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My Journey to Starting a Food Business

Branko Fernandez
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Branko shares his journey in the food world and taking over the family restaurant, Oasis.


  • April 23, 2017
    1:30 PM
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My name is Brock Fernandez my presentation today is titled My journey how I found success in health and business. Friends I you know in life I really feel like we share much as human beings we're not that different so I believe there's a huge value and huge value in sharing stories because our stories are very similar We're not that different so today I just wanted to share with you really quickly about myself my history where I came from who I am how I got to where I am today and my hope is that I can inspire you I can motivate you to take massive action in your life to take ownership for your direction. So. Also I am not accustomed to presentations with slides since probably the eighth grade so bear with very with me I usually speak without technology like this I just like to get up and talk so we're going to go to the next slide a little bit about myself my friends. About four and a half years ago I founded a company called secret table in San Diego with my brother Pablo pictures very intentional because he's in it right there I wouldn't be where I am today without my brother he is one of my main mentors in life motivators I look up to him and he is one of the people one of the persons in my life that really propelled me and motivated me to become an entrepreneur and to step into a world which I am now addicted to so he's currently in Guatemala he was supposed to be here today presenting alongside me but he's out there doing some groundwork for our company which we're looking to branch out into retreats I'm also co-author of a waste of a turn café that was founded twenty years ago by my parents I grew up in the Riverside Community who knows Riverside here goes out there you guys every dad always says anybody's like how many people have it out just curious Thank you I love you guys. Just so you. I will give you that is very woody wants to go to my cafe I have a I have coupons for this so you can go get twenty percent off half off a smoothie not trying to plug my cafe too much but if you want to come please come we just recently relaunched our Many something that's a huge mission to my family what this cafe is ending the. What is called food deserts someone brought that up today there's a lot of food deserts out there and what that really means is a lack of healthy food because it's really not a lack of food there's a lot of unhealthy options out there for the mass majority of people especially in impoverished areas of this world so my mission and my family's mission with that place is to spread because what we offer is plant based organic food that's fast casual and accessible to the community so it's our mission to alleviate our epidemic of unhealthiness in this country and around the world. So a little bit about me I grew up in that area most days you can find me at the cafe doing handstands I love to be active a huge part of my life I enjoy teaching cooking classes nutritional Ahman attritional chef one of the things that I got started in and it propelled me in the entrepreneur field the first thing that I was doing was teaching nutritional cooking classes about four and a half years ago and I mentioned you know something that a lot of people have mentioned a lot of the speakers prior to me as you mount of work that it takes to to become. You know to follow your dreams you know they're not just handed to you and one of the things that I kind of want to speak about today is while I was doing that while I was building these companies I probably averaged three to four jobs serving tables managing a cooking school and then building my own business mostly in the restaurant industry so it's a little bit more about myself. This is some photos I love photos guys so this is what I do in San Diego this is my team some of the events that we throw at secret a WE. Weird and thought provoking moments except we're often shared around the table around good food who can who can agree to this who can agree that this is something that's dying in our culture today is dying right so it is like the dinosaurs there it's almost extinct. I think they're extinct actually suffer a few. So it's with the secret table my brother and I we really had a mission to not only. Glamorize healthy eating because it's something that the mainstream you know you look at Top Chef you look at these things on T.V. What do you see it's like meat is the fame it's like at the top whatever or like you know this this isn't this isn't real or things that are unhealthy or so glamorous and we wanted to present real food organic healthy food source at the farms in San Diego to the community and show them that one they could impact the community with their dollars at our events they could taste what real food that's good for your body tastes like and it's not boring it's exciting it's fancy they can meet people like you're doing today you know by coming here today you're building a community or hopefully or leaving with some new friends people that you can create things with that you can support each other with we want to create an environment where people converse it around what's really important in today's life which is changing the world you know. My my belief is if we're not doing something to impact the greater good of this world are really not doing much or not living to our full potential. So that's a little bit about myself that's one of our events the last large event that we hosted. And what led me to this path. Spoke live on my phone my family definitely you know the background that I had definitely instilled up. Ashton for health I've always been very passionate about the knowledge that I had because I could see it apparently it wasn't there and everyone especially my you know I saw early on in my high school friends they would make fun of me you're a rabbit eater you eat rabbit food is what I would get Who's got that as a vegetarian ridiculed sometimes right and I never took it to offense because I understood from a very young age my parents were they did one thing or many things very correctly which. For one of the things they do is educate me they didn't just say this is what's best they said this is what's best and this is why and it was very powerful because I was able to distinguish and to really be educated for myself and to realize that you know the the real missing link here is education and my friends you know they're not they didn't have the advantages that I didn't have the parents that had the parents if they had my grandma was actually a pioneer of her time she was a vegetarian before it was cool you know like back in the sixty's and fifty's. And so my family my background instilled a passion for health for cuisine I got to really see it happening in the restaurant just because I grew up by the way I was not good at cooking by that like the age of eighteen I can make eggs cereal you know make cereal you pour it you know I mean I've made sandwiches I was my idea of cooking. Not until I was in college that I really sorry experiments and so I was really poor and I had to fend for myself and get a little bit of soul into where that path led me a little bit but I had to learn how to fend for myself and I created this I developed a passion I saw how it's really like chemistry it's like science it's like making arts cooking when you do it I don't know who else enjoys cooking like that when they get in the kitchen yeah it's like wow like you I really I really enjoy it's therapeutic to me it's my time you know I put on classical music whatever I cook I don't cook as my. For myself anymore because I'm so busy with the restaurant my business but it's definitely a passion of mine so I grew a passion for cuisine health entrepreneurship something that I saw in my family and a love for God. My love for God. Is what drove me and gave me the strength the knowledge clarity and courage to pursue my dreams it wasn't until you know like many of us in life where we're we grew up in a family we're told what to believe we grew up you know we have our parents beliefs their habits we often don't understand why and they're not real to us and concrete to us it wasn't until I started reading the Bible for myself and really understanding my faith for myself that I got really passionate about life in general up until that point high school who remembers high school is anyone in high school right now by the way anyone here that young I don't think so any of the helpers now maybe one high school it's easy you know like I look back at it now and I'm like if I only know what I had the fire I had and passion is like everything in that time of life before you're eighteen you're really an adult at the start paying for stuff it's so easy you know and so I coasted through life I don't really take it that serious I wasn't very passionate I didn't really give it my all wasn't sold one thousand years old I was homeless for four days because kicked out of college for not taking it serious and you know I had all this background I had even gone to a Bible college before then and graduated as an evangelist and had all this knowledge about God but it's really easy to do graphs and life will get into a little bit about building habits in the minute here it wasn't until that point and I hit rock bottom that I really leaned on God and I really went to these verses that I'm about to show you here which I had read before but I had forgotten and it wasn and so I was in that situation you know for days living without a home violate that I was like. OK there is something that needs to change so there's three verses that inspired me they continued inspire me and I want to read them to you really quick the first is Genesis one twenty seven and the gist of it is that we are what does anybody know of Genesis one twenty seven we are made in the image of God Wow You know when you really think about that you know we are made in the image of God What big shoes you know what Apple what treated we fall from mazing right I'm going to paraphrase these just for sake of time first Corinthians three sixteen. Does anybody know that verse by memory by any chance you do now is not raise your hands are your camera guy put you raise your hand brother. OK essentially says that we our body is the temple of God and He dwells with us. What does that temple look like my God God dwells with me what kind of place would God want to hang out in or be with or dwell with what does that look like. And Matthew twenty five fourteen through thirty which many of us know and if you're not familiar with the Bible or I'm not sure about the crowd today but if you're not familiar with the Bible or these verses I implore you to check it out afterwards Have a read if anything you know I find that even for people that aren't. Have a biblical background are religious The Bible has many passages many verses that are extremely practical for our life today and are amazing tool can be amazing tools to give you a holistic life. The parable of the talents if you know about it speaks of a master who gave his servants talents and he left an expectation the expectation was for those servants to take those talents and to multiply them. We must multiplier talents and life my friends we are all. Born with the talent whether it's given from God or given through our parents we're all born of the time and in life is a gift and if we think about that if we really focus on that it's like a motivation you know it's like I need to end up at the end of this life better than where I started out because Iowa which brings me to this next verse or not verse I'm so sorry this next statement which I try to live by today whenever I'm feeling down because believe it or not the world is like an ocean it's possible around are going to go back sometimes are going to go forward down. But I lean on this this thought right here which my faith instilled in me my background which is I have a duty to my family my friends myself to God to be the best version of myself I can possibly be in this life period and I I wholeheartedly believe that and my faith is what propels this. And so my friends I'm going to share with you three principles that I live by it's a day that I think or I like to share my ideas and and allergies. I think their pain a beautiful picture and when you some photos as well who knows what this is right here. What kind of cars. It's a Ferrari right it's one of the most amazing vehicles ever made by man it's like wow right. In millions of dollars sometimes some of them are millions of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine yourself owning a Ferrari. How amazing would that be how would you treat that car think about it you're going to the gas station you're on you know running low are you going to put that eighty seven gas in it. You know right yes and say No I do that I'm going to put that super premium that that high octane that stuff. It's really good for this vehicle that warning label says you know when you open a bag ask it what it says only the best because this car is extremely valuable. My friends you are infinitely more valuable in this car infinitely and you have one body to get you through this life what are you putting in it are you putting the very best into your body. Is your physical mental and spiritual health a priority today in your life. You see. There was a question asked today. And it made me think I wanted to speak but I have had my chance. The question was how do I I think it was directed toward Laney about how do you know that I don't have this right don't have the how do I make it to this. My friend the answer in life or I believe the answer to success in life is making the things that you want to be successful a priority. Whatever it is this in your life that's a priority today you will find a way to be successful in it and you can analyze your life today and see what the priorities are out because you're going to be good at them you're going to have some success in it maybe your priority is being really good friend and you have tons of friends you're known for that person right. So we can analyze. What are you putting in your body and it's not just food we're here to speak about foods today. I think that it's you know I could I thought I wrestled with like what do I presented by give nutritional facts and it really just was like hi it's not my message you know because guess what today in this world we're saturated with information it's out there guys you know if you want to learn how to eat healthy. What is your biggest asset that the Internet right something that we don't have ten years ago we did have ten years ago like twenty years ago you know what did you stop to do when you wanted to make change or to learn you really. I want to progress in life you have to go where the library you had a then hope that the library was really good and had book that was up to date and then you had to look for it check it out read it. Today you can go on Youtube and watch Laney's video on how to bake and get a healthy recipe and start learning in seconds and start changing your life for educating So what are you putting in your mind constantly What's your priority in life what are you feeding through your ears how is your spiritual I visit a priority. What do we see here my second analogy. A boat what's behind it who knows what that's called Awake. Let's say you're driving a speedboat you're out in the ocean which where you looking going really fast. You're going forward right you're looking forward hopefully why aren't you looking back. Because you my crush right. I stole this analogy from someone by the way guys this is not like some of the Ferrari ones mind this one I still. Guys in life. My question to you is are you driving the boat the boat is your life in life you are either. Proactive or reactive you're either preparing for success or you're preparing for failure which is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin if you are constantly in life looking at behind at the Wake you're going to get to a point someday in life where you see how the heck did I end up here I don't know if that's appropriate but I want to emphasize the importance of this thought how did I get here. You failed to prepare. So I love I love to start with priorities whatever your priorities are in life I implore you to sit down and say what's really important for me in life I believe that the very important things in life should be our pillars our health. One of the things that gives me extreme calm. And so my life to be an entrepreneur and to take risks to take chances because I'm healthy I have the confidence mental confidence spiritual confidence physical confidence that if everything were to go wrong tomorrow the market shifts restaurant fails. Bankruptcy whatever doesn't matter I have my health my mental health I start over tomorrow the scary thing is if you're not in that place and this is the reason why most people never never try and never start as they have a fear of failure and then they have a lack of confidence to try so I really believe that. The pillars are the focus points are our priority should be our health. And whatever your priorities are in life we should prepare we should be proactive What do I mean by this who. Who here. Who hears their own business owner. A few of us yes do you guys plan out you plan on how far ahead you have plans for your your company's like you know certainly everybody I believe that has a business here has certain benchmarks of goals right I see Jared shaking his head in the back who here does the same for food. Right and that's one of the main reasons why most people in America aren't unhealthy and diet is they they leave it to chance you know and this is one of the things that I'm going to get into when I do the meal presentation is let's say you know what today's food we're talking about will say food is your priority how are you being proactive in it are you planning your meals ahead of time or in researching what's best what's a balanced diet let me preface the meals on Sundays on eating healthy Monday through Friday and if you're not in health really eating healthy isn't really a priority to you maybe and maybe it is but if you're not doing this you're going to fail at it. Paul. What is this huge wave. By just by looking at this I want you guys to just shout some words that come to your mind when you see this. What's power what are you what else do you see. Movement right. Thrust. My friends movement equals life. I'm not trying to save some all encompassing statement here but I really believe that this is true movement equals life what is the opposite of the ocean so in the in the ocean what do we see we observe abundance we see millions and millions of species species that haven't even been discovered yet what is ever ever apparent about the ocean that never stops moving you know it's constantly in motion constantly if you look at a puddle just rain there's a puddle maybe a field got a huge puddle and what happens after a few days of that SAG nation death decay you start to see the plant that might have been there start to decay mosquitoes start to come out it's not a pretty thing you don't want to be anywhere near that well. In order for us to grow in order for us to move forward we have to keep moving in life I really believe that. And we it's often uncomfortable. But if we are relentless. Will get to the destination we're looking for I often say Shoot for the stars if you fail the worst happens you end of the moon don't stop you know and so. I. Am ploy to continue to move life is often going to Jared thank you for saying this earlier he said he felt like ten times and succeeded like three times in the last was that year or something like that is the reality of life you know you're going to fail fail fail. There's there's this mean. Whatever you want to call they go around the Internet where shows like. This chart of the people that failed failed failed one of them was fired at the age of something like thirty whatever from a new station because they. Didn't have a good T.V. personality Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because they told him that he didn't have enough imagination. Tons of stories like this one of these people never stop doing the never stop moving they never stop trying it in stop picking themselves up in the ocean. Make excuses. The stories that weren't true. So my friends I'm going to I'm going to end with this I love this quote This is a quote that I read recently I read quotes in my team every week and this one is. I love it it speaks. Volumes to me and it's really something I want to live by and it is by my Agilent to go my mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion. Some humor and style my friends my message my my my wish is that you go out there and. Not survive this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service to visit W W W. Or.


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