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Sharing Your Testimony

Herb Larsen


Preparing to witness and share your testimony- 



  • April 16, 2017
    10:00 AM
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OK why don't we start with a word of prayer again here just to get going I know it's it's just you know what sometimes we did have that to settle down a little bit I mean I need settling down to I like socialize in their Father God we just want to thank you so much for this incredible week and we want to thank you so much for the experiences that have come out of this weekend father it's all because of you and it's all because of YOU JESUS and we just want to thank you for being here and let's have your presence and Holy Spirit we just give that as as you have been already this morning we just continue to ask that you would take control of these meetings we could take control of our minds and you do the speaking and we rebuke you say in the name of Jesus and by the power in the blood that is caliber in you and your evil forces again have no right to be here so get lost in the name of Jesus and. Want to start with just one reference here and continue a little bit from last night there was some stuff I would like to go out into. Before we move on I think what I want to do here is all talk for maybe half an hour and open up for questions because you know. I try to allow the Holy Spirit to lead in whatever I am what the Holy Spirit thinks needs to be heard but there are some times the people have specific questions or I may have brought something up that leaves you hanging in you know it's very possible as you saw the first night may leave you hanging a little bit and so I you know what if you have questions fine you know all I'm not saying I'm authority on anything but at the same time I've led a lot of years of experience in in in ministry and I'm more than happy to attempt to answer questions I want the first reference I'd like to read here as a commission given to Paul and it's given to Paul you know it's going to be given to all of us so there's something to be learned here to show how civil because what I'm trying to do here is to remove like last night especially remove the fear factor. That comes with thinking that you have to be knowledgeable All you have to be this you have to be that all these pretty qualifiers because that's what we do sometimes. As an organization as Milt was talking earlier sometimes organization gets in the way of ministry and we have you have to be qualified I mean I still get this believe it or not now and then I get people come up with this is all you know your dad was a pastor have you ever thought of entering the ministry. And I'm like at all and I've said OK so by entering the ministry What are you saying well you know go take a ology and I'm thinkin OK I'm not against formal theology I wish to have wished I would have had some you know but I didn't it doesn't matter because I have found a phenomenal tutor this just like unbelievable by the name of the Holy Spirit and Soul I literally prayed on the Holy Spirit I am not afraid to address the Holy Spirit directly and say look I need insight on this thing and like I briefly talked about last night I use my imagination on everything and I pray I specifically prayed on the Holy Spirit to let me see feel taste everything I'm reading because like I said I'm a visual person if I see something happen it's etched there for good if somebody tells you about something well you know I can probably keep the details as long as they get what they said. So what I'm studying scripture I'm constantly print on the Holy Spirit to let me see between the lines let me see everything that's going on here and the Holy Spirit does open my mind up but like I briefly alluded to last night a little bit. The Dell has come up with so many things that destroy your creativity and destroy your imagination that is still in the greatest asset God has given us to apply to scriptural learning and that is the power of your imagination and one of the greatest deterrents there is is television I could tell you that and the three screens you don't all know Nielsen's who track television watching are tracking three screens What are those phone number one number two is is that the Internet the computer screen and number three is the television. Screen. And there are sitting is the average American in Canada is right their course is about four hours a day on television so now when I when the other two screens came along what is interesting they're not these displace in that four hours of television they're adding to it so the average person I was spending like one point seven hours a day on the computer screen and another roughly hour a day on the phone and if any of you traveled anywhere you don't have to travel what do you see in airports or whatever. You know I sat and I got a picture of this family it's on my i Phone there because in an airport was waiting and I went to get something to eat so there's dining tables there and here's a family of five three kids in the parents and I sat there for a half an hour eating my sandwich and not not one moment during that time did anybody say anything to all three had smart phones dumb phones whatever. And the lower acts were sitting there and I've got and I've spoken to a lot of our colleges around the world I mean you know Walla Walla Andrews University and Southern and you know the air and overseas an echo be home and Avondale and in Sweden they're in Avondale in Australia stuff and here's what's interesting specially evening meetings you see this more. I'll be sitting there we're getting ready for the meeting it's dark in the you know the church were having the meeting of the colleges. And I look out at the sea of students and everybody's faces are lit up. With the phones. The good news is I don't hear much whispering like I used to hear a lot of whispering which now the person next door you just text you know you have to talk to them. But the point is what it does the roads your creativity and so so I make my living on creativity. People pay me to daydream that that's exactly what my job is because my greatest asset in school. From probably grade four on was daydreaming and so when I got finished I figure what am I going to do I didn't learn much when I got my degree in biochemistry but I thought OK my greatest thing I got out of school was all that daydream and I'm going to figure out how to apply that to make a living off it so people come and say can you create this can you create that machine of course we build them too. But that's just part of what I do I write an arrangement or write for the orchestra but here's what I've noticed and this is years ago I figure this out we have never hooked up to Cablevision our kids were raised culturally devoid we literally had parents telling us your kids are going to be culturally devoid when they're adults because we don't have television and so so we just thought OK we're just quiet we took the criticism but what I want to tell you No I would just love to say I told you so but you know I'm trying to be more diplomatic than that. And so we have a television set of course and I have a dish The three A B. and thing and all of which I maybe watch what once a week we. Primarily because I never could figure out how to fish the cords through the floor so we have to plug it into the box too much hassle but the thing is this sometimes when I travel and I bring this up because there relates to the Bible obviously when I travel sometimes I'm sit in the hotel room I'm bored what do I do I'm going to turn the T.V. on because you know nothing else to do in the evening I just get bible study and even I'm telling you right now my my my mind as much as you saw the other night I can't focus on anything so sometimes I just want to let it be mush and so so here's the thing two three hours or we're at home watching a video or whatever two three hours for three or four nights in a row and I come home and have to do something creative I can't I cannot bring my my imagination to the level I need to perform and if I have to do something really ultra creative I have to live to stay away from media for for a week and then all of sudden I magination comes back what one of the greatest assets I have a. The Bible study is the power of my imagination and visualizing thing and asking questions why why why but this scriptural reference here so so so what I'm saying about that is. Is don't allow say. To erode the very faculties you need in order to undertake to understand and visualize what scripture here is a thing I can't memorize scripture you know I've tried this on the dashboard of my truck I've put Tex like other people do you know so I'm driving down the road and I say OK and one text you know even insults I'll get it memorized Yes OK Now that first text on this without looking at it hands free of course without looking out of if I have the first word of a case or got the first word I can't memorize scripture and yet I get in a conversation or whatever or speak it or what it just flows like water because because I visualize. If I say what I read it and I saw it my magination it's there it's stuck there even it is like it was real. And so it was so much for that but we'll get into this here this is the text I want to want to bring up this is a commission to Paul but it applies to all of us and this is Acts twenty two verse fourteen and he said the God of our fathers has chosen you that you should know his will and see the just one that should as hear the voice of his mouth now this is this what I want to point out for he sell for you for you shall be his witness unto all men what you have seen and what you have heard. God's commission to Paul here is not about you are a Ph D. in theology Paul because you were went to the fair cynical schools you doesn't say I want you to bring back all that education he says I want you to go out and see and simply say what you have seen and what you have heard. Because that's what when a scene is it simply what did you see what did you hear what is a witness I've been to piles. Hard to witness programs through the years years ago and I hate to say that here but take ninety five percent of and throw in the garbage that's where they belong because some technique at some strategy of some this text will work and that text won't work no you know what a witness is not being crafty about something a witness is simply tell what happened to you what did you see what did you hear what do you experience that's all the world wants it's a greatest evidence there is of if my brother you know saw a car accident and told me this car went there boom crash bang bang OK You know I visualize well he tells me this story I know pretty well what happened so know if they're if they want witnesses in court to see you know to testify and I go to court and so I know what happened last year OK come on I get the witness stand so you were there no one of the court going to do with me is Roy or I don't want because I was in there first that even though I can parrot some details. So witnesses simply what did you see what did you experience what did you feel what change your life that's that's all the witness is know how much you need to know before you start to do this how qualified you have to be do you need a theology degree and I'm not against the ology degrees. But when I go to Andrew I spoken to Andrew probably four or five times in the theological department where I tell the students this I said be where you could spend the next four to six years of your life learning with no knowledge. And it is safer than ever it's like second to be three seven says that it was really learning and knowledge. Because knowledge is somehow in that menagerie of curriculum letting dog in here. And forget about all the trappings of the learning and here's another thing I tell students. And they invite me back so apparently they're OK with that with the brash talk. But one of most detrimental things that you can have. In theology is a degree on the wall and rely on it and here's why the Bible says without me how much can you do nothing with me you can do how much all things very clear but what the degree does and I'm and please don't go home and say oh yeah he's an you know seminary or whatever you know with a degree does this it hangs on the wall and it's a statement that you're qualified. No one is qualified without the Holy Spirit no one is qualified without Jesus working through them so if you say I have been taught audiovisual I have been talks speech I have been taught study I know Greek I know Hebrew I know all these things if you look at that diploma and you rely on that as your qualifier you have come pully missed the point because without me you can do nothing. And so I have told some of the teachers at Andrews and different places at Avondale as well I decide you know what we've become really good at producing self dependant leaders. And set of God dependent servants. See the difference self dependent leaders I'm qualified I have a Ph D. rather than God dependent on nothing I'm nobody I just simply have the Holy Spirit servants. Big difference I want to tell a story and I thought I was going to resign a Bible story that maybe you haven't ever looked at it this way if you study it closely it will blow your mind we all know the story of the demoniac right that you can find and Mark five Mark seven and Luke eight really brings it the punchline home reason want to bring this story up is because if you don't think you're qualified Have a listen to this and there's other stories as well you know the story Jesus of the disciples get in boats they go across the sea. What happens on that trip you don't sometimes you know put the chronology together. It is the worst storm those disciples those fishermen because they're fisherman. It's the worst storm ever encountered. Jesus sleeps through it is gone no worries but the disciples are freaking out I used to commercial fish out of poor herd and I have been in some gnarly stuff where it was prayer only that I got his back the perfect storms and but these guys a fish their entire careers and all of sudden the mother of all storms. And this is on their trip across the lake now you have to understand on the one side of Galilee are the Jews and all the religious people on the other side are the heathens in the Greek It's called the Land of the capitalist gatherings of kerosine Lana Decapolis tent cities that's the wrong side of the tracks that's the other side of the lake Jesus is making that and the fisherman disciples are making their way across that lake and they get in the mother of all storms the perfect storm to the point where they're there crying Oh and what is Jesus doing sleeping and Jesus stands up from there. And what does he do. He demands he commands. The seas it Peace be still. What it in the King James says he rebukes what are we what do we think we say rebuke. Reprove some power of darkness some demonic thing this was the mother of all storms this was a demonic storm and Jesus rebukes to be monic storm no why would the devil be so worried about Jesus in the disciples going across on that trip because obviously he was freaked out about Jesus going because you know when the devil is mine the trajectory they're going name I want might wind up by that cemetery and of this on the other side with that demoniac Yes. We can let him get there we got a blow off course we're going to sink and we could do whatever we can because we can't right now the compass head they're going to wind up over there boom what happens they wind up there and we know the story the demoniac shows up comes flying out of there you know the bulls are freaked out every And so we have a little bit of a history of this guy now. He's known by that community why those ten cities everybody knows who this guy is they tried to tie him up a bus that I mean demon possessed zone always in the Tombs and he comes rushing out Jesus doesn't move doesn't flinch and the guy speaks or is it the guy speaking because they say address Jesus the Son of God No it's the demons so we know the story Jesus cast out the demons. Now the demons don't want to go into nothing. They want it they don't want to just be floating around trying to find a place to go so they secure we go in those pigs over there so Jesus says Go right ahead one of the pigs do they commit suicide now here's what's interesting in our inner St ministry we get lots of people. Unbelievably will come up and say I'm going to commit suicide. Michele what are people she comes up and says while you know I thought all over I'm going to commit suicide and I'm saying Michelle why would you say that she says because I want to be with my two kids then she goes on to say because I'm asking a question she's one of her sons was arrested and the cops off the guy put his knee Indias throat to the point where by the time he let him up he's dead. The other daughter died tragically and she just simply wants to die so she go be with her kids somewhere that's her belief system and soul am I going to carry on with the Bible study had planned for that night of course not but here's what's interesting anything Satan takes over is going to want to or will commit suicide it's all through the Bible Gideon Yes three hundred guys against thousands what happens this Gideon brain have any weapons no blows a horn light crashes a plot what is that what does the enemy do commit suicide. Joshua fat up against three nations ammonite small bites Mount Seir. Impossible to beat this ballad God says just put a praise band together that's your weaponry. What do they do it tells it tells you yeah man I see them more bites turn the sword on their feet. Amount Sirin and turn the swords on themself they committed suicide so all these lies give up on God what does he do commit suicide Judas the sides are given Jesus what is do commit suicide now the pigs inhabit a do what go commit suicide this is all what's going on the great controversy. And so know the demons cast out. And so if you visualize this scene. Here is this guy in his right mind. In front of Jesus and what do you think's on his mind I want to be with this person does the Morning know who Jesus is no he doesn't there's a don't know who God is absolutely not if he doesn't know who God is he doesn't know Jesus he doesn't know any about religious behavior it isn't really about diet or dress or with things that we put S. he knows nothing he's on the wrong side of a lake in the first place plus he's been a demoniac everybody hates the sky everywhere he's been mothers they run there's a demoniac. Now he's free but the pigs committed suicide so the Soul City it's all there he read the whole city comes down. And they say we don't care what you did with this guy yeah he's a menace to us but we lost their pigs get outta here we do not want you in our country and they kicked Jesus out though visualize us the boat they get in the boat is Jesus in the disciples the demoniac is here on the shore and behind him are all those people that hate him it says everybody came down. And the demoniac does what I would do is you want to stay there with everybody who hates him will he says can I come with you Jesus I mean there's room in those boats and this is no story you can't come with me. Watch how brutally blunt how cruel seemingly cruel. But Jesus had a plan and you know what he said. You go tell everybody what happened to you we don't hear Jesus teach him a whole bunch of fundamental beliefs here that he has to go share we don't see Jesus talking about any religious when that guy leaves he doesn't even know who God. Goddess. And I don't even know if you know as much more about Jesus other than you're the one who freed me. And that's all the qualifications he has religious Lee period and he goes we don't hear much until we get to Mark seven and guess what Jesus comes back to the land of the capitalist also clear it right there. And so he sends us one guy who's a lunatic who's come lately an educated in every way but most pacifically and are also that so that we can look at it so religiously he doesn't know anything he goes out there Jesus comes back no get this he comes back into the land of the capitalists. And this time same place comes back again all the people come down to the shore again to all the villages empty and come down the shore What's different about this tree trip it's all there. Everybody follows him so they don't kick him out this time last time they kicked him out this time they will not leave Jesus side they are so hungry for more then after three days and three nights it's all there we have another feeding take place with a five thousand on the good side of the lake you know sometimes we're going to figure out they're all the same feeding but just different numbers no no we have the feeding of the four thousand on the heathen side of the lake. And the people will not lead Jesus alone it is actually Jesus who is worried about the disciples are not the disciples but the people the followers of these people are following him their own well being they need food. What was the difference Luke eight and tells him beautifully just summarizes all of the testimony of the demoniac. You and I know everything religiously. He knew zero. And Jesus simply said Go tell what happened to you just like the commission to Paul go say what you heard and you saw I don't care Paul about. All of theological training you had to I don't care about that I just simply want you to see what you seen and what you heard and the demoniac I simply want to tell you what you seen and what you heard you don't know anything anyways but you're highly qualified all you do is share your testimony of what happened. And it changed the entire country one guy without the internet. Now that's a lowlife demoniac on educated whatever. No way to Paul we just talked about Paul the Ph D. in theology basically. And so no What would Paul do if he has the opportunity to witness that he was told what to do tell what you've heard what you've seen so when we are in Acts twenty six we get a story here Paul you member is is being held by Felix for his own protection sort of like jail but it isn't so he's held by Governor Felix. And along comes King Agrippa and peer group A says I've heard about this guy I'd like to have a meeting with him when was it just a meeting with King Agrippa all the noble people who's who. Of that whole area came together for a party no Paul has the opportunity to present his position to a highly educated King and everybody who's attending that party are all rich people who are fully educated. That's the setting comes right down to it by this time it's Felix is in charge of Paul comes right down to it what is Paul going to say to all those noble people most pacifically led by King Agrippa. Well if I could put an ear bud in Paul's ears of tell you what I tell them OK Paul get into prophecy. Prove to these people through prophecy. Paul get in some really heavy theological stuff because they're educated that's the kind of stuff they're going to want. And then we listen then we start to listen to Paul read it for yourself X. twenty six what happens Paul starts with when he's a kid talks about his whole life. Talks about growing not been looking there the only theological thing or religious thing you'll see and his testimony before all those noble people. He talks about Jesus briefly and that's it the rest is all his personal testimony. And he went so far as the talk about is the mascot's road experience I mean I would have never done that they're going to think you're not case oh yeah I fell off my horse I went blind in three days and some guy comes in also and I could see in fact Felix even says that X. twenty six he says Paul you're mad you know Felix is a barrister he's hosting this party and his prime guest is like gone off his rocker with this story but one of them is the King Agrippa this highly educated person who could have been fed all sorts of deep the ology What does he say I'm brought to the edge of conversion. All over the personal testimony. So if you think you're not qualified you're not eloquent enough you're not outgoing enough or whatever else look at the demoniac do you think you have a little more brain power a little more experience than he does yeah. The commission's the same today. So we don't have to think that we need all this preparation. Which can be detrimental ultimately to ministry. And like I said last night when I talk to pastors and I just say what does it feel like to be a babysitter to Laodicea and brats now rather than what you originally signed up for your job description is change that I'm sorry rather be allayed people and I get pastors coming up to me meeting all the time after I'm done passed or retreats this year so lucky me lucky. Because you don't have to deal with all the garbage we have to deal you could just work for God you could just do ministry. And I feel sorry for these guys I really do it's our fault as lay people most of the time anyways because we expect all these expectations what we want them to do know. That's the power of the testimony. And I said before and I have to emphasize this none of this stuff will happen all the stories I've heard from Milton and from Ian and I mean whatever they're never going to happen and like Ian said earlier unless you qualify unless you you. Have a prerequisite was that prerequisite it's what's under the ice for it's a relationship with Jesus. And it's it's not something that could happen no it will happen seek and you will find. I got a book your it explains how to have relationships if you have any over here you know OK it's fall in love with Jesus you go get that book I got to go on to the whole thing all it personal experience of what experts but it's all biblical. Of finding Jesus how do you find Jesus because when you do look at all things are going to happen and this is what the school is part that's what even here in this weekend is the divine appointments that happen it's just the ultimate experience it's great to hear it's even greater to live I'm. I just had one it is a small experience my book my accountant she phones me up one morning she says her would you be willing to pray with our next door neighbor family and I says Oh it's a problem you're nineteen year old son left last night on a skateboard in a in a subdivision our town. He takes off in a skateboard at eleven o'clock at night goes down a hill goes right across Marshall road nobody knows what happened why he didn't stop where he goes across Marshall road and here comes along a pickup truck and just slams them drags him under the car and flips out the back again and always in intensive care I mean this kid is on the on Death's very edge and he's in royal Colombian hospital and a helicopter I'm over there and so the mother had come over to my accountant or she's absolutely you know traumatized and she asked my account she says do. No anybody knows how to pray. You know out for her it was just it was a technique you know like all she knew prayer So Kim for says her would you be willing to go she saw you know you know one of my clients is a Christian and so I said Well absolutely I mediately get in the car and I drive down Royal Columbia which is forty five minute drive down I go into the hospital and here is the entire family by then the family come in from Edmonton Alberta and all over the prognosis is this the family were just told by the doctors that the Damien. Is is Basel pulled the plug. He's got so much brain pressure I'm sorry I can't remember the numbers right now at the time I knew what the numbers were but he's got so much brain pressure in his no brain function like he's been so thumped that they just said the only option is the pull the plug but we need your we need your consent. And so here is the family all sitting there the strange dad is there he came in Edmonton and all these family members and all the sisters of the mother everybody sit there in the waiting room and I walk in there just like you know here's their only option. And so so I talk with the family and I talk spiritual things I'm not a pastor I'm not qualified for these situations and I just prayed before I walked into that room Man Holy Spirit take over because I don't know what to say to these people what I did say but whatever it was these people were just in tears and they were just they were just. Hanging on every word I said. And so I said OK where is Damien will curse they got him hooked up to a machine and. A machine I'm So I'm I'm a kid you not a nursing like this and so only the mother is allowed in there none of the rest of the family because of the potential of outside stuff so I have to put on a gotten a mask and everything else and I'm their pastor because I'm not even allowed there so she's well he's our pastor. So I'm allowed into the room so I go in there and here is this one thousand year old boy I have never seen legs like this all busted to pieces and they can't do any surgeries or anything yet he's road rash like you beyond recognition he's got his hair is all shaved He's got hundreds of wires and holes isn't and it's just unbelievable he's been you know machines breathing for him and it's in the room is kept him because I guess the light can cause stimulation and just that little bit of stimulation can put you over the edge and kill you and so it's really dim and I'm sittin there and the mother comes into one side of the bed and I come into the other side and I seen lots of stuff in my life I've seen people killed on the highway and her family's dad was a funeral homes and I've been to you know King colonies corners off and I've seen a topsy and also the blood guts doesn't bother me but I walk in and I stand next to this kid. And for a flash in my mind I thought one of my kids one of my boys what would it be if one of my boys and I don't get so often you know in the stomach but all of a sudden I started going light headed like I thought was going to fall right over the bed and I don't know what to do because I don't want to act like I'm just like really weak you know the pride part is there and I'm just I'm just like I'm taking these deep breaths and I'm trying to think about other thoughts of destroying about designing a machine or anything just because I'm ready to pass out because just as one thought my kid. And so then so I just so I'm just hanging in there just ready to just fall either direction and then I got to pray for him and I like to lay hands on when I pray there was no place on this poor kid I could lay a hand that wasn't complete he let me all he had was just a lawyer law because everything else is just I've never seen like it. And so on one shoulder I saw a bare spot and so I just put my head I could only get a few fingers on this very spot on your shoulder. And I prayed my guts out to God and I rebuke say right there on the. Half and called out the blood of Jesus on behalf of this boy. And then I left and I went in the room I spent some more time with the family came home the next morning the phone calls in his blood brain blood pressure which was fatal had dropped to normal levels overnight. And they told him chances are he's going to a full recovery maybe not a full recovery they'll be some neurological issues. And that mother and that family got to see God in action me nothing to do with me. And then I got to visit this kid on a couple of occasions since last time was probably a boat six months ago I'm over at my Collins place and I see this kid in a wheelchair no isn't a full recovery we know he can talk and he can communicate neurologically there's issues and so I go walking alternate is mom's out there with him and course his mom certainly knows who I am and I walked over there and she says Damien he's the one who prayed for you he's the one who God gave you the miracle and so he's telling because he doesn't member anything and because the time before I seen him he was out of it and so then. And then he has a ball in his head and you know to show that it's not all quite correct he says you know play ball they said sure Cicero's me the ball and I catch it you know on that I throw it back to him he can you know you can't really catch it and then he wants to throw it harder and you know it doesn't matter in his mom's mind he's got a boy back. But you know what to me in my qualified for that no. But I want to tell you something I feel highly honored. That God would think that of all the. Of all of who belong I do of my pride and everything else is you know how desperate God must be to see suit the only one that we can see right here on the spot is her will try him out. I could tell you stories on and on and. On of things like that that blew my mind. All because you give yourself over to Jesus to be used by Him It is the ultimate experience I want to tell you. And I encourage everybody here to see Jesus first put him number one and then and then open yourself up to be used that's the way the work is going to get done it's not going to be done by the big gun evangelists is going to be done by you. And we're the ones holding back the very coming of Jesus. We're delaying his coming I've heard lots of sermons Jesus is the lane he's waited what why I never hear anybody say it's because I'm not doing anything. That's the cause of it quite frankly I'm sick of everything is going on in the world right now I don't have T.V. but I but you know after the election after election I get on my computer and try to catch some news at night and by the time I'm done I hardly slept just everything so negative and just who you know and I know what's happening. I understand the great controversy I understand prophecy so here I am getting traumatized to the point where I am not sleeping really well looking at the news what about the world who doesn't know what's going on. Who are they going to listen to Do you have to have a Ph D. before you listen and know like I said briefly alluded to my wife and I have been invited to Hollywood to celebrity parties where Mark Hughes billionaire Mark he was when he got married we were in Beverly Hills we were invited to his wedding to his supermodel actress wife who we knew because I painted portraiture for John Claude Van Damme the actor and his wife Darcy Lapeer they got divorced and now she's man Mark Hughes damn it I get invited to go to the to the wedding down there Beverly Hills lawyer and who's all there four hundred fifty celebrities and who's who in the business world. Yeah you know what they thought ahead of time all we heard about the couple in Abbotsford British. And we live on a back street we really have to have them down here to live in the party ups let's give them an invitation. I don't think so it's a divine appointment I think what happened is God was going through the Rolodex who could we maybe get here who would be maybe dumb enough or foolish enough to think they could actually go hang out with Hollywood celebrities we go down there I don't you know I don't have time to get X. I want to take a few course I don't have time to even get into all the details but the wedding was a five million dollar wedding. It was you women would like this it was Easter weekend you know sort of a valentine weekend yes sorry. I'm sharp just some I'm not Valentine weekend. And and the coordinator Where does the flower stuff one hundred five thousand long stem roses for the decorations there weren't enough in L.A. So he flew one of his jets out to Midwest to get more roses. Unbelievable you can talk my wife she's more into it than I am I mean what what they did with all these flowers when it was so sore there what are we doing there it didn't take me long after we got the invitation in the mail were staying at the Beverly Hilton because Mark Hughes best friend is Paris Hilton's dad you know so all the guests stay free at the Beverly Hills you know Motel six Beverly Hill was a difference anyways so so we're invited three there is so the card level on their tab blah blah blah. One year later after this wedding and lot happened at the thing my wife. You know it's you know she's an elementary school teacher and we're around this table ten a table you know I'm not cultured I didn't read the book before I got there but we start with the outside silverware where and I've got three pictures but that but there's like ten plates twenty thirty spoons knives and forks and glasses up the and whatever I do you know what to do with all this stuff and quietly ask her what do I use next. And so it's. So there we're at this thing so we go sit down earlier than some of the rest this is the reception afterwards the guy took one of his mansions he's got a number of A he bought Errol Flynn mansion on the top of Beverly Hills didn't think he had enough room so we bought Rob Rob Reimers reiners mansion next door bulldoze it flat so we had more space. Then he built an acre tent for the wedding and over the swimming pool they put acrylic glass that thick over the whole pool put blue lights in there so it's all blue you and put ice sculptures all over inside with caviar and all these different things on it that's just one of the rooms that comes off the main tent order of rooms and then in that room they have nine pedestals this high all white satin all around on top each one is a woman in a long white robe with a gold in gold gilded heart and they're all planned classical music that was just one room. Anyways. We got to share and she starts this game at our table and I thought oh no this is not going to go. That one person came to our table and they said to my wife says oh it's your name La blah blah and so then and you know and she didn't ask what they did what's your name then the next person or couple came along and then my wife says oh this is so and so she remembered their name she's good with that she makes acronyms and he tells he tries to teach me this acronym thing you know if you want a member name you come up with something else I said By the time I'm done the something else I could never remember the something else the so that would never lead me to the name so he was she introduces there becomes the table one by one everybody's name were blown away that somebody could remember names like that they're just sent this is unbelievable then is when the problem started she decided to have a game. Sort of elementary she's what do we guess what each one of us does you guys if you know what each other you can't guess well we had two movie producers that are table we had this British actor I forgot what his name was you know big actor he comes and sits down at a table and. And soul. I just took a stab in the dark as I had this British friend who taught me there's different dialects or scousers in there is Jordy Zoners all these I don't know what they all mean but what they're slang things and sort of a slang thing for different cities and they all talk different so he used to sit there one of these electrician when I'm working on projects he'd tell me all scholars are would say it this way to George he would say. I could remember the bubble laws but this guy sat down I said Let me guess you're a scouser. What how would you remember that or know not how to hold you figure that out I says I'm a linguist. And I just took a stab in the dark and he says that is unbelievable a couple times later on he says I can't believe that you figure that's unbelievable you know I'm a North American anyway so she had to do service what it was there we does so we're going around the table of course they're not allowed to guess because they all knew who they are I mean the guy sitting next to me was Jodie Foster's makeup artist I don't know who made the cut list but he was there and so so anyway so then she's got this game when they come to us now it's time for him to guess what we do is quite flattering actually you know I think I was a movie producer she was a costume whatever and then when she finally gets down to it him he says so it's that we can't we give up what are you to her she says oh I teach at a small private school Christian school what do you think that dead opens up Christian school really what and then he says what he what are we doing there you know. You guys you're an engineer and she's a little Teacher What are you guys doing here anyway so it opened up but the but the point is it's a year later. My brother phones me up and Mark Hughes died forty four years old California's most flamboyant billionaire. And and so I go back to my computer at home and course I have his wife's e-mails and cell phone numbers and all that kind of stuff as we've communicated the past we took her to will be one year brought her up from Los Angeles with her publicist we had all of media in their little. Mom away OK fine. Anyways so I bring her in there and stuff so so I write a letter I'm not qualified to comfort people I'm not qualified for and she's got the best like and psychologists and vallium and whatever else so I just sat down a Silkie got I don't want to write and I started typing and it was just nothing but a solid stream of scriptural references no no nothing else virtually scriptural references so I faxed that to are a couple hours later I get a phone call your your presence you and your wife's presence are requested to be at the funeral this next Sunday. I've already in book to speak of three different nominations that weekend and I thought what do we do we puzzle with it all and I says I think I better go to the three denominations Nazareth entered nomination. And so so I decided to go do that would they after the funeral. My way gets a call because we were at one party and I was sharing with her husband who's a musician I was sharing about Jesus and we should when she heard me say Jesus she says Ah she says hold it and she says What did you just say and I said well you know I was talking about Christian Well we hung out with a couple the whole night well next day she gets a phone call from this woman says he would believe what happened yesterday at the funeral broadcast all over the world. She said When the pastor of the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church got up he says folks what I'd really like to say to it here today. Is. What I really like to say today is simply to read a letter written by one of the peers friends. And he reads the whole letter and she and this woman talked to me so they just kind of went from just you know nobody settling down and everybody was. Quiet and then they read our names at the end of it. And. And the thing is this I never once dreamed in my wildest. Imagination that one day I'll be writing a spiritual eulogy for a billionaire. And a Hollywood celebrity and have it read at their funeral and broadcast around the world I'm not saying that because I'm in a great understand that's the kind of wall stuff that happens I'm the type who likes to live in improvise ational you know I like to I don't like to plan ahead you know when we go on vacation my wife plans for two weeks ahead including the menu. Where we're going to stay where I just like to go in the city and if there's something just let's go by let's go buy the CD or Pence rate. But living with Jesus is that way you're by the sea to your parents you never know what's happening that day but it's all exciting it was all planned out and it's just liturgical I wouldn't even enjoy it but I love the fact that you never know what's going to come up sit on the airplane or what's going to come up it's the ultimate experience Soria list take a few questions I'm just going to cut rate there because it's. My dad always tells me it's easy to take off son but it's hard to land. Because he's a pilot and a whole sort of questions that just if you've got any questions yes. All the time it's all the time what she's asking is if you ever experience is where somebody comes to Jesus and then all these trials and tribulations come upon him I never misrepresent what's going to happen I tell people when I do seminars and how to find Jesus I tell them you're going to be hit hard by the devil big time what the bottom line says this James for seven resist the devil and he'll flee from you What's the best way to resist the devil is take another lover. Through time the devil turn to Jesus and that's a best rejection there isn't he can't hang on forever I get oppressed all the time I don't have time to get into here I wound up in federal U.S. prison here three forty four years ago they tried to put me away for twenty seven years that's the kind of stuff that I've gone through didn't do anything wrong I know they want to turn evidence on a particular governor in the United States I didn't want to do it and so to get me to comply they level it's think six felony charges against me to. Throw me in jail and I spent five days in Sea-Tac federal prison in the US A two and a half years in litigation they finally dropped the charges because they had no charges they figured they could hold me and put me under enough heat to turn evidence which I didn't do. So the point is this when bad things happen. I need time with those kind of people because I have to clarify exactly where that troubles coming from. Sometimes we think it's God doing it or God's allowing a child to die or whatever else we're in this miserable world is no question about it God is not the destroyer. Says I'll just bring a one text quick and I don't want to get the subject because I need three hours to get into it just go to Isaiah fourteen quick really twenty. And this is this is one out of like I said tons of text but it's good one they also not and this is talking to Satan gods talking to Satan here those shall not be joined with them and because that was destroyed their land and slain light people who should Satan's people fear most. Their own master why because Satan kills his own people. He destroys his own land kills his own people just one tiny Texas tons of them but the point is this I get people to understand Don't be looking to God look into the destroyer Yes God could stop all that but there's rules of engagement which God set up from the foundation of the earth and those rules of engagement hold him back from doing more than fair. Because the universe is watching and if I go through a trial like having to go to court spend a quarter million dollar lawyers and think that I'm going to jail for twenty seven years and and wind up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and crying and and all the stuff I went through with thinking and with her thinking that she's going to have to sell everything and move to Texas because I got to go to jail in Texas for twenty seven years you know cost stuff to deal with but the whole time and ever once waffled as to where it was coming from I never once question God or you know it was hard to hang on and I. I can't tell you how many thousand times I quoted Isaiah forty one ten just to try to get through this whole thing but but yes it's all about the source on the situation the other question yeah the new birth experience here is the thing the Bible is absolutely what it says seek in usual find the problem is and get the book you know what that's the best story or does go online I don't know who puts the stuff I don't put anything on You Tube I don't videotape myself I don't do anything I don't even have a website I have no formal ministry whatsoever but there's but it's on their three steps to finding Jesus thing but it's all about passion and pursuit of the Savior you know cut the loath how many hours you sleep gone how many hours you were gone how many hours preparing this how many kids sports blah blah blah At the end of the day what you got left with the loaf crumbs here God have it never going to happen I've tried every short cut there is never relationship with Jesus none of them work there's only one thing passionate pursuit of him and the only way you have passion is time spent eight hour day try an hour day I will guarantee and I've told many people including an atheist one time I said you log all the time you spend reading that Bible and since spend an hour a day and after two after two months of your lying life doesn't explode with relevance I will pay you for your wasted time whatever you normally get paid I never got a call back except ten days later I got an email I don't have it with me he says I He says I can't begin to tell you how much I have changed but the good I don't owe any money. The guy now teaches Sunday school which is an advocacy teach Sunday school at a forester Square Church in Spokane Washington he's a professor P.H.D.. The other questions you got a couple minutes. OK here's what I want one last thing on this and with this I talked the other night about audible brain. What about command not talking. About a story. What I what I want to say is this how do you commit to Jesus how do you commit what should your what after you're done study in the morning what you love I don't have all the answers but I want to tell you what I do a lot. I would just stand there you know I raise my hand Pentecostal when I'm at home and I raise my hand I say. I wish I wish to declare before the universe before the powers of darkness Satan all your evil ends before you Father God in the heavenly host before all inhabited planets idea be clarity for the universe right now that I'm a child of God I declare before the universe that I have a choice in this matter because Jesus paid the price on Calvary I choose before the universe to follow Jesus I choose to have him take my decisions today I choose before the universe that every thought every process will be given to me they got I choose before the universe Father God that you give me the eyes of Jesus still doing for someone I come in contact with today that able to see deep into the soul and understand and know what the word is and Father God I'm asking that the Holy Spirit will precede me wherever I go so that Hearts will be broken down when I get there and you do that for fifteen twenty minutes and I guarantee your day is going to be different. Do it all it will declare I preach a lot to the universe. Usually Satan's evil forces and the rest of them have it us talking about how God good God is. A bit weird the way I pray to God I pray to Jesus I talk to the Holy Spirit and we're of all we are sometimes when something's half the mean it's really close as a boy thank you my guardian angel. Because when I get to heaven I'm sure my guardian angel is going to be just completely made more out from. So why not start to think so now anyhow we're no time. Father God. In the name of Jesus we been here together this weekend. And as we go from this place Father God we're just pray and know the take each one of us in a powerful way use us. I know that if we had her body stand here they would today but the mere fact that here all weekend and spending so much time here let this be seen before the universe right now especially for say in his evil forces before the inhabited planets This is a commitment on their part to serve you Father God and open themselves up to you to be used by them Father God I pray a blessing on each person here today I'm praying that you would annoy each doorpost of each heart here like you are asking the children of Egypt each doorpost of you who are here today with the blood of Jesus as a defense against any destructive power and father I just put you. Through the Holy Spirit put a burning desire inside everyone here to finish this work because Jesus I know you're tired of walking the streets of heaven right now we just want this to. Present this petition. Before you Father God. For you say evil forces present this petition before the universe in the name of Jesus. 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