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How to Overcome the Devil- Part 2

Dee Casper


This message covers the content that changed my friends life in part 1, and what happens when we say yes to Jesus. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is the answer to all of our inadequacies in the Christian life.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • May 27, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Oh sweet Jesus thank you for these precious young people thank you for all these families who sacrifice for this day to come about but above all think you that you are the one who made this possible. I'm just asking that you would come and abide with us awhile. You would minister to our hearts you would do for these people what I cannot do. And that we would not soon forget the gifts that we received from heaven and. This is my humble plea and I asked us in Jesus name in our theme text again for the weekend is found in Revelation Chapter twelve quite fitting for our movement Revelation Chapter twelve beginning in verse to him. And the text and things should be on the screen as well for time's sake and I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation and strengthen the kingdom of our God in the power of his Christ have come for the accuser of the brother and who accuse them before God day and night has been cast down again this is in direct response to the event at Calvary. And they the Saints overcame him by the blood of the Lamb by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death and seeing the power of the cross transform their lives and grant them new identities they no longer want to cling to the life they had before because they found something better there for rejoice Oh heavens a new who dwell in them but whoa to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the devil has come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has a short time. Satan with the accuser the brother and has specialized in attacking us at the identity level in confusing us regarding our identities and we closed last night by mentioning that Christ perfect life sufferings death and resurrection provide us that new identity and we saw it happen in the life of a dear friend of mine. But the question is how does that work and what did my friend here that brought this into his life. The same thing that cast Satan down an encounter with the cross. Jesus overcame the devil to enable you to do the same this is why Christ overcame to empower humanity to rise above the attacks of Satan and I want to give two brief quotes here from the materials that were helpful to me to understand the importance of lifting up the cross before the people this is the first call the preaching of Christ crucified has been strangely neglected by our people many who claim to believe the truth have no knowledge of faith in Christ by experience it is this neglected part of the ministry which will be found the great instrument in the conversion of souls and in leading to the high standard of holiness which every church needs in order to become a living church there must be a life giving power in the ministry life must be infused into the missionaries in every place that they may go forth giving the trumpet no uncertain sound but with heaven sent awakening power such as can be found only in the preaching of Jesus Christ His love His forgiveness his grace and this is the second quote that was the perfect answer for this friend of mine the ones in the religious experience what's lacking and what we desire is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospel. Sobering story I was teaching at a school of vandalism a couple years ago I taught in the morning someone else taught the afternoon but the class they were teaching was on Calvary on the cross and I thought was love to hear this so I stick around and this individual didn't grow up in church to grow up a Seventh Day Adventists they were converted they were an atheist basically growing up. But as this young person God by that the power of the Gospel the undying love him. This this person became a follower of God they became a Christian and soon into their conversion they were going door to door and I don't know if they were selling literature or handing out literature I forgive that's not the main point they get to this door they knock on the door and they say hey I've got this book for you man and the guy says come inside so he comes inside So what's the deal man says I've got this book and it talks about the fact that Jesus died for you and the guy says and. What do you mean and Jesus died for you men and guys responses so what so what he says sit down and we tell you a story and this man begins to tell this young Christian a story about his guru he was nice to religion is of some sort one to tell the story about his guru the views of the Guru had about religion and the views of the people in his village were vastly different the people hated him for this and eventually what they did it was something that I'm not going to go into a lot of detail because there were children present it would be wise to do so but they began to change a man to a tree and inflict severe amounts of harm upon his body and did it in such a way that his death would take days to accomplish continue to prolong this torturous awful experience animals or investigate him all along the way and this guy is being as he's telling this story to this young Christian. And he says what my guru went through was way worse than what your Jesus went through. So why should I put my faith in him. And this young Christian doesn't know what to say they didn't tell him this answer in the bible studies and they didn't give him any supply to answer this any just sitting there feeling completely. Lost really in knowing what to do and the only thing he can muster to say is. Still want the book. He doesn't know what else to do and the question that this person who is now a converted minister of the gospel and is teaching at the school evangelism the question that he raised to the attendees of the school of Angela's on was if it is just a matter of how painful his death was what makes the death of Jesus any more meritorious than the death of Mahatma Gandhi Dr Martin Luther King Jr or anyone who died for the good of humanity. What makes Jesus's death any better now I'm not questioning the death of Jesus today please don't misunderstand me. But it's a fair question because we are evangelists we are people who should be sharing the gospel with people but what gospel is it then that we need to be sharing what if what if people have suffered worse than Jesus why is Jesus's death any better than theirs. That's the question Will we get some answers Jesus says a Matthew twenty four fourteen that this gospel will be present all the world is a witness to all the nations and then the end will come cover this year before even about a year ago but it seems to me with the language of Jesus is employing here that if A happens then B. is going to get happen are you after that impression to some degree so when this gospel is very specific whatever gospel that he's preaching that he's talking about and that he endorses when that's present all the world as a witness then Jesus will come why very simple question for you this morning. Where is Jesus. Jesus isn't here yet there's something that Jesus is needing from us is the impression that I'm left with I don't think that is Jesus is lacking a desire to come I believe that Jesus is waiting on the correct impetus to bring that coming Revelation Chapter fourteen says that the everlasting Gospel is going to go to every nation tribe tongue and people very similar language the last thing to happen this message of mercy to go before the World room. Is a repetition of the thirteen tools message well might give us some insight she says that the message proclaimed by the angel flying in the midst of heaven is the everlasting Gospel and she gives us some insight into it she says is the same gospel that was declared in Eden when God said to the serpent I will put in between the in the woman and between Vice seat in her seat so the gospel that Jesus is talking about and the Gospel is preached at the end of time is the same Gospel was preached in the garden. So in Eden his heel will be bruised also and even tunic sixteen are required something has to die something has to suffer to in turn clothed people of their shame in their nakedness because iniquity has made its way into their experience in the sanctuary service we're told that a lamb is going to be slain which is obviously telling is what will happen to Jesus the prophet say that a messiah is going to suffer Jesus says I'm going to suffer in the disciples don't like this at all they hate this idea we don't want you know this guy is just going to suffer for people like doesn't sound near a spicy is is taking back the land from the Romans. And they just don't seem to understand or want it after Jesus died in his resurrected he's walking on the road to a mass any tells these people he says Didn't you know that the Christ had to suffer. And then the Apostles in the book of Acts never believe that you know they have to say that he did suffer. Jesus will suffer this is what we're going to have to bring before the people now how often do we hear messages the highlight the sufferings of Christ and I want to make it clear here I'm not talking about a mill Gibson bloodbath. But there are genuine real sufferings or agony that Christ went through before anyone laid a hand on him. That far surpasses what any martyr has ever gone through on behalf of humanity. And it gives us some insights. I've only heard this Gospel preached once in my life. July fourth fifth two thousand and fourteen and I'll never forget it was life changing for me it was this it was the purest gospel sermon I had ever heard someone just told the story of the Cross now my saying that no one's preaching I'm not saying that I'm saying that I didn't come across hearing it until this obviously some people must be preaching it but I've met two other people who heard that same person preach that sermon twenty years ago. One of them was in fact your hall at Southern Agnes university like twenty years ago and they still remember it vividly they've never forgotten and met another person who was a young convert and eventually became a pastor who heard the same person preach the sermon and they've never forgotten something about hearing the true power of the cross seers into your mind and you can't ever get rid of it that's what happened to my friend that we talked about last night that's what radically transform his experience and we wonder why are older and younger generation are wrestling with assurance of salvation. I wonder if this could be the answer to that we're not hearing the full depths of the beauty of the Gospel here it is Jesus' wrists the eternal existence and fellowship of the Godhead to see you state. Jesus was willing to take exponentially a large risk. Because something about you was valuable enough to him to take that risk we're told the second create in Chapter five in verse twenty one that God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ Now this is super significant especially in the context of shame versus guilt we talked about last night because shame is is identifying someone with what they've done guilt is something to remind them that they have guilt to point them to Jesus there's two different approaches here. Well if Jesus became. Sin That means that Jesus also became your shame. He bore your shame he bore that he identified with the things that you have done so you don't have to anymore so that you could be seen as the right just as of God in Him Jesus did not write a check for the price of sin he literally became sin and receive the wrath of God toward sin to set you free this is what the Gospel is meant to tell us who will skip this. Now imagine with me that you're standing before a holy God in the holy law for just one of your sins and no mediator that there's no understand between you and the father in this holy law it's just you and I'm only talking about one of yours and I'm left with the impression you've probably committed a few more than one like I have and I am I right in that assumption OK but imagine you just have to have one of them before a holy God in a holy law what emotions what thoughts are going through your mind in that moment I need to hear a response from you tonight this morning what what thoughts go through your mind. How would you be feeling verbal feedback we have scared hopeless. Anyone else. Terrified shameful. Imagine that instead of you burying one of your sins before the father with no mediator in your we have which praise God for the fact that we do have a mediator but I want you to imagine the composite guilt shame condemnation the unmingled wrath of Almighty God in just a large pile like you just you take all of it from the for the first sin of Adam and Eve all the way until the second coming of Jesus Christ the amassed amount of sin the Shane the condemnation the punishment the on mingled. The wrath of God and that inward shameful parting of the finger heaped upon the shoulders of one man at one point in time. This is why Jesus tells the disciples in the garden of this him and he that his soul was exceedingly sorrowful even to death you would be horrified you would most likely drop dead from whore. For your one since Danny before the Father and yet Jesus is carrying a superhuman amount of agony in the garden. And he tells his disciples my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death. He collapses to the ground twice we're told in the book desire of ages and I guess in a chapter that the moment that he sets foot in the garden he collapses to the ground from the weight that has been placed upon his shoulders the disciples helped him up and eventually happens again the psychological agony that Jesus is enduring here is so taxing is so difficult that is having a physiological effect upon his body and he is now believing through his Poor's. The disciples have never seen a Jesus like this Jesus is always calm cool and collected all the time to make a demoniacs running at him full steam and he stands like a rock rebukes the demons and says they are seated and clothed in their right minds. A demoniac stands up in the middle of a church service as one of will to do with you Jesus. It would since shivers down your spine in it Jesus is unphased in deals with matters and continues Jesus in Matthew Chapter eight I believe is on a boat with waves coming all over the boat and he's sleeping he's at peace in the boat while the disciples are losing their mind. Jesus is always Kong cool and collected but as soon as they set foot in the garden they're looking in the eyes of a man that they've never seen before they have. Ever seen Jesus distraught and distressed in the way that they're seeing him right now. Jesus is agonizing in this garden. You and I are the same circumstances could check out emotional psychological We have this hardware built within us then when things get too difficult we just turn into vegetables we just check out and we just we just flat line intellectually right we just get numb you get the thousand yard stare and you can check out but the problem is Jesus isn't afforded that option. Jesus has to continue in this agony and in this pain and he suffers and he suffers along. With the people there were no men with him and she says this line that is just heartbreaking in desire of ages that in this moment Jesus isn't longing for human sympathy and for affection. Jesus God longing for human sympathy and affection. And you know when he gets in that moment. He gets nothing. He gets absolutely nothing his disciples are asleep and he wrestles and agonizes alone and then comes this voice of soft street to Jesus the devil sorts Risberg in his ear and says hey jesus these people do not appreciate you. Where your disciples right now Jesus no where are his disciples. Who Sleep certainly James John and Peter they'll be there for Jesus that's why he brought them further into the recesses of the garden but where are they when he needs them they're sleeping. Jesus these people do not appreciate you they do not value you you're wasting your time men. Just walk. Now could Jesus walk one hundred percent he could. Something about you. Gives Jesus the intrinsic motivation to continue. Jesus has three prayers in the midst of this agony praying for God to change his mind. He's begging for an alternative he's begging for another option says Father please let this cup pass from me and the cup the juice is referring to is the same cup the we're going to drink at the end of time found a Revelation Chapter fourteen is the cup of God on mingled RAF. This is the chalice that Jesus is wrestling with in the garden use him in. The unmingled wrath of God is beginning to be poured out upon. God. But in these prayers you come to Jesus as my and and that's where he says nevertheless. Not my will but yours be done. He's thinking of you. When he says nevertheless he has you in mind and she has this powerful line of desire of Ages his decision is made and he will save man at any cost to himself. And then she says something that I had forgotten about already in this morning. God suffered with his son. There was silence in the heaven in this moment and could mortals have viewed the amazement of the angelic hosts as in silent grief they watched the father separating his beams of light love and glory from his beloved son. They would better understand how offensive in his sight is in. God the father suffered with Jesus in the garden. And then there's this touching scene continuing desire of Ages were God litter. Since the angel from the right hand of the father down to planet Earth and this is alluded to a loose account in the way that she explains it in the desire of ages that this angel literally cradles the head of Jesus in His bosom. And speaks tender words of encouragement to Jesus. To remind him of the promises of the father. That he's always been with him Do you remember the baptism Jesus this is my beloved Son in whom I will please. Remember the Mount of Transfiguration that this is my son listen to him. I know would start Jesus but he's here. He's here. God gives us a picture. Who says that we have to receive this picture but this is one of the beautiful things that we get from the Spirit of Prophecy is we get an understanding of even more details that happened they can bring great encouragement to our soul because that leaves me with the impression that when I am hurting when I'm going through my own equivalent which is nothing like what he went through with through my own many experiences there is a God in heaven who cares and who is willing to deploy angels to meet my every need. We're told the same thing happen to John the Baptist and that lonely prison cell when he's wrestling with the deafening silence of God The same thing as a church for us and we're told that Jesus without having a single hand laid upon him would have died in the garden were it not for this angel being sent to strengthen Jesus to go on. To do for Jesus what we did not do for him. So Jesus awakens the disciples he heads down to the entrance and there's a mob there with implements that I assure you have nothing to do with what they're going to need for Jesus. And he's greeted by Judas and his betrayed by a king. And then words come out of Jesus's Melfi that are a mind boggling to me. He calls Judas. Friend. Friends. There's a self sacrificing love in the heart of Jesus that knows no bounds. He's brought before a sham of a trial where the word justice isn't even invited to the conversation as if it did to tells us that he was beaten beyond the point of recognition and I'll stop there. You can't even recognize who this man is anymore we're told. And then he's brought before the Jews and you what they had to say we will not have this man is lord over us the very people Jesus came to say. We have no cubit cvs or give us barabus. The very people that Jesus comes to save the poor of his life to the dregs and there we spawns to him is we have no king but Caesar we do not want this man is lord over us and give us barabus and later they say his blood be on us and on our children. Oh my I can't imagine what they're going to think. When the tables turn. In the special resurrection. But before we're too hard on the Jews we need to realize that each time that we choose our choices over Jesus we're saying the same thing. I will not have this man is Lord over me give me barabus. We say the same thing guys. We're no better than them all of us were not for the grace of God deserved to die because of our sins but God loves you with an everlasting love and does not want this for us this is why he endured what he did he's brought to the cross. They nail him to this implement of demonic torture they slam him into the hole in the ground in every nerve and muscle and sin of his body is yanked downwards fire runs through every nerve of his body and then she has a strange line where she says it is physical pain was hardly felt. In comparison with the emotional and psychological and spiritual agony he's contending with. And while he's on the cross he is told that if you are the Son of God Save yourself some of those crucified beside Jesus says if you're the son of God Save yourself and us. Irony of ironies is because Jesus is the Son of God that he's not coming down from the cross. And he's already saving them they just haven't figured it out yet. In this voice of softness three returns Jesus you are wasting your time look at these people. They don't care about you they don't value you you're wasting your time. And they get in Jesus can walk but yet he continues. And if this is an awful enough the only constant the Jesus has had for thirty three and a half years of his life is the presence in the approval of his father. And now that's gone. We're told desire of ages that Satan has heat and impenetrable cloud of darkness upon Jesus but we're also told in desire of age is one of the most amazing things ever pinned by a mortal. That the reason why it looks like midnight at noon day on gold office Hill is because God Almighty is on Earth. He's both Sajjad Jesus at the cross and it's an act of mercy from God because had these people see. Him they would have been struck dead and yet even in this moment God's love for these people is so present that he shrouds his presence for their sakes so that even they can be saved. There's one thing that keeps Jesus nailed to this cross there's one thing that keeps Jesus going through all this agony you know that is. It's you. Hits you. Jesus cannot stand the thought of losing you. He can't can't even fathom that and he would rather cease to exist than allow for that to be an option and then we're told that he cannot see through the portals of the tomb according the Zire of ages. Jesus is fully convinced in his mind at this stage that he will never see the light of day again he will never see the father again and that even if you are saved in this plan salvation does work he's not going to be there to see it. And yet Jesus continues. This will mean this is Station of my eternal existence. And I'll continue. I'll do it he says. This is why it says in John thirteen a verse one that having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the in. The other in of himself. And then there is as powerful seen in desire of ages where Jesus when he has sins into heaven the angels erupt in praise they lose their minds. And Jesus looks at them and says no. No and he presses into the presence of the Father and he has to know. Was it enough. He will not accept their worship until he has a final answer was it enough. Did we achieve a victory for our children. And the father gives him the most powerful Yes you could ever imagine I'm sure and then Heaven loses its mind the ages then do erupt and praise Jesus does except their worship and this is why it says a Revelation Chapter twelve that the heavens should rejoice and woe to the earth because it is finished. Jesus overcame the devil and has made a way for you and I to receive the fruit of that victory there is good news for us today what Jesus went through was hell on earth to the most literal extent. But there is good news for you today because Jesus succeeded to enable you to succeed you are being told the loudest language possible today that you are excepted that you are valued by God This is why says in Jeremiah thirty one that the war does appear to me of old saying yes I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you he says and John twelve that I if I am lifted from the earth will draw all men to myself Jesus pours out his life to the dregs knowing that you can walk knowing that. But it says Nazir forty two in verse four that he will not fail nor be discouraged in his pursuit of your soul Jesus is a persistent real limitless pursuing lover he will not stop loving you young people into you breathe your last breath and even then he will miss you for eternity. Jesus's pain never ends God the Father's pain never ends the writers eventually he says are there to be no more pain no more sorrow no more crying but the great controversy does not in for them you know why because there are casualties. Revelation Chapter twelve is a domestic dispute it's a family affair and God is losing created beings and human beings that he had never meant to be lost and that pain remains for him. This is the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ this is the weight that he places on you individually and this is the message that has to go to war world if we're going home in our lifetime. This is the message that Jesus preached the Old Testament for told of and that the New Testament church fell in love with and it does something it does something to the human psyche this is why it says a room is two for that the goodness of God leads to repentance that when we come face to face with the true power of the cross it does something to us and that's what happened to my friend we talked about last night. He saw sin differently he saw his value differently he saw himself and God differently. And yet knowing all of what it is that Jesus would be put through at the result of a lot of what we're doing we're told Romans five a verse say that God showed His own love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us you do not just have the love of Jesus this morning you have the love of God the Father as well sometimes we get that confused we have unhealthy views of God the Father we can roll with Jesus but the father is just a mystery to us we view them almost as like he is this disappointed parent that looks at me in the way that I look at me. But that's not the way that scripture portrays the character of God the Father so the question is if God can forgive you. And Jesus can forgive you why is it that we wrestle so strongly with forgiving ourselves. Why is it that we refuse to believe the things about us that God believes. We're told as if it is three that you can turn there with me if you'd like to Isaiah Chapter fifty three in verse eleven. OK. To summarize actually but Jesus sees the labor of the soul and it says that he's satisfied because by his knowledge my righteous servant justified many. He looks at the price of he's going to have to pay any satisfied he looks at the price of the is paying while he suffers he's satisfied and he looks back upon the price to be paid and he's still satisfied. You are justified and he's satisfied I'm going to skip the. I change my mind after I change my mind by the way I was twenty eight whenever my mom and I had a reconciliation I did the math last night it was twenty years ago. But this is a message from L. White to someone who is to sure the fact that they could not be saved which she wrestled with by the way as we'll read the first volume of the testimonies of first two chapters in her story she rested with assurance of salvation but look what she says she says the Lord has given me a message for you and not for you only but also for other faithful souls who are troubled by doubts and fears regarding their exceptions by the Lord Jesus Christ. His word to you is fear not for I have read the I have called the by the name that are mine you desire to please the Lord and you can do this by believing his promises you can please God by believing the things he says about you. He's waiting to take you into harbor graces experience and he bids you BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD you've had a time of unrest but Jesus says to you come into me and I will give you rest the joy of Christ in the soul is worth everything and then are they glad because they are privileged to rest in the arms of everlasting love your justification is not based upon what you do is based solely upon what someone else has already done and it's received by faith the gospel is not a license to sin nor is it a means by which we bring ourselves into God. Favor by our works it's neither but it's contact with God's amazing love that awakens faith in the human heart that will accept Christ as their rights as this as their means of salvation the only way that someone's going to be willing to come to God is if they're left with the impression that God is coming for them. So the picture that we portray to people and how we teach and how we mentor and how we raise our children and so on this directly affects their ability to view God the Father in a healthy inviting way. But if we have look at the cross of Christ is the clearest language possible that God is saying that I want you. Every one of you individually I'm not just corporately accepting you I'm saying that individually each person on this front row you are accepted in the Beloved because of Jesus now what happens when I say yes to Jesus we're told if he's a chapter one that in him in Jesus you also trusted this is thirteen and fourteen it's on the board fusions one thirteen and fourteen in him you also trusted after you heard the word of truth the gospel of salvation when people hear the true Gospel in Irvine did to make a decision for Jesus they trust in Jesus when that happens he says that you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise who is the guarantee the down payment of our inheritance until the redeployment of the purchase possession to the praise of his glory now this is not saying once saved always saved but what it is saying is if you continue to walk in this decision the Holy Spirit from when you say yes to Jesus until Jesus comes to take us home in that intervening time while we walk in this decision the Holy Spirit is testifying before God the Father in heaven that this is a child of God. Heaven is their home this is the first thing to the Holy Spirit is doing for humanity so you heard the Gospel you believed and trusted in Jesus you were sealed by the Holy Spirit who acts is this guarantee until the second coming and we've already dealt with a big disclaimer if you walk away from this. Decision The process starts all over again. You can come back but the process starts all over again. But Paul continues or almost Chapter eight this is kind of the next phase for as many as are led by the Spirit of God These are what. Sons of God For you do not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear Hosea refers to it this way no longer will you refer to me as my master but you will now refer to me as my husband. Your view in your relationship and your access to intimacy is way different than what you thought it was you don't receive a spirit of bondage again to fear but you receive the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out Father then it gets gooder verse sixteen the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God Not that we will be children of God Later we in that moment of accepting Jesus our current tints children of God. You are children of God When you say yes to him so we say yes to Jesus he confirms that Heaven is your home that were adopted in the family of God that we become children of God. But I don't know how many people there are in this room who gone through the process of adoption but they were also given a new identity in Christ right when you become a child of God you're given a new identity which is what Satan is trying to deprive you of. But when someone is adopted into a new family how much do they know about the expectations of the family and how to walk in those expectations you don't know much of anything you're new to this whole right so this is a beautiful thing the second phase is the third phase really the Holy Spirit The first is to convict is of sin of righteousness and of judgment John Chapter sixteen that will work outside of God he's still pursuing us to remind us that we need God then we say yes to Jesus he testify. Is that Heaven is your home that you are a child of God but he continues because we don't know how to live like a child of God. We have sinful flesh we don't know what to do and this is the powerful awesome third aspect of the ministry the Holy Spirit He teaches you how to live like a child of God. Were told are almost Chapter eight in verse three and this is powerful Well a chapter eight in verse three he says for what the law could not do which is save us in that it was weak through the flesh because our sinful flesh can't keep the law by itself so what the law could not do and it was weak to the flesh what does it say next. God did what you could not do God did by sending His Son in the likeness of sinful flesh in flesh like ours and on account of sin Jesus condemned sin in the flesh Jesus overcame sin in the flesh which is powerful so I want to stop to take a brief break here the life of Jesus is equally important to myself of occasion as the death of Jesus and this is where we preach the Gospel we don't give people all of the good news because yes Jesus did die for you but would Jesus's death does is cancel out the debt that you have because we're told that the wages of sin is death they did a great job and Sabbath school in covering this is mourning today so the wages of sin is death and I don't mean to insult your intelligence but you know to wages it's what you deserve as a result of the works that you perform. The wages what we deserve result of our works is death we're told in scripture so Jesus is death cancels out the death that I deserve but the problem is I now need to go the rest of my life without sinning a word daughter deed if heaven is going to be my home. So the death of Jesus if that's all we had I would have no hope of having a transformed life through the power of the gospel I wouldn't be able to overcome I would be able to deal. The battles in the brokenness that I have I need access to a life that I have not lived and that is given to me through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we're told in Scripture and it continues because again Jesus overcame sin in the flesh and here is why. That the right this requirement of the law might be fulfilled in who. In us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit so this is not one of those do better work harder messages we have a severe inadequacy as a human race a severe deficit and inadequacy and our only hope of having that overcome is through someone doing in us and through us and for us what we cannot do for ourselves you are standing in this morning the Ministry of the Holy Spirit is meant to do that God loves you so much they don't only came to cancel out your debt he came to give you power to ensure that you can be in heaven. Now who says God has to do that. He could literally put a sign on the wall that says no life guard on duty swim at your own risk God could do that but he doesn't God is willing to take this extra step for humanity he came and stood in full flesh and lived a victorious life which our flesh failed to do and he did it by continually abiding in his father by the continual yielding of his will or power of choice to his father he says in John five twenty that I can of myself do nothing so according to all those eight he did this to the right just requirement the law could be fulfilled in your life and by the power of a spirit living in you by the way those contrasts of the two ministries of the Death and Life of Jesus are fellow Romans five or read this very briefly they covered it actually in Sabbath school they read the verses but to give a Biblical framework for what I'm saying here Romans Chapter five. And is close to verse Tim Yes Burstyn for if when we were in the means we were reconciled to God through the death of his son that clears our dead much more had the minute reconciled we should be. Saved by what by his life we should be saved by His life this Romans Chapter five verse tip. Paul continues to Romans eight and says for those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh but those who live according to the spirit the things of the spirit and this is all in direct response to the question Paul had a woman seven Oh wretched man that I am who is going to deliver me from this body this fleshly body of death I don't stand a chance man the answer is Romans eight. For to be carnally minded is death but to be spirit in mind it is life in peace because the carnal mind is that in that he is an entity against God for it is not subject to the law of God nor indeed can be so then those who are in the flesh cannot please God this is not a matter of you with your soul human strength mustering something to please God the way that we please God and I was saying earlier was by believing his promises will hear some promises from God coming up here he were separative according to this text there are two directions for the human mind and every human being's mind is autopilot stuck on the flesh until we believe the gospel and receive the Spirit and we believe the gospel to receive the Spirit he changes our minds are being set in the flesh to the spirit. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that comes by believing the gospel. You begin to think differently and you view sin differently as we talked about with my friend last night so if your mind is set in the flesh you are an enemy of God you are at war with God because you can't obey His law or choose not to by living your own way but if your mind is set on the spirit you have life in peace why because the law is being fulfilled in your life that's basically what Paul is saying this is vindicated in Psalm one thousand one sixty five great peace have they that love dialogue you can't love the law unless God is living inside of you our flesh hates it. And they have no occasion of stumbling So here are some of those promises that were told that God. Love for us to believe he was ten sixteen or seventeen says this is quoting from Jeremiah thirty one of the Old Testament of the New Covenant this is the comfort that I will make with him after those days says the Lord I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them then he adds their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more. God teaches us how to live like a child of God by writing as long our hearts and upon our minds and he has no intention of remembering our sins but he gets even better and as thirty six he takes the next step for about to close and as Chapter thirty six he says then I will sprinkle clean water on you beginning of verse twenty five begin its on the board is equal thirty six verse twenty five we as a race are in desperate need of help we can't get out of this mess on our own God sins rescued from heaven here and thirty six beginning of verse twenty five then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you should be clean I will clinch you from all your filthiness and from all your idols and I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them the result of God living in you is a transformed life so when God writes As long your heart in your mind he doesn't meaning it just for a memorial just as a plaque to hang in the walls of your mind he's saying that he will empower you to live in harmony with that law and it will become a part of you his spirit will cause you to willing to do according to HIS good pleasure good this was HIS of Libyans to thirteen so is thirty six is God's extravagant provision and his amazing desire to see you saved your dirty Jew He says you got I don't I can get rid of them you have a stony heart I'll give you a new one your cold and indifferent I'll give you the ability to feel again by giving you a new and warm Hard's and you can obey all empower you to obey. This is the amazing promise of righteousness by faith of what God longs to do for the wretched humanity that is lost and is in desperate need of Jesus that's what he thinks and we can please God we're told if we believe his promises. So it should be clear to you then that God wants you in Heaven Is that clear today I hope if I've messed up everything that made a fool of myself for forty five minutes and fifty seconds that you least know that much that there is a God in heaven that wants you and he wants you there Jesus says that in John seventeen I wish that they might be with me where I am Jesus desperately wants you in heaven he loves you he desires your good any is willing to do they heavy lifting to transform your life remember I talked about last night that we set our people up are members up for failure if we spend most of our capital in telling people what God expects. At the expense of how God empowers you to do what he expects and the two responses to messages like that are one I'm a loser I'm never going to be good enough and throw in the towel or two that God isn't reasonable but this message this promises equal thirty six Hebrews ten Jeremiah thirty one Romans eight Romans five is telling us that God is not unreasonable. He kind of this because he's breaking his neck to see you saved when no one says that he has to so if God is unreasonable he's unreasonable on that side of the aisle but it's not unreasonable by not being willing to do for you what you can do for yourself yeah. What was the word the camera user earlier crazy love you he has an exorbitant amount of love so the question is Is this your desire. Is it your desire to receive the promises that God has for you to allow God to impart those to you that is the question now I need to close with this. There are. People in this room who used to be sitting on the front row there are people in this room who used to be sitting in the front row in some school many years ago sorry for some of you a few years ago all of us are going through transitions in life. And some of us made sincere commitments to God at one stage in our life and we've found ourselves that we're not really there anymore. Wife happens discouragement happened wife look good whatever it maybe and I'm also saying this for some of the young people here that. What happens if I fail along the way. Well I want to quote from a song that has been helpful to me by Andrew Peterson It's called a monument what it's called but it's good anyway here's the lyrics from it. All of my life he says I've held on to this fear these this souls in vines ensnare and in TWINE what flowers appear in the previous stand he talked about how God planted by breaking his heart by him falling upon the rock of the cross of the Cross that God planted new seeds in his heart and he says that all of my life I've held on to this fear that these vines and snare and why and what flowers are beginning to appear and here's his fear is the fear that all fall one too many times the fear that God's love is no better than mine. Some of us have that fear today. That we're going to fall too many times or that God's love is no better than mine that he's given up on me just like God given up on me. Some of us have already left some of us in this room statistically will leave. But I want you to know this morning that his love is better than yours. It is. And that you can come back. If you find yourself in a situation that you've wandered from God or later life you find. Yourself that you have wondered for God you're in a place that you never thought that you would be. There graduates from this academy over the last twenty years who are finding themselves today in a place that they never thought they would be. That their classmates never thought that they would be. There's good news today. You can come back. And your Peterson answers his fears in the next stanza. Where he says this just as I am and just as I was just as I will be he loves me he does he showed me the day that he shed his own blood he loves me oh he loves me he does. Want to close the Revelation chapter three in verse twenty it's on the board. I like it because the grammar that use a Revelation Chapter three we don't talk about a lot but is actually in the continued of in the Greek where he says Behold I stand at the door knock in the original languages and they continue with means that he has been knocking. He is knocking now and he has no intention of not knocking tomorrow. Just as I am just as I was just as I will be he loves me he does a Jew Peterson says And God says that if anyone hears my voice notice there is no exclusion because of cast how much money you have why do you live what truth you used to have in our walking in if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and dine with him I assure you today that this is the greatest invitation you will ever receive in your life and I don't mean because I'm giving in I mean the invitation of God to be willing to dine with you because you or anyone just you know. That is the highest privilege ever given to mortals and this is what God longs to deliver to each of you. If you found yourself in a situation that you never thought that you would be you can come back today. So if you would like. To give God that opportunity if you would like. To give God. And even greater access to your life today because it's not just one door that God is knocking on it's not just the front door of your heart it's the other doors to. Those doors that lead to places that we're just not really wanting to deal with right now I've got a few of those How about you. I guess not just me that's fine. If he's not going on those two. And that invitation to anyone still applies to you. So I'd like to invite you to stand with me today. And I'd like to close with a word of prayer. Sweet Jesus I want to thank you for the fact that you have gone to such extreme effort to see every person in this room saved. And that you love us so much that you're actually willing to do the unthinkable. You're willing to honor my decisions. Over your own desires. And I just pray that through an encounter with the cross their name counter with the beauty of the new covenant that you would continually knock on the door of our hearts that you would continually remind us of the fact. That this is not home. That we have a home. That we were adopted. And that you love to see him that you'd love to hear from us. So God I pray today that you would forgive everyone sins in this room today and all the families that they represent I ask that you would cover those sins with the blood of Jesus and I'm praying to them I do you Third Person of the Godhead that transforms the life and empowers us to live Chrysler. Would be brought into our experience and that you would do for us what we can. Remind you. That what is justification by faith is the work of God. And doing. Power to do for himself and when. They are prepared to do the right.


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