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How to Overcome the Devil- Part 1

Dee Casper


This messages covers the most powerful and inspiring response to the Gospel that I have seen in ministry. The Gospel awakened my friend to his true identity in Christ.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • May 26, 2017
    8:00 PM
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Oh sweet Jesus I pray for your presence in this place tonight I'm asking that as we look at the most profound response to the Gospel that I have ever experienced in ministry that you would use a story to bless to encourage to convict and to inspire all who are present and all who will be able to partake of this message at a later date. Bless us with your presence and do something that we will not soon forget I pray and I ask this in Jesus' name in. This evening's message was intended to get your attention but it's good news I promise. To entitle how to overcome the devil in this will actually be part one I've asked for raising of hands but I can't see any of you but I'm assuming that there's people out here. To make noise every once in while it's a kind of a for my my assumption that that's the case OK So our text for reflection is going to be over the course of this week in his Revelation Chapter twelve vs ten eleven and twelve and I have the text on the board not I mean you can't hide a Bible in the clothing that these young people are wearing and the holding candles sauna provide the text on the screen for their benefit and maybe for yours as well but this is Revelation twelve in verse ten than I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come for the accuser of the brethren who accused them before our God day and night has been cast down this is Calvary language that's used here that fulcrum of the ages and they the Saints overcame him the devil by the blood of the Lamb by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death that will define these terms of the end of the message therefore rejoice over heavens in you who dwell in them woe to the inhabitants of the earth in the sea for the devil has come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he. Has a short time a life course altering events a eunuch universe altering event happened at Calvary and it secured things in heaven it secured the victory for the redeemed but there is a time on earth the enemy realizes he has and it is short but my is his fury great but I praise God that the grace of God is greater We're going to bring this evening the power of the Gospel in its ability to restore our identity in Christ and to overthrow Satan's attack on our identities now throughout Scripture Jesus and God throughout the Old Testament and so on frequently use lessons by contrast sometimes using extremes to bring up our a point that you won't soon forget and this tonight's message is going to be heavy but I ask that you would stick with me in this because I'm taking a risk of potentially being misunderstood but I believe I will be clear but there's an experience that I've had in recent months of the most profound response to the Gospel I've ever had in my personal ministry the most profound the most nearly Biblical book of Acts response to the Gospel I've ever seen but the person story is quite dramatic and so it's P.C. I promise but I just I want you to understand that I'm making a point by contrast and I want you to insert your story into there's your struggle may be different than theirs. But just insert yours instead of theirs but I'm of the mind that we are not doing our young people a favor by avoiding hard issues in difficult topics because the world is more than willing to educate them in these areas but we as Seventh-Day Adventists Christians as parents as grandparents as teachers and mentors should be taking time to instruct them in righteousness to prepare them for these things and we need to face them head on and uplift Christ in his ability to transform the life so my friend story is well beast. And you again this evening which for many people in this room could be yours their manifestation of sin the difficult in their life may be different than yours but if you change the struggle and inserted yours I think you'll find a blessing from this message I certainly have I've actually been convicted by this person's response to the Gospel and wondered why I as a minister of the gospel. DO NOT find myself responding in the same way that he did at times when I hear. So he and I both pray that this story will inspire you and that you'll find the same answers that he's beginning to find and commit your life to providing those answers for the people around you so the church in the world defined him as a homosexual and an alcoholic that's how he was defined by the people around him now he did not grow up in our Faith movement he grew up in an evangelical circle but he would prefer to be referred to as a brother that struggling in the Lord and here's why he says to attach someone to their sin hurts them I would phrase it this way to define someone by their sin hurts them why because it pushes them away from God instead of drawing them to him we should not define people by the things that ensnare them. It says in Jeremiah thirty one of verse three The Lord appeared of all to me saying Yes I have loved you with an everlasting love their Forth loving kindness I have drawn you Jesus says in John Chapter twelve verse thirty two that I if I am lifted up from the earth will draw all peoples to myself if we lift up Christ he can draw them to him but if we define them by their sin they'll be too ashamed to even try. And this is what happens to many people shame verses guilt shame is that I am something wrong guilt is that I did something wrong God uses one C. News the other Satan defines you by your failures God defines you by the success of his son. God uses guilt to remind us of our need of Jesus to draw us to Jesus shame gets you so filled with hatred and unworthiness that you could never possibly go to God because He wanted me in or stand the difference many people are being treated with shame when they should be pointed to God who uses guilt to draw them to himself you know stand the difference so when you shame as punishment ends up pushing people farther away from God It doesn't help with think that'll teach him a lesson it doesn't so instead of being a person who struggles a same sex attraction you're a homosexual instead of this being someone that has an alcohol problem you're an alcoholic you know Stan you can fill in the blank for any different sins so his experience of the everlasting gospel I was preaching in a church he has a relative an adopted mother she married his actual father his biological mother ruined his life and made his life a living hell literally if there's any one of the planet he hated it was that woman his biological mother because of all what she put him through but his adoptive mother was a different story she's a different story she heard a message that I shared along with some other messages of the church got a hold of the messages and gave them to her son who the world defines as a homosexual and an alcoholic I refer to him as a brother in Christ who struggling so and I love so this man. He whips out this D.V.D. and put it in his D.V.D. player and what I shared is will be sharing with you tomorrow to some degree of the sufferings of Christ from a simile through the cross and his response to this message was the most phenomenal and amazing I've ever heard and it's even more phenomenal because people make assumptions about lifestyle habits that are they view worse than others which I find is interesting because the spirit of prophecy says that the most dangerous sin is not homosexuality or alcohol it's pride. Because we don't recognize our need this is why Jesus says that the tax collectors and the harlots are entering the Kingdom of God ahead of you speaking to religious people because they recognize their brokenness their running to these things it's obvious to everyone it's the people that look like they have their lives together that are filled with pride that should be the most afraid. And so in this man's situation he grew up in an environment and even Jellicoe church that was very much like this that you know you have to a sin the ladder of holiness and I'm not saying we should be growing a Christian character I don't mean it in that way I mean the way that people view you with your that holy guy in the church and you just got to keep climbing the political ladder here very rough experience with religion but when this particular sermon was heard by him it radically changed his life radically changed this man's life and I'll explain his response here in a moment but he says it turned my world view of religion to pieces that tore it to pieces that God is not hate. He thought that God was hate because the people of God treated him with hatred at least the people that claim to know him. Now here's the context his family since him to a boot camp to fix him this is the place that they had heard that if you send him here this guy fixes wayward children and problem people well the problem is this individual did not give him a healthy picture of God at all what he had to say to him was some fishy catch and some you just throw back. And he told me that I was the one that you throw back and he said I never forgot it I chose to accept it and I moved on to a life of rebuilding. So one defined him by his habits by his lifestyle and they showed him by their example that God wants nothing to do with him and there's no hope for him so he never forgot it chose to accept it and move to a life of rebellion in the church he was told that you're not good enough for the gospel because the five sins that we say now ours are OK but yours are not the gospel. Why is to us but not to you again this is a story of extremes this is not a normal situation but it does magnify issues that do exist in the church in Christendom in general doesn't it. He says the worst times of my life involve religious people they wanted me dead and out of the picture and these things plant such an impact in your life when a kid has to deal with that abuse it's not the gospel and he's right it's not the gospel and they said Don't you dare to believe anything else so I dealt with it I walked away from God and I knew I was walking away and that I couldn't come back until I was good enough I'm not going to be able to come to God until I'm good enough he says it was heartbreaking to the child that love God but OK you live your life and all of mine. God touched him as a child and told him that he was an adopted son of God So he has an encounter with God But then he has interactions of people that claim to know God and that people in church think are holy and it causes this dissonance this confusion in his experience as a young person and he said I felt that if it's all about the do's and don'ts and I can't change that all right I'll go have some fun then and it reminds me of a Texan Jeremiah chapter eighteen of verse twelve God tells the Children of Israel that you can come back if you repent you can come back and they said that is hopeless so will walk according to our own plans and we will everyone obey the dictates of his evil heart. But there's good news in this man's story. When he heard the sermon he said I used to play that sermon on repeat nonstop literally it's in a D.V.D. player in his living room is soon as a sermon ends he hits rewind and hits it again and rewind forgive me I'm dating myself to some degree he hits the back button and just keeps repeating this thing there's even a repeat button for goodness sakes T.. That's how awesome technology has gotten so he says nonstop I'm not kidding for days this thing was on nonstop repeat in this house he says as long as I'm in this house I want to hear that I know. Need to hear that and he says even when I was away from the house I left it for my dogs to listen to. It was so strong that I couldn't turn it off I had never heard acceptance like that in my life and it made me feel equal with the human race I've never felt that until then. I never visualized that I could be saved and yet you put everyone in the same category your message put everyone in one scoop that my sin of homosexuality and alcoholism was just as bad and just as responsible for the death of Jesus as someone else's sin of unforgiveness So when I also sin of gossip of bitterness of politics in the church. My sin is just as offensive to it's just as bad we're all in the same condition the idea of all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God he didn't get that picture from the church we're finding You're the one of the problem but here in the true sufferings of Christ and his accountability for that level the playing field is this and he thought I can accept that for myself very few people have been able to do that for me to allow me to forgive myself. I can be so confused because of my religious upbringing but when I go back to your message it all makes sense I've never been more sure of anything than about how that message spoke to me. I've never heard a response like this of the gospel I have seen people weave and make heartfelt decisions for Jesus but I've never seen something like this. And from someone that most people would say they can't change nothing's going to go on in their experience but then he said the most profound thing I'd literally have ever heard in my life. It separated me from being gay. It will radically changed my identity. The only time I've ever felt God I saw that I don't have to see myself as a homosexual and that's why I put it on repeat no one is making me do it my church made me define myself this way the world maybe define myself this way but the gospel did not the gospel gave me an alternative young people only the cross can give us an idea of our identity and value and tell us who we really are only the Cross can do that he said I always prayed for something that was personable but as it gave man I was barred from that you can't reach out to God because of X. Y. and Z. So I lived a life of rebellion all the while knowing that I loved God. And study hated me. Then he had a second encounter with the sufferings of Christ you member during the week of prayer when we had the message called do you want to be made well how Jesus can resonate with the heart breaking wind in this and our experience. So he found out that I was preaching near where he lived and so he brings his drinking buddy with him to hear me preach that Sabbath and I share that message and he could not believe the things that he heard about Jesus he could not believe that Jesus could understand brokenness and wouldn't miss him being abused by religious people that Jesus really understood his situation now that Jesus wrestle with same sex attraction No But Jesus knew the heart wounds of this man was dealing with and it changed his life and I told the story in that message about my mom and I held my mom a causal difficulty for my upbringing as well that she's been married or divorced seven times now thankfully Jesus is number eight Amen. Jesus is never late and he kept pursuing this woman and he won her heart my mom loves Jesus she loves Jesus and at the age of twenty seven I was working here she came to pick me up I didn't have a car then and. I don't know what your was about twenty seven two thousand. I don't even know thirteen maybe and yeah that sounds good two thousand and thirteen the spring no thanksgiving break I don't yet things even break into those and thirteen and Davis twenty eight I don't know that doesn't matter anyway the point is something I'm just rambling I was a certain age around twenty seven or twenty eight that's all that matters mom picked me up she took me back to Atlanta we had things giving break together and God convicted me to tell her that I forgave her now I had already forgiven my mother in my heart but he convicted me that I needed to tell her that I forgave her part of the reason it was so that she could learn to forgive herself because my mom wrestles with a ton of shame you don't have seven marriages and divorces and madness and instability in your life and have it affect your kids and not have changed possible until Jesus gets in the picture and I communicated to her that these are the things I've struggled with in my life as a direct result of the influences they had around you as a kid she didn't have custody and she would say praise God for that and so would I and so would my dad but I did have visitations with her in the time I had was not good for me because of what the difficulty for me influences that was around I said these are things I've struggled with and here's why because the time when I was with you but I want you to know that I forgive you. And we cried together and we prayed together and in that moment as a twenty seven or twenty eight year old man I gained for the first time in my life. And a mother in Jesus and we can pray together we can talk about Jesus together and everything is different in that since she started writing letters to everyone in her life that she had her to make reconciliation a restitution or radically changed her life. So my friend hears this he often has a similar story to some degree his is way worse than mine and you know what he did first of all his jaw was on the floor when he heard this message about what Jesus went through his drinking buddy the same thing they go home you know he does he picks up the phone and he calls. His mom his biological mother and he says you better buckle your seatbelt and he starts walking through the things that he's gone through in his life he says but I want you to know that today I can forgive you he forgave his mom the woman who made his life a living hell and he said if there's anybody on the planet that I hated with all of my guts it was her. And God gave him the ability to forgive this woman he's now able to have a meal with this woman on a regular basis. But then in the midst of a phone call he confided in me that he was a homosexual I knew this and I don't brand him that way but he said that this is this is something I wrestle with and I said Brother I just want you to know I already knew that. And my love for you is no different now than it was before you told me I. Still love you nothing changed and God still loves you nothing changed. And his response. God convicted me to tell him. On behalf of all the abuse of religion that hurts you I want to ask for your forgiveness. So Brother would you forgive us we're sorry. The other end of the phone was silent and then hysterical weeping. He completely lost control of his emotions he sounded like he was drowning he could not contain himself what he had been looking for his whole life was that reconciliation with an option for God He was already seeing that through here in the Gospel but to hear that God was not responsible for these things that were done to him and to hear an apology from someone who didn't hurt him has only been a blessing to him change this guy's life wept uncontrollably. And this is what he said he said relive it religion will rip you to shreds with no mercy but treating people travelling people treat you with grace and acceptance where you truly feel it is so bizarre that it shocks you you've learned to not trusting God because He hates. You know God has never hated him but the way that he's been treated by religious people made him think that God hated him. But there was this beautiful couple that went to the church where his mom goes are like godparents to him that never referred to him as a homosexual he said they didn't identify me with my sin they said honey I'm a sinner too. This is except desist indorse what he's doing of course not but you know what they're doing they're separating what he's doing from who he is. Third treating him the way that God does is God happy with what he's doing of course not and we're going to get to that I told you I may be prone to be misunderstood but he gets better he says the religion of today won't allow us in any of the Misfits right some of us just feel like misfits in Christianity that this is where we are philosophically when it comes to the practically the outgoing of things we're just we don't quite fit in yet. And he said when I experience rejection for myself in the church it became real to me because I thought Christians wouldn't be like that I would hear my dear friends would have problems with it no they can't be that bad because when I began to experience it became real to me I was shunned by Christians I was cursed by Christians and I began to question my own experience and mine atheist I don't see God in any of this and I'm not experiencing it and again any sin can be used in the scenario here when we define people by their sin it erodes their ability not only to come to Christ but to believe that Christ is coming for them. Are you with me. Jesus is coming back for all of us he paid a price for all of us there are people who will not be in that number When the saints go marching in but that wasn't God's choice that was theirs you know stand a difference. He says I heavily research religion to try to find answers and I accept the fact. That the God thing wasn't real with my lifestyle and a hatred of religion I decided there was no God I was sad for myself and for my family but I didn't think that this was real but look what happens but your sermon left me speechless. It was the one that I didn't have an argument for it put me in my place this is what I was looking for God is not in hate what you preached the true gospel of why he died every single sinner and he says I have nothing to say but think you. Had I not seen a true Christian in you I would have no desire to go back to church. I can't stress enough how thing full I am for you and he said this without real n'est in your preaching people are going to walk away. And all white talked about fear rising people to death it's a problem. We have to understand that the people that were preaching to are not. Theological seminary students they're broken people. They're just like you they're just like me the people that I'm preaching to are broken now does that mean that we avoid the elegy that we avoid the uniqueness of our message absolutely not but what it does mean is that Christ better be at the center of the things that we're sharing because Christ has answers for their broken hearts and every one of the fundamental beliefs that we have as a church are painting individual pictures of the big picture of the heart of God It's beautiful and we shouldn't deprive our churches of this most of our church members can't defend our beliefs we should be teaching them but they better be centered in the cross even. So but he said without real misson you're preaching people are going to walk away we need to be real and we need to be dealing with real issues that are killing our church members pornography is killing church members gender dysphoria and homosexuality. We are killing church members alcoholism pain medication addiction social media addiction whatever it may be there are a multitude of wounded in this and brokenness and issues in our churches that we're running from for whatever reason we've actually separated mental emotional health from the health message. Which Ellen White never did. Mind character and personality volume one of volume two ministry of healing right there she deals with the holistic issues that we deal with as a people but for whatever reason we won from some of these things like the plague and so our members are being educated by the world in areas that we have godly answers for. We should deal with the whole person Amen and that's what my friend is begging for you know he said he said I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of you because you're a real person preaching real message this isn't about me always shared with him was the biblical narrative of the cross that's all i did God spoke to him not me any one of you could have done the same thing and go what is spoken to him it's a spiritual transaction but he hasn't seen Christians like this that's the problem I'm very grateful I'm truly blessed that you've been so open to my story I've been condemned and judged but to be accepted as such a blessing to me I've always been conditioned to believe that Christians hate me and that doesn't go away easily into retrain my mind is difficult I have to keep reminding myself of who I really am and what Christians really are the hatred that comes from the church is sickening to me the people that I sat next to in the gay bars see this is the Christian church but there's always that one percent that got it right and the world doesn't get to see them. Thankfully he did. And they can see that and you him in now not recommend you go to the gay bars and tell them this is a big difference but these people are in our day to day lives they're no different than us they're beautiful human being to jesus die for they're no different. He's. Says there is no one I've seen at all who is excepted me for being me ever until you. Very shocked to me said I'm very proud of God at this moment and again some of you may be thinking why are you empowering this guy to remain where he is this is a beautiful thing about the Gospel it not only offers acceptance but it also offers accountability. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings both of us the gospel that Jesus was preaching and it's found in the book of Acts it leads to both and we should ask yourself are preaching the right gospel if it doesn't lead to both but this is what he said next which in turn leads me to responsibilities. If I'm ever made right with God My sole purpose will be to help people like me that's what he wants a child that has been chosen by God can be a threat to manipulate religion and I wish and pray that I can be an advocate for that some day religion can alter people's thinking to the point of suicide by not understanding God at all the picture of God that we preach really to our people and particularly people that are hurting directly affects their view of how approachable God is. And if we're giving them a picture that we want nothing to do with them and in turn God doesn't want anything to do with them yet it leads to hopelessness. And hey at least this way my pain is over. Many people are dealing with hopelessness in our churches. So regarding my lifestyle I can't turn that off I've tried but I also know that he's a God who raises people from the dead to look at what he says next. We want to believe that it can change. Just speaking with a friend of mine this week whose brother wrestles with same sex attraction and he's been saying the same thing I wish I could change I wish something could change and my friend said that seeing people have victory makes me in vs. I wish something that changes as that. WILL POWER only get you so far I overcame alcohol for two years until my husband died of cancer he was married for five years my husband died of cancer then I picked up a bottle of wine and I've struggled ever since he said. And now I'm faced with the fact that the Gospel is out there and now I need to be responsible for the first time in my life to hear the true gospel I'm coming to terms of the fact that if this is what you're going to do you're going to have to take responsibility. Because so much of the responsibility fell on them. You know standing me. This is you the responsibility fell upon the people who showed the bad pictures of God but he says not anymore and he says Oh Lord help me this is more difficult than any life I've lived and look at the conversation he had with God I had control when you didn't like me him speaking to God I had control when you didn't like me but now I don't have control you do because of the Gospel that accepts me. Oh boy here comes responsibility Chapter two is the responsibility stage in general we have two primary camps in the church and getting political here today and don't ask me what side I'm on. But there are conservatives and liberals right one generally and these are general terms. One generally preaches accountability the other generally preaches acceptance but the true Gospel preaches both. The true gospel leads to both when I hear a good example. Neither do I condemn you go and sin no more. He says god claimed me as an adopted child as a kid but this is a whole different gospel though what I heard growing up a gospel that excepts me as opposed to a gospel that rejects me and will mess my life up. And I love his honesty I don't know how much I need to pump myself up or how much I need to rely upon God because I'm not a veteran. But he recognizes that there's kind of two sides to this where there's a balance picture and he doesn't know how much of a percentage to put in either one and many of us if we're honest are wrestling to find that same equilibrium. We don't know how much that we play we don't know how much that God plays we're just kind of wrestling in our experience but he said I'm going to have to figure it out because I don't know where I'm at and if you leave it up to me I'm going to do what I love and again put yourself in their shoes with your battle. If you leave it up to me I'm going to do what I love and I'm struggling right now and I'm not happy with myself but listen to this in my sin I now know Wallner enjoying myself. By hearing that a different identity was available to them you'll never believe it and the power of the cross they're not enjoying sin anymore. There's evidence that God is working in this individual's life to separate them from their former identity he says I'm disgusted by it it's not doing it for me anyway there's a difference in their God I have to give you the reins and I know I don't want to but what always stirred me away from going to God was the frustration of not being able to change what is right in God's eyes. Many people in this room are wrestling with this very thing what really causes us to wrestle and having intimacy with God is the frustration of not being able to change what's wrong. We don't know how we don't know what to do because we haven't dealt with practical Christianity we haven't applied to the message of Christ our righteous in the righteousness and explain the new coven is clearly to our members as we could so all explain this here in just a moment but he says that being on your own will cause you to run so far. Many people are in this situation there are two primary responses to a message that focuses on what God expects. At the expense of how God enables us to do the things that he expects. And want to repeat that. There are down. Sides to us preaching the things that God expects. At the expense of how God has promised to enable us to do the things that he expects. And those two responses are this basically this is kind of an overview but the first is I'm a loser. I try to do the things that God said after all been told in church if you love me keep the commandments I try to keep the commandments I feel that I must not love God there must be something wrong with me. I must be a loser. Or the second response is that God is not reasonable Why would God ask me to do things that he knows good well that I can't do. This is what happens when we don't prepare our members to walk in the holy lives to experience true strength of occasion to the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the life we leave them in miserable Christian experiences. There's a church ministry in the seventh day on this church that has a ministerial department there giving an alarming amount of phone calls from a Seventh Day Adventists adults who have zero assurance of salvation. These are the parents and grandparents of our children and they have zero assurance of salvation they're getting the equally scary amount of phone calls from people who are sure that they are saved because of what they do. This is a problem. We don't seem to understand practical godliness with the plan of salvation is meant to look like and so in turn we don't have assurance of salvation we do not have the joy of the Lord revealed that tomorrow he says this is so foreign to me this idea of righteousness by faith because growing up it was it was you get it right you do the deed you walk the walk and make it pretty everything is different and ranged now he said Notice we're not demolishing Christendom we're rearranging things in the order that God intended you understand that if. And he says it's phenomenal it should be taught and expressed and he said people need to know this. And having been all over this country in doing minister I can tell you that what he's saying is true I have to take responsibility he says and I don't want to but my life with God is so much more important than that my sin has become less interesting by the second and what I thought would fulfill me had little effect now. Your message separated me from the sadness of my life and I've never had that before your message got me happy about coming to God and about the way that he looked at me as a person we talked about that earlier didn't win the picture that we give as religious people to the people who are struggling tells them what type of god is on the receiving end of their prayers but what he heard in the true Gospel got him excited about coming to God in the way that God looked at him as a person and he said in that message only and shame on me for not walking that out every day. Shame on me the preacher man for not walking that out every day. He went to church a few weeks ago and his favorite part of the church service at the church he attends is they don't do a lot of talking during the prayer time they have everyone that wants to come forward they kneel and then they have a time of silence and this literally is his favorite thing that occurs throughout the week when he can be alone with God. And at the foot of the cross and he said that week when he did that that he wept uncontrollably during prayer time I was at the foot of the cross and I looked over to my side remember that nice couple told about the godly couple of like godparents to him so I looked to my side and I saw this man who and I thought he belonged to the same foot of the Cross that I do. He belongs to the same cross that I do. He says I want to live at the foot of the cross that's where we all should live we're no better than anyone else and I don't want to be like that and he got on to me he says Dee I love you dearly and I don't want to see you break my heart don't you dare do that don't you ever change D. Don't you ever change and assume that you're better than anyone else that you're preaching to Toll do that he says you can't do that we have to live at the exact same spot at the foot of the cross. Counsel for my friend. I really and truly hope and it's my desire that I'm going to work with you in the future I don't think that's out of the picture he says and I truly believe that all experiences I have to start the process of dealing with my drinking I wanted out of the way there are things I want to do for God my sexuality I want that out of the way because I have things that I want to do for God and I'm tired of it I feel that that's the direction my life is going to go and I got to deal with these things this is the most amazing response of the Gospel that I've ever seen because I literally have said this much to this man about his lifestyle. I preach to sermons in his hearing and the spirit of Jesus went crazy on this guy in encouraging him in except in him and in calling him to an accountability that was reasonable and that has hope at the end of the rude. The true sufferings of Jesus the Gospel of Jesus Christ can transform any life it does not discriminate the people of God may discriminate but the Gospel of God does not name him. Revelation twelve or so leaven and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death therefore rejoice Oh heavens in you who dwell in them woe to the inhabitants of the earth in the sea for the devil has come down to you have. Great wrath because he knows that he has a short time. So what is their testimony. That because of Christ perfect life sufferings death and resurrection they now have a new identity. They are sons and daughters of God. Why don't they love their wives to the death because the wife that Christ offered them was better than the life that they chose to leave behind. That's why they don't love their lives to the death. Because the lives of they were cherishing were going to lead to death. At the end of time a generation of people will arise who to the power of Christ's blood and the testimony that he's making out of their lives will no longer love their lives to the death and this empowers them to overcome the devil and to awaken the world to the power of God's love to change the life this young people is the message that will turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ. This is the revelation of God's love that's talked about in crisis object was this going to happen at the end of time this is the message of Revelation fourteen and Revelation eighteen of awakening the world to the fact that there's a God in heaven who loves you and who cares for you New along to hear from you. And there's a devil who's trying to deceive you that his ways lead to happiness but I love you not to tell you the truth they lead to destruction in the choice is yours Satan uses coercion and manipulation of Revelation thirteen God uses an invitation of love in a call to reason in Revelation fourteen. That's the appeal that's being made to you this evening that's the appeal that the world needs to hear because that's a god that is reasonable That's a God who is going to be feared and is going to cause people to want to give glory to him. The everlasting Gospel leads to this response and it also leads to the falling of Babylon the Revelation chapter for. The everlasting gospel brings that thing to the ground. It birds that sing to the ground. People need it. And whenever it says that there were angels flying in the midst of heaven having a priest every nation tribe tongue and people. Talking about literally. He's talking about these people. He's talking about these people in the front row. He's talking about all of you. Ambassadors on behalf of Christ to tell the world. Reconciled to God. That's the message that God needs that's the. New today. And that's what I want to. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon and much more if you would like to know more about.


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