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The Way of Love- Part 6

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • March 11, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Like about heads of the Star reported. Father in heaven. We are thankful that we can come to you this morning. And know that you have a blessing an additional blessing already prepared for each one of us. Father we pray that this morning. That blessing would touch our hearts in a way that would help us to become more like Jesus. Father bless those who are unable to be with us here this morning. Continue to heal them. Give them the strength health that they need. Or those of us that are here we are eagerly sitting at your feet waiting for the blessing from your word. For we ask it in Jesus' name then you have your Bible so go with me if you would to first Corinthians we are continuing the study of First Corinthians thirteen. We have spent a large amount of time looking at verses for through seven First Corinthians thirteen four through seven where Paul is going through the analysis of what a copy is analyze the law breaking it down to its basic component parts and the smore name we are going to look at the final verse in this section we're going to take a time and look at verse seven but before we do that but to share with you a thought from inspiration this is from the book Christ object lessons page one hundred fifty eight and it says this very thought provoking thought for us we may be active we may do much work but with out love such love as dwelt in the heart of Christ we can never be numbered with the family of heaven. I'm here this morning want to be numbered with the. Family of heaven. And you know it's interesting when you look at the statement I mean I don't know about you but I find the work of God that he has given us to do being active in that work I actually enjoy it it's a good thing I enjoy working for the Lord I enjoy serving him doing Bible studies whatever may be that the Lord might bring my way for us for me to do but she's telling us this morning that that work if that is devoid of what we are studying here in First Corinthians thirteen four through seven that we will not be numbered with the family of heaven this is again just illustrating to us that severe radical head knowledge is not enough for us but there must be the experience that grows inside of our hearts where the love of Christ becomes what I am who I am and how I labored for God that it's not just a mere service for God but it is a service that is generated from this got they love in First Corinthians thirteen specifically verses four through seven there will be many Christians many Adventists who dressed the right way who ate the right way who talked the right way and had a good head full of theological knowledge and biblical understanding that I believe one day will be surprised where they find themselves. At the end of the one thousand years so. It's not just what's in our heads but it's also what's in our hearts and then. If you want an indicator of your conversion experience and where you are at in your walk with the Lord. I. Suggest that you come to first Corinthians thirteen four three seven Look at those fifty four were. Words in the King James version it is and way that description with where you are at in your spiritual journey and that will give you a good indicator of where you are and your conversion experience it will also probably give you good good information to start praying about in your devotional time as well lord this is where you want me to be Lord this is where I'm at please move me to where you want me to be so let's take a look at this section of First Corinthians thirteen again just as a little review verses four three seven I mean actually read this this morning from the English standard version of the Bible you can follow along in your own translation first Corinthians thirteen beginning of verse for the Bible says this love is patient and kind love does not and the or boast it is not arrogant or rude it does not insist on its own way it is not even of all or resentful it does not read Joyce at wrongdoing but read Joyce's with the truth love there is all things believes all things hopes all things and endures all things this morning we're looking at verse seven of First Corinthians thirteen Paul outlines four things there in his concluding remarks on this section of First Corinthians thirteen where he's analyzing about he concludes with these four things that love does and he uses two words for time it's all things one of those two words. All thing. There is all things it believes all things it hopes all things and if that was not enough. Paul says it was. And it's interesting to me that the last. Just thing that Paul says in his and now this is of a got there the last thing that he sees as he looks through the microscope if you will the last description is that it endures I'm going to talk a little bit more about that here in just a few moments Paul tells us that it does these things it bears believes it hopes and it endures and it's interesting that Paul Paul talks about all things it's not just he's not just saying a little bit or for a certain period of time but all things he uses the word of quite a few times in First Corinthians thirteen if you read through it here it's all encompassing it's not just for a specific period of time but it goes on and on and on use that word those words for time now before we actually get into these four things briefly here this morning I want you to notice how that that all things is related to three groups Number one we have to bear believe hope and endure all things with our own self it's you see there are times in our experience where we are less than ideal in our walk with the Lord and in our relationships with others and there are times where we may be tempted to get frustrated with ourselves and kind of maybe throw the towel in on things if you will but Paul tells us that we should be patient and bear all things even when it comes to our own selves we're going through a conversion experience in our lives we're not quite where God wants us to be what we are heading that direction and as we are moving in that direction in that conversion experience there's this thing inside of us that the Bible refers to as the old man and that old man is constantly looking to be brought back to life is. If you will when we are walking in the path of Christ we are trying to subdue that old man to crucify Him Paul tells us but that old man does not often times does I easily sometimes he comes back and he bucks and he screams and he hollers for you to listen to him but sometimes. And sometimes. He is heard. Sometimes he does come back to life and sometimes he causes us to do things that are less than ideal and at those times we have to remember that we need to bear believe hope and endure all things when it comes to ourselves it's the next thing that we have to do is we have to bear believe hope and endure all things with those who profess to be believers of God You know there are times in our experience where we meet people who profess to be believers of God who profess to believe in the Word of God and they do once they say one thing and they do another thing and that's very discouraging for us but in those types of situations Paul is telling us that although it's less than ideal although it is discouraging and although it may cause you to not be very happy with your relationship with that individual Paul says that you need to bear believe hope and endure with that particular individual who professes to believe in God. The third group of people that we need to bear believe hope and endure all things with are those which is probably the larger group who don't profess to have a belief in God or the secular people of the world these are those that may be the hardest at times to show this a got they love too because sometimes when you show them that love it is not reciprocated sometimes when you show them that love it doesn't do any. Thing but yet we continue to love them because we want to love them to Jesus We want to love them to open up an avenue so that we can share with them the beautiful truths of God's word so first Corinthians thirteen verse seven we bear believe hold and endure all things with ourselves with the professed believers of God and then ultimately with those who do not profess their belief in God. So let's go ahead and start with the first thing that Paul tells us here this morning the first thing that he says is that a god they bear it all things it does what it bears all things now when you think of the word Various you probably polling something that comes to mind is maybe like shouldering a burden shouldering the way people have treated you in kind of carrying that thing around in silence but that's not entirely an accurate description of what Paul is talking about here when he says bearing all things in the Greek the word there literally means to cover over with silence what is it literally me. Cover over with silence I really like the way the N.I.V. translates this portion of Scripture and it translates very in all things as it always protests it always was and always protect there in all things covering over with silence and always from texting What does this mean to go with me and your Bibles were trying to illustrate this for the best of our ability Genesis Chapter nine Genesis Chapter nine Genesis the Knights chapter we're going to begin in verse twenty and take a look at what does this mean when the Bible talks about there in all things covering over with silence. Or protecting others burying all things is what we're looking at the Bible says that Genesis Chapter nine verse twenty beginning in verse twenty the flood has already taken place Noah and his family are in the process of repopulating the earth and the Bible tells us this and Genesis nine it says and Noah began to be and husband then and he planted a vineyard and he drank of the wine and was drunk and and he was uncovered with in his tent did Noah make a mistake yes or no was it a terrible mistake but I will says he became a need related he drank a little bit too much alcohol and he became intoxicated with that thing now notice the Bible goes on to say it says this and hen the father of Canaan saw the nakedness of his father and told him his two brothers were in with out so the Bible tells us that him came into the tent and as he came in he saw his father's nakedness and what does the Bible tell us that he did. What was the first thing that came into his mind. It when told his brother he comes outside the tent and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is what we call gossip what is it when you're talking about other people's faults to other people that's called Gossip The first thing that he does he comes out and he tells his two brothers hey look what I saw him he tells him all about it. Now the story doesn't end there but he goes on and says this verse twenty three and shaman Jaysus took a garment and laid it upon their shoulders and went backwards and covered the nakedness of their father and their faces were backwards and they saw God their father's nakedness what the chin in Jade's is due to their father's fault. But if they do. It covered over they kept their faces from it and they covered over the nakedness of their father so him when he saw his father's fault what did he do he told other people Shannon Jay said when they heard about there's father's fault what did they do cover to do. The for that their father and his vulnerable condition. Versus twenty four to twenty seven The Bible says and Noah awoke from his wine. And knew what his younger son had done to him and he said cursed be Canaan a servant of servants shall he be unto his resurrection and he said Bless it be the Lord daughter of Shen and Canaan shall be his servant and God shall in the large chafe it and he shall dwell in the tents of Shan and Canaan shall be his servant let me ask you a question who was blessed in this scenario the one who was gossiping or the one who covered over with signs and who is the one that was cursed in the story the one who was was was a gossip was the one who was cursed and not only this of this not only was he curse. But his family was cursed as well. And that's to give us pause when it comes to the faults of others not only is that going to affect me. Talking about it and broadcasting that thing but it also affects my family. And affects those that I'm related to church family whatever maybe it doesn't just affect me but it affects other people as well. So in the story. The Bible tells us that he or illustrates to us rather that one. We see a fault in our brother or our sister the got the thing to do. Is to cover that thing over and instead of talking to other people about it we should get on our knees and talk to the Lord about other people can't do anything about it but the Lord can't he can change the heart of a man he can change the situation he can do what no man can do listen we live in a sinful world and we live in a less than ideal society and we are going to see our fair share of hypocrisy both within and without. And the best thing that we can do is talk to the Lord about it and say Dear Lord you're the one that's going to change the heart of man I can't do it for some reason you've allowed me to see this thing for some reason you've allowed me to hear this thing but Lord I'm not going to take it any further than this I'm going to simply laid at your feet and that you do the one that does the work. And let our tongues do a little rest Charles Spurgeon once said and I think this is a very. Good statement. He said love stands in the presence of a fault with a finger on her that. I. Mean I just want to say no to that but love stands in the presence of a fault and it puts a finger or that it is quiet when it sees the faults and failings of others listen this is something that the Christian world really needs to adopt. Something that Seventh Day Adventists and really needs to have not and needs to be something that becomes first nature to us as God's people you know we would do well we're all familiar with this example of the pearl oyster right it gets a little piece of some something dirt or sand or something like that and what does it do to that thing. As you do covers it over. Covers it over covers it over and covers it over and it takes that fall and it makes it something. It takes that you attend and it makes it something beautiful and valuable and I think we can learn a lesson from that when we hear about the irritants in our lives when we hear about things in other people's life when we hear them about our own life that we would rather then talk about them that we would cover them over with silence and I think that as we do that we would find that we would have pearls of patience gentleness long suffering and forgiveness and then there in all things the Bible says to cover over with silence to protect those in their vulnerable condition yes. That's not all Paul says it does He says that a gump a BELIEVE THIS ALL thing is it believe it is all things I like this translation it translates the passage that it is always eager to believe that that is always eager to believe the best Have you ever met somebody who had the chili believes everything that is bad about other people of your measurement. And they like to talk about it. And when they find out about that bad thing they did not only talk about it they try to find out as much information about that thing so they can talk about it to whoever soulish enough to listen to what they have to say. That's not that's not what the Bible striking about here when it says it believe it all things it is eager The Bible tells us to believe. This you know when you think about it. God's Church in Revelation Chapter twelve and in visions chapter five God's Church is described as his bride right. And then how do you like it when people talk badly about your brother. Do you like it do you encourage them yeah go ahead keep talking about it you guys are awfully quiet. Do you like that when people talk bad about you right I don't know about you I don't like that if nobody's ever really done that to me but I'm sure some point maybe it's going to come but you know if somebody talks bad about your bride you get a little offended about by that you get out maybe you get a little righteous indignation and you try to set that person right because that bride your bride is a very important person in your life and the Church of Christ is the Bride of Christ and I want to tell you something this morning the Lord doesn't take very kindly to those people who pool down and talk badly about the bride of us rather the Lord appreciates when we do our best to find the good rather than the bad Listen to this Isaiah Chapter forty three and verse four the Bible says this sense that I was precious in my sight that has been honorable and I have loved you this is the Lord talking about his people therefore I will give men for the and people for the high life the Bible tells us that we are freshest his church is precious in His sight and we should do well to take good care of God's pride Amen. Charles Spurgeon put it this way another interesting quote from him talking about love he said love though it will not speak and untruth in praise for other others yet has a quick I too see the best qualities of others as a quick eye to see what. The best qualities of others and it is have big surely a little blue line to their failing is a little blind to what. Her blind eye. He continues is to her fault. And her bright eye is for the X. rays and then. Because that's how it should be we should have an eye of that it's quick to see the good and an eye that is a little didn't to see the bat Ellison and I mention this already we live in a less than ideal world we're going to see things that are not the best but we would do well to take the bad to the Lord in prayer and. And take the good and look for the good and talk to other people about you know it's interesting when you think about it with children. If you're always talking to a child about what they do bad what's that child going to do. You can do that he's going to do it you're talking about right but if you look for the good qualities in that child and you praise them for those good qualities and you appreciate them for the good things that they have done well still correcting the times where they need instruction What's that child going to do they're going to grow they're going to flourish and by God's grace if they're continued to be trained in a Godly way they will grow to do the good things naturally. It's no different as we get older you know we become adults and we kind of think we grow out of these things but it's no different as adults when we talk about the bad that's what ends up happening but when we build up the good that's what ends up happening and that's what we want to do we want to have an I that is eager to believe the best and to see the best Listen this from sons and daughters of God his three hundred and forty eight it says this The truly convert it the truly what. Man has no inclination. To think or talk of the faults of others. That's something to take home and think about isn't the truly converted man or woman has no inclination in other words it doesn't even enter into their minds it's not something. That they're used to it's not something that they are accustomed to to talk about the faults and failings of others rather what they are accustomed to is looking for the good and talking about that and still. Believe that all things he is eager to find the best in his people to Jesus find look for the best in his disciples was there a lot of bad that he could've talked about was there a lot of bad that he could have reprove them for force but Jesus chose to find the good qualities and look what happened as they grew in their spiritual experience they became these mighty men of God that turned the world sign down when there seems to be. Nothing good to believe in anymore the next thing that the Bible tells us that I got it does is it hopeless all things it has hope it is always hopeful. Is how another translation puts it you know and by this time in your laboring with other people trying to show them love bearing with them believing in them you might have run into a bit of a roadblock where that individual is not responding to your love maybe they're still you know it treating you in a not so kind manner and at that point after you've bore with them and you believed in them the only thing that you have at that point is to know hope hope in God that he can do something that you cannot do and this is where this is where love really starts to become powerful. Because listen you can I mean you can bear with people you can believe in that you can cover over their you know with silence their faults and you can try to look for the best but when people persist in doing things that annoy you and make your life difficult it is hard to hope and hoping God. It is hard to see that there can be a change that can take place but I'm a living testimony of the fact that when somebody hopes in you it can make a powerful difference in your life when I was in high school my sophomore year I went to a Christian boarding advantage boarding academy and in my sophomore year about halfway through I had done some things that the school was contemplating kicking me out. And they probably had you know good reason to do that given that given the circumstances for year and a half I had been there and I had not responded to the training that they were trying the opportunities to grow and to become a better person and now I was at the point where they had good reason to send me down the road to another planes. But somewhere in some room at some staff meeting there was somebody who said listen. Let's let's give them another chance let's let's give them one more chance and hope. That God can make a difference. So they let me come back and for another year I was in that environment until I found myself sitting in a week of prayer I don't remember what the guy was talking about some old guy came to talk to the young people. Sitting there listening to it and at the end of that week of prayer I found myself responding to the appeal to give your heart to the Lord and he batons began studying the Bible and I found out that God has much more that he can offer than the world could ever give and at the end of my junior year I gave my heart Lord and I directly attributed that to people hoping that God could change my heart. What would have happened if they had just sent me down there I don't know only the Lord knows if they would what would happen if they just sent me down the road. But I praise God To this day that that staff meeting was God led and that they gave me another chance that they hoped in the ability of God to change the heart of a young man because now I stand before you as a pastor praise God for hope Amen. Love Opus all things it's. Got they. NEVER considers a situation hopeless because a guy understands that with God all things are possible. And where there is a threat there is hope even though it might not seem like a very good situation. As we hope in God God is able to do things that are. And maybe some of you here this morning have some of your own testimonies of how God wrought miracles in your life or in your families there is All Things believe with all things hope with all things Paul concludes this section of First Corinthians thirteen by saying. That charity endures. All things the New Living Translation says that it endures through every circumstance. And an I.V. says it is all it always. Purser hear us me ask you question Is it fun to endure. When you have a little spare time on your hands these that you say I think I'm going to I'm going do or something today. If somebody asks you you know. It's about you know what you enjoy doing I mean listen when we need don't necessarily find enjoyment in Durham it in during something. But by virtue. Of it's of the word enduring this is something that is a trial and a difficulty to obtain. In fact not too long ago several years ago a friend of mine kind of turned me on to an interesting new interest of mine. To a sport called triathlon you probably heard about it takes three disciplines and combines them together swimming biking and running. The Kona Iron Man they swim for over two miles they bike for over one hundred miles and then they run a marathon on top of that does that sound like fun. You want to do it tomorrow your day off. Right into your it's an enduring sport and it's not something that you just wake up the next morning and say this is what I'm going to do I'm going to swim for two miles on a bike for over a hundred miles and I'm going to run a marathon at the end you don't do that if you did you probably die. But it's something that you have to build on the stamina to be able to endure for that distance. In durance by virtue in order for it to exist you have to take yourself to the point where you feel like you cannot go on any longer. And you continue to go that's how you build your insurance up you get to the point where you just you feel like I have to stop I can't run anymore I can't swim another that I can't cycle another half a mile I just can't do it and you push yourself to do it that's how you build up your insurance and the Bible says that love. Endures all things Listen you cannot endure all things if you're only loving people who love you back. That's not enduring all things that it's like running a mile when you run a mile all the time it's no it's no different. The only way. That you can endure all things is by loving the unlovable and you get to the point spiritually where you tell the Lord Father I can't love this person any longer it's just not possible for me I can't do it and then the Lord says continue to into the. Lord You're going to have to give me the strength to keep loving sure my grace is sufficient for the and I want to give you the strength and you build up your endure it you build up your stamina to love the unloveable. Love. Endures. All things as. Romans Chapter twelve. Bible says rejoicing in hope Romans twelve twelve. Patients in tribulation. Continuing instant in for air you know you might find that when you're trying to love the unloveable it's a bit of. Tribulation experience. It's not an easy thing to do it's a trial. The Bible says we need to have patience in that tribulation continuing instance in prayer what does this look like this enduring unto the end and during all things in our love. Well if somebody gives you the rough side of their tongue. What does and during all things look like. It looks like responding with something positive and stead of responding with something negative as we so easily do you hit me I'm going to hit you back children sometimes at heart aren't we if you're going to talk bad about me I'm going to talk bad about you if you're going to say something mean to me I'm going to say something mean that that's not the way of a god bad enduring all things when we receive the rough side of somebodies tongue we respond and. Christ like then what about when you try to show somebody some kindness and they persist in responding with unkindness you have that happen to you. Finally you just feel like you going to get to the point fine they're not going to respond with my kindness I'm going to take my blocks and I'm going to go home. We still cheat we still play for the money that only children are. No enduring all things is even though I give kindness and I don't receive kindness I continue to give even more it's. Enduring listen this is not humanly possible humanly speaking we don't respond this way but God has to give us the ability to be able to do this to endure in our love towards other people what about when. Somebody says hurtful things to you. Just cut you to the heart and you want to respond back lash out at that individual No no no we don't do that but as we endure all things instead of responding with that negativity with another negativity we pour on the coals. You've heard about that right when you were a little kid you probably heard children stories about heaping coals of fire on the heads of those who do bad things to you yes that's what enduring is enduring a god. Is being kinder to others than they are unkind to you that's what enduring the got people's. Bible tells us. In Matthew Chapter ten and verse twenty two. That's it ten twenty two The Bible says this and you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake. But he that is what endures to the end. Shall be saying I find this passage interesting because we're oftentimes familiar with the concept of enduring and to the end and then we shall be saved but the passage is in the context of people hating you. Hating it and you know I don't know that we have very many people in our lives that actually physically hate us but we will if we continue to remain faithful to God and the Bible says that in that situation when people hate you that if we endure until the end we shall be. This is not something we can do in ourselves it's not something that we can just say I'm going to dig a little deeper and I'm going to pull this out I'm going to try a little harder No no no no no no this is something that has to be borne of heaven that the greatest example of enduring all things is Jesus and it's. One ridicule after another one was lashing out after another all of the things that happened to Jesus and he's still in Jr in his. James chapter one and verse twelve. The Bible says blessed it is the man. That in duress. Temptation is it is it tempting to give up on people sometimes. Yes pretty tempting but the Bible says that if I endure that temptation that I am less. Hard to believe hard to believe that if I endure in my love loving the unlovable loving the hateful loving those that mistreat me that I'm going to be blessed somehow in that situation but the Bible promises that I am blessed. When I endure. The temptation to give up for when he has tried. He shall receive the one. And of life which the Lord has promised of them that love. Enduring or insurance is not something that happens by chance. As I've mentioned it does not exist in and of itself. Doesn't exist when all is going well but it is developed and manifested only under trial stress and strain it is developed as we exercise patients in adverse situations it's that's how we get insurance it's the last thing that Paul mentions it's the one thing that we need to work the hardest on in our prayer closets with the Lord saying Father help me to endure in my life not to not that kind of insurance. But with a nice smile on my face. Returning evil with a. Certain Lord says this review and herald July twenty one of one nine hundred four in closing this morning it says the Lord. Desires me to call the attention of his people who is desiring this. The Lord desires me to call the attention of his people to the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians read this chapter every year. Read this chapter every day and from it up taking comfort and shrink learn from it the value that God places on sanctified heaven born love and let the lesson that it teaches come home to your hearts learn that Christ like love is of heavenly birth and that with out it all other qualifications are what. All other qualifications are we. Earthwards all church positions are worthless all religious exercises are worthless all work that I might do for the Lord is worthless with out the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians thirteen born in my heart. I. Know about you friends but listen I don't want my work to be worthless nobody likes to do worthless work. We want to do something that is worthwhile we want to make investments in heaven we want to make investments in this earth that are going to be seen in the kingdom of heaven. And so I think we would do well to take the advise advice of the little old lady who had a talk with the Lord. And the Lord said remind my people. To take a look at the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians. Every day. Every morning start your day off it doesn't take long it's only thirteen versus In fact chances are if you follow this advice that one at one point you are actually having completely memorandums if you read it enough it stuck inside your mind the whole name we become changed. We realize that this is something that is of heavenly birth. Here's a little project for us this next week. I want to encourage you. To pray and ask the Lord Father Who can I show this next week a little first Corinthians thirteen Love to you. And I'm not I'm not suggesting that you look for somebody who's showing that to you because that's easy anybody can do that. But what you ask the Lord Father show me somebody that's. Maybe a little bit of a thorn in my side. And show me Lord somehow. That I can go beyond the human into the supernatural and show that person some type of place like Love that might just open the doors so that they'll be receptive to the truths of God's Word because of them seen the love of Jesus. And also I want to challenge you to follow the advice of whites and to start this next week by reading First Corinthians thirteen every morning. When you wake up first thing. That chapter out go through it take the time let the Lord let it just in for us in your. I me you want to do that this next Lord help me to find somebody that I can show first Corinthians thirteen love to and large speak to me as I each morning read the thirteenth chapter first Corinthians as I start my day let's pray Father in heaven. Lord we realize that this is of heavenly birth. And that without your help there is no way in this world that we can achieve what Paul is describing. But Lord we understand. That this is of great value it's of immense value. For the prosperity of your church for the growing of your kingdom. To hasten your soon coming. Father bless us to this and. Speak to us this next week as each morning we open our Bibles in our devotional time. And read this chapter that was written by Paul bless us Lord this next week as we look for somebody who we can show a token. Of. A got they love to. Thank you Father for giving us this challenge and thank you. Promising us. It's. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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