve the problems of the world we need to come back to God and not to come back to God we need to unite upon that which we all have in common in almost every church the thing that they have in common is son they worship and they have good intentions they're sincere or friends sincere it is not enough because we can be sincerely mistaken we can be sincerely wrong so ironically religious liberties are actually going to be stripped by those who are religious themselves not realizing. What they're doing. And that it says when this takes place then no we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near friends were asked the question watchman. What of the night watchman what of the night Let us never be afraid or ashamed to respond to that question by saying to the world the morning comes but also the night it's. While the final abomination of desolation is being set up in the churches of the world today God is asking Watchmen one of the night as these things are taking place all around us and friends we just went on the surface in discussing these things there are so many evidences so many quotes from newspapers that we can read today to see the agenda that is taking place we don't have the time but as we see these things taking place God is calling us as watchman to wake up to cry aloud spare not and to lift up our voice like a trumpet and loud let it ring Jesus is coming again in. The morning is coming but also the night Jesus is coming how long now wrong friends his coming is near it's almost here and it's not mere fear and so now that we know the time of night which seeing that the national Sunday laws being in the stage is set for it to be passed how now shall we prepare for the glorious morning here's my last verse is with Jesus is Luke twenty one verse twenty eight friends this is before we read this we're living in a very fearful time you know the good news is you have nothing to be afraid of. The Bible says fear not Little Flock it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom Yes we live in a scary time but friends as long as we know Jesus we have nothing to fear because the Bible says perfect love cast out fear all we need to do is learn to love Jesus and we love him because why he first loved us study the love of Christ friends let your HE your human nature be broken at the foot of Calvary's cross let God pour his infinite GAAP in unconditional love in your selfish cold human heart and when love go. Goes in fear goes out. And God has revealed these prophecies to us not to not to scare us they help us to get ready to help us to know that time is almost finished and that he's soon coming to rescue us from this crazy world and so now that we know the time of night how do we prepare for the morning Luke Chapter twenty one and verse twenty eight notice of the Bible says this is Jesus speaking and when these things begin to come to pass then look. Up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws not friends listen. It's important as watchman that we look around so that we can see the signs recognizing the time of night and give the warning to those around us but don't focus on what's around you Bible says look up. Turn your eyes upon Jesus looked full into his wonderful face and when you do the things of this world will grow strangely them in the light of His glory and Grace yes we are to know the signs in order to be faithful watchman the but don't focus on the signs focused on the Savior when you look around you see the time of night and you realize that we're living in a nightmare but we're not to focus on that look up and you will see that the Morning comes. Jesus is soon to come. And as you keep your eyes on price by beholding you will become changed into the same image. And so my friends as we close tonight look up when you feel troubled by the frightening scenes of night look up when all the world is against you and you feel all alone. Look up when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death look up when your heart is filled with fear and your eyes or feel with tears look up when you meet diagnosed with cancer and you need to find some answers look up when your cancer acting crazy and your spouse is acting lazy look up when the bills are piling high and all you can do is cry look up when the traffic is backed up and you're down on your luck look up when the church feels all in code and you're tempted to leave the fold look up lift up your heads Jesus is coming again can somebody say amen and when you look up then you will see like the words of that powerful him on the screen it says the golden morning is fast approaching Jesus soon will come to take his faithful and happy children to their promise home when you look up what do you see you see that the Gospel summons will soon be carried to the nations around the bridegroom then will cease to care to tarry and the trumpet sound attended by all the shining angels down the flaming sky the judge will then take his people where they will not die then those loved ones who have long been party Well all that day the tears of those who are broken hearted will be wiped away we see the gleams of the golden morning here is seeing through this night of gloom we see the games of the golden morning that will purse the two. Watchman. One of the night. What's your response the morning comes but also the night as we close this evening how many want to say Lord Jesus forgive me for sleeping in the time of crisis help me Lord to wake up. In. Help me to watch to be faithful to give the warning message with the love of crisis and the compassion of Jesus that I might be ready for the morning. But also that you might use me to help others my friends my family my loved ones to be ready for that golden morning that your parents and I and you want to be a faithful watchman if so would you stand with me and let us pray. Let us pray. Father in heaven. Lord we thank you so much for your great love. For the privilege that you've given to us to be your messengers your watchman in these last days we give us Lord for the times that we have been unfaithful the times that we have been sleeping. Lord please oh rouse us from spiritual slumber help us to recognize the time in which we live the know the time of night please don't make us ready for the glorious morning just around the corner Lord as we look at what's taking place in our world. We recognize that your kingdom is not of this world that we're not to be a political people pushing for these types of things but we're to be preparing for heaven. And so Lord as we see the stage being set for the Final Crisis the final apostasy the national Sunday law Lord please help us to keep our eyes on Jesus and as we behold you. May we become changed into your glorious image and then Lord use our voices to give the trumpet a certain size. A sound of warning not a sensational fanatical sound. But a sound of truth. Covered in. Close been filled with the love. And compassion of Jesus make us your watchman Lord is our prayer we thank you for hearing us in Jesus' name let all of the watch men of the Lord say. Amen. Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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