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What's Under Your Tent

Garhett Morgan
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  • July 9, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Heavenly Father Lord I thank you so much for this day that you've given us truly a day of rest holy rest father. As we come today and we look at what your word has to say ask that these would not be my words but that they would be yours Father the maybe some here that are convicted there may be some here that fall upon the rock which is you. But I ask that you would bring us all in a closer unity so that you may come sooner in your precious name Amen you know I told you that I was excited about what this is church's been doing and it's been fantastic but let me ask you this question do you think we're perfect yet as a church family what do you think do you think that we still have room for improvement What do you think absolutely we still have room for improvement we have a lot of room for improvement you know this morning we've had success but we can have better success since they would like I'd like to share with you some tips and some reasons how the children of Israel had better success and they had before. You know Moses he's an interesting character was an. He lost his temper at times he was raised in Egypt his mother raised him as a child those who are look at the add a little bit the small inning. But today I'd like to understand and have you understand as well that the reason that this church has been succeeding isn't because of your bible worker but it's because of Jesus Christ a man. How many of you have grown closer to Jesus through prayer you know the best way that this church can be united together is if you are more united with Jesus Christ a man because the more that you grow closer to Jesus Christ the more that you are going to change for the better and the more that I grow closer Jesus Christ the more that I'm going to change for the better and when we meet together guess what. We're going to be one in the same a man we may have different personalities but we're all going to have the same bill. Leaves and we're going to have the same goals which is hastening cry soon coming I mean you're excited for Jesus to come I'm about ready How about you what's been happening in Dallas the past this past week. That was tragic wasn't I. I'm tired of it I'm ready to go home this morning I'd like you to turn in your Bibles to Exodus X. is chapter two and forgive me this isn't my normal Bible it's in the rebinding shop and so I'm not as familiar with this one. X. this chapter two. X. is chapter two we're going to start here in verse one X. is chapter two starting here in verse one. I'll bring out the King James this morning and it says this and there once a man of the House of Levi and took to wife a daughter of Levi and the woman conceived and bare a son and when she saw that he was a goodly child she hid him for three months. Why did she hide this boy. Because a pharaoh ride home he remembered the story there was going to kill all of the sons and she didn't want her son to be killed so of course she had him in verse three and when she could no longer hide him she took for him an ark of bullrushes dob that with slime and with pitch and put the child there in and she laid in the flags or the reeds by the rivers bank and his sister stood afar off to watch what would be done with him this is a very humble beginning isn't it this child was born and he already had a price on his head he would have been killed if the soldiers would have found him and so he was hidden away he was kept down his mother loved him so much but when he got a little bit older about three months old he start to get more boisterous you start to get more noisy. And so they had to do something so they put him in his little ark as you guys know the story but continuing on here in verse five and the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash yourself at the river and her maidens was. Along by the riverside and when she saw the ark among the flags she sent her maid to fetch it. There's Miriam she's supposed to be watching over her brother. And the pharaoh's wife is there washing herself and she picks up. This little baby boy you think Merriam's heart sank a little bit. She thought for sure that her baby brother was doomed. But this woman had a soft heart maybe most look cute as I'm sure all babies do she scooped up this baby with her maids and notice what she says here. In verse six and when she had opened it she saw the child and behold the baby cried and she had compassion on him and said This is one of the Hebrew children. Then said his sister to the Pharaoh's daughter shall I go and call to you and nurse of the Hebrew women that she may nurse the child for you in Feroz daughter said to her go and the maid went and called the child's mother and Pharaoh's daughter said to her Take this child away and nurse it for me and I will give you wages and the woman took the child and nursed it can you imagine getting paid to take care of her own son what do you think that she taught Moses during that time period that she had him. As much as she could. Know in this church today there are young people not just teenagers not just young adults but there's young people because what you say around these young people because what you tell these young people be careful what you teach these young people because sooner than later they're going to be the ones that are up here they are the future of this church. So we have this young person first then the child grew and she brought him to Farrow's daughter and he became her son and she called his name Moses and she said because I drew him up out of the water so here's Moses he's just wing so he's still little and he starts to become indoctrinated in all the ways of Egypt Egypt was the biggest in the. Country at that time that kingdom in the world and he started to become educated. X. will tell us later on that Moses was educated in the ways of a general he was educated in battle he was educated in science he was educated in the religion of the Egyptians and believe it or not Moses was brilliance he was the prince of Egypt in fact he was heir to the throne. You have a high position. That you have everything going for him absolutely it seemed like it but God still had a plan for this baby boy did you not you know this morning you may have children you may have family members I know that I have family members that seem like they're out in the worlds they're outside of this church they're outside of the walk from God Most importantly they're outside of their walk from God and they're being educated by the way of the Egyptians. Is there still hope for them. You believe that there's still hope for them absolutely there's still hope for them. Considering on here let's turn to Acts chapter seven. Acts Chapter seven. Acts Chapter seven here and verse twenty two. The start in verse twenty Acts Chapter seven and verse twenty. It says this in which time Moses was born and was exceedingly fair and nourished up in his father's house for three months and when he was cast out there was daughter took him up and nourished him for her own son and Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and in deeds So Moses he basically had his Ph D. in Egypt in everything he was a smart man he had everything going for him and then he decided one day these aren't my people. I need to save God's chosen people I'm going to be their leader now most this was used to getting. All of the praise was he not. He was worshipped almost as a god but notice here. What councils to parents and teacher says on page four hundred six. The education received by Moses as the king's grandson was very thorough nothing was neglected that would make him a wise man as the Egyptians understood wisdom Moses suppose that his education in the wisdom of Egypt fully qualified him to lead Israel from bondage he was ready and he knew it. Was he not learned in all those things necessary for a general of armies had he not had the advantages of the best schools in the land yes he felt that he was able to deliver his people he set about his work trying to gain the favor by redressing their wrongs he killed in Egypt and he was imposing one of the Israelites in this see manifested the spirit of him who was a murderer from the beginning and proved himself unfit to represent the God of mercy love and tenderness. Moses failed. Although he had all of the education that the then known modern world could get him Moses failed miserably to be a leader of Israel. So what did he do he ran away but God still had a plan for this man he ran away and he went to the wilderness and when he was in the wilderness here he did something that was pretty incredible. He became a shepherd. A shepherd. Moses was fit to be a general Moses was fit to be a king but yet the Lord called him to be a shepherd. For forty years. You know what the time the Moses was in the wilderness as a shepherd alone for forty years and the time that he was leading the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness for forty years Moses was in the wilderness for eighty years. That's a long time that's like four times my life. That's a really long time why did God choose for him to go into the wilderness. Acts Chapter seven were already there are seven and verse thirty says this and when forty years work speired he was in the wilderness there there appeared to him in the wilderness of Mount Sinai an angel of the Lord and a flame of fire in a bush. Moses was there he was tending his sheep for forty years what did Moses learn. I don't think the question is what that Moses learned the question is what did Moses on learning. Education is extremely important is it not you think that your children should be educated absolutely do you think that you should be educated definitely there is something to be said for a Christian education amen there is something to be said for an Adventist education is there not if Moses would have been trained in this education of a true Christian if he would have been home schooled if he would have been put in the church school maybe something would have been difference because our schools just don't teach math and reading and writing and arithmetic well I guess math and arithmetic are the same thing yes I should go back to school but they don't teach that but they also teach something that's extremely important and that is a walk with Jesus Christ as their personal savior Amen we should never underestimate that we should always be teaching our children that they need above all the other things to have a walk with Jesus Christ because was what is success to a young person it's a sect is success having a Ph D. when they're going to be lost for eternity. Is success having a masters and being lost yes those things are importance but a firm relationship with Jesus Christ is important for eternity imma. Moses there in the deserts on learns all of the garbage if you will that he learns in Egypt's. But not only did he on learn all of this garbage but he started to walk closer to the one that he created him. Being a shepherd there in the middle of the desert if you've been around Shiva very long you'll figure out that sheep are pretty dumb animals. If you knock over a sheep on its back some of them can't even get up they'll just stay there until they die Moses went from a very esteemed job all the way down to being a shepherd. That's really expensive wall if you think about it. Was most at rock bottom. How many of you have ever experienced rock bottom before it's not very a fun it's not a very fun thing is it the yes sometimes we experience rock bottom so that we can experience our weakness so that God can strengthen us amen and for some of us like Moses it may take forty years. So Moses here he's in the wilderness. And as he's in this wilderness at the end of the forty years look what happens in Exodus go back to Exodus. Exodus Chapter three. X. is chapter three starting here in verse one he's at the end of this forty years and look what happens now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law by the way these weren't even Moses sheep they were his father in laws. Even more humbling still the priest of median and lead the flock to the backside of the desert and came to the mount of God Even so horribly. And the angel of the Lord appeared in him a flame out a fire in the midst of the Bush and he looked and be holds the Bush burn with fire and the bush was not consumes who appeared to God. In this burning bush who appeared to Moses in this burning bush I tell you the answer God appeared to Moses out of this burning bush Amen and what did Moses go on to do he went on to lead his people out of captivity a man that Moses make mistakes absolutely he made mistakes but yet God could still use him out of the same book counsels to parents and teachers it says most US had been taught to expect flattery and praise from his superior abilities now he was to learn a different lesson as a shepherd of sheep Moses learned to care for the afflicted to nurse the sick to seek patiently after the strain to bear along with the unruly to supply with loving solitude the wants of young lambs and the necessities of the old and feeble in this experience he was drawn nearer to the Chief Shepherd. This is the experience that we want no matter what it takes SO point number one that I want to learn from the story today is although we might have education although we won't might have organization we might have all these things which will be useful however it is not none of that is as useful as its reliance on Jesus Christ a man. We need more relying on Jesus Christ than we do education although education is very important. Let's rely more on him. Our second in our last point today. We're going to go to Joshua chapter seven. Still tracking along with the Israelites although we're making quite a leap here Joshua chapter seven. Joshua chapter seven here in verse one where scripture reading was. Joshua chapter seven and verse one. But the children of Israel committed a trespass and the a curse thing just little bit of contacts Jericho had just been defeated they were triumphant right this right. Came they marched around Jericho's walls the walls came down they were triumphant and God was very specific God said You have conquered Jericho because of me and because you have conquered Jericho because of me there's one thing that I want you to do just this one thing it's very simple I don't want you to take any of the spoils any of the money and of the goods from Jericho don't take any of it all right pretty simple don't you think. But the children of Israel committed a trespass and you cursed thing for Akin the son of Carmi the son of Xobni the son of of the tribe of Judah took of the a cursed thing so I can decided that that maybe didn't apply to him or maybe it just looked really good and I don't know his reasoning but he decided to disobey God He took some things which we'll find out what they are later he took some things and he went and he buried them in the bottom of his tents and then take a look at this the Israelites there on their on their conquest and they see in the distance some other people to be conquered. In verse three it says this they return to Joshua some spies the spies returned to Joshua and said unto Him Let not all the people go up a lot about two or three thousand men go up and smite I and make not all the people labor there for they are just but a few Joshua says OK there's just a few people over there we just conquered Jericho and won't be that much for God let some people go so a two or three thousand people went and guess what happens. They were defeated. Here in verse five and the men of ice most of them about thirty six men they chased them from before the game even the Shari'a broke and smote them and going down wherefore the hearts of people melted and became as water. They had just become so triumphant in Jericho and then they went to go fight this small battle they didn't put a lot of effort into it and they were defeated. Can God ever be defeated let me ask you the question Can God be defeated no absolutely not God cannot be defeated but his people can be defeated if they distance himself themselves from him and this is what happened with the Israelites here because just one man in the whole Israelite camp had sent because one man took just a few things and put them in the bottom of his tent the whole camp of the of the Israelites suffered. Because this one man had since he caused thirty six men to be killed in battle. So Joshua he doesn't know what happened here why did we get defeated and so he rips his clothes and he starts praying he said Lord there's a few things wrong here number one we were defeated and I don't know why Number two people know that you are our God and because we were defeated. That goes on your name it tarnished your name. Brothers and sisters when we fail. When we distance ourselves from God and we disrespect his name and we are defeated by the enemy that doesn't just affect you that doesn't just affect your name but whose name does it affect. The name of the one that you profess to worship. You're not just a representative of the Morgan family you're not just a representative of your family but you are representative of Christ family Amen sharing the gospel message with other people is a great thing handing out glow tracks giving Bible studies is a fantastic thing but with that comes a great responsibility when you start giving Bible studies to somebody when you start mentoring somebody when you start to friending somebody leading them closer to Christ they're looking at you are they not. There watching you every step that you make matters to them. And if you do something and if you stumble and that person will say Oh then it must be OK for me to do as well. Now that means that we're going to that we are going to make mistakes right. But let's make sure that we always repent so the one who can forgive that mistake and that is Jesus Christ. With this witnessing comes a great responsibility so Joshua he prays and says Lord what's going on. And God told him he said Somebody took something from Jericho. Now a canoe was him did he not obviously a canoe could a can of come forward right then and said it was me absolutely but as you can read on we won't read this morning but as you read on we see that they have to take They have to basically break it down into little sections so they take the drive of Judah and all them come forward then they take another family and then out of that family and so finally Aiken is singled out and he's caught. He had missed his he missed to his sin but I'm not sure if he repents it up. He admits to being caught so take a look here what he can. Had taken. We find this year in Joshua chapter seven and verse twenty and twenty one and they can answer Joshua and said Indeed I have sinned against the Lord God of Israel and this is what I've done. When I saw amongst the spoils a goodly Babylonian garments two hundred shekels of silver and a wedge of gold the fifty shekels weight I coveted them took them and behold they are head in the earth in the middle of my tent and the silver under it. For just a little bit of money. For a couple pairs of clothes a can said and because of that little bits. Thirty six soldiers thirty six children of God paid for that. My question to you this morning is this. What's under your tents. What's under your tents. May not be a few shekels of silver and gold probably not a Babylonian garment. But what's under your terms. What have we not surrendered to the Lord that we are cherishing and holding onto. When we're supposed to surrender to Jesus it doesn't mean that we just give ninety nine point nine percent of it we have one thing behind us that work out the grasping onto when we surrender to Jesus that means we need to have open palms right. He needs to take how much he's to take it all. So this morning I'm asking you. What's under your tents. You know if you have that chair sin in your life. If you have that thing hiding that maybe nobody knows about. It might affect somebody else it's not just going to affect you it will affect somebody else. You know there's a lot of people here this morning. And I love all of you and I know most of you by name and I know most of you personally but with all of these people being here with me being here even makes the chance bigger there's a chance that a lot of us have something in our tents. There's a chance that I have something in my turns. That's buried this deep that nobody knows about but yet I'm holding on to it. What is that. I'm not asking you to tell me what that little chair sin is this morning I'm asking you to say Raise your hand and say I'm struggling with this that's not that's not my place to know that's between you and God. When you leave this place today and you're thinking about what may be under your tents. Can you do me a favor. Try getting on your knees. You know it's really really God it's really really hard for God to answer your prayers if you never pray to him. God's waiting to take that from you. That thing may be hard to give up and make it may it may come with the struggle but he's willing to be patience he's willing to guide you along he's willing to be there for you just like that shepherd. So I'm asking you. What's under your town. If you like sports too much. On Wednesday night when it's prayer meeting on Tuesday night when it's time to give a Bible study and the N.B.A. finals are on or the Super Bowl is on. The I cancel that so I can watch the football or basketball game rather than go to prayer meeting. Rather than going sharing Christ. That's a that's the something I need to ask myself. Is there something that we put in the place of guy. You know the Sabbath is importance the Sabbath is important because we give it to the Lord Amen it's a time that we honor him there's nothing special about the day per se itself but it's special because God sanctified that for us Amen. That's what he wants with our lives God doesn't want to just make one day holy but he wants to make your life holy. So I'm asking you this morning. What is under your tents. Turn with me for a last verse this morning to John. John Chapter fifteen. This is Jesus talking here and as most of you know I grew up on a on a Cherry Farm Cherry little cherry orchard not the biggest in the world by know a few things about a little bit about farming. If you have if you have a tree if you have a vine. When you break off a branch from that tree what happens to that by. That you broke away it's going to die is it not the leaves are going to whether it's not going to have any fruit. But come pruning season when they're when they're pruning that tree. Sometimes they don't cut all the way and they move on and that branch that was supposed to be cut off of the tree sometimes it's hanging just by a few threads and she's kind of just kind of hanging there so it's connected but just barely. You can walk by a few months later and although it's just hanging on a little bit there's still a little piece of life. In that branch. And in St John fifteen Jesus is saying I. Am the true vine my father is the husband every bit branch in me that bears not fruit he takes away every branch that bears fruit he purges it that it may bring forth more. Now you are clean through the ward which I have spoken to you abide in mean and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except a divide in the vine no more can you except you abide in me I am the vine you are the branches he that abides in me and I in him the same brings forth much fruit for without me you can do how much. You can do nothing. The fact that this church has brought for some good fruit we've had this baptismal tank full We've had smiles on our faces we've done good things for the community that's proof that this church is connected to Jesus a minute. Let me ask you the question shouldn't that tank be full every week. Shouldn't there be more people in this Pew You know in these pews. Maybe the problem with this church isn't that we're not. Great sheriff but maybe it is that some of us have something. In our tents. There's not really a whole lot more that I can say. But the continuation of the sermon is this. After this message once potluck is over once you go home if you have kids once the kids are in bad. Take some time with your father. Do some soul searching ask the Lord is there something in me that I need to give up maybe there's something obvious that you know you need to give up today. But ask the Lord is there something that I need to get out of my tenants. And here's another. Don't do it on your own. Don't say I'm just going to take this thing out I'm going to throw it away and I'm never going to do it before because guess what you're going to fail every time. When you take that thing. And you give it to God Maybe your hands are shaking say Lord please take it. And help me to find something better to fill that hole with. And I guarantee that God will give you something far better. That could fulfill your wildest dreams. So how many of you will join me in making sure that our tents are clean. We do some soul searching this week. Because I guarantee that if we do some soul searching will become unified. And this church although it's doing well already this movement all those doing well already. Will be even greater. It's a board of prayer. Heavenly Father Lord we come to you and humbleness we come to you in repentance. There's sometimes things in our lives that we need to get rid of maybe things that we don't even know but as we grow closer to. We realize that there is more and more deep rooted in us that we need to give up. Father bless us be with each member here in this church with myself be with the pastoral staff father that we as well will find things that need to go. Precious. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W W W dot. Org.


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