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Tips or Tithe?

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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But it unloaded really. Was a slow burning again end she really really hope it was Bijelo polo. Jesus's. Let's says the boys the promise of. Riding in the wilderness of these modern day. Again. This is. From our Boyce a prophecy studios in Los Angeles California we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration. With the king's Harold. And H.M.S. Richards the voice of promise he speak. As the. Oh the oldest. The oldest. As. Soon. As moon repeated joy over it is read all over. It's clear. You feel worse than end it hollow but still Milosevic verbal open a. Was wounded a little through the. Through it all over the logo wound in a. Lotus read your load it's really a good job it's give you. Oh. Oh I'm a written all over. Our Father in heaven. We thank the for the mercies to us we thank you for life we thank you for a new day a new week. Bless all of us we pray to and help us to be faithful to the pain. And return to the our loyalty and the support of my work. In Jesus Name. Big news up there it's all over quoting. As new you move up oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh. Oh oh. Oh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh players were soon. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh of goat of. Last. Sent from the heart God. Who want us to be pointing. To the heart. Of nowhere. Nowhere they both up oh. Look good. Mold me there and Mary. Oh I'm where it. Oh no nowhere oh oh lord my believe. It we. Do. Groceries for. I. Go home. Joyce. Cries. Oh I want. To go home. And we're ends of the wrong. A little. I know I'm saying because we are too. Little of it is a rare. I never. Cried. Oh I. Never was. Was. Was. Was. Here now is eight generals Richards the voice of prophecy speaker who will discuss tips or TIDE a writer in the Baptist watchman examiner says that one day he was the dinner guest of a certain well to do man at a high class hotel the waiters were very efficient The food was good when the meal was finished the waiter brought the check to the host who examined it around a bit said nothing and he wrote to depart says the writer in telling of the incident I observed that he laid some koans at the edge of the plate so I did not see what denomination they were the waiter stood nearby and smiled happily which of course can be interpreted at the tip was satisfactory. We're all familiar with this custom of tipping it's a sort of parable of truth as we think about it we wonder how many thousands or millions of coins are used as tips throughout our nation in the world the standard tip is about ten percent of the amount of the check at least it wasn't a few years ago now is somewhat higher we may compare tips with time then when we do we are compelled to admit that thousands of people who go to church do not treat God as well as they do the waiter or waitress who serves them they give the waiter the time there are ten percent but they give God just whatever they think will get by. Why is this do they fear the waiter more than they fear God or do they love God less than they love the waiter do we give God the tide of our income or do we give him only get to it now and then. Are we more careful in our tipping and we are in our tithing I'm speaking now especially to every Christian every church member within the sound of my voice no matter what your church affiliation maybe do you recognize God is the ruler of this world do you recognize that you owe him everything the cattle upon a thousand hills or he is some fifty very Stan the whole earth is he is he made it every ton of coal every gallon of the trolldom every ounce of uranium every drop of water going over the falls every breath of air all he is and we are and he is not only by creation but by redemption God has created a human race God as we deem them for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have them lasting life the work of God cannot be carried on successfully in this world without reasonable regular financial support that tithing plan is explained in Leviticus the twenty seven Chapter one tenth of the increase or profit belongs to God he has reserved that for the carrying on of his work and anciently the tide was used for the support of those administered about holy things in the temple and as we read in numbers the eighteenth chapter of the Bible says and we read it here in the New Testament that this timing plan has been ordained for the support of the gospel ministry let us read it in first Corinthians nine thirteen do you not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple and they which way to the altar are particulars with the altar even so that is in the same way have the Lord ordained that they which preach the Gospel should live of the gospel. He was successful in the Old Testament days it's a good plan and recommended here by the Apostle Paul. Our Lord Jesus Christ. Endorse the tithing plan here his words in Matthew twenty three twenty three speaking to the religious leaders obvious dime well one to you for you pay tithes of men and Anisim come and have a method the way here matters of the law judgment Marci and faith these ought you to have done and not to leave the other undone these men were very careful in tithing even the lesser things of the herbs of their gardens but the emitted other matters you just said they should have done both they should have been careful about their tithing they should not have a minute to wait here in matters of judgment Marci and faith is there a danger that we might be making a similar mistake remember this there is sometimes a lack of God's blessing upon us. Upon our money and prosperity when God is not honored in a bait in financial affairs we read in Malakai three eight well a man rob God That's quite a startling question isn't it. Yet you have robbed me he says but you say wherein have we robbed me in time that offerings your cursed with a curse where you have robbed me even this whole nation and it's a fact almost every nation is a nation of robbers as far as God's tithe is concerning how can we receive all the blessings of God Help Us every heart beat the blue sky the breathable air in spite of the contents of our modern civilization. Food clothing friendship and the hope of heaven and not return to God that which is he is we receive the use of our faculties our reason we plan work carry on our business yet we forget God so completely We have nothing for you service God promises to bless those who are faithful in their payment of the time I read on and Malakai three ten bring He all the time as into the storehouse that there may be a meeting. Mine house and prove me now here with South a lot of hosts if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke to devour it for your sakes and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground neither shall your vine cast or fruit before the time in the field set the LORD of hosts friends why not try it God says Prove me now here with ancient lay the time I was paid in the form of a grain or other produce for the field in the flock it was brought into the tabernacle and later into the temple where there were special rooms or trays or a sort of storage it was used for the purpose appointed by God the maintenance of the teaching ministry of his special servants the priests and Levites in a Christian church God has his treasury his storehouse officers are selected by his people to be in charge of the financial arrangements and responsibilities of his work even the church treasurer has no choice no option as Carlisle be Haynes reminds us in his book The Legion of the tent regarding the use of the time this is money which belongs to God it must be used in God's way. He declares that the tide is holy just as the Sabbath day is holy and set apart from all other days so the tide is set apart from all other money it is different because it is holy It belongs to God. It is to be used for the promotion of God's work in the way of. God promises a blessing to all who are faithful in tithes paying prove me now here with the saying is why not try it why not try him. Years ago Albert A hide who became one of the wealthiest men in Wichita Kansas found himself out of money on fifty thousand dollars in debt. As he started a new business he opened his Bible to the twenty eighth chapter of Genesis and drew a ring around a twenty second verse of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth time to the. Doctor who Mr Hyde had known for some time had given him a prescription for anointment which he had been using in his private practice and suggested that it might be put on the market as a commercial commodity that alignment was nothing more nor less than mentholatum which is now sold everywhere Mr Hyde kept his promise and his giving has been very much in excess of the tent or time he contributed largely to the Y.M.C.A. and his own city he supported a missionary steamboat in Africa three missionaries in China one in Japan one in India and seven in the United States besides many private charities which few besides Mr Hyde himself knew anything about almost everybody has heard of the experience of William Colgate as a boy of sixteen he had to leave home to make a living as he trotted along the towpath of the old canal boat days the captain of one of the boats who knew him well stopped him and asked Where are you going William I don't know but I must make a living for myself there's no trouble about that Be sure you start right and you'll get along all right William told his friend of the only trade he knew anything about was so making and candle making Well so the old gentleman let me pray for you once more and then I would give you some advice they knelt down by the towpath of the canal and prayed then the captain said someone will soon be the leading salt maker in New York it can be you as well as anyone and I hope it may be be a good man and give your heart to Christ make an honest soap and give a full pound you have a lot all that belongs to him out of every dollar you earn and I am certain you will yet be a prosperous and rich man and so it turned out that alone. Live boy began in a small way in New York City the first dollar he earned brought up this very question what is God's part he read in the bible of the ancient Israelites were to give one tenth to God So he did ten cents of every dollar was taken to the Lord as his business began to grow he instructed his bookkeeper to open an account for God into place one tenth of all his profit in that account later he gave the Lord two tents and prospered more than ever then he gave three pence then four then five William called Gate gave millions to the Cause of God and left a name that will never die Jesus said freely you have received freely give Matthew ten very state. Some of us are much like United States senator vitamins sharecropper in the way we treat the law. It is said that he once rented a plot of several acres to one of his neighbors the land was to be planted in corn in the senator then an X. governor was to receive one fourth of the crop in due time a corn was harvested but the senator did not see any wagon pull up to his corn crib in fact he received nothing and meeting the sharecropper one day he said look here's ham and you harvested your corn Yes sir long ago well was nigh to get a fourth yes sir and did you were but there wasn't any Fourth there only three loads and they were mine. Doesn't that illustrate the way some of us treat God. We say there isn't any tent there are only nine tents and I use that. I wants bad times the man who insisted on keeping his wallet in his pocket when he went down to the water he said I want my pocketbook baptized too. And that's a good sign old Captain Webb one of John Wesley's preachers was in the habit of asking concerning every rich man who was converted is his person. Did that agrees with the conviction of Dr Adam Clarke the great commentator who used to say that he didn't believe in a religion that cost a man nothing. It was Jesus himself who said it is more blessing to give than to receive Acts twenty verse thirty five. Jesus has given everything for us even his precious life on Calvary's cross Have we no appreciation. Is there no response in our hearts again the question comes will a man rob God there are some people of course who say well I can't be a Christian. And do that way can I be a Christian without giving without sacrificing there was a seat on the cross he didn't give anything to the church one minister and I can't meeting up in the northern part. Of. The United States spoke on the subject of Christian giving him sacrifice he later met a man on the campground and asked him if he was a member of the charts No he said the dying thief never united the church he was saved Did you ever sit at a large table and take communion know the dying thief never did and he was accepted and he never given any of your money formations know the dying thief never did and he was not judged for it why should I give anything why should I pay tied to God the dying thief didn't have to and he was saved well my friend the minister said there is a difference between you and the dying sea and that difference seems to be that he was a dying thief and you are a living one. And so the question comes to each of us are we robbing God What about your charity is it adequately supported is your pastor continually compelled to carry on campaigns to raise money to keep the work of God going should he not rather be able to give his entire time to gospel work to which he was ordained. Of all the Christians in the land were converted on a matter of money and should become tithers giving to God his own in the tide as well as free will offerings the cause of Christ. Go much more rapidly in this old world and spiritual blessings will be poured out upon the givers so I urge upon every hear or support your church in God's way and you will receive God's blessing. Let us think on this subject and read what the Bible has to say about it and remember that this applies to. All of us not merely to those who are wealthy every one of us needs to sacrifice for God and all we need we need to give God what belongs to him too we do not give the ties we pay that we give our offerings. Let us look into our own hearts and see if there isn't a well of gratitude which flows out toward God. Let us begin to count our blessings and I believe we will decide as did God's servant of old that a moment God gives us we will return the tenth time to him so we say in the words of the old hymn. Johnson Oatman count your blessings name them one by one count your blessings see what God has done. In the first below them is followed when you load is. Los. Lobos. And it will salute runners who will obey the clothed will assume them do on Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa close your players seem moving them all over. There seems to be won't close. The. So. Will the. Do not be discourteous go it is all over. Countering mini lunacy really. Lowton then come forward give use moods an easy. Closure a blessing in even the endless own county area where so usually you must have the end currently of their sleeves and then live in Los. Lobos was on the contrary many people Airstreams theory would go F. the. This is all of a live or so nurturing you to join us in this great radio mission of faith by inviting some friend or neighbor to tune in next week remember also that we appreciate your prayers may the Lord richly bless you as you continue to look up going forward in faith and now here with a final word for you is H.M.S. Richards a Seventh Day Adventist minister. Have faith in God All our life is about alone with faith in God still reaping where we have sown have faith in God and returned to him in his own kind of faith dear friend in God. We trust you've enjoyed this broadcast today and we invite you to join us again next week same time same station and for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy. And I always say to one and all. The Lord blessed me and keep. The Lord make his face shine upon the and be gracious on to me the Lord lift up his countenance upon duty and give me peace.


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