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The Three Temples

Garhett Morgan
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  • October 8, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Heavenly Father Lord I thank you so much for the Stave you've given us your Sabbath day where we can come together and we can worship you Lord as we read from your words today help these not be my words help me to be humbles hide me behind your cross father and maybe read maybe May we learn and may we change according to your word in your precious name Lord if you would turn with me to the Scripture verse that we are reading today second Timothy Chapter two we're going to reread this second Timothy Chapter two and we're going to look here verse three and four. Second sympathy to and we're going to look at verse three and four. And this is what it says we were in from the King James this morning it says that out there for endure hardness as a good Watts as a good soldier of Jesus Christ it says no man how many men no man that warthe entangled himself with the affairs of this life that he may please Him who have chosen him to be a good soldier brothers and sisters who has called you to be a soldier this morning. Who is the one that we are called to place Jesus Christ amen did you know that with how you live your life you can pleasure Jesus. How many you want to pleasure Jesus this morning I know that I want to I want to pleasure my Savior it talks to us this morning about being a soldier now when your soldier I've never been in the military but there are some here that have bent when you're a soldier do you do a little bit of training you go through a lot of training don't you you go through until you know exactly what you're going to be doing you can take apart your rifle in the dark and you can clean it in just a few seconds you know what you're doing you follow your commander brothers and sisters how many of us are training today. What are we training for. Are we training for that journey that we're going to are we on a journey. Right now where are we on a journey to when a journey to heaven Amen and this is what we're going to be looking at this morning turn back just a couple books to the left to the right excuse me we're going to Titus Titus chapter two and we're going to start here in verse eleven. Titus Chapter two we're going to start here in verse eleven. And this is what it says for the grace of God to bring salvation hath appeared to all men teaching us that denying what's on godliness and worldly lusts we should live soberly notice that word soberly righteously and godly in this present world looking for that blessed and hope and the Glorious Appearing of the great God in our Savior Jesus Christ who gave Himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity. And purify it's him self a peculiar people zealous of good works what does it mean to be sober the opposite of what's the opposite of drunk right intoxicated now when I'm intoxicated and I'm drunk What is the part of my body that doesn't work very well my mind right my brain when I'm intoxicated which I never have been praise the Lord and I don't plan on being that way praise the Lord but when you're intoxicated you don't make the right decisions do you you don't necessarily think that well you kind of are just surviving in your Topsy in your turban doing all these things but brothers and sisters can the Christian today afford to be intoxicated. The Christian today is called to be sober and why because the devil is there and he is waiting to tempt you and to get you to fall in any way that you can. We're not just talking about being sober here. Physically but we're talking about being sober here spiritually. When we eat and drink what is the thing that we should spiritually be eating and drinking only from the Word of God Amen is the Word of God going to continue to make the sober absolutely the Word of God is our key to heaven you know I love this country but when we talk about Hebrews eleven we talk about people that were full of faith doing not Hebrews eleven is the faith chapter and there's big names in that chapter like Abraham we think of Isaac we think of Jacob all of these names are mentioned in Hebrew eleven and they had great faith did they not they were giants to Israel turn with their if you will Hebrews chapter eleven we're going to look here at verse fourteen Hebrews eleven fourteen. Hebrews eleven and verse fourteen and this is what it says. For they that say such things declare plainly that they see. That they seek a country and truly if they had been mindful of that country from where they came out they might have had the opportunity to return but now they desire a better country that is the heavenly wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for he had prepared for them a why he had paired for them a city. Brothers and sisters are we living today like we live in the world and we're ready to put down our roots here are we living today as a pilgrim that's just passing through. Should we have all of our loves in our loss and all of the things we cherish here on this world or who should we be cherishing we should be laying up ourselves treasures where in heaven amen because all the things on this Earth are going to pass away are they not in the looking at the news a little bit this week there's been some terrible things that are happening and we've been following the hurricane that's going on. Last time I looked which was Friday I looked and fifty plus people had died just in. All right is this world falling apart. This is seem like this world is just hanging there on a thread waiting to snap at any moment it sure does but to the Christian when we look at those things and we turn on the news and see that what do we see we see the Jesus coming is Jesus coming is all the closer so today we're going to be talking about how we as Christians should be fighting this good five preparing to make ourselves ready for heaven but before we start I want to make sure that we get this point can you get yourself ready to have you know who must we rely on at all times as Jesus Christ when we're talking today about how we can prepare to live soberly how we can live righteously how we can be that peculiar person we must remember that we was constantly be relying upon whom upon Jesus Christ that means that we still can prepare though right absolutely Paul in second Timothy four says this I have thoughts a good fights I have finished my course I have kept the faith. How many of you want to keep that faith this morning. You know it's very easy to say when we're sitting there in a comfortable church pew it's very easy to say when you have a six month emergency fund there it's sitting in the bank account it's very easy to say when there's a paycheck that's there every week every month whenever it's supposed to be there but when our faith is tested when that paycheck doesn't come when that car breaks down when people are persecuting you for Christ's sake is your faith going to hold fast. We must be reliance upon Jesus Christ. So when we're going through all of these things one thing that we are going to need big meeting is strain and then let's go to Proverbs Chapter three The book right after songs Proverbs Chapter three and we're going to take a look here at verse seven. Proverbs Chapter three. Are we looking here at verse seven. Notice what this says I love these two verses seven a name it says this being not wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord departs from evil it shall be what it should be health to your navel and morrow or strength to your bones when we turn away from sin and we rely on Jesus Christ what do we gain we gain strength Amen and it's not the strength that I have as a human it's not the strength that gets me to lift fifty pounds in a curl that's not the kind of strength we're talking about this is the strength that we all need every day Amen this is the strength that we need to overcome take temptation and to actually resist that devil So how do we become so over step number one we must rely upon Jesus Christ Amen we must turn away from the devil and flee from him and that order Don't resist the devil first. We must we must submit ourselves to Christ first Amen this is what James Chapter four tells us but the Lord in all of His mercy doesn't just talk about mental and spirit physical health here he also talks about a mental and spiritual hell the title this morning is the three temples or the three sanctuaries when we teach our kids to come into the sanctuary of God How do we teach them to come and approach the sanctuary here that we're in right now. We teach them to come into the center with respect and then when we come into the Saints where we're not just talking with each other but we are worshipping who worship in the Creator Amen who else is in this place today the Holy Spirit I hope a man is. The Holy Spirit here today do you believe that amen praise the Lord let's take a look here Hebrews Chapter eight. Hebrews Chapter eight and verse one as we're going to be starting Hebrews eight starting in verse one and notice what it says here. This past few weeks through prophecies and seal now always want to sound like Revelation but prophecies and seal we've been studying about the sanctuary and I've been reading a book and I've read the book WANT SOME going to reread it again the code is getting tired of it because I sound like a broken record. But the sanctuary I think you cited the sanctuary before. I started the same sure before but I was studying it in depth these past few months and brothers and sisters in that sanctuary is such precious true. If you haven't have you if you haven't studied or read about the Saints where please I'm begging of you do it you will not regret it I just finished reading a book and you've probably heard me say this one hundred times I'm going to say it again if I'm if you've read the book the book the cross and shadow by S. and Haskell if you haven't read that book you need to read it and if you need to read it again because that book breaks down the center like I have never seen it before and it's straight from the Word of God were there and Hebrews today in Hebrews chapter a person wanted to and notice what it says its is now the things which we have spoken this is the sum we have a high priest who was set on the right hand of the throne of the majesty in heaven a minister of the sanctuary and of the what's the true or riginal tabernacle which the Lord pitched and not what the Lord pitched and NOTs man or two centuries that we're aware of in the Bible were aware of the sanctuary in heaven and God is a God of order is he not. You know when I was growing up and still to this day I was not always known as keeping my room the cleanest All right I was not always known as keeping my bathroom the cleanest. All right as a bachelor that's how things are and when I got married praise the Lord I'm starting to learn these things but my mom always told me this one thing which I'm sure you've heard before cleanliness is next to what cleanliness is next to godliness we hear it time and time again but do you think that God keeps the sanctuary in heaven clean. Better believe he does doesn't it here on Earth in the same story that was with the Israelites were the Israelites supposed to keep that sanctuary clean. You think they were absolutely right let's take a look at this third century that we read about in first Corinthians Chapter six. First Corinthians Chapter six if you would like to turn their first Corinthians sex and we're going to look here at verse nineteen. Six one thousand and twenty. This is Paul talking here and notice what process. What's know you not that the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost What is the body the body is a what's the body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you are not your own do you belong to yourself who owns you whether you know it or not whether you submit himself to you or not who owns you amen verse twenty this part brings it home for you are bots with a price therefore glorify your god in your What's in your body and in your spirit which are God's brothers and sisters this body that we have here on earth is not just your own. Who bought it. Jesus Christ same and we are just borrowing it for a time. And then when Christ comes again is he going to give you a new body. A perfect body a man. If something if someone won't something to me. I read a lot of people only books now and then when someone loans me a book and I bring it back to them and it's got all the stuff all over and it's bent and it's dog and all these things are they going to be very appreciative of that you know when you borrow something from somebody what you're supposed to do is take good care of it so when you return it. They like you for lack of a better term OK when Christ let us borrow this body how are you going to return it. You know something like caught clockwork that happens in this church every Thursday or Friday mostly on Fridays and it goes unseen is a lady comes on Friday and she comes throughout the sanctuary and make sure that everything is in its place that you know that she comes along in the foyer she comes in the same she wary and if there's some Does she make sure that dust is gone she makes sure that everything isn't crooked everything's even she make sure that on Sabbath morning that this sanctuary is clean and a place where the Savior and the Holy Spirit can dwell it's not powerful. Brothers and Sisters when the Sabbath is approaching for you are you making sure that your temple is clean. And not just the Sabbath but are you prepared all the time for Jesus' Second Coming. Is your temple clean all the time. One thing that the Bible is very clear about that we are not supposed to do is we are not to supposed to consume alcohol have you read this before All right the Bible is very clear that we are not supposed to ingest in as this intoxicating drink because God calls us to be sober. And if we're drinking all the time then are we going to be sober now we're going to be ready for the Devils attack and take a look here this is powerful go to the Book of Proverbs this is an Proverbs Chapter thirty one the book read after song again Proverbs Chapter thirty one and notice what it says here. We're not going to go be going to the verse say the talks about wine being a mocker although that is a good one but I believe this one is even more powerful Proverbs thirty one starting here in verse four and notice what the text says it is not for whom it is not for kings It is not poor who came to drink wine nor for princes strong drink first five less they drink and forget the what's forget the law and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted verse six give strong drink to them that is ready to what it is ready to perish and wine and to those that are heavy hearted. This verse says very specifically that alcohol is not for Keane's or princes that make sense and if the kings and princes do drink that wind What are they going to forgets they're going to forget the law and why are they going to forget because their mind is clouded over with this intoxication makes sense OK Now notice here turn to Revelation Chapter one with me if you will Revelation Chapter one. Revelation Chapter one we're going to start here in verse five and six. Revelation one five and six and it says this you ready you excited. I know I am verse five this is what it says and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness and the first big oxen of the dead and the prince of the kings of the earth to him that loved us and washed us from it excuse me and washed us from our sins in His own blood verse six is what we're looking for and hath made us what's he has made us kings and priests or princes unto God and his father to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Are you a king in a prince is that what the Lord wants for your life you might not be a king or a prince and worldly standards but has God wanted to make you a king and a queen Amen he has so because we are kings and queens and princes and princesses of God What are we not supposed to be doing drinking alcoholic beverages less we forgets the law of God. But you know it's not just physical alcohol that is talking about here. In Revelation we find another woman and she is drinking wine as well as well maybe I've read this before we're not going to go there today but it says the woman was there and her name was Babylon and she drank the wine of her remember drank the wine of all of her fornications. When we're here on Sabbath morning and we're take partaking of communion and we're drinking that wine or that grape juice What does it represent it represents Christ blood a man represents his blood that he poured out so that we could be living forever and having a man. But when the devil has wine the devil always has a counterfeit for something what does that represents brother is that represents none other than false doctrine. When you are reading the Word of God we must always be dwelling upon the pure truths of it amen but if we look to other places for interpretation of the Word of God you are in danger of perceiving false doctrine we make sure that when we're doing our morning devotions when we are spending time with God that we are spending time with him soley in his word Amen that we are not looking to man that we're not looking to an author of another book for our spiritual meat for our spiritual one our spiritual blessings but that we are looking to new. Another But God who provides for us the pure wine of the Word of God Amen is that the kind of wine that our body should be drinking our spiritual mind should be drinking Absolutely it will strengthen us like nothing happens before now Bible remember this the Bible called us peculiar people you remember that we just read it we were called to be sober minded and we were also called to be peculiar turn to Deuteronomy Chapter fourteen if you will Deuteronomy Chapter fourteen. We're going to start here in verse two. Deuteronomy fourteen and we're starting here in verse two and notice what God says. God is talking here in verse two this is what he says for you are a holy people and to the Lord your God and the Lord have chosen you to be alive to be a peculiar people stop right there this guy change. Was God the same in the Old Testament as he was in the New Testament. Has God always had the same plan for his people back in the Old Testament God wanted his people to be peculiar to be unique to be special in men and the New Testament that God's plan change no it did not so when God is speaking to the people in the Old Testament who is he talking to is talking to you as well I meant. A peculiar people into himself continuing on above all the nations that are upon the earth then in verse three notice what he says You shall not eat any. Abominable or unclean thing and if you continue on there in Deuteronomy Chapter fourteen and you also go to all that it is Chapter eleven you will find that there is a list of clean and unclean things maybe you read this before and in these chapters it's Pacific. It specifically spells out the things that we should be eating and the things that we should not be eating. But let me ask you why does God care about what you eat. Why does God care about what you during. We find that answer and first John chapter four where it says that God is remember God is Love Is he not. This God wants you to be happy. You better believe God wants to be happy this God wants you to have pleasure yes of course God wants you to have pleasure but holy pleasure. This God care about your health. You better believe people leaves about he cares about your health. When God restricts us it may seem restricted but when God tells us and tells us what that is we should eat and shouldn't eat when God tells us laws for our health it isn't because he is a god that wants to limit us with all these things and rob us of pleasure because that's what he's all about he's all about making us happy but when God tells us not to do something it's to make us more healthy and why he's. A man so when God gives us these special rules for health in the old and the New Testament we see it is because he wants to make this temple clean. God doesn't just want our minds to be clean God wants our entire bodies to be clean. If I'm home and I'm on the couch and I'm sick and my mount not my mind is foggy and I'm sore and I can't move What's the last thing that I want to do read or write the last thing that I want to do when I'm feeling sick and when I'm hurting and where my mind is foggy I don't want to think you just want to lay there and get over it isn't that exactly where the devil wants you. The devil wants you in a position spiritually and physically where you are so sick. And you are so hurting and you are so sore and so clouded that you don't want to think. Because when we start thinking when we start breathing the Word of God when we start praying. The Lord is going to make us. A man the Bible is all about thinking the Bible is all about loving the Lord our God and He wants us to have a mind that can dwell on good things so let me ask you today how many of you want your mind to be open it's a pure things how many of you want to make sure that your bodily sanctuary. Is clean and ready for Jesus' Second Coming I know that I do. But notice here something else that happens we're going to be taking a look at the sanctuary a little bit this morning and if you look at your screen we're OK now Donald if you look at the screen we see here the sanctuary and we studied it a little bit this week and you'll notice that in the first compartment of that sanctuary in the courtyard the outer court we find that big red box is the altar all right and I found it interesting as I was studying this week that when I'm going to make someone make sure I pronounce this right when Antioch Yes the fourth captured Jerusalem he was a Syrian King and this man did not believe in the Lord God at all and so he came in he was a pagan and he conquered Jerusalem and you know one of the first things that he did he went to the sanctuary he went to that altar of God and what was normally sacrificed upon that altar a sheep right something that symbolized to. Jesus Christ. So he took that altar and he took an animal and he slayed it like he was supposed to do and he put it upon that precious and holy altar of God But guess what that animal was with. He wanted to desecrates the house of God. Brothers and Sisters does the devil want to desecrate your house of God. Does the devil want to want you to sacrifice if you will a pig in your life. And that's also talking literally the Bible is very specific that as Christians as people that are trying to be healthy spiritually and physically the we are not supposed to be eating those things but also spiritually we should be focusing not on the unclean but on the wives on the clean. So we're here in the sanctuary and we look at all of this let me ask you Bible Students in which part of the saying is the law of God. Where is it where is the Ten Commandments it's in the ark of the covenant which is in the most holy place or the Holy of Holies in the same Cherry Now I won't read something here we're going to take a look at a story very briefly in Second Chronicles go to the Old Testament they're going to take a look at Second Chronicles. Second Chronicles chapter twenty nine. Second Chronicles twenty nine we're going to start here in verse. And in this story I want you to space it paid special attention to the states of the sanctuary which we just looked at on the screen Second Chronicles twenty nine starting here in verse one this is what it says Hezekiah began to rain when he was twenty five years old and he reigned nine and twenty years in Jerusalem and his mother's name was a bit the daughter of Zechariah and he did that which was what that which was writes in the side of the Lord he was a righteous king according to all that day than his father had done now skip down to verse four and he brought in the priests invites and gathered them. To gether and the E. Street and said to them hear me you Levite sanctify now yourselves and sanctify the house of the Lord God of your fathers and carry forth the filthiness outs of this holy place in order to carry filthiness and garbage out of something it must have already been there. OK so the Levites the priests here had been snoozing on the job or something and they had allowed the century of God to become once contaminated filthy unclean and when Hezekiah came into that kingship because he was so close to God What was one of the first things that he was the he asked the Levites to do clean the sanctuary clean it up. So then you notice here later in the story go with me to verse fifteen. Talking about the priests and they gathered their brother and sanctified them a holy peer and saying selves and came according to the commandment of the king by the words of the Lord to go and you will to cleanse the house of the Lord and the priest went into the inner part of the House of Lords to cleanse it and brought out all the uncleanness that they found in the temple of the Lord it's in the court of the house of the Lord and the Levites took to carry abroad into the book of Kidron then it talks about here when they did that but notice here in verse nineteen more over all the vessels which King Ahas and his reign did cast away in his sin have we prepared and sanctified and behold there before the altar of God. God well in a sanctuary that was full of sin no he couldn't could God Well in a sanctuary that was filthy and unclean No he couldn't. Brothers and Sisters does God want to dwell in you. As God wanted. A. Man. God longs to dwell on you he doesn't just want to but he desires it it's the thing that he wants to do most most of all. Take a look at Hebrews Chapter ten. Hebrews Chapter ten and verse thirteen. Look what the Lord wants to do. Hebrews Chapter ten. And this is what we read in verse thirteen from henceforth expecting till his enemies be made His footstool for by one offering he hath perfected forever them that are sanctified wherefore the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us for after that he said before this is the I will make with them after those days in our time saith the Lord I will put my what's I will put my laws into their hearts and in their Watts and in their minds. I will write them. This God wants to write his law into your mind. Better believe he does. We go back to the picture the sanctuary there Donald. Where and then ask again where was the law in the sanctuary. In the most holy place in the Holy of Holies where does God want to dwell in your life. He wants to dwell in your holy of holies Emma he wants to dwell in your mind and in your heart. Now today we've covered a lot of information we talked about how we can be clean spiritually but also how we can be clean what physically. Are these laws of health that God has given us important absolutely God wants us to be fed God wants us to be able to focus not on all of our sickness of the body. But he wants to focus on our spiritual aspects and we cannot be there unless we are healthy physically God is to be healthy. Let's turn to our last verse today Romans Chapter twelve. Romans Chapter twelve and verse to. Romans twelve and verse two. And be nonce conformant to this world we're just passing through Amen but be you transformed by the renewing of your one the very renewing of your mind clean it up that you made that which is good and acceptable and perfects will of God. You want the Lord to live in your life you want to do the Lord's well. Then fall upon him be broken be cleansed and he will fill you up he will make you whole. We must always remember the times that we are living in. We're living in the day of judgment aren't we. We are living in an antiseptic All Day of Atonement and what happens what happens after judgment the second coming of Christ. We as Christians have any time to be drunk. We do not have time to be drunk physically. Or spiritually. We must always be ready for the devil's attack we must live soberly. And righteously. In this present one. We must focus on the Word of God and let the author of The Word of God change our lives. If you want to do that with me today. In my. Heavenly Father Lord we thank you that there is one who is here and that is you. Thank you that you want to share these things with us Lord and. Help us be able to cast away all of these things that may make our mind cloudy that may make us sick spiritually and physically that you will be able to come and. Fill us with yours. So we long for. You for your son. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W W W dot. Org.


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