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Witnessing to Muslims

Rudy Harnisch


Door openers and successful experiences witnessing to Muslims.



  • April 16, 2017
    8:45 AM
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A few months ago with a generation of Youth for Christ it's a G Y C meeting down in Houston. And we have an exhibit booth there on how to reach Muslims also amazing facts together we had a booth there. At this use conference thousands of young people coming together but I had a friend of mine who said I'll you know I'll pick you up at the airport in Houston and take you to the convention is about forty five fifty minute drive and so it's a great well we got there and I got the message I guess I knew ahead of time a little bit he stuck in a snowbank. In Wyoming I already is a long ways from Houston. And I go Well as it was have to catch a cab so the family was all this is early says five thirty in the morning we got there's overnight flight. We got to Houston got mind to catch a cab so we walked over to where the cabs were all lined up and I was like I was kind of ten colored. And. I said this is gonna be a Muslim. And so I said to a Salaam really cool. He were shocked he looks at me Are you Muslim so I'm a seventh there was I don't eat pork I don't drink alcohol I don't bought on idols and I'm a follower of Jesus why I have never heard you people he says Where have you been there you know I've never heard of you. We had a really really good discussion for the next thirty minutes tremendous discussion there's one thing that I'd like to visit with Muslims about because I already know the reaction I'm going to get. And that is I ask him about the judgment wherever I go and I was in Britain. You know within here a while back same thing I was in a big outdoor store vegetables and everything there was a big pillar holding up the building and the big poster there but the judgement the fear the judgement. As I'm taking a picture of this poster the store manager comes by he says L B five pounds plays a big smile you know. I said hey can you talk to me about the judgment when he says you know a judgment is like a great big scale he said your good works are here and you're you're not your works that aren't good over here at the end of the day you hope that this site is heavier than this side and you come in through the judgment OK well. I had attracted my hand talking about Abraham some being ransomed I said you know anything about Abraham and his son being Ransome the talks about in the Koran. He looks at me and says Can I have that I said yeah you can have that I've got another one he took it quickly rolled it up looked around and stuck in his pocket. Anyway back to back to Houston. So I asked him as well as his driving I asked him what about the judgment oh oh he says we fear the judgment I said maybe you fear the judgment Well he says we don't know we don't know what what side we're going to be on I said Well how does it work he says well you know we have to do good deeds we have enough good deeds we think we're going to be in the cut and in the in the good good terms with God. I. Said listen as a god is doing everything a law is doing everything possible in your life that you come through the judgment OK but you got to pay attention when he's talking to you. When he's talking to you pay attention and we had a really good conversation kept going is very positive on and on and then usually he popped this question which in mention two so is Jesus the Son of God he asked and normally without knowing it people would say yes of course he's the son of God and the conversation he he goes his way you go your way friendship is over it's all done he asked me that loaded question. I said something like You know I've been reading the Koran now I'm using his resources instead of mine I've been reading the Koran and the Qur'an says in three verses that Jesus was born of a Virgen and also in a very powerful verses or in one thousand nine hundred that he was born righteous He paused. And he said Yeah he says it says that and he instantly went to another subject he didn't want to he'd want to go any further with that he had a wonderful topic at the end of the highway when he dropped us off at the hotel everything that he had and I had insofar as literature that I had prepared already for occasions like this he was so willing to take it and read it so many times. When we go to our conventions I have people come to me after they've gotten our literature they say you know what we used to go out in the marketplace is everywhere Muslims were and if we handed them a steps to Christ with a picture of Jesus on the cover there's no they way they would take as a No please we don't want them but you're the literature that you have that's designed for Muslims is that everyone just grabs that literature and goes with it so there is a way that we can approach this this people in a very positive way that does needlessly offend them. When we were down and in the Y.C.. We had our exhibit booth there a young nurse came to us for a name was Kay. And she said you know I mean a nurse in Houston she's twenty something years old and I deal with a lot of Muslim patients lots of them and I want to know what do I do to connect with these people so she's at our booth we spent about an hour together she bought a bunch of the literature the books you just poring over them and. About a week when all this is just why we're still a G Y C The next day after she got she decided to join the rest of the youth who were going out to Houston to hand out literature on the streets to meet people and so on I think you're handing out glow tracks and doing something else anyway she jumped on a bus like the rest of the bus stop to guess where it stops right in front of a mosque. She walks out she goes into the mosque. And actually go out walks into the mosque the EMA was there which is the leader of the mob of the like a pastor here in mom and and she greets the ear are hostile are more like who. And here answers back Wally who months along are you Muslim I'm a seventh there I don't eat pork I don't drink alcohol. I don't borrow No I don't and I am a follower of Jesus really and so and she had this other pitch developed she said Do you know about the Bible he says well I don't know much about about would you like to know more about the Bible Well yes I would he said so she signs up to email for bible studies desist happened not long ago she's now having bible studies with the EMA he wants to know about the Bible. Several weeks later I get this phone call keys on the other and she says frantic she says you believe what happened she says I was in the hospital tending to all the patients an hour is ten two and this one is one Muslim lady was there and the hospital a terrible situation she said it was very very terrible she was carrying around dead babies she didn't have the money to get an operation on that it was just horrible Finally I don't know how it happened but she went through the operation and and so on and so she's in there. You know really trying to recover and what she had to learn how to connect with Muslims she was applying she would greet her in Arabic you know and she would greet her back and call her sister and so on well OK decided here's where we share with Kay that try to find out what Muslims really enjoy and then do something that they would really like and so. This Muslim lady who is recovering from this horrible ordeal she says. I just wish I had the certain Arabic food and I can't remember what the name of it is and Kay picks up on that so she goes home she goes hundred computer she types it is Arabic food and up pops recipes and what have you so she goes and she prepares a stash and she takes it to her friend in the hospital. And she she finds out you did this for me and she just you know just amazed here's this lady who's not even a Muslim she would do that for me. Well some time later in walks six or eighty of eight or six or eight of these ladies who are the friends of the person in the hospital this Muslim lady and they're all wearing burkas that means just her eyes were showing OK They all walk in and the lady who is sick she introduces all these burka ladies to Katie she says is my sister and they ask OK Who are you I am a Seventh Day Adventist I don't eat pork I don't drink alcohol I don't bow down to idols I'm a follower of Jesus I'm not you know I enjoy being around Muslims one of the ladies in the burka said listen. She supposed her side this is after we're done talking I want to talk to you she's. So OK so they had their nice visit and all and most of the ladies left and as this one sister said you know talks to Kate. She says quietly she said you know what I'm from New Jersey and for a long time I've been driving by this shirt that says Seventh Day Adventist on the front there's no crosses out front and I just want you to know after meeting you when I go back to New Jersey I'm going to go to that church. And then amazing from the influence of this one nurse how this how this works is really really works I'm just praying and hoping that the New Jersey people. When this berko any comes in that they don't panic you know. Well I want to cover something really special to me that's special to me and about. Muslims of the past they were used to call the children of the east maybe we have time tomorrow will govern little bit of the history but there's. There's a part of the history of what the you know Muslims nowadays are children these used to be called children of these now most of them are called Muslims. They go back to the time of Abraham before we begin this section I just want to take a moment to pray. Kind Heavenly Father as we get and look at the subject we asked for your blessings we have said you would speak to us through the Word to give us guidance to give us encouragement and to give us hope as we approach not only Muslim people or all kinds of people that we meet in Jesus' name in. The Bible says in first John one nine John one nine that he Jesus was the true light he had lightens every man coming into the world is not good news that's what the Bible says that Jesus and lightens every man coming into the world no matter where you are and he wants to use US Jews. Wants to use us as tools to enlighten people around us so that no one is when and when they face the judge when no one can say you know what god you never did anything to bring light into my path No the Bible says he and lightens every man coming into the world John one nine. It says but as many as received Him to them gave the power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name so the light that comes into our lives in everyone's lives it's for them to receive the light. This is the part of. The Reformation that few people know about and this is the five hundred year commemoration of Martin Luther nailing the five ninety five theses to the church door in Wittenberg. I try to think of what it would be like back in Martin Luther's day. What would it be like and it's unthinkable what would it be like to not have a Bible. What would that be like and yet belong to this massive church which is telling you how to get to heaven right. And I found out in my research of this one of the things that really irritated Martin Luther was that everything that the church was doing revolved around money in other words if you wanted to get married you had to go to the priest with money in order to get married if you wanted to be buried or have your one of your relatives to be buried you had to bring money so that they could be buried if you wanted to have a baptism you brought your little baby and you brought money so that he could be or she could be baptized if you wanted to get married you brought money the whole system the mass every time you. You know if you sinned and you want to confess you had to bring money to get your sins forgiven so the whole thing revolved around money and adjust your attainted Martin Luther because he found something. There was no word of God back in his day and he happened to find a Bible that was chained to a university library an air for Germany. You know my parents came from Germany and we're going back there again we're going to put a D.V.D. together a planning to put a D.V.D. together on their history of the Reformation and so I called my relatives up there right now that area and I asked them I said you know would you have time to take me around and you know we are there overjoyed to do that and I said How about Martin Luther were his birthplace is how far is that always says you can walk there from here that's that close I says what about you know I mentioned several other place always is you can walk there from here it's that close that's it all praise God So anyway I thought I wanted to find out who how did all this happen this reformation and all that how did that happen and what all took place well I found out that it really all started not in Europe but it started in a place called Constantinople is the goal now it is called is the North back then it's called Constantinople the big city in Turkey back in the fourteen hundreds massive city huge walls all around the city except for the oceanside this is this is a modern picture of what it still looks like these are the walls that are over five hundred years old in Constantinople you might be asking well what does this have to do with the Reformation this is a modern picture again of of cards now it's called Istanbul. Look at those massive walls this city the Muslims have surrounded the whole area except they have. That in fourteen in the fourteen hundreds they have been able to penetrate into the city. This used to be the largest one of the largest the largest church I believe the Sophia church which now has become a mosque and actually you see museum back in Turkey. Well what was going on back in those days as these Muslims were were. Bringing chaos to the whole area back and fourteen fifty three they managed to. With a cannon like this they managed to blast down the walls of Constantinople there was a hung jury who designed this canon and he actually went to the Byzantines to the people there in the Constantinople first asking them if they would like to buy his patent or he would make this canon for him well he didn't have enough money for him so guess what then he went to the Turks and the Turks came up with the cash and they came up with the goods to create a canon and three months he created this massive cannon it's like seventeen feet long it shoots a ball that's I forget the weight of it it shoots the way the ball of one point five miles and with this cannon they brought down the walls of Constantinople What does that have to do with the Reformation Well here's the thing. This was the Eastern Roman Empire the Western Empire. Didn't have the knowledge of the manuscripts of the Bible manuscripts that were in the east so as these scholars were fleeing Constantinople guess what they took with them they took the Greek in the Hebrew manuscripts with them that were unknown to the Western people the Western Christians and as he fled there with the manuscripts Erasmus and Martin Luther and others who created the Bible they used these men you scripts in order to come up with the last the King James. Bible or the Geneva Bible all these will come came from manuscripts from Constantinople So that's how that got tied in there. So now. Fourteen fifty three the walls came crashing down. Thirty years later. And fourteen eighty three Martin Luther was born and I slave in Germany thirty years later. Remember there is no Bibles in the area what they do have this chain it's. Not only chain but it's in a Latin so they can't nobody can understand it if you're a common person. And in fifteen or three Luther finds the Bible in a university library in her for Germany fifteen or three he never knew such a thing even existed. He starts studying. Fifteen seventeen October thirty first he has been studying the Bible and he realizes that the system has gone totally totally arrayed from scripture completely so he nails his his objections to the church door in Wittenberg Germany fifteen seventeen Tobar thirty first. And fifteen twenty Luther publishes an appeal for the reformation of Christianity he's appealing to the church you've got to turn this thing around it's gone totally array. Well in fifteen twenty one. Luther is summoned to appear at worms to answer for the charges brought against him. And after the Diet of Worms that's where he made his famous statement you know here I stand I can do no further the Bible alone. Well after the diet he's returning home. And as he's returning home they gave him a safe conduct you know to get back to Wittenberg. But after that it was fair game to do anything with Martin Luther because they condemned him and were MS Germany so he's on his way back home and he was secretly abducted by friends he was taken to the work Byrd Castle and there he was under the protection of friends and while he was there he translated the New Testament and he understood Greek and Hebrew but he understood Greek and he translated from Greek into German fifteen twenty one. Fifteen twenty two Lu there's New Testament came out in Germany fifteen twenty two the first time people had the Word of God the New Testament at least in their language and it sold by the droves that went all over the place. Within three years. Fifteen twenty five the diet that was held they condemned Luther they condemned what he was doing they condemned all his works and sack this is what they said. This is from the book. By. J. A wily. So that the diet of fifteen twenty five commanded all Lutherans should be rooted out of the land and wherever they are found either by clergymen or laymen they may be seized and burned. Not just their books but now Lutherans are supposed to be rooted out and burned. Well. It just so happens that the Reformation had a little help in those days not just a little bit of help but the help came from an unexpected quarter nobody realized what was going on but God was in charge. And that help they received was from this person. So Lehmann the magnificent the leader of the Turks. Those are the guys that just burst down. Wall's back and fourteen fifty three thirty years before Martin Luther was born this is a new Turk on the block he came to power. Now he's in Eastern Europe. Here's what Jay Wiley continues to say it was the Turk who suddenly stepped forward to save Protestantism in Hungary. Though he was all unaware of the service which he performed so lame in the magnificent setting our from Constantinople April twenty third April twenty third of April fifteenth twenty six just a year before a few months before they made that decree all Lutherans are to be burned. Well who lives Constantinople and April twenty third it's so lame in the mignons isn't with three hundred thousand Turks coming towards Europe Eastern Europe. The whole thing it shook the whole all of Europe and what happened was there was a massive battle there. But before we get into that we want to just cover. The governor he gave orders that no hindrance should be offered to the preaching of the gospel which the great move bird had discovered this is the leader of the Turk back in those days he said this Martin Luther guy who has discovered this he said no hindrance should be offered to the preaching of the gospel which the great movie of birth had discovered and thus in all the transfer of Ania towns and plains under the Muslim a Protestant faith continued to spread so from a book called The History of Protestantism page two twenty eight book twenty. This is White often quotes from this from this book in a great controversy. So from an unexpected area. God help the Reformation we don't know that we don't we forgot about all this. Here it continues it says a sword that we're on sheath against the poor Protestants right. Diana fifteen twenty five said all Lutherans. The swords and she think the poor Protestants had to be turned in another quarter but Turk Yes Lama Turk was the lightning rod that drew off the tempest thus did Christ cover his little flock with the shield of who. The shield of the Muslim J. while a history of Protestantism book nine page four seventy four it's not all negative what you hear about Islam in the past or in the future or in the present it's not all negative Well Martin Luther often wasn't trouble. And. He was called on the carpet numerous times. And one of those times. He is there and this is what they said it is used said they had here and so the old creed in other words the Catholics addressing the Lutherans you have brought this scourge these Turks you've brought this scourge upon us. It is you they said who have unloosed these angels of evil that's what Catholics call these Muslim invaders angels of evil. They have come to chastise you Martin Luther because you're a heretic. You have cast off the yoke of the pope and now marm you have to bear the yoke of the Turk How do you think Martin answer that here's what he said. Not so said Luther. It is God who has unloosed this army who is king is a bad and the. Destroyer. They have been sent to punish us for our sins are in gratitude for the Gospel our blasphemies and above all our shedding of the blood of the righteous. Martin Luther was knew what was going on this quote is thrown in jail a history of Protestantism Volume one page sixty three if you're interested if you're interested in knowing. What Islam was doing in the time of the Reformation the new book just came out I practice in the back of my car I just got it the watch this deals with the fifth sixth seventh trumpet of biblical history and this goes to goes into quite depth it's a compilation I didn't write this I just gathered the material together so that you know the history of Islam in the past during the time of the Reformation there's a there's another really good sermon in there by a T. Jones. About the trumpets especially about the Fifth and Sixth Trumpet and it goes on it goes into quite detail as to. Mrs White what she said about the Ottoman Empire in prophecy its in the great controversy that's in here. The Fifth and Sixth Trumpet from the S.D.A. sourced book one thousand nine hundred from our Bible commentaries there's a book called The Source Book that's all in here Islam and the reformation in Europe history of Protestantism and history of reformation of the sixteenth century by Darwin all the quotes are in here reference to what happened and how Islam was involved in saving the Reformation It's fabulous history having a sister hardly anybody knows about this so one day as I was this day with my Muslim friend and I was sharing some of these things he said to me. He says OK OK says. How many of you Christians know about this I said Well probably not too many he says I want photocopies of all this material that you have I want to have this for myself so I photocopied and I gave him a copy. Martin Luther five hundred years ago he saw that revelation nine was pertaining to Islam a bad God sent his army against a fallen Romish Church especially as they were still trying to trying to subdue the Reformation God used them so that the the effort was diverted from away from the Lutherans to deal with the Turks and the Protestant Reformation exploded. To twenty five one of my favorite verses I will restore to you the years the swarming locust has eaten a locust larva a stripping locust a cutting locust my great army which I said to mung you the children of the east in the Bible are known as locusts this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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