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4. Ellen White & Trinity (Part 1)

Glyn Parfitt
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"Three distinct agencies, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost work together for human beings. They are united in the work of making the church on earth like the church in heaven."



  • December 1, 2016
    7:00 PM


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Do you Father thank you for again from what you have revealed. Pray that you will base as we look at these things that have been written by you or seven that we might understand them and knew your spirit was speak to a high in Jesus. I mean. The last three. Programs we've looked at the biblical evidence for the Trinity. And it's essential that these matters be established Biblically for all ad doctrines must be an eye. On the Bible rather than on The Spirit of Prophecy. This afternoon will begin to look at what and why it had to say about the Godhead. But before we look at these stipends it is vital that we realize that elements earlier writings were near troll. With regard to the Trinity. They were not trinitarian know when I N.T. Trinitarian. This can be seen in several Weiss. Firstly and why it did not reflect any of the strong N.T. turning Tarion statements of the contemporary brethren for example she did not say that at some point in the turn of the of the past Jesus head beginning of dice as John Andrews had said. She did not side that Christ was the literal Son of God as John Madison it said. Nor did she say that the Holy Spirit was not a person as D.M. can write it said. Ellen why did not side that the Trinity doctrine was absurd Teigan. Roman catholic go on Scriptural as James right and John left right had said in fact you know where mentions the term trinity not in a published writing to anyone. Secondly almost all of the statements of L. and what which might be considered his objections to the Trinity have come from elements of the light her writings when she wrote these things she was also making strong Trinitarian type statements. The only early statements of Ellen White that have reasonably billing been climbed as non Trinitarian are those which speak of the Father and the son in the heavenly councils but Mike no mention of the Holy Spirit in those councils. They were that they statements are not and you Trinitarian I am your told. If the Holy Spirit had been mentioned in these councils as he lied or was. The statements would have been clearly Trinitarian. The only way that they have any councils could be described in a neutral why was two middle mention of the Holy Spirit. So when and why it began making her Trinitarian type statements it was not a reversal or contradiction of her earliest stipends as some people have said. Rather it was a gradual unfolding of the truth as it was revealed to have as God's people what I've done I believe to bear it. It was only after the doctrine of the Trinity had been presented from scripture by Prescott and lysine that she published a strong Trinitarian type stipends and if we have another presentation we'll be looking at that aspect. This is. Just as it was in ID an idea that when righteousness by faith was first presented biblically by going to Injuns and then subsequently confirmed by and what. We will now look at some of these Trinitarian type stipends that are confirmed by Ellen whites I own handwriting. Are you ready for them. FS to example is a very well known statement that most people know from desire of ages. Life original unbarred and underwriter. And Grayson tells us that this statement was responsible for directing many views contemporaries toward Unitarianism he said. I was particularly interested in this document in his Art of Ages which at one time caused great concern in the denomination theologically. In Christ is life original On Borrowed underwrite. That statement my not saying very revelation read you about it was to us. I was sure Sister White had never written in Christ is life original and barred under rived but now I found it in a own handwriting just as it had been published. Now Andresen went specifically to visit L. and wide to check up on that he tells us. This statement shown here from have files. Is here verified by and what signature at the end of the letter. Letter three are nine nine hundred five. Notice the characteristic long swirl at the beginning of the capitals in J. and his signature. And our next example from manuscript Twenty nine hundred six. At the top of the typed copy of this manuscript and of what is written. I have read this carefully and except. Why would she might this unusual statement. She mastered realize that they would be someone who would doubt that she'd actually written it. I've included ILADS and in large copy of this stipend so you can see clearly. Thankfully the original handwritten copy of what she wrote has survived. Not all of which of it and writing has survived of course. It is Sharon here and I watch handwriting as you will see it is not easy to read it but you gradually gradually get yours to it. I have divided it into three sections so that it can be seen more clearly. And starting at the top it raids. Something rather sit down in the books shall be I haven't and every next line man shall be judged by the order of God written by the finger of God and given to Moses to be deposited in the outback and the oc in the Holy of Holies. Then there is a record kept of all the deeds of men in according to their works will every man receive whether they be goaded or whether they be able. The Holy Spirit. And that up a bit now Holy Spirit always lead to the written word of. The Holy Spirit is a person. See that day. Oh Holy Spirit is a person for he beareth witness without spirits that we are the children of God. When this witness is born it bears its own evidence with it and at such times we believe and not sure that we are the children of God. And how much evidence we can give to believe is in I'm believe is when we can voice the words of John we have known him believe the love that God hath to us God is love and he that develops in live duality in God and God in him. Now a bit more. The Holy Spirit and she the region he wrote is a person and she crossed that out and change it to has a personality. Else he could not bear witness to aspirants and with ass ferrets that we are the children of God or. He must also be I divine person or he could not search out the secret which lie hidden in the mind of God for what man now with the things of a man saved the spirit of man which is in him even so the things of God knoweth no man but the spirit or of God now or I'm reading from my transcription of handwriting which poor driver for many hours to get it right. What an amazing series of statements about the person of the Holy Spirit. It is no wonder that she writer at the top of the top copy I have read this carefully and except. The next example is verified by some extra woods which Ellen White writer on the page so is to be sunk in cry. Asked you see that they are highlighted that the significant part of his statement refers to the Father Son and Holy Spirit as three distinct I didn't seize it says three distinct I didn't seize the Father the Son. And the Holy Ghost work together think human beings. That are united in the work of making the Church on earth like the church in heaven I place the resources of heaven at the disposal of those who will appreciate and impart these spiritual treasures multiplying then by using them to the growing of God. Every diligent effort to improve the edge to the gifts we have. The paths of heaven work with human beings on the plan of multiplication. Christ came to the earth to sit in operation a vast missionary work. Those who compose his church. How to cooperate with him by revealing his attributes so is to be sung in Christ that to act under the dictation of the Holy Spirit told me. This is from manuscript twenty seven and a half Nineteen Hundred as if strange number for manuscript but there it is. As was mentioned before the early statements of Ellen White do not mention the Holy Spirit in the Jiminy councils. And wherever in nineteen hundred one the Holy Spirit was included in those councils It is in this statement. The Godhead which stood with pity for the rice and the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit gave themselves to the working out of the plan. Redemption in order to fully carry out this plan it was decided that Christ the only begotten Son of God should give himself an offering for sin. What line can measure the depth of this love. This Dykeman is from later twelve nine hundred one and it is verified by and watch signature at the end of it. The next statement is verified by the fact that in a wide has made a handwritten correction changing the wood Alto to sanctified. In this type and Ellen what caused the Father Son and Holy Spirit the three great Indigo is heavenly characters. It is oh so good will read it. The heavenly plows have pledged themselves to minister to human eye genes to make the name of God and of Christ and of the Holy Spirit are they living and fish and sea working and energizing the sanctified man to make this nine above every other nine all the treasures of heaven. And obligation to do for man infinitely more than human beings can comprehend by multiplying three fouled the human with a heavenly I didn't seize. The three great and glorious heavenly characters are present on the equation of baptism. Or the human capabilities how to be henceforth consecrated past to do service for God in representing the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost upon whom they depend. Or heaven is represented by these three in Covenant relation with the new life. This. Passages from manuscript forty five nine hundred four I just ten. Now finally example is a whole page of Ellen wise handwriting which is very unusual because on this pipes she said chat to systematically describe the Father Son and Holy Spirit are and the relationships that exist between them. Sadly the only copy I could obtain of this PIJ has the ends of most of the lines cut short the key wording However reminds intact. It is the original of the manuscript twenty one nineteen hundred and six. It is a bit difficult to rates of cut it into three sections as before and enlarge them to make it easier. The father is not to be described by the something. The father is all the fullness of the Godhead invisible to motile is to be sought. The son is all opponents of the Godhead. Revealed she's crossed out and put replaced it with manifested. He is the expression image of his father's person. For God so loved the world that he guy he's only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Here is the personality of the and beginning in the word father. The spirit the comforter him Christ promised to send after He ascended to heaven is Christ she had written and she's crossed that at is the spirit or in all the phoniness of the Godhead miking manifests to the something. All. Who Receive Him and believe in him something. Then she says here are three living persons which is China's to personalities of the heavenly tree at in which every Sorry painting of their sins. Believing crossed at replaced with receiving Christ by a living fight to them who have baptized. And she's crossed out in the name of Jesus Christ. And replaced it with in the nine of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. These high and dignified personalities give power to the baby and subjects because they are God's property to be called the Sons of God What is the something rather TO DO believe in Jesus Christ because they are his property which he had purchased with these and blood in the country the rest of it. You will notice he had many incomplete thoughts and errors of punctuation capitalisation and spelling. You can see how it was necessary for his secretaries to put it into a proper form before it was published and even before it was caught in a manuscript files. But through it all we can clearly say what and why it is revealing to us. You will have noticed the expression the three the living three personalities of the heavenly trio. How very significant that statement is how Trinitarian and how blessed we are to have it in and watch and handwriting. What is more there is evidence that it is her own expression not some. Thing she copied from another. I can share that with you later if you one of particular interest is the fact that although Ellen White Chinese three living persons two three living personalities as she was writing it out by hand when it was typed up this manuscript twenty one nine hundred six it was changed back to three living persons and they were handwritten corrections made to that manuscript and what confirming that the Chinese back to three living persons was by her direction. This is one of the many examples showing that Ellen White used the words person and personality into Chinese or body when referring to God. A number of other statements examples of statements verified by and watch handwriting can be found in my book. Now you might have noticed that in some of the above quotes Ellen White refers to Christ as the Only Begotten Son of God. What did she mean by that. In the nineteen nineteen Bible conference where the president ID Daniels was in the chair the matter of only be rotten Was rise by several participants. As a means of resolving the conflict over this expression I G Daniel suggested perhaps in another study we might have a study on the would be gotten. Sadly this suggestion was never taken up at that time in fact it was not until nine hundred thirty ict that a terrorist study was made of this subject in a Ph D. thesis. According to dignity in the journal. Biblical Literature volume seventy two one hundred fifty three the first there a study of quote I may be gotten on Quite was a Ph D. thesis by Wharton in wondering. What Wharton and others have discovered is that the word translated only be gotten does not mean that. The idea of begetting is not present in the word. Of Thought it might be helpful to look at this to die and see how the confusion came to be. The only begotten of has become so ingrained in Christian thinking about Christ that it is hard to think otherwise. Sam early Christian creeds mention it and Mike the point that Christ was begun and not my. John is the only Biblical writer to use the words and to be gotten when writing of Jesus the most remembered being in John three sixteen For God said love the world that he gave these only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. The English words only be gotten I represented in the great by just one word Mona going ice. This word is made up of two other words. Mon OS and again us. Manas is the normal word the only. But it is frequently translated as a line that is by oneself. Generous by sickly means a cattery or a kind of thing that's Jesus spoke of an IT which was cast into the sea in gathered of every kind that's. In English we use the word genus to refer to the category of living things which is one step up from species. From this we may rightly conclude that mana goodness means the only one of its kind or unique. The problem is that there is a related word which means to give birth. It is gone now. It is years by the I knew when talking to Mary about the coming birth of Jesus the Angela said to her the Holy Grail ghost shall come upon the and the power of the highest levels chatter they therefore all said that holy thing which shall be born of the E You now have shall be called the Son of God. There are other ass too closely related words. Only one of which refers to a birth it was easy for people to get confused. We have a similar situation in English for as well as genus we have generator which mange to produce or bring forth. Early Christians did out or wise preserve the distinction between us and going. And money going ice came to Maine I NEED TO gotten. Is this correct how can we not have. The only real Y. of discovering the meaning of words in one thousand languages is to look at how the woods where used. There are four passages in the New Testament using Monica nice additional to the eyes where John is referring to Jesus these after this late Luke seven twelve now when he came no eye to the guide to the city. Maybe how there was a dead man carried out the only son of his mother and she was it would I and much people of the city was with her. Again and Luke forty one and forty two and the how they kind of man one Majoris and he was a ruler of the synagogue. And he fell down to Jesus' feet and be so ashamed that he would come into his house for he had one I only daughter and that twelve years of ides and she lie dying but as he went the people throng humans you know the story. And then there is Luke nine thirty eight to forty and the whole demand of the company cried out saying Master I beseech thee look upon my son well he is my only child and I was Spirit take at him and he suddenly cry I think that in a tear at him that he find it again and brazing him hardly departing part of from him and obvious so that the disciples to cast him out and I could not. And then we have Hebrews eleven seventeen by faith I bring him when he was tried offered up Isaac. And he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten Son. In all of these verses we find that a tragedy has just happened or seems about to happen. The only child has just died or is about to die. It seems that Montague nice is a suitable word to express the yearning of the parents have at their special try out. All three passages in Luke now translight it with just the word only Obama only. As a translation of Monica nice. There is no mention of be gotten. If in these verses I only is a correct translation why make a difference when translating those verses which apply Monegan ice to Jesus why introduce the concept in the gotten. In the case of eyebrow Ham we know that Isaac was not the only son we gotten on him it was also a smile. So if money again I said really meant only be gotten this statement in Hebrews would not have been true. Isaac was eyebrow Ham's very special son the son of promise the miracle son of his true wife Sarah. This helps us to understand that Montagu nice does truly mean special precious and unique. The passage in Hebrews eleven seventeen is helpful in another why Osaka. It they just back to where he be would equivalent to Montague nice we recall that God said to add to the ham. In Genesis twenty two take now the ice on the line I only son Isaac in the lab assistant and get the into the land of Mariah and offered him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell the of. The Hebrew word here translated I only is yeah she'd. This word does literally mean I only but in a special why. It is used eleven times in the Old Testament. What is of most interest is that in the Septuagint great translation of the our testament Yosh G.-D. is usually translated either by Monegan ice or by another important word as here in. He says twenty two. Yards cheat is translated Montagu nice in the following verses. Judges eleven thirty four and Jeff that came to miss by on his house and behold his daughter came out to meet him with timbers and with dances and she was his only child beside her he had no other son nor daughter and remember what happened with poor Jeff there had made the south concerning who have a kind man made him. Then we have Psalm twenty two twenty where dive it is prying deliver my self from the sword my darling from the power of the dog. And twenty four sixteen turn the on to me and have mercy upon me for I am dissolute and afflicted. Some thirty five seventeen Lord how long will that look on risky myself from their destructions might dialing from their lives. The above four verses as they are as they read in the King James version that the only places in the great Septuagint translation the out Testament where the word Monica nice is found. Now show us that ya shade and moan again nice can mean only desolate alone and dialing which some of you My know means I mean one. The sadness cause he's life is dying is only one life and it's very precious to him. Yeah shade is also translated us as we find in the following verses. We notice before Genesis twenty two verse two and he said take now that I sound I. Only son Isaac in that Levison get the into the land of Mariah and offering their for better offering from one of the mountains which I'll tell the of that where only there is. Agood pride arson the Greek translation. Genesis twenty two twelve here the Idol said lie not die hand upon the lad neither do. Anything under him for now I know that their fear is God seeing now has not withheld by son dying I only sign from me. I. Must I ten and I would turn your face to into morning in order go songs into lemon Tyson and I would bring up sackcloth upon all Owings and boldness upon every head. And I will make it is the morning of an I only son and the end thereof as a bid to die. And finally Zechariah twelve ten and I shall look upon me whom I had pierced Jesus of course. And I show mourn for him is one more the morning for his I only son and Joel be in bitterness for him as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. In each of these verses ya sheeted been translated only and each is in the context of tragedy and death. The idea of Ag upright or so as not come through from the Greek into English some of you might be able to tell me what means. It is related to eg a power which means love. So a manger dealing beloved. So that. So now we have a Hebrew word Yah sheet which combines in itself the meanings meanings of Monica nice one and I know you need very precious and. And upright us dearly beloved. The remarkable thing is that both of these great words are used in the New Testament of Christ. John uses Monica nice as we have noted. That the PI tosses used of Jesus in the following verses of Jesus' baptism. And I will voice from heaven saying this is my beloved Son My Son in whom I am well placed. On the Mount of Transfiguration. While he yet Spike beheld a bright clatter of the shattered them and the how the voice out of the cloud which said this is my beloved son. In whom I am well pleased to hear him. And is used in Jesus' parable of the vineyard concerning himself Luke twenty verse thirteen then said The Lord of the bin yard What shall I do. I will send my beloved son it may be that I will reverence him when I see him. That's the father always used a pipe house Dearly Beloved when speaking or Dibley to his son I think he is baptism and on the Mount of Transfiguration. Jesus is also used in the parable referring to himself. Whereas John uses Monica nice unique special one and only when referring to the specialness of Jesus the idea of be gotten whoever does not belong with this would. Have pined his did not know this and why did not know it either. It is therefore not surprising that she frequently used the biblical term I may be gotten when referring to Jesus We still do it to die. I even when we should know better as preachers we do it. The modern translations of John three sixteen with Eisai that God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son as it says in very still sound strange to our ears. Yet now what did the Times refrain refrain from using the turn to be gotten son. She says instead only son. She did this is early is I telling fifty two. God consented to gave His only Son to die for a lost man that's mutes instructor. She made eleven other similar statements including the following. Would that we could ever realize the love which God has manifested toward us fall in sin is in giving his only Son for our salvation. And in manuscript fifty nine two hundred twelve fifty three tell them of the father who loved them so that he gave his only son. For their salvation. But it does not end there she made other statements reminiscent of what we found concerning Monica nice she had an appetite ours she said. Think gay that the father yield out he's doing beloved son without a struggle now and I didn't fifty four experienced abuse. The Father has given a pledge to sin is in that he we withheld not his daily beloved son the guy of him as sacrifice for then I ding seventy six. Here the term dearly beloved US is twice your. Likewise the term dialing which we have seen is a translation of Montague Nice's twice used by and what. It was able to struggle with the God of heaven whether to let a guilty man perish or to give his darling son to die for them when I first read that of the that's rather quaint but now when I want. I saw that it was impossible for God to alter or Chinese law to save the last perishing man therefore he seventy's Darling Son to die for man's transgression. Is none of my saying. All right it must be now time for questions. How does NOT believing in the Trinity affect my salvation Let's an important one. There. Are many good Christians who don't believe in the Trinity I don't believe that their salvation my they strike at all. But if when we know the truth. And we don't follow it that's a different matter. But. God doesn't force anyone to. Believe a certain why he gives us evidence and His Holy Spirit. To bring us to conviction of the truth of a certain thing and when I began. Researching this book I didn't know where the Trinity was right or Trinity was wrong I had to look at it and I have period of ten years I came to the conclusion that. Judging by the white of evidence Trinity was the correct answer. You have to do the same thing for you so. Of. Gospel work is five hundred thirteen in fellowship with God with Christ and with holy I'm Jews why is the Holy Spirit left out if there is at the scene and. Another reference in review in Harold over seventeen eighteen sixty nine. And again his garden Christ and the I know it was no mention of the Holy Spirit now I don't know when the statement in gospel work is was might about would take this one in review and here was made in. Sixty nine this is well before and what began my king any strong Trinitarian type stipends. True that we have fellowship with Christ in the idols we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit and she just doesn't mention it here and that was one why in which she was I able to Mike a neutral statement as I mentioned earlier by not mentioning the Holy Spirit. This is why I declared that those who find secret hidden meanings in the scriptures that are not apparent in the language employed are phones teaches why then do I think theologians find hidden meanings in the Hebrew and Greek that are opposite to the plane after inches of scripture in English and I mean that God is ONE person the father. I don't quite understand that last night and I mean that God is ONE person abridging God talking about God the Father there he was talking about the Godhead. Father Son and Holy Spirit than one person so I don't quite understand that but let's go back to the the previous stipend. In studying the meanings of Hebrew and Greek words. One is not looking for hidden meanings munge looking for the apparent meaning of those Hebrew and Greek words. That is the only why the translators can translate from one language to another is to work out what is the meaning of the goods in the language one is translating from any of you who are bilingual have done work in translating will not have the difficulty that one has in translating from one language to another because it is usually not I would the word correspondence between from one language to another. For instance one simple example that you may not be aware of is that the great word. Which we translate in which is and in Greek. Can mean as well as in It can mean by. And. Very frequently in the King James version is being translated in when the more correct meaning would be by and it gives us a lot greater meaning to the whole passage we realize that. The meaning of the word is really by their not even have to one example of many. Why would a church books edited to remove or Trinitarian sentiments in the 1940's Why had many people been dispeller ship in the S.G.I. Church of the Trinity issue since the doctrine can't be found in the Bible as clearly written in English. While they were. There are many doctrines. Which. Are not spelled out as clearly as we spell them out sigh in the twenty ninth when you know in fundamentals. For instance. The. Idea of the investigative judgment or pretty had been judgment whichever you like to call it beginning in nine hundred forty four. That requires quite. A series of of studies you've got to look at the diet for the beginning you got to look at the relationship with Daniel nine in the meaning of Daniel nine the goes with Daniel light etc There are a lot of things factors go into that and you don't find a clearly spelled out you see a description of it in Daniel seven about it's. Not doesn't doesn't tell us when that happened. Now you say church books. Or known Trinitarian sentiments in the 1940's I wasn't there can to now reason young fella that three years old and that's died. Did I do that I don't know. Certainly we know that. The ROI from the great editor for the Trinity you would know. When he wrote a piece for. The colleges encyclopedia I think it was he wrote a piece on seven diet and just for them I didn't even mention that I would Trinitarian. So there was not I. Have. Any sort of. On the hand. Method of the. Feelings with things we know that for instance. You rise Smith's book because it's so good in some of its. Exposition of the Banyan. Genuine revelation some of the statements in that were were altered in. In lighter additions. Because of the fact that it was a book that was used. As I missionary outreach book to Venice and we didn't want to give them the wrong impression. But weathers removed from our apple crock and I want to be interested to know about that. Why did Mrs White never tell us anywhere in her writings why the S.G.I. church was wrong about the Godhead and needed to change its beliefs in this area. Why and what would. She didn't go about telling them for instance whether I were wrong about righteousness by five. But when the subject was brought out. I believe by going to ring John's uniting idea. And I want supported them and. So it was with the Trinity she might have certain statements if you would have seen in what we've looked at even to die. Very early statements that guy clues and there were others I hadn't mention that if our people had. Had looked into those clues it and White guys have. Then I would have realized that they were on the wrong track with not being known Trinitarian but I didn't didn't like these things happen and I'm white. And God. Leading an online God is real. Gentle Diven said I gentleness is made me greit God is very gentle with us and he leads us only as we will to bear. And. I. Am so that that is why she didn't tell us that the church was wrong in that fashion she eventually she presented the truth and about Trinitarian things and God's people eventually caught on and went with that. Says he it took Israel about about a century to adopt a new doctrine about God called Bio. Why then did it take a simulink to transfer modern Israel at church to adopt the doctrine and that God called the Trinity. Why is there no plan thus saith the Lord for the Trinity belief in the Bible considering we are told in great controversy not to Sept any doctrine with out or accept it should be nothing any doctrine without a plan thus saith the Lord well apply and thus set the mode doesn't mean a statement you must believe in the Trinity it is plain for instance that I know in verse six says that the son that was to be born the virgins. Son that was to be born would be the Mahdi God. That is very plain statement that Jesus is God. And. The statement of Jesus before I buy him was I am and when you look into the significance of that it's a very plain claim that Jesus was the one who spoke to Moses at the burning bush guy the Lord chitter chatter. And. It should always be by looking at the matings of the text as we go through and just working and what is what is posting here or what is John saying here not looking for some hidden meaning but looking for the apparent meaning of what this site. And it all adds up I believe to the Dr trinity this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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