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Don't Look Now

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee - King's Heralds

When I Look in His Face - King's Heralds

My Heart Oveflows - Del Delker

There's Life in a Look - King's Heralds


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Lift up the drum bit and let the limited reading do it is one of those there's no meaning in a good end to your low P. pill dreams Bijelo to pull over and see you. Jesus is coming or going to end. This is the body some promises. Loyce crying in the wilderness at least modern day. Prepare you the way of the lone clothing the carrion calling me your dish and uselessness clothed me being a good end and. From our voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration music with the Kings Harold Bell Bilker and Brian Brayley the voice of prophecy speaker is H.M.S. Richard. The quartet opens this program with a coronal by J.S. Bach expressing praise to God. Now at every tongue the door of. The living. Clothes heavey lead it men did they change it will soon be here FOLO Heat lead Lopes good and loads of you who. All over here do quote you know. And we believe. They are Spirit flow. LODHI a los weird danger ers run all over a three hole in the load nolo C.C. No Molitor. Good solo slow stoop therefore waited solo had all OSA or were slow to slow the heat for a race who gloat bordello who more or. Who. Our Heavenly Father we seek. In prayer. Bless every listener especially those who are troubled to those who have the great problems of soul and mind and strength and guide each one today. In Christ's name. And their leaves of lead a sign of quote a land where is Newt food all over. Come. Players were soon Kyin out mold. Just. Thought Oh a lot of. Old Geezers blessed Redeemer. Sent from one part of God. Told us to boldly forth. To the heart. Of God. Told. There. May be. Still his footprints so plainly you can crib areas and the. Los. When I look in my ears there yours. When it looking here is fear Spears woven little fairies big hairy men there'd be true to. Your use all owed ships old earth will see the. Order looking very fierce where various. Soul I keep my wrist big store on T.V.. While I'm running lines weary some rare days I don't forget. Where oh it's really no no good. What a load of you and my own peers really viewers here's. The use fear to steer. You in a fairly beautiful Opal a weary it's all over lunch it's all over. The. Wire Luke you leave use a leaf various. And now dildo your ark and trying to solo steps to the microphone sing an expression of gratitude in praying. My heart overflowed. Mind. The Those who wouldn't. Leave. Mine was. I was. Told. The was. Really. It. Was. My come to the. There's Manny. Here now is H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker who warns don't look now. There's a certain species of caterpillars called a procession of caterpillars they walk in a long line each following closely the one in front of him the great French naturalist my father once saw some of these caterpillars marching around the molding of a large stone vase and his garden. He found a few more of them and filled in the gap between the head in the tail of the procession and then watch to see what would happen they procession went on each Caterpillar following his neighbor in front of him they walked around and around that they used for a whole week covering a distance of nearly a. Dozen dead illustrate the habits of. Many people they keep looking at others and doing just what they do think of it following somebody else keeping their eyes glued on him with no thought of the rightness or wrongness of what they are doing. Or where they are going or the consequences of it just looking at somebody else and following his example. It would be better to be blind to some people and to some things. But it would be better still far eyes to be fixed on the final goal of eternal things rather than on the things of today. Well may we say Don't Look Now look at something beyond. Does not the holy Apostle advise us to lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily be starters and run with patience the race that is set before us. Looking under Jesus the author and finisher of our faith Hebrews twelve one and two. When we see him there are many other things we will not see again much to our advantage. In Isaiah the forty second chapter and the ninth verse. There is a prophecy of Jesus himself he is our example listen to this. Who is blind but my servant or deaf as my messenger that I sent who is blind as he that is perfect and blind as a large servant. If we follow Christ's example we too shall be blinded to many things not looking at the outward appearance not judging after the sight of the Ids nor deciding after the hearing of the years. Leaven verse three we may of course see with the outward eyes but we should. I'll be blind to all but God in his doings his will his word his commandments we might call this a blessed and blindness. For we read of this in Isaiah thirty three fifteen he that stop with these ears and shut his eyes from seeing evil eye and I shall see the king in his beauty. We shall never see Christ in all his beauty and all his glory. And in all the beauty of this character unless we stop looking at some other things. The Bible says that by beholding we become changed you read those words and second print into a third chapter in the eighteenth verse we become like the things that we continually see and look upon and contemplate. S.D. garden writes that when his brother who had been gone for quite a while returned home he said to him as they were walking down the street together one day. You have been going with Denning a great deal lately haven't you Denning was a mutual friend of theirs. How did you know. You walk just like you replied the brother that was a fact but he did not know that the two had been walking home together from the. Y.M.C.A. three or four nights a week and unconsciously young garden had grown to imitate his friend in his Be Cool your way of walking. We are influence for good or for bad by the example of others often especially those in whom we are interested the ones to whom we look the ones we see a good deal. And know well. Children look to their parents for instance they with them they look at them they watch them they unconsciously imitate and they're apt to follow them. They do what they see their parents do. They. Shows the importance of a good example in parenthood it may be that parents are largely to blame for some of the troubles we have. Among the youth of the world today. In one of his addresses on Abraham Lincoln Norman Hapgood the editor said that Lincoln was once talking to an alcoholic man of middle age who was be wailing the fact that his seventeen year old son had taken up drinking. Well there's just one way said Lennon just one way to bring up a child in a way he should go that is to travel that way yourself. There's the idea don't look continually approvingly with interest with love with desire upon that which is wrong. Or the danger that by so doing you too will become wrong. Don't Look Now shut your eyes figurative The speaking to some things look at other things do not keep looking at things that God has forbidden. Remember what happened to Eve's the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the I use and she took it and did eat that's the story of Genesis we read it in the third chapter six verses she kept looking at something. Until she thought it was just what she wanted yes she kept looking until there was desire then decision then sin and death she disobey God because she looked in the wrong direction and in the wrong way. Don't look at the difficulties in the way of obedience to God and. Step out by faith remember the experience of the Apostle Peter. Of him the Scripture says and we are reading Matthew fourteen twenty nine he walked on the water and when he saw the way of the boisterous he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried saying Lord save me. Probably the shortest prayer in Scripture. Instead of looking at Jesus he began to look at the waves at the danger at the trouble. Don't look now would have been good advice to him as long as the Apostle kept his eyes on Jesus he was safe but when he looked at the boisterous waves fear filled his heart face fled and he began to think. What a lesson for us we are not to look around at the fearful circumstances at the threats of enemies don't look now at these things keep your eyes upon Christ he will uphold you he will keep you he is faithful here is the promise of God whom I have taken hold of fear that I will not for I am with the look not around they be not dismayed for I am going to God I will strengthen the yea I will help the yea I will uphold as they are forty one. True faith is believing in God believing God's word and in that way seeing things as accomplished before they are so in reality someone has said that Columbus practically discovered America before he left Spain so true as this that he was not surprised when he saw the western continent indeed he would have been surprised that he not found it faith is xpect MC So don't look at the stormy sea the difficulties of the dangers don't look at someone else's circumstances when you're having a hard time and they're having it easy for I was envious when I saw the prosper. Thirty of the wicked says David until I went into the sanctuary of God then I understood. Then I understood seventy three three David says in this Psalm that his feet almost slipped he almost lost his faith and he saw the prosperity of wicked man it was only in the light of God's sanctuary where we see the great plan of salvation and that man of salvation Jesus and the judgment of the wicked at last that he was able to see things as they really were as they are don't look now at other people's good fortune and your own trouble remember whom the Lord love us he chased him with Hebrews twelve six that's a good course to memorize whom the Lord loves us he chastening don't look at the lions in the den don't look at the fiery furnace don't look at the mob with their stones ready to destroy you don't look at the vast distances to the mission fields don't look at the small paycheck in Earth's money don't look at these things look at the Word of God Look to Jesus for it is written they look down to him men were lightened and their faces were not ashamed thirty four five if we got our eyes fastened on our problems instead of on our Savior we shall come to grief there was Saul king of Israel popular handsome able but he made one of the most colossal failures the Bible records we read about it in the thirteenth chapter First Samuel his words to the prophet where the because I saw that the people were scattered from me let's all came as not therefore said I The Philistines will come down now upon me then he goes on to tell how he broke with God's plan I did this and that he made a wrong decision and he knew it was wrong he did. Because he said I saw I saw I saw all why did he keep looking in the wrong direction looking at the consequences of not looking at God's word and promise in every time of crisis we should be tempted in the same way it was on the stormy sea when the disciples had given up hope were fighting the raging tempest the Jesus came to them in the fourth watch of the night. Jesus comes to us with His help and blessing in the time of our greatest need our darkest night even the prophet Elijah looked on the wrong direction. Right after one of the greatest blessings in victory that ever came to him a reaction set in the glory in victory of Mount Carmel taken place only the day before after an all night rain so cold hungry discouraged the Prophet SAW A messenger coming from jazz a veil his enemy and this is the message he brought from the Queen so let the gods do to me and more also if I make not by life as the life of one of them that is the prophets who had been killed the day before and when he saw that he arose and went for his life for things nineteen he saw the danger the hatred in the face of jazz a male he saw what would happen to him so he ran for his life he did not look to God He looked instead to his enemy a wonder he fled any a time in our own experiences if we will look to God instead of our troubles and fears we shall be able to stand still and see the salvation of gun Exodus fourteen thirteen remember seeing is believing and he things past before the eyes of Jesus which would have discouraged him had he looked at them alone sickness sorrow the death of men the hatred of these enemies revealed in their faces and their actions but with the eye of faith he saw behind everything Apollo are in hand of God He said my father work with the other two and I work on five seventeen Jesus is our example he is our Savior he is the light. Where. In the ancient wilderness of those who look to the brazen circum to where healed from the bite of the fiery serpent so he used to those who look today on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith it is to them that salvation comes Don't look now at the discouraging the sinful the fearful. But look up to him to Jesus and go forward in faith for truly friends there's a new life you know look. If you look at this. It's really it's there is just. Below the. Logos layer you. Look at. You. You. You know a little over. A little bit. Closer. You know. In a moment H.M.S. Richards a Seventh Day Adventist minister will return with the final word for you and now this is over live or some reminding you that God's care is over all so let us keep looking up ever going forward in faith. Radio friends. More things are run by prayer. And this world dream self. The voice of prophecy workers at headquarters pray every morning before they go to work in a special prayer period. And then every Thursday morning we all meet at eight o'clock. For special prayer we call it our worldwide prayer circle because at this time people all around the world join us in prayer. We are inviting you to hear us now to become a part of our worldwide prayer circle. That means that every Thursday preferably in the morning you will pray first for yourself your problems your home then your friends and those who listen to the voice of prophecy pray for the thousands or millions who were contacted by. Radio bringing the gospel and the message of Christ to the world so please pray with us and for us. Have faith in God. Is love incarnate do. Have faith in God forbear forget and forgive. Have faith in God and look. And. Have faith dear friend. In God. We trust this program has brought help to you today and tell others about it and listen again next week for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy. The Lord bless thee and keep the. Lord make his face shine upon the and be gracious unto the Lord lift up his countenance upon and give you thirty pieces. And. Your.


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