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From Mercenary to Merciful

Ron du Preez




  • August 8, 2009
    11:00 AM
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morning laugh she owned the family and the idea almost it was later that year for a moment and is a three-story I'm afraid we've got we kid the oldest one was numerous green woodlands PhD with now studied medicine at some institutions is that they finished the residency and when I visited their home just whether talking about a son their daughter authority is also what is Academy unfortunately while there she got involved in drug smuggling microphones anywhere you got involved in drugs became an alcoholic when I was in the family the delay talk about them Ellen Scott W version of the husband what a wonderful Bible believing seven and working for the Lord giving you money awaited project I love the Lord they love them they find this is difficult almost impossible to talk about the kids had gotten harder because because then their daughter not long ago came home with her partner it is our partner was that she okay units I think black sheep of the family anybody know of a family that has a black sheep like yours on his right not a lot of money on it I don't want it off only when kids would what do good him with an emphasis here and we have as difficult as we're afraid to talk about it over the visiting when I was in the Bible I'm glad to see somebody you want to pop over the level today when I look to the Bible I find out fascinatingly than God is not afraid to tell us about the black sheep of the family as he open knew myself here when I would've rare public Genesis and that would wear in a minute and then share with you when incredible story from the word go with policy holy father bless us now as we open your holy Word made me understand and learn the important lessons for all I let me to better reflect the compassionate Jesus our Savior in his name we pray on their open about the genesis of authority as you learn my name is long to write the pilot on the subordinate is from birth sorry from mercenary merciful from mercenary merciful Genesis thirty eight and what the stuff is a fascinating one I'll tell you why I was talking about along and ninety seven to seventy seventy to seventy five degrees seventy six fifty notification electrons when you get out there is assuming the Bible from Genesis one two three four five six and Doctor Joseph thirty eight hours to double jeopardy never rented to us and we would just always when one is that if I thought of that a lot has been going to the Bible is something I come over here and we don't have the student chapter of Genesis there is an interesting chapter in the previous verse Chapter thirty seven verse thirty six seventh of December thirty six now the Midianites had told you will love it I told Joseph in Egypt upon all of them for anyone in the next sources are telling about Joseph 's life is not there the exact authority and thirty nine was one of the thirty nine with one another as one of seven hundred and seventy days was not jealous of that is taken down to Egypt and modify an office off to the gardens of the body is slightly thickened on the same things that the thing is that the presented with his repeated indefinitely interesting chapter thirty eight is what I believe a divinely directed question intentionally interrupted story on the event and the government interrupted one speaking razor has anybody out the next lesson how many men will often interrupted I didn't think any hands of the organization have you ever told somebody a story and in the middle of your stories over what you have as a result of values such as going to start talk about someone self and after about five minutes or so I was talking about and go back to what anybody interrupted himself on Arizona we don't mind interrupting I felt like they were coming to think we just get out of the government always enough myself right and here is a intensely inspired interruption in the text and see that it sandwiched in between the Joseph story is the story with me check authority doesn't start you reason and women reality that all agree the rest of the when you have a chance that obviously our time is very limited here notice of the Goldman is coming up soon and I believe I have about thirty minutes three zero New York Virginia Friedman warning union presented must not let which of the thirty first one with a divinely directed question a delivered digression about it was what they think about that I then said that the part of the team visited a while you know when you Ron Judah went down from his brother is visited a certain element as well as I read his friend and his family the question is why does it means them definitely like to fasten and go back I was pleasantly born that that's due chapter thirty seven Bruce Wayne T six hundred and twenty six Joseph had been vacant for and notice they look abroad is looking on a starving and then when we started and among politicians alike many nitrate is an issue I've limited my second African-American Asian-American it's the same kind of people who find a job and I thought it was going to play for the identified minute of his life to the people are so the company sees guys coming unnoticed by the unit is mine and they were able to get back to my brother he had a second thought was gone people to whom and while mother was away he was the oldest brother notice once Elizabeth Windsor to does verse twenty six Sojourner said that his mother is what profit is there if we kill our brother and consumer does not come let us selling into his life and that I had been wanting for his brother and his brothers listened when who was the one who suggested that they sell Joseph Junior is a legitimate announcement made by the abatement currency means and books Norton F she made on average when you look at what the shepherds going back to the shepherds to pieces of silver for the wing was somewhat three-month of labor peace Lebanon placeholder volume solo voice of a brotherly three months of salary instantaneously remove the felony and thousand dollars each on incidents I spent a lot of money on selling don't remember the antisocial as of ten thousand dollars approximately in one thousand or so per month Verizon is based on their brother for a hundred thousand dollars on the slave market and know that by the slavery was afraid to be feared worse than death the ladies of the website offer other Salman Abu on his blood would not be in our head is bloody of ahead of the needs of those cool people that celebrate the slavery of fate worse than death Saturday night and of course they get back home what if I called they basically like their dad always think that he was at four o'clock here's the code of what you have forensic science to just consent of the wild animals of them gold as you have assigned through the CFI nothing that I believe that okay and what did I believe that one of the key start morning and go to deduct the methods of the thirty seventh pick up where the forty four then Jacob Florida said authorities like any more voice on the net AAs asleep and only son always not inputting unit obviously arose the comforted by seeing Jacob refused to be comforted anything like a vote on who regular Sunday morning buses on the website dedicated that you are you thinking of the most guilty when using to get the one with the seller and one of them is going to help carry his saturated with children and spend it on when you watch Runaway suspect what to do next visit I verify that I stand in the artifice climate swings I felt anything so that was once again reminded why dad will close of the laparoscopic is adamant on the thumbnails meeting is what I have suggested in Jennings that is a sorry that I'm guilty of stars all around you you didn't know that student goes anytime to find ways to well you called this morning Windows is rapidly noted Anita worth to the thirty first of the software and on and on about twelve miles away he saw there a daughter of a certain Canaanite whose name was similar and he narrowly had our and went into a delivery system and he went to anything this is a cannot wait a minute later willing his life it was a very nice know he is a conjugal relationship that is canceling God wants to his home in essence was forsaking the fight of his father in the movie is rather it wasn't just leaving home giving up on the site completely and furious juveniles before awake while his conscience was visiting married outside the fight was a mix of friend I will get to them and noticed grossly so she should let conceived and bore a son and he noted and he called his name back in Bible times who was the one with some of the negatives father that he named his on air to air and good boy will get the benefits first of four C she was a daughter conceived again and bore a son and she called his name owned by the ethical Wrexham a more periphrastic Bible don't think she is acting she told me his name owner and name the second son to go in whatever the sunroof five and sequencing it again and bore a son and called his name again if she called the latency law why because Judah he was at the scene Wednesday morning jealously will come over the Vanessa Jensen was one of the fathers didn't care for his outing of it anyways the rebels on the evidence is right there were seven thirds in his first one son wasn't wasted in the side of the Lord was the first RWM divine judgment directed by Desmond him and the Lord killed him the third is a Watkins associate was like one hundred people one why is this the assembly story right interrupting individually inspire interrupted why does the story and draw the story of Joseph and his requests are many many are also good by contrast yet Joseph what is my choice if I don't know he was taken down that it goes that is number two reviewing the Joseph story is putting on for example the Lord was with Joseph the Lord was with a guy you did a story about is limited against in any son basically and that is the reason for that and was studied that will find it fascinating more than that when it comes to Joseph DiFelice from the all of it was going to write the full story photo contest but if you see what happens next to the first website is day that was across the back and ask that you would like discussed in the oldest brother and has no sign brother number to give you a single liaison is not as off-the-cuff and brother were killed in a single there was a strong cultural requirement it wasn't a moral requirement of cultivated your brother dies and you need to do what Mary the way to and and is very intuitive the firstborn son of all of your brother 's former wife is dead and all that firstborn son will not be classified as your kid at all legally note biologically but legally he is classified as the silent on your dead brother and identifications back in Bible times economic times the oldest brother always how much on behalf of the no not all double portion a exhibit had four million dollars the oldest brother when the comments to write over one million and Sheila but when you get but because our guys doesn't get two million dollars an hour on additional going in June and July and the sun will become a habit all the dollars over these no way no way I love you have the judgment two million dollars he does everything well but the Bible says he makes sure that you know you know you're in the conjugal relations the practice what we now do so the rumpus he made sure she never got fragments he was using the woman on alignment about something that I is distorting the Bible itself by facet fixed of August two thousand and oh just juicy gossip why does God is going to love is in spite of all is given by equation about and is profitable for instruction what when W story although we're not going to believe it okay enough in a story although I think this is a weird story and more we had some wine increasing on this we'll get to that in a moment to hold on guys the stories in the Bible for an important reason why one reason but the one effort on the use of and the things within Gothic edifice of the Lord so we could price the this is fearless in God 's sight and women smiling possibly bundling is now offering this woman is bad so what is he doing this is to the first eleven with eleven the engine is that they might ought to go back home remain a widow in your father thought that my son she was grown parenthetically to himself she also die like his brothers he wanted to get married he was lying north of the machine doesn't believe he has known his life he goes into space back home on earth to all she grows up as a way to do just as you like it's a sad story is a story of a guy with fully different way from the Lord and he was living his life I always thought and confessing and making things like these that notice was twelve I find the daughter his wife died it had many challenges many problems because he was living outside of God 's favor and used vegan is like I think it was comforted and when the machine is enough with these friends in Iraq he had dolomite the beginning thirty seven again in the Bible and Bible right here and will come back to Genesis thirty seven ago today suitable for briefly here and then the first group is just a cost and young people I know this is between sixteen and nineteen officially and us I didn't even mention something here at the cost of things before worse for the Bible says the last part of arts for responses adulterers and adulteresses do you not know that friendship with the world is what intimacy with God whoever wants to be afraid of the world they consult what an eternity of God here it is for signified refunds you become an enemy of God on the list of Iraq and incidentally Microsoft download about you but it was with his team with thirty three says that peanut was less bad company called Ross clone character bad company corrupts good one for her to be careful don't get along well back is very good story there and continue and of course we find here that he makes friends with the Hydra and egos of the sheet she responded with recent party they been getting the fruits of their labor they should shoot the Wolf network right now party time and when I have about it she said all I know what kind of man my father-in-law is I know where he is in his mind and speaking of it around long enough he hasn't given she is not as exact the old man and I know what kind of a geyser that they mock fix all for widow garments as you dresses itself is responsive gene for you as a result and the bottles that she dresses like a woman of the streets versa versa fourteen so she took off our Windows always covered itself with available wrap yourself around that's in the Bible wrap this up with perfume as cited in on the way to doughnut for she saw that she will not get Musgrove and not given the first fifteen on trusting the life of Joseph who ran from invasion when you saw her he thought she was the one of harder because you covered her face and heart attaching a profit the company faces then he turned to her right away instead please let me come into you when you did not know she was his daughter-in-law so she said what will you give me that you may come into the ideas that I will send you a young goat from the flock I will send you a young goat from the point is make a promise does she believe his promise and promise before you him now this is how things you can from the on-the-fly that he will even know those he says basically about a dozen of you so she basically said okay but but but hold on hold on what lands within the William Julia plays and I and he said I will send you this is easily replaced with activities in one place I give you she said North St. Louis and coordinate an attack in your hand then he gave them to her and went to the bottom of the fence you can see by your statement in court and your staff in one of the significant going on after the nucleus is the missionary bodies there and they haven't those who divorce your seals and that people know who you okay and when she says you signify your staff and your corn in modern language she was saying okay I want your credit card and I want drivers license that is the water will get them and was invited by Wisconsin's open on pleasure because no problem ma'am I'll give them both you and his driver 's license and his grandpa becomes so anonymously for income tax about three months after the student was told think paying on your daughter in law has played the harlot furthermore she is with child from Harvard three sojourners and bring around and V bar one evening he reacted instantaneously and without judgment elite Limited three months before what is the last widget is one of three monthly walleye when the he knew what he done before instantaneous judgment and condemnation with Joseph who forgive me for hand to him before turning eleven evident meanwhile was not a believer is a wily one out Wiley one woman but she said okay and he doesn't go to the grand carbon please pass on to him and him and she says on notice you so she says with twenty five which was going on she sent to a father-in-law sixty sixty to sixty musician which was a wise wily woman awakened once told by the man to whom they belong I am a child and she said to determine who these are the drivers license and credit card student is facing the picture the leader of the Klan the father think about the thermal kludge it is not always all I should call for several of the item of clothing in my credit card my drivers license I didn't know that she is my first letter is dead June the second son using there by the nominating the first wife died at something for accidental death in the Second Life I think making investigation you know that unwinnable policeman exacting a second wife died at St. Vincent all I know she was the problem I should've known he was the lead driver credit card taken off and not only one of our first insufferable wall and then while she's very odd word the next verse it is facing we yell at the now and he has a choice verse twenty six so it should at all instead but it is a lesser place is that you have an entire three-part sermon it won't be so different is the first I went into the first week Toronto one anything is one of what else don't find excuses with the problem of weight and I had a cognitive of a waste of that statement you you you weighing and what you know you shouldn't wait Windows you have more time recognizing and using the eye I'm blessed superabundance of adipose tissue excuses the first deactivated I want whatsoever on what thank you I am what recognizes they are the problem not that I happen to be one of the people to keep the supersized storm business don't want excuses I don't he acknowledged that some Judah acknowledged them in the analysis verse one verse eight acknowledge and then he said she has been more righteous than on the weight of the community she is in the writing on the wall because I did not see as you my son I wrongfully acknowledged yes I am fat and then you reason about us I don't exercise enough and I didn't want to okay the reason I'm here the third point of this was another one acknowledge them it was what let's acknowledge the problem while the problem I noticed what the networks and it says it probably to the national grid and with the media in cases and he never knew her again to a net knowledge with them until you admit publicly you you acknowledge your lips and I honestly never sleeps with her again and here is the beginning is listed off and hope for a hard days in the life of the rebels what happens after the well let me know that the babies are born to them all things to understand the guy that I get the lives of his sons on his grandsons investing in at the death of his father 's brother but for it was one of those of the forty thousand slaves the Catholic and begin moving rapidly I think Mark is on the level of thinking that one is not going very slowly today before you do grossly so Joseph had a lot of wind out of migraine from it and move on with the weight of the Lord and would love to tell his horrible life now if it doesn't can run at Joseph as you can rather pathetically to go to mirthful but Jacob did not think of the brother Benjamin Woodlief honestly said left calamity befallen ha ha database iPhone Joseph of the easier it out of the ghetto what does that mean that happen to know what I did and I wanted it on the comeback to turn the fight only for fun lately I think all united in the know know know to become the story with Lori on the second time to go forty three and one actually does like his days off from a young man whose writing is too young and was not converted now is that actually goes through with the dedication is in the Hezbollah led a fascinating and I feel us in this Law Review forty three now the founders of the universe one is the land and think about whether he greatly said brought into that if honest and then go back by the local bunch of this book do you think the man who the man was the man solemnly one less thing you shall not see my face unless your brother is with you if you sent our mother without he will go down and buy food it has come back home Janet is not becoming a leader in the family is appealing for Father's Day we got ago we got to go get some food we can all stay alive if the dongle will die it is regardless of you have finalized is not just the opposite the him these the family by the executive for the Oklahoma Limited owns what was supposedly one of the women was a strange guide these other cities that have basically uncovered the oldest boy is available for me and if I don't remember that home values of the two Microsoft with his assailant is good I wonder if that is what my kids is the letter that will visiting find another route is an alcoholic father is away I will send you my faith tells of the first time he was only an acknowledgment of the Sydney doesn't do it legally and that I was like magic only looking at what I is going on right now you would collect call from living a life of said comeback on his back trust me plus you are not alone in a few this is a fascinating people for the three for the website visitors it is always fun so glad with me and we will arrive and go that we may live and not the openly and you and I will know three generations I myself is that if I don't come back into my two grandsons who also my something that nobody is excited I myself will be sure to break from my usual regarding if I do not believe that you have sitting before you and let me bear the blame for the business supplies for men if they didn't like some of us will not join that the confessions of guilt on the one is its cell Joseph is alive and so is void it had no idea that the manifold Little Rock which was the village of the little display which had no idea so easily but I'll take responsibility that should him will will and will I do now safe trust me so you have seen some of the information that is what he said okay I just do I don't know what uniform more exhausting than going with you go to the next few months as if reflecting the human also and I'm live and go backwards looking and may God Almighty give University before the man that he may release your other brother and infringement on the brother that is simulated the government is affected Simeon Wright Theatre presents is that the government may be rescinded and that Benjamin that in instances read on me and I hope another fizzling out doesn't get the Solo cup opening to the bag of Benjamin and they grabbed in the second forty four now they take exactly slaves of notice for those of the lower things is limited to sixteen notice filing with fourteen hits his answer to his protestations of the legislative problem is a leader both of us would have flowed from the center of what doesn't with a Bible site is that it is Judah and his brothers were thirty days said shall we speak of my Lord was eighty things that came near and I didn't even come close to the young almost like when you're in a reasonable basis when his gripe with the bank okay this is a juggernaut always living water Reiki of overthinking legitimated out from a legal authority for the longest stage in the entire book of Genesis along the beach I will come to work on some of your life on the life of Johnson once something is just about anybody in question however the reason why so many realize on the life of data is not less than ten is one of the ladies always not just a single not excited some sort of sad soap opera no of Scripture this is an incredible slug is that okay is altered as a clinical so what are you jealous by rigorously and recently my Lord remember the governor we have a father at home than at some of his old age and his younger brother and me alone in the notice is Friday and Jenna if you do the governor is your day and by the wages of less than the flat has one brother and his brother and told him that a double-click on the alignment of the twenty fifth in his brother is dead his brother is dead okay it doesn't get the news left me alone and that is what was known as the wrong his father Jacob Law of the chicken was still playing solidified but generated in the plan is for men and get a safe I know possible place for dinner that's okay I love my dad and he gets for the world would we did was with thirty one anyways if you will happen when he lied that my probably flavorful when he sees the lab is not what you won't have my dad driving away he loves the students for placement but I love my dad it has been rightly present so your service will bring down the great elements of an outlaw with the regulatory authorities in the taxonomy of splendid historically is the number because Genesis for the Bible Chapel forty four you mathematicians forty four verse forty three seconds helpful or fifty businesses the patient reports like this he says now therefore please let me know so we may instead of the last as a slave landlord and the latter will with you brother slavery was a place more than what was that this was a very limited that until the unit doesn't know that you can look up just as I will take them out the form that can easily father 's complaint I'm willing to die for my baby brother will I would stand on bringing back I will dive for my brother take my life instead I just was a rebel but out of it was like this was the forty ninth and of course you know those immediately felt as easy as those of the twenty ninth the fathers on the deputies dying and as he's dying without giving his final statements to his brother recently about the blood would unit I love it because as we were talking earlier today due to move away from simply avoiding the dinner moved to doing something good and something practical and so now I think it is the forty ninth you notice what the fathers in both of those funds only you and the sons of Rachel over the end seven forty nine twenty two thirty four thirty five thirty six they have five personal blessings reserved for those of these though he has really fallen I get a lot of lessons in the end of abandonment back to the very beginning of the forty nine Asian galleries on him take it with me now relevant and relevant here my firstborn my micrometer my strength excellent they don't like our and notice reform on this label has water this is the guy we were joking around himself you see a woman unstable as water use online Excel because he went nothing about building was demolished Melissa with the women take the win why why slept with him and he went up with my custody filed reply similarly our problem is with the goal of these are eventually left off my phone and an accountant etc. the seventh person even anger for the Sears of the rapid will I will live in one of the boys and really cool before using what they did and other places as difficult as you call me dad I know all the final word on this new website is saying what a lot of up going to sleep with my wife is finalized a final farewell to get enough on my plate to blessings it's not that my models then Jacob 's last words liaison with biophysical methods with my translators okay nothing a blessing I wouldn't feel blessed with my fondness back to me for the following thing now go to the fourth tier is beautiful the data you get it you are you he will your brothers celebrated on Monday nineteen you will like this it's like I'm Hispanic and I need my kid not also because she was wanted on his own dinner exactly on what to do without you are you will brothers will also place you write in your hand the appraisal handling anachronisms our fathers are visited upon the children shall bow down before you will Jacob are you getting senile you are the insufferable outline the actual reading the dream wasn't legitimately long as they are doing is transferring the blessings from Joseph is to you are need in your brother 's operators they won't bow down before you are done over what's happening here what's happening is so incredible as they should give it a life well from the prey my son who gone up he will borrows down your life don't have the line NFL line which allows enough numbers the second is affected by the gains the surface a lot of are considered normal him wasting on both side of him and through him without a license El Niño and the people who talk about with his suitable comparable items or yes I do for you you have to go when the woman is the goodness of the story of that is that you now becomes the forerunner of all the lot on but ultimately did it become one problem with by itself and what you notice really is going nowhere at all Doug Jacobson is any good I was able to the wonderful delete this later usage of the UN and configuration without they would respect the bottom of the history of the possibility of nuclear fuel which I bought as soon as I live in thinking this way cyclically to know there is something that only is large I love the story under the visible when God thinks you exactly when we come back when a life transforming others what you said we are not heavily involved in doing good in serving humanity is at this point I just come back to Canada and monolith guy I talked to our Google wife of the album of the year twenty six and Windows 7 the community last year to this effort no this is one of them a few authorizes the executive I operations of the business and clinical guide is often asserted and now Canada is giving you the order of Canada in recognition of twenty six years on sell anything you want to seventy seven I felt as if working full-time bring read home so the ball is totally the last six doing the economic country of Canada is the most man deserving one of the highest recognition in Canada and one that is out there he started when he was these him you will arrive in August seventy thousand dead and thousands of people that is with this for the possible new client is a story in the Bible I thought of the acetaminophen wanted to let revelations of high-profile revelations of the fibrous live okay assassinating why why didn't the oldest boy was born quite enough of course the resume and why do I doesn't receive it the one you see all the most important lessons of glasses of a monarchy or the Messiah the five is not those of the better the preeminent it was June Susan was given the new transformer unit was a fibrous five the ventilator is meeting at one of the elders were five again Revelation five five eight hitter who ever said to me do not leave the old outline of the drive of Romans in the light of the Bible Joseph visited by the low goods updated the linotype of whom Judah he has prevailed to open the steel and iron linguistics and I thought at the laugh what happens historians it is one of his clients how do you know somebody make a friend a kid in school who I left out of this anybody know people you have any of you while I would challenge awards are not solid hours they are making a special unit what we would like to stand prospective they can offer my sympathy by God 's grace I will go off and clean the Judaism of law will left were lost and made incumbent regularly got off to get a leader for the light as Jesus it will also go out and find who is willing with what God opens a door was willing to go in five was the way a friend of family networks are in calling him understand how we want those who are willing to do that when God is not just your friend is willing to reach out a lot of the combat he wanted to join a result of people who wanted to bring them back because this way I got on eleven nineteen many of them they know people slipped away they had made a commitment now to go and reason because they know people fundamentally some of us who certainly don't know anybody unaware private will bring their minds and hearts opportunities and job thank you so much for this incredible story not just to seek off the justified joyful gospel of Jesus Christ and will not only help him or her in hand with my audio is more in diameter this maintenance if you would like to learn more and I decided I can thought and I is him and more as a online service is www. nonlabor is not a


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