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5. Ellen White & Trinity (Part 2)

Glyn Parfitt
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"There are three living persons of the heavenly trio, in the name of these three great powers--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,-- those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized, and these powers will co-operate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ."

"When men and women, truly converted, are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, these three representatives of heavenly authority behold the scene, and accept the vows made by human agents to walk henceforth in newness of life."



  • December 2, 2016
    7:00 PM


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What I would like to. Begin with to die is to take the issue of Christ's eternal existence in the past and Trice IT development chronologically in L I watch writings. As I mentioned earlier Alan Watts early statements in these key areas when you're told. The reason for this is that she was writing to a group of people with different ideas in this area but they come from many different Christian backgrounds. These issues were not considered to present truth for that time. And most people poured into it was not appropriate for her as a prophet of God to make statements about things that had not been revealed to her. So what we're going to look at is to follow that Y L much understanding of the significance of Jesus' statement before I bring him was and how this her understanding grew as more and more was revealed to her. In what seems to be her first use of the ten I am by the why I've collected in my book every place where I want refers to God or Christ as I am they were only they are mumbo. Elem what I call God not any the I am about the greit I am this was in sixty two. These signs and wonders were wrought through Moses to convince Farah that the great I and send him to command fair to let Israel. That I much serve him. This expression the great I am because I'm rather a fiver to. She used to ditto of fifty five times in her published writings. I'm not talking about copies I'm talking about original unique statements. It was another fifteen years before and what first referred to Jesus died and before I bring him was I am she said Jesus with a lofty dignity that sent a thrill of conviction through their guilty selves and said Verily verily I say I under you before I was I am. For a moment silence fell upon all the people as the Grand and awful import of these woods dawned upon their minds. That stipend was in iding seventy two I ding seventy seven. Here and of what does not discuss the maining of the words I am. That merely comments that these words have a grand and all full import. She seems to be inviting her readers to study their significance from the Scriptures. It was not until thirteen years slight at in eight hundred ninety that she again mentions the expression before I bring him more as I am but she still guy have no clue as to the meaning of the words. He declared before I bring him was I am in. The period of the Jews you know bands and I prepared to stone him that the i notice of God unseen by men Howard him out of their assembly. Listened to give his light at things began to become very interesting. And I want referred to Jesus not only is the I am but as the greater I am. All not long. Hey that is Jack Evans had been wrestling with one whom he supposed was an enemy but it was the great I am the mighty God The Prince of Peace and just as long as he continued his wrestling he found no comfort no how. It was a life and death question with him and his strength was almost exhausted. We know that this is Jesus she's referring to because she calls him the mighty God The Prince of Peace. Where does that come from and I was I know I'm six where we've already looked to die around to us a child is born under once a son is given and the government job be upon his shoulder and his nine should be called Wonderful Counselor the Mahdi God the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace. So it was Jesus that she was calling the great I am. So in an indirect why. Ellen White was clearly showing that Jesus is the great I am by this time she had already identified the great I am as the one who sent the plagues on Egypt. The one who sees all this is Steiner of all the one who brings judgments. The source of being the center of authority and power. The one who dwelt in the holy of holies the Almighty. The God of the heavens and the ruler of the universe. Who allowed his to be worshipped. Was Ellen what in fearing that Jesus was all of these things. Three years later she begins to answer this question. In ninety five in a letter to her son it's and his wife Emma Ellen wide. Roger Jesus teaches us that God is an ever present I am. That in ninety two ninety five one died light at she wrote another letter to Edson in him in which enlarges on this idea and applies it to Jesus you can almost catch the excitement as these things are being revealed to her. She wrote. I. Am manged and eternal present presence the past present and future are alike with God He sees the most remote events of past history and the far distant future with this clearer vision is we do those things which out transpiring direly. We know not what is before us and if we did it would not contribute to our eternal welfare. God gives us a number to ninety to exercise to fight and trust in the Great I Am. This wonderful truth was revealed by Christ during his mission on earth and I save you says your father I bring him rejoice to see my dying he sort and was glad then said the Jews under him that lot not yet fifty years old and has their scene I brand Jesus said unto them very very sound to you before Abraham was I am. Christ was using the Great nine and go out. That was given to Moses to express the idea of the eternal presence. But there are seas were horrified at this dick interaction of crisis before I. Him was I am. They were beside themselves with the right that he should express such awful bless me claiming to be the I am. The underlining in that is why I don't want to self. Although the last portion of this letter referring to the Great I Am was published on the next guy in special test me series I I do ninety five none of the above statements were included in it now W W Prescott arrives on the scene. By the way it's amazing the way the Lord led me to the knowledge of when Prescott guy his talk in Evan dot. I went down to the widest tight as I had on other occasions spent a fortnight there trying to find the dight of this event. And I had. The L. of August I desist and there helping me and I had. The Heritage lady helping me I couldn't find it when I'm discouraged because hadn't found it better for not light at I received a letter that was wrongly addressed to me it should have been for someone else but in that made that was the very clue I had been looking for this to when this event took place when the Hill this Bible Institute. Might. God's doing not mine. Six months. And what right the above to Emma Prescott came to a strike in August September I do know a new five to assist with the establishment of Evan Dar college need to pad. Good in my hundred ninety six of about nine months. During his style he conducted an institute for ministers and Bob of workers at the newly built Evan dollar college in fact it had not yet been officially opened. This Institute took place in I pull my eight hundred ninety six shortly before Prescott departed for South Africa. By that time element was living in her own home she had had built for her increment. As Secretary Mary and I This attended the Institute taking copious notes which she relied back to on a much. She no doubt new avail and watch recent statements concerning the significance of Jesus being the I am now she was hearing the same thing preach from scripture about Prescott and she was very excited about it. Prescott was expanding on the I AM statements of Jesus to show the turn A-T. of his existence in the past. I. See Lycee who was present at the time wrote concerning Prescott. GRIFFIS of Prescott was tremendously interested. In visiting Christ as the Great I Am and in emphasizing the turn A-T. of his existence. Now after Prescott admired his presentations on the tourney of Christ from the Bible which will receive Ellen White was much more definite and public in his statements about the eternity of Christ. It is amazing what a delicate balance is being struck in this situation and the meaning of the Lord is very evident. Sufficient had been written in private letters by Ellen watt prior to the. Presentation to Prescott to avoid the charge of undue influence. While at the same time sufficient had been left out and said publicly until after the biblical presentations of Prescott to make it evident that the Bible and the Bible only is the source of all of doctrines. Night A in this presentation or show that the same thing is true for the presentations of Lacy in the Holy Spirit. Now we will look at what and what right after Prescott's biblical presentation firstly and what begins to emphasize the importance of the doctrine Jesus as the I am. It is part of the third I enjoy his message she says. The truth that that angels message has been proclaimed by some as a dry theory that we must all place in that message Christ as the first and the last the I am the bride and Morning Star. The following year and I watch stated in desire of ages that it was actually Jesus who spoke to Moses at the burning bush it was Christ who from the bush on men who are observed to Moses sighing I am that I am thus shut the sound of the children of Israel I am had sent me on to you this was the pledge of is aroused deliverance so when he came in the likeness of men he declared himself the I am. Also in desire of ages we find in what spelling out the significance of Jesus' statement before I buy him or as I am as meaning the Turner presence in the self existant one these things Jesus was claiming for himself. With solemn dignity. Jesus answered Verily verily I sound to you before I bring him was I am. So islands fell upon the vast assembly the name of God given to Moses to express the idea of the eternal presence had been claimed as these and by this Galilean rabbi he had announced himself debate the self existent one. Now if Jesus was the one who revealed himself to Moses at the burning bush then Jesus must not any be equal to God he must in fact the. The following year in signs of the times on a much Sid just this. The income I am is an abiding sacrifice the I Am is a every day man now substitute our surety the I Am is our Savior we must acknowledge and receive this almighty savior. You have is the night given to Christ. The how the Lord God is now salvation writes the proper dogs I will trust to not be a fried for the Lord jihad there is my strength in my song he also has become my salvation. Trustee in the Lord forever for the Lord. Is everlasting drink. In the above statement not only did Ellen White Coat Jesus Jehovah but she applied to him two of the only four passages in the King James version with the would you have the mighty fan. Now in calling Jesus Jehovah she was not saying that Jesus was the father he too is in total up to the nines you have it. A year light a on a white identified Christ as J. However in the following My. Demise is do you have a declared I am that I am. Christ declared before I buy him was I am. By this declaration he laid open the resources of his infinite night shift in padding in his words assurance of pardon for the go to Rice. A few months light at Elland Why do you still emphasizing the significance of the expression I am. Before I buy him was I am. Christ is the self exists the preexistent self exists and Son of God. The message he gave to Moses to give to the children of Israel was thus shelter assigned to the children of Israel I AM has sent me on to you. If Jesus is self exist and it means that he did not derive his existence or many other this implies that is always been in existence. Two years later in a modest self towards this same conclusion God has always been he is the great I am the same mystic clay as before the mountains were brought forth or ever there has fallen the earth and the world even from everlasting to everlasting them out got some twenty verse ninety person to he is the high and lofty one they didn't have a tooth eternity I am the Lord I change not he declares with him there is no variableness not a shadow of turning he is this I guess to die and to die and for ever he was there any night. He is infinite and omnipresent and I would serve as can describe his. Rightness and majesty. Since Jesus is so said you haven't the great I am the same yesterday today and forever which is what the Hebrew Hebrews passion's is referring directly to Christ. And it must mean that he also has always been. She had expressed this thought very clearly in a stipend my two years earlier in speaking of his preexistence Christ carries the mind back through Dicus iges issues us that there never was a time when he was not being close fellowship with the god. Now I want to look at his. Thoughts regarding the Holy Spirit how that developed over a period of time. The Wiggin by noting that in ninety three Ella what for the first time called the Holy Spirit Christ representative she said wherever you guys carry on the good work of searching the scriptures and the Lord Jesus will always be your right hand to help you is a message for one high priest pleading in your behalf he will send his representative the Holy Spirit who he says I will not leave you come from this I will come to you. And that's the first time and what code the Holy Spirit Christ representative in the same here Ellen what emphasized the distinct personality of the Holy Spirit saying. The Holy Spirit is the confidence in Christ nine he personifies Christ yet is a distinct personality. She had already made clear what she means by the Holy Spirit being the representative of Christ. And this was a uniting ninety two the work of dollars. Spirit is a measure big right it is from this source that power and efficiency come to the work of For God and the Holy Spirit is the comforter as the personal presence of Christ to the sorrow. He who looks to Christ in simple chart five is made a pot Tiger the divine nature the I didn't see the Holy Spirit. At the same time element I began to emphasize the deity of the Holy Spirit she said. The Holy Spirit indicts or genuine prayer I have learned to know that in all my into sessions the spirit into seeds for me and for all science bodies into sessions are according to the will of God never contrary to His will. This spirit also help with our infirmities and the spirit being God. Now at the mind of God. Therefore in every prayer of ask for the sick or for other needs the will of God is to be regarded. There Ellen White says very clearly that the Holy Spirit is God Thus the Holy Spirit as a representative of the divine Son is I believe to supply his place and she says in the next stipend. The Lord invites human I gins to become one with Him in spirit and works the Holy Spirit Christ's representative is to teach the sour note truth essential for the in might and in salvation of managed to be left on toward no act of mercy compassion and benevolence is to be left on performed every perfection of the divine nature is to come to man's assistance in the work of saving sorrows. To supply the place of his presence he sent his representative the Holy Spirit to convince the world of sin of righteous. Yes and a judgment you can. Do years Lyta and white in a letter addressed to my brethren in America referred to the Holy Spirit as the Person of the Godhead. Evil had been accumulating for centuries it could only be restrained and resisted by the mighty path of the Holy Spirit that of the Godhead who would come with no modified energy but in the phone as in divine power that are out February six hundred ninety six. Now this letter was not published until the following year I teen ninety seven. In the mean time in I promo I have ID ninety six the Bible Institute was held in Korea Mung where Prescott and I see my David beagle presentations Lysias presentation was on the Holy Spirit he said. The angle in which I was involved in the convention it was not the eternity of the sun not Prescott and Don. But the personality of the Holy Ghost. In fact Lycee had been studying that subject on his boat trip out from America and decided that is what he would present. Here again we find Ellen what wrote about the Holy Spirit calling him the third person of the Godhead. Months before Lysias presentation on the subject but she did it in such a Y that it was not known all published until opt in life she's biblical presentation it was asked my clear that and what was not influenced are Lysias presentation and it was also demonstrated that all add doctrines a biased on the Bible not on our watch writings. Subsequent to life sees biblical presentation in the Holy Spirit and I want published in I didn't know any idea desired by Jews and what she had written in her letter that. The Holy Spirit was the highest of all gifts that he could solicit from his father for the exaltation of his people. The spirit was to be given as a regenerate and I didn't and without this the sacrifice of Christ would have been of no. Sin could be resisted and overcome I need through the mighty I didn't see of that that person of the Godhead it would come with no modified energy but in the fullness of divine power it is a spirit that Mike's effectual what is being wrought and out by the will between a man. Used by the spirit that the heart is might pure through the Spirit or the believe it becomes a part Taika of the divine Knight Chair and that's a whole subject I can share with you wonderful somebody. With statements such as this that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead to. This website and speaking night it would not be surprising if questions were being asked what sort of a person is he so one year later and I want to explain that he is as much a person as God the Father is. And this is from manuscript sixty six hundred ninety nine. We have been brought together as a school she told met haven't up and we need not need to realize that the Holy Spirit who is as much a person as God is a person is walking through these grounds and saying my humanize the Lord God is our helper keeper and help us he is everywhere and we are knows every thought in the mind. Also in that sign me of the Holy. Spirit is at last mentioned as taking pot in the heavenly councils. It is the glory of the gospel that is founded upon the principle of restoring in the Fallen Rice the divine image by a constant manifestation of benevolence this work began in the heavenly courts their God decided to give human beings an unmistakable evidence of the Live with which he regarded then the garden was stood with pretty for the rice and the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit guide themselves to the working out of the plan of redemption. In nineteen hundred four and what called the Father Son and Holy Spirit the eternal Godhead it tribute being eternal deity to each. The work of salvation is not a small matter but so vast that the highest authorities have taken hold of by the expressed faith of the human agency the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. The eternal Godhead is involved in the action required to Mike assurance to the human agent. Finally we have this unique and beautiful statement made in nine hundred six we show this earlier in our own handwriting. There are three living persons of the heavenly tree I have in the name of these three great pass the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit those are received Christ by living faith I baptized and these past will cooperate with the video and subject of heaven in their if it's to live the new life in Christ. Now I would like to return to the theme that we started with was not the unity of God. In our presentation last night we saw that in ID ninety three and white my the amazing stipend that Jesus and his father were of one substance the same stipend used by other Trinitarian Christians to express the unity of God. It seemed that divinity flashed through humanity is Jesus said I and my father won the words of Christ for a full of deep meaning as he put forth the climb that he and the father were of one substance there's a saying the same attributes and you see that they. Now we have seen that Ellen White also emphasized the fact that they were three members of the Godhead and we noticed in her handwriting the reference to the heavenly tree. They were ever new furring to three she did not forget the unity of God I. Want to share with you three statements that clearly illustrate this. Those who have baptized in the three thousand nine singular of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. It was in nineteen hundred after we have formed a union with the greit three found power singular which every god our duty toward the members of God's family with a much more sacred or than we had ever done before. In these two examples and the mark refers to the three five zero nine and the three thousand power that singular clearly emphasizing the unity of the Godhead. In the final example and on what coast Father Son and Holy Ghost three representatives of heavenly authority. When men and women truly converted I baptized in the name of the. Son and Holy Ghost these three representatives of heavenly authority the how the Saint. And accept the veil by human to work henceforth in your life. There is one of the already I which is a representative. My saying isn't it. This valley. We thank you for being with us we thank you that we have known. The apologetic for what is right written to the rejoicing and so thankful for what has been revealed to us and try that you will bless us as we go forth from here to. The message of Jesus is that this the he is the one who has asked substitute and sure that it's as the I am that he is and wonderful. That you have. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about first. Listen to more so. You. Verse or.


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