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The Way of Love- Part 4

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • February 18, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Dear Jesus. We pray for the spirit of the Living God to fall afresh on us. Father the subject that we are studying. Can only become a reality if the spirit is allowed to fall on us. So we invite him. To continue to guide us this morning. I pray Father that we will take him home with us throughout this next week. Father make us into the people you've called us to be. We thank you for your great goodness in Jesus name. In. Two or three in your Bibles to first Corinthians Chapter twelve. First Corinthians Chapter twelve. We are in the middle of a series of studies on First Corinthians thirteen. Several weeks ago we looked at the preamble to this chapter the preface of how Paul actually introduces the concept of a god in love in verse thirty one Paul says but covered earnestly the best gifts yet show I unto you a more excellent way or a way that is beyond comparison Paul tells the Corinthian believers to be eager for the greater gifts the gifts of the Spirit now when you look at the list as we've already done of the gifts of the spirit in verse twenty eight of First Corinthians Chapter twelve as you look at the gifts that Paul outlines there not just in that one verse but through the whole chapter we find out as we look at these these gifts that the spirit wants to the still upon us that God gives us the gifts of the Spirit for the. A primary reason of the advancement of the Gospel commission would you agree with me yes or no. Me look at the list of the gifts that God gives us these gifts God gives them so that we can advance the cause of God so that we can take the Gospel to the world so that we can fulfill Matthew where Jesus tells us to take it to all the world Matthew twenty eight nineteen and twenty but then Paul says this he says Now I'm going to show you a way that is beyond comparison a more excellent way he says yes the gifts of the Spirit are powerful in the proclamation of the Gospel but then he says I'm going to show you something that is going to add power to this gospel the fulfillment of the Gospel commission that the gifts of the Spirit cannot do on their own. And then he introduces the concept of first Corinthians thirteen a got big or charity in the new king and the King James version where he talks about what this love that God wants to create in our heart looks like now we've looked at a lot of different things but I want to just review a few things this morning the Word of God pay is a desire to do what is best for somebody else a god he is not dependent on another person's response in order for it to exist it loves not because of what it gets or how the other person responds but because it cares for and wants the best for others simply put a god he does what is best for other people because that's all that a god he can do no matter what the circumstances are no matter how it is being treated no matter anything that is going on the only response that a heart that is full of a god day has is a response that is going to benefit somebody else in a positive way. The seven of the Lord says. This is in the southern review Jan you're one of one thousand one we've read this but it's worth repeating he only who loves his fellow man to a purpose can know God Who are the ones that know God. He that loveth not know it's not God For God is love we cannot know God if we don't have love love one for another there's no there's no fence sitting here we can't say I love God but I don't like my brother and we can't say I love God but I don't like the people that go to church that the only way we can know God is if we have that love for one another it's a biblical concept this is the reason that there is so little genuine vitality in our churches or life or energy the reason why there is little life in our churches because there is little love in our churches Fiala G. is valueless unless it is saturated with the love of Christ saturated it has to be filled to overflowing it cannot hold anymore God has given us beautiful theology in our church would you say amen but now we need to pour in the a god play on top of it fill it up saturated filled to overflowing where it cannot hold any more then she tells us our theology will have value God is supreme his love in the human heart will lead to the doing of works that will bear fruit after the Silliman Tud of the character of whom of God the character of God First Corinthians thirteen versus four through seven Paul outlines for us what the character of God looks like now the statement nine manuscript releases page one hundred twenty eight says this a loving lovable Christian what kind of Christian loving and lovable Christian is the most what powerful argument in favor of the truth the ology if we want to make it powerful argument in favor for the truth we need to get into our prayer clause and have it out with the Lord and say Father this is the experienced. That I crave I don't want to hamper your cause I don't want to hold back the moving of the Holy Spirit I crave this experience of first Corinthians thirteen I cannot have it on my own you have to give it to me and I want it please give it to me so that I can be a powerful argument in favor of the truth and then that's what we should pray for every day that the Lord will give us this experience it's not just mere eloquence in defending the faith but it's having that heart of love that Jesus has had that will give the power to the proclamation of the message it will give power to the gifts of the spirit. In our last study together. We looked at verse four First Corinthians thirteen where Paul begins the pulling apart the dissecting if you will of a god and let's take a look at this will read this or just review verses four through seven. Charity suffers long and is kind charity envy it's not charity vaunted not itself is not puffed up does not behave itself unseemly seek it's not her own is not easily provoked thinketh no evil read Joyce it's not in a nick with any but rejoices in the truth bear with all things believe with all things hope with all things and what endure of all things Paul gives us the characteristics of a god pain he analyzes it it's almost like he takes the character of Jesus the gobby love and he puts it under a microscope and he's looking at the fabric of what it's made out of he's breaking it down into its parts adoptee's the big concept and now he's going to show you what it's built out of it's like he's shining a got be through a prism the prism of God's word. And you know when you shine light through a prism there's colors that come out the other side and Paul is breaking down the it got into the beautiful colors of what it is what it looks like in practical application in our line. So let's take a look at verse five in our time together here this morning. For Springsteen's thirteen and verse five the beginning part of that says that charity does not behave itself how. Unseemly or I heard some other translations use the word rudely That's the New King James Version the N.I.V. says it does not this honor others the New American Standard Bible says it does not act on becoming Lee That's a good one isn't it. Does not act in an unbecoming manner it is not rude to other people charity or got paid is never rude or ill mannered It is not over sensitive or what it is not offensive or in polite got they is always kind and courteous courteous and considerate even to the most unloving of people again it's because it's the only thing that I've got they can do whatever situation whatever circumstances a gop is placed in the only response that it has is a positive response is a kind response a response that's going to draw that person closer to God and is going to help them see the character of Jesus in your life unfortunately it's a shame that some of those sons and daughters of God. At times act rudely. Every bad that happens to you. How about if I ask you Have you ever done that don't answer it. Right. It's really unfortunate and as I thought about this as I looked at First Corinthians thirteen versus four three seven. Specifically with in regards to being kind and not being rude you know there's nothing that brings joy to the heart of a parent than to see their children becoming to one another. To not be rude to each other to not treat each other in an unbecoming manner there is nothing that brings more joy to the heart of a parent than the see their children act this way towards one another. And our heavenly Father it fills his heart with joy when he sees his children treat one another in a kind and a manner that's not rude or unbecoming it brings joy to the heart of the Father even in the most difficult of circumstances when his children treat each other in a becoming manner so I ask you. How have you treat it your children or grandchildren this past week. How have you treat it your spouse this past week how have you treat it some of your fellow church members. This past week what about your coworkers you know it's amazing to me as I have thought back on my life and when I was putting this study together and as I reviewed it I like to just take a moment and and flash back in my mind and ask the Lord to help me to see the areas in my life where I need to improve in this particular point and absolutely flabbergasted me how often I can be rude to somebody and not even realize. It's just the time that we live in we're being rude or treating somebody in an unbecoming manner has become a normal thing in fact in some sort. Goes it is even lauded and a prey and praised by certain individuals but you know rudeness isn't just something that we do to somebody's face. It's oftentimes how we think of the context of rudeness that that were rude to the person in front of them but you know you can be rude to somebody by talking about them behind their back can you not. And how does that make that person feel when when they find out how you have treated them in a rude manner you've been kind to them in front of their face you smile at them and you give them a hug and you do whatever it is but then later on that person finds out that you're talking about them behind their back Bible tells us God doesn't do that kindest. Even if they find things that are not pleasant in other people it finds its grave in the mind of the individual. It's not verbalized any longer. Because I got it doesn't keep track of those kind of things some of the cross interesting statement in the book Gospel workers gospel workers speech three hundred ninety one it says this talking about jesus jesus never suppress one word of truth but he uttered always how in love he exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful kind attention in his intercourse with other people do you think you would have enjoyed hanging out with Jesus sure you would have she goes on and she says this he was never what rude he was never what he was never rude he never needlessly spoke a severe word never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul he did not censure human weakness he fearlessly denounced hypocrisy unbelief and iniquity but. Tears were in his voice as he uttered his scathing reviews how did he do it. He had what tears in his voice and I think probably. Sometimes he had tears in his on us. And too often I think sometimes we we like to rebuke sin we like to give the scathing reviews but we don't have the tears in our eyes. We don't have the tears in our heart we don't have the love that it's that is motivating that rebuke of sin it's not a rebuke because you're trying to put that person in their place but Jesus rebuked sin because he knew what sin is going to do to that individual he understood that it was going to cost them their eternal life and he had deep sorrow in his heart when he saw people exercise sin in their lives he rebuked it but he did it with love and he had tears. Sorrow for that individual and I would suggest to you this morning. That before you go around rebuking anybody. You should first have some time of sorrow in your prayer closet for that individual. Frame for them. That the Lord would work in their lines charity does not treat people in a rude manner you know the statement. That charity does not behave itself unseemly is proof that what first Corinthians thirteen four through seven is not humanly devise a bill. You cannot created on your own it has to come from God because we naturally are rude when we are treated rude we naturally lash out when somebody lashes out at us that's the natural human tendency but in order for us to respond the way a god pay is supposed to respond it has to be something that is created in us by God we have to get down on that operating table and let God do that heart surgery in our lives where he opens up our chest and takes out the stony heart and gives us a heart a flesh that beats got a copy. A cop cop. We have to allow him to do that heart surgery as painful as it might be we have to allow him to do that in order for us to respond the way Jesus responded in these various circumstances. Charity does not behave itself. Unseemly versified goes on. Charity also does not seek what her own New Living Translation says it does not demand its own way the N.I.V. says it is not self seeking the English standard version says it does not insist on its own way of all the characteristics that are described and there are fifteen of them in verses four through seven of all the characteristics that are described in verses four through seven this is probably the most difficult of all of them. Because we are naturally selfish are we not were naturally interested in our selfish motivations and moving ourself forward but the Bible tells us that charity and seek is not her own she is not interested in herself but she is interested in other people she is interested in helping them in aiding them in moving them somehow some way closer in their relationship with Jesus. Some. Selfishness is so normal that it has become an identifiable in their lines to them. Surely other people don't have a hard time seeing selfishness in other people. But sometimes it can become difficult to see in our own law again because it's just become a social norm in our society to look out in our best interest to look out for ourselves for our own advancement for our own cause to better ourselves but that's not the way. A gop A thinks and it's become so normal that it has become an identifiable in many of our lines Paul tells us this in flip in chapter two and verse three he says let nothing be done through strife which means a selfish ambition or vain glory but in loneliness of money and let each esteem the other better then themselves in what kind of mind loneliness and humility there it is I wasn't up on the screen wasn't. There it is a lowly miss of mind let each esteem the other better than himself Paul is telling us. That the mind of Christ which going to find out he introduces the mind of Christ in just a minute. But all it Paul is telling us that nothing is done through strife or vainglory but that it is done in humility of. The humble mind of Jesus is what he is describing here verses five three through eight he goes on he says this Let this mind be in you. Which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no what reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men let me ask you question was that humbling for Jesus yes or no to be made in the likeness of Ben not only made in the likeness of man but to take the form of a servant was that humbling for him. You know a White says it was almost an infinite humiliation for the Son of God to take the form of Adam before the fall but yet he took the form of man after the fall with all of the years and years of hereditary tendencies it goes. And he Paul continues he says and being found in fashion as a man he was himself humbled himself and became obedient and to death even the death of the cross if you want a mind blowing thought to think about maybe you've already thought about this once before but it's a very interesting thought to think about that when Jesus came to earth he was subject to the law that he wrote himself. Was that humbly. The Bible says Let this mind being you which was also in Christ Jesus who was willing to take a humble that's what charity is the Bible is telling here it seek is not its own it has the mind of Christ where if I have to step down into the form of a servant I will do that if it elevate somebody else we don't have that naturally we don't have the our society teaches that you step on top of people to elevate yourself and that thought has even crept its way into our church as well. It's crept its way among God's people where if we have a certain position in the church we don't want to hold another position because that's positions more inferior than the other position Lord have mercy if I can only advance the cause of God that's all that matters. If I have to take the form of a servant to elevate somebody else so be it I want charity in my heart and then Jesus left the throne room of heaven and became a servant here on this earth subject to his own law how should I not respond in the same manner. I will says that charity seek its not its own way I've been reminded and I've mentioned this before. That the Bible tells us and first John chapter three in verse two that when Jesus comes back we will be like Him We will be what. It does not say we will be changed in an instant into his character. That's what some people think and I think even some Seventh Day Adventists think that they were going to continue to go on living the way we are and then when Jesus comes to my all the sudden something's going to happen to us and we're going to have head and put in our hearts. You got a harsh reality if that's the way you're thinking because the Bible tells us that when Jesus comes back we will be like him. Not made like him but we will be like Him That means when he comes we will already be like him. That means that when he comes first Corinthians thirteen forty seven is going to be your experience and mine if we attend to be in heaven one day because first Corinthians thirteen thirteen four three seven is the atmosphere of heaven that's what heaven is going to be like if we don't have that in our hearts we're not going to enjoy heaven if that's not what has God has been that we have allowed God to create in our hearts we will find heaven a repulsive place but if we allow God to create that your heart's so that that becomes a reality to us it's our experience we will naturally go into heaven and heaven will be a joyful place and we will be able to add to that Joy because we will only be seeking the joy and betterment of other people. They shall be like him when he comes not only. In all the verses but specifically in the one that I mention the sworn in in the attitude of humility humble this of heart I've read the statement you once before but it's worth reading again this is from Christ object lessons paid sixty nine going along with first John three four for first on three two it says this When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his once I I don't know why we haven't really grasp this concept in our minds simply put in this is the local concept as well as not just from the Spirit of Prophecy as I mentioned the Bible says when Jesus comes we will be like Him We will have his character reproduced in our hearts. Like Jesus is waiting for is he's waiting for his people to have this experience he's not waiting for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled he's not waiting for the papacy in the United States to do some things together like Revelation thirteen says they will do of course that's going to happen but why Jesus is waiting for is he's waiting for people who are so surrendered not my will but thine be done that he can pour his character into their hearts and they perfectly reproduce him. And when that happens the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy tells us Jesus will come back to take us. You see Jesus can't come back before then because we're not fit for heaven at that point if he Jesus came before then we would be counted with those who are destroyed by the brightness of His coming but he is lingering he's tarrying he's waiting he's saying Father let's just give our children a little bit longer to study first Corinthians thirteen and maybe a few other things. Let's just give him a little bit longer let us tarry just a little bit longer father because we want we want to reproduce this character in such as many people as we can to be able to take them to heaven this is what Jesus is waiting for this is why the winds of strife are being held back. So that God can do that miracle in your life and. I. Don't want to hold this thing back any longer than it needs to we need to get in our per closet we need to have it out with the Lord we need to learn what it's what it means to wrestle as Jacob did with the Lord in prayer and say God I will not let you go until this is my experience. I can have it on my own I can't do a God day I can act it. I can act. But it's only going to be a matter of time before somebody gets under my skin and I blow my limit. I was talking to somebody just recently. He said you know my bosses mistreated me for years. And. Just so no minds are wandering around it's nobody here. I know how the human mind works to try to figure out where this is I My boss is mistreating me for so long. And I've been able to just endure it and try to you know he calls a fire. But he said just this past week when I was talking to. My boss did something that got under my nerves and I just spouted off to somebody else about it for a long time. Just told him what I thought about this person that's acting right we can act first Corinthians thirteen we can act of God but it will only be a matter of time before you blow. The only person that will be able to truly endure that that pressure is somebody who has the substance of First Corinthians thirteen created in their hearts not created by man but created by God. We see that alternate expression when Jesus was hanging on the cross and he said Father forgive. Under the most severe of circumstances Father forgive them for they know not what they do. We need that experience we must have it as ours charity verse five does not behave itself unseemly seek it's not her own and the last we're going to deal with the Smorgon is this next one is not easily what. Provoked now I'm going to suggest something if you have the King James Version of the Bible if you tend to write in your Bible that you put a line through the word easily because it shouldn't be there we understand that there are problems with translations. Many translations render this Bible passage it is not for vote. James Version and several others say Charity is not provoke not easily provoked but is not provoke the New Living Translation it is not irritable the English standard version it is not irritable or resentful So we find this the word easily is a supplied word it should not be part of the verse it should read a got they is not provoked you agree with me this morning. Now listen if they forgot the is not easily provoked that means that under certain circumstances. It's allowed to be provoked. Yes or No that's what it really means if you but but I got Day is not provoked in other words there is nothing that you can do to provoke a got to anger could you provoke Jesus to anger me look at all the things that they did to Jesus look at all of the ridicule and all that the all the things they heaped upon him yet he never got provoked to anger why. Because he had this in his heart he could not respond that way because that was not in his heart and I know when we think about this I think I could never do that and you're right you never could do that you can only do that if God creates that in your heart if you have it out with the Lord in your prayer cause it how often do Jesus pray and ask the Father for strength we find him oftentimes throughout the Gospels spending evenings in prayer long hours in solitude together with his father and I think we would do well to spend a little bit more time wrestling these things through with our Father in. The only way it's going to happen it's not going to happen by osmosis by a simply reading the Word of God we must wrestle with God in prayer some one hundred one thousand verse one sixty five it says this great peace have they which love thy law and some things shall offend them. Among what does it say. It says nothing shall ofan them when somebody is provoked. It is usually not a positive reaction is it ever seen somebody who's been provoked. Prodding them along they've kind of been holding it back for a long time and then you finally get them in the right spot and they blow up right. It's usually not a very pretty thing that happens. In most cases. It is a reaction or emotion that is typically a strong or unwelcome one the word provoke literally means to irritate to a rouse to anger listen to me carefully if charity is not seeking her own charity is not going to be provoked or provoked. Because she is seeking the betterment of somebody else Amen. Somebody once said. As a spark falls into the sea hurts not the sea but is itself extinguished so any evil thing be following a loving soul will be extinct. Can a spark hurt the see. The spark going to do any damage to the ocean. When I have a got in my heart any sparks that could cause a flame to erupt. Find their death in the heart of somebody who has the copy of G.'s. With a god pay with the I got be a Jesus in our hearts. We cannot provoke other people neither are we provoked but in fact what we actually do is we provoke other people to something else this is what the Bible says it says this Hebrews. Chapter ten of verse twenty four it says and let us consider one another to provoke unto. Unto what and to what what are we doing we are provoking people to love and to good works. So the Bible says don't provoke people to anger but provoke people to love and to good works so instead of going around trying to find the bad things in people that might provoke them by talking about them to other people a copy of the Bible tells us finds the good in other people I goes around and starts talking about the good things and as they talk about those good things they are provoking people choose love and good works when it be great if we had church full of people who had a god be in their hearts that were provoking other people to have a copy in their hearts I would not be great like a domino effect where Maya got a creates a got B. and somebody else in the said that it got to creates a the a just continues to grow like it like like a plant a beautiful plant of gone a grows all this love until we become the loving church that God has created us to be you know I think I think sometimes as humans we have one concept of what a loving church is but the bible kind of gives us another picture as we look at it here together in First Corinthians thirteen I will says we are to provoke and to love and to good works not be provoked but provoke others so loving good words. Her story. That happened many years ago. By was written by a lady by the name of Henri Ten Boom I mean from from the you record she wrote the book the hiding place. All about her time in Nazi concentration camp during World War two and her spiritual journey through all that's a fantastic story heart wrenching story many ways after World War two after she was released from concentration camps she began a ministry traveling ministry going around various. Places teaching forgiveness and things like that fantastic woman of God. Her travels took her one time to the continent of Africa and well she was there she met a man by the name of Thomas he was a tall African man who lived in a little grass hut in some distant village in Africa. And Thomas was a man who loved God and love people its unbeatable combination right have a love for people and love for God but Thomas his neighbor across the dirt road hated people and hated God therefore he hated Thomas. And one night Thomas's neighbor across the dirt road in the middle of the night snuck over to Thomas's house and set his straw a roof on fire. In the mill a night. Thomas smells the smoke gets up he comes outside sees this house is caught on fire and he puts the fire out and save his house and his family had a large family. Back then the next night. Thomas his neighbor Millet I snuck across the dirt road set his roof on fire the second time. Thomas again woke up in the middle night put the fire out saved his family went back to bed. The third night. His neighbor snuck across the road. Said his roof on fire for the third time Thomas woke up put the fire out save his family you think he would have moved to new village by this plight. But the fourth night. Thomas's friend. Is neighbor. Snuck across the dirt road for the fourth time and said Thomas his roof on fire. Tonight happened that night happened to be a windy night and you know what flames and when. Do. And before you know Thomas knew that the flame was really going on his house. He got out there and he's beating this flame out putting the trying to save his house and his family. And well he was beating the flame out the sparks were flying up in the air and being carried across the street. And descended upon the roof. Of his neighbor. And when Thomas finally got the foot flame out on his roof he looked across the street and his neighbor's roof had caught on fire. Now I know what maybe some of us have been tempted to think serves him right. The wrath of God has fallen upon him if you do bad you get bad you know sometimes we tend to think this way but when Thomas saw his neighbor's roof on fire he ran across the dirt road and put the flame out on his neighbor's roof. The chief found out about this. The next day. And he put Thomas's neighbor in for his and for what he had done. Not to mention this but in the process of Thomas putting the flame out he badly burned his hands in the bandage it up. And that night Thomas went to Corey's meetings that she was holding and in in his area. And after the meetings he he was he met Corey afterwards and she did when any person would do she asked him what was what happened what happened to your head and Thomas reluctantly shared with her this experience of what happened with with his neighbor not wanting to do his neighbor any damage but he shared with her what took place and Corey said you must be happy that this man. And is in prison because now your family is safe and this is what Thomas said. He said I'm sorry for that man he is an unusually gifted man and now he must live together with all those criminals in horrible. You know when I read this story what struck me is that what Thomas remembered about his neighbor was not the fact that he put his roof on fire but that he was an unusually gifted man. Thomas chose to think the good about his neighbor instead of the bad and when he was asked to share what had taken place he could only recall a positive thing out of his mouth about his neighbor who tried to burn his house down. Cory said listen why don't we pray for your neighbor that the Lord will work on his heart and Thomas was thrilled to do this they knelt down together and Thomas lifted up his burnt hands to the Lord and this is what he prayed Lord I claim this neighbor of mine for you Lord give him his freedom and do a miracle that in the future he and I will become a team to bring the gospel to our tribe a. Lord have mercy. This is not human this is not a human thing this is a divine response under these circumstances. That he would pray that his quote unquote worst enemy. Would become. His coworker. Two days later Corey was in the prison where Thomas' neighbor was a prisoner and in me. She oftentimes went to prisons to preach to the to the inmates there. And when she preached them she preached a message and at the end she gave an appeal for the inmates to give their. Hearts to the Lord Thomas's neighbor was the first to shoot up on his feet. Gave his heart to Jesus and after that meeting Cory met with him and she shared with him Thomas's prayer that he had prayed just two days before. And his neighbor across the street said this he said Yes yes this is how it. Can you imagine how many people Thomas and his next door neighbor won the Lord because of this experience can you see how it got they has radical transformation power not only in our lives but in the lives of other people there is no theology discussed there was no prophecy discussed there was none of that stuff. Thomas simply showed Christ like love and it awakened in the heart of a man who hated God and hated people a desire to become a work for. Signs of the times for you one eight hundred eighty three in closing it says this. Nothing will so successfully defeat the devices of Satan and his enemies nothing will so build up the re Demers kingdom as will the love of Christ manifested by the members of the what's now I don't want you to miss something. What she says is not the love of Christ manifested by Christ. What is it that successfully defeats the devices of Satan and builds up the Redeemer's Kingdom it's the love of Christ manifested by the WHO. You and me when we let Christ build our love in our hearts we are successful in defeating the devices of Satan and building up the kingdom of God. Lord Jesus give me this experience. Peace and prosperity can be enjoyed only as meekness and love are the active actors are are in active actions God give us this experience. You know listen. It's easy to take somebody through thirty two Bible studies. It's easy to hold a four week Bible prophecy seminar and stand up and for each season. But what's difficult. Is to say Lord take out myself and put Jesus. As that if. We can throw money at evangelism we can throw money at outreach and we should do that. That's the easy part. Where the rubber meets the road if we want that money to be successful if we want those Bible studies to be successful if we want those prophecy seminars to be successful and if we want those tracks that we're handing to our coworkers and people that we meet down the road if we want all that stuff to be successful we need to get our priorities straight and spend time in our prayer closet saying Lord before I give the money before I open my mouth before I do the bible study before I hold the prophecy seminar give me the love of Jesus. And then all of these things that God has called us the do will be exponentially more affective and doing what God wants them to do I want to be effective in defeating the devices of state. I want to be effective and building up the kingdom of God and I pray I. Pray that God will give me the character of Jesus the love of Jesus and I pray that he will do the same for you such as. As I. Stand with the Lord No that's what you want to. Hear Jesus. Thank you for giving us hope. That this can become a reality in our lives. That the love of Jesus. Can be filled and flow out of our hearts to other people. Lord give us this experience. That is effective. In pulling down the strongholds of the enemy. That is effective in building up the kingdom of God. Lord May the love of Jesus be manifest in my life. May the love of Jesus be manifested in the life of each person who is standing here. And may we collectively become irresistible. As we reach out to other people that they would find that the religion that we possess is not just a theory. But is an experience that is so thoroughly transformed. That we are. Spirit of the Living God. Thank you. Yes. 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