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Does God Care?- Part 1

Dee Casper


Does God hurt when I hurt? In part 1 we address why evil came into existence, and how God will put it to an end. We also focus on the character and heart of God in how He deals with those who are lost.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • May 20, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Oh father I think you for this privilege to come into your presence to open the word together and to hear a word in season for all of us who are weary. I'm just asking that you would move me aside that you would speak with power with clarity with conviction that you would give me wisdom clarity and brevity as I share this morning. Jesus used me I'm yours is my plea and I ask this in Jesus' name. So again does God care or another question we could ask is Does God hurt when I hurt when I am hurting does God hurt to Dizzee know what it's like and we're going to have to deal with an unfortunate if you that many people have of the Old Testament and it's God we're going to address that that there's this view that there's a God of the Old Testament who's a God of War and fire and vengeance and then there's Jesus and there's just this dissonance in our minds of this one but this one and he says he's just like him it we wrestle sometimes with connecting the dots and I'd like to deal with that today they're both messages as well here's where it all went south of you got your Bibles with you and I hope so Revelation Chapter twelve Revelation Chapter twelve how did things go south how did the evil come into existence and Revelation Chapter twelve. And I'm going to begin in verse seven Revelation Chapter twelve and I'll begin in verse seven. Here Whew more pages turning says in a war broke out where in heaven and those words don't really seem to go well together in a general sense war in heaven you wouldn't typically put those in the same sentence but war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon in the Dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer so the great dragon was cast out and here's that drag. It is that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him if you go to verse three we see how many angels and another sign appeared in heaven behold a great fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven died on his heads and then a verse Ford says his tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth stars prophetically can represent angels so this idea of war again doesn't sound like something you should see and have a but that's what the Bible says that there was a war in heaven now that word war in the Greek is the word pull a most we get the word polemics if you ever have like a debate team or people who are proficiency debating That's the art of pullin ICS politics also comes from the same root word poem it's in politics now to people like debating arguing stuff and politics at all. Yes So this was a war of words this was not a war of white Sabers and boxing gloves or anything of that sort what was happening was a war of ideas. A war of world views a dispute in specifically about who God was and how he governed this is what started this is what that war looks like in heaven according to Revelation Chapter twelve now what was Heaven's reaction to this war go with me to Isaiah Chapter fourteen. Isaiah fourteen. And will begin in verse twelve. Isaiah fourteen. And beginning in verse twelve. There's even a question asked in response to the fall of Lucifer what was Heaven's reaction. Fourteen beginning of verse twelve it says how you are fallen from heaven a looser first son of the morning this was as unfallen name actually means Daystar how you were cut down to the ground you who. Weaken the nations for you have said where in your heart that I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my store own above the stars of God We talked about that being angels I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the farther side of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high you should be brought down to shield to the lowest depths of the pit there are five I will statements. So Heaven's reaction is as they are fourteen there are five I will statements here and it climaxes in there all have upward momentum upward ambition is what he has in mind and he says lastly that I will be like the most high and now he's not wanting to be like God in character he's wanting to be like God in position and in influence and in power you know stand the difference he's not looking to be coal reagent with God and it's kind of like those old western movies this tell me big enough for the both of us right he's not looking to be co-heir he's wanting to rule over God and instead of God there actually twelve upward words using just those small series of verses is upward ambition of mine he wants to go up at the expense of everyone else but the Bible says that he's going to be brought down even though he wants to go up at the expense of everyone else he's going to be cast down so as upward ambitions but I want you to see a contrast here in the great controversy look at Philippians to briefly flip in chapter two and we're going to look at how Jesus responds in the midst of the great controversy Satan is gaining the ascendancy he wants to give rise in power he's doing it at the expense of everyone else in the great controversy with no thoughts towards them but in the end the Bible says that God is going to bring him down but according to Philippians Chapter Two beginning in verse five look at Jesus. It says Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God This word robbery can be confusing the United v has a very nice translation of this particular verse it says Who being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped there are aspects of the divinity of Jesus that had to be laid aside when he became a man he couldn't be everywhere all the time anymore right he didn't know everything that was going on all over the universe and where there are certain aspects that he had to lay aside so you didn't consider equality with God Still thing to be grassed verse seven but he made himself of no reputation that's a step down for Jesus isn't it taking the form of a bond servant another step down and coming in the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man He humbled himself another step down and became obedient to the point of death another step down even the death of the cross there is not a more shameful and humiliating form of death of vailable than what Jesus went through with that stage that's a lot of steps down that Jesus is taking but he continues influence to Paul does and he says Therefore God also has highly exulted him and given him the name which is above every name that is the name of Jesus every knee should bow of those in heaven and of those on Earth and of those under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father so Satan is wanting to go up up up at the expense of everyone else but at the end he's going to be brought down but yet Jesus in contrast to that is willing to take multiple steps down for the uplifting for the salvation of humanity and at the end he's going to be exalted above every name so these are the two competing you've heard of the first of the last in the last will be first this is what's happening in the midst of the great controversy so again Satan has a pretty ambitious. And now here's some insight into Satan's fall go to Izzy kill the Old Testament book of Ezekiel just before the Book of Daniel easy to chapter twenty eight and we're going to begin in verse eleven this is another verse explaining Lucifer is fall and we're going to better understand why it happened what went on and all of that as he could Chapter twenty eight beginning in verse eleven. Moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying Son of Man take up a lamb and Taishan for the king of tire and say to him thus says the Lord God Now what we're about to read will realize is not really about the king of tire it's about the force of darkness and evil that lies within the man so he continues and says You are the seal of perfection full of wisdom and perfect and beauty whatever it is it was perfect images that twice verse thirteen you were indeed in the garden of God every precious stone was your covering the sword is Topaz and Diamond barrel on it's in Jaspar Jasper set fire to an emerald with gold the workmanship of your temples and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created twice he is mentioned as being perfect and he's also alluded to as a created being verse fourteen you are the anointed cherub who covers I established you you were on the holy mountain of God You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones you were perfect in your ways from the day you were created till iniquity was found in you by the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within and you sinned therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the Mountain of God and I destroyed you a covering chair from the midst of the fiery stones Here's how it happened your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor and I cast you to the ground I laid you before kings that they might gaze at you you defiled your sting sure as by the multitude of your iniquities by the iniquity of your TRUE. This the second time that the word trading is referred to as sin will define that in a moment therefore I brought fire from your midst it devoured you and I turned you to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all who so you will into with that at the end of this this message all who knew you among the peoples are astonished at you you shall become a whore and shall be no more forever now some things we can glean from this again a created being three times as alluded to his being perfect but there's also some other titles given to him that to a Hebrew mind would immediately connect the dots he was in the immediate presence of God First as a covering chair when you hear covering chaired your mind should immediately go to the Old Testament sanctuary and the Ark of the Covenant right and what was it that dwelt between those cherubs on the ark of the covenant one Psalm ninety in verse one it says that you who dwell between the Cherubim shine forth the very presence of God This was the throne of God on Earth and were told in Hebrews of the sanctuary in heaven is what the saying sure on earth was based upon So God didn't have golden angels beside him in heaven he had a real angels and one of those was Lucifer. There is intimacy there's a preexisting relationship in this battle that took place this is a domestic dispute in Revelation twelve. Right this is something happening in the family in the home not opposing politicians from two different places you understand this is what caused it to be so devastating The second thing it was on the holy mountain he was on the holy mountain God manifested His glory on mountains all over the Bible right now Carmel on Mel and Zion they built the temple mount Mariah which is also were Abraham offered Isaac and God provided so mountains are places Mount Calvary obvious in the New Testament So these are places where the presence of God is manifested in powerful ways and lastly it says in the midst of the fiery stones. This is the pavement in front of the throne of God in the Book of Revelation so three things and it's also alluded to in the Old Testament these are three things of the Hebrew mind would understand are alluding to the fact that you are in the presence of God in the presence of God in the presence of God and then a kind of climax is with this strange contrast that you are perfect but iniquity was found in you if this strange dissonant disconnect so the the narrative of scripture is ramping up to this and then it steps down from that you are in the presence of God in the presence of God in the presence of God but then he's cast out of the holy mount he's destroyed as a covering cherub and from the midst of the fiery stones in the presence of God in the presence of God in the presence of God You are perfect but when iniquity was found and you were cast out of the presence of God out of the presence of God out of the presence of God. But not out of the heart of God. God loves this created he loves me created him to love him is he happy is what he's doing no and will see this as we go on but a powerful powerful thing that's laid out when you see that new original language now I said that twice the word treating is used it's referred to as sin in the Huber the word is recruitment and it means to merchandise to sell something and even to gossip so he was selling something which led to this rebellion he was selling ideas about the character of God he was selling ideas about the way that God governs that were not true and eventually led to a third of the angels falling Now how did God and Jesus feel about it I just said that it also he was not cast out of the heart of God This is powerful turn to Luke Chapter ten. Remember what I want to Bible college they want to read this verse and I had never seen it the same ever since then Luke Chapter ten. Beginning of verse eighteen I'll give you some context as you're turning their. Dissolute Chapter ten has sent out the seventy missionaries to go and do God's work. And they come back and they're so excited because they're gaining power over the forces of darkness they're super excited they're feeling you know I would say like proud or full of themselves but they're certainly feeling rather good about themselves right if they had suspenders they may be snapping them right about now but in Luke Chapter ten beginning of verse seventeen it will say verse eighteen. Will say seventeen then the seventy return for with joy saying Lord even the demons are subject to us in your name. And he continues a response to this by saying I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. What. There are rejoicing over demons being cast out and Jesus has this strange response to them of I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Where are you going with this Jesus he continues and says Behold I give you the authority to trample on serpents scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurry you nevertheless do not read Joyce in this of the spirits are subject to you but rather read Joyce because your names are written in heaven here's the lessons we can learn from this first Lucifer came from heaven writes abundantly clear that he came from heaven too that God has assured victory in this warfare right you're going to trample on serpents and scorpions three the disciples have need of humility right Jesus deals with this in the last statement and says specifically he says that don't rejoice in this of the spirits are subject to you but rather rejoice that your names are written in heaven makes your priorities are right but here's the biggest one Jesus is broken hearted at the State of these fallen angels that's what a demon is it was an angel that wasn't fallen in heaven Revelation twelve happened and they eventually got a victim it a third of the angels of heaven so these days. Humans Jesus knows every single one of them by name. They used to live with him they had intimacy and a relationship together they knew each other very well so when the disciples are boasting about the beat down that these demons receive Jesus is telling them. Don't boast about this I'm not happy about it my heart is broken over the fact that this dispute happened that's why he says I saw him fall I was there I lost so much when I loved in this battle I lost a bunch of people that I love in this battle and he says Don't brag about the fact that they aren't going. Just be happy that you are and I think it's powerful don't rejoice over the fact that they are going it breaks my heart just be glad that you are going this tells me that Jesus does not hate the devil. You don't create someone to love them and then hate them right even when parents have wayward children their thought isn't hatred towards their children it's a yearning for them a longing for them to come to their senses God went through the same situation is he happy with what he's doing or does he endorse what he's doing of course not the plan of salvation shows that clearly but to assume that God is just disconnected and it's just somebody that he hates would be a huge misunderstanding and would deprive you of seeing the beautiful heart of God in the midst of the great controversy. Now in Genesis Chapter three we see Satan if it ain't broke don't fix it he uses the same approach in Genesis Chapter three. Genesis Chapter three. Beginning in ver actually is going to overview of for time sake but in Genesis Chapter three Lucifer shows up or the devil shows up to Eve and the for the. Question that he phrases to her is already skewing her view of who God really is he's trading again that word recruit he's doing the same thing so he says to God to really say that you can't eat of any tree he's implying that what God gave as directions were restrictive Well there's a problem with that it's called Genesis chapter two in Genesis chapter two God says of all the trees you may freely eat except for one because when you eat of this tree there are consequences notice that God does not say in the day you eat of it I will kill you he says in the day you eat of it you will surely die. You will be left to the consequences of the decision you made rights to Gaza looking with vengeance towards Adam and Eve if they fell he's warning them that there are consequences to this decision but God's instructions were very inclusive of all you may freely eat but then state exists if you say you really can't have anything you see what he's doing here he's manipulating he's using gossip again and eventually fall right. But God offers a gospel solution in Genesis Three beginning of verse fourteen he says of the Lord God said of the serpent because you have done this you were cursed more than all the cattle and more than every beast of the field on your belly usual go and usually dust all the days of your life here's the first gospel sermon ever preached verse fifteen and I will put in the T. hatred between you and the woman and between your seed in her seed he shall bruise your head but usual bruise his heel God promises that the day is coming in the future when I will send the promised deliverer through the seed of. Who will crush your head and put your kingdom to an end but you will bruises heal the process the Messiah will suffer we talked about that the last time I was here a year ago fifty two weeks ago by the way exactly. So God offers this solution but some of us may be asking why is God in waiting to deal with this what are you waiting on the world is falling apart this place is a mess why is God waiting to deal with this Jesus actually addresses this directly in Matthew chapter thirteen turn with me there some of you caught on the started turning before I told you Matthew chapter thirteen. And we'll begin in verse twenty four. Jesus is doing something he does a lot he's telling a parable here. Now there is a parable he told about seeds right before this is in my you know what the seeds were in that parable. So are goes out to sow some seed falls on the wayside some on the path some in the field some on the stony ground what was that seed in that parable in my Remember it was the Word of God Jesus is about to tell another parable involving seeds but the seed is different this time Matthew chapter thirteen beginning of verse twenty four another parable he put forth to them saying the kingdom of heaven is like a man who stood good seed in his field but what so what type of seed to do so good seed but while man slept his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way by the word the name Satan sits on means adversary or enemy his enemy came and so tares among the wheat when his way but when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop then the tears also appeared so the servants of the owner came and said to him Sir did you not so good seed in your field how then does it have tears he said to him and in the ME has done this the servant said to him Do you want us to go and gather them up but he said no list while you gather up the tears you also uproot the wheat with them let both grow together until the harvest and let both grow together until the harvest and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers first gather together the tears and by. And I'm in bundles to burn them but gather the wheat into my barn so it's a different scenario here but someone's putting good seed to field an enemy so as bad seed and they say Hey man why why is this stuff happening in your field like I thought you did the right thing why is this happening and he doesn't take any responsibility he says an enemy has done this and this is do you want to deal with it now he says no you can't deal with it now because if you try to uproot what you think are weeds you're going to end up uprooting wheat with it it's going to cause harm and not good so what does this mean Jesus continues in verse thirty six and gives an explanation then Jesus sent the multitude away and went into the house and is disciples came to him saying Explain to us the parable of the tears of the field he answered and said to them he who sews the good seed is the Son of Man The field is the world the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom but the tears of the sons of the wicked one the enemy who sewed them is the devil the harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are the angels therefore the tears are gathered and burned in the fire so will be at the end of this age the Son of Man will sit out his angels and they were gather out of his kingdom all things that offend and those who practice lawlessness and will cast them into the furnace of fire there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father he who has ears to hear let him hear. This servants are asking the same question that you and I ask and we confront confronted with evil we project the blame upon God. We walk out to the field God supposed to make things good terror show up on our experience and we ask the same question you made good things why did bad things happen we asked the same question and we don't recognize it in doing so we're projecting guilt upon God. They're fair questions to ask God isn't offended but understand what we're doing does that make sense Joe asked why our lot a lot of people the Bible asked why. A lot and God can handle it he can handle it we come directly to him with that we can we can do that but we're projecting guilt upon God when we do it. Now here's a helpful illustration that kind of will maybe make this make more sense it's been helpful for me a friend of mine uses this so let's say that a prime minister in Europe somewhere will say it's can Kolber So let's say that Kim is the prime minister of this particular place in Europe and let's say that John is actually the vice prime minister or whatever you call them and John ends up stepping down from his post and goes on all the media outlets telling them that what kin is involved in a what our government is involved in is is shady it's bad it's no good and it needs to be reported he should be in jail and should be ashamed of himself for what he's doing he's leaking this all over the media outlets now. Somebody sent one hundred forty characters or less and caused a Senate investigation in this country. You can't have something like this go on and not have it be looked into right this is a high ranking official who's saying things that are going on that could be very you know bad for the whole country so they set a trial date let's say the Fourth of July is a trial date just because I don't know why and so a day before the trial begins and when John is supposed to testify to try to prove what it is he's been saying John is dead in an alleyway somewhere mysteriously. A day before the Fourth of July a day before the trial now what are people going to think in the public eye about the accusations that John was raising against Ken. There must be something to this somebody has got something to cover up right. People are saying follow the dead Russians if you want to find out what's going on in the world what's really the truth all the dead Russians people just keep dying that have. Connections are things that are difficult right similar situation but let's say that John doesn't die and I'm glad for that because I kind of like John. And so let's say that John doesn't die but they set the trial the trial happens beginning July fourth they spent like a year they put all the evidence out there everything text messages wiretaps no pun intended whatever they can find they throw all the evidence out there and it's proven without a shadow of a doubt that nothing John said was true he can't prove any of it none of it is provable with the public believe those findings. Yeah right a trial has taken place we've all examined things for ourselves and we realize that this isn't the way that he says it was this is exactly the way that God has to deal with a great controversy because of Jesus' zaps the devil is soon as he falls in heaven the rest of the angels remember if you convince one third of the angels the other two thirds are not knowing what to do a lie has never been told before a lie has never happened sin has never happened it's foreign to them we're used to lies all the time we can read people like a book some of us because we lie so much they didn't have that. And so one third bought into the lies the other two third are kind of wondering what to do. And if God zaps the devil those other two third there's very strong. Reasons to believe that more would fall or they're only going to serve God and of fear and not love because if you don't serve God doesn't come get you. But the Bible says and first John chapter four that God is love. The Angels knew that God is love but they didn't fully realize how much until Calvary. Calvary civil the case for the Angelakos they get it now the trial has now been moved here now we have to make up our own decision so the unfold the world's an unfolding they understand. The case is now being decided in the hearts of humanity and this is why he says you have to let them both grow until the harvest hears the fruit of what happens when state is in charge of the world and is referred to as the ruler of this world is now judged right and here's the fruit whenever God is in control this is what we have to see now this is why the great controversy needs to be talked about more frequently because people are casting their votes day by day they are making their decisions based upon the knowledge they have at hand while the secular godless media is painting an awful picture of God somebody is going to have to tell the picture what has happened that makes sense that's why it's so important so that people will know which side to align themselves with we have to tell the truth on behalf of God for his character sake now I've been told that on commercial poultry farms that stink by the way oh my goodness they stink I was doing a week of prayer Ozark Academy in Arkansas and they have a they have a bunch of Tyson chicken farms around there the whole town smells at certain hours a day it's awful. That's not the point anyway in a large commercial poultry farms it was just there was a bit of it no charge to you you can keep that one no charge but in these large commercial poultry farms I've been told I don't work at one and couldn't I would probably gag. But if a chicken gets disease or dies what they end up doing is they actually remove the dead or the sick parties the infected parties from the uninfected and they incinerate them they don't bury them they incinerate them and completely destroy them to ensure that the uninfected don't become infected so it makes sense what the Bible basically tells when it comes elimination of evil is something very similar there's a segregation A happens the. I just lost the word that I was using a moment ago the infected are outside of the city the uninfected are inside of the city and then the infected are completely eradicated in. Destroyed in Fire done right now. Matthew chapter twenty five I want to show you here in insight into the heart of God This is very very helpful for me and I hope for you when it comes to the topic of hell because we need to deal with this Matthew chapter twenty five beginning of verse forty one. Matthew twenty five forty one So Matthew twenty five is Jesus continuing the discourse that he did in Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty four is Jesus explaining what's going to happen at the end of time and in Matthew chapter twenty five he continues this discourse and this kind of a separation between two camps right those who are saved and those who are lost in Matthew twenty five forty one look what he says here it's rather interesting that the harvest by the way he even refers I think is this and that because of the harvest but even refers the same idea of harvesting the people in a time just like in Matthew thirteen so Matthew twenty five forty one they will say to those on the left hand Depart from Me you cursed into the everlasting fire prepared for who. The Devil and his angels. Newsflash your name is not on that list your last family members names are not on that list Adolf Hitler's name is not on that list God never intended for a single soul to go through the whole experience he prepared it for the source of evil the devil and his fallen angels and that's it this is why God and mediately preach the Gospel in Genesis three and offered the initial sacrificial system which continued until Jesus came so that every soul could be reconnected could be reunited could be at a tournament with God so that none needed to be lost God never intended for a single soul to be lost he made her vision for all to be saved and he says that are not willing that any should perish later but he says here they depart from me. Curse in the everlasting fire prepared not for you you're not even supposed to be there but for the devil and his angels you and I are in verse thirty four then the king will say to those in his right hand come you blessed of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world that's where you should be that's where all of humanity was supposed to be but I want to make that abundantly clear God did not design heaven or hell as a means of torture for people he doesn't like it was meant to be a means of and by the way you know that's the case because it doesn't go on forever it's meant to destroy the devil not torture the devil it's meant to completely destroy him now will he have plenty of time to think about what he did and is it going to be enjoyable Of course not right the answer is yes I forget how or phrase my question anyway. My point is he does not want Satan to suffer in for night I'm right he will be destroyed yeah now God never intended for any of us to go through that and yet people are going to end up there this is a thing that's mind boggling to God He made provision so why because they chose to believe a lie pictures of God in of their own condition that were not true continuing in Matthew Chapter twenty six this is where it gets difficult Matthew chapter twenty six and all begin in verse thirty six. Matthew twenty six beginning in verse thirty six. This is in the guard against him and he then Jesus came with him to a place called Kissimmee and said to the disciples Sit here while I go and pray over there and he took with him Peter in the two sons of Zebedee James and John and he began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed now they've never seen a Jesus like this Jesus is call them cool and collected all the time naked demoniacs no problem demon possessed people standing up and yelling at him at church no problem waging waves on the sea while he's in the boat. No problem but as soon as Jesus sets foot in this garden we're told as are of ages that he literally collapsed to the ground because of the weight of the sin of the world on his shoulders the disciples had to help him up twice because of the weight of this in Jesus is a mess comparatively to the way that he's been the rest of his life and the disciples don't know what to do with this but he tells them to pray and he says My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death. Jesus is in soul agony here the place is called the press he's being pressed to his wits end and this is the second death experience of Jesus is beginning to endure separation and isolation from God He is I haven't he says A second thing is five twenty one that God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us he's having to identify with all of your dirty sinful tendencies all of our selfishness all of our brokenness he's having to identify with this as someone who never sinned. It's totally foreign to Jesus what he's going through right now but in this moment he is absolutely devastated he feels separated from God he's beginning to endure the second death and the few hours later they will finish his earthly life Jesus literally went through this idea of the second death on your behalf and on mine and this is where it gets heavy. Chronologically we're told. Chronologically we're told in the book revelation that Hell does not happen until after the second coming then the millennium then the resurrection of the wicked and the destruction of the wicked in Revelation chapter twenty and in other places but Revelation chapter twenty specifically. So that means that when Jesus is enduring the second death in the garden no one has experienced this yet. And so what we're seeing here is that before a single person. Go to hell experience which is complete separation from God the Father and complete destruction Jesus who is God goes through first. Why so that no one else would have to. The sufferings in the sacrifice of Christ was so most efficient that none need to be lost but yet God is so loving that he's going to honor your decisions over his own. He's an all powerful God and all sovereign God and yet he's going to choose to yield to your choices. Or his own. And he has to see people make decisions that will cost them eternity C.S. Lewis has this amazing quote in the book The Great Divorce he says there are only two kinds of people in the end those who say to God that I will be done and those to whom God says that I will be done. All that are in hell choose it without that self choice there could be no hell no. Soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it those who seek find and to those who knock it is opened. The only people who go through that experience are the people who would be miserable in heaven. But God's misery does not go away even when they do and this is what makes it so hard for him. The all powerful god of the universe is going to have to accept things that he never wanted people who he created to love and bless will be a lost and there will be a hole in God's heart the shape of these dear souls for eternity. There will be an indian this in the heart of God. That will never be filled. Revelation Chapter twenty The chronology tells us that the second coming happens I was going to overview this you don't have to turn there if you don't want to but the second coming happens the righteous are resurrected the dead in Christ are resurrected to meet them we're told in first Corinthians fifteen. First US alone the other second this alliance I first as alone eons and chapter four thing and. We're also told Revelation twenty that the righteous are resurrected the wicked are consumed at the second coming multiple text to be mortal for this vessel the point of the study and time just won't permit this but if you want to know more about that I could give you a boom Bible study or John can give you a Bible study on the millennium and on hell in the second coming in the chronology and stuff so. Once the righteous are resurrected the wicked are consumed at the second coming the earth is vacant there's not a single soul alive except for the devil and his angels and he's bound by a chain we're told that same word by the way of ballad with the chain of the bottomless pit specifically is the same word in the Greek version of the Old Testament for when the earth was without form and void to same word. So it's not some like cavern under the earth it's a vacant empty desolate earth so when people are reading the Greek Old Testament the step to a gent if you read what it says in Genesis is the same or the use of Revelation chapter twenty of the same thing so Jesus. The devil is going through this time for a thousand years or thinking about what he's done he won't change course as soon as the wicked are resurrected at the end of the thousand years he does the same thing he was doing before he doesn't change he's put his chips all in and eventually ends up being destroyed that's the chronology but here's the point the people that are eventually the New Jerusalem to sins from God out of heaven and lands on the earth the righteous are inside the widget or outside and there's the. This heart breaking. Parallel to this that is alluded to in Hebrews Chapter thirteen of verse twelve that the wicked suffer as outside of the city and are destroyed. Or told and he reached Chapter thirteen of verse twelve that Jesus suffered outside of the city. Jesus died outside of the gate outside of the city why so that no one else would have to. The one is supposed to be there. Nobody only the devil in his angels and yet people that God loves the he created to love them and to enjoy them forever are going to be outside the city. But there's good news. In the book of Nate him some of you may be thinking that's in the Bible yes in the make it easier to write before the book of her back it that's in the Bible to. Basically a nailed one nine I would do that to my students as they would help if I told you just before the book of her back you can see some of the kids like that's in the Bible. But in Am chapter one and verse nine will go ahead and read that I guess if you can find it. And if I can find it in all the pressures on me join them I can name him I do know that much. Nail one nine this is interesting in the context of the question of does God care because God does it matter to God as God heard when I heard this is a verse nine why do you conspire against the Lord he will make another in Devitt evil and affliction will not rise up a second time everyone same in affliction is not going to rise a second time and someone may be saying how how do you know it should not have been before they did not have the knowledge that you and I have. We know we're questioning the character of God leads not to God taking out his wrath on us but to us. Being severed from God's love. Is a big difference motives matter people God God's motives were questioned by Satan and that's how we got the angels and that's how we got. We need to be careful with the way in which we paint the motives of God and how we define the character of God but we're told it's not going to happen again why well for one Jesus has scars on his body. That's probably the best reason. To. Jesus is forever less than what he was before he came to save us. And three we now see the results of what questioning God looks like God always had her best interest at heart the angels pretty much knew that I mean that why would they have any assumption otherwise until someone made them question but once they saw what Satan did to Adam and Eve and has done to our race over the years and specifically what he did to Jesus all bets are off this is why he's cast down in the Book of Revelation that is cast out of heaven and he says What do you Earth because he knows that he's wrathful has been a short time all of his arguments lost access to heaven he wasn't living there but his arguments could potentially have access now they don't their minds have been made up they're not they're not buying what he's selling. So their minds have been made up now I want to close because evil is going to end we've talked about it to some degree but I want to go back to a text that we used earlier is the twenty eight beginning of the teen says that you in the verse is actually on the board if you'd like to just look there you defiled your saying by the multitude of your iniquities by the iniquity of your trading therefore I brought fire from your midst and it did what and it devoured you and I turned you to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all who saw you all who knew you among the peoples are a star missed you just imagine what the saved and the unfallen angels are thinking inside of the city their US star Nish. Why would you continue. On this course. You have become a whore and shall be no more for ever he's completely destroyed evil will be destroyed. But God's long heart will not. He will not he continues to hurt we're told in Genesis one into the basically have a perfect people in perfect communion with a perfect God in a perfect environment it's all good all right it is the fifty sitcoms good like even better really it's very very very good when you get to Revelation chapter twenty one and twenty two you see Eden restored a perfect people in perfect communion with the perfect God in a perfect environment you know one chapter towards the middle of Bible from Genesis two you see the first battle with. The promise that his rule will come to an end because Adam and Eve abdicated the rulership of the earth they surrendered that the devil talks about that same talks with that Luke Chapter four when he's tempting Jesus in the wilderness. But then if you go one chapter towards the middle from Revelation twenty one is Revelation twenty is the last battle where he's destroyed he says I'll bring fire from your midst God says. This pride and sin are combustible materials in the presence of a holy God. That fire came from within him more than it came from God himself he destroyed himself and God had to honor his decisions I think it's a powerful application is equal twenty and again is God happy with what he's doing of course not does God have of see the hatred for sin of course but God is going to have to bear some losses in the US Don't assume that God doesn't care if he's happy to wash his hands of any of these people the devil the angels or fallen people. That's on the picture you see in scripture. Here's the closing point believe in God will not stop loving you until you breed. Your last breath but even then he's going to miss you for eternity. That's the gospel that's the truth in the midst of the great controversy God has always had your best interests at heart and never once did he not have your best interests at heart. And you've been a wrestling with this and all what's going on the evil in existence in the world I hope this can at least be a start. Just a small picture to give God's side of the story but this is a bit of a cliffhanger this is just if you want to be able to contact us or ministry or me after this but. There is another. Even more difficult to bear story to be told in the midst of a controversy I don't know that was good grammar writing at a college so forgive me but anyway the point is that there is something even more difficult to wrestle with in the midst of the great controversy even though what I just shared which I think is a powerful exhibition of the character of God we have not fully dove in we have not fully and now my grammar is really going bad is contagious I usually use real words I promise. It gets even more difficult. We're going to go even deeper into the character of God we're going to look at specifically our texts from the Old Testament were God himself is speaking telling his side of the story in the midst of the great controversy in his pleas to people who are on a course for destruction and he doesn't want it for them as does God care part two but I hope that you're beginning to see today does God hurt when I heard we're starting to get a glimpse of the fact that yeah it looks like it. But it gets more difficult to hear so I'm going to close with a word of prayer but this is does God care part one on the close of the word of prayer and. It will prepare for divine service I'm going to part two. Father we're amazed. At the level of love and pursuit that you've shown a so far in the first half of this message and that your heart breaks over this domestic dispute that is growing larger by the day there are more and more casualties because people are choosing to believe a lie we're choosing to believe things about you and about ourselves that are keeping us from enjoying your presence forever and from you enjoying our presence forever. So I just pray oh god that you would forgive our sins and that you would cover them with the blood of Jesus that you would fill us with your Holy Spirit and I'm praying. That you would speak clearly into our broken into the rebellion that lies within our human flesh and that you would speak into us in divine service. This is my plea and I expect an answer from. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about.


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