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Abraham: Father of the Faithful in the Last Generation

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator


  • April 30, 2005
    3:00 PM


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you see something like this afternoon I just want to say a word of appreciation thanks and encouragement for those of you who work so hard to organize this weekend no it's just the thrill and it's an encouragement and inspiration when a once a year twice he or you have a convocation people come together and you have speakers come in and the house is full of people are smiling and bless this is just a real high as it but I know that there is the rest of the year to panel sometimes it can seem like an scene is like hard work and you wonder you wonder if it's worth it on I just want to encourage you all here at restoration business and your campus program I does one encourage you to keep up the good work you know sometimes we we look at we look at the big scale may think the letter week what impact we making what change are we making on the files but by God 's grace we can make an impact on one life right and one at a time that whistles are one that when a man was that way in revival we need to make it need make an impact one person a time don't don't give up if the going gets hard allow the Lord to keep using it I'm very blessed to see how God is using you and I'm happy to be part of a worldwide work I'm happy to be a Seventh-day Adventist I'm happy to see the work that is happening all around the world but tomorrow morning I believe it is in the share with you briefly just my experiences last weekend in Norway about how God is working in Norway and Sweden and I believe God is trying to finish his work and cut it short and righteous and I'm just so happy to be able to be a part of God 's work in this lot last this verse is whether you are as well before we begin our subject this afternoon I am like this our heads and ask your father didn't today we just are thrilled as we turned your word and as we see it has answers instruction for us living in the last days of her sister today we just realize once again that unless your spirit guides us the word cannot have the effect of our hearts we need that miracle of conversion we need to not only be cheers of the word but viewers as well so today we come confessing our need in inviting you to fill that need with your Holy Spirit in Jesus name we pray amen today I want to share with you about Abraham father of the faithful very few studies in the Bible inspired me so much as the study had recently been doing and life of Abraham and I wish that we could then well I was reasonably good you just talking about Abraham the father of the faithful in the last generations but I'm going to try to convince everything that I've been studying in presenting and then a weeklong series into one hour how that what time are we supposed to be finishers at the next meeting level seven right forty five minutes okay will by God 's grace I hope that what we share here will be a blessing you know what we often talk about father Abraham and when we are maybe in Sabbath school we would sing about father Abraham right father Abraham had many sons would not let Abraham the father of the faithful what does it mean to be the father of the faithful I want to just look with you at our Bibles in John chapter eight edit intercourse interchange that Jesus had with the Pharisees and here we find what it really Nice Nice and daughters of Abraham now I've often thought of that song father Abraham had many sons and I felt that it was just a trite and trivial not very meaningful but after this study after I have come to understand more of what it means to be the son of Abraham that Gonzales about the meaning of the night is become my favorite song or anything but I believe that we ought to be as sons and daughters of Abraham was looking John chapter eight in verse thirty two Jesus says and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall live make you free now these were fighting words to the Pharisees they responded and then mentally in verse thirty three they answered him we'd be Abraham 's seed and were never in bondage to any man how safe thou me shall be made free now these were very proud religious leaders I suppose you have to forgive them but they didn't know Jewish history very well today Abraham 's seed had been in bondage for four hundred years so claiming to be the children of Abraham did not prove that they were not in bondage and he had a say we've never been in bondage to any man Jesus said if you were well I skipped a few verses to do a skit go back to verse thirty five verse thirty four Jesus answered him verily verily I say and you whosoever commits sin is the what servant of sin and the servant abide not mouse driver the son of life Robert if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be what Green Day the peace amen praise the Lord the promises year if you are Abraham 's seed you are for if you are set free by the sun you are free and deeper thirty seven I know that you are Abraham 's seed but he seek to kill me because my word hath no place I speak that which I've seen with my father and ye do that would give seen with your father very strong words Jesus said I'm doing my father 's business and you are doing your father 's business and then he continues they continue they said Abraham is our father Jesus said under them if you were Abrahams children you would you would do what Abraham did you would do the works of Abraham but now you seek to kill me Amanda told you the truth which I have heard of God this did not Abraham you do the deeds of your father see my friends he says in verse forty four ye are of your father who the devil the lusts of your father ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning it was not the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaketh a lie speaking of his own way the liar and the father of it now very clearly here in this discussion I guess you'd call that that Jesus had with the Pharisees on that day we can see what makes a person the child of Abraham Reich that were not talking about literal children I don't believe that the literal seed of Abraham is of great import today I believe there's the last I believe there but mostly because they still follow some of the Council did not believe them and God 's blessings on the net is a natural cause and effect right and God can bless us when we follow his counsel but the Bible is very clear your Christ and you are Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the prompt right so I believe that we as Christians have the privilege of barely being Abraham 's seed today but what determines whether or not we are Abraham 's seed is the fruit or the works of our lives in other words if we are Abraham 's seed then we will be delaying the works of Abraham the first time in a bid we are the father of the children of father Abraham then we will be living as Abraham Liz so therefore I go to the life of Abraham with a new interest to see how Abraham lived and I believe the more I study the life of Abraham the more I see the characteristics that set him apart from the other Bible characters are the other characters of his time than what I said likely run the more I realize Abraham is going to be the father of the faithful among the last generation or so to look at a few of the characteristics of Abraham 's life here together this afternoon but I want to begin by turning in our Bibles to Hebrews Chapter 11 were going to be looking in Hebrew is a couple different versus Rossman we looking in Genesis and the story of Abraham 's wife but Hebrews Chapter 11 are scheduled for this morning it speaks of Abrahams faith a and M what it will lead him to do Hebrews Chapter 11 and Mercedes says by faith Abraham when he was called to go out to the place which he should after receive for inheritance obeyed and he went out not knowing whither he went the first characteristic that I noticed in the life of Abraham was that he left everything Abraham was called to do something that very few people drink all the relatives get our minds around the situation I teach my students that in order to properly interpret the Bible apply the Bible that we have to understand that day in which it was written the situation which we find the story and what was happening Abraham was born about two hundred and seventy nine years after the blood now this is something you may not thought about before but no I live three hundred and fifty years after the flood so Abraham was a contemporary of know what a body of the world and become so wicked that God size necessary to destroy the world through a flood and in that destruction only eight people were saved Noah his three sons and each of their lives the eight people total went into the ark and God I suppose not but now having said and made a new start you might say that that the world would go on a better course humanity would track a little better like it was supposed to be you and you would hope so when jobs are God certainly hope so less than while Noah was still alive humanity was still forgetting the Internet amazing I mean Abraham was born two hundred and seventy something years or seventy nine years I believe after the flood and already knows of Noah's family were forgetting the broader problem what was he going to do he was looking for someone that he was used to institute a different way of not only preserving the promulgating his truth is a he would start what we call the page article six the family of this faithful person would essentially in today's language we would say would be the church of God under the understand they'll be sanctified or set apart from the rest of the world they were being given the sacred oracles of God the truth of God they would be meant to be a blessing to the nations around how will God purposed to do any found a man named Abraham know what blog plan to do it Abraham is singular and unique as far as I can tell in the history of humanity God called Abraham to leave his father 's house I suppose Abraham had a pretty comfortable home he wasn't the that young after all today's standards at least he was probably about seventy years old when he left her and God called him to leave his family to leave his friends leave his comfortable home and go out to a place he wouldn't even know existed until he got there go out by faith not knowing where he was going the message is God came to Abraham Major Prophets page one twenty six the message of God came to Abraham get thee out of thy country and from my kindred from my father 's house unto a land that I will show thee in order that God might qualify him for his great work in the keeper of the sacred oracles Abraham must be separated from the associations of his early life the influence of tenured and friends would interfere with the training with the Lord purposely give his servant now that Abraham was in a special sense connected with oven you must dwell among strangers his character must be peculiar differing from all the world he couldn't not even explain his course of action so as to be understood by his friend spiritual things are spiritually discerned and his motives and actions were not comprehended by his idolatrous kindred you see my friends God called Abraham to leave everything leave what was comfortable lead what was familiar leave the influences of his childhood and of his comfortable home I'm afraid might though we sometimes if you come whom and I believe that God has a call to us today which sometimes we had not taken very seriously and I call is to leave leave the things of this world maybe not physically were to be in the world but not of the world right but we are to believe to separate our actions from the things of this world the Bible is very clear come out from among them and be separate and touch not the unclean thing I will be your God the Bible is very clear as Seventh-day Adventists we have her house at least in theory comprehended this message more than others as we preach we preach that for example come out of her my people right the thought that call to those who are invalid but have we really experienced it ourselves sometimes I ask myself the question I come out of Babylon but has babbling come out of me I tell you friends on concern I'm concerned when I see my friends my fellow believers they are thinking more and more like the world I believe that the devil has a intentional calculated plan to warp our thinking to be more like the thinking of the world than the thinking of Jesus Christ we are living in a fallen world we are surrounded by masked up minds and we are constantly bombarded with influences that that that she met with the way we've been from the perspective that we have and our only hope our only hope is by spending time in God 's word babying our minds in God 's word Jesus told his disciples and under the fifty now you are clean to the will of word which I spoken unto you Lucy we read also about the cleansing of the church by the washing of water by the word only need to spend time in God 's word we need to be studying our Bibles need to be studying the inspired counsel that God has given us and as this is a great controversy not about those who fortify their minds with the Scriptures will stand unless the great conflict in fact which also closely with a counterfeit resemble the truth that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the holy Scriptures the devil has a very calculated very intentional plan to change the way leaving we should have a very intentional chocolate and plan to make sure with the driveway and then an angry controversy is a look at several but I wasn't planning sure but Israel there was an imminent great controversy page six hundred and eight on a share with you the doubles plan and being forewarned we can before armed right great controversy page six hundred and eight as the storm approaches a large class who professed faith in the third Angels message but have not been sanctified through obedience to the truth abandoned their position and join the ranks of the opposition by uniting with the world partaking of this spirit may have come to view matters in nearly the same light and when the test is brought they are prepared to choose the easy unpopular side how does that happen how does a large class of those who profess faith in the three angels message abandoned their positions are enemies of the opposition were told by uniting with the world for taking the spirit the company that is near the same like the tested brother prepared using the site is no mystery we don't need to be surprised if it is in this because they don't understand the doctrines understand it isn't because they don't know they can prove this out of the cinema that that's not the issue the issues they begun to think of truth and the importance of truth and issues doctrinal issues perhaps they begun to look at it the same way the world looks at it maybe his pluralistic mutants humanistic as well as they've failed to understand and think the way God thinks because their thinking is worked they choose the easy option of my friends we need we need help from above you know I often tell young people you don't choose whether or not you're going to be influenced you only choose what influences you have in your life no matter where you are now praise God wherever God leads you he will protect you and then he called there he led Daniel to that one any protected and that happened in the that the notice Daniel did not go willingly there it was not anyone who wanted to study the University of Babylon and the confirmed in the mood relations and everything else about them but not protected and then went out and got all these going to protect you praise God he is able to keep you from falling and easy there is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man he will provide a way of escape for you but I want you to know that too often when we walked into temptation where God does not lead us he is therefore not able to protect us from its consequences and God today is calling for people is calling for people who are going to be separate from the world and the way they think and sometimes that means separating also from our association I realize that's a hard message but my friends I have to believe it's the truth God called Abraham to leave what was familiar even his family because his family could not understand what God was going to do and water for God to do with him what he wanted to do with them they must separate him from his family and God said Abraham leave home go into the land that I'm going to show you and Abraham was willing to go praise God that's why he became the father of the faithful that's why he stands as a similar representative of those were paid from last generation because I believe they met those are great the laceration will also be willing and everything also many times you tell me that I can't leave my friend I love my friends they want to wait to get their lives completely to the service of God until their friends will join them I told him the only way to save your friends to save yourself first if you can't lead anybody else at least lead yourself the only way you can keep your friends for eternity is if they are saved right and the only way to really influence under Jesus Christ 's ability of Jesus opportunity to live in your life completely give yourself unreservedly to him and then you can be an influence for your friends but even if your friend do not follow you you have to be willing to give them I was reading up too long those sermons by John Wesley Ike I love old books I found somewhere I found two volumes printed in the mid- eighteen hundreds of all the known servant the claims that preached by John Leslie and invests in this in this volume I read one of his sermons on friendship with the world and understand my whole time on this characteristic careful son have to move on the butt in this in this sermon by John less than friendship with the world he said in what ways are we meant them to be friends with the world if friendship of the world is enmity with God entity was not in God caused adulterers and adulteresses those weapons of the world games for the score then what in what way can we safely be friends with those who are unconverted he lists three ways this isn't necessarily inspired that I thought was interesting thought-provoking three reasons why we should be friends with people who were unconverted number one when courtesy demands it we should associate the friendly the ninth right question should always be nice when the normal business of life requires that a number three when we have a reasonable hope of doing them good some people say will does that mean that I need a break off my friendships sending a break off my relationships I say to them if you cannot safely be friends with the unconverted any mutual peer-to-peer relationship worried their influencing you the only way you should be associating with them is if they become your mission field and you are and all the new necessity prayer in their behalf and you looking for an opportunity to share God 's word with them and you you you are in your Association that a reasonable hope of doing good otherwise my friends as hard as it may be it's better to be lonely and the loss as far as I can tell Abraham was the alone in his span in his worship of the true God I could be wrong I'm sure they were out whether there was lots of his nephew there were others who perhaps were going along with him but Abraham was required basically to standalone in his worship of the true God and my friends this is something that we may be called to do also at the end of time I want to share with you from using struck to regenerate five eighteen ninety three individually the youth should seek association with those who are toiling upward with unfaltering steps they should shun the society of those absorbing every evil influence who are inactive and without a earnest desire fourteen much of a high standard of character who cannot be relied upon his persons will be true to principal let the youth be found in association with those who fear and love God for these noble firm characters are represented by the Lily that opens its pure blossom on the bosom of the lake they refuse to be molded by the influences that would be more demoralized and gathered themselves only that which will aid the development of a pure noble character they are seeking to be conformed to the divine model councils Berkeley sometimes we do think our friendships and associations happen by accident but were really called upon to make decisions choose friends who are toiling upward with unfaltering steps on the last generation I'm afraid there will be sometimes and it seems a bit lonely Abraham called by God to lead that was familiar to leave his family and friends now his comfortable he obeyed must be the children of Abraham we say another characteristic of Abraham we look in he and Genesis chapter twelve Genesis chapter twelve and were going to read this for an example here versus seven and eight Genesis chapter twelve verses seven and eight the Bible says and the Lord appeared and Abram and said under thy seed will I give this land and their ability a lot in alternate Lord appeared unto him and he removed from thence into a mountain on the east of Bethel and Mrs. ten having Bethel on the west and high underneath and there he was building an altar in the Lord and called upon the name of the Lord now the Bible could've recorded many of the things that Abram did whenever he moved he also dug wells and we probably built fences and rows and stockyards PE how do a lot of things and every move right in the Bible specifically records what he built an altar in fact where ever Abraham when he built an altar and Abraham it gets interesting Abraham became a man's household became almost like an institution if you would Abraham 's household would comprise more than half fouls and souls we reconfigured the rockets in a thousand souls back a lot larger than some institutions of thousands old and she said that people would come and we would join Abraham they would want to work for Abraham because they wanted to learn about the blog that Abraham worshiped and from Abraham 's household people would be trained to go back into their families back into their cultures back into their homes and even read that is often a wanderer a traveler will be going along the road and they would come across the place where Abraham built an altar and he would remember it being that even taught the example that Abraham had given you remember those things and he would be even be inspired to stop the repair that altar and worship the true God all my friends Abraham Abraham was not content to just be a Christian onset Abraham 's whole life was a witness and in ministry and everywhere he went he built an altar no not too long ago I was on a flight of ideas does that come in California Ms. Northern California and has sitting next to a fellow Newton executive for window companies coming back from a cup some sort of convention in Florida and we happen to be on the same flight in the Sacramento ugly was and we're talking and found out we had some things in common he said he was a Christian also a started telling me a little bit about his family and so forth we are about the same age of the other little kids in and he was telling me about how on certain nights we do have family night and how they they are very keen the kids are very intense that he should always be there on that night a week and he never misses this one think the last so many years because he had you must always home on that evening Penny Zardari about family worship these are telling me about how every evening they didn't get enough family worship together and I sat there and I said I I I know what I know what religion is man's I found myself I just feel a little disappointed in a newlywed and then I knew he was a Mormon many told me a little bit about thing two years in South America or something that I really knew he is a Mormon heating and tell me when you thought I knew he was a Mormon I don't jealous sometimes what we know for spending time with our families for building an altar and leaving the family and the worship of the true God I'm not I'm pleased by the sisters I'm not here to criticize and find fault and I'm not try to knock any of those and others many faithful address families who have worship you understand but I'm afraid that anadromous families today it's not necessarily a given the family is leading the worship of the true God and I believe that God would call us as a people to greater faithfulness and building our alters Abraham built an altar wherever he went into many households were told into many households prayer is neglected parents feel they have no time for morning and evening worship like the patriarchs of old those who profess to love God should erect an altar to the Lord wherever they could start if there were if there was a time when every house should be a house of prayer it is now fathers and mothers should often lift up their hearts to God in humble supplication for themselves and their children let the father as priest of the household lay upon the altar of God the morning and evening sacrifice while the wife and children uniting prayer and praise in such a household Jesus will love to Terry old I believe that every single one of our home should be an institution a place where people are attracted to learn the worship of the true God a place from which they will go as light bearers and missionaries and witnesses of what they've learned in the godly servant the God they worship all that every one of our home was a beacon of light in this community that everyone would know there is a loving and lovable and godly family a well ordered Christian household we continue reading his pictures and profits page one forty four a well ordered Christian household is a powerful argument in favor of the reality of the Christian religion an argument that the infidel cannot be say all we could have so much influence for good if we like Abraham would simply build an altar if we would worship God by the way the worship of God is a special issue in the diamond radiation a the visual portion willingly worshiping the beast or will be between the worshiping the creator that is the great issue that divides the God 's people from the world now Abraham is first of all he left everything he was willing to leave everything second he built altars he worshiped my cousin look a little more Genesis chapter thirteen now let's look at another characteristic from Abraham 's life that their characteristic will spend time on this afternoon 's Abrahams genuine on selfishness or we would just say Abraham was at the more success existing way of saying it is a chapter thirteen and versus seven verse six of us has been enriched by a lot also which went with Abram had flocks and herds intentional and was unable to bear than that they might dwell together but there for this substance was great so they could not dwell together and there was a strife between the Herdman of Abram 's cattle and Herdman of Lot 's cattle and the Canaanite and the pair as I dwelt in the land verse eight eight one seven the lot let there be no strife migrating between me and the in-between my internment environment for weaning brethren is not whole land before the separate thyself I pretty from me if thou wilt take a left and then I will go to the right or valid part of the right-hand then I would laugh not even did something unit was uncommon in his day Abraham and in the culture in which he lived he had the right to take the first choice didn't take a rant on the right of the elder as the one who would remain in the beneficiary of the roadways and yet Lott had benefited from Abram right and so a man and every logical one and the cultural reason to say you know what where I'm limited to lighten neither the field my herdsmen are going to occupy your Jews somewhere else and that right indeed the neighborhood instead of taking the first choice need genuinely offer lot to have the first choice but you might see without this point I don't believe so I think that was a gram I don't think Abraham was just being polite and condescending is expecting Lonsdale no father Abraham you Jews and if he had invented it and let his tactic was easy it is really just kindly politely expected lot to defer any probably would've had some resentment towards him you know anger and everything we read about the story of Lot and Abraham later shows that Abraham had no resentment no hard feelings no grudge nothing Abraham was generally all twisted in his motives and he was genuinely unselfish he was genuinely offering lock to have the first choice I've know me can look at the great controversy from many different perspectives many different frames of reference right you can look through a lot of different portholes into the great controversy and one way however that you can describe the great controversy is a is really two characters the character of selfishness and the character of selflessness the understanding following me that makes sense God of love and if you read the characteristics of a they love it is selfless love right and that the character on the other hand of Satan Satan 's characters I will be like the most high right I will some of the stars of North Ogden Satan was jealous as we heard about this morning that God had got it not given him the position of power and everything that he wanted the great controversy could be boiled down to an essence love versus evil write itself versus unselfishness and if we look at the great Contras that is happening in our hearts as well we could essentially understand the same is our character being transformed into the character of Christ unselfish love or is it being transformed or conformed to the selfishness that is separate ever present in the world around us know what I don't watch TV much I don't have one in my house is not their lot but I don't get much opportunity to watch television but when he is asked to question maybe you are more familiar with it and I immediately teach a little bit about it are correct if I'm wrong I guess I might say when you watch an advertisement on television is intention of the advertisement to make you unselfish I started thinking about the day and I realized almost all the input we get from the secular world is really programming us to the selfish life just something about it I am everything you see everything becomes a New Year's in your eyes is intended to make you selfish when you watch that on television yet they all now and then I can sacrifice that I'm doing that I don't need at knowledge meant to make you say I have to have that I can't live without it many call right now or go to the store right now in full spires there working on very few very little is is found on television which is copied to make you on office vacuum you watch the movies we watch the subsidy watch whatever else there is one television you'll find that everything everyone is out to get when they give themselves extra and that's normal that's acceptable in fact the more you get for yourself the better off you are and young people are schooled in his waving to me really think now you should be patiently letting somebody turn in front of you and your traffic usually cutting them off or going around the shores of frontline doesn't matter the major mail stop and wait is what I can get in line that was available smart and no honorable character is the entrance warmed into the character of Satan not character Christ unless we're spinning time God 's word and he is daily transforming its see my friends Abraham lived a life of genuine unselfishness Al from this sort of ignorance another lessons why do you think that Abraham was willing to let law have first choice I think some of the reasons might be I don't know I can't read his mind the Bible doesn't really tell us that kind of detail but perhaps it's because Abraham knew something a brand-new wherever he was godless Abraham then you have to have the best fields a random act of the greenest pastures Abraham didn't need the best business environment Abraham needed God 's blessing and God bless his a cheerful giver God bless is a character that life is all my friends you may not become rich but he will be blessed if you live in installments life and love the Bible says that law looked at those naturally see look at the options and easy you saw that green lush valley the well watered playing well were situated the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah right allotment and pitched his tent toward Sodom not in sentiment towards our and the Abraham went back up to derive bills where his cross and his herds could never prosper right but they did with Douglas Hesiod theory I promised you are not maybe someday will ask father Abraham but I have a theory that is no matter where Lott had chosen Abraham Wood pitched his tent toward Sodom we didn't lose anything some other drive fills away from those megacities I know this could be the politically incorrect thing to say but I'll say it anyway God 's message for his faithful of the laceration includes a message of country living God what God knows his people at their living as close as they can assign Lamarre will be sucked into it since study for yourselves but I believe God 's facial laceration are going to seek a better environment the best environment it possibly can for their own pace on SU question is that mean that means a you won't have the best job opportunities in the best business opportunities possibly all be honest with you economically is not always easy to live in the country right is a lot better jobs are bigger jobs but a little with God 's blessings for more than all the world has to offer just look at the example that lives of law and of a room look at all that he gained by moving those sin cities are not at first but towards those in cities all over it he was welcoming it was red she was last but how much of it all my friends anything that addresses anything you gain in the city that God can hit in the country is probably in her someday anyway let's like our father Abraham be willing to leave everything be willing to give others a first choice the story continues in here in row and Genesis chapter thirteen story continues on a few verses of Genesis chapter thirteen we read in verse and verse eleven August ten Mrs. Reagan was loved and thirteenth then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan and Lot journeyed east and a separate themselves one from the whether you have a really well in the land of Canaan the Lot dwelt in the cities of the plain and fixed his tent toward Sodom but in minutes than of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly of the Bible continues in chapter fourteen will skip down that and that the Bible talks about a whole bunch of teams that came against Sodom and Gomorrah came to pass the days of Emeryville keen to sign our area document LSR and shadow Chen door lock them are King of England and title opinion nations these made war with American astronomer seeking and why shine editing and advanced Senator King of Zabul and and the king of Bela which is sore okay quite an exercise in phonetic series and it all these were joined together in the veil of Saddam which is the salt sea so here we find that there where there was a great war and eventually these the cities of the value scheme under the servitude of this consortium of Kings and eventually they knew it had to be invaded and eighteen men in a they conquered Sunday morning the Bible says that they they they took the inhabitants of Sodom and more captive than the Bible says in verse ten the veil of cinema was full of slime pits the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled and fell there and they that remained fled to the mountain and a job verse eleven all the goods of sophomore at all the pixels and wind their way and they took Lot Abram 's brother 's son who dwelt in Sodom and his goods in the party and one of them escaped him and told Abram the Hebrew this is what happened else if Abraham had had any resentment towards lot it would've come out now I suppose Abraham would've said I guess now the lot he got what he deserved after all he was he was pretty rude to not allow me to have first choice now too bad no you ever hear faithful people who almost seem like they rejoice in the demise of those of been unfaithful not talking about I'm convinced that when the Bible says in first finish chapter thirteen mother characteristics of agape love is a rejoices not in iniquity but rejoices in the truth I'm convinced that a person who is who is patterned after the character of Jesus Christ is not to rejoice even of the demise of someone who's been unfaithful I think we need healthcare by Christ like Abraham I think we should we should our hearts be filled with pity and hear a man is genuinely concerned about his death condition these men are back in the bylaws I am exactly right the men of Sodom were more bad people they desire to be destroyed they deserve to be cared captive is after all their dirty riches to be carried away by some other drinking they dominate as there is not a representative Abraham got together his household three hundred and eighteen train service the Bible says and they went after the night three hundred and eighteen service probably didn't hold a candle to the armies of sophomore knows what little cities three hundred eighteen sermons that like Gideon 's army going at least five teams a brand that is very big risk but he knew God was with he knew that God was with them I knew it was the right cause and he went in the Bible says and in Genesis chapter fourteen that verse fourteen when Abraham heard that his brother was to captive he armed his trained servants born in his own house three hundred and eighteen and pursued them and then dividing himself against them in a servant by night and smote them adverse event pursued them unto hobo which is on the left hand in Damascus and he brought back all the goods and also brought again his brother Lot and his goods and women also and the people now remember where were the King of Kings of Sodom and the more also taking place there for their lives maybe they'll fallen of the blankets wherever those were whatever they were exact at unknown but they were in slang as a team the Bible says in verse seventeen the king of Sodom went out to meet him after his return from the slaughter cattle glamour and of the kings that were with him at the Valley of shape which is the Kingsdale and milk and picking of Salem brought forth bread and wine and he was a priest of the most high God and he blessed them last him and said Blessed be Abram of the most high God possessor of heaven and earth verse twenty and blessed blessed be the most high God which is delivered by enemies in hand and he gave him tithes of all by the way father Abraham 's faithful steward wasn't a you is faithful and returning and .net conferences another characteristic of Abraham 's life the Bible says in verse twenty one though the king of Sodom said and Abram give me the persons and take the goods to thyself Abram said to the king of Sodom I lifted up mine hand in the Lord the most high God the possessor of heaven and earth that I will not take from a thread even to issue that you and I will not take anything that is nine left without this say I have made Abram rich Abraham my friend had high and uncompromising ethics a brown right fully he could have said these possessions are mine I saved your life I'll let you go free you won't indentured servant now I'll give you that much many lessons are Mike and the king of Sodom recognize it that we drew right he's it doesn't take everything is less than three thank you thank you were happy at all I suppose it was a massive amount of wealth on getting I imagine it would then varies considerable spoil that Abraham would profit from but Abraham did not want anyone to go by his tense up there on those bare hills and say only reason a advantage because he got rich off of welts on more he wanted people gain by the less rich to say Abrams wealthy because he's blessed of God and he said I'm not even litigate a shoestring of what I've recovered last week I was in the house teaching the students of your e-mail school in Norway I was I was I have until the story is until you have heard before it's a true story about of a church that had a tragic fire in their new building in the church burned down destroyed several hundred thousand dollars in damage and they didn't have insurance and no money to rebuild the story was around town and then they receive this anonymous envelope of what has articles about a hundred thousand dollars in cash that he must and would and they had a note found in this envelope and said I read about you churchgoers are about it thought I could help recently at one lottery and here's my difficulty with the church anonymous praise Lorna had him so I have I have I asked the students I said what would you do with you that are now largely will the church and some say yes as I said no nine thousand and the Civil War were up right there in front of me the news this can be some sort of them taking inside what the church board met together they decided to liberate what to do you see this church had been known as a church that oppose the lottery when it came to the area they preach against it but can you use the money again lottery we've been preaching is water is a consistent but it's for a good cause when the annuity at any defined money and you don't know working from maybe just have to use it you know and so some of the church board said Lord has provided some said you can't we can't use it finally they deliberated they debated by making the decision or not any of the facility they ran an ad in the paper they didn't say whoever lost five thousand dollars complainant something am I not mind it it was lottery money but somehow they ran an ad in and in such a way that day the person would know who they are being addressed to Renée they said they could not use the gift and that if the payment please come and claim it will be become obligated they had the terrible turned out that the person had one lottery after all he simply wanted to know if they believe what they preach and he gave several times that amount after learning that they had turned down that gift on principle now that within ten dollars or fifty no one who will remain you need to turn down but a hundred thousand dollars would be difficult to turn down into the gall the wealth of Sodom and Gomorrah could not induce a room to compromise his principles God 's people at the end of time will not be bought or sold my friends is not about money Abraham I think God not only owns the cattle on thousand hills he owns a very old Moselle and that God provided for that for this wealth to provide any other way he chose for Abraham 's need and he was confident that he didn't need well thought more to help see my friends gods people than the time I believe will have the highest ethics uncompromising principle the highest standard of separation world know we can go on and on I challenge you to make a study of the book of the story of a room for the life of Abraham read paychecks and profit three the chapters in Genesis and noticed there's so many ways that Abraham is an example for those of us living last visit with sister and I have a question for you are you the children of Abraham that's where the rubber meets the road right if we are the children of Abraham the works of my father will do would you like to be sons and daughters we remedy Abraham the father of the faithful even in the last generation as far as slippery father today is my thank you that you have called us to very high calling Lord we just had a few minutes here to look at a couple of the characteristics that distinguished Abrams life Lord thank you for men who are willing to follow you even if there was nobody else in the world who understood what they were doing all father at least we have friends immunizing them off maybe were separated by time or distance we have friends we know are also following you in the same way with the same harnessing purpose a man stood alone help us to be willing to leave everything for you and father I guess I pray that you will help us to give the needs of our father Abraham not because we are disciples of Abraham that week because we like Abraham are disciples of Jesus Christ were followers of the scene gone unseen character that you gave to Abraham you can give to us ward me to be faithful in the last generation is my prayer in Jesus name


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