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  • August 6, 2009
    8:00 PM
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father was thrilled what a joy it is to be here with these young people and father thank you for the testimony tonight in the work of the ministry of Jessica frame father I want to thank you for the way that this is ministered in my soul into this inspired me in the way that she is ministering to those young people father even now wherever they are whatever those young people are doing filled in with your spirit father made they have the experience of coming to know God through the kindness and munificence in the magnanimity of Jessica 's father may they not see her but may they see Christ in her cross for this work bless them financially father and made this work brought me her tried increase and may this be exactly the work that all of us are involved in in some capacity whether great or small may we every one of us be taking seriously the clothing the feeding the visiting teaching that we have her here in Matthew twenty five help us all it's not as we open your word we pretty would open us were looking forward to a great presentations on not because of a great presenter but because of the great message and that is the gospel message the message of Christ's message of your own character please let us out to come in your presence they we have a rich experience and maybe learn to do good by following him who alone is good is our prayer in Jesus and what everyone say a man okay we're going to begin by playing a little word association game I'm going to say a word and you're going to tell me a word that comes to your mindset we all shouted out once it's not going to be very indiscernible I'm not going to understand what you think it is raise your hand and awareness Afghanistan the word is Afghanistan young lady war God 's people Obama in the house you probably post some you him he layoffs they didn't nearly as well anyone else Afghanistan has a panda by a soldiers Taliban of Leon okay will boil down exhibit over there I don't think is my oil they know some else Afghanistan no one besides anything 9/11 hots hostility desert culture lost in war okay missionaries Rocky okay not Balboa just rocks his long cock a very good second question now two years ninety Afghanistan just raise your hands even then great well some sure there's many missing the other much and I know many of the Emily said Allen Weiner because I just met your brother Matthew over there didn't Michael I decided that righties are younger brother of it right I asked in the same questions as he was the only one other than actually been there someone put you on the spot here Emily Afghanistan to just tell us a couple words viewers are six words poor okay okay oppressive toward women hot dry so I so so so doesn't look visit beautiful it's not beautiful okay okay okay see the accident and the brains apparently was positive or not really a pink granite effect on you can add his statement about it later but he said it was beautiful as exact words were lots of pretty places so you can sort that out with him and him and now are these just denied is not gaining more than proved he can be experienced and it doesn't work if you've already heard this presentation but I'd be very curious of anyone who is not heard this presentation or heard me talk about this before can you tell me who this man is anyone who might enter not getting paid by let Almighty dinner anyway that's my wife but it was I don't look like that you had a little like a gigantic it is his name is using is Rory Stewart Rory Stewart he's an Englishman he's a Britney was sort of born and bred as the sun I believe other diplomat in Malaysia and are very familiar with Islamic culture for affluence I think five or six languages and he got his harebrained idea at the age of twenty five years old to walk across Asia to walk across Asia sixty one hundred twenty five miles just over six thousand miles how long you think that's again Democrats not exactly right in twenty one months he walked across the better part of Asia there was something taking place this was in two thousand two in Afghanistan what was happening in Afghanistan in two thousand two in the sinkhole the war right and so what happens is they watch the first part of his journey he gets the border of Afghanistan but there's no way he can get into this country just a lone traveler and so what he does is he he catches an airplane flies over to whatever the right what was going to be thinking out of Afghanistan city walks the remainder of his journey as a sort of Delta three thousand miles year three thousand miles here but then just as he was finishing completing his journey Afghanistan went into the talent and sell the elemental and one month after the fall of the Taliban after the US invasion Rory Stewart went in February in February of two thousand and two I believe and he walked across Afghanistan one month after the fall of the Taliban in the middle of winter he was twenty six years old he wrote a book about the book is called the places in between many called that because this was the place in between that he couldn't walk through because of the Caliban as we went back he tells the story tells the story of his walk not just across Asia primarily in this book the story of his walk across Afghanistan an interesting thing about it is this if you ask me David who do you want to go to Afghanistan or perhaps if you even said what Association Afghanistan I would've said some of the same kinds of things that you have opium war terrorists Osama oppression hostility I was in the very same kinds of things of the fascinating things in place is in the book is an absolute page turner I recommended by the way especially if you love reading traveler adventure literature I just honor his website is rated light number seven all time travel adventure books fascinating book I picked it up I was actually in Mongolia and I read through it like literally built in a day or two with registered to read it through Clinton put it down just an absolute page turner and what you think happened when I close the book what is my perspective was now in Afghanistan stated yes hazard a guess that I wanted all the things I've been out of it mentally sounds interesting the smells that he described the people that he described what I been hearing from the media was the very same thing even hearing my word associations were identical opium war oppression poverty terrorist Osama all that I was out on the one so there you finish reading this book about a guy who just want across the country in the middle of winter and I'm thinking that I can't wait till things settle down a little bit so I can go there myself because the snarls sounded so persistent it's something that sounds so wonderful and so hospitable and so so so different in the forward of his book he says this talking dedicates the book to the people in Houston before the book says this book is dedicated to the people of Iran Afghanistan Pakistan India Nepal who showed me the wife sent me protecting the house they made this one possible they were not all Saints though some of the more a number were greedy idol stupid hypocritical insensitive mendacious ignorant and cruel but some of them had robbed or killed others many of them threatens me and begged for me but never in twenty one months of travel in the attempt to kidnap or kill me about significant because you will remember was made even to this day talking some of these areas are on our current Iraq and Afghanistan civilians are occasionally kidnapped and it's really terrible but I want the twenty one months much of that across Afghanistan in the middle of winter and know when trying to connect me or kill me I was alone he says a stranger walking in very remote areas that would be a magnificent understatement my right Emily to say that walking across Afghanistan in the middle of winter would be putting you in very remote areas that would be a magnificent understatement yet very real not me but it will need to have there's no context force in the United States even begin to appreciate how remote some of these areas where we have the immigrant national wilderness and we have Gethsemane national Park and you go there I might have to Japan is there right self power is a living California government isn't enough I don't have wilderness with the possible exception of the Arctic national wildlife refuge okay so when he says I was alone a stranger walking in very remote areas we have to understand something else out for something goes wrong the Don they are not calling anybody game over all I represented a culture of the English culture Western culture white culture condominium located was daring enough money to save release transform their lives in more than five hundred village houses I was indulged said nurse and pretended by people poor hungry or sicker and more vulnerable than they almost every group I met Sunni Kurds Shia Hazara Punjabi Christians Sikhs the Brahmins of cat are not normal knowledge and no are you Buddhists gave me hospitality without any thought or award IPO this journey in my life to them the question how many wondering about now you know it likely is using the guys amazingly capable writer predictable topic is literally can't put it out especially during the travel journalism are travel literature or adventure literature in the book is amazing absolutely amazing comes head-to-head with his helmet over and over again I despise what's just by his own cleverness and skill he just outwits these guys absolutely fascinating to the point is this before I never read the book if you ask me Afghanistan terrorists opium oppression poverty but now I want to I find it fascinating in fact if you do a little bit of Google research on Rory 's Georgia demand has dedicated his life to Afghanistan not as a missionary but to the preservation of the great natural history the second has taken place and continues to take place is amazing the man is absolutely amazing and eight a genuine modern-day adventure as I read his book I was so thrilled with captured with all Afghans I just thought when can I go when can I go and then something dawned on me when maybe the way that I feel about a great many things that I don't have personal experience with are not rights maybe the way I feel about a great many things maybe I not thinking my own thoughts on this but I am merely a reflector in the other man's opinions is it possible that we could do this very same thing with the hunt is it possible that for many of us God could be like Afghanistan I dry dusty dangerous place a place that we only know about because others would gone there have told us former has a place and we only know about because of the media perhaps you are view of God is so colored by what others are saying you that you don't have your own personal experience with who God is and what he's about holiday the story tonight about a church in Ephesus and it was a church that was pastored by a man named John what was his name everyone is John and this was the last living apostle and prior to his exile to the island of Patmos where he received the vision of the revelations he pastored the churches in and around Ephesus and that most scholars believe that he was riding the epistles of first second third John to protect to warn his churches are coming danger and want to talk to God about that danger was and is and I want to talk to you about how this can radically impact your own experience and not let's start by just noting this in the Bible some chapter thirty four verse eight was also something fascinating he says oh taste and see that the Lord is one God blessed is the man who takes refuge in him taste and see what his taste fundamentally what is taste of it exactly right that's what you generate it's an experience I want to listen to this old experience and see that the Lord is good every one of us is had the experience of going to a restaurant and ordering some meal that was just awesome some dessert that was blooming some curry that was off the hook something which is good and when you taste like me this strawberry cheesecake is not bomb you've got a try but we do that cellular assay system this is just off the hook on to give you some of my strawberry cheesecake I'm asking you to do what when I asked you to do taste it because I believe that the experience that I will be very similar to the experiencing year about ready to have right and if you do not want to send us the best Robert he's a Democrat before you don't everybody at the table once a lot they wanted life when the song says taste and see that the Lord is good what he saying his experience God no we knew that when we meet a great book was about to subscribe occasionally and always puzzles me is that we do the same thing when something tastes or smells really bad at Metro will be like all that's an interesting case this is not good I believe my son lives you boys a victim my youngest boy gently broke designed very badly about seventy sales fell down and broke his arm was shaped like that now and so it has light is cast up two days ago as we are in the doctor 's office yelling time they're coming to gas up until you don't move don't move or your arms in Chicago right often don't move as a way to get the cats dogs and his arm is just it looks leprous it looks terrible it just went when she celebrates the cast open there's like this alone would like to start so more often in the room and unlike general smell your armies is off-topic totally stinks as likes him and him and I'm good to you is like mom 's not as well-known as folders and what do you think these lights on it doesn't question how it is opening a smell my arm it's really gross of that pattern alignment with the bad things over the things I understand what you got a taste 's raspberry cheesecake it's so good as always the same I had an experience I'd ever experienced I want you to have that same experience now how many of us here today are conspiracy theorists to every conspiracy theorist in our midst New Guinea dropping from because there is I know you're when Jenna was helping raise your hand okay the real conspiracy theorists okay who really killed JFK what really happened on 9/11 okay okay the millions and we really go to the moon in on the MythBusters on I'm not really a conspiracy theorist but I do believe there's a great big conspiracy but that's only the subject of the sermon but here's the thing with conspiracy theorist I know what we stand a chance I can vouch for his sanity I don't know about the rest of you what you mean people occasionally there so consumed with conspiracy theories that they like can't view the world in a normal life these people money everything is a luminosity everything is in a sense everything is just what it's like you know not when I need to see what it's like on a throne like some secret handshakes and all is measured using on it zero you know I just want to break them out so here's the thing I'm not down on a conspiracy theorist I think that there's probably a little bit of truth to many of these theories the reality is that we live in evil world evil men who are craving power in creating money engraving and influences others very good reason to believe that much of what the media selling as is not true I believe that the plane is instantly meet some of these conspiracy theorists they almost have a condescending way about them in a kind of something like this well you know that's what the sheep believes that's it they call people who don't know their cultish evil that's what the sheep will believe you may think that nineteen terrorists flew these claims and the trade Center talk to watch this DVD I is and has always kind of like that put in instead of like the fact it's not well gone eggs kind of scratchy on yes you really never know the odds it's kind of like it has the whole thing in our ERA with me and so now these people are in the know and end there to bring you up to speed like you know sure you believe that the commission said insured limit let us tell you we know who did we know what's going on the idea is is that the rest of the people don't really know what's going on but we know because we had inside information we have what everyone in the insight and if you knew if you knew what I know you would see the world like I see watch this evening I is so in the days of the church the early church the gospel was going out right but also was going out and Peter and James and John from the apostles the preaching and you know the story rather preaching and people are coming with your questions read the book of acts is related to asset the promulgation of the gospel that the furtherance of the kingdom of God was an easy worker hardware for century artwork I bring my eye I see the iPod to get up and ask it wasn't always easy to some of the things it made it hard okay present at persecution that was okay very good meals but made it hard and okay paganism got made it hard other things it hardly had Robert by traveling yet you nailed it I didn't hop in your Subaru outback annealing you were wanting in the book and resistance of the Jews in the resistance of the pagans okay so it wasn't easy it wasn't easy so here we are with the church and were going out where were the disciples were the followers of the disciples and were going out to preach the Gospel and in doing towns and start to raise up groups of believers now I need an evangelist to preferably district with any seizures illustration is that come up here okay great thank you for volunteering in the great Jesse already an evangelist of are you still watching Sally Suzanne Jessica okay and you are all use a little sermon I think I need view the horse comes from is so isn't it about two hours or so so this is your church up to Uganda this is the city of Ephesus in your preaching in Ephesus Ephesus was a pagan city would go into that but you communist town and you begun preaching and even laboring here for a few years and hear both disciples of John the disciples of John John the apostle and that he taught you and I you cannot out Johnson becoming old man our sort of maybe ninety eight A.D. ninety one A.D. somewhere in there and they come here there's already a burgeoning group and their strengthening the group right and what was a winning banner on your NFS is okay and so on so now you're getting out at the emphasis is on Alex 's visiting and how it does come to Ephesus and Jessica and their preaching the gospel to preach in the gospel of any race of the church and you got to the church in Ephesus because of our students immediately belittle another place against some rethinking chairs and Clemenceau you sell one of the major heresies one of the major difficulties of the early church faced was resistance from people who seemed to embrace what people like Jessica and Alex are teaching and these people were called Gnostics called Gnostics how many of us here have ever heard of an agnostic broad surveillance on what an agnostic is about don't guess that leaving untried and agnostic they don't know what they believe in God look at what is able to initiate this action right here in NYC that's okay actually false this napkin shape is based in natural all false shortfalls in business and in shape is symmetrical to the right one is inevitably means him I think this afternoon I pulled it like that what is it what is it coming out the two sides that are identical okay so symmetrical was when they're identical guess what asymmetrical this when they're not identical okay said agnostic claims not to know and a Gnostic dank desolate gnostic claims to believe they know that's what the name means that the Gnostics they know what's really going on like somewhat like our modern-day conspiracy theorists watch the DVD drive the Gnostics embrace the Exxon level the Christian faith at some level it certainly brings the Christian faith they said yeah Jesus came and that was cool and but but they began to undermine and yearly church some of the teachings the fundamental teachings of the church now Gnosticism was something that was really difficult for the church in the first second and third centuries now quick question here has heard the term orthodoxy Orthodox who knows what it means I'm talking you into what is orthodox was the wording of it got very good faithful to the true religion that exact right do you know the word Orthodox comes from an Orthodox of what what what what will come of the ortho part I did later tonight did any of you put things in your shoes lately but some issues out the one to help me what what what have you walk straight and keep your classroom recall listening to put issues forth on Iraq's they help you to walk straight I went with your dad is an orthopedic surgeon in Iraq okay his job among other things this to help you to walk straight orthodoxy means your walking strengths in walking the right path okay he was a showman ever heard of heresy before Harrison okay what's Harrison believing different than what you and you know what you need to deal with the word heresy dealer comes from the actual root word of heresy is the etymology of the all it means is choice that's it just means choice so you have Orthodox which this is the true religion this is what's true and any other heresies that offered what would the heresies offer choices and your doctor to think we don't want choices we want to walk straight we want orthodoxy and one of the great heresies it was the church in the first second and third centuries was the Pharisee called Gnosticism comes from the Greek word gnosis which means to know we know what's really going on and what would happen is when people like Alex and Jessica would come in raise of churches Gnostics would come in and start to infiltrate those churches and they would say things like this what these guys are teaching use cranks they wouldn't do it usually a public scale often on a privacy through these messages is written I love Alex and Jessica good people good people by telling they don't know everything many to be the DVD just in it is first activated a handshake that you need a brochure they would start to infiltrate the churches and basically undermine the teachings of the Orthodox Christian secretions are going out and they taught me many things in fact many scholars lately that there really was no such thing as a as a homogenous gnosticism that they taught many different kinds of things but one the things one of the most fundamental things that Gnostics thought was that there is this tremendous demarcation between the spirit and flesh right things are made of matter this this and this and things that were spirit and they taught that Jesus because he was a spirit didn't really come in to guess what flesh has only taught Jesus was something like this like right here he was like a projection it wasn't a real man he was like a projection and you know we would listen Alex and Jessica doing the best they can in comment e-mail but me tell you about anything what's really going on the Gnostics were the conspiracy theorists of their day and it would start to come into churches and start to undermine the teaching that the gospel of preachers and evangelists and disciples and their fathers were going to see how this conflict it was developing in the early church okay with me SNL is one of the church is what is Gnosticism began to spring up was guess what church at Ephesus Ephesus and so John writes a letter he was probably too old to travel there so he writes a letter and is called first John and in first John we notice something that comes up over and over and over and over again you can feel the heart of John is really of the epistle you can literally feel the heart of John leaping through the pages it is so concerned with listen listen of this language core ever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have gone to your life the doctrine of Christ has both the father and the son Elizabeth Lynch isn't anyone constantly trying to church if anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching this doctrine do not receive him into your house don't even breathe him he who greets and shares in his evil deeds to John so yes I see these as he was in one of these guys come to your place don't let them in your house do not let them in your house in fact you see the remarkably sleazy ministry don't even greet them is John concerned he's very concerned in fact what was happening was is that some of these Gnostics had actually come from the church itself some of these Gnostics actually left the church and gone out now they were in the know and they were coming back apparently to start evangelizing the church and so Alex is on evangelist Jessica is our evangelist and find the Gnostic and I would commit a Nazi no what they tell us this is okay but let me tell you what's really going on now these invoices have to do with Afghanistan where you hang in there this is absolutely amazing I want to listen to what John says as he writes to the church the concern of John he says in first John chapter two verse twenty you have been anointed by the holy one and you what you want how much Alyssa that language supersymmetry already getting it and others just as the sermon goes you going to start getting implicitly says you know all things John is writing to us today in a very real sense he says you have received and anointed by the holy one and you know how much do you know you know all things notices will same chapter verse twenty seven but the anointing you ever seen from him him being the holy one the spirit abides in you and you have no need that anyone succeeds your the teacher but as his anointing teaches you about everything and is true and is not a lie just as his justice as it is taught you can find in him resign you need anyone to teach you exactly reversed Johnny come to chapter two we set something say these are not writing you because you don't know the truth I'm writing to you because you do know the truth that no lives of the truth and watch how brilliant John's posture is here okay so Alex and I got and Jessica so they return back and now they see that there is some gnosticism beginning to break out that there is division and conflict this hostility in your church offenders arguments against your church is not like this there's never any division is never any hostilities there's never any disagreements in your churches on the watch how brilliant John is so miserable coming back in their seeing this right their concert in a report back to John his likely John's jewel to travel himself as a watch when John Dallas John writes a letter to them any sense you already know all things because you been anointed you don't need a human teacher you already know that I am writing you because you don't know the truth I'm writing to you because you deal was John trying to avoid simple and argument a yelling match it would go something like this these guys are saying Jesus really was an annual income in the flesh because I now know he didn't put in the wrong they washed and washed up now they're washed to build their watch that what's is going to be the congregation was as when it is facility in this letter is my increase and decrease hostility increased hostility it is now down to basically what they say versus what I say they say that Jesus came in the flesh among other things I say no he didn't he was a spirit in spirit as good as your income in Flushing was an illusion it was illusory as a busy at night in District nine and designated Mister Johnson did John Roney said the union another teacher you need a man to teach because you been anointed God himself by his spirit is already taught you check this out all things you know everything you need to know about salvation okay so that as I watch this chapter three verse twenty four whoever keeps his commandments abides in God and on and him and by this we know it he abides in us by the spirit whom he has given us question according to that verse how do I know what kind of the believers in Ephesus no that they abide in God or to put in more modern terms that they were in a relationship with God good guests very good yes great sedan is just look at the text by his spirit is what Jesus commanded surviving on a nonindustrial that is true but literally says and by this we know that he abides in us by spirit to me has given us as chapter four verse thirteen by this we know that we abide in him and he asked because he has given us of his wife and spirit so according to John you need another human teacher because you already know all things and according to John how do you know all things by his spirit his spirit by his Spirit see if you can complete this passage for me here Jesus is speaking to his disciples and he says to his disciples saying guys people think I am some say your John the Baptist some say your ally design Seo one of the prophets you think I you are the Christ the other rest is the son of the living God the light of Christ the son of the living God Jesus says was blessed are you Simon bar Jonah for flesh and blood and regularity of my father which is in heaven in other words no man can't even a man didn't teach you that God taught you are you with me SNL silicon sealant is brilliant absolutely brilliant under the power of the Spirit rather than getting into an argument is that we didn't John does your union human teacher you already know you already what sort of this work is coming by this we know by this we know by this we know by this we know by this we know you know what's fascinating when you go reverse John John uses the word no more than any other book in the entire New Testament now allows you want to tell me how many chapters there are in first John begins by five judges read Matthew twenty eight Mark sixteen Luke twenty four John twenty one acts twenty eleven out to think about that twenty eight twenty four sixteen and here is Thursday on and in five chapters uses this word we know we know we know when we know that Jesus is the Christ we know that we have eternal life we know that we continue to believe that we will receive I haven't we know that we have the petitions that we ask of him we know we know we know we know we know we know we know me know you know you know you know you know question according to John how does John know that they know and price now when I introduced you a call the Taco Bell test is does anyone here want to admit that they actually even Taco Bell sign off on we can still be friends like it's okay you know you just missed whenever anything for you but I need to talk about design totally completely grossed out by but occasionally when you're in a pickle I do not like McDonald's or talk about you know that's a tough him out now I'm not vegetarian vegetarian I went to Norway once and is willing to passing the people get asking if I was a week as I argue a week and is not announcing away saying means you and him I'm from the states is okay and that obligation is late enough to me and I remember very clearly observed that I was standing and exactly what I was I just got some food and I think I like cheese on my plate in a heaven for bid and she she looked at me and she said are you would you carry him to weaken because I'm the only weakened and mileage is on a weekend is of the all know I'm a weekend planning on all the time I'm a wee Danish Minelli mostly we soaked so that's why we do talk about because they keep all that stuff so close together you know what the need is right back in the picture knows and is is yucky and occasionally got a do it me is occasionally uninterrupted border only in the case of absolute necessity now here's the thing that finally doing of those places because I look back I can look back at the wine and I just like the underside grossed out again picking handlers like to drive through finally so I go through my what a contrast of rain because it kind hides everything is not seriously think I'm getting is unlikely I'll take the contracts of rain no means until the sound systems of terrible on these things that I like you remember reading him know me I'm a vegetarian now means I can be one no one you know me as I'm nervous young finally they get it in your border is so weird every of what are they getting enough to get out there and he handed his bag to know and like this it's hard for me because every ounce of my being wants to ensure right with me like open it with Conrad the contract would look to see if there's a bunch of these in their right but I don't I don't do that I just hate makes Manteno meet the week okay for the tag my car I drive off right with me I drive off I don't check because I trust this I have accepted his testimony right with me as soon as except that we do this all the time we always are accepting what other people tell us we accept the testimony but for several Hamid and I think that that book I told you now the places in which we might be able to drink yet but how can you even writing about that book before I came in so why do you think of the global dream is because I said so Mark Twain one-time said that ninety nine percent of what men believe except on the authority of another person so we accept the testimony that we do this all the time you know the ladies exactly think of this evening does this work can enter girlfriends alike on the lookout of fat and happy to see what where individually rightly believe anything all okay while the change that for you guys that elected what you think you like this at work you know like I sort of look like I don't care what else I don't care okay not unlawfully looks like you care and again redo it whatever social worker constantly gauging where were at because of other people hate what he simply thinks Littlejohn says he's closing his epistle insufficiency who came by water and blood as a reference and bloody he talked about the pregnancy and birth amidst suffering I've been there seen and it's it's messy and so he say hey this is you and him I wanted one as I was actually born he was a rejection it wasn't a project does realize this is you can I want to let Jesus Christ the one only the water in the blood and the spirit is the one who testify to specify and because the Spirit is the truth but I freely testify the spirit of the water and the blood in history and greeted me receive the testimony of men this is what I call Taco Bell test when you will we believe the people are telling us the truth all the time many of you many of us believe we make our lives affected people telling us the truth because there's a car coming very quickly and it has its right turn signal on and were getting ready to try to the same route and we see that turn signal and we turn out to we assumed that by selling us the truth he's going to take a right we accept his testimony but people die people die it happens when they go to take a right receivers are coming in quickly with a gauze dressing like a slowdown they turn out they'll realize I had no intentions of drinking anyway others are sing-alongs he smashes any good I people except the testimony of men all the time chances if we receive the testimony of men we believe the mentalist the testimony of God is greater for this is the testimony but I am honest of the testimony of testimony data entry additionally the preacher this is the testimony of God that he is born concerning his life whoever believes in the son of God has the testimony where our beloved I say those words can change your life whoever believes the testimony of God has put at least innocent about has the testimony in himself whoever does not believe God is made because he does not believe a testimony that God is going concerning his son eleven I want you to follow what John is saying is a stroke of absolute brilliance he is saying you know you know you know you know you know you know by his spirit by his Spirit in fact I'm not writing this to you because you don't know the truth I'm writing you because you know the truth and be a man coming to Japan in fact you know all things you don't need these people to come in on the slide announced as soon as new information secret information about what's really going on behind the scenes Johnson's don't believe it for a minute and you don't need me to teach you this because God 's self has taught you that you are his son you are his daughter and he is your dad I know believing what causes not from a chapter in verses fifteen to sixteenth for you do not receive the Spirit 's the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear but you have received the Spirit of adoption A- and adopt adopted never met my dad never met my biological dad he was young eighteen follows some of the initial rating in one eight is wanted my mom wanted a decaying he was on never met I've never met him but I haven't been however the initial Internet my dad I was adopted I was adopted in fact I was adopted twice at the University mysteriously reformatted here but you ever seen the spirit of adoption as sons by whom we cry on the father does anyone know the word on your needs it's like my sense to me now it's like it's it's a term of endearment colloquialisms it's beautiful but it is the Spirit himself bears witness to that sounds just like Jim the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God because I do for you God sent forth the Spirit in your heart and God spirit resonates with your spirit in that moment and that supernatural moment you need a human teacher Unita Marcellino needed if you are needed and actually you don't need anybody you need any of you know because God has told you you are my son you are my daughter now do we need human teachers health help us understand God 's word better note no question John would deny that but when it comes to knowing God as your father as you honestly that I is spirit I don't deny that is the moment you deny that you've made on a wire to accept the testimony of men why not leave the testimony of John was riding to church in Ephesus it was something with think we know what's really going on others think what was really going on to know what was really going on note Johnson and that you don't need a man you don't need the arguments of men to persuade you one way or the other because God himself has already revealed himself to buy his spirit and you know all things you know all things you know all things are not writing to you because you don't know the truth to try and persuade I'm writing to you because you know the truth eleven watches Italy this there is evidence that is open to everyone there is evidence of his open all the most highly educated and most illiterate in other words everyone gets the great scholar in the academic institutions of the world the grand academic institutions in the world this is what speaks to them and this is what speaks to the people that Jessica 's ministry everybody between the most highly educated in the most illiterate is the evidence of experience the evidence of what God invites us to prove for who you are listening very carefully you cannot prove the existence of God to anyone else to their satisfaction if they don't want to believe it is not possible you can't prove to someone else to their satisfaction and there is a God but you know what you can do you can prove for yourself that there is a God because you know his spirit essence and presented your life and his spirit resonates with your spirit you know I know for fact you could no more convince me that there is not a God then you can say that is not a me I know there's a guy that he's any person persuade me all the new argument all the new evidence I'll give you apologetic evidence is to try and persuade even if it didn't and you say I'm not persuaded by argumentation that that's just because I can't persuade you I cannot prove to you I cannot prove to your satisfaction that there's a God but I can prove my own satisfaction that is a God and I know this is because I'm experiencing I have a relationship with his God so many amazing serendipitous are some events that happen in my life and people I think able to play like that you know you have a God moments those moments I call when God winks when God is looking on here I gotcha I'm with you so Johnson he remains teaching the evidence of experience invites us to prove ourselves the reality of his word the truth of his promises he does this taste and see that the Lord is good etc. depending on the word of another weird taste for ourselves as we draw near Jesus rejoiced in the fullness of his love our doubt and darkness will disappear in the light of his presence and everyone was passion death and life is able to set the ceiling on a string otherwise everyone is happy conversion expresses it in Elizabeth it's not possible for the lead on what God is done in my life he can testify I needed help and I found it in Jesus and when you testify that you needed help economy Jesus is on if I needed help and I found it in Jesus everyone was applied to hunger and my soul is satisfied and how the Bible is the revelation of Jesus Christ I love what you're brilliant here Jesus the last one I believe in Jesus there is some long apologetic argument she doesn't go to some great syllogistic evidence she says the last one leaving is because used to be a divine Savior dealer flatly been going to the archaeological geological and scientific and historical evidence for the Bible Jesus and because I found it to be the voice of God myself by speaking to me a very good the place in my tears on his knee my ears and my heart we may have the witness working on the witness everyone that sounds like what John says that sounds like what Paul says you have the witnessing your staff we may have the witness ourselves that the Bible is true that Christ is the son of God we know that we are not followed cunningly devised fables we know that we are not followed children's bedtime stories God is alive God is real God is just waiting to be experienced many of us in sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen whatever he or they someday our colleges and universities are lyrics with young people who don't know the basics of what you are then taught to think that God is the conclusion of a bunch of doctrinal statements about they think that God is the sum total of the truth of the statement at the sanctuary the spirit of prophecy the soon second comings and that God is an idea I think that God is a concept that even God is through some sort of velocity as a person waiting to be experienced in our young people eliminate them there are universities in a R Academy 's young people could the sum total of their information about the sum total of their knowledge their data about God is what their parents told them with their pastor told him when David Asher told what Doug Batchelor told them what the status will quarterly told and eleven all of that is fine and good and it has its proper place but the way that you know God for yourself is by spirit when he reveals himself to you in a communicable and wonderful and unmistakable way you are God 's daughter and you know it you are God 's son you know this aside I say to you what John said in Ephesus a many years ago I'm not preaching to my because you don't know the truth appreciated and I because you do know you know you know you know for many of you God is like Afghanistan dry and dusty and dangerous in a white gauze that way because you've never experienced if we could put you on a plaintiff could take a pool of money right now put you on a plane and send you over to Afghanistan churned the heart and the same is not poverty that you would need people Realty and we taste food real food you have a real experience and we recently come back and tell us what it was about reset Word Association Afghanistan you wouldn't say heroin opium poverty all you doesn't listen to be the recently type of the foods they did the strangest thing about it will be telling us that just because you've been living God wants you to be in a relationship with him so that you know in just about leftist ideas I just talked about knowing God and Jesus say something like and this is life eternal that they might know the was the same John by the way the rubble even starting tonight that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ and thou has sent the skeptics will debate the academicians will this is very fundamentally you cannot take from a simple trusting Saint the self revelation of God by God to a person who is willing to experience God let us not only do invite you to experience God not just to know him as a concept or an idea or the sum total of a bunch of doctrines that you think you can reside in a make sure that his beloved to know God is to be in a relationship with a person who loves you who made you question this final last radical fault with you don't think of your happiness and gauze happiness as two separate things God made you to be happy God made you to experience pleasure God made you to experience joy at his right hand are pleasures for evermore stop thinking that God 's plan for your life and your plan for your life are two different things that one involves happiness and one involves drudgery thoughts happiness in your happiness are synonymous make an appeal for those of you who want to know God to begin to make that staff of not just knowing where first Peter chapter three verse nine is not just knowing what happens when you die but to know your maker to know your friend and to know your king to someone here's not it needs to make that decision make the decision to come in knowing not just about is that you need feel the spirit of God speaking you cannot want to invite you to come forward and pray with me and I know God tonight Uganda this is the appropriate time the spirit of God spoken your heart you make them very specific decision just come when the front lines of the local hobby I come right up to the anything you want to make a decision to know God to know him to know him whom to know is life eternal by the way if you want to do good which will talk about tomorrow you first have to know him who alone is good how are we ever going to get our definition of good remember there is generally came to Jesus ascended master and uses it will slow down is only one as good as gone he wanted to I wanted to God wants you to I love Jessica 's testimonies I spoke to my heart she's doing good but she does good because she knows him who alone is good are you with me though that's what God needs God needs us to know in okay he needs to know you so put your arm around somebody there is a symbol that that God 's arms around us are in this together and I want to just stop for a father in heaven tonight we'd be feeling John we feel like him who said behold what manner of love the father bestowed upon us we should be called sons and daughters of God the father were we to know what to say what is beholding your God you were good you made us even have to you were not under compulsion to make us this patient unless one analysis the one I want to be centered around you funny one our happiness in your happiness to be the same thing father to come forward some half because they want to know you this is a decision-making cannot it doesn't even those that haven't come forward are making this decision but father those of us would come right now we we had felt the message to not spirit speak to us father we want to know you want to know who you are one of experiencing father the Psalmist told us to taste and see we want to do their teachers had a taste father we want to ask your forgiveness or we've been satisfied with ideas and teachings and doctrines and words all of which are finding good oh Lord and you know they have a place Jesus was after all the written word the living word father those words all point to a person 's teachings all point to a person if you and your son and your spirit the father tonight we come to know you would come to know him to know his life eternal father please send forth your spirit shook promised Romans eight fifteen and sixteen cents with your spirit into our hearts but your spirit made their witness with our spirit that every one of us here tonight they know in some intuitive amazing supernatural sense that we are the sons and daughters of God the father would take that knowledge and that experience and may we carry with us wherever we go and the others around us hallelujah you see we've been with Jesus we know in the eleven were experiencing him following one hundred argues one hundred evidence but most of all we want to live to be an argument to the evidence for you and for your goodness we live in a secular degenerate sensual phrasing world fundamentalist lights because we're like the biggest moons reflecting the light of Christ to a darkened dying world the father think of that song Lord I want to know you more deep within my heart I want to know about it's not our desire please sealed these decisions by your lighting powerful seemingly is in or around a reunion with my audio prayer oriented are having Raymond learn hour and I cried and he will not identify the word there are online newsroom in the mirror www. my favorite is not a


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