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Steps to Christlike Thinking

Amanda Anguish



  • May 5, 2017
    7:00 PM
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I titled this steps to a crisis like thinking because my favorite thing to do as a therapist is teach people how to think and I don't think we often consider how our thoughts play out in our lives but there's a lot that our thoughts have to do with the consequences that we deal with in life and so I want to share some of that with you today but I want you to take a look at some of these slides here and I'm going to move over a little bit. The first slide this is sort of my motto as a therapist to deal with mines is the nicest work in which ever men were engaged how many of you work with mines. All of your hand should be up. Every single one of you I'm sure has to do your job has to do somewhat with people you work with people and what is inside this part of people. A mind so all of you even though I'm a therapist all of you actually work with minds if you work with people if you work with your family if you're stay at home long if you work with people as an accountant you work with minds so this is my motto and maybe this will be one of your mottos after this as well so how many of you remember learning about this saying please and thank you jury member that growing up learning how to say please and thank you I hope you did. How about this one brushing your teeth and washing your hands do you remember learning how to do that. Good I'm glad others are glad to. How about this one stop look and listen to remember that what do we do this for. Before we cross the street yeah or else he wouldn't be here. How about this one. How many of you have I. Actually had to do this in your life. Because anybody ever had to stop drop and roll you know what this is for if you catch on fire. I can't believe how much time my teacher spent teaching me how to do this and I have not once ever use this not once unless maybe I was playing around but not because there was an actual fire but how many of us actually learn or spend time in school growing up whether it's with our parents are we ever taught to actually how to use our minds and how to think. Very little time if any is taught to us how to think and this is one of the reasons why I will never be out of a job because so many people don't learn how to think what about how we think about when we lose a job haven't you lost a job you don't have to raise your hand I've actually been fired three times so I think I've beat all of you I'm still OK because I learned how to think about those How about when your heart is broken do you know how to think about that how about when things don't go the way you'd like them. Have you ever thought about that how you think about those kinds of things I'm going to teach you today how to think and I think this is a lot of what Christ learned to do and as he was growing up he learned from his father his heavenly father but at first I want to give you three ways that we often see truth a lot of people this goes into what I'm going to be talking about so you'll hold on to this as we go through the others there's there's three ways that we think and how we think about truth and this is over the course of history how things have gone so the first one is pre-modern ism and this is this is ultimate truth this is what we get from the way. We get knowledge through direct revelation from God and that was originally how we got truth. But over time we've had other things come into play modernism that's how we think about things based on what the king says or maybe even the president or what universities say how what we see in research a lot of people were in a university setting right now there's a lot of research out there do you know a lot of research contradicts itself. Absolutely but there are some people that hold on to research is though well I don't care what you say oh you've got research that must be the truth so that's the second way our society has gone and our culture has gone towards this idea of modernism so this doesn't mean that there aren't cream modernists out there it just means that we're progressing if you want to use that word mean it's not the best word but we're moving in a direction towards modernism or we did and now you see something else that's coming to into play and that's a post modernism and post-modernism is this idea of I distrust authority I maybe even distrust God but I trust my own experience what I've been through so don't tell me what research says Don't tell me what the Bible is I want to know I just know because I've experienced it myself. While we know in looking at research that one person's experience is not necessarily going to be another person's experience and it depends over time too but just keep this in mind as you think about what I'm going to be teaching you so what I do in therapy is something called cognitive behavioral therapy and the idea comes from the first word cognitive cognitive stands for our thoughts what we think are cognitions are the same as our thoughts now. Well most people come into therapy not because of that they come in for the bottom two triangle or parts of the triangle feelings I don't feel the way that I want to feel and I'm not doing the things I want to do or I'm doing things they don't want to do everybody who comes to me for therapy those bottom two reasons I'm not feeling the way I want to feel I'm depressed I'm anxious and I'm not doing the behaviors I want to do I'm drinking too much or I'm not getting out of bed or I'm yelling at my spouse those are the reasons people come to therapy now I can help you feel better by telling you to do a bunch of different behaviors I can say well if you go exercise you'll feel better why what does exercise do. And Dorf and I feel better because I'm exercising now if you don't exercise at all you'll for first feel some pain because your body is not used to it but once you get past that you'll start feeling better because endorphins will kick in and door friends make me feel better so if you do some behaviors or if you do a lot of good behaviors you'll feel better so I can teach people how to do that and that's why I teach people new star principles nutrition exercise water sunlight temperance and all the rest because when we do good behaviors we feel better but I know people who do a lot of good behaviors but they still don't feel better you know why because the top part of the triangle if I tell myself and why are you exercising this doesn't feel good at all it's probably not going to help me how I'm How's that exercise actually going to help me. Probably not much because I'm countering all those great feel good chemicals that my body is producing by being outside and running and exercising by also sending a bunch of cortisol in there stressing myself out because I'm talking to myself wrong. And not swear our thoughts are a lot of us have negative thinking. So what does the Bible say about this. Song is ninety four nineteen says in the multitude of my fonts within me by comforts delight my soul what kind of thought are these are they good thoughts or bad thoughts. If they delight me they're good thoughts re OK how about this first second Corinthians ten seven do you look on the things after the outward appearance if any man trust to himself that he is Christ let him of himself think this again that as he is Christ even so are we what is this person thinking about. He's loved and cared by Christ and if I remember that I and I say to myself again if I think it to myself again how am I going to feel. Good I'm going to feel better how about Luke twenty four thirty eight and he said into them why are you troubled and why do thoughts arise in your hearts what kinds of thoughts are these if we're troubled What kind of thoughts are they negative thoughts re how about Libyans for a whatsoever things are true honest just pure lovely of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise what are we supposed to do think on these. The Bible came up with cognitive behavioral therapy even before Albert Ellison Aaron back to it. It's amazing but how often do we literally think about this stuff it's important what we think about Psalms forty verse five many a Lord my God are they wonderful works which thousand done and that I fots which are to us word they cannot be reckoned up in order and to the if I would declare and speak of them they are more than can be numbered whatever go. God's thoughts towards us. Good thoughts so he feels good towards us and then he does good things because he thinks good thoughts about us great so he even practices this now I'm going to get to some of my favorite quotes from Spirit of Prophecy mine character personally personality by the way I don't know if you know but Ellen White is the greatest psychologist that I've ever read and I'm a fair Appice I have people come to me all the time and all say oh have you read this self-help book have you read the self-help book I've read a few self-help books maybe more than a few but do you know how much of the stuff in those self-help books is not as good as the stuff that she writes and this folk rate here mind character and personality is like the end all be all of of self-help if you have not read these two volumes you need to she talks about anxiety she talks about depression she talks about doubts she thought talks about fought control you need to read the book so she says the thoughts and feelings of the mother and by the way I meet the husbands and fathers who also have these kinds of thoughts so the fonts and feelings of the mother will have a powerful influence upon the legacy she gives her child if she allows her mind to dwell upon her own feelings what kind of feelings do you think she's drawing on negative feelings if she indulges in selfishness if she is peevish and exacting the disposition of her child will testify to the fact. Ouch how about this one when invalids have nothing to occupy their time and attention their thoughts become centered upon themselves and they grow morbid in irritable many times they dwell upon their bad feelings until they think oh this is the part that kills me they think themselves much worse than they really are and holy unable. To do anything. You know when Ellen White's husband got sick do you know what she made him do. It says invalid they become centered on themselves and grew morbid in irritable and they'd have nothing to occupy their time do you know she made her husband work until he got better she actually told the neighbors not to come over and help him on the farm. Because she knew that if he knew there was work out there he'd have to get better to do it and he got better crazy stuff. Well it's not crazy it's actually really cool then she says Let us place our thoughts upon holy things you know one of you know the opposite of I teach people do you know the word rumination do you know where we get that from cows when they eat their food and then they digest it and it comes back up and it goes back down and comes back up and goes back down do you know people do that in their thinking to. A negative thought I just keep dwelling and dwelling and dwelling and dwelling on it that's rumination do you know what the opposite of rumination is in the Bible. Meditation what am I bringing up over and over again when the Bible talks about meditation it talks about meditating on God's goodness and his promises it's the opposite of rumination we should be meditating when we're tempted to ruminate But she says let them be pure and true for the only security for any soul is right thinking this is before Albert Ellison Aaron back came up with cognitive behavioral therapy let's give credit where credit is due we are to use every means that God has placed within our reach for the government and cultivation of our thoughts we're actually supposed to train our thoughts like we're supposed to train our bodies this is cool stuff his true. People saying to fi is body and soul and spirit and we should be unable to rise above temptations. So if you're addicted to something meditate on God's goodness and on his promises that's the key to overcoming addiction so how does this work so I'm going to show you practically if you have any paper you have pens if you want to pull out your phone take pictures or you can do that too I want to teach you how to do this practically in your own lives so that you can overcome your own negative thinking and ultimately overcome any depression and anxiety that you might have so this is how it works so this is what Aaron Beck and Albert while this is more specifically what Albert Ellis came up with and these are called the A.B.C.'s of cognitive behavioral therapy I chose this therapy to practice because it's the closest thing I can find to what the Bible already says and what Spirit of Prophecy already says Now just to let you know if you go to any therapist just because they do cognitive behavioral therapy does not mean you're going to get somebody who does therapy from Spirit of Prophecy and from the Bible you can be a Buddhist and use cognitive behavioral therapy so it's important to go to the source for your thoughts but I'm going to teach you how to use this with the Bible so the A.B.C.'s of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy The A stands for activating event every single one of us has activating events and every single one of us have activating events all day every day every morning that I get up in the winter isn't activating a front for me because I'm getting up one before the sun comes up and two It's Cold Outside of my bed and that is a stressor and. I don't like to be cold and I don't like to wake up before the sun I always say if the sun came up at two AM I would get up just fine but it doesn't so it's one. Triggers but we have two types of triggers I'm going to skip to the second one first because that's the more obvious one extra triggers those are the people in the circumstances in our lives when those don't go right those trigger us they activate something happening to us but. The second one if there's an external then there's also what internal internal activating events are our own thoughts and feelings that we have to have you ever been going along just fine and all of a sudden you feel this just impending doom or gloom I'm not talking about anyone everyone necessarily but people who experience depression you know what I'm talking about you might feel a sense of doom or gloom or anxiety just come over you and you don't know where it came from it doesn't seem to have an activating event you are fine one minute the next you're not that is also an activating event our thoughts in our feelings can be activating events I was. I had a client and I was talking to her and I remember she she had attempted suicide and she told me I don't know what happened just all of a sudden I'm in this situation and I feel like I need to take my life and I've been king just all of a sudden like that it's not premeditated it's not thought about and she told me this and I thought oh me. Wow this is one of the reasons I believe the devil exists because most therapist will say oh well that's just part of your depression and stuff but sometimes the devil can play with us our own thoughts and our feelings and I think specifically in this time in this age we're experiencing more of the devil's work because if I can get if I'm I don't like to put myself in the double shoes but if I really want to get tipped. People if I hurt you like say even the worst case you know you have your leg amputated you're still you you're just missing your leg but if I get to up here are you still you anymore this is one of the biggest things I hear my clients say when they're dealing with depression and anxiety I don't feel like myself and if you're struggling to feel like yourself every day then you're not going around trying to minister to people to bring them closer to Jesus what are you trying to do you're trying to just get through the day right and I I believe the devil is using our thoughts and our feelings as the biggest tactic against ourselves. And then the best thing that we can do sometimes is you know I have to go on a medication and I'm not I'm not putting down medications or anything but now the medications bring on side effects and things like that that I might have to deal with rape so that I'm still trying to survive and then a lot of my clients are on a medication and it works for a while but then what happens when it doesn't work anymore then you have to try to find another one so there's all these sorts of things but activating a vents are those triggers and those stressors in our lives that we deal with on a daily basis and they can be people and circumstances but they can also be our own internal thoughts and feelings while I'm going to jump to see because see real quick because see is the consequences that happen that we often attribute to the activating event so the consequences are Remember the bottom of the triangle the emotions and the behaviors Well those emotions and behaviors are we believe are in response to activating events and even a lot of our music in our society and a lot of our media tells us this oh well this person doesn't make me happy anymore. So I'm letting go of them. That's a to see thinking this person did something or didn't do something and so I'm no longer emotionally happy and behaviorally I'm just going to break up with them now now doesn't mean I'm telling you what to do in your own relationships I'm just giving you an example but we often believe that Ada C. thinking is how it really is but if Ada C. thinking were actually true it would have to be that every single person who goes through that situation would have to respond the exact same way every single time in order for that to be true so if you respond the exact same way as somebody else who's been through the exact same situation every single time then eight acy thinking would be true but that's not true how many things have you been through that you know somebody else who's been through something similar but they dealt with it differently maybe you dealt with it better than they did you didn't give up entirely You both went through a breakup that person decided to I'm giving up men altogether I don't want to have anything to do with them whereas the other person decided you know what that person wasn't the right one for me so I'm going to find somebody else who is that can't be a to see thinking is correct so what is the truth about this the truth is it's our beliefs that actually determine what our consequences are what I believe about that activating event is really why I'm dealing with the consequences that I'm dealing with my emotions and my behaviors. Because I believe this about the event well you believe that about the same thing that's happened to you. So can you think of an example of what that might look like I used to work in a group home with at risk teenagers and I worked with staff who were paid to watch them twenty four hours and. Schiff's and those kids because they were mandated to be there they were there under probation they were there because they did drugs they committed crimes I'm not going to tell you all the crimes that they committed but it was really bad some of those kids did not say the nicest things to me. And I can't tell you what they are because we're in a nice place and I don't say those things. But they said some very ugly things and sometimes I was convinced that I had a demon talking to me because how would they know just the right thing to say that would affect to me that way they were pretty mean I also had staff who would be told the same exact things now at first it was a little hard for me because who wants to be told those kinds of things about you so I decided you know what these kids are here for a reason they're not here because they're nice kids they're here because they've done crimes and so I'm going to have to get over the fact that they're calling me these names or else I'm not going to be able to work here anymore and I like a paycheck I don't know about you but I like to work I like to have money to pay for things like so and. Toothpaste and my car bill and things like that and I knew if I gave up my job because of what they were saying that I wouldn't be able to have so and toothpaste and access to a cart so I had to get over some of it and I had to start telling myself believing myself talk had to be different then maybe some of the staff who were losing their jobs because of how they would respond to the kids' behavior early so the see and so I decided I said. I like to talk to God a lot and I said God you've brought me here for a reason and they're not being very nice but I'm going to choose to love them no matter what they say because you love them and this is not a unique concept that I came up with I had to do some Bible reading and some spirit of prophecy reading to have those thoughts even be in my head but you know what after I decided that it's still stung I'm not going to I'm not going to say it didn't sting but I started realizing the kids I was freaking them out a little bit because I wasn't responding to them the way they expected me to or the way that maybe the other staff were responding them and I started realizing wow this is kind of fun I'm playing the game back better than they were her giving it they wanted they wanted me to fight with them because they were used to people fighting with them and they wanted to believe they believed based on the activating events and what they had dealt with over time that I have to push people's buttons because I work so if I push them I can get them wherever I want them to go and I realized Wait it actually messes with their head if I don't respond the same way that all the other staff are responding and I was like wow this is cool it's like reverse manipulation and stuff so but notice what my beliefs were I decided then I'm going to think differently I'm going to have different self talk and I'm going to believe something different but it wasn't just because I came up with that isn't that what Christ did that was my model I was following my model now maybe I was a little bit more wrong a wrong heart place or something about it but Christ never retaliated with people who put him down who said things to him. And I think that's one of the things that we miss sometimes in. Our Christianity is that when people say things they actually want us to respond the way they're used to hearing people respond and we respond differently that's what attracts them to the church you're different you don't treat me the way other people do I push people away and they run away and I'm actually really scared I want to be close to people and then when you come near me after I do something like that there's something different and I don't know what to do with it actually starts changing other people's beliefs too but if we don't have accurate believes if our self talk our thoughts and our believes are not rational what happens is we have a lot of those negative consequences we have negative emotions that come from those negative or irrational beliefs and then we also have negative behaviors that come from it and I love the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result but I actually think the definition of insanity is not expecting a different result sometimes it's expecting the same thing we do the same thing over and over again expecting the same thing to happen over and over again that's real insanity. The other piece the other one is people are actually maybe trying they just don't realize but there are some people that want the same thing to happen over and over again because it validates their irrational beliefs if we respond to them the way they have always been responded to but we know that the consequences of behavior really emotionally are due to our beliefs remember because it would have to be the same way every single time if it was just about the act of eating a been so because of our believes it's it's why we have the consequences but if the consequences emotionally and behaviorally are negative then we have to decide. Those believes so everybody knows who Socrates's. Socrates is a philosopher do you know what philosophers like to do. They like to ask lots of questions and then when they start to get near an answer then they have to ask another question that's what a philosopher does but in cognitive behavioral therapy. Socratic questioning is when we ask questions of our own beliefs have you ever thought about your own thoughts have you ever sat there in on I was I thinking. That's thinking about your own thoughts there's a term for that is called metacognition if you think about your own thoughts you're practicing metacognition that's actually a really healthy thing to do you should question your thoughts sometimes because your thoughts are not always accurate if you're not questioning any of your thoughts let's talk afterwards OK but you should be questioning your thoughts and one of the things that you should be asking your thoughts is is this true you know we believe a lot of things that aren't even true. Now there are obvious things that we believe but how about whether or not you're valuable. Some people don't believe they're very valuable. If you have the stamp of the Creator on you do you get to decide what your value is. No that's God's job to decide your value you don't get to decide it somebody else doesn't get to decide it but so often we say things I'm not worth anything nobody loves me I'm not valuable I'm not liked by enough people or even that one person doesn't like me. Sometimes we don't even know why we're saying it we don't have any evidence can you imagine if a scientist went into the lab and said you know what I was thinking about doing this experiment but I think I know the answer already I'm just going to publish what I thing. It is. Or a judge went into court and said you know what I know I've heard the testimonies on both sides but I kind of like this person better. Now I don't know if there are some people out there that do this we don't live in a perfect world so that might be happening but it's ridiculous if it is because it's not based on evidence we should be asking our own thoughts is this true we believe a lot of things that aren't even true how about Is it helpful Now some people say Amanda why do I have to ask if it's helpful if it's true well here's why have you ever been listening to a sermon and the person who's talking is saying a lot of really great stuff that they're talking fast and the person next to you leans over and says Hey what did he just say I missed that part what's the next thing that happens when you're trying to explain what that person said. You miss the next part right that's why you ask your thoughts if they're helpful say I go to work and I'm working on a project and I mess up in my project company lose loses money I essentially fail it executing the project if I spend the next six months telling myself I failed is that true. Yeah it's true I failed I don't like to. Make mince words but yeah it's true I fail but if I do that is it helpful to spend the next six months year some people spend the next ten years telling themselves that is that helpful no for the same reason that when you sit down and you talk to somebody about what the presenter saying you missed the next part if you spend the next six months or year talking about how you failed You're missing the next six months and year figuring out how to make that project better how to learn from it and Edison said I didn't fail nine hundred ninety nine times. I'll. Or nine hundred ninety nine ways not to make a local. But some people are still lamenting something that happened five years ago and they haven't moved past it they're still thinking and dwelling and ruminating on those things so we have to ask ourselves Is it helpful is that a good time spent. Spending that much time on something that I failed on absolutely not. It's only time will spent if I'm learning and growing from that experience if I'm helping other people not make the same mistake but it's not time well spent if I'm dissing him telling myself that over and over and over again same about if I'm rejected same if I lost a job it's not time well spent thinking about those things so we need to reframe those things if they're not helpful so here are some examples of how you can ask some more questions What evidence do I have that I am worthy if I think I'm not worthy maybe I need to sit down and find some evidence as to why I'm worthy where would be a good place to go to find my worth. God's word absolutely When is the time I was treated fairly if I think I'm not ever treated fairly Maybe I need to ask myself when was a time that I can find in my life where I was treated fairly you know several months or years ago I don't remember what it was I was tempted to think I'm human so I have these issues too I was tempted to fink life was unfair I was in a time in my life where it felt like I was helping everybody and doing all this stuff and I wasn't getting the same response back from other people and I started to tell myself that totally irrational thing life is fair. I heard that go in my head do you know. What the holy spirit added to that right after and sometimes in your favor. Life is unfair and sometimes in your favor because I had just remembered that her friend of mine and I went out to eat and she insisted on paying for it. I didn't deserve that I had my own money I could have paid for it but she insisted on paying that wasn't fair. I didn't pay for her it was unfair but it was in my favor and how often does God allow those things to happen this might have been unfair but this was unfair to and in my favor we don't often think about those things so that's a new thing I have to keep reminding myself what does the Bible and God have to say about me and my situation. I don't know anywhere in the Bible that says Yeah just give up Amanda you're doomed. I'm tired of bailing you out of stuff Bible doesn't say anything like. How about What are the exceptions to my thinking that I'm hopeless. How. Do others think my life is over in the scheme of things is it really that important that this person wasn't trustworthy who isn't has been trustworthy in my life that's a big one a lot of people think there's nobody they can trust in this world have you met all seven billion people yet. How do you know there's no one trustworthy in this world. And I only thinking this because someone suggested this a lot of stuff we think about ourselves because maybe one person in our pastor a few people in our past of toll of spot about us is that seven billion people telling you who you are and what you are and is it even God telling you No So why do we believe those people. Because they told it to us. Will this help me in my desire to move forward and would I allow a little child or my best friend think this way sometimes it's hard to put ourselves in a situation where we're being kind to ourselves but think of yourself as a little child would you ever say you know what you're ugly. We'll say it to ourselves but we won't say that to a little child we would say it to our best friend. So why do we tell ourselves slow things those are some examples of disputing but when we accurately dispute our irrational believes self talk and thoughts this is when we have effective change and effective change isn't just like a fad diet I'm going to eat it for a little while and then when I lost all the weight I'm going to go back to eating what I normally do effective change means my whole life changes because when your beliefs change the way you project everything to the world changes too and that affects the people around you when you are different you start affecting the people around you and they start treating you different maybe not everybody you can change everybody just because you think differently but maybe you won't spend so much time with those people that are hurtful and harmful to you. So they can't say those negative things back maybe you'll go out and do something that you've been holding back on because you didn't believe you could do it and then you start realizing wait but I don't have to be able to do it God will give me the resources to do it right but so often what we believe about ourselves what we tell ourselves and what we think actually effects the rest of our lives and so if you learn how to challenge your own thoughts and dispute your own thoughts you'll actually have a different life based on that too because it affects everything if you start thinking you're worthy do you think you're going to eat better. Because now there's a reason to change the way you eat now there's a reason to start exercising because you think differently about yourself and maybe because your exercising seventy in your family who doesn't care about the way they look will go away he how did they start doing that hey that's kind of motivating I want to try that I used to get teased almost every single day in my last job because I worked with people who liked places like Roscoe's chicken and waffles. And when I would bring my nice little plant based lunches into our meetings they would say things like. How can you eat. That's disgusting and I heard that like. Cold day but do you know what I have people from my old job I have been there for over two years who still text me and say things like I don't even a doctor my baby has eczema do you know how can I hope her skin I'm like why are you asking me I don't even have any degrees in this area but they know that I care about my body and the things that I eat and they think like oh yeah she used to do this when she had you know something go wrong so maybe she knows like you have a doctor for your kid. But they want to do things differently because they realize there's a different way of doing things and so now I laugh looking back I'm like wow you know all that time they tease me they were really just you know everybody does something new gets teased it first or ridiculed or persecuted or something like that it's no big deal that's how change happens rape it's resistance to change and when somebody goes into an environment and starts thinking differently than everybody else it starts affecting them and the way you think will change your family your friendships and things like. This is one of my favorite quotes from testimonies for the church she says you should acquire habits of self-control. Even your thoughts must be brought into subject to the will of God Did you know this. And your feelings under the control of reason and religion your imagination was not given you to be allowed to run riot and have its own way without any effort at restraint or discipline. If the thoughts are wrong this looks like the C.V.T. triangle and if the fought so wrong the feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combine to make up the moral character. When I read her stuff I'm like. This is so exciting. God really wants us to be happy John ten ten says the thief comes only to kill to steal and kill and destroy who's the thief. Satan he wants to control this part he wants to steal this from us I came that they may have life and have it abundantly God cares about your mind it's not just all about whether you go to church or not it's those are important things whether you read your Bible those are important things but do you actually spend time cultivating. And having government over your thoughts. That's part of religion. Is practicing right thinking and I want you to be happy too and that's why I love doing my job and I hope that you will take some of these principles and go home with them and I always tell my clients I'd like you to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes every day considering what your thoughts are ten to fifteen minutes considering your thoughts do you know that cognitive behavioral therapy research shows is the best thing for sleep disorders. Do you know why. Because most people can't sleep because they've been suppressing their thoughts they've not been thinking about all the stuff that's building up and what happens when you turn off. Call your technology and turn off the lights. And if you haven't adequately dealt with they're going to keep you up all night I just bought a house my reality or told me she doesn't go to sleep without leaving the T.V. on. It's really unfortunate. But that's because we're not dealing with our own if we practice doing laundry on our own thoughts we're going to have a nice clean. So if you would. Like to give you some nice things to meditate on before you go to bed. Dear Father in heaven I want to thank you so much for how much. And how you truly thought of every single thing to help us you're not just interested in our bodies which are wonderful and thank you for making them and you're not just interested in how we interact with others but you're truly interested in our minds and how we can keep them healthy and happy so thank you for giving us this wisdom thank you for sharing. Your word and through. Help us to truly do the good things that you've done for us and how you want to make us. I ask these things and I thank you for these things in. This media was brought to you by audio. 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