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Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry




  • August 7, 2009
    3:30 PM
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I and then try to convince a topic music takes on Howard Hass and vitamins that down to a little bit less than sixty minutes about forty five minutes so I would have to talk fast you can handle was there no I have discovered some work basic components that are necessary and I need and I propose to not only are they necessary their necessary in a certain order there are four seas is the what to talk about and in the four C's the first one is to connect if we there in the Adventist world specifically and in the religious world by and large it is very common for us to want to try to make a commitment which is the second seed and begin commencing work for God long before we were connected with him and so I submit to you before seasoning commit command and conquer those are in successive they are successive one to the other in other words every trying on the conference although we haven't commenced witnessing in working for Jesus Christ and we having committed ourselves to him and women connected to him we will not be ultimately successful as a Christian so we have to learn the number one how to connect and the importance of connecting so let's dive into what have a lot of Bible and spirit of prophecy and want to talk about connect now when I first met my wife to be she did know that not it know that but she became my wife to be we can do one with another we didn't jump right into commitments going to commence with the wedding we connected first and so it is with Jesus Christ it doesn't necessarily call you to jump into a commitment with him until you connected with them does that make sense is like any relationship we have to connect first met and before we connect of evolving commitment to connect them before we commence we have to commit Ephesians six ten and thirteen says finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power was like put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers against the rulers of darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places somebody tell me what is this Scripture saying to us and somebody can paraphrase it for me going once yesterday get close to God in other words what the first C connect connected with the Lord or you can be overcome connect these strong in the power of his life connected with Jesus in a way it never connected before now how do we connect to Jesus obviously this is the million dollar question wherefore take on you the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against in the evil day having done all stand there is a seed that I've learned in connecting and committing to go and it is right here in this first is to take unto us the whole armor of God so how do we as Christians take the whole armor of God upon our self summary explain it to me or a multiple of you commonly taken upon ourselves what is the armor of God now the juniors they had some answers for me so I need some money some help here is that even the early teens so what is the whole armor of God what is the armor of God 's are the spirit what you mean by the sword of the spirit yes the work of God enabled me to say hello to salvation the word of God summary else Sagan the blast the breastplate of righteousness so as if the word of God it is the spirit of prophecy is fellowship with other like-minded individuals that will pull you down and it's the armor of God is not the world we know that it's all the things of Christendom that can advance us to the kingdom of God the armor of God the consort of the Word the Spirit of prophecy hands in Psalms that we sing that encourage our hearts that associating with other like-minded individuals that are also striving on backsliding and when we put all these different things these accoutrements this power of God we can stand in the evil day having done all this and there are many young people and many parents that only want to do some to stand and wanted to all testing is as we can overcome the devil if we do all sustaining all means overcoming everything is there that wouldn't be fair to say does that sound like compromise no it says standing not compromising methods young people for twenty nine a little time spent in sewing your wild oats somebody tell me what that means one of the meanest soldier what you've heard about it see a Xanga so I have no problem saying what that means so when you're while those okay testing out the world and this way is basically what it means to go do whatever you want whenever you want with whoever you want whenever you want to know matter what gaudy your parents or anyone else says Celinda while those is that the wild close the carnal man the flash and allow and so those Leslie zines instead of the spiritual man is in a sense Mister and doesn't make sense again praise God so here's what will happen if we go spending how much time on the middle time nonviolence bunches worse but even a little time for sowing wild oats dear young friends will produce a crop that will what embittered how much your life your whole life so I would say this right now I was not raised in a Christian home what's more an Adventist home I wasn't raised anywhere near Christianity and I was in the world and I was out there selling my wild oats if you will and revelatory light of varying bitter experience is is absolutely true and our thoughts lesson this is a long time in our normal just an hour of lawlessness imagine being in the wrong place at the wrong guy in the wrong setting listening to the wrong music in one hour it could yield a meeting with a one-hour thoughtlessness once sealed in the sensation may turn the whole current of your life in the wrong direction my mother was sixteen years old when she got pregnant with me one thoughtless moment one thoughtless hour it changed her whole life this is true you can have the one you only got right now how many of you Leslie what where we weren't eagerly teams right now as of right he was what a disaster six thousand and as a legal sixties and nineteen okay let me ask you this question you only have one time to be sixteen to nineteen do you realize that do you realize you don't get to be sixteen again or seventeen or eighteen or nineteen and this is it is not a dress rehearsal I'm forty years old and I've even know how I got this oldest fast it goes so fast it's crazy and if I knew that and it was even attending a seminar like this when I was your age and I knew even a part of what you know as Adventist young people on say what my whole life could've been a whole lot better when you have you have but one news made that useful when once you have passed over the ground you can never return to rectify your mistakes someone is saying here and let's build this a little less flesh it out Jesus Christ is come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will what I will give you rest what does that mean give you rest from what your your your your hard labor going on doing good today sure that's part of it is just a little tiny part of it when he says to come unto me all you are are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest what is he talking about he got emotional strain or draft under arrest emotional stress as he got I had a lot of that is an abused child and so Jesus come unto me I'll take it all away the pulls of the world and send me in other words and to me is another word for while our first scene and then when you are going to the Bible you will soon connect connect connect connect over and over and over again this is to connect with me you won't have to turn around and rectify your mistakes that's good news he refuses to what kind that went on and puts himself in the way of temptation might fall as Ellen says no it says will surely follow we fail to turn now we fail to connect even doing God in all the world does good night my mother-in-law so what I need to be a Christian good person da Vinci is a diversion and she does not submit she shall give her shirt off her back she connects with other people she doesn't he has been connected with Jesus but she does a lot of good works so what does it mean to go out and do good for the Christian versus doing good with the worldly mindset that there must be a difference is there a difference between connecting with God and then going out and doing the work or just going out and doing the work is a vast difference my friends so when we first connected with Jesus then when we go forth into the third scene which is that financing to go out and do good building power behind what we do and then so he refuses to connect with God and puts himself in the way of temptation will certainly fall I hope you will not put yourself in the way of temptation I am the vine you are the branches he then applied and made this event will do that but again I find out the fine is planted in the ground right the branches are two divine connected to get double miles connection is amazing to me connection and he him us to mean that I'm connected to him the same ring bought lots through without a connection to me you can do anything at least that's how it can do nothing not sales nothing fundamental things but it won't have a lasting effect and lessee is the world 's or your own soul if you cut that if you abide in me and my words are buying are connected to you you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you what many of us go out and we just say our little frivolous result largely the less I do please let me have is a blunt knife and please let us on the governmental district another that's not connection my friends is not connect connection is when we wake up in the morning and we roll out of bed onto our knees and we begin praying that's a connection and then we want to move into our devotion with him coming when the word of God rightly dividing the word of truth and we start to see Jesus and everything and he says all wonderful under connecting with me and you continue to be connected without disconnecting in the morning but if we are connected all through the day then we will have the power to make the commitments that we need to make Sweden commenced the work of God it shall be done unto you here again is my father glorified that you bear much fruit so shall be you shall be my disciples some fifty verse fifteen and call upon me in the day of trouble timeline for delivery I'll think about it I'll consider it is that what it says no friends it says I will deliver you I will and when God says I will do something he will do it so the call in a one five five learn the prayers and if you'd written just like I wanted to do it what will the storehouse of heaven to you it will connect to the God in a way that you never known before the race for the brand no one here in one year he has raised the okay go directly for the prayer here's a friend it's very difficult is it just right and if you do your connection with God is guaranteeing years of ready ready and that's super is a legitimate friends God knows when you are in the moment of temptation when you are having fun when God 's word is not a say in your life anymore when you don't want to revisit her pussy about to watch the movies are not an unknown total American Idol the names into the law is not appropriate Idol American Idol anyway this thing about idols I think in the ten Commandments but when we are connecting with God when we cry out how to matter when temptation comes when we choose to stand for the right of the heavens may fall when we say I will connect with God when Jesus dies as he takes that prayer is a father in the opposite to the father in heaven is at a theater near a person is saying he's having a struggle with the settings on this temptation over here when he descends on the person waiting to sentence an angel between Uppsala Thomas and God will remain God will actually not will move heaven for you when you say you believe that change don't worry about Holbein leads us to the father is lead please father it blessed me know what to say yes those four seven says he can do yourself senseless as submit yourselves therefore to God resentment and he will flee from you you notice the progression of the first part of it being what many of us wanted to start resisting the devil I will never watch this again will never listen economy is again how never know that covers it all never look is that unity and hot whatever it is we make all these commitments we make all these proclamations but we haven't connected with him we don't submit ourselves to go ahead and ask him Lord not my will but your will be done in my life no matter what no matter what happens about what my friends say no matter what the church says about what my parents say I want to do what you want me to do God decimating the God that's connecting to God and when we connect to God and we can resist the devil he will give us the power and the tools to resist and then we get to see the devil flee and don't try to resist without connection doesn't happen you know how many of you know that maybe try that the oldest Malaysian so connect first and then you can resist the devil draw not to God what is again connected connected on connected on claims are hard to connect with God and they need to resist online and on the money you and then you are able to cleanse your hands you sinners and birthright purify your hearts you double minded it all starts with the connection you see that we clear on that Matthew twenty six forty one cents to watch and pray both of those are connections Lord give me your site give me your vision I want to see what's going on in the world around me I want to see the temptations I want those landmines and so I want to know where those temptations are one and connect them pray to God that you may injure not into temptation is a descendent exempted no this isn't going to the temptation yes I'm driving down the road I see a very negative person on the Billboard and she's their advertising whatever she's advertising and I don't will lower my guilt and Lord have mercy I didn't want to look at and I didn't know was there you keep on driving and I will look because God is giving up our Lord don't let me look again I do right on past night Outlook is an artist and lightning this is no I was tempted but I didn't saw for this to detract right so I'm drawing on seconds driving along my goal is to earn all that is absolutely terrible abilities in the way that I will know you get the point hello there is a difference one says yes I will I will say I was shunned evil I will not look at and connected to God the doubles on thirty wants me to look again but you know what unconnected hell freezes that's right you go around string within also my service are looking among my sermon out of my head I've engaged leaving the mint condition and as a man think of where in his heart so is he on and on and jumped on the Billboard with her and you get my drift but my thoughts run wild and the battle my friends my this is where we worship this is what we choose this were a character is Mrs. Young people for thirty one communion with God encourages good thoughts noble aspirations communion connection with God talking with the learning of God encourages good thoughts noble aspirations clear for as of so a lot of purposes of action those who thus connectors although not our knowledge by him as his sons and daughters praise the Lord they are constantly raging forest fire and steel iron containing clear views of God and of eternity until the Lord makes and channels of light and wisdom to the world what a beautiful promise by one connection now let's talk about committing some thirty seven five says what is the first word case your ways unto the Lord trust also in him and he shall bring it that we have to first connect I didn't jump in commitment with my wife until we had connected and I communication happen two-way communication just like it needs with God I need to say okay I want to connect with you I'm not certain that it make a commitment now yet it may be according to the group as maybe you haven't not sure on the Internet but I need to know about you so I'm not afraid that's me talking to you on the Ranger word that you talking to me to a conversation a man's and so without I thought was doing all the talking and I don't ever allow God to talk about was doing all the talking to never allow my hopeful I debated on it what were the individually communication one site I figure out during this connection time I really like this person I think I want to make a commitment to her just the same as it was when I was new in my face Lord I'm learning about you and I see your character I see what you want to do for me I believe I want to make a commitment to you and God says if you can manually estimate and sesame I will bring it to pass review and Herald May twenty eight eighteen eighty nine this is beautiful all the stink of the goodness of God let us tell this power sing of his love letters committees again there is a beautiful word in Kunming our souls unto God as a single creator and stop worrying and fretting God will help us a little bump things of this life can you say amen yes and less an abundance of good things and lines through the things of God is all daily and then some good things lots of good news here to think about and talk about that has come into the presence of Christ sounds like connections and meanings he is cleansing the heavenly sanctuary let us in their bodies and provision has been made for our cleansing of sounds and has been open for sin and uncleanness asked in phase for the grace of God and you will not ask in faith that we first connect and say Lord help me to connect because I will do good in the world is mentioned in in a vital way and then Lord impressed me with your character teach me other things we didn't know should I commit my way is to you and then when he reveals to you his goodness and he will caucus can I keep from a horrible life and God is good on telling you right now and he has cleanse me from a lot of her I've been molested as a child I've been vegan as a child I have been what does a child I've been tied up as a child and you don't even know what my past and how nasty and dark and use sinister it was as a child and yet God says I will take you I will clean and I will make you a spectacle this work as a powerful God he wasn't too free I can look in your face a look at your analysis I can looking at places like an CPN hurt in some interfaces perhaps you've gone through some things like I have led us into thereby save provision has been made for a cleansing house and has been open for sin him as they know the grace of God and you will not estimate when you say Lord I want a lot do something for you I don't know what to do I like it a lot in the world and do good for the other items on connecting to you how can my ways you but I don't know how to build me know what you go insane and is ignored if you can talk to a donkey you know the story right they didn't talk to Don I say that every time when I got to go sing a pre- Desert Storm God in heaven if you can talk to it don't I hope you choose to talk to her sing to me today and you know what God says now therefore go and hold now in DC when thou shalt say amen so is that is that a promise for you young people of course it is unafraid home salon dungeons they'll take away all of your your nervousness in your anxiousness he didn't say that but he says he will fortify you may just save you go I will tell you what to say so before we go out and we come man's Queen Maas connected to God we had an end how difficult was it what we say everyone connected on what was that the big flowery prayer that we do that we learn we say what health fair enough legitimate prayer that is the prayer of connection amen and when we connect to God and we asked him to help me to commit my ways to you father is not enough leave this he's going to help us he says now wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord and types and not the unclean thing and I will receive you here again are some conditions this is a condition of commitment out from among them I will receive you now this is talking about I believe this is actually connected to Jesus Christ what we are connected you say love high want to learn a new piece has a lot wanted to give me this is then worked out really well and is I want to see how I commit my ways you can use is asked how silly will reveal my characters you and you decide to commit my way is Jesus Christ commit my life to him to do something for him on produce a list somewhere and then he says what what I want to do is I wanted bringing I will accept you as you are the center the master out of dire woman that you are here not perfect I'll take them just like you are and I will not leave you there is good news because of God I just accepted me as I was I didn't change me then I would be the same guy just with the ceiling and carrying a Bible on my arm but not having been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ I would have no testimony so God says if you come to me and deleting them airways to me then I will teach you I will help you to separate from the things that are holding you back from having a tremendous connection with me that's what happens to see we can connect on a certain level at first okay when we first come to Christ we connect in a circle of old with Jesus Christ and then he only can currently see him he brings is a long and our Christian experience he brings is a long and many reveals more things to me says there are some things in your life that are impeding a full connection with me does that make sense so maybe it's that things are listening to the people you're hanging out with the baby that the things you might be beholding or watching the movies that the CV that the music the Internet of video games whenever you take a little less than a mile long my friends well now has intensified every single day and he says there are some things in your life that I want you to consider as a hindrance to a full connection with me we can connect to a degree like this again on a stranded wire is is anybody know what is stranded wire is it is a wire that has a bunch of little wires contained in any and it makes one why this is a plastic sleeve over it has a bunch of wound wires inside what we come to God I look at as you know what there is about three or four of those little wires in their connectedness of all wires not connected but there is a connection and Jesus says there's something between the rest of the Mongol and me and you stay connected with me and committed to mean our will do something in your life that will help you to make a full connection and facilitate one when God has a full connection Jesus Christ is coming back is looking for is looking for the full connection those who will be open to the full connection by the way those people have a very special name the call the hundred and forty four thousand they are the ones that say we will connect completely to God we will commit our ways of God all the way one hundred percent no compromise in their life and when God has his number one God has his people who are willing to make a one hundred percent connection one hundred percent commitment then we can go out in a way that this was never seen and commenced his work the outgoing Holy Spirit will be ready because the conduit if you will the connection will be made complete in the holies in Florida from heaven and taught snobby unclean thing and I will receive you and I will be a father doing you shall be my sons and daughter say the Lord Almighty having therefore these promises dearly beloved let us cleanse ourselves from all the leaders of the flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God second Corinthians ten size is casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself is in the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity as some of the files so it says and resell and you can we actually do now can we actually bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ it seems impossible let's be honest and as an older person as a younger person living at every thought come on man doesn't the Bible says we can grow as we connect with Christ we can grow in such a way that we cut that what God sold finally we can make our way is to have one hundred percent to where we are in tune with Emily and dialed the radio knobs and with you and indicate you have and are whatever Wonnacott and all of a sudden I'm learning to submit a air race single lot to Jesus Christ it is possible and something that I've done this very practical I have a Ironman watch on my my wrist it has a timer on a countdown timer and when I sent my what happened was I was studying the Scripture to watch and to bring and write one study St. Laurent loses me watch him train he was starting to teach me what it meant and then he impressed my mind what I thought you don't want and I want to be needed at the top of the hour no it watched so you want to play watch and pray how set my watch and pray because what I wanted to get into a habit of constantly connecting because I wanted all metal fibers and how wired and easily connected to them a sense so what I did is I set my watch chronograph not alarming to the long-winded reset it every time his is a counterfeit start a center board for an hour and you know I sound within an hour I lost my connection can anybody really and then as a law about half an hour tonight and here I am I've been in hand and is now provide six years at this point I'm thinking you know I'm learning some things and I'm having some victories in my lifetime I can surely go a half an hour with no problems with my connection I set my watch what happened hard to allow Lord I lost you there sorry thanks for my wife's telling me to come back to you friend Diane England is in every ten minutes my what's going on in the ignominy but you know what it did it taught me that I didn't know how to stay connected in a real way to go it's a simple practical way it's not legalism it's a simple way to retrieve my mind I needed a new habit of connection does that make sense because I wanted my commitment to always be there and upon learning of his surrender moment by moment by moment when temptation comes just what I think that they but what has been an hour to our society and what it's been since last Sabbath when I connect is a lot of Seventh-day Adventists out there but there are not a lot of Seventh-day Adventists alone on people want to hang out in Babylon for six days the Babylonian visa worshiping God on the seventh day that's not connection that's only a few little liars in the full corn fight let's move on because I'm almost out of time we have known Doctor Julius Psalm one hundred and one verse three miles set in no way can they know before my eyes I work on them that turn aside he shall not plead to me know what is in a whole set in the only good thing before my eyes what that means id. Sagan he will push away yourself in the way of temptation I will set no wicked thing before my eyes does that happen to apply to maybe the Hollywood industry hello can we get I'll ask the question again is I don't know if you heard that one or maybe did one answer but when it says I will say no wait anything before my eyes that apply to the Hollywood industry absolutely of course is not applied to the music industry and could apply to me Christian music industry yes I will send no wicked thing before my heart is see when I'm there to be committed to God completely I will reject evil with this power I will certainly get things before my skewering myself that all this he regretted it later and I'll be safe foolishness I hate the work of the mentors I hated that the work of those who turn their back to God I hate those backsliders to just think think and professed to be God their holy insureds but they're there he even outside of church no it will not cleave to me as we say Proverbs twenty three seven four as an advocate in his heart so is he he and drink safety but his heart is not with me so here again it's not necessarily that you go out and commit adultery but perhaps you're watching it in a romance movies think of soliciting brats are not out there on shooting and killing somebody yourself because you shouldn't commit murder but you're only watching it on this you will maintain or in the videogames are you getting the point here are you getting the drift here it is a mad thing to it in his heart so is he by the holy one change that we want to be change in him is a price we can all be looking at the images of the world I will be changed into that music of the reasons why success is a new heart will I give you an unnecessary life limiting and I will take away the stony heart out of your letter I will give you a heart if let's look at all the eyes Jesus is I will give you I will take I will give you that I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you shall keep my judgments and even friends this is impossible without connection doesn't make sense it's absolutely impossible the connection but one were connected and were committed he says I'll give you everything was talk about commence Jeremiah twenty nine eleven thirty is as far I know also I think toward you saith the Lord of peace and not of evil so God has what kinds of thoughts toward us lots of peace while it sounds pretty nice I had thoughts of peace towards you not lots of able I know there to connect to me there got to commit to me and I'll send them over to the lions in the debate about has always says I know my thoughts toward you and my thoughts for you are thoughts that are needed their case now doesn't seem like sometimes were in the front lines it seems very peaceful but say this when you're connected with God I was diagnosed two years ago with a cholesteatoma in my inner ear tumor it had eroded three at line two of my three hearing on the Dan was the last one down almost nothing might hear drum was destroyed Mike masculine was eighty percent infected with the two Mark Betty Goenka my ear off and folded on my face go in there and drill out everything I don't think also I'd like to stick like no I like the back of this opinion might hear and wholesaler by crazy it seems a whole SR eleven and that was but the thing is God when and not to me that that the surgeon went in there and had to take all the consumer how I was told to be careful don't get your life in order because we don't know and your brain is gone and your brain it can be legal and you may not make it on the operating table while I'm thirty eight years old at the time are you kidding me it didn't seem like it was a very peaceful thing was allowed to come in my life but I'll tell you what because I connected with God and I committed my ways to him I wanted to do was work and I said Lord our invoice finance the work for you I don't want to stagnated and I said I will have perfect peace because you promised me in the midst of the storm I can someone tell your friends from day one all the way through to this day I've had perfect peace to all of the Lord it is you is your ear is only on Honda this is anyway I bought with a price is lower whatever happens to my ear yet but I'm a singer losing hearings not a destination well I'm definitely see her now but God teaches me how to sing to the other year and commit your ways unto the Lord and I have had peace even though the trials come that connection that's commitment Lord because I don't want forget the Lord is coming out here and a strong commitment when things get tough the tough get going as lungs are connected and he says lots of these snow able to give you unexpected and I will bring things into your life to give you an expected and I will allowing for you and into your life Kristin that will give you an expected end is character grow then shall ye call upon the new self appraisal gone for Anthony and I will hearken unto you you shall seek me and find me when you search with me for me what part of your heart you are you are in the world and part in the church is that what it says know when users of the concerns for me what all of your heart Matthew twenty nineteen now go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and the son of the Holy Ghost you see what it is it starts with the connection and we become ninja Jesus Christ more connected and we can then dig in the end what he says go and teach all nations I can come man's thirsty hockey men's God 's work because I'm connected to the source of power I've committed my ways and to him and now he can protect me now he can guide me to get navigating around the landmines therefore I can go forward in faith knowing that I can commence God 's work the third season and unprotected and then review and Herald December sixteenth eighteen eighty four the precious hours are passing as an ambassador of Christ I implore you to want to work come and see your work intelligently that's what and what I believe what connection and commitment to God commence intelligently with education with someone helping you guiding and directing you and if you have no one on this earth that wants to do that for you connected how he'll send what we call the Holy Spirit to teach you the the work intelligently begun unraveling in this and find them off for time and for eternity whatever is there the rattling is all of who I have this high I think I wanted on this one and you really do watch this program I really need to go to hear me with his boyfriend on the stove and all the traveling is how we make excuses why we can go out and serve God and commence the work she says to tie down off buying them off for time and eternity not even for little while to get it in on has not told you it's okay to engage in the things that we are engaging in Taiwan for timing turning it red and top it off if an alcoholic once overcome alcoholism what is a new visiting things around the house know what a TV Holly is that junior will be a highlight for an Internet hauling our romance novel I'll do what you learn on how I would be wise for the genealogy to the TV in the house that he wants to overcome his addiction to television of course not the best debarred person will then be lost hello friends my goal this is a little better time than I have for you is to tell you that this is not a dress rehearsal this is this is a guest you don't get another chance this is it's time to connect you say amen and it's time to turn regular ways that young people to Jesus Christ what do you say it's time to turn them still work of Jesus Christ so we can say this world and ourselves what you say friends this is real hi I'm not a professional speaker intending to flowering illustrations all I can say is I a sinner saved by grace and I hope you are too we can go out and do all the good and the world friends how we can help other people but if we ourselves are not connected and committed to Jesus Christ we can be lost ourselves in my right hand this is serious business on time to play it is not this is praise the Lord it is not too late for wrongs to be righted and wild sees it as our mediator is misleading in our behalf let us do our parts of the work and then promised thirty first like every word of God is she or he and he is a shield under them that put their trust in him so I want to encourage you God says if you connect with me we boarded on also just hit the airwaves immediately gone all over the citizenship you convince your way to make all that God the God of this planet the God of the holy Bible he says he is a shield unto them that put their trust in you and you can go out and commenced to do good in the name of Jesus Christ and you will have a shield of protection around you you want nothing to worry about I have a friend of mine that he is as literature bandits and he is like insanely in love with literature evangelism and he is story after story after story of violent dogs for single upon music and thinking the dog does he know he's connected heating LLC is committed and he is convinced that the Lords work with protection is this for verse twelve now therefore know I quoted this now therefore June now what is that what is therefore told me the third scene one commands now going to miss you connected with me you committed your way to meet out all incumbents out there for the OS X I mail me and your mouth I don't know what to say when Otto Norton asked not your problem you gone claim the promises I connected you on a commitment like to undergoing your name and he says now therefore go I would be a timeout and teach you what to say amen admin can teach you what to say that's great schools can teach what to say that apprentice off their imagine the blessing that you might be missing if you don't ask on yourself what shall I say give his twelve one wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us that is every writer we are compassed with great witnesses we have power from heaven we have angels that are assistance we have the Bible the spirit of prophecy we have prayer with other warriors in God 's church those are all witnesses are want to tell you let us lay aside every weight anything that holds us back from having that connection with Jesus Christ cast off never I know I can be called on your dedication yeah Jesus had the same calling all I want here off well Jesus will call upon solicit John Baptist I was Daniel Salas Joseph here on your singular here's your straightlaced they all have the same reports are you are hope so are you singular on the purpose of God to do good in the world of the connection to Jesus Christ I hope so are you single-minded is singular in heart you know what system I said as we draw closer to the time I'm paraphrasing because they dropped closer to that which God would have us reproduce in our life that what he is looking out for us and we will recall my concerns even on singular straightlaced extremists are you Israelis extremist while Jesus was called that if you are here in good company if you aren't getting connected get committed and get working for God so you have that report let us lay aside every weight in the sin which does so easily beset us let us run with patience the race that is set before us Hebrews we don't have time to get in all this my time is gone and we have aimed at the fourth scene so I didn't think they would didn't get through it undergo physical slides that we have to grab is going to conquer Philippians four thirteen I can do something that's not what it says a man I didn't know how many brother all ratings to Christ which strengthens me so I can go out and do a uncommitted in Jesus Christ and unconnected to him because he is the string that's what that verse says Isaiah forty first thirty one you know wait upon the Lord shall run to their strengths they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be worried they shall walk and not faith in Jesus Christ Shipley Company is a handheld incumbents is working as I will make you like an Energizer Bunny Leslie visit I will renew your strength and so another words when we plugged in to heaven 's in charge is something odd was working I don't know how I like a migraine headache going right now and I just realized I took away the moment is here it is not awesome because his connectivity now therefore going on it and how did you also say okay Lord I'm going to go on a professional speaker not a personal singer I don't know what I'm saying the Lord put something in my mouth even though it don't even talk to me any charges we easily say to another that's for you and if you know it's you can make the always a hand job the only kind that while the spin a fruitful meeting how do we connect prayers I'd say that's a legitimate tracker is a connection help me father he will connect with you the moment you say that people believe and say it e-mails the spirit and holds the utterings of the heart the moon is in and already the communication the interpretation is begun before you I will that's the technology uses a men connection commitment commencement and if we put these three things together in order we can be called to souls for Jesus Christ I want an answer to get through to a couple more here I wish we could get into always a Soviet way of monologue mandatory and we can go through it look at all the Scripture now revelation twelve one and they will shame him by now what the law on the LAN and find out what word of their testimony and they love not their lives unto the debt ceiling love not their lives unto the dad so I believe that's talking about a real connection what you say and hold their country they're plugged in hounding Kerry I die that's what this is safe and they overcame him because they come into the blood of Jesus Christ and the connection there ways again I will walk as you want to do that I will say what you want me to say I will cast aside whatever he wanted Cass design that's what the Scriptures say they all were waiting Kim goes in Satan they overcame Satan wants to overcome Satan in your life absolutely but by connection to the blood of the land and by the word of your testimony if we connect and conveyor ways to Jesus Christ and commit to going to go with that kind of our friends you have no testimony you have no testimony because you have no walk anybody out there yet you will have no testimony because you have no one you have no experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ and what he can do in your life is what I need to have the story cuts and get a signal the goggles we need to have those stories we should live up the stories of other people can you say amen and that's right all out and make a witness in a overcome by the blood life and they loved not their lives on the debt that is the ultimate commitment in connection genuine same as is life and where there is life there is growth so when we connect and connect there will be growth the life which is in part cannot but grow more and more unfunded Celine a living faith means an increase in figure I need that but can't I can't find in trust by which the soul becomes a one eight conquering power the fourth seed when we connect we commit and we commence with the power of God to go on this will do good we will become a conquering power Solano I want to encourage my friends at the skip through this to connect with God connect was to connect with God don't raise your hands because your friends doing it who wants to really connect with God I want Gore wants to go one step can make their way is that God is it I made bad choices I want to try to highway to God not disconnect I want to I want to commit my whole life for him and my plans and I've done I want to commence the work of God anybody here who wants to convince the can is the work of God God bless you God bless you when you put these three things and actually when you connect to Jesus Christ in a vital way and you can admit I will assign and everything else had been singly focused on your glory God and I will go out and commence your work then friends we can become calm during powers conquering sold out these three we will have nothing one nominal Adventism and NASA's Ames in the nostrils of God in fact Jesus Christ says because you are Luke warm I will spew you out of my mouth that serious friends today is the day to connect today is a day to commit today is the day to commence so we can be conquering souls and soon enough there will be those people who decide to do these three things and it will have no violent amount and Jesus Christ José as my character there is like there there is right there in my character there is I been waiting for this day that connection and commitment the commencement happy thing is there now and I will redeem my people he's looking for those young people will say the right of the heavens may fall can you say amen friends all want to encourage you I don't care what your friends are doing because most likely they're not doing the right thing I don't care what the Adventist institutions are doing they may not be doing the right thing how I don't care what anyone else around he was doing my friends because I may not be the right thing but when you connected Jesus Christ you are in a hand-picked team will show you want to get right up in your life I guarantee you we all find so concluded we all have things to get rid of it I like how I know that you want to know that because we're all still here that make sense and so were all the same boat let's encourage one another let's help one another that's not tear each other down and I encourage you to connect with Jesus Christ comes in your ways and to him come whence the work to go out and do good in this world with those criteria and you will be like this world don't change this world forever you'll save souls for interning God bless you my friends and make your name remain in the book of life as a landlord a prayer what yesterday was father God in heaven you solve a handset to go up and they said that they wanted to connect with you they want to commit their ways unto you father as a young person as an old person that's a scary thing we don't know totally what that means so I pray that you would help us as we cry out and say Lord help us to know which way to go help us to know how to connect to you help us to have the courage to open up the word of God and even the review provided we need to be help us to study the inspired writings of sister white as well and even be revealed by those father but help us to be those people who are willing to do what you want us to do no matter if anyone else understands I pretty would bless these young people I pray that you would help them to be that light set on a hill that cannot be extinguished by the same indentation around father we love you and we want to be those people who stand with out compromise who stand only committed to you we want to overcome in our life and so we ask you to give information to change what you want to change to make this a fit vessel help us another soul-searching is doing in this world the vital connection is missing his name and a reunion with my audio and maintenance like to learn more and I try to come in and work you are online and www. outmaneuver us know


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