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Running a Food Business as a Seventh-Day Adventist

Jeremy Williams


Can a Seventh-Day Adventist run a food business and be successful? Jeremy shares how he pulled it off.


  • April 23, 2017
    3:30 PM
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My name is Jeremy and my wife and I we we opened the corner back in two thousand and nine and we're out of Colton California that's for those of you don't know where that is that's near Loma Linda. So we when we opened the corner back in two thousand and nine we weren't doing any of the beginner healthy dishes or anything in that direction whatsoever we were actually serve and. You know pepperoni and pork and dairy and you name it everything that's you know not the healthiest. That's not what we're doing today. So but let me go back a little bit before we get to that point you know I don't have a presentation or a slide show or anything fancy so I'm just going to wing it. I don't have time it's been a busy busy week for me so. Just very little sleep so just bear with me so I was going to be a little history and kind of where we got to where we are now. Who I Am and my wife is and she can't be here today Her name's And she's at the restaurant right now. So back in. Two thousand and nine we opened up being corner like I said and we had no intentions of doing any type of health food or anything we had a prior place before that where we did have some some being in options and that's kind of a word started from now as a base at a marina Valley California. So but it wasn't that we were Christians we were there was no faith based whatsoever we were just making a profit. So that's what we did for a while and are back in. About a year after we opened the two thousand and ten we started incorporating a vegan menu and that that started really gradually really slow so we started adding a couple things here and there to the point where we got a bit of menu going I don't ever exactly how long it took to get that going but. It wasn't too long after that. So from there we started doing pretty much everything we were doing non began we started doing it again so we had two full menus eventually and it was an Intel I'd say around two thousand and fifteen is when we went all you get and I had a gun to a point where I decided to go vegan myself and that was back in. Say two thousand and fourteen I say and the reason why I wouldn't be I was just tired of feeling sick and tired so. I decided to make a change in my eating habits and not just my eating habits I mean I had pretty bad habits across the board I mean I was really bad guys. But I. Would just say I mean my diet consisted of you know waking up in the morning and and you know smoking a few cigarettes and tobacco a few monsters or rebels and. You know popping a couple pain pills and you know that was my breakfast you know it was. So. Basically that was for a while and I got to a point were that obviously started my life started going down pretty quickly and my my relationship was going down the drain everything was a business. So we got to a point where I was finally at a point where I asked God in my life and I asked him to take control and I relinquish my control and gave me victory over all the you know bad habits that I had and over the yeah so praise God for that thank him and so that's where we got to then where we are now is because of that and. Pretty much. What I want to begin the next step was to go into the restaurant right like how are you going to be vegan in the you know winded teach health and wanting to get yourself healthier but then serve anybody else is horrible stuff. So don't get me wrong we're not the healthiest place at all we're junk food so we're you can still get it right we're not always as cafes much healthier than we are but and they have greatly by the way. But my point is is that we're at a transitional food to where people can come they can get some of the same stuff they're eating now but a healthier version of it so rather than getting a hamburger with you know all the animal fat all the disease and all you know you guys know it's a place for eating chemist to get a good tasting burger. Without all the bad stuff in it or less bad stuff in it and then from there it definitely would be a transition into a healthier diet and that's actually a direction that we would like to go in with the restaurant is taking it to where we can offer some healthier options I love what Oasis just did by the way when all organic That's awesome I would love to do that. So a little bit a. Little bit about pretty much where we are right now is we're actually trying to do also ministry to our business and that's the the bigger picture here. And this is about faith and food right so our purposes is that we want to serve the Lord in everything we do and when I when I give my life to God decided to you know give myself wholly to him and everything I have my business everything so the direction we're going now is we want to do everything we do to glorify God. And that was the main reason we stopped serving animal products we stopped serving me as well. So there's so many ways we can go with this right now what we're trying to do is like I said the next step is to go pretty much get rid of the organics I'm sorry not get rid of it but implement it. But. Let me go back a little bit and. Kind of tell you all of them. Background but I grew up in a somewhat a Christian home a little bit and my wife she also had a bit of a background. We actually both our families had a gravitas and but we when we met we didn't know anything about God at all whatsoever. I mean as far as like our lives and we didn't we were just in a world completely you know just trying to make a dollar basically. So. But when we when I when I gave my life to God you know we both made a decision that we wanted to run our business to glorify God and that's. You know I actually. Don't have a whole lot more to say actually right behind us and I actually would be great to take any questions. That anybody has to ask. Why but like I said I'm just so tired right now I haven't had so much sleep in. To be anybody has English and I'd be more than happy to answer any question does anybody have any questions. They want to. He said where we where you notice the lucky call right so we're over off of the downtown north side of the ten Freeway. So we're on to nine I west always three So in between Rancho Ave and lucky Dana you know if you're familiar about seven blocks north of valuable of art. You. Know it's about. About seven blocks north of that so the state of. Law and valley. So if you were to go Acadiana. And then make a left on West ology would be right there on the right hand side the moment you pass over. And when you pass over other train tracks. I'm not sure if you answered this already but I know that I visited the place before I knew days late show Atlantis literature and everything around it wasn't. Always there is still I guess what led you to that whole process of you know now that you are food business flake from that process of you said before you went that you thought you weren't as active in church but then now you're putting like advertising I guess in witnessing at your business now so how did you go through that process things that are. Like I was saying earlier like back in two thousand and fourteen when I gave my life to God I was dealing with a lot of you know bad habits and addictions and I decided. To give my life to God and get in control completely. I just started studying I mean I started I went home and I stayed home for a few weeks. And I just kind of just detox off everything I was taking and I just called thirty to stop taking the time in a kind of pain pills I stopped taking the monsters in the Rebels and I started. Pretty much just studying and just praying as I read my Bible I study for this weeks at home. Actual about three weeks I think it was. Either stop that part. But. That led to. Me except in a seven actually that study and I guess I had a little bit of you know averages back are going up so I remember hearing a little you know this and that I know I know went to church you know on Saturdays when I was younger and I just but to me it is it was nothing I never had an actual personal walk with God at all so it didn't mean anything but when I made the choice to decide that I want to follow God completely heartedly that's when I started searching for I was searching for truth the whole time that's obviously what led me to this point I was had a really strong desire to know the truth and I was going down every different direction you could think of all the conspiracy theories and watching all the You Tube stuff and you name it but that led me to a point where I was like finally willing to. Give God a try in the way of speaking. Before I had a like it an idea my mentality was you know if God in the Bible is real and gods you know created me and everything else in this universe and if that's true then he should come down before me and all down that I worship him that was you not my cocky you know like he owed me something attitude and now I'm just so grateful that I you know that he even accept my surrender you know let's thank him for that. Yes So pretty much after that I accepted the Sabbath and moving forward I think I was out I think you guys know Jeremih Davis. As a Jeremiah Davis evangelistic series and he was talking about health reform. And pretty much he went in depth on it and I thought I was asking God in prayer and I was like Lord what's what's the next step you know you want me to go. You know I've given up this and I've done this and I just wanted to do the will of God That's all I wanted so I was asking what's the next step well then he started telling me that I should go with the restaurant and I'm like OK all right and so I start talking my wife about it and you know we're back and forth on that and eventually you know we decided to go vegan at the restaurant and then the next step from that was well now and then I started studying more and more actually Then I started reading you know. Spirit of Prophecy I started studying the health message I started studying the restaurant agenda to work I started looking into that aspect of it and realizing like hey you know maybe this is God's bigger plan for us to do something here to reach people and to not just you know feed their souls wealthy their belly and their soul the same time so pretty much we. Started I tell my wife as a haven you know what we need to start getting literature in here when you start you know. Baby so since day we now since two thousand. This. Last year or so it's been over a year now. I should add a year and a half I believe that we started dealing with all the literature we have a whole bunch of stuff all over walls and it's free we pay for that and we invite people to take it as they feel we don't have it down their throat it's there to take it they want to take it. And people think all the time I mean we go through literature. Like a lot a lot but I've had my walls are empty right now so you know order some more. Yeah. So. Yeah we started doing that and there's we started doing Bible studies on Friday nights of the shops are sort of advertising that as well to our customers to the public. And that was taken off a little while that I kind of backed off on that a little bit. But now we're we start to do that only like every other Friday and we have a little group of people we meet with and it's been really wonderful We've got some great studies and. Praise a lord for that. So we really I want to like take it to the next step but I don't know what that is yet. So please keep us in your prayers as far as that goes. I really I really believe that this is definitely got to work and that this is a great way to reach people. And it doesn't have to be the healthiest Like I said I think it should then surely go that direction but I mean be honest if most people you know that are in the church or that you know as your everyday person you know that's even you know the dolls and Burger King and you know Jack In The Box and all that they're not going to go. And you know eat extremely healthy food they're not in power and they don't believe enjoy the taste they're you know addicted to the chemicals in the flavors it's in their food now and so to them it just tastes horrible I mean when I was eating that way I mean a nice That was a great smoothie by the way but a nice green smoothie to. Me tasted. You know. Now it takes great. So what my point to that is is we're a place where you can come in you can get those things that you're eating now but healthier and you come in the door and you get a chance to. Read something you get a chance to you know learn of God me the chance of learning a maybe something maybe you're searching and maybe something you see catch your attention you're like I always wondered about that the Sabbath was that you know and that happens all the time. And it's really a it's a blessing to have an opportunity to let God or to be there and let go and see how God works through people. So yes I'm long in Vietnam even missed Mr earlier. But you know I didn't hear how you got started in the restaurant business oh some of the other people it sounded like their family was already involved or whatever how did you get started so when I met my wife she owned a pizza place. And learned about Lee and we ended up I came in and we ended up doing I was in marketing for her and so when we back in I was like you that early two thousand and nine and that's where we met and then from there we ended up opening up where we are now today but it was under a cheesy pizza that so we were like I said it's a regular pizza place and then from there and very from there after the whole process I kind of went through with scars us you know finding the Lord and going down you know every wrong direction and. Once we once we give our lives to God We also. We also chose to get married we were married or so and we were living together of course and so we decided you know we want to make things in every aspect of our lives right so. But you know per the law. And you guys all you guys on the floor Williams You heard of LAURA WILLIAMS. Right that's my little sister and she had a pact lots of prayers and my whole family was praying the whole time and we wouldn't be there where we are today I mean without and without their prayers so I thank them for that. So it's ours we're going from here the Lord's brought us here and it is I want I think that opening these types of restaurants up all over is something that could be done and I know Paul was talking about some great ways of doing that kind of like the basics as far as you know how to get something like that going. There's so many options and people. In the church today. I mean there's a huge there's a huge help reform that needs to be done within our church. But as well the interesting thing is that even our church I mean eating healthy is becoming the norm now I mean it's becoming extremely popular I mean science completely supports unbacked one hundred percent. It's a great it's a huge trend right now. So I think we need to definitely take advantage of that as well and when you start really educating ourselves and then really showing others that you know there's a lot of things we can do in our own lives you know to make a difference and then speed example and having places like we have. And so many others. Great great great things to work in. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. What you would like to listen to more sermon. W W W. Dot org.


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