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5. What's Wrong with Being a Cultural Adventist?

David Wright


Does the Spirit of Prophecy have authority in our lives?


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 22, 2017
    11:30 AM
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I want to talk to you about something. I call pot luck the pot luck. Or maybe I should say buffet the buffet center maybe ever been to a good buffet I mean we have some good buffets around here typically and most buffets you pay a certain price you go in. And it's all you can. Eat and eat and eat and I don't know what buffets you frequent and the ones I go to I walk in I can't help but recognize that there are some professional eaters there. They're not messing around. They came early they don't have any appointments we're going to get our money's worth. But I don't know if you've also noticed when people go through a buffet I've never yet seen somebody that takes one of everything have you know what do you do that's the joy of the buffet right you get to pick and choose to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that and maybe a little bit I don't want to go around here only you know why that's here let's go OK some of this some of this right and then you come back you just leave your plate this isn't really a good restaurant to help your kids learn about manners right I'll just leave it all back here. And you come back and it's gone you get into a fresh plate and then finally for dessert when you just kind of are rolling over there and you go a. Little sprinkles and as it is and you leave the buffet just kind of. Pick and choose. Why am I talking about buffets well because I think there's a phenomenon in the church but it's probably across other denominations as well. Where people that are born into the church raised in the church can very easily become cultural Adventists and by that I mean they like to pick and choose and they're here because they like be. Here is what they know this is what feels comfortable. But there's some things there on the buffet table that Om I don't like this I don't care for that I don't believe in that and so they pick and choose and they put together their own version if you will of Christianity or of Evan tism And so that's what I want to talk about a little bit today this is the conclusion of this series that has been stretched out that we've had some interruptions but that's OK Why am I a seventh day having this and it's been a five part series does the truth really matter these are all online and I've had a valid put the numbers there isn't loving Jesus enough third when we looked at what makes you so special what makes the devil angry that was two weeks ago and this morning we're looking at what's wrong with being a cultural Adventist a cultural advantage. To help us answer that question and even to define a little bit clearer what a cultural Adventist is I'm going to get some help here from one of my friends Clifford Goldstein he writes for the review often. And an article that the review published back in two thousand and five he said this a cultural Adventist is someone by his own admission is an avenue soley because he was raised in educate in the church but who by his own admission takes exception to many of the church's theological beliefs and religious practices in other words he's a Seventh Day Adventist not because of the church's teachings but despite them or in spite of them or despite them a cultural Avernus the concepts in comprehensible to me why would anyone want to be an Adventist for the culture think about it what makes a seventh Avenue is it's not ethnicity is not nasty Nalla T. It's not politics not social economic status not gender nor age nor language there is only one thing that makes us Seventh Day Adventists and that's our beliefs. We're who we are only because of what we believe period I mean anybody force you to be a Seventh Day Adventist do you feel like you're behind bars under all that no that was a choice that you may. But sometimes if I've been raised in the church maybe that was a choice that was made for me and maybe I never researched it for myself and so I don't know where you are on the spectrum of things this morning maybe as your first time to an Amnesty church I don't know but wherever you are I want to challenge you to search things out for yourself don't take anybody else's word for it don't take my word for it don't take your neighbor's word for it don't take the path down the street you study it out for yourself. Get rid of those beliefs water them down or push them to the sidelines and we're left with nothing that justifies our corporate existence he says I'm an abacus for one reason the beliefs the teachings the doctrines that this church and this church alone espouses and I hope you can say to that because if there's another church that follows an and patterns more what you like to believe than maybe you should be part of that denomination. But as Seventh Day Adventists we believe in a variety of things all of which we feel like can be derived here from scripture. And so we have made that choice to be seventh am just so again emphasizing this idea do we study things out for ourselves I think often times the rub comes when somebody comes along and tells me what I have to do. I mean nobody likes to be told what to do right but there's no time taken to study it out and see is that in fact true. Is that what the Bible says is this biblical. All. And if it is and if I truly am surrendered to Jesus Christ if he is the Lord and Savior of my life I'm going to follow it if it's not true I'll throw it out. But do we take the time to study that out Revelation three fourteen says and to the angel the Church of the Laodiceans right that's the last church is no church after Les to see it that's us and it says These things says the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God This is Jesus Christ I know your work says you are neither cold nor hot I could wish you were cold or hot so then because you are luke warm you don't really know what you believe you haven't really studied it out you're not really grounded in the truth you're just kind of well you're just here. So I wish you were on the other because you're lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will vomit you out of my mouth. Strong language to the latest in church. We like to be on the fence if you. If you may one foot in the world one foot in the church. I want to do the right thing but don't take away any of my pet darling sans don't preach about those don't get on my case there are certain things that are just leave those alone. And we like it that way. We like the buffet we like to pick and choose. From the people in part like their holy and up and smelling it put them back. Pick and choose. And this buffet there's a lot of things that people like to pick and choose it might be evolution or creation or a form of evolution that they weave in and might be Sabbath observance and what they feel like is OK or not OK to do maybe homosexuality it may be that this transgender stuff it may be jewelry stuff it may be recreational drinking. On the weekend you know just a little wine good for your stomach Yeah I like that OK Going to the movies sure that's not a problem for me remnant theology I don't like to talk about that I feel like that's abuse of yoga or whatever it is and so we have all these things a sanctuary we just pick and choose but I think. Again this is me what do I know I think the biggest one under attack. Is. Why. I think it's because she speaks very plainly and clearly about all the above. And a whole host of other things I didn't name or list and so if I'm going to keep one of those darling things whatever it is it really doesn't matter what it is but if I keep it. I have a really hard time keeping to. Because that contradicts one another. What do I do with that nagging wife to gets on my nerves I kick around the house. That I have to listen to anymore. Is the lower worse situation. And so this is the one I want to focus on today because I feel like even within the writings of Ellen White we like to pick and choose here a little there a little I like this I don't like that now granted there's a whole realm of context that we need to be careful of. There's compilations that we need to be careful of because when you take all the statements on one issue and you pile them all together you don't have the context of who she was talking to and what the situation was and that's very helpful for us to get those principles that are vital in this thing right and so we have to be careful we have to do our homework we have to read what's ahead of it and behind it and you know everything she says on the topic I get there. But we also need to be willing at times when she makes these plain statements that cut across. Something that I like and enjoy. I need to say Man I really pray about this. And think about this now two sadness ago I talked about the proof of the fact that I believe she's a Bible prophet and there's various verses that we went through tests of a prophet you know if they speak not against the Bible there's no light in them and various things but if in fact a individual passes all of these tests and we can't find anything they say that contradicts then maybe just maybe their sense of God and then maybe just maybe I should pay attention to what they had to say because it's not their words but God's words. Maybe just maybe like he sent a prophet right before every major event that was impending and he didn't leave a void with the second coming he gave us a prophet to give us the present truth that we need to know it doesn't contradict scripture it goes in line with Scripture but maybe it kind of flushes out and gives us some pertinent information for two thousand and seventeen if an individual matches that. Then maybe I should pay attention. To we pick and choose from the Ellen White but faith. People often mistreat God's prophets. But is that anything new. Have you noticed how God's prophets are treated throughout Scripture let's look at this in Genesis three Verse fourteen talking about. The first prophecy in scripture and I have this one on the screen the next I'm going to have to look up so if you don't have your Bibles out you want to get those out but in Genesis three Verse fourteen we read here so the Lord God said to the serpent because you have done this you are cursed This is after the first sands you pick the food fruit she gave it to Adam and so on so you talk in the sermon because you have done this you are cursed more than all cattle more than every beast of the field and on your belly you shall go and you shall dust all the days of your life and I will put enmity that's mutual hatred between you and the woman and between your seed and her see he. We shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel that verse right there Genesis three fifteen is known as the first gospel promise. That a savior would come first Miss Anik prophecy and so Eve hears this she understands it and so then in chapter four verse one now Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived Cain and the word for came means God and or attained and she said I have acquired a man from the Lord you know a stricter Hebrew translation simply takes from out and it's I have acquired a man the Lord she thought this was Jesus Christ if you will that she had attained that this son would be the one that would change everything. Can you imagine if she only knew there was a going to be through King or her grandson or great grandson or great great grandson. And so we fast forward in Genesis twenty five the years go by fast in the book of Genesis This is two thousand years later but you have this idea of a birthright this birthright means God is going to sand his promise through this lineage and we trace it all the way down until we get to the Messiah and so the birthright is a big deal the birthright is prophecy the birthright is a promise of God to His people to fulfill His Covenant his promise. And so we read here in Genesis twenty five twenty nine now Jacob cook stew. The underlined theme today is food I guess now Jacob cooked a stew and Esau came in from the field and he was weary and Esau said to Jacob Please feed me with the same red stew for I am weary therefore his name was called eat him but Jacob said Sell me your birthright. As of this day big deal the birthright. You're hungry How about the birth right. And he said look I'm about to die so what is this birthright to me. Only interested in his current satisfaction. So he soared to him Look at all these verbs and just a few verses so he swore to him he sold his birthright to Jacob and Jacob bread and stew of lentils then he ate and he drank and he arose and he went his way thus Esau despise his birthright. The promise of God He despised. The prophecy if you will that had been carried on he despised. And I wonder if we as a seventh heaven as church have been given something that we find in the Book of Revelation that we've been talking about before we look at again commandments of God the testimony of Jesus testimony the spirit prophecy we've been given this incredible birthright. This Gift of Prophecy but we despise it. We're embarrassed of it we don't want to talk about it we hide it under a bushel. Yet I showed you two weeks ago how people in the world are saying this woman is phenomenal most check out a book in the Library of Congress and the life of Christ the red author and pastors under the age of forty in this whole North America they're saying this woman is one of our top four authors that we read these are Baptist methods I mean this person is incredible in oral wrote Why. Because we despise the birthright. Esau saw the gratification of essential desires over spiritual blessings my friends if you've read and if you have it you just have to reserve judgment have to put it up on the shelf if you haven't read the writings of L. white but if you have you know. The blessing that they are. They've been such a tremendous blessing to me and my family how to raise kids how to eat how to do all these things they're such a blessing. But we despise the gift we don't want to hear I showed you two weeks ago some statistics about people that read and white regularly they have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ or more sure of their salvation but out in the community more doing community service and all types of activities Yes and they read their Bible not less but more. And I found that my own situation when I read page your X. and prophets prophets and kings desire of ages X. the Apostles great controversy it puts me back in my Bible I say wow this is incredible this is amazing this makes sense there's all fits together so well. So I don't read my Bible less I read a more true prophet. But we despise the gift was willing to forfeit the promise of God. For a bowl of lentils. For popularity in the world. Could be considered mainstream. But it's an incredible gift. If you've ever given a gift to somebody at Christmas time and they despise the gift. That's about the biggest insult you can have right there. You saw despise birthright the Seventh Day Adventists do we despise our birthright do we despise the gift of prophecy do we despise the profit. Maker out to be something she's not. Chronicles thirty six fifteen and sixteen and the Lord God of their father sent warnings to them by his messengers because he had compassion on his people and on his dwelling place that's the reason God sends prophets it's always been the reason because he's been compassionate and loving and wants us to understand. But they mocked. The messengers of God they despised his words they scoffed at here is prophets. Sounds like that parable of the the then your dress or whatever that was the wind dresser and he sets it all up and he goes away and when it's time for fruit he sends back his servants. And what are they do the servants. Kill them stone them all kinds of things until finally he sends his son and what they do to his son kill him. We mock we despise we scoff at the prophets. Do we despise our birthright Here's another next to seventeen wanted to there was no water for the people to drink there's the children of Israel so they quarreled with Moses and Moses cried out hello or what am I to do with these people they are almost ready to stone me that's what we do to prophets we stone they don't do it we like again in numbers fourteen ten second time and all the congregation said to stone them with stones talking about Moses and Aaron we don't like these guys there's another time with a coronation of Byron there's two hundred fifty elders are all coming to overpower. God's prophet God's messengers and what happens next or the ground opens up and takes them down eats them alive if you will and then they say Moses You're the one that did this. Incredible. Here's another one Jeremiah Levon twenty one twenty two Therefore the says the Lord concerning the men of anathema on who seek your life saying do not prophesied in the name of the Lord lest you die by our hand you just stop talking I don't want to hear any more prophecy or else we will kill you we will cut you off at the knees and worse stop talking. While. They have this do we despise our birthright. No one Second Chronicles twenty. Twenty and twenty one in the Spirit of God came upon Zechariah who stood above the people and said to them dusts says God doesn't say that says me he says US says God Why do you transgress the commandments of the Lord so that you cannot prosper the commandments are those heads of protection because God loves us not because as one is having fun. Is it truly fun to have somebody take your wife and a murder your kids and and to steal from you and all these other things that have all these no that's not fun that's the road to destruction why are you transgressing the commands of the Lord so you cannot prosper so they conspired against him at the command of the king and they stoned him with stones in the court of the house of the Lord this is incredible before he even gets out of the sanctuary. Out of the fence they stone and. Prophet of God. And Jesus makes mention of this Matthew twenty three Therefore you are witnesses against yourselves. That you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. I send you prophets wise men and scribes some of them will kill you will kill and crucify and some of them you will scurry in your synagogues and persecute from city to city from the blood of the right is ABLE TO THE BLOOD OF Yes. And in the next verse whom you murdered between the temple and the altar Oh he is the one I'm looking for and Drusilla I'm. A mad and he is weeping perhaps when he says this verse Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stone those who are sent to her. As a warning as a wake up call because I love them but you stone them you turn them away you won't listen. Jerusalem Jerusalem. How often I want to gather your children together as a hey. Gathers her chicks under her wings you've seen this phenomenon right here even know there's any baby is now a sun The chick gets up and hears all the little ones that follow behind he says I want to guard you that way. The lips of Jesus is but you are not willing. To despise our birthright. Even accept fifty two which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute and they killed those who were told the coming of the just one and of whom now have become the betrayers and murderers. I think of the people in Jesus' time would have listened to the prophets. Where they have killed Jesus. But they would listen and so we've seen this verse before we saw two weeks ago in the Dragon was in rage as the devil is in raise with the woman the church and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring or the remnant if you will who keep the commandments of God and now the testimony of Jesus Christ. He's angry because the Ten Commandments he's angry because of this testimony of Jesus Christ for the testimony that of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy they have an inside view if you will of what's coming down the pike but they don't want to hear it. And trust of the remnant church I believe with the gift of prophecy. And you say was that the only verse Now there's other places or many other places I'll show you another one First Corinthians one verse four I thank my God always this is Paul writing. I thank my God always concern you for the grace of God which was given to you by Christ Jesus that you were in rich. In everything by him who is the one behind it God that you were rich by in everything by him in all other and and in all knowledge even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed. And in you. Know an I.V. says testimony about Jesus but that's not a correct translation it's the testimony of Jesus and we can tell that as we keep reading so that you come short in no gift. Eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ as a second coming so here's a group of people that are waiting for the second coming of Jesus that fall short in no gift and one of the gifts Mallon read them to US officials for verse eight Therefore he said when he was ascending on high he lead kept captivity captive and gave gifts to men and he himself gave some to be apostles some prophets some of Vangelis some pastors and some teachers is there in the list. And here's a group of people awaiting the second coming of Jesus that fall short in no gift. For the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ to build up. The gift of prophecy was to build up. Not to tear down. But too often we despise the gift Jesus gave these gifts to the church to strengthen it to accomplish its mission of proclaiming the gospel to the world sometimes I wonder if we are still here because we're trying everybody else's methods out there of how to do evangelism rather than picking up and reading the book of Angela's I'm. All that old stuff. Friends God's older than anybody. But when he says something I want to pay attention. Because he's god. So the church to has the gift of prophecy and is awaiting for the second coming of Jesus has a great responsibility. If you're Seventh Day Adventists it's because you believe that at least it should be. So is the gift of prophecy just bonus material that's how a lot of people think of it was just bonus material you can take it or leave it it's like a buffet. Which inspired sorta. Can you be sordid speired. He either are or you're not. Is one of the other a good tree only produces good fruit a bad feeling produces bad fruit. And if she is in fact bad fruit in this Holder nomination needs to wake up and throw her out united Lee. But if it's good fruit. We better pay attention so if he gets the gift of prophecy authoritative does it have authority in my life so let's look at another. Picture of Scripture here in Acts Chapter fifteen. And we're going to put on the screens are going to have to look they're actually after fifteen. Is the authoritative meaning does it have any weight to it. Now we're not talking about contradicting scripture if there is a contradiction scripture is certainly above the Bible but if there is no contradiction. If there is no contradiction then we need to pay attention to the source of the prophetic gift acceptor fifteen from and certain men came down from Judea and taught to Brother and unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses you cannot be saved that's the issue. Unless you're circumcise you can't be saved you have to become Jewish You can't be Gentile and they argue and they dispute. According to the custom of Moses you cannot be saved therefore when Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension and dispute with them they determined that Paul and Barnabas and certain others of them should go up to Jerusalem to the Apostles and elders about this question no it doesn't say they decide to split off and start their own church. They say let's get together. Let's have a G.C. session let's study this out let's see what is truth on this matter and settle it once and for all. And so it's getting down to verse six now the Apostles and elders came together to consider this man. And when there had been much dispute Peter rose up. And said to them man and brother and you know that a good while ago God chose among us that by my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the Gospel and believe. Commentators all over the place agree that what Peter is referring to here is his vision or the vision given to him and Acts chapter ten you remember that vision of the white sheet and all these unclean animals at the Sands has nothing to do with what you can eat or not eat right let's read it and a voice came to him rise Peter kill and eat and Peter said not so Lord for I have never eaten anything common or unclean. But God has shown me that I should not call him Man common or unclean. I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but except men from every nation who fear him and do what is right and so going back here we have all kinds of discussion people are coming up with scriptural discussion to come to different conclusions and then Peter stands up and says I was shown in vision. And then we keep going on. So God knows his heart. Acknowledge them by giving them the Holy Spirit just as he did to us verse nine and made no distinction between us and them purify in their hearts by faith then in verse twelve then all the multitude kept silent and listened to Barnabas and Paul declaring how many miracles and wonders God had worked through them among the Gentiles so they're studying scripture they're coming to different conclusions Peter stands up and says I was shown and then here Barnabas and Paul stand up and say this is confirmed by our own experience and what we've witnessed and then James the one who's overseeing this whole thing. Decides to speak up. Verse thirteen after they had become silent James answered saying men and brother in. Listen to me Simon are Simon Peter has declared how God at the first visit the Gentiles to take out of them a people for his name and with this the words of the profits if you catch that the words of the prophets agree. Just as it is written and then he quotes scripture from Amos nine eleven and twelve at the end of. What I hear at sixteen and seventeen in Acts and seventeen it says even all the gentiles who are called by my name says the Lord who does all these things and verse nineteen therefore I judge that we should not trouble those from among the Gentiles who are turning to God but that we write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols from sexual morality from things strangle them from blood. So let's break this down little bit here in Acts fifteen we have doctoral confusion Peter says I was shown in vision Step three Paul and Barnabas confirm it with their own experience step for James says scripture agrees with the vision and makes his conclusion now stop and think. Because I said always the Bible is only the Bible and so on I get that but you know you have people you have profits that are speaking before. Their words become part of the Bible does that make sense I mean stop and think about this is the gift of prophecy authoritative I would say yes it is are you saying it's equal with scripture no scripture comes first but if it agrees with scripture it is not contradicting scripture then I need to listen to what it says and how that impacts the word Does that make sense if there is ever a contradiction you go with the Bible because there is no light in them that's one of the tests of a prophet's automatically there out but if it agrees. I pay attention. You test it by the Scripture but if it passes the test then it's of God right and I need to listen and if it's of God I need to pay attention to what it says so as authoritative will sort of it doesn't work that either is or it isn't. One of the other. Well the statements authoritative and that statements not. Let's go back when God gave the gift of prophecy to Jeremiah did impact their understanding of the word. Yes it did. When God gave the gift of prophecy to Daniel did it impact the understanding of the word. Yes it did when God gave the gift of prophecy dies a it didn't impact understand the word yes it did when God gave it to John the Baptist the gift of prophecy to impact their understanding of the Word of God in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy Yes it did when God gave the gift of prophecy to Peter as we just read about here did it impact their understanding of how to move forward as a church yes it did. And when God gave to give props to Paul again same thing it impacts how we read God's word when you try to put the good the prophecy above scripture and I'm not. I'm doing what Scripture tells us to do test it by the word not just a little bit big time tested but if it passes the test. Then I need to listen to what God's trying to say to his people. And so here you have Ellen one. If she agrees with Scripture doesn't contradict it. So I listen to what she has to say and a lot of scripture I should. Step on her toes a little bit are you ready. I'm not trying to pick on anything or anybody OK because I'm sure I'm absolutely positive I could find things in the writing of Ellen White that would make all of us in. We want of a say food. Right. And my intention here today is not to make you feel like a terrible lousy person or anything else my intention is to show you that what she is given is for our best best good. For our betterment to be closer to Jesus to be to be grounded in God's word and all of these things and the real issue is how I deal with that when I come across it in my reading. If I look at that and I say Lord I'm not there yet help me. I believe help my unbelief. God says I can work with that. But if I read it and I bristle while. I typically. What does that say about my heart. Don't you cross me on something that I like to do. What does that say about surrender. And God says it's just for your best good. I've had enough slam the door and you know what is on my book out the window. That can be the response. And so I promise you if you go look in the writings of L. Why you'll find something you'll say pass right need to work on this and I pray by God's grace all Bale's say. You're right I do. Now can I find an OK. So here we go tea and coffee. As well as tobacco have an interest effect upon the system what. Can't believe she said. Coffee has a greater tendency to cloud the intelligent and benumbed the energies. Police. That is so lame Are you kidding me I'm falling asleep I need a cup right now. Now you really have to fasten your seat belts tea and coffee drinking is a sin and injurious indulgence which like other evils injures the soul meaning my. Relationship with God she's judging me you know she's saying this is serious. Take it seriously. But we get all bent out of shape when she says it we don't like it and this is just an example you could pull other things too but we give them a shape we don't like it steps on my toes this is offensive to me but somehow we'll take it from A.B.C. News when they say what's the buzz and we said oh this is interesting let me listen and this lady she goes in for an M.R.I. to M.R.I. is actually the first one without coffee the second one she has one glass glass was a cup one cup of coffee downs it. Goes back in for a second M.R.I. no change right in fact it's better she's more alert I mean I'm our eyes out and know that So this is the brain before caffeine there's all the blood there all the red is a good thing that's blood flow This is after do you see a difference before after before or after if not you need to get your eyes checked little bit. After just one cup of coffee there was a forty percent drop in blood flow to the brain is that significant. Forty percent drop. That's interesting Thank you A.B.C.. When you think about. One Cup increase risk of stomach kidney lung rectal cancer you just a woman to have any fun. I really wanted rectal cancer. Doubles bladder cancer risk in women. Two cups of coffee a day two hundred fifty increase in colon cancer and risk. Fatal bladder cancer increases ovarian and pancreatic cancer there's a greater list in this but there's a lot of things I can't pronounce I'm not going to put you through it. Here's a spider study that Loma Linda did I just learned about this one this week so they got an orbit spider and this is what the Web looks like now is now and I'm saying does not it is a work of art that would probably take a little while. And they injected very carefully. The equivalent that's a key word here equivalent of two cups of coffee so that they pump to cut no one fit in this tiny spider I get that but the equivalent in terms of the weight of this little guy OK here's your two cups of caffeine Here's your spike. Wait To See this web this is phenomenal. Oh. Well I want all excited but I was unable to really think clearly could for my brother a loss is what this here. This is after forty eight hours. I'm not a math major but I'm pretty sure that's today's. This is after ninety six hours finally. Gets to put the Web back together. To write I'm not a spider. No you're not. But you'll never make a web if you're drinking coffee. But this is where we are in this country. I mean just to look at that somebody is saying oh. And can I tell you about some that really bothers me. When pastors come up with their cup and they put it right here. And then they preach and they do whatever and they slip. Now I don't know what's in their heart and so it's not my place to judge just between them and God I don't know where they are so I just going to leave that alone. But part of me thinks is this some kind of a rebellion saying Ellen White has no authority over me here's the cut. I don't know but back to just one cup of coffee a day. You know that's where we or course we have and all kinds of sodas but then you have all these monster sodas and jolt and all this stuff it's got extra push and now it's in food it's in pancakes I saw this week it's in maple syrup in all these products five hour energy you've seen at the gas station and gum and and you name it turkey jerky with caffeine. OK. Have you heard of surge sticks. It's like smoking but there's no smoke like a vaporizer you crack the thing it goes and then all the chemical stuff goes together I'm sure it's all natural organic and then you put it in your mouth and you have to wait because the temperature changes and a few of these things come together but don't worry this is this is good for you and then you. And you get a caffeine hit. Here's another thing that they have now arrow shots or this buzz air I mean it is I don't have time for a cup of coffee. This is pathetic. And you can look at the science research and L.-Y. it makes the same statement as well you get a little spike but then you go lower and you get this spike you go lower and you get a spike and you go lower Not to mention the forty percent loss of brainless kind of brain that close enough blood in the brain and you get down here low enough that you're waking up in the morning drinking a cup or two of coffee just to try and get back up to feeling terrible. And then you're trying to study your Bible feeling terrible. I mean it blocks the receptors in the brain if you started out a block and is supposed to some is supposed to come and lodge there and say you're tired but it blocks those and so it has to create more does all this other stuff your body tries it on adrenaline all this stuff what you're doing is your body is trying to say I'm tired you're saying no it's not no it's not no it's not keep going keep going keep. There's a tiger after you. And people are living it day in and day out with a tiger behind them. God in design is to live this way and so he tells us in love and compassion through his prophet but notice the stone the prophet this is legalism is that. We've got it backwards Philippians three eight and nine. I also count all things loss. Even Starbucks. For the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord I want my brain to be clear. So the Holy Spirit can whisper and I'll hear it. For who want to suffer the loss of all things and count them as rubbish that I may gain Christ and be found in him. No I didn't it's all about him and because I want my mind to be clear for him and because he asked me to do something I'm going to surrender to him it's all about him you missed it it's not about coffee. Amos three seven sure the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophet I believe God sent Ellen why for this time for this day for this Paris she probably could see down the pike it wasn't so much her as God showing saying look this is going to be an issue did you know caffeine is the number one of us drug in the world people are taking hits on this stuff all the time. But again it's not about caffeine it's about all kinds of stuff he tells us that's for our good as for the good of the church as for the good of my kids that's for the good of me understanding Scripture and to spend more time in his word. Last events one eighty says the shaking of God blows away multitude like dry leaves soon God's people will be tested by fire trials and the great proportion of those who now appear to be genuine and true will prove. To be base metal as a storm approaches a large class who have professed. Faith in the three angels message. Maybe they were born into it maybe they went to schools. Maybe they've you know gone on occasion to the honest church they have as friends. And maybe they have the Sabbath. They profess it but they haven't researched it out. There's never been that transfer between their parents and know now this is mine. And so they profess it but have not been sanctified do A B. and C. the truth and their band their positions and join the ranks the opposition. The good news is there's people out there that will take their place he tells us that. But I don't want anybody here in Hendersonville to be part of that number I don't want to be part of that number. I don't want to be base metal. Second Chronicles twenty twenty believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe here's prophets. And you shall prosper. Well sure sound to me like he was saying that if you don't believe know why you're not going to be saved I didn't say that. Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the alone is the only way that you can be saved. But it's the same Jesus Christ that says oh Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem church Oh DAVID Oh David how can I give you up I want to gather you like a chicken gathers her chicks. And I've sent you this precious gift. To help point you back to me over and over and over again. Don't push it aside. And the spirit in the Bride say Come. To this once it's all be there he doesn't want anyone to be missing he's done anything and everything he can. To help us in this journey so we're not surprise. Just. So we can be faithful to him when every wind of doctrine is blowing. So let's wrap this up on this because truth matters. Because our message is a safeguard to end time deceptions our doctrines are safeguards what we believe haven't so you when you die in the seven there are safeguards. Because God has called the remnant church to preach the three angels messages to the world it's their Revelation fourteen God has called us to do that because God's word says the last day church will have the gift of prophecy if we don't have that we might as well just start over we're still waiting. And lastly because I've searched it out for myself you can't ride the coattails of anybody and maybe you're mad at me right now well you know don't take my word for it what do I know. I'm wearing a goofy bow tie and I can even grow facial hair. This is three and a half months of growth. Don't take my word for it study it out you owe it to yourself. As a twenty five nine behold this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us aren't you looking for that day this is the Lord we have waited for him we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation behold he is coming with clouds and every eye will see him I want to be part of that I want to be part of that train I want to go to heaven I want to honor my father in heaven. And the invitation in John fourteen verse two Jesus says I go to prepare a place for you and if I go prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be. Also. Last First Matthew twenty five thirty four come you blessed of my father and Herod the king and prepared for you from the foundation of the world let's pray Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for these wonderful him the songs that remind us of that glorious day when you will come to take us home Lord may nothing stand in the way between our soul in our Savior maybe we are running to surrender anything that needs to be surrendered that you may have full and complete place in our lives that we may be part of that resurrection morning and may that Circle Be Unbroken. On that day we pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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