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1. The Unity of God and The Holy Spirit

Glyn Parfitt
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Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. (Psalm 147: 5) 

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: (Matt. 28: 19)



  • November 28, 2016
    7:00 PM


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There is no subject more profound or some. Than the subject of God. And. What should be our attitude as we approach just study. Now attitude that humility I'm sure is appropriate in a study like this but I think in our attitude to God and in our attitude to one another. Micah six I got town. What death the Lord require the but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God. And we are told in Philippians two three in loneliness of mine led H. esteem other better than themselves. Upright that nothing that I say to not will give the impression that others might not understand the matter that or than I do. Or I can do is to present the facts as I see them and they the best to your judgment guided by the Holy Spirit. The first thing we need to realize is that God is infinitely beyond our understanding. As you would know there are many scriptures which plainly teach that we cannot completely understand God we have finite and he is infinite we must how many sit in the seat of the learner. Great is our order of great pat his understanding is infinite it says in some one forty seven verse. Because God's ways are so infinitely beyond us our only safety is to remind within the boundaries of revealed knowledge and not speculate about things that are not being revealed are. You telling your enemy this. Sacred things belong on to the Lord our God but those things which are revealed they long on to us and to our children forever. Now thankful we should be assessing before that God has seen fit to reveal anything about himself. It is important also when considering matters such as these to judge everything on the white of evidence L M I put it this way God does not propose to remove all occasions for unbelief he gives evidence which must be carefully investigated with a humble mind and a teachable spirit and or should just side from what the white of evidence. We must be patient with one another and patient with God but there will be some pieces of evidence for each side of a particular question we have to make the effort to weigh the evidence and have the courage to make a decision based on the white of that evidence. I do not have time to give you all the evidence tonight or during this weekend of try to do that in my book which many of you no doubt have. Since writing my book on the Trinity I've been led to write a book on Islam of course that Islam or Christianity way lies the truth. In preparing this book it is dawned on me that the mine argument that Muslims have against Christianity is that I believe in One God and we believe in three or the Rome of course Trinitarians believe in One God. One God in three persons that is what the word Trinity means it short for Tri Unity. So I thought that people were talking about Christ or the Holy Spirit I should begin by considering the unity that god. Engender on to me six four we read here I was arrive there already are Godey's one Lord. And of course there is the commandment Thou shalt have no other gods before me. And post said Oh. That there be many that are called gods but to us there is one God the Father. Of whom I wrote things. That's Christians have nothing to do with the many gods and goddesses and the pagan philosophers or as we see it in Hinduism Today. It is essential that we be grounded and settled on the concept of One God before we move on to consider the night Church of Christ in the Holy Spirit. That when we come to consider Christ we find that he is called God. John one when we read in the beginning was the word. And the Word was WITH God in the Word was God. I was I was said that God would give us a sign therefore the Lord himself Jerry gave us saw and behold a virgin choke and save in Vera's son and Joe Cole his nine Emanuel. Two chapters for the runway a tour more about this amazing son. Under watch a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his nine shall be called Wonderful Counselor the mighty God. The Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace. So the Virgin son. Would actually be the mighty God. You couldn't get anything clearer than that I don't think. We're ever poll tells us that being God of Christ is equal to God the Father. Living in a two six three way to who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God. Other translations express this more clearly God's word translation says although he was in the form of God and equal with God He did not take advantage of this equality. One translation makes it even more in fact it calling Christ co-equal with God that is equal in all respects. As he was in the likeness of god damed it no trespass to be the co equal of God that Murdoch's translation of the New Testament. Well this presents us with a big problem. Here we have two beings the Father and the Son who are about equally God. Yet the Bible says there's only one God. How can we resolve this problem. Now worries Jesus has resolved it for us. He said when questioned by the jurors I and my father what. What did Jesus mean by this statement. It was clearly something very startling for the Jews tried to stone him in on what it says. It seemed that divinity flashed through humanity as Jesus said I and my Father are one. There were. Goods of Christ with full of deep meaning as he put forth the claim that he and the father were. Of one substance visiting the same attributes. Now in a white light is said that in mind and character one that is statement that one substance goes way beyond that or it is the fries the Jews used in translating the NY scene creed five and three twenty five into English. It is S. become a very common statement of belief among Christian writers both in our die and in our watched on. For example John Knox the Scottish Presbyterian Reforma said. I offer myself without further delight to prove that Jesus Christ is of one substance with the father. I.E. John's in his book the two republics put this statement of one substance in a rather negative light but clearly supported it. It was important that we be established on the matter of the unity of God before Ellen White began making statements like the person of the Godhead indicating that there were in fact three persons in the one Godhead. It was also important that it be mad might clear that all add doctrines are biased in the Word of God and not on any watch writings. Therefore it was not until W.W. Prescott and Hite see life see my clear biblical presentations. On Jesus as the I am. And on the Holy Spirit is that the person of the Godhead at invention Evan college in nineteen hundred ninety six. We were not until after those presentations that and what published design. Of Ages in ID ninety I point at the Holy Spirit was the person of the Godhead. Now some of you might be wondering how they can be three persons in the Godhead in your downy one God. I recently had to deal with this problem when writing my Islam book for one Muslim writer had said one plus one plus one is not equal to one. Therefore one God plus one God bless one God is not equal to one god. Did this all responded that God is infinite. So each member of the Godhead must also be infinite. Mathematically we can cite. Infinity plus infinity less infinity equals. The close infinity drive. Mazing but it is true. So that. Three Gods who are each infinite can be one infinite God. If you are not mathematically inclined you might find the following illustration helpful light is made up of three colors red green and blue. If we mix the light of these three colors in the right proportion to we see any one color white This is what you are saying on the screen at the moment. What my by mixing three colors we don't say the three colors we just say one and it's white. Not a good illustration of the Godhead but it does you have three can be one. With that in mind though I'd now like to share with you a biblical presentation showing how we can either the Holy Spirit is a divine. Personal being distinct from the father in the Son. We will consider first the deity of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said. All manner of sin and blasphemy show be forgiven under men but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven him. It is an amazing thing that blasphemy against the father might be forgiven last me against the son might be forgiven but not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This is volumes about the deity of the Holy Spirit. And also bad his distinction from the Father and the son. Now from time to time people become very troubled thinking that I might have blasphemed against the Holy Spirit. My friends let me assure you that if you are troubled are such thoughts. Just your sign that you have not actually gone that fact. The Dalai spirit is still convicting you of sin you have not rest frame. If you are worried about it you haven't done it. Another instance that reveals the deity of the Holy Spirit is the story of an a nice and Safira who tried to deceive the Apostles about the price of the land I had sold to give to the church and next five we read that Peter said and a nice. Why had sight and filled dining out to lie to the Holy Ghost. That has not lied down to men but on to God. Very clear isn't it. Now we're going to look at the personality of the Holy Spirit. Is the Holy Spirit a person in the same sense that the father. The son of persons or is the Holy Spirit just a power or influence or some Potter aspect of Christ or the father which is sent from them to convict us and to guide us. This is not a simple matter to discuss for several reasons. Firstly the term how the spirit is strange to us. Secondly Scripture does not tell us much about the Holy Spirit fact it says he shall not speak of himself. And there's a reason for that one thing that I learned in studying the matter of the Godhead was the military. The father shows his immunity in that NG Jesus have a lot not. He was the one who spoke to Moses he was the one to guide the law he was the one who kind to this earth and died to save us and he was the one who come to redeem us he has over the line not. Jesus of course shows his humility in leaving heaven and coming to the dying the one who did. The Holy Spirit shows his humanity by not talking much about himself. Nevertheless there are a number of scripture indications that the Holy Spirit is indeed the divine personal being distinct from the Father and the son. The most obvious to us dealing with the Father Son and Holy Spirit is the greater gospel commission guy you therefore and teach. Go ye therefore and teach all nations that ties in them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. So important is this text that the devil has made sure that there has been an attack on the authenticity of this B.S. in my book I deal with this objection some. For Apis is to die it is sufficient to note that every nine biblical manuscript which contain this out of Matthew and every early translation in other languages have these three four nine. Here in Matthew twenty eight nineteen the Holy Ghost is linked with the Father and the son on equal terms. Since the Father and the son I post no beings with individual identities it would be strange if the Holy Spirit was not also opposed no being having individuality. If this was the only scriptural statement bearing on the subject I think it would be sufficient to settle the matter for most people. Some people object that in the book of Acts that tism is always said to be in the name of Jesus. But what does it mean to do something in the one of Jesus. When we do something in someone's nine such as signing a letter we are doing it on their behalf. With their authority. To They course and this of course means that we must do it in the man a specified by them. Thus to baptize someone in Jesus' name does not necessarily mean that we invite Jesus name as a baptism of formula but rather we do it in the man a specified by Jesus and we are clearly told here that he does to be in the name of the potter and the Son and the Holy Ghost you will recall that during Jesus' ministry here on earth is disciples baptized people and there was friction with the disciples of John the Baptist because they baptized more people than John and his disciples did. It is interesting to note that element says that at this time the disciples were all. Using the three thousand nine investors in. This issue Spirit of Prophecy burning to. The prejudice of the Jews was a RAS because the disciples of Jesus did not use the exact words of John in the right to baptism. John baptized and to repentance but the disciples of Jesus own profession of the faith that ties in the nine that the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are. The teachings of John were in perfect harmony with those of Jesus yet his disciples became jealous for fear his influence was diminishing a dispute arose between them in the disciples of Jesus in regard to the form of woods proper to use a baptism and finally as to the writer the letter to better as it will. Please note that this statement was made as early as eighteen seventy seven. Since the disciples had already been trying by Jesus to use the three found nine of the Godhead when baptizing people it would have been only natural to include it in the Gospel commission in Matthew twenty Ike. One of the strongest arguments in favor of the personality of the Holy Spirit is the fact that the Apostle John in his Gospel goes out of his why. Using unnecessary words and unusual gramma to call a holy spirit he. In great the word for Spirit is new man which is your title. In agreement with this the Holy Spirit is sometimes called it in the Bible. A way that we should not suppose from this that the Holy Spirit is some impersonal force or influence. In Hebrew the word for Spirit is ruach which is feminine. Should we conclude from this the Holy Spirit is feminine Of course not of course not. Neither should be Mike unwarranted conclusions based on the fact that ingrate the word is knew that. They were in his gospel John Guy's added his right to call the Holy Spirit he. In the King James Version the Holy Spirit is called a him or him self twenty times in John's gospel chapters fourteen to sixteen not all of these are specifically represented in the great number of cases the word has been added to make sense in English. Also the word comforter is used which is masculine but there are at least three instances where John defies a great gramma to go in the Holy Spirit he. John fourteen twenty six but the confident which is the Holy Ghost whom that is and you do would then The Father will send in mind I'm hate the current US masculine show teach you all things and bring all things to remember and whatsoever I have said unto you. Here Ican Aussie's unnecessary because ingrate the pronoun is included as part of the verb. But in a connoisseur is masculine disagreeing with the neuter gender of the word in. Which of course is referring back to the spirit which is good. It is a sign in the next verse John fifteen twenty six next verse one chapter on. That when the comforter is come whom. Masculine replying to comforter. I will send one to you from the father even the Spirit of Truth which. Which is near death for sadists from the father a. Masculine show testified made. So they really got the masculine would hate the job testified me represented in the Greek the next verse is even more in phatic as is John sixteen verse thirteen abit be it when he economist masculine The Spirit of truth is come he will guide you into all truth so he shall not speak of himself but whatsoever he chose he at that show he speak and he will show you things to come. Here the is come has two subjects. The Spirit of Truth which is you don't and a con us heat which is masculine. This is quite on the magical quite unnecessary. John is really emphasizing that the Holy Spirit is he. In the next example John did not actually defy the rules of grammar but he still called the Holy Spirit even he did not need to. Go on sixteen verse fourteen. The economists masculine show glorify me. Oh he's always save in mine in general show it under you. Why would John go to such slings the crying the Rose and great gramma to call the Holy Spirit he. The only conclusion I can come to is that he is emphasizing that the Holy Spirit is a person. The Holy Spirit is also called another confidence. And all prior to the Father he will give you another confidence. That he my bide with you forever. The wood translated comforter is Eric light horses and if you would not have concerning this would Abbott Smith says. It is someone quote The ones I had in a judicial sense. And an advocate played up intercessor that a friend of the accused person. Called to speak to his character or otherwise into this sympathy in his fight or. The word is used of Christ in first John two one. My little children these things right I am to you that you sin not. In any man sin we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous who would advocate is. Here of course the idea of a judicial into Sessa is very much in focus and the additional description of such an intercessor is a friend of the person. To speak to his character or otherwise in his sympathy any survivors very comforting and reassuring when Christ does it for us. The Holy Spirit is four times called just such a comforter. Now a pry the father and he show give you another confidence. That he my bide with you for ever even the Spirit of Truth. But the comfort of which is the Holy Ghost in the Father will send in my nine heechul teach you all things. And then there is. But when the comforter is come even the Spirit of Truth which proceeded from the father the chair testify I made. And finally if I got an order why the Comforter will not come unto you but you part of I will send him on to you. The fact that the competition is first introduced as another competition is very significant in this respect as we will now say. There were two great words that are translated and not in the New Testament they are heteros and L. us. Hitter us mange different. Even way sometimes say in English a different person when the main another person. Alice means another of the same kind. When speaking of another comforter which would do you think the Apostle John uses it Ros or Alice. Years is the word Alice another of the same kind. So Jesus since Jesus is a person this means that the Holy Spirit must also be a person another of the same kind. You know so means that the Holy Spirit is not only our company. He like Jesus is also an advocate. As indeed we learn from Romans eight twenty six. Likewise the spirit also help with Aaron for many years but we know not what we should pray for as we order but the spirit itself might get into session for us with groanings which cannot be added. Some My big confused by the fact that both Christ and the Holy Spirit into Saint for us but that into seed differently. Now and what explains this beautifully. Christ our media. And the Holy Spirit are constantly into seeding in man's behalf. Not the spirit or plagues not for us as does Christ. Who present his blood shed from the foundation of the world. The Spirit works upon our house during our prayers and penitence prize and Thanksgiving. So by thousand assesses that the Bible says but I used to say differently Christ played his blood in the Holy Spirit presents our prayers to God as Bill says with groanings that cannot be out of. This fact emphasizes both the personhood of the Holy Spirit and His distinctness from Jesus. Now there are other other activities that our spirit does that only a person can do. He can be vexed that I rebelled in Vic's His Holy Spirit says. He can be lied to. The pater said and I swear I had sight and feel that I had to lie to the Holy Ghost he gives directions the Holy Ghost said separate me bottomless and sought for the work around two I called him also he makes doctrinal decisions for it seemed good to the Holy Ghost to lie upon you no greater burden than these Mrs Aris the things she is the next now when I left the bidding of the Holy Ghost to preach the word a nice ship. He has a mind and he that searches the hops now what what is the mind of the spirit. And with that mind he searches the Spirit searches all things ye the deep things of God. He chooses the self-same spirit divided us to every man Several he as he will. And we have my have communion with Him As for says the communion of the holy guys to be with the world. Finally he can be grieved grave not the Holy Spirit of God untold and of the. Asians. And most importantly he calls himself. All his spirit said unto them. I'm to them I have sent them. Goes himself I and mean the Holy Ghost said separate me by Nimbus and so for the work around to I have called them. The avenues that we have seen to die clearly reveals that the Holy Spirit is a person of being distinct from the father in the Son. Now I promise that I would present the evidence for the authenticity of first John five seven. In verse John five seven it says for there are three that bear record in heaven the Father the Word in the Holy Ghost and these three one. Now if that verse is genuine and you got the Trinity in just one statement very clearly I didn't rely on that statement in my analysis in my in my book on the Trinity because there are many who object to it then Tuesday that I believe that we can show that it is indeed authentic is our show you now have to not. The reason why the authenticity of this verse is doubt it is that all the early great manuscripts of first John which have survived to our die and that this stipend. Is also emitted in most I mentioned translations of this passage. They way that there is some crucial evidence that indicates that it is genuine. The first such piece is a statement my in two fifty one by the Christian writer CYPRIAN. This is already says. The Lord says on. I and the father I want quoting Jesus' words we mentioned before. And again it is written of the Father and of the Son and Holy Ghost and these three are one. One two digit midgets Cyprian is quoting or even alluding to the disputed passage it would be clear that the passage existed at the time of Cyprian's writing. That Cyprian is indeed making a quotation from first John five seven can be seen from the following facts. After quoting Jesus Titan and I and my Father are one he continues and again. Which sounds like a definite introduction to another quote in fact this is a common divisive CYPRIAN. Zippin then says it is written. This is another definitive why of introducing scripture and sippin uses it at least once in a church of eleven to twelve traitors is always to introduce a scriptural quotation. So the evidence there is very very strong there is more. To talian Cyprian's. Right Iran two hundred night I don't know it was some using earlier. Thus the connection of the Father in the Son and of the son in the power create produces three coherent persons who are yet distinct one from another. These three are one essence not one person as it is said and my father one. It was to talons practice to make such short quotations or allusions to Scripture he would. Going to takes most group snippets of scripture and wave them into his discourse as business suits his purpose. In the introduction to this part of the end the nice thing fathers we are told by the translight have it appears to me very clear that to tally and is quoting first John five seven in the passage is now under consideration. Now Jim Rohn was commissioned to prepare his translation of the Scriptures into Latin by. Demist us shortly after Id three to this translation later became known as the Latin Vulgate. It is probable that he completed his translation of the business of James P. to John and Jude after the death of damage says in ID three hundred eighty four around this time they repeated a prologue to these epistles in which to ram said. In that plies particularly where we read about the unity of the Trinity which is placed in the first Epistle of John and which shows the names of three that is of water of blood and of spirit did I place in their addition and I making the testimony of the Father and the word in the spirit in which the Catholic faith as especially confirmed in the single Sept ins the Father Son and the Holy Spirit is can and. This statement is highly significant it indicates that the text of first John five seven was being corrupted by the intentional a mission at this John five seven when copies of the scriptures were being made. The source of Jerome's pride are these Codex full dances written. Brand id five forty one and between ninety five forty one and five forty six this Latin manuscript has been kept at the Benedictine abbey of phone in has seen a south since ID seven fifty four. The text of that codex was first published by rank in sixty seven so it hasn't been known for that long. If this statement is true. If copyist were indeed emitting first John five seven from the copies of scripture I must have had some strong motivation for making this a mission and to tell Ian shows us what it was. To tally in might his diet and these three are one essence not one person in his book Against practice. Italian tell us tells us what these men practice he has taught he says this is heresy which supposes itself to possess the pure truth in thinking that one cannot believe in one only God in any other why then by saying that the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost the very self signed person. You combat this belief that the Father Son and the Holy Spirit are the very self same person. Italian responded by saying these three are one essence not one person. That was the right response. And copyist responded wrongly by admitting the mind verse the Praxis was relying on. That there is another witness to the early existence of first John five seven that is a man called Persil Ian. Is describe. As a man. Who enjoyed great wealth was restless eloquent learned and ready at the bite. He was the first Christian modern to be executed by fellow Christians. Are the Brazilian who he's close follow the ship instantiates quited first John five seven Rand three id five sighing. As John says and there are three which give testimony on earth the water the flesh the blood. And these three are in one and there are three which give tests me in Heaven the Father the Word in the spirit and these three are wanting in Christ Jesus. The reality and or thin then to City of this quotation seems certain from the fact that on the basis of this text Brazillian has been accused of being the one who invented it invented first John five seven. It Brazilian or his following stand he has actually originated first John five seven as part of their defense. In labor probably because they did so knowing that in all probability it would immediately be detected is fraudulent and thus heis in their condemnation is how the same is likely. That's the evidence for the authenticity of John five Sydney's quite strong. I'm glad to have this portion of Scripture restored to us what you think this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. W.W.W. audio first or.


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