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4. What the Devil Hates

David Wright


The Spirit of Prophecy is a Biblical Idea


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 8, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Today I want to ask a simple question. And I have a slide to help me ask it. Another nice couple. What makes you angry. Now we can look at some things that really make you really really angry but maybe to keep a little bit lighter and watch out for the guy in the middle by the way I think he's threatening you. Ten Things I want to look at ten little things that make you irrationally angry Number one when your internet connection drops. That's pretty frustrating to when someone tries to talk to you while you're on the phone I ever had that happen Number three stubbing your toe not a fun experience number for forgetting your password. Oh my goodness number five people who tell you to calm down or cheer up when you're neither angry or upset. That's a comment you could do without number six anyone who puts empty cartons back in the fridge. Not helpful. Anyone who pushes the elevator floor button after watching you push it first. Kind of annoying. People who are completely unprepared for situations that they know are going to happen do you have that friend if not it might be you. And number nine. People who take up to parking spaces as you circle around and search for something and lastly stepping in something wet after just putting on a clean pair of socks. I mean that's about the worst as then. We're continuing our series today on why am I a Seventh Day Adventist and I realize a serious is going to stress little bit we've had some things along the way and tomorrow to take over or not tomorrow next Sabbath and take a break because of Easter but we looked at several things does the truth really matter I hope we answer that sad with a resoundingly yes the truth matters God's word matters being biblical matters secondly isn't loving Jesus enough that's another catch phrase that you hear a lot I love Jesus I hope you do too but we want to leave love everything that is important to Jesus as well as a Jesus gives us something in his word for me to disregard is being disrespectful of the Author and Finisher of my faith Jesus Christ and so that was the second one that we looked at these are online if you missed one and want to go back just go to our church website and listen to them there download the M P three number three what makes you so special this idea of being the remnant church of Bible prophecy is that abusive is that bad can we say that well really the Bible says that and he gives some characteristics for that and so that is also being Biblical and we're going to touch on that a little bit more and expand on that today with this title what makes the devil angry and then in two weeks we're going to follow it up with what's wrong with being a cultural Adventist about today's title what makes the devil angry and you might say who cares I don't care about that they will stop and think about it the devil is on a mission and that mission is to destroy and all to merely He wants to get back at Jesus Christ and the way he can do that now is through you and through me and the choices and the decisions that we make and so the more he can lie to us the more he can dupe us the better however if there is something out there that is a safeguard and keeps that from happening. You better believe it's going to make the devil was angry and so I don't know about you but I want to know what makes the devil angry because that's something I need to pay attention to does that make sense. Revelation twelve twelve says whoa to inhabitants of the earth in the sea for the devil has come down to you having great Raphe because he knows that he has a short time verse seventeen in the same chapter and the dragon was enraged with the woman as the devil enraged with the church and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring King James says remnant who keep the commandments of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ so here the devil is angry the devil is upset he's filled with wrath with rage because of those two things the commandments of God the foundation of his character who he is. And the testimony of Jesus Christ and we look at this a few times back these two qualities two characteristics of God's last day people that keep appearing and reappear in the Book of Revelation and Revelation nineteen ten said for the testimony of Jesus it is the spirit of prophecy I didn't make this up it's in my Bible it's in your bible pick any bible of off the shelf is there Revelation nineteen ten and so we have the commandments of God and we have the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy and those two characteristics are there to characterise it in time and God's final remnant church. That the devil hates it in rages him. Why. Because it cuts to the heart of what he's trying to do he is trying with everything he has to throw out the ten commandments you wash the media today the ten commandments are under attack big time line stealing getting ahead sexual morality on and on it go. Right down to other gods who is it will it's me myself and I. And the second is The Spirit of Prophecy the gift of prophecy. Speaking with a mouthpiece if you will through a prophet through visions through dreams of something that is pertinent to the time in which God's people are living. And the devil hates that because it's a heads up. It's letting the cat out of the bag if you will is giving his war plan away and so you want to throw that under the bus as quickly as possible. Through books like desire of ages they say it is the most checked out book in the Library of Congress on the life of Jesus Christ. This is a powerful book that the world is voting in by checking out. From the panel. On their books like steps to Christ devil hate step to Christ or the great controversy especially because the great controversy is virtually his game plan being exposed. I mean you can look at the last portion we're talking about the snares of Satan. As you go through that chapter in the ones following it just exposed everything is happening right now of course the devil hates it why would any. If God has not restored the gift of prophecy in his last day church they were NOT be faithful to his own word but God promised to restore the gift of prophecy so this isn't sign we've conjured up this wasn't our idea this was God's idea. And we're being faithful to what God has said. Amos three seven surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets God wants us to know and so he sent us his prophets but man or Jesus also said in Matthew seven fifteen beware of false prophets who come to you in chief. But inwardly they are ravenous wolves. So how can we know the difference tell them to in the truth and the faults if they're going to be true prophets in their going to be false prophets I need to know how to tell and decipher between the two and there's really two dangers The first is except the counterfeit that's a huge danger I don't want to accept a counterfeit do you absolutely not have you have a seventeen dollar bill in your in your wallet not at all someone tries to hand you that you'd laugh and say I don't think so we don't like counterfeits but there's another danger here and that is to reject the genuine. And I think it stands to reason that the devil is going to take the time to create a counterfeit wouldn't there be a genuine to the counterfeit makes sense to me. So there's two dangers so how can we know what is biblical test of a true prophet we went through this about a year ago some of this is going to be repeat and you might say well why are we repeating this again. Well there's a phrase if the tent is falling over and as the wind is blowing it that way I'm going to pull harder on this rope here to try and bring it back so some of you I say will seems in balance or point awfully hard on this rope yes because I see within the seventh they have this church this part of the tent is falling. And we need to bring it back to its rightful place so it makes sense so biblical test of a true prophet number one is prophetic accuracy we find this in Jeremiah twenty nine verse twenty eight verse nine As for the prophet who prophesies of peace when the word of the Prophet comes to pass the prophet will be known as one whom the Lord has truly sent. Does God Guess the future or does he know so he's going to be right what fifty percent sixty seventy no one hundred percent of the time OK so let's test number one Test Number two biblical faithfulness Deuteronomy thirteen wonder for if there rises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams. And he gives you a sign or wonder and the sign of the wonder comes to pass just like we spoke of in which he spoke to you saying let us go after other gods all bait and switch here would you have not known and let us serve them you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams you shall walk out to the Lord your God and fear him and keep His commandments and obey his voice as that makes sense so just because I make a prediction and just because it comes true but then I say you know this is outdated I've got something new and improved for you let me tell you what Or maybe the more sly about in the say you have heard it said but I tell you that sounds like the words of Jesus. You think the Bible means this but it really means that and they count contradict completely what scripture is saying. You shall not serve him and hold fast to him finishing the verse so prophetic accuracy to Biblical faithfulness number three exalt Jesus first John four one and two beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits where they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God That's another test. Do they believe in Jesus Christ they believe in him as the Son of God I mean revelation nine hundred ten we already read it this morning for the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy so how can you have prophecy if you don't have a testimony about Jesus and who he is and his character you can't. I know we're going fast we got lots to cover prophetic accuracy biblical faithfulness exults Jesus commandment keeping. To the law the testimony if they do not speak according to this word it is because there is no law. Right in them. I think we get messed up when we think well there's some light I'm going to grab just a little here and a little there well there's some stuff in there that's not good but that's OK I'm just going to take out the parts that are good. This is say it's because there's some light in them no there's no light in them leave them alone they're not helpful for you. There's some poison out there you can deliver it with a lot of water but if you still drink that little bit you can still poison and as soon as we think oh I can decipher I can tell we can run into trouble so commandment keeping And then number five physical tests fail remember this one well physical criteria of profit profit experience visions with their eyes open their eyes remain open throughout the vision we see that in numbers twenty four verse four we have examples of Ellen White doing the same physical criteria again number two in vision prophets have no physical strength and we see that in Daniel ten verse eight and prophets in vision Do not breathe Daniel ten verse seventeen all things that we saw. And we see them here in Scripture and lastly spiritual fruitage by their fruits Matthew seven verse twenty Therefore by their fruits you will know them. Good a little time see what happens see what audiences they attract see what direction they end up going by their fruits you will know them. So those are the tests of a prophet do you know it's not does not appear on the list by the way when the prophet disagrees with me. It's not on the list. Yet I wonder if many people like to throw out the prophet because the prophet is a friend to me and the things I like and that I enjoy and this is stepping on my toes so I'm going to find a reason to throw it out. Sorry it's not on the list. When the prophet does not fit my paradigm Well I think God is more this way and I think God is more that way I remember a Bible class in high school and there was the I think and I think on each side of the room and a band teacher who just came in to listen to the debate wrote one up to the chalkboard and wrote on the chalkboard while there is this heated debate that can boil I think this and I think then I think God wouldn't do and would do the above and he just wrote quietly what I think doesn't matter what God thinks matters. The only paradigm to have is a biblical paradigm. And another thing when the prophet disagrees with the latest peer pressure from the scientific community well it's science. How often is science been wrong before. Could we cite some examples. I think we could how old is this the lag might whoa this is millions of years that's funny I just found on my sidewalk and they were it's only been there for thirty five or whatever anyway do you have to make a prediction to be a bible prophet Well no Moses and John the Baptist to the greatest prophets never made a prediction another question women prophets in the Bible do we have examples of those yes Deborah holder the daughters of Philip prophets in the Bible. And so you might think well this is kind of a strange thing for a church to claim to have a prophet in twenty seventeen. Now and why it has since passed away but we have her writings. And some people say Well I think we're going to have other well we might have other prophets and they'll go through the same test that she went through but I think we must pay attention to the fact that we have so much that she has given to us that to ask for more is like not finishing what's on our plate and asking for seconds. I mean we say we have her but if we don't read her do we have or if we don't know what she has written Do we have or. Because the church is not a building it's not administrators it's you and it's me it's the people so the question is do you have her. And you still might be same thing Well this is such a weird thing well think about this in every major period and you've seen this before of Earth's history God has raised up a prophet to prepare his people for what is impending Let's go through this very quickly when the flood was coming whom did God raise up no I know as a prophet when God was going to raise up a chosen people who was the father of Israel whom God raised up Father Abraham he was a prophet while when the Exodus came whom did God raise up Moses he was a prophet when the monarchy came to Israel whom did God raise up Samuel good when the exile came for that kingdom whom did God raise up and there are several of these Jeremiah Isaiah Daniel is equal and so on you should be able to get this one when the Messiah came the first time whom God raised up John the Baptist. When they Gospel was to go to the Gentiles and all the world whom God raised up. PAUL And so every time something has been coming along God is raised up a prophet to prepare his people so when the Messiah is coming the second time some is mention over and over and over in Scripture whom would God raise up well he just leave it blank. Does that fit is that according to the Biblical pattern we've seen over and over and over no it's not so it's really not this crazy idea that all this is to have a prophet know all throughout Scripture God has His prophets and you read over and over when they listen to his prophets they prosper and when they don't it's not good it does not end well for them. Let's take a look at this personal and. Receive more than two thousand prophetic visions and dreams. Wrote over fifty books lectured to thousands on three continents. And she fits all of these you can apply all of them. Now if you're still not sure I have a study guide but we have many of them I'll be happy to get you one and you can go through because if you're like me you want to study this out right if this is new to you I encourage you study it out don't just take my word for it you need time with the passages the verses to read them in their context to see is that person crazy or not. And so grab a study guide if you think I'm crazy but you need to put this prophet to the test because the fact remains. If this is a counterfeit then it's all counterfeit. But if this is genuine. Then it's all genuine and we better pay attention. If God sends a messenger a mouthpiece to his people at in time to prepare them for what's coming and we ignore it I'm just going to be a Christian that believes in the Bible in the Bible and it's there in the Bible God's in time people are going to have it you can't have it both ways. Studied out. George Wharton James says this remarkable woman though almost entirely self educated she had a third grade education a bad accident she almost died on multiple occasions so she didn't have much of an education or has written and published more books and more languages I think right now it's at one hundred fifty four which circulate to the greater extent than any other woman in history. It's true. You have various things this Smithsonian magazine I have this magazine I should have brought. One hundred of the most influential people in America of all time there's all these names on the sides many of which you'll recognize I'm sorry I couldn't make that bowler because it was just a picture I grab but whereas when I'm looking for. Here Ellen White. You know you've got Mark Twain you got handle Adams Hugo Oprah Winfrey you have Neil Armstrong Susan B. Anthony all these people who's this. One most influential America of all time top one hundred. So that give us pause. I think it's interesting another one you U S News and World Report I have this magazine at home as well eleven healthy habits that will help you live to one hundred and there's the full list there number eight live like a Seventh Day Adventist according to U.S. News and World Report. I think has to with a lot of things the fact the article goes on to say more about it Americans who define themselves the average have an average life expectancy of eighty nine about a decade longer than the average American and they should be dead to the Sabbath keeping and the rest a tribute to the diet and so many other things that our church believes in. Here's another one National Geographic the secrets of living longer you've seen this before November two thousand and five so a little bit of an older article but it talked about blue zones these places across the planet one of them was Loma Linda California which is one of the major hubs of the church in terms of its medical facility world renowned facility and they say this is a blue zone and in that arm article says Loma Linda is home to a concentration of Seventh Day Adventists with a remarkable distinction study results of shown that as a group they currently lead the U.S. and longest life expectancy. Has just by chance is that. You know they they interviewed this lady who got her license renewed one hundred years old and this guy talked about Blue Zones and he put a book out he got on the Oprah Winfrey Show everybody was interested what can they do you know Oprah says anything about a certain make up or anything she loves it just goes viral right here's she had the guy on her shows that blue zone. I'm Linda. Could God be behind that. And his messenger is a mouthpiece of the Prophet Ellen White who gave us through the gift of prophecy the health message. That is far above it's time last time I went into a lot of that health message I'm not going to do that again today George barn of the statistician the Barna Group comes out with the research and statistics all the time all the time all the time. A lot of books and so on in two thousand and five this floored me most influential authors for pastors of all the nominations under the age of forty and they're the names you might recognize some but out of those four right here nineteenth century this icon Ellen White. So that means you have pastors of Baptists and Methodists and interdenominational and all these other churches saying and you read steps to Christ no one said Oh man that's powerful I'm usenet in my small group. Have you read desired pages have you read the I'm getting so much sermon here it's incredible. Is this woman with a third grade education coming up with all this or is there a reason behind it because she was call of God as a prophet of God to be his messenger for this time. North American division Church Growth survey I especially like this survey because a lot of times I hear within the system everybody always says well and White says and White says no one says Now I understand need to be a people of the book right I get that but there's this mentality that if I read Ellen why automatically not read my Bible anymore the body ever thought that or had people address you with their well this study debunks that. Entirely and somehow become this overly conservative you know it's not that concern. Agnes believe in Ellen White Adventists believe in Ellen White that's what makes this have is it's part of what makes this. So North American division church grow surveyed by Roger Dudley and as Cummings Union they serve surveyed eight thousand two hundred members of our denomination one hundred ninety three different churches twenty different measures of spiritual life and one pivotal question even though they didn't know it was just one on the twenty do you read all whites writings or not. Yes No they found those that checked yes. Came out in a different category than those that check no and here are the results describe their relationship with Jesus intimacy but here one intimate relationship with Jesus. That's disturbing anybody here not one intimate relationship with Jesus. OK. Eighty two percent of the readers said and described their relation with Jesus intimate versus fifty six percent the nonreaders that's a big difference twenty six percent difference a high degree of assurance that they were right with God Is anybody here want to share is that the right with God I do it again a huge difference eighty two percent versus fifty nine percent twenty three percent difference involved in Christian outreach and service to the community while they do is just sit at home and they write these nasty e-mails and correct everybody know they're around the community seventy percent of the readers of Ellen White versus only forty nine of the nonreaders again big difference twenty four percent have daily personal Bible study this was the kicker for me. Eighty two percent of the readers of Ellen White read their Bible. Verses only forty seven percent of the nonreaders Now that to me says If I were the devil I want to pull people or way from scripture don't I I want to pull people away from the source of life I want to pull people and say that I have something brand new that's all that's leave them alone I got this new thing but no a true prophet is going to point people back back back to God's word and I'll hold it and say I'm the less. This is the greater life if you would read your Bible you wouldn't need me. And so when we read our Bibles in the Spirit of Prophecy together that's when we can be like wow this is incredible. I'm not saying we can't understand the by without it that's not all the case but I like to call the Adventist advantage that God has given to his people and we can either accept it as much of the world as saying wow this is phenomenal or we can just say wow. Thirty five percent difference. Is a reach or research study find the evidence so heavily weighted toward one conclusion in the church growth survey on every single item and I just showed you what for that deals with spiritual life a member who regularly studies L Y's books tends to rank higher than does the member who reads them only occasionally or never we are trying to hold the person I'm not trying to hold a person God try to not hold a person and I want to pay attention what God has to say. If in fact she's a prophet that means God put those words in her mind and she wrote them out and I want to pay attention. So what makes the devil angry and the dragon was in a rage with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ you have the Spirit of Prophecy. But I hear this is well why don't you just branch out I mean that's old great controversy to publish hundred years ago as old friends the more I read the great controversy the more relevant it becomes you read those last chapters just in my lifetime I've seen a lot of what she has had to say come to fruition I'm putting boxes next to it and putting check. Next to things it's not irrelevant because it doesn't have to do with the person has to it's the God behind the person and God's not. Irrelevant. But in spite of that we have this pastor saying things like this to remain fresh We must be fed from other streams streams must flow both ways others should inform our present truth. That scares me folks we should change we should learn from others and they're talking about other authors the people that aren't administering all these other things they have these these crazy ideas. And they have a history of you talking about this one project one of the people there said by reading people so I by reading comma people will learn and change and transfer to transform their lives one of the things they like to do at this conference and don't think that if you just avoid this conference you're OK because it's Everywhere everywhere everywhere and your intended better be up. But one thing I like to do at this conference is. Hand out books I'll get to that in a minute but this idea of other streams for my people committed to evils it says in your mind to thirteen they have for say can mean the fountain of living water and human themselves cisterns broken cisterns that can hold no water. They're drinking from other streams. You want your water to be pure. We want to be tainted Oh I like my water to taste bad. And now why I take the road to Egypt to drink the waters Messiah whore or why I take the road to Syria to drink the waters of the river Why do there. Why go to Canaan Why go to Babylon Why go to Rick Warren why go to all these other people to see how it's supposed to be done when God has given gods in time church all whole vast array of books. But we don't read them. I tell you what you read all of those books through. What And then I can read the other authors No you. Go back through and you read them again because since the time that you started to the time that you ended you had like three other kids you've gotten married you were married before you have your kids a rebel you have all the things and we have Child Guidance so it doesn't matter you approach it differently from where you are in life and so to think that we need more. Have you seen how many books he's written and we need more. Why are you going to Egypt. At Large seven day I was gatherings across the country gift books are being handed out these are two of them the main ones but there's others simply Jesus by N.T. Wright and I'm a follower by Leonard's suite one of these books have to say well simply Jesus likes to say things like this it was not to suppose sorry it will not do to suppose that Jesus came to teach people how to get to heaven it's not going to do. That view has been immensely popular in Western Christianity for many generations but it simply won't do sorry about this twist next time the whole point of Jesus' public career was not to tell people that God was in heaven and that it death they could leave Earth behind and go to be with him there that's not what it's about didn't Jesus say things like exactly that. It was to tell them that God was now taking charge right here on earth that they should pray for this to happen so now God's in charge you look around the planet does it look like God's in charge in terms of everything is happening this is heaven on earth. Now granted God's in charge God is still in control. But this is certainly not heaven. And to think that maybe the churches are going to come together and that we're going to to the poor are going to rise up and all these legislative things and this country that country we're going to fix all these problems in a venture only God is going to reclaim earth. I don't see that in my Bible. That they should recognize in his own work the signs that it was happening indeed. And that when he completed his work it would become reality page one forty six. There's all kinds of other places around us of where Paul talks about this and him coming all the rest now that you're mistaken many Christians particularly North America have been taught for the last century and a half that when Jesus returns he will come down from heaven he puts in quotes and that his faithful people I.E. Christians will then fly upward into the sky to meet him to be taken to Heaven with Him forever you know the verse he's talking about is sort of why it's right there in Scripture but it's a complete misunderstanding. Heaven is God's space God's dimension of present reality. It's here it's now it's in you and it's in me home in a home in a home in on. Whether Jesus say I go to repair a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you. Will again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also. From the lips of Jesus. But N.T. Wright says the whole country is mistaken they're reading it wrong. This is letter suite the book I am a follower another book they like to hand out according to The Book of Genesis when God breathed spirit into matter man became a living being even today to be fully alive is to breathe the breath of God. True followers of the way of Jesus are always aware of their breathing How many of you are aware of your breathing I'm pretty sure I've heard doctors lecture on the type of mechanics involved in the in the body excuse me so I have to think about my breathing right I mean those are the blonde jokes you tell in high school you know they take the headphones off of the blonde in the beauty part of it and I got to take them off or I can't do your hair and on I had to leave mana had to leave. When the world when the world find the hairdresser comes over forgive me I like blondes My wife's a strawberry blonde either way ribs off the headphones and she just falls dead on the floor what's going on and so the beautician picks up the headphones pray then I presume. Is that how we're made and we have to focus on our breathing No I don't go to sleep thinking I hope I don't forget to breathe. But we're supposed to always be aware of our breathing with the internal sounds of my breathing around them and inside of them to start to sound little strange breathing ya way breath is breathing the Holy Breath of Life ya way our breathing and heartbeat are in tune with the name and this word gets really weird breathe and ya and breathe out way I guarantee you will relax. What verses I don't remember reading this. And you know you just lead them to this author and letters written at least forty two books but he publishes like crazy known as a mystic. Here's another one called Nudge. I'm trying to read this down here awakening each other to the God who is already there what does that sound like. Pantheism idea that Gods and everything is in me and you so sorry this nudge is not bringing people to Jesus or introducing someone they don't know but should. Nudge is introducing people to the Jesus in them to the God they already know but don't know it. So God already and everybody they just don't know it. Sounds Dangerous another one quantum spirituality this book. According to their website they sense taken it down but the book was written in such a way that you can start reading it is circular written in a circular fashion so I can pick up the book I can start anywhere I can end anywhere and it doesn't matter. Fancy. And there's where that has to say mysticism once cast the sidelines of Christian tradition is now situate in the post-modernist culture near the center mysticism center mysticism center. Is have it will go. In the words of one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century. To greatest theologians of the twentieth century I mean this person is incredible. Jesuit philosopher of religion and dogmatic Carl Rayner. What does he have to say the Christian of tomorrow will be a mystic one who has experienced something or he will be nothing home and a home and a home and. And so on one hand the devil wants to make the church so Dole and boring and lifeless and then he's going to swoop in with this mysticism where it's all is exactly the opposite it's a motion and it's loud praise music and it's only feelings up and down making the sign of the cross and walking into prayer as always things to just appeal to all this really experience God. And people get sucked in. They get sucked in. We gather group together for this is another place in the book gathered together for a Navajo breathing ceremony down the circle everyone facing the center of the circle if there are any present and special need or prayer ask them to center the circle. Place your hands in the center of the backs of those standing on either side of you and observe a silence as a sound fishy I don't. Call reading any of this get in touch with one another's breathing patterns there it is again now breathe together as a circle bending the knees slightly as you hinted inhale straighten up as you exhale keep doing this in till the circle become one breath. Francis is weird stuff why on earth are we having Adventist functions across the country N.B. on and we're passing out these two books now this quantum spirituality isn't one of them but that's the author of one of them and if I'm blessed by that one well what else has he written why are we passing this stuff out. How can this be. And they don't make these claims up front but it's kind of this silent preacher OK I'm going to bless you with something I'm going to get you to think I'm going to earn your credibility and they're going to pass you a book and I want you to go home and I want you to read it and I want you to be in lightened and I want you come back next time we're going to talk more about it. So this is kind of under backdoor approach the silent preacher approach. And it's dangerous. What do you see up here. Filters a couple of car guys out there we have an oil filter we have an air filter I think that's a fuel filter for those of you that Forget the car thing OK We have water filters we want to drink pure stuff. Now some people say Well Pastor I can read that stuff because I know what we believe and I have my filter up Well good I'm glad you have a filter that's a good thing but what it what does a filter intended for. You know you see me at the gas station passing what are you doing I'm dumping sand in my gas tank how come I got a filter. Is that wet sand yeah there is gas mixed in there going for free. What are you doing and what's going to happen to your filter it's made for like micro little loops the things they get in they're not like dumping junk in there it's the same with the air filter or anything else if you put muddy water I don't think that pure thing is really going to help you out anough and if it does that filter is going to be what. Clogged. The more junk I put through the filter the less effective my filter. And so if I'm feeding mice myself garbage My filter is getting less and less effective. I took my truck in the other day they pulled out my filter looks something very much like this I said when's the last time you changed it I said Can I play the fifth on their. Friends the filter is not a muscle that gets stronger with use it really gets weaker. And if we are taking in water from streams that are not. Of God and not of scripture that's a problem. And we're fooling ourselves. Is from another Agnes preacher he says God is indeed in all things even chaff field fields of wheat there's a great danger in Lebanon where God can and shall be found it's the same kind of pantheistic idea scripture is not truth Jesus is true then scripture merely speaks of him there is a difference and he should be revealing many odd interesting places already put this quote of once before and this Agnes preacher put this down on a blog in answer to some things and I have since found out from people sitting here that's not actually his words he has stolen that from another name Brian McLaren who writes a lot of other things where the Christian orthodoxy or something like that and I could show you some really strange stuff out of there but those are his words. So how is these things being handed out Will people are drinking this. They're getting a steady diet of it and I think it's so sad how God. God has given us a prophet. Straight from the throne of God in my opinion based on my study of God's word yet we're going and drinking out of other streams. And people are getting sick and we wonder why. Are. There greater revelations in Scripture Yes Jesus for one in the Holy Spirit now for another scripture is our guide to the spirit so one Scripture takes me away as my guide and the spirit is now enlightening me and it doesn't matter what the Bible says there's an authority above Scripture which is the Holy Spirit is telling me all these wonderful things friends a spill Holy Spirit and the Bible are not opposed to one another they're one in the same. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us they're not opposed. It's the Revelation of Jesus Christ I heard this from another avenues preacher finding God in the dark he spent a lot of time at one of our university churches blacking out every window in the sanctuary so I could be perfectly dark and he preached on black screens with just the words illuminated eventually the whole place was quiet for the last two three minutes of the service and I just sat in the dark and you tell you how you define God in the dark and he quoted this author I was at at the time I went to without a doctor's appointment for James and I saw this finding God in the dark Well that seems odd all over the place it talks about how God's the light of the world. Barbara Brown he quoted this person in his sermon and and praised her book and she says things this is just one of which darkness is often treated as evil of vast unknown and and the ultimate spiritual enemy but as one of America's leading theological theologians believes it may save us all darkness we need to go find God in the darkness and this stuff gets weird folks. If something that you read doesn't seem right. Maybe it's because it isn't right. Don't keep reading it find Hey if this is counter to scripture I'm done close the book. Don't clog your filter. And why would our General Conference president say this seven years ago first sermon many of you may have been there I was there I heard him say it stay away from non biblical spiritual disciplines or methods of spiritual formation that are rooted in mysticism that's what we're talking about such as contemplate of prayer centering prayer and the emerging church movement in which they are promoted why would he say that. I'm a senior thing is that such a big problem. He obviously saw it before I did but it sure has become a big problem three angels message of Revelation fourteen enough of the garbage that I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the earth to every nation try tongue and people is an everlasting God does need to be improved upon does need to be rewritten it's everlasting. Saying fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven the earth the sea in the springs of water worship the God and the creator of the universe and that's what we're doing right now today on the Sabbath honoring our creator God second angel another angel followed saying Babylon is fallen is fallen Babylon is a state of confusion it's a church in confusion. And it's fallen as fall in that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her for fornication I don't understand why they think the way they do but I think it's because they're intoxicated as it tells us in the second angel's message with the wine of the wrath and all these other things Babylon is falling folks it's time to come out of Babylon the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone this becomes very individualistic by the way this isn't if everyone and says if. Anyone worships the beast and his image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself is also drinking the wine of the wrath of God. Hears the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus S. was God CONUS to do. This very plain and maybe you are still not sure about this spirit prophecy thing about Ellen why. She even talked about all this that would go it was going to come this is one from selective messages forty eight the very last deception which one. Last one. Will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God. People going to take what I write and they're going to throw it out the window. Very last deception why because the devil hates it. Hates it with a passion and he's working working working to bury it as deep as he can. Saying will work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to unset all the confidence of God's remnant people in the true testimony. Unsettle doubt doubt doubt. Another one from falling for the testimonies to eleven it is Satan's plan to weaken the fate of God's people in the testimonies step one step two next fall a skepticism in regard to the vital points of our faith we see that happening the pillars of our position Step three The word then doubt as to the Holy Scriptures have you seen that happening and then for the downward march to perdition it that's what the scripture used to describe Judas. The downward March a slippery slope. And that's where it starts because the devil hates it he hates it hates eight. I know there's all kinds of garbage out there if you look up on why you're going to find all kinds of garbage you go to the Internet there's going to be website after website after website false prophets. Profit profit why doesn't it stand to reason if she was true people would try to malign her with everything they have. That the devil would attack about everything that he has. For me that makes me want to take pause and say OK what's there. If people are working so hard to bury it what's there. Second Chronicles twenty twenty. Who want to see clearly read Second Chronicles twenty twenty believe in the Lord your God and you shall be stablished believe his prophets. And you shall prosper. I want to prosper you want to prosper. Believe in the Lord and believe in the prophets that he stands so I myself have this because truth matters. Because our message is a safeguard to in time deceptions. Because God is called the remnant church to preach the three angels message to the world the time is now. And today's peace because God's word says the last day church will have the gift of prophecy and because I believe with all my heart it passes the test. I want to read. From clear streams. I want to feed on God's Word and the more at the servant told me the more I read from L.-Y. the more I'm going to be directed back to my Bible I'm going to say this makes so much sense it all fits together so clearly. And that's what God intended for his people at in time. Revelation twenty two seventeen and the spear and the bride say Come. This remnant thing is not a close group folks. It's about anybody who's seeking after truth about who God is to every nation and tribe and tongue and people everybody the door is flung wide open. And he is the same calm. Calm. And I read some stuff I should read let it go and come. I've done things I should have done let it go and come come to the one that can forgive you and can heal you and can put you on the better path the straight and narrow path the doors flung open and he says come. So I don't know about you but I want to be faithful to God's word in all parts and all particulars. And when God says we have a prophet I want to pay attention. I want to reason it out. And if it's for real. I want to follow what it says if you're having a father where you simply want to ask him to pray that you will help us to see things clearly from your word I imagine most in this room can very easily think of friends individuals I know certainly I can good friends of mine that I believe are caught up in this. That don't see things clearly. But I pray that you will make it plain to them Lord there are issues in our own life in my life that I don't see clearly make those plain to me and may we be faithful to your word because I believe you are coming. In Jesus' name we pray this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W dot. Org.


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