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2. The Eternity of Christ

Glyn Parfitt
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The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all. (2 Cor. 13: 14). 

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel from everlasting, and to everlasting. (Psalm 41: 13). 

Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre. (Psalm 45: 6).



  • November 29, 2016
    7:00 PM


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Last evening we looked at the Holy Spirit. And we also looked at the Unity of God. God our God that we worship is one God. One God in three persons. And as we've been singing. To die we will look at the eternal preexistence of Christ as portrayed in Scripture during the church service we will look at proverbs right and. That might apply to Jesus. It is one of the mind passages that has been wrong I don't through the centuries to. Come. To the conclusion that Jesus was brought forth from the father the see how that cannot be sustained from scripture. And then the softer noon we will look at. Some of em whites and written statements relating to the to Mary. And we will said look at. The only be gotten passages in scripture what the dining. Alright. I. Presume that. You all believe in they will be if you've Christ. Adventists. Always believe that. And. We saw last not that Jesus is the mighty God. Says that Jesus is the mighty God John says the Word was God and poll says that he was equal with God. The question that we want to ask to die is has Jesus oh I see existed like the father has always existed there's one verse in the Bible that addresses this question directly so let us start with that it's found in mark of five two. But they are Bethlehem effort tack that there will be little among the thousands of Uta Judah yet out of the show he come forward on to me that is to be ruler in is Route who's going forth and they need from of all. From everlasting. The significance of this text for half study hinges on the meaning of three key phrases going forth. From about and from everlasting. We will look first at the Frys goings for. The Hebrew word translated going forth occurs only twice in the Old Testament it's Mozart. It is here in mark of five. And it's in Second Kings in twenty seven where refers there were toilet house of all things this doesn't tell us very much about the meaning of the word in modified. But happily there is a solution because this Hebrew word is feminine and there is a masculine form of the same word which is Mozart. The next question is the masculine and feminine forms of the same would have the same meaning not going for instance. The answer is yes they usually do. So we want to look at the mess. Dylan Haber would and what does that mean it is found twenty seven times in the Old Testament and is used in a variety of Weiss or with the sign by sea meaning. It is used six times of war to Springs. That is water coming out of the ground. If you choose to five times. Of words coming out of the mouth. It is used three times as going out on a journey. What is of the most significance to us is that it is used twice for King going about his business. In Second Samuel it says they are now asked adding to the sun of know that he came to deceive the end to know that i going out and not coming in and to know all that they are doing just. So what use there of dives business as a king. It is used once of God the King of the universe. Then shall we now if we follow on to know the Lord his going forth is prepared as the morning and he shall come unto us is the Rhine as the letter right in the poem a right on the. So we say that the masculine would. When to do is used of a king or God is translated going out or going forth in the sense and going about their business as a rule. These are the only two verses that given meaning that is appropriate for the feminine would. In market to. The translation go. Four is particularly significant in this context it refers best to God and a king going about their business or ruling. This is especially appropriate in market five to the verses about the Jesus the one who is to be in is Rob. You just is well qualified to be such a ruler because he's going for it that he's doing the business of a king have been from about from in the last thing. The idea that some have expressed that the Hebrew word means a birth or an origin does not fit in this verse at all well for the word is plural. I doubt if anyone would wish to contend that Jesus had multiple births in the distant days of eternity. So let us take the very appropriate meaning giving given in the King James Version goings forth in the sense of doing his business is king of the universe. I trust you'll roll with me on that. Will now look at the expression from about. The Hebrew word here is headed. Is found in the out Testament eighty seven times. The word is most frequently used of people or things that allow to not eternally out. That way that when used of God it always refers to the eternity of existence for example the eternal God is the refuge and underneath of the everlasting arms. Out they are not from everlasting I Lord my God. Mind how we won we shall not die. Since Jesus is. Art in the fullest sense him must also mean eternal when used of Christ as here in market to. The next expression we look at is from everlasting. And the Hebrew word is a lamb. This word is found in the Old Testament four hundred thirty nine times. Usually translated forever. Sometimes it only means for a long time as you would probably not for instance John who says the waters compass me about even to the SOL The depth clothes me round about. The way to erect about my head I went down to the bottoms of the mountains the earth was a. Basket was about me for ever yet has there brought up my life from corruption I wrote my God. However. There are a large number of us is where this word is used to describe the eternity of God. It always means eternal existence. Among these verses. And I Bram planted to grow even be ashamed and call there on the name of the Lord the everlasting got. Another one less and be the Lord God of Israel from everlasting and to everlasting. Another one before the mountain to have brought forth or ever their heads form the Earth and the world even from everlasting to everlasting that god. Don't know that there is a more definite scripture relating to the eternity of God than that from everlasting to everlasting that. Now since. This is God in the fullest sense our land mass main eternity when used to Christ in Micah five two. There is only one other word that is used in the Old Testament to indicate the turn or to of God. That is the Hebrew would not. It is used forty I talk. And his most lead translated for. Years many times of God For example the Lord is king for ever and ever the second ever is the would add. Another one for that set the high and lofty one that inhabit to eternity is nine is holy I do well in the high and holy plies within that is of the contract and humble spirit that. This would add is used twice of Christ. By through God it is for ever and ever scepter of the like Kingdom is a right SEPTA some forty five or six. This is a mess so I Anik SOM which came the same from the next verse that lovestruck just innocent hightest wickedness therefore God by God had the noon to day with the oil of gladness about God lies. The second verse where meaning forever is used of Christ is you know nine six. We look to this one last night but he is another go around to us a child is born under us a son is given. And the government shall be upon his shoulder. And his nine to be called Wonderful Counselor the mighty God the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace. Christ is here called the everlasting Father. We were returned to this idea shortly. In the mean time we know that all three Hebrew words that refer to the eternity of God are also used of Christ. And since Christ is the phone and said the Godhead is we then in collage into nine These words must be telling us that Christ as always existed just like the father. Thus everything that is said of the father's eternal existence is also a state of Christ. If the Son is not eternally existent in the past we have no Scriptural grounds for saying that the father has always existed. But if the father has eternally existed in the past as of course he is then so I will say is this. We now look at John one one in the beginning was the word. And the Word was God. We know this who this is of course because of verse fourteen tells us in the world was my place. In the great language as well as in the Hebrew the word is or was is often not stated it is simply understood without being in the actual statement. When the word is actually included it can be for emphasis or to make a particular point this is how it is in John one man. The was is translated from the great would. It. Indicates continuous incomplete action in the past the hand perhaps best be translated in the beginning the word was existing. In other words no matter how far back in time we go for the begin. In the wood was already existing. This naturally leads to the concept of Jesus he turned existence in the past. The same concept is introduced even more in Patrick Lee in the next verse that we will consider Hebrews seven three not the beginning of dies. This is a very interesting verse it refers to has a dick having no beginning and dies and pole is growing a pound a with Christ. The passage of interest begins with the last subject to six. Jesus made a High Priest forever after the order of milk has a dick. But this milk is a dick king of silence praise to the Most High God in Him returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him to him most of him Guy have a tenth part of all this being the interpretation king of righteousness. Not to that or said King of Siloam which is King of Peace. Without father without mother without descent having not a beginning of dies no end of lot. That night like unto the Son of God abideth a priest continually. Ollie's here drawing a parallel between milk his addict in Christ. The parallel consist in the following elements. Now because it is preached to the Most High God. Christ is the high priest of our profession. Now because it is a praise continually. Christ is a high priest forever. Now because it is going abroad just miss. Jesus is The Lord Our Righteousness. Now because it is King of Peace Jesus is the Prince of Peace. His consenting male cousin Dick that he was without beginning of dice. We are to say what that means is Jesus is concerned. Or end of life. And concerning Jesus says always kingdom there should be no end. Now text says that now because it was my do like unto the Son of God or the other power good. Why not without beginning and dice. It is very close to the statement made like under the Son of God. Why would it be mentioned he had it was not a likeness. That one my will be objected to at this point that because it was not really without beginning it dies he was just without a recorded father or mother. It is true that we do not know why the from the out on your Testaments where the male cousin Dick was a Divine Being and hence had noted a true father and mother or whether he was an ordinary man without parents or genealogy recorded. We will assume for the sake of the argument that the latter is true. Now if male cousin Dick had no father mother the genealogy recorded wherein lies the parallel. Uses had all of these a mother a father that's a legal earthly one and a divine one. He had birthday toss genealogy descent why mention these things about milk as a dig unless it is to show that in a sense we had no beginning and dies a range of lives. Something with which to draw the parallel with Jesus. That uses had an end of his earthly life and the crucifixion crucifixion there is no peril where the parallel exist with Jesus in the heavenly realm where we will run with him forever and ever. In like manna having not the beginning of dice finds no power with Jesus if a lot it must apply to the heavenly realm. Yet no reason to mention not the beginning and dies that is all and no reason if he was not going to draw a power on using that expression whole did not he approve that Jesus had no beginning and dies the assure him that his ratings would recognize it be to be so and see the parallel. Now we're going to look at one of the most important passages of will in this context. Uses is the I am. Engine found in John item we pick the story up at verse fifty six your father. Rejoice just say my die and he sort and was glad then said the Jews under him that were not yet fifty years oh and has them saying I am. Jesus said unto them their only very under you before him was I am. The Jews question related to time and Jesus and to related to time. Is and she was startling in full wise. Firstly there is a stock contrast between the past tense was for him and the present tense I am. Secondly the great woods or I. I am a go I mean used here add extra emphasis. There would egg and meaning is not necessary or does include It is part of the I mean which means I am it is added here for extra emphasis. Three nothing follows the woods I am. This indicates eternity of existence. And fourthly Jesus would swing directly to Exodus three this is fourteen and fifteen. And Moses said under God be how we are not come under the Children of Israel and Josiah unto them the God of yo fathers had sent me on to you and I show sound to me what he sees not what shall I say I am to them. And God said under Moses I am that I am. And he said thus I am to the children of Israel I am have sent me on to you. By using the words I am in the same startling why that Moses heard them at the burning bush uses was claiming to be the very one that spoke to Moses that is he was claiming to be here however. Matthew Henry says of these words in Exodus I am that I N This explains his name Jehovah and signifies one that he is so existed. He has he's being of himself and has no dependence upon any other. Being self existent he cannot be self sufficient and therefore also efficient and the inexhaustible fountain of being and bliss. To that he is eternal in one John. Three that we cannot by searching find him out. Literally is around this I am that sent me on here. Well this is what Jesus was finding for himself by using the same words. It is not surprising that the Jews took up stones to stone him. That he was doing more than claiming to be self-existent he was claiming to be the very one who spoke these words to Moses. This is not decided that he was claiming to be the father but rather that the one who revealed himself to Moses at the burning bush was the son. This will be shown to be the case in the next section. It was this verse more than any other that convinced W.W. Prescott of the eternity of Christ when he preached on this verse at a Bible Institute current Vhong in ninety six. It was very well received and was supported by Ellen White who said at that time that he has the truth in the hot as well as on the lips. We will now look at what Colt said concerning the spiritual rock those green peons kept in. More either breath or in I would not that you should be ignorant how that all our fathers were under the cloud and all passed through the city. And were all baptized under Moses in the cloud and in the sea. And it all ate the same spiritual meat and they don't drink the same spiritual growing but I drank of that spiritual rock that color then and. That rock was Christ. Holy is here drawing a parallel between the Israelite fathers and the Christian church. He mentions three things. The crossing of the Red Sea which he likens to baptism. The eating of the manna. And the drinking of the water the fly from the rock that was smitten. It wherever it is not until he reaches the point that he shows where the power of lies Christ was the rock. And as the literal Israelites drank from the literal rock so the Christian Church drinks from Christ. The parallel flows back literal is Riah I thought the manna spiritual each the bread of life. They were baptized into Moses we are baptized under Christ. Oh DID NOT may refer to the Israelites drinking literal water that he said I drank of that spiritual rock in me then or didn't advise Christ. The power law is much closer than Poles really does much of thought up to this point that I drank of Christ the Simas we Christians do. The same Bryce's but the Israelites fathers in the christians ordering the same spirit to drink or eat the same spiritual meat. Or. Tigers in Christ. Now what does it mean to eat and drink spiritually. They are telling Jeremiah that I would to a fan and I did eat them no I would was on to me the joy and rejoicing my hot. What does it mean then to. Drink of that spiritual rock that followed then that means that I received from him the words of life. He was there take it and post says that he was Christ. Jesus said the woods that I speak unto you they are spirits and live. The disciples said to Jesus Lord to him Shall we go thou hast the woods of eternal life. They drank spiritually the word to be turn a light from the spiritual rock which was Christ. This means that it was Christ he spoke the most from sauna I was cries to commune with Moses and measure said show me that I glory. It was Christ who fed them with manner and provided the live getting water it was Christ or weapon the Red Sea was crotched who spoke to Moses at the burning bush such as the it will conclude in the bull's statement. This conclusion is further supported by the twenty seven Old Testament verses that referred to God as the rock such as you drawn to me thirty two because I will publish the name of the Lord the scribe be great as and have God He is the rock his work is perfect or his wise or judgement and the God of truth and without iniquity Yes and right is he. Of the rock that he got the doubt and mindful and has forgotten God that on the you're going to me that he too since the God of Israel is the rock and Jesus is the rock this virtual cess diner The same is right now can we Skype. Conclusion that uses was the god of. The above conclusion must mean that Christ is the God of the Old Testament but. This is not meant to say that Christ is the father or that the father is not just. The pad there is clearly revealed in several places in the Old Testament as a being distinct from Christ. And it is the father who is the code. But the father and the son and as divine beings are each in top of that nine. Now if Jesus is the Jehovah of the Old Testament then everything written there about his eternal existence in the past lies to Jesus as much as to the father. This is why Jesus is called the everlasting Father in Law and six. You however is called our father knew at least two places. Do you just require the Lord of foolish people and unwinds is not he die Father that have. Had he not my and established. And another one sixty three Doubtless there out AFA the ignorant of US and Israel acknowledge us not I would order. That after every day the nine is from everlasting. So if you have or is a Father and Jesus is just over he was saying these things then Jesus is our fathers it says in nine six. Now there are a number of places in the New Testament. Where all just man passages. Concerning Jehovah are applied to crime. You remember that prophesied concerning John the Baptist the voice of him that cross in the wilderness pre-pay the why of the Lord Mike stright in the desert highway I got. The word lord here all in capitals refers to Jehovah. Now it should be noted that in the King James version where we have the word Lord all in capitals Mikhail Youzhny in the word God all in capitals it's telling us that the original in that passage in Hebrew was just either. Or ya is some modern scholars with. Now Matthew clearly applies this passage and. To the work of John the Baptist he says for this is he that was spoken of by the prophet I was sighing the voice of one crying in the wilderness pay the why of the Lord Mikey's pads right. Now we ask who is the mode who's Why was prepaid or John the Baptist. Really John prepared to wipe a Jesus with us I see that in the prophecy I was taught you how the Lord in capitals is a title of Jesus. Another example comes from the Book of Acts. Where it says whom God had to rise dop having loosed the pains of death because it was not possible that he should be held and all that will die but speak with concerning him I call saw the Lord oh eyes before my price. Well he's on my right hand that I should not be moved. This is quotations in the book of Psalms. I have set the low. All in capitals Oh I see people me because he isn't model right hand or should not be needed. Again we have an Old Testament statement concerning Jehovah of of Christ. There when the Book of Revelation Jesus is called Lord of Lords. And he had Tony's vesture and he's thought and I'm written KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. This document is referring back to the Old Testament would you have is code Lord of Lords. You're drawn to me ten seventeen but the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of Lords a great God a mighty a terrible which we gotta take a reward. The final exam is from the Book of. Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel and his redeem on the road of house I am the first and I'm the last and the sod me there is no god. But in the Book of Revelation Jesus cause himself the first and the last. One to the angle of the church in Smyrna rot these things set the first and the last which was dead and needs a lot. By the very night your things they can only be one first my last. Is fact clearly identified Jesus is the. Coding for six. That the father is also the hybrids we find in some one hundred ten The Lord said under model order that is your hive is it under my lords it out my right hand and to my mike the line enemies to put still. Here the first load is clearly the father or just the son who sits a dish right hand. That's true divine beings the father in the son about called your Hiver and thus by equally first and last the only why this can be is for them to be eternal with each other. It is asked to divine beings who are brought to light in. The six. The lord the king of Israel. And his Ridhima the LORD of hosts. But I thought. That I thought first and by. That I. Turn. Up to this point in To Die study we have conceded to divine beings the Father the Son and the son now I want to look at the pack there are three the products of the Son and the Holy Spirit we have all we need already know just these three in the great gospel commission Matthew twenty I mean you know not. In one of these padding benedictions poling clothes the Holy Spirit. The Grice of bad Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion and the whole and guys we view or. You will notice that pole does this in such a Y as to place the Holy Spirit on the same level as the father in the Son. Each has a special blessing to bestow on the believer and the blessing bestowed by the Holy Spirit is that of communion or fellowship. Not so much fellowship with one another but fairly ship with the Holy Spirit. Is surely indicates an intimate personal relationship which is often to us. In the up in English is of Revelation. John. Records gratings which was sent to believe is directly from the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and you know that Revelation chapter one verse of four and five grades Grice beyond to you and peace from him which is him which was which is to come. And from the seven Spirits which job before his thrive. And from Jesus Christ it was the fight to witness the first forgotten of the dead and the prince of the kings of. The reference to him which is from which was in which is to come points diverse site where we reign I now offer an Amiga in the beginning in the end said the Lord which is in which was and which is to become the Almighty. This infinitely applies to the father who gratings from Jesus following verse five. The reference to the seven spiritual job people of the throne points to Revelation for pot. And there were seven lamps of five burning people in the three the seven Spirits of got. The seven lamps of five before the crime which are the seven Spirits of God evidently as symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit. Since Revelation one four and five which records gratings from the seven Spirits there are gratings also from the father and uses. The fact that the Holy Spirit is represented symbolically here revelation should not surprise us since Jesus is also represented symbolically as a lamb as it had been lying there like in five six. The fact that there are Greetings from the Holy Spirit is a clear indication that he. He is a person and that he is distinct from the father in the Son. Did you know that there is an out Testament that us that period to three divine beings. To see. Chapter forty I. Mean near unto me he this I have not spoken in secret from the beginning from the time that it was there in mine and now the Lord God and His Spirit has sent me. Here we have the Lord God. And we have His Spirit our guys he was the mayor who is being sent. It is clearly not the prophet. Because it says it has been there speaking from the beginning and says. It is clearly Jesus the Word of God is being sent by the father. And by the Holy Spirit it is our world. And this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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