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Life as a Pastor to a Food Business Owner

GW Chew


Chef Chew shares his journey from have a negative balance in his bank account to God providing and being able to start a restaurant. 


  • April 23, 2017
    4:15 PM
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If you believe that God's plan for your life now I'm actually a pastor you a lot about that as well so my we don't preach in is that OK good I get a little excited but I believe in that when I was a baby I actually was adopted pretty cool pretty cool but I guess you could say you know interestingly enough a lot of us in there entrepreneurs you know when you're when you're when you're adopted at that moment it's like you're it's a moment literally think about it my first name was Brian Right that's my name right now but my first name was Brian mild biological mother named Brian so again I couldn't comprehend the controversy that was going on in my biological parents lives they were college students that couldn't take care of me for whatever reasons that one of the I Have A met them a don't know the story behind it but there was a controversy you know I got you know experience our respects parents at a as a baby when I was born rejection you know experience not having you know the resources that you need in life you know the mental support the the educational support the financial support I had none of those things at that time you know instead of to say you know my future could have been you know a really really bad future but I would say you know there's always been a life we always say but that Amen you know God had a family a mother who my mother literally had miscarriages and she was and she was unable to bear children and so as a result of that she wanted to adopt and. His last name is Sue they adopted me and they named me. To a man and I grew up in a cool home I grew up in Maryland forty minutes from D.C. we were in the we grew up in the country on six acres and so we were a family that loved eating food this is a meal and over there. Made a Thanksgiving dinner or something I don't know what it was exactly was some kind of great meal my parents work well as a family that love the cook my mother had a famous potato salad mac and cheese my father had as delicious cake that he made you know always as a young love to get a. Involved in you know birthday parties and this is that we evolved around food and it was so exciting and so in my life as I grew up my father again he was not heaven and my mother was raised Adventist so I grew up in a family that literally you know we was in seventh heaven is so understanding that we ate literally everything when I say everything I'm talking about squirrels you guys look at me strangely. Like literally we were a country people in my father grew up on an era with a everything it was tough when he grew up in the in the fifty's in the forty's and so forth and so long story short we grew up eating a lot of different things and I had you know the taste of fork you know obviously a lot of different types of meats and so forth but my mother was race seven there Venice and as a result of that I started going that first when I was like in third or fourth grade and so on the church at a young age again I wasn't seven minutes but I was exposed to guess what vegetarian cooking right now again if you grew up in the eighty's in the ninety's and of a vegetarian food back then it was a good. That was good if you know how to make it right so I had a family that actually knew how to make good vegetarian food I mean my aunts and my cousins a lot of them who made the dinners that we had on set of the owners they actually were amazing you know wasn't even though they used camp products but they were taken in and some other special ingredient in about a special special cameras present to write him a spot to taste like I mean it's a slight meet the me I don't know what it was right but it was good you know side grew up eating vegetarian food that actually tasted good and so amazingly at the age of twelve years old I made a decision to actually not give up meat per se but I actually stopped eating pork and all shellfish stop eating crabs and so this is a big decision for me as we're eating pork so you know Country Boy you know I mean I'm literally tell my dad I'm not eat the more pork taps. As though it was a pretty you know it's a resin transition but at that point in my life I believe God began putting a calling on my life and I didn't understand what it was and. As I got older literally it began to speak to me even more clearly and this is the calling we came when I was pretty much in twelfth grade and twelve great actually had a full scholarship I used to be a runner actually had a full scholarship to a school called how university actually was ranked in the nation at one point this is a team of some guys around with was third in the nation in the age group when I was sixteen years old in the four hundred relay and so I was a runner and I had a forced out of shit to go to the school university and I crazy enough right after my scholarship my leg literally broke in a race I mean literally this broke in a race I mean it was amazing I mean this is a turning moment in the broke while I was running in this race scholarship it's like three days before prom I've been trying to get this girl to go to probably for years a cease fire legal or not years but you try to date as a girl forever and she's going to probably but now I have a broken leg Right right I got a scholarship that I just got you know and so and at this point I don't know what to expect but at that moment at this crisis got spoke to my guess about to muscle and he began to convict me on some principles in life that has not left me and I'm saying this is a foundation as I go into this this conversation about food I realized at that point my life God has something special for me and he literally at this point again I was in the seven administers some of your might not be seven minutes but the seven of ministers we keep the Sabbath one of my health principles Amen and it's actually an amazing health principle because you actually get that rest live in a society especially anybody here is anybody here chefs and chefs in here now isn't that life but it's a. I mean most of us work seven days a week right and so having a day of rest is actually a blessing some of your might workaholic and so forth so having a day of rest is a blessing so taking the scholarship most of those track me so I don't guess what day on Saturday and I was convicted at a young age at seventeen years old to let this guy go to follow God all the way so literally I gave this guy you know about it were. And I thought of my journey and I began to recognize that I had a call of my life I realized that this name Chu wasn't given to me by any by happenstance this was a call on my life and I began to read the books of the seventh heaven a church and I begin to see the Gospel the beautiful gospel He also that with me is one thing and I mean good as morning right. With me this evening the gospel right the gospel the Bible says this is that we should not be ashamed of the work of the gospel is the power of God unto what salvation to all of them but only if I got I thought of. It I fell in love with him I got excited about that man Jesus I believe that he has something special and I want to do what Jesus did for me I want to want to give that love to others and so I start reading some books of what read one book called The Ministry of feeling and it said Christ method alone will give true success and reaching the people and this is the Savior What did he do we mingle with men as Want to what desired their good now start to think about that more intently and that we think about food what do you do when you're eating food what do you know with one another What is that again you're making going right I mean food is one of the greatest spaces where you get the mingle show and it also says so separately right anybody ever had a conversation over food and you start talking also really big stuff on your life where you begin to open up about something that after you had that first bite your stomach might get you know and you start sounding to say something his personal life and you have that conversation and sympathy begins to come in right and then it says you begin to meet what he says Christ what is are there good as what he met there what meth there me. And then this as he won their confidence and then he bade them follow me and I began to see how food could be used to do this I began to see that food was a tool there was actually a gospel to it wasn't this any ordinary to it was a tool that could help me to actually guess what. When some souls to the man named Jesus Amen I got excited about this thing I got excited as a man had a mis step through it as I say going to give us something that. Over there right that's not a dreaming I started reading more books about the seventh heaven a church I learned about the history that this church was a vegetarian pioneer in this in this country one of your ever heard of John Harvey Kellog I heard him before let me start of the serial boom the. Cornflake a member that the granola cereal these were food that were made to Hill the hill the body there was sanitarium foods these were foods that were used to bring healing to the nations it meant you know actually believe it or not if you go back and study out even a lot about meat this protein that's a big thing today meat this protein this company's But a name of the impossible foods and this is huge this is the biggest trend right now of technology but guess what the seven have an affair started developing these things that's what over one hundred thirty years ago. Years ago and I'm here today to tell you that this is not a something that's not a hundred thirty years ago I believe that this is God's plan from guess what all the way back when from the beginning of time when God made man he made him and his what in his image and it wasn't God's intent was to be killing animals. It wasn't God It sent us to be what anything is that what now when that obviously didn't have a life inside of it he want to live foods Amen this is God's intent and so again as I began reading these concepts I had this call on my life that I can actually be a chef it was interesting I went to school for year and I was one of those kids that was kind of a rebel when I kind of you know kind of came to life and kind of came to my call and I was like you know something I'm just going to do this on my own way with college and guess what I thought of working at an organic farm farming vegetables. Kind of weird right I'm a business school literally I was already. A business school I came home my mom so imagine my dad is thinking I'm crazy this. Point I quit a scholarship he couldn't understand that now I'm coming home and saying that I'm either quit college. For my father really thought I would lose my mind right now I want to quit college and I'm going to go we're going to get a lot of raise food. This is exciting right so that's what I did right I literally quit college at eighteen three point six D.P.A. in the honors business school got another I actually got another scholarship from Howard I lost my scouts accept it and run they gave me a new scholarship a business scholarship because my grades were so good and so I literally walked away from that some like I'm going crazy I walked away from this walk with this college shit man I'm going to work at a bar. But hey I felt like Moses. Had a call in my life to do something amazing for him in these last days of Earth's history so literally I began to work for God at that point when I was nineteen years old I began working with a group of missionaries and we began going door to door literally selling books and we also began selling food and so what we did we actually made something called crunchy bunch of granola It was amazing one of my first products this is us is we don't box we have an over that one that you have. Critical right now you also may read in different things but what we did we went to literally no exaggeration we knocked on forty that up forty thousand homes we actually counted how many homes were in the city and what we learned in that we learn how to talk about food how to get excited about food how to say it looks like chicken tastes like chicken but guess what you guys get excited right now learn how to talk about at a forty thousand homes you know how to talk about oh you get excited about it you don't get a say in about talking about it because you're right so what happened was I began to even read even deeper things from the Seventh Heaven a church about what we were called to do as a people in the last days and I read the statement that the ship my life I mean this is amazing statement this is as intelligent cooks do their best to do what. And life others would do what you have them skill and understanding it is not. If I read about before this is the whole it would do what teach you what all things including how to cook anybody I had a lot of. You got the word it is God would teach you right then it says the word horse is for a bit them not for I will reveal myself to them as their instructor as a brother said God as a practical God Amen he was a thief how to do practical things it is be presented to me that men and women of capability were being taught of God how to do what prepare wholesome collateral foods in an acceptable manner now at this time this is again this is amazing information because at this time a man by the name again John Harvey kill I was reading this. What do you do to cornflakes cereal right you know how big the conflict in the story is Assyrian mysterious and he believe this and I'm here to tell you that again we as a church we have a prophet that we truly believe has been enlightened with information that's really is this way before time I mean vegetarianism lifestyle habits this is a way before Tom and I was I wonder why this is one of the staples that she wrote and I believe her I believe that she was getting special about her but I believe that she was a prophet of God in the she has something special for us in these last days and so what happened to me literally I don't have a college degree I don't have not a full scientist but I begin to actually start inventing food products actually I guess I became a scientist. And I actually created my own plot of land has a call better than me and this became my foundational work as as I was about twenty two twenty three years old I took. Me for no purpose of me when I first I like cookies than me and I was like I don't you know come for me to Oberg years I can't do this I got it got to be a better way to make some meatless stuff right so I began to literally taking grains and taking beings and taking products in the least thought of experimenting on formulas I thought of taking potatoes and tofu in all. All kind of things the start of products figure out how in the world can you make a meatless protein if you like meat and eventually guess what that or tell me. I mean I'm not exaggerating I mean he's got a kind of freaky to believe it but here you go here's a steak that we actually makes as it looks like steak tastes like steak but guess what. I'm making you see the texture and now. I can't really explain the science to you but I know how to do it. And that's had better write it out of the scientists in a back and understand all the details of a but literally we make steak That's amazing you go on about that in the second how are you using this product that God has given us an amazing way in the city of Oakland So give me makes that looks like steak make chicken that literally looks like a chicken we have a chicken skin that we make and you make it like little pills apart when you open it up and it chews like fried chicken so we have people that every day come in and say man like chicken. That's so funny man you get people off the street to come to the restaurant like Manson might have. Taken at us that they want to track in a frat and my last name is shoes that I use and they choose as I guess I'm called Barbara Kingsolver nobody else. Is that I get the ticket with the barber to sauce and then we have a good point when they buy that figure and then taking a look like ticket in that market to so they start smiling and they say that's good and I got them at that point you know to do next they go and tell their friends about it in the Word of mouth also working and I've been seeing an emotion saying this in the Maysan thing the watch how God can use us in an amazing way but. If we let them keep on going so again we're local producer in Oakland have a company cause of the bout of food and we manufacture on a small scale right now are better than the products in this is been an amazing journey and what we'd all right now again we start of the restaurant so I'm going to give you a little bit of my history. Of my first rest of my we talked about all the trials and tribulations I read the statement about starting restaurants and so this woman alone white talked about start and rest. In the communities I read about this is a restaurant of some sorts of the established was to give a practical illustration of the proper selection in the healthful production of foods and I began to read this like manna Ressam I could be a really good ministry for the community and so I wanted to do this and so when I was literally like twenty five years old we started our first ministry called eating to live it was me and I for gas and you know we did in this restaurant we all got credit cards and we ran into Max like literally no exaggeration here so I had one hundred thousand dollars in credit card debt write. This and I do plan. So that if it doesn't work what happens. And it's like hello I'm serious I experience hell on earth right so I didn't work and I literally had to go through like the worse at a house that I had and literally literally went through a foreclosure I mean I had a little it was the worst thing in my life I mean I was like at the bottom I mean like again what happened I was out of business right and it was like This is a hard thing I mean we gave a lot to this restaurant and it was some good things I mean this restaurant was the minister in the community I mean amazing things begin to happen but again it was just like how we invested into this thing was just totally irresponsible and I didn't have anybody to master the state of business school right. Had taught me some good things about it and I learned my first hard lesson about money about being a wise investor and making sure you do what count the what cost and make sure you don't take out a bunch of debt on credit cause the most crazy is that you have a new life that's what I did but anyway I'm out of business you know but the good news is when you go out of business there's some good things you can begin to read you learn that guess what a lot of people in life guess what went out of business but the issue is are you going to give up and I read this quote This is some got some trains by bringing them to disappointment in apparent failure it is his purpose that they should learn to master difficulties he inspires them with the terminations to prove every up every apparent failure a success so the key is are we going to learn from our mistakes that's the key. Often men pray and weep because of the perplexities and obstacles that they confront them but if they would hold the beginning of their confidence steadfast to the end God will make their way clear success will come as they do what struggle against apparently insurmountable difficulties and with success will come the greatest joy so guess what we'll be right that we're open enough and open up and guess what another restaurant they come on now I think you. Got excited and that's best. When they have something that you know a god has guess about saints something that right it is in a sense I was that my Ottoman life I felt like it was over I mean literally what the depression was at the rock bottom but you know when you get to the rock bottom all of that you can do is do what you know what go up and then so I guess what I begin to go up and I guess when I did it first thing I did I got married a. Man I was so excited I got married to the love of my life Tina Rodriguez. And then you know like literally like we got married in April twenty fourth is the model and like literally I think like like months later we start of the rest and I was like the craziest thing I've got this woman and we got married and got out of the rest All right so anyway we started a restaurant together called something better in this mess and I was really something better this was something special because guys begin to teach me so many different things also at the same Tom I don't have a degree but the conference in the area like me a lot so they say I want to become a pastor of a church out here in Arkansas so I became guess what a pastor I couldn't believe. I don't have a degree you know bank right now and I got no money I got a wife that's cool i guess but you know they said they threw want to go something like me and maybe it passed the church and so now I'm a pastor and guess what I'm a chef and I go I want to go so I'm a pastor in a step you know kind of thought of making sense again going back to again before we was born I had a what was. Our purpose for our life has a purpose force and sobbing and I'm in a mob that I don't have a degree I mean I got a good you know got me a little flat you know and in my Santa munity if it were Arkansas was a fair Arkansas about the same city where the colleges that are and saw the Razorbacks in my family with that thing I was in that same area so we begin literally I begin to start seeing the restaurant as a ministry you don't begin to go on cooking class in the restaurant we begin mentoring use in the community this was a young man who actually literally was actually he has so much trouble in the tooth and we give begin to have a work with his hands and teach them skills and so forth and he was working in a restaurant so I began to see restaurant as a ministry we begin to have food challenges in the restaurant and that was so amazing we begin to have Bible studies at the restaurant got baptized as a result of the ministry and the restaurant I was like wow this is amazing I mean how can you someone like me to do this I mean this is a scam it is we're literally I mean we let me get to the ministry and home so we are at a person's home in the community and all cooking classes in their home here we are this is college students at my house speaking healthy go may begin food this is like critique really amazing day for me so it's like really it's working but you know something the issue is that when you do this again sometimes I guess when life with all that success sometimes in life you also guess what have disappointments and what happened to me I guess out of this. It was a good story so. It sounded really good. This is a good knows where you go. OK I'm out of Tom I'm out of time too but out of business but out of business is not necessarily out of business because guess what we'll be right back. We'll be right back you know I because guess what it ain't about me guys and about me is about. It's about him right it was about me a B. over right but this is not about me I don't gotta worry about if it goes out of business I've got to worry about being faithful in about it all that I could do that's that's that's what matters right in this rest of us is money I spent only spent thirty thousand dollars. Right we actually broke even in the restaurant but the reason that it want to keep going I had a new boat who had a new baby and I had a wife that needed more support at home and I also wanted to go into my manufacturing rather than kill myself in a restaurant so I decided to close it now and this focus a little bit is it makes sense now again an asset to myself I'll be right back and amazingly What happened was that I went to a conference in two thousand and twelve this is in two thousand when this was absolute first S. and I was about two thousand a second rest miles by two thousand and twelve when that happened and amazingly What happened was that I met someone in a conference in Northern California conference and my familiar with the compas is in the church so I'm in the conference and M S N one there and they had excitement about doing something in the city of Oakland and I can tell you that we met it was a providential meeting that met this met this individual is one of the secretaries of the conference up there and he was excited about going to arrest him on the city of Oakland and it sounded good to me and he was like hey we can get some money I was like That's really good to me amen So let's also Anyway I came to California I'm livin in Arkansas and everything's looking a really really really really good and we got the business plan together we're talking about numbers and so forth and we talked to other people within the church and we got a promise somebody promised us three hundred thousand dollars that this restaurant I was like ah it's about to be a race somebody says they'll be amazing this is two thousand and fourteen and again we get people interested in getting this traction and so what I did at that point I'm like hey we'll be right back I'm going to move my family and I'm going to guess clear California Santa real good mammo So it's. I'm moving to guess where California then as. So I guess but I have a little a little Prius we packed up everything put it into a storage and we came across country in a little Prius the California so I'm thinking every day will be real when I get to California and I'm say oh maybe we will be living good point. Oh yes yes yes yes I get to California and I tell you I came to the compas office and I'm excited and when the going gets done it looked to me. And said the money that we thought was common it ain't coming oh OK Lord have mercy on me I quit my job as a pastor that had a low production kitchen and I was an artist so the money on that wasn't at all that's gone I'll be able to contract everything's OK with some in California but I did and I'm standing as one with a room like twelve twelve foot space with me my wife and my son with no job but you know. Where there's a god is what is amazing. But I here's here's the good news though got a lesson for me every lesson I have to learn in life and this is a lesson to me for trust again some of you guys are here looking to start businesses have dreams and so forth and sometimes you can't see the end from the beginning in this process and this experience I couldn't see there from the beginning of the back and so the story literally I came out here with ten thousand dollars that's all I had to my name and within four months I guess what that money was guess what it was gone but guess what guy had a plan ten thousand I was gone Congress has GIVE ME I'M DUMB I'M LITERALLY GOING BACK TO. Be a landscaper some landscaping don't all kind of stuff to take care of my family and literally at this point I call my mom you know when desperation are called who you call your mama right. That's it Mama can you help me I need some money she said look at the two thousand now if you do another month to game two thousand dollars at this point literally in my business you know I haven't I don't make a lot of money I mean. As a pastor and I was you know I did make a lot of money so I didn't get a lot of money back on my taxes this is the first tax with the with the child and I had a dependent man I didn't know that it was going to be. My taxes that year and literally this is April within two weeks my mother gave me two thousand dollars on taxes and on the year like a thousand I was back to someone and get anything about this year I got back six thousand dollars. I don't ever get that much back so I wasn't even thinking I was going to happen I was amazed eight thousand dollars Now follow me here and that story is not done literally I had an accident when I was in Arkansas before I moved to California a lady hit me at a stop sign so I went to when I got to California Friday took the car to the just to the see how much money I can get for and how much it cost to get fixed so the data Gatto me says hey you can either take the money six hundred dollars or you can go get the car fixed and I looked at him misses I think the money and I'll even I would have been is that. So he literally gave me six hundred dollars and now I'm guess what I'm sitting on how much money two thousand six thousand six hundred how money is that ninety six hundred dollars Ninety six hundred dollars lot of you not in that same two weeks I have some bills that overpaid before I moved here I literally had. To. Some other stuff I got some more checks for like another three hundred dollars so I came out here literally with ten thousand dollars a lot of ten thousand dollars in how many weeks and I get that money a miracle ten thousand dollars back and a lot of you now to this day from that a movie where I was that got myself a nice apartment and I was looking real good and at that point go the floor gets really good at that point and low and gave me a vision you know the last day the Bible says that I'm invisible. And he began to give a vision and literally the conference we started negotiating on this restaurant the monies thing started working itself out there was like this guy leave and he STILL year. The to me still being in California literally let them know that I was serious I'm like I'm not I'm not I'm going to go and I came here to California restaurant and back. It's going to happen and so we believe and so what happened now this time around took my time. We wrote a manual for the restaurant what do we do a manual you know by the manual this. Operation that was how you can operate a business like a business plan right literally at put everything all those years were restaurants the rest off for you that's what their menu was of a three hundred page manual blood sweat and tears went to that manual so I came to the Congress office and I had as they will play this as it read. It and read it but you know. There are pages and this is like this is like hey this is this is going to work this restaurant going to work so little of the thought of working on the branding so that their child was born less ME MORE goodness and so we started developing the concept and literally the design of the restaurant was amazing and so begin to do amazing things the Casa begin to come together we had our grand opening on January fifteenth of this year we had a lot that was so long we had a little early and a lot of you know the almost two hundred people that came through that day to that restaurant and I mean you can see the this is not even the extent of the lot actually goes around the building like outside and they stood out there for like two hours to get food mazing it was a little bit work on the menu you know so we got a simple sandwich menu you know different types of bridge you can choose you could pick the ME pick a flavor so we got the barber shoe the jalapeno ranch you know it's pretty amazing you know then we got our plates you can get awesome plates fried chicken looks like to taste like chicken right three teas Magen grains you know hairs on Instagram so we have customers now engaged in with us Instagram and Facebook we literally have no exaggeration or Facebook and you know over like one hundred thirty hundred forty views almost ninety eight percent of them are five star it's amazing I mean God is doing amazing things you know so all I can to simply say is that you know we work with the we do some Yelp events and that's pretty amazing that was pretty awesome you know you see that a lot of the restaurant you know and so again all I can say is that. You know I do amazing things and I miss it a day that God is waiting for his people to believe you know again remember that he's. Going to do the work there were Don't ever let anybody tell you. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. W.W.W.. Or.


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