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The Blame Game

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • January 12, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Loving Father in heaven I stand before you as your servant I offer myself to you to God as an instrument use me to fall for answers you see fit I will not resist my desire is to present the truth as clearly as I can and then so doing to God bring glory to you on me and to the name of your Son Jesus Christ because I'm a human being to God because I made of just I am weak and so I ask you to father as you took dust and made Adam take this dust and make me an effective loud speaker of the truth Father let the Spirit speaking through me be the spirit that enlightens everyone you listening tonight please father let lives change as a result of tonight's message thank you Descartes for the high honor of speaking for you thank you Descartes for the pleasant privilege of being in New Guinea this pleasant land now they guard receive this prayer I have offered it in Cheesus name let God's people say a man and a man the blame game. Genesis two sixteen seventeen we are reading from the King James Version of the Bible. Genesis Chapter sixteen and seventeen the Bible says under the Lord God commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden without mace freely eat but of the tree of the knowledge of good in the full time shalt not eat of it for him to take a vow eat a snare of that shall surely die. When God made Adam Genesis two seven and a lot God formed man of the dust of the ground breve into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul and. Adam was made an adult. Animal. The only human being on this earth who began as an adult. He was made a full grown intelligent man and so of course was Eve so I should say I do believe with the only human beings that began as adults even Jesus began as a child a baby an infant. Because of this Adam. Toti. Delimitation Zz God placed on him in Genesis two sixteen of every tree of the garden without means freely eat but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil shalt not eat of it Adam as an adult a grown man if I may use that expression. With much your faculties he understood. What God meant when he said Do not eat of that tree if you do you will die out of understand that so it is by the way now let's go to Genesis Chapter three we shall read from first one our subject the blame game. Genesis three reading from verse one the Bible says Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made and he said unto the woman yea have God said Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden. And this woman said unto the serpent We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden gone and said He shall not eat of it neither shall he touch it lets see die and the serpent said unto the woman he shall not surely die. For God does know that in the day you eat there often you or I shall be opened and he shall be as gods knowing good and evil Now the devil said in Genesis three first for you shall not surely die God said in Genesis two seventy eight thousand actually died out of any of her. Tissues God's Word or Devil's word let me show you what Adam did which people do today Adam and Eve. Let's look at God's word. The Bible says by the word of the Lord were the heavens me and all the hosts of them by the press of his mouth for he spake and it was done he commanded and it stood fast Psalm thirty three for six and nine the Bible says in Hebrews eleven first three Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God So heaven on earth will mean by God's word in bible coming through folly and one page ten eighty one the paragraph one and a white writes God spoke and his words created his works in the natural world. The Word of God created which means that the tree in which the serpent perhaps was sitting was proof of the power of God's word. If you follow me. The very tree in which the serpent was called was proof that God's word could be trusted God's word was powerful the very grass on which each student actually gazed into that tree was proof of the power of God's word Genesis one eleven the Bible says And God said Let the earth bring forth grass first trials and the earth brought forth grass and so he was surrounded by evidence of the power and the reliability and just truthfulness of the Word of God. The family serpent was a result of the Word of God Genesis one twenty four And God said Let us bring forth the living creature after his kind cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth after his kind. The serpent did not create before it was a curse. But it was one of the beasts of the earth this serpent itself was proof of the power of God's word now follow me closely as I press on with the blame game. That Sam Ward said in the day that we need to stare off shall surely die the same word from the same source the mouth of God. Now here comes another word from another mouth you shall not surely die. If there was no evidence at all anywhere in the universe but let's stick to earth your proofs visual All the wise that the damn fools word had power that the devil word could be trusted. To slow down try to convince myself you listening. Listen again. What's the evidence that God's word could be trusted yes or no give me some evidence that what. I what. I can hear you you tell me all of creation are they right yes I know yes they are all of transition. Was proof of the power of God's word what existed to demonstrate the power of Satan's word nothing. Whose word to the issues. Come on and somebody whose word to the issues the devil's word with want truth none. None. I don't want to preach to sermons but since I'm living on Sunday I want to see a lot of things do you know that's how people keep Sunday today. Have you ever found a text in the Bible that says the first day of the week is holy. It doesn't exist. Not one Bible verse. And most people keep that day not one. By people first is. The same thing Adam did and Eve did taking someone's word that has no power. And placing it to work I don't want to make anyone upset or angry with me but this must cause us to stop and think. Why do I go to church on Sunday. And this is not a Sunday sermon look at me Don't misunderstand me but the Spirit has told me to say why do I go to church I was in Nigeria anyone from Nigeria. Know All right where where where where are you from Nigeria I was in Enugu city you know state ever heard of it yes you have are you not from Nigeria now I was I've been there twice I was saying why he be a state I did a two week series only MICHAEL POWER agriculture university does that sound familiar Please say yes all right well I've been to your country anyway I was in Nigeria preaching I offered five hundred dollars. It was universities a meeting so we have students who know how to do research are you with me five hundred dollars anyone who can bring me one by potential that sense the first into his holy. And above another force that says God change the Sabbath I wanted to tax five hundred dollars so the students I told them Go bring you detect bring attention to model five hundred crisp nicely pressed dollars. The next day came I came to the meeting I stood up to preach and I said Who's ready to get the money come. Nobody came. And said this is the university you have research tools and show you searched bring me one first assess the first if the Week is holy and another person says God change come and get the money nobody came. At the end of the service a young man came to me this really happened he said Pastor. I searched for those tents I said what happened he said they're not there but can I still have the money. I said you can forget that. No way Jose No I want to tax from money he said Pastor they don't exist. I was in Detroit twenty five miles from where I live but Detroit has been airports from which I fly I was running a series of meetings three weeks every night I spoke on the Sabbath and I offered two thousand five hundred dollars. For anyone who prayed to a Bible text one the first to make his holy one text that says that to go and change the Sabbath I want those two checks so this lady went to her husband she and she told me the story she said honey I will house needs some repairs. And two thousand five hundred would just do it give me two texts let me take it to that strange man and get twenty five hundred dollars. Now husband said. Then I said What do you say. He said. It was. The the wives and honey what did you say when a tax he said they're not taxed he was irritated she said what you mean they don't text. He said there are no such text. She said What do you think she asked him. What do you think she asked him then why do we go to church on Sunday he said I was born a Baptist finish it for me. I'll die a Baptist. Nothing to do with truth I was born a Baptist I'll die a Baptist I was born a Mormon I'll die a Mormon my brothers and sisters Sabbath and Sunday in which days a Sabbath is not my my my my message for tonight but I said to. Put it on my hot Eve had no proof that God's word that I had a devil sword yet she chose the devil's word and I wanted to make a point that's how most people worship God to. Not my following God's word by following the words of men. And if that applies to you you should not leave this space tonight without making a courageous decision father I no longer want to serve you based on what man stands I want to serve you pay songs that's set the Lord somebody say a man. All right so Adam and Eve sinned they were both adults they knew what they're doing OK. Now let's go to first seven. Of Genesis three are subject is what blame game and the eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed signees together and made themselves aprons. And. They heard the full use of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day they heard and I met his wife hid themselves from the presence of the law gone among the trees of the garden. The law dog called into Adam and said to him first nine where I vow and he said I heard plan for you in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hate myself. And he said who told me that I was snake it has eaten of the tree we're off I commanded that I should not eat listen the first twelve read it with me what is he saying and he said what the woman whom down give is to me with me she gave me of the tree and I did it. Was our subject. What is Adam doing blaming me now listen to me carefully before you look down your. Knows that Adam blaming others for what we've done is the result of a carnal nature. But you see it differently than not instinct of a sinner is to blame someone else for his. Verse thirteen and a lot God said unto the woman What is this the Dow has done it is the verse. The woman said. This servant beguiled me and I did in Whom did she blame. Both Adam any blame to someone else. My friends my beloved friends listen carefully as I repeat what I said earlier the tendency to blame others for our mistakes is the result of the sinful nature. Has been displaying their wives wives blaming Houseman's. It is not natural to say it's my fault. Now keeping this in mind that blaming others eased the Luttrell behavior of the carnal mind keep this in mind let's go to first John Chapter five. Subject the blame game and what time is it. Seven thirty five we have twenty five minutes unless something changes. First John Chapter five reading from first to. By fists we know that we love the children of God when we love God and keep His commandments. And I haven't forgotten where total sacrifice and service and I'll show you how to how that is involved in what I'm saying by this we know that we love the children of God when we love God and keep His commandments now. Verse three for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grevious. Let's read first three again this time microscopically. Forth this is the love of God This is how you love God This is how you show love for God that we keep His commandments finish at first. And his commandments. Come on loudly are not what. The Bible says the commandments are not grevious. The Greek word for grevious means hard. Stern severe demanding harsh. Listen to what the Bible says. They're God's Law God's commandments are not hard. The Bible says. His commandments are no treaties which ones are not treaties. All to him. Which means it is easy to keep the Sabbath. And if you say it's hard to keep the Sabbath you're calling God a liar. Why. Why. Because God in His Word says the commandments are not hard if I say it is hard to keep a commandment a sense that I shall not commit adultery I am calling God a liar because God said my commandments are not Greenfield they are not hard they are not harsh they are not stern. If they are not hard what I think. There you see. But what did we say about one of the effects of the carnal nature on Adam and Eve. Come on tell me. Blame others now. Here's a couple Here's the carnal nature in operation with regard to go along. Let's go T.C. Q thirty six. When the thirty six learn that not yet Romans eight. Close to John. Closer to John and you kill is Romans eight reading for seven and for St Our subject the blame game Romans eight seven eight you have that you. Know one of the signs to me Well nothing changes. OK I still love you. But love is diminishing So answer me. All right Roman Saints have made the Bible say is because the carnal mind is what I am against God Keep reading for it is not subject to the law of God Now here's the law of God How does the Bible describe God's law. To its law how does the Bible describe God's Law E.D.C. it is not hard how does the Bible describe the carnal mind. Opposed to God's law. Now. How does the carnal mind solve the problem. Here's the law here's the carnal mind the Bible says the carnal mind is hard the Bible says the law is easy but the carnal mind will not accept it is heart. So what does it accuse of being hard gone to law. That's why. Preachers get into pulpits and tell you the law is done away with. You. They will not tell you the problem is the heart of man. They will tell you the problem is the law. That is the carnal nature exercising that unfortunate side effect which is blame others not yourselves and so we blame something the Bible describes as easy. And so we say it's hard to keep the Sabbath it's hard to keep the adultery commandment it's hard to keep the want to says Thou shalt not covet it's hard to keep the one that says Thou shalt not bear false witness we all blame God's law while we should be blaming the hardness of Dot not the law of God because the Bible says God's law is not hard. What needs to be softened what needs to be changed is not the law of God It is this. But we have learned the carnal nature never accept its true condition it there's something in counseling called transference. And he counselors and psychologists any all right. Transference if I can put it in layman's language is merely the phenomenon whereby a client treats the therapist as if the therapist were some other person in his life with whom he has negative interaction let me make that even simpler Let's say I'm going to therapy to my sister over here who's a counsellor and I bring her a chocolate and she refuses it. That immediately reminds me of my father who rejected everything I try to do and so I get angry with her but I'm really getting angry at my father but I transfer it to her You follow me that's transference. My heart is hard but I transfer my rock to the law. If that's clear so you man. Carmel hunt now let's go to thirty six let's me first twenty six on subject the blame game you connected to service and sacrifice because service to God is not hard. And we change was really hard service becomes easy. You can thirty six verse twenty six. When you found it's a man read with me what to say and you heart also when I came to you and your spirit when I put within you keep reading and I will do our take away what. I will take away was. How is the heart described stormy what does Tony mean heart gone says I will take away this stony heart out of your flesh and I will do our kids you a heart of flesh now let's go to first John Chapter three Keep in mind God said I'll take away the stony heart its heart I'll give you a soft heart. First John three. You read first for. When you found it's a man first John three you read first four and verse five. And one over here found it. All right let's read whosoever. Was never committed sin transgressive also the law keep waiting for sin is the transgression of the law now we have San and we house rule all because the first five and one. And reverse five and you know that he was. Manifested to do I. Take away I want our sin. Not take away one. The law listen again you know he was manifested to take away our scene and leave the law into. When God had to deal with the same problem God focus on sand not the wrong because there was nothing wrong with the law then there is nothing wrong with the law now there will never never be anything wrong with the law that the Bible describes as perfect holy just and good. My brothers and sisters. We can generalize from God's law which is not hard. Now why do I want to generalize from the law listen to what the Bible says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter he asked his twelve thirteen fourteen for a God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man. Let me say that again the wisest man who ever lived the son of David let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter here God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man there is nothing God requires of you young man on a few young woman that falls outside of the law. So I would see him sacrifice and service if the law of God represents the entire duty of man and the Bible says the law is not hard then whatever duty God requires of you he's not hard if you have the right heart can somebody is he a man the problem is not the law or the duty the problem is the heart. Its heart. Like stone in like flint until God changes the pot we were condemned called the law and criticize God's law and put the blame on caught some law until we realize the problem lies with me not the stop and it's me not to chop off. I when I am. Honestly realize it's me me I got a cart and I say father take away this Sunday keeping heart and give me the law abiding. Take away this adulterous and give me a law abiding heart and mind it is not the law of God It is the heart of man but because we are sinners I want. Is to place the pain came and blames someone else and something else for what we are responsible for. And so. We call God's Law hard. Not our hearts. Young people say well I can't go up to the highlands who are going to hard know your heart is. Let God change your heart you'll go anywhere. You'll go into an exploding volcano if goats and you. Make no difference to you why because you've got a different heart in other words you go where he sends me I will go why because my heart has been changed I know have the heart of Jesus who came from heaven and came into this so we're called the Earth. To Condon nature of a man this. Man he came that far as the Bible says and being found in session is a man humble himself and became obedient to death even the death of the cross that's how much he humble themselves so that he might make sounds vision available to you went to me and it was easy because of love. Love makes everything easy love makes everything manageable love makes everything bearable and I have never yet met a woman who in giving childbirth as painful as it is says the doctor but the child back to painful put it back. You know she wants that child and the more. When the child is in arms what pain I don't feel any. Why because when you love and some women do it six times seven times eight times nine times ten times. How I don't know. God bless all mothers understand me my mother had for God bless all mothers who can't go through that modern ones why love. Love. Love. Love. Will make you face any danger let me scare you a little bit. Are you ready. By talking about some of the country that leave you alone. The maternal mortality rate. In India for example is about four hundred. Deaths per one thousand one hundred thousand of life births. And I say that probably all your medical experts about for every one hundred thousand babies born four hundred die I mean women die in childbirth. You know all over the world women die giving birth to children. It does not stop other women from getting pregnant. Why do they do it. I want a child to love. And seeing other women die giving birth will not stop me. Why because of my heart I want to China. I'm trying to show you where the hardness lies it's not in the law of God It's in the heart when my heart is so big on the law is easy I met a lady several years ago she had six or seven consecutive miscarriages. Until she had the first one. And I said why did you keep. Going she said I wanted. Now if I had two miscarriages that be it. Are you with me I'm done. I'm not pushing my luck. This woman had Stephanie one too she tried she tried miscarriage miscount she kept going. Why she wanted her heart was for China right now she has a son. Is your heart to a big garden how. Is it in your heart to do service for God to serve the cost will tell you remote Cheesus if it is in your heart nothing will turn you back it becomes easy. And so the church needs young men young women who will enter mission service with the luxuries of life are almost nonexistent. But the people whom you will serve as precious to God as those who live on Piccadilly in London office have been you New York City. They mean as much to God. As a matter of fact when Christ came he identified with them. The Lord needs you to perhaps give up your career. And enter the service mission service instead of going ten fifteen years in school every time you needed to do missionary work you got a paper to write they need you to go out and do some outreach you have an exam to prepare for all these kinds of legitimity excuses that keep people out of the work force for the gospel of wife that say Lord let me give up this fifteen year career you let me go right into missions. If the heart is right. And so tonight. Let's not play the blame game. Do not blame God's law. For the hardness of your. Heart and mind. Do not question got. His commandments are not Greek Yes. Let's look at the commandments. Thou shall have no to gods before me you can keep that why. Why because God said. It's not hard. God said it's not hard you can keep it commandment to Thou shalt not make into the any crimson image or any likeness of anything that isn't heaven above all that is in the years beneath all that is in the water under the earth I shall not bow down by self to them not serve them don't worship something made from a tree or rock or anything else and it need not even be physical and when you follow false doctrine you worshipping a false doctrine because you are placing it ahead of truth and that false doctrine becomes and I don't. If you know different then Sunday worship becomes an idol. Especially when you learn from the Bible that a Sabbath is really decided it is seventy and you put it on Sunday worship that is an idol. Don't make them don't bow down to them you can keep that commandment commandment three thou shalt not take the name of the law if I got into vain for the Lord will not hold him guilty has that taken his name in for me and you and I can keep that commandment why because God said it is easy. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six day shutdown labor and do all my work but the seventh there is a sabbath of the Law High God in it I was shouting not do any work down on my son daughter by man servant not I made servant not my cattle not my stranger that is within by gates for in six days the Lord made heaven on earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day wherefore a lot less the Sabbath day and how. I love it when I say in the presence of the hearing of a holy God you can't keep that commandment wind because God said walk it's easy. To man of five on of my father my mother that my days may be long upon the land which the law if I don't give it the we can't keep that commandment because the Bible since it's easy we just need to change this heart and Paul can do that for us commandment six thou shalt not kill we can't keep that commandment seven thou shalt not commit adultery we can't keep that somebody say a man commandment eight thou shall not steal we can't keep that don't go to work late and leave early and expect a full check at the end of the month. You want to give your employer a refund always late at work and leaving early. Commandment nine Thou shalt not bear false witness against my neighbor we can't keep that commandment because the Bible says it's easy commandment ten times shalt not covet everything your friend has you want everything your neighbor has you want. Puts a lot of people into debt. The commandments are not hard the problem is what tell me the heart of man which is hard let's stop playing the blame game. Service and sacrifice. Can be a joy if the hardness of the heart is removed let me say it again service and sacrifice. Can be a joy. If this is changed the blame belongs right here. God has power to change this heart and give us one that is soft and pliable and sympathetic to his own law let me say it one more time at the risk of. The Ten Commandments. Are not hard to. Tell you what's hard. You this I can't quite tell you what's hard. The heart of man. Let me ask you a question. Listen carefully. Let me pray first before you ask they got. I'm about to make a call in the name of Jesus give me the right words Father forgive me if I said anything I should not have sent in my eagerness to present the word I do that sometimes and I apologize to you publicly father if I have said anything you don't like forgive me because those to whom I am preaching you love and you paid a great price for this sacrifice now Father let your spirit guide my words and touch the hearts of those who listen in Jesus name I pray a man I showed you from the Bible the commandments are not grievous first John five first three. Is to make him flee. If there's someone listening to me your son to keep or having heard what you heard you like me to pray for you say Lord help me to keep your Sabbath holy I need help I need help this message has opened my eyes touch my heart I want to obey the Bible Sabbath Please pray for me if there is someone like that raise your right hand. I. Want to keep Come come come come God bless you sister come I want to keep the pipe off. It won't happen overnight but I want God to see I have the desire come somebody else come I want to keep the Bible Sabbath come. Now whenever a preacher makes a call the devil makes his own call you see tells People don't move you must pray immediately that Hearts will be softened my brother God bless you I say that generally God bless you come my call is I want prayer that a lot of help me keep the Bible Sabbath which is Saturday to. Comes after before Sunday come somebody else I have heard the law of God is not hard then why do I keep doing that I need God to change his heart of mine that I may observe his seventh day sabbath come. Come God bless you want to be a full perception of people with on his hands wanted to serve God the way he wants to be served come God bless you God bless you God bless you somebody else you know on a Sabbath keeper your day has been Sunday but you found out something tonight. And all you coming to say is Father I want to be you have you learned your commandments not hard the problem is me to call changed me and bring me in harmony with your own law Come come don't be afraid don't worry about what you tell your husband your priest your bishop your prophet or your friends worry about what God will say if you don't move Come on I want my heart changed so I have a heart that you love is the law of gone here's how powerfully God changes a person's heart God says under the New Testament I will write my law in their hearts and put it in with parts that's what he does here or right seat in here so that you do it naturally anything that comes from the heart is done naturally and also as I put my law in your heart not your spleen your liver in the heart anybody else Father I want to be you the problem is my heart not your law and I thank you for opening my eyes to see that tonight anybody else and I have a second call to make anybody else I. Want to really keep a sense of this type of because that's what God Once that's his word it's HIS LAW The problem has been my heart and perhaps since a ignorance but it's God's will that all be open all right. Second call. There's a young man young woman. The Spirit has spoken to you this week. Regarding serving the Gospel directly not giving God six months of your life your whole life belongs to God But you've been touched by the messages you've been convicted and you considering committing your entire life into to rate service to the Gospel. During your entire life in direct service of the Gospel that's what you're thinking yes you learn from this you and certain got understand but if you're thinking a lot I would like to give my entire life into direct service of the Gospel it is a young man young woman thinking like that I want you to come let's pray for you come direct service of the gospel. The right. The same way Christ came was directly involved in the salvation of souls not part time director involvement the rest of the life. Not six months then go doing something else the life entire life. Durex service to God cos if you're thinking it come. Yes your friend if your parents I know that let God handle them. You're afraid of your friends because they all off to graduate school to do two more Ph D.'s Well I understand that. But you would like to go into Durex service to God The gospel bringing people to Christ. You just have to be thinking it and I want to pray for you. Just come just come. Let's make a temple nervous somebody so you ma'am. The devil has too many young people under his camp under his flag too many Jesus needs to win some back so we all back but he won't get all because many of us will not go. Operate without see and hear but I want to believe that everyone in this place wants to cooperate with Jesus Christ and so my second call is you even considered giving your entire life the rest of your life into terror Rex service to the Gospel come. Is a lot of money in it no. It is their choice yes it is a satisfaction yes it is their rewards Yes the other want to want the kind of rewards God values very highly but the world does not come. If you live on this earth you should be the reason why someone goes to heaven. If not it would have been better if you and I had never lived never be the reason why someone is lost now for be the reason why someone is lost trying to be the reason why someone is saved young men don't need a reason why your girlfriend leaves the church you know exactly what I'm saying. Be the reason why she comes closer to Christ. Church leaders don't be the reason why church members leave in disgust and discouragement be the reason why do you come closer to Jesus. And so young men young women to call is if you even are considering the rest of your life. Six months and five months the rest of your life. Christ came to this earth and for the rest of eternity he will have human form for the risk of eternity he also have to mark so the crucifixion the Bible teaches us that its commitment to a cause. Jesus is not a part time see if you he has too many part time workers someone once said part time Christians cannot defeat a full time devil. Anybody else. I know your parents want you to have good jobs and where we think good education means good job and so we think that's where the world thinks but if you really think about. Education is then you behave differently because in God's view education has everything to do with salvation. A properly educated person is ready to meet Christ and almost all schools on earth do not prepare you for that. With his Harvard Cambridge Oxford you name it they do not prepare you for that they prepare you for this life but this life last this long you need the education to prepare you for life to calm anybody else Young man young woman I am considering a long service to God a life long service people asked me why do you travel so much I have given God Many years ago the rest of my life in direct I'm going where he sends me direct service to him You have to live on a plane where if I go I'm going where he sends I go I go I go. Well six months at the end the time he calls I get up and I go that's my commitment to him until I drop dead. I have missed nothing. Anybody else I'll pray and also to prayers. Those of you who said Lord help me to obey your commands. I've grown up keeping Sunday I learned tonight. That. The SOP of commandment is your commandment. Sunday is a commandment of man not God. When we put man ahead of God then we have another god you're praying you're asking me to pray Father gave me a heart to keep the sense in other words give me a heart to obey you to express my you love the way you once did which is if you ask me keep my command Yes father particularly since there is not one Bible verse anyone has found that since the first day of the week is holy not one. That's the power. Of deception that without one First most people do it. But tonight you want to be broken from the power deception you want your eyes opened and you want a process to begin on The Tonight pray for that group first heads about ice closed because. Sin is a transgression of the law. It is impossible for anyone to send a god with out transgressing your law. Your word says in Romans three twenty Romans four fifteen Romans five thirteen where there is no law there is no sin sin is not imputed where there is no law. Father I want problem is to transgression of your law. When Satan sinned he transgress the law when he enjoys it follow Him sin they transgress the law when Adam sinned he transgress the law. It is no different today it is fun. Loving God. Gathered before you are men and women whom you love some perhaps have been serving you genuinely father but ignorantly and Jesus says that you Father are searching for people who will worship you in spirit and in truth. Since it is still era and has no benefits him so to God in the name of Jesus have mercy on your sons and daughters who with coverage that is not common they have come to say yes I've been a Sunday keeper but my eyes have been open and father I want strength to begin moving in the direction of observing the seventh day sabbath this is the Word of God This is the fourth commandment and the commandments are not hard to give them that strength they got to give them back out each open the way for them to obey you. Restraint family and friends who may try to discourage there. And hasten the day when they will into the waters of baptism and rise as commandment keeping children of God so that they may fit into Revelation twenty two fourteen which says bless it I think that to his commandments that him may have a right to the tree of life that's roughly twenty two fourteen why do we need a right to the tree of life because Father Adam lost that right by filing your commandments. Now caught for the young men and young women I call them I say if they are just consent to ring lifelong commitment to the Gospel not just six months there are rest of their lives and it's come to say we're thinking about it some of them nervous some uncertain Some know when they get home to parents will say don't listen to that preacher what are you doing how will you support yourself how will you sustain yourself how will you eat what about your own family all these things will be dangled before their eyes father the devil dangled those things before Jesus and you resist. Give them the coverage they call it to put you first give them the wisdom they caught to choose in accordance with your will but keep ever before them the cross of Christ and the term no sacrifice he made and the fact that his commitment to humanity will continue for ever and so a father. Of all these young people who came. Some of them they caught him be at Vance guard in the Army of the gospel. Father for everyone else in this building Let us seek you to be healed of this terrible condition of claiming the law when we should claim the hardness of our hearts. Give us a heart of flesh that. Becomes I would She's joining me now plus every man lesson every woman a blessing on all our guests because a double blessing on the children who came to see me that I'm hoping my parents father let every person leaving this place tonight since the presence of joy in tools bring us back tomorrow to hear your word again I pray from my heart in Jesus' name let dogs people say a man and a man this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service please visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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