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What is a Seventh Day Adventist?

Dennis Priebe


  • April 30, 2005
    7:00 PM


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him former and fair of Theophilus review Myron Widmer wrote this editorial a few years ago breakfast one morning a friend of mine played in the eye and ask net does it mean to you to be a seven day at not a normal breakfast question would you say and then he began to think and she said this the core of the movement is above and beyond the leaders or any structure and even beyond the lifestyle one chooses we are involved in the work of helping to prepare a distinct even junior people to meet Jesus Christ but sometimes we act more like a church that the movement a group of status quo lovers bound up in maintaining a massive organization it even local empires many members have lost this movement 's original vision and purpose and defining message and that's the reason for my subject tonight what is a seven day at what is it mean to carry that thing nothing back with me a little bit at the cross of Jesus Christ when Jesus paid the ultimate penalty for the sins of mankind salvation was assured for anyone who chose to believe in Jesus Christ as as their Savior no question salvation definite when Jesus God was there any Seventh-day Adventists around the cross and I mean card-carrying Seventh-day Adventists believing in the twenty three hundred days and all the doctrines and Seventh-day Adventists are the hot one single line not one of the synagogue to accomplish all that without you the medicinal and sell will your program reviewing those who are I so wanted we come into existence for even forty days later when he ascended up to heaven and he began a new work of high priestly ministry ministering the benefits of the sacrifice to all who would care to respond whether any Seventh-day Adventists on the day of Pentecost in that upper row not a single one and anything that all by himself without any need for ethanol ever since then he's been ministering his blood in the heavenly sanctuary and urban often they are surrounded all we aren't quite as important when I know we receive these gifts from others and I just praise the Lord for these the transmitted down through groups of people down through the centuries and we can have that assurance of salvation we can know there's a mediator the courts of heaven whenever we are in need of some extra help from God and we receive these gifts down through the centuries from others who've gone before so what is the purpose and why did the Seventh-day Adventist church come into existence if we are needed for that important work please turn to the book of Revelation with me Revelation chapter fourteen verse seven and will read a couple of very familiar versus tonight as we look at the subject is adjustable as well repeat this when my memory I think without even reading it Revelation fourteen some were going to reason versus the night without which there would be no Seventh-day Adventist care here's one saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water the hour of his judgment downwind of that again I will brave enough to say in the database and forty four the power of God 's judgment beginning about when the Seventh-day Adventist movement come into existence about the year eighteen forty four something is coming together here is something about God 's final work in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and the bringing into existence of another movement that has never existed before the history of this earth coming together at the same time could there be some connection could there be something that parallels here and a reason for existence of the Seventh-day Adventist church now the great controversy has been going on for a long time and as I said this morning sickness challenge God at every step he is that God 's way is right it is fair and God is in doing things the best way for his created beings where has Satan had his best success in carrying his arguments in getting evidence for his arguments in showing that his arguments have validity without the Philistine world was that in the Edomites where was his best evidence gathered from from his chosen people that's working safe and gathered his best evidence that God 's way doesn't work it got buried that his chosen people of God that was set apart to tell the world about the character of God were now copying of the nations around them were doing even worshiping I know setting up an idol and sacrificing their babies to the wiring I of course don't have the show this was not the way that precious people of his chosen nation went into captivity for quite a while separated from their example and from there was a very bad how bad it again three no Catherine another one of these texts without which there would be no Seventh-day Adventist church Daniel chapter eight and we will begin with verse thirteen then I heard one say speaking at another site said that circumcised which they how long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice and the transgression of desolation and to give both would this sanctuary and the host the betrothed foot complicated question that simplify how long will Satan be winning the great controversy how long will the nation be in captivity how long will the Temple be in ruins how long will Satan trample your sanctuary underfoot how long will God be on the losing end apparently will it be forever will save and when it asked the question how long will this go on him very very glad the answer I'm glad the question was an open-ended heavyset of the two thousand and three hundred days then shall the sanctuary the plan Daniel Tatian D'Angelo to take a long time is a very complicated thing that God is doing it can't be answered by a quick fix no thirty minute television program insolvent this has to be handled carefully and wisely will go well beyond your lifetime you will not see the end of the we're talking about centuries into the future Daniel but the patient the sanctuary God 's way of handling the sin problem will be vindicated this word cleanses a very important word it means Brian means justify the means indicated that means class all those meanings contained in this Hebrew word the sanctuary will be put right God 's way of handling sin will report life-saving charges will be debated the victory will belong to the God of that's the answer that was given to Daniel in the most discouraging time that Israel has ever faced and all Mustang there will be an answer now we will all agree that Jesus Christ vindicated God 's name that even the most marvelous job of telling the truth about God 's character but the question still remains sinful human beings actually come anywhere close to that listen carefully all heaven is waiting to hear us in the faith God 's law all heaven is waiting to see if there's a people honor that can tell the truth about God 's law in this character review and Herald April sixteen nineteen oh one you know there's a fairly sizable movement even within the Seventh-day Adventist church that says that there is nothing left to vindicate about God 's law I was all done across we are not we don't have any part to play in this book right here all have is waiting to hear us vindicate God 's law in another state if there ever was a people in need of constantly increasing light from heaven it is the people that in this time of peril God has called to be the depositaries of his holy law and to vindicate his character before the world will recall that do we were given God 's law and we were called to vindicate his character that's testimonies volume five page seven forty six so I think there is something left for a people who thought is called into existence it wasn't all Psalm by what Jesus Witt of the cross or even when he went into the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary there were issues yet to be determined and God called the people into existence now would you turn back in Revelation chapter fourteen with me where we first start there is one interesting thing that we sometimes overlook when reading this chapter before the three Angels messages fly in the midst of heaven a group of people is this drive the group of people before the message chapter fourteen versus one five and we talked about that all the hundred forty four thousand this morning look at verse five and in their mouth was found no guide guile means deceit or hypocrisy or fraud none of that for they are without fault before the throne of God this special people the sealed people this people who lived through the time of the closing probation the falling of the place in the final attacks of Satan this group is the one that gives the message with power now we're giving it today and we have given it before four hundred fifty years but as the struggle to get people to hear and follow what the day will be when a group of people totally transformed by the power of God get the message and people say there's a difference there they are really different than the rest of the Christian world of people to give a message Ellen White says it this way desire of ages six seventy one the honor of God the honor of Christ him all her have to very carefully it is not my honor that since they it is not my abilities because I have no honor and I have no abilities in this area at all I can accomplish nothing in the way of perfection the only one that can accomplish perfection is God the father the son and the Holy Spirit that is God 's honor at stake here if you can't pull it off this promises fail if you can do it he wins the great controversy it's that simple whenever God makes a promise the promise has to be fulfilled if God 's honor is maintained in the honor of God the honor of Christ are involved in the perfection of the character of his people I think it's very significant that Ellen White calls this final movement the finalists will the final part of the atonement process all right if we are called here to prove safe and a liar in the great controversy how can that be done would be done by the speakers standing of this by form and telling us each one what the gospel is what the mission of Adventism is all about what happened this way desire of ages page three oh nine all rights gone from how many of the veteran every single one and not just two years ago is that correct maybe lastly all who break God 's commandments are sustaining Satan 's claims that the law is unjust and cannot in we realized that because you see God says for instance turn the other cheek they will realize and say this is why should you provide on this walk over you you'll be in the Gulf there is no honor in turning the other cheek standup for yourself legally willy-nilly we believe God or we do illegally siphon when he says love your enemies and when the soldier comes along and forces you to carry his pack for a mile you at the end of the Miles a Mac area for another mile and Satan says what is wrong with your ad you should hate this man all the Jews hated the Romans don't play on the price why should you pay them as well you believe who to sustain who do stand up for who do you vindicate your actions available in every time we sin it's not really about whether I'm going to heaven or hell it's about whether God or Satan wins the great controversy and I am seconding Satan 's claims when I sin knowingly against God 's will and his law does she says they sank in the deceptions of the great adversary and cast dishonor upon God so when I lose my temper I'm casting a vote for site when I exited the jealous spirit I'm casting a vote for site second the safest place there it's too hard people with fallen natures it doesn't expand it doesn't work for them God is a tyrant and then another one great controversy page four eighty nine if those who live and excuse their faults now you see we have step to step one is the sin step two is to do what five years then excuse your sin blame it on someone else cover it up do we remember Watergate with all about covering up wasn't that bad to try to uncover the truth is very hard when people don't want to admit it those who hide and excuse their faults could see how safe is exiled over that how he talks Christ in holy angels with their course they would hasten to confess their sins and put them away notice he doesn't say when you have a really guilty conscience and you feel really bad about what you know you're afraid you're going to tell you where you confess your sins and put them away that is not the primary motivation here we get on the wrong level of things don't wait what if it happened to me like burn forever if I do this thing core staff of the whole Christian church has in mind if those excuse therefore the VCR Satan is also than listen everyone of us have watchers and their normal friendly watchers especially Seventh-day Adventist watchers those who claim to be the last generation preparing for translation Satan has special agents assigned to watch them what is the new he looks for everything out of harmony with the will of God those messengers are sent faster than any of our electronic messages can be sent to the commander-in-chief who throws them in the face of Jesus Christ instead these are your people this is your gospel with how powerless you are not the change of baths what sin is all about that's why we should hasten the vessel is a because every time we sin we are voting for Satan to continue killing babies in Africa by starvation we are voting for Satan to continue to place children in homes where they are abused by their own parents we are fully forgot something that him all about it is not primarily about whether high goes to heaven or it is about the great controversy savings challenge against the carriage window there's another one or two that I found that sometimes we don't fail because you know are either so now we see what's happening around us we see the building we see the people we see the weather and we don't see what's really important do we the Angels software seven everything this one from testimonies volume two page one seventy one if you could see them your Angels with their rights searching eyes intently fixed upon you wanting to record how the Christian glorifies his master for God 's angels are watching for watching because you are there watching to see how you cast votes for God that's what they want to know the Angels are on your side you are not watching this is all I got to tell God he made us a mouth ever others will take care of their burden is to find out in what places you are casting your vote for God how you vindicate God or could you observe the exulting sneering triumph of the evil angels as they trace out every crooked way and then quote Scripture which is violated and compare the life of the Scripture which you profess to follow my from which you swerve you would be astonished a lot for yourself what we need both when you smile we need to pray for that spirit that Elisha prayed for his servant on the walls of the open to see what's really out there to see what is real and what we think is really good quote Scripture is violated they know him about life and what you say God compare the two words of power God where is it possible more and more more early writings page two sixty eight if the eyes of such could be open they would see safe and inherently try exulting over them and laughing at the folly of those who accept his suggestions and answers that will contribute to the laughter of faith as he looks at those who say we are preparing for translation we need eye-opening my friends we need eye-opening to see what is really happening in our world and what it's all about so I'm going to say that I believe that the vindication of God rather than the assurance of salvation is what Adventism was called into existence to accomplish the assurance of salvation is accomplished at the cross at the visit had no part play in that that's a gift we received from others God didn't need to call us into existence to get back to and yes that seems to be the big issue today doesn't it you ask anyone wire at what her administrating most what is the greatest need of Seventh-day Adventists and inevitably go here to have the assurance of salvation we must have a gospel that assures us of our salvation as I say that was done with our panel and we can be grateful and we can have that assurance but it wasn't what we were called into existence we were called into existence in a and and safest challenges against the character of God I guess I put it this way the gospel that Christians are greedy for centuries all this in very specific now the gospel that Billy Graham preaches the multiplied thousands and hundreds of thousands will save many souls for the kingdom of God but it will not bring us for the second coming of will not benefit off name because there is a denial of God 's law contained within that preaching of the gospel that is not even realize I'm gone cannot be vindicated by refusing his law and ignoring and that only vindicates the event it currently is and is a safe and there is a difference between a person being saved even in ignorance and vindicating God that can never be done by God will save so many people were incomplete pictures of his character he will do that but he can never be vindicated by an incomplete picture of his character for example the reformers picture of God as a free destiny God earning people in hellfire that you never gave God that only than anything there is a difference in Adventism was called into existence for this purpose of indicating God 's name which is a different mission than has ever been given to anybody in six thousand years of human history this is unique this is special this is most holy place mission this is vinyl at home mission to share a few things now Gerhard Von Ball is an associate director of the biblical research Institute of the General conference that he wrote this a friend recently spent three weeks on Adventist college campus during his visit he thought class and spoke with scores of students is most disturbing finding he told me was that most had no concept of the Adventist church as anything more than one of scores of evangelical churches each charge of student folder and emphasize some aspect of truth the Pentecostal spiritual gifts the Baptist baptism by immersion the admin is the ten Commandments yes Don has a church but it is scattered throughout all your around the church not as a denomination not as an institution that is that I'm glad our Adventist pioneers were alive to hear there is indeed an identity crisis among us and not just on college campuses and they are not just among students speak and listen in churches around the world as I have and you'll hear members and even ministers asking why we why are we here the sanctuary and the spirit of prophecy are the two issues most often mentioned to me have an identity crisis among William Johnson editor of the review put it this way Brennan has become a four letter word in some Adventist circles even some pastors would be happy if we quietly laid to rest it's time to rise in defense of this long-standing at this idea to abandon that will cast this address in a wash of relativism those I finished to want to ditch the random concept need to think long and hard about what it means to be asbestos we are not just one more denomination we are called and covenanted people not because we are better than others but because the Lord it is freedom simply gave us a job to do now more than ever is the hour for administering of we are and why we are here and that means that hard one thing the rent refuted that respect came across this in a Sabbath school quarterly edited by Clifford Goldstein today some among us even assert not only that we are not that different from other churches but that we shouldn't be after all if we don't have something unique something better to offer everyone else why not be like everyone else despite those voices many among us still believe and rightly so that God raised up the Seventh-day Adventist church not because he well another nomination but because he has given us something different something better to proclaim to the world if he had what justification do we have for our existence and what he has given us are crucial distinctive truth that make a Seventh-day Adventist Lutherans not Episcopalians not Baptist Methodist but at a seven day at these teachings may have a distinct message that no one else is proclaiming because no one else is we have to that is in fact why were here not too bad now the second coming of Christ believer not is not possible any time that God wants it to happen is not sovereign candy do what he wants is chosen not to do it that way Elder was the some of you remember that name upon this especially some of the ones from over Wildwood direction Elder who is the head of most profound understanding of these issues and this is what he wrote whether his people understood it or not you can go to the cross and make a claim later that what happened that is people understand none of them not even his disciples so we explained to them later on the blade Linnaeus etc. then in eighteen forty four whether anyone on earth understood it or not he can move from the holy to the most holy place ethics and the later is not exactly what happened but he can close his work in the most holy place and explain it later because later the now we see why the bridegroom is Terry why time is continued on since eighteen forty four Jesus has slowed his pace that you may want person on the visit can be like a cross when he went ahead without his church is understanding this can be like eighteen forty four when he moved as the prophetic clock struck the hour this time the clock will not strike until the church is because this is called formation there has never been a worldwide closer probation in the history of user this is a different time so God trying to come back to this earth shortly after eighteen forty four that was his original plan and of the Millerite movement would've held together for the great disappointment that great spirit of primitive godliness that they had and would've carried it through to the full understanding of the three Angels messages they would have gone home within ten years after he voted for myself and then things went into a decline for forty years interesting time that I got sent his messengers again prepares people for translation and he said I am ready to move again again quarreling and covering up and arguing gone and when one so we have gone through another delay in this delay has lasted over the years and now we are asking the same questions identically they were asking one hundred years ago in an old ministry magazine Albert Jorgenson wrote a few things that are worth our attention first he quoted the statement by Allen Weiss it is the unbelief of worldliness on consecration and strife among the Lords professed people that have kept us in this world of sin and sorrow so many years that's why we citizen because of those four things remember I believe worldliness on consecration and strive selected messages volume one page sixty then he says this is a profoundly important for the business on the word of God is always limited by the measure of appropriating faith effectiveness of the word of God is always limited by the faith by which we hope with promises of God are we aware of in one of the greatest perils one of the greatest dangers confronting the remnant church today is that if you become the victim of an illusion the illusion that an academic knowledge of the Bible possesses the saving efficacy even a knowledge of all the doctrines and sharing those doctrines with other that's what will save us as long as people can hear Orthodox truth divorced from why they will attend and support churches and institutions without objection the truth is a lovely song becomes sweet by long and tender Association and since it asks nothing but a few dollars and offers good news a pleasant friendships and a comfortable sense of well-being it needs with no resistance from the faithful any man with fair pulp wood nymphs can get on with the average congregation if he just feeds them and left them alone give them plenty of objective truth and never get that they are wrong and should be set right and they will be condemned on the other hand the man who preaches truth and applies it to the lives of his hearers will feel the nails and are we content saw a land that is true is it pleasing to our ears because those poor people out there don't know this beautiful truth see how that how blessed we are we realize that the problem is not out there from much closer to home now let's change the focus of the what was the purpose of Israel being called into existence as God 's chosen people to get as many as are lifesaving I will write what that was the purpose of God calling Israel to let the world know by what God was doing in this place in the center of that crossroads of disease the character of God did they accomplish or fail in God 's plan we know the answer that's a historical fact I want to note one thing when they were very close to total failure they had failed and repented and failed and repented and now they were coming close of the last time God 's mercy bears long but there comes in and to that and now they were near the end of the final final appeal and Jesus Christ was making his way to Christ spent most of his energy and his time at the very end of Jewish probationary history where did Jesus Christ than most of the time and evangelistic meetings of information moreover injuries or even over and even where Jesus spent most of his time trying to bring that chosen people back to all loyalty to God that they had rejected back to repentance he was trying to heal his people he spent ninety nine percent of his time trying to be his people yes a few Greeks came to hear him yes even out of the country once or twice but he spent most of his time in trying to deal with sin of his rebellious people now what's the purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist church why were we called into existence to get as many administrative possible fourteen million Livedoor maybe twenty or is there the same purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist church as a child were about the character will thou were hard right are we succeeding or failing in the mission that has been handed to us generation would really good at doing polls surveys we like to do that kind of fun to do is in nineteen eighty 's we did a poll reported on in the Adventist review in nineteen eighty six they found that seventy percent of the respondents said they have heard or read about the church seventy percent not bad then the question was asked what he liked best about us fifty two percent left that line one another twenty one percent answered nothing in particular seventy three percent of the public to know about us can't think of anything good about while he tried again what do you like least about after now get something fifty one percent gave no answer twenty percent said they didn't dislike anything in particular the editor said the church 's failure to project a sharp image concerns me is that the way to get the message about God to the world are we going well they tried it again I debated and like the first time around they tried it in the nineties this time they found that slightly more than half of the Americans and Canadians surveyed have ever heard of our church seventy percent now more little more than half and a marked increase in the number who misidentifies the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints or Jehovah's Witnesses on improving so well is that and in fact younger adults do not recognize the name Seventh-day Adventist they found and then they ask again the question this fifty three percent they same question when you hear the name Seventh-day Adventist what comes my and the majority said nothing and a half half of those who did respond with something that came to my were inaccurate or negative they were also asked what contribution the Adventist church makes through community service no what would we talk about after a lot of weight and the very great things that we do for the world and so this group was asked what contribution do we make nine out of ten members of the general public said that in the glue when we do they don't know have no idea what Seventh-day Adventists are all about well the answer is as good visit a former chairman of the department of church history Daniel Volterra the Seventh-day Adventists that seminary related the visit he had with Martin a Moeller a well-known Lutheran pastor would spend time in Nazi concentration camps I asked him Doctor Walter said what contribution can we Seventh-day Adventists make to the German community today need more thought a while and then said I believe you have made a contribution some seventy five years ago you were the ones that make the Christian world aware of the end the whole thing we were a little afraid of you you have no temples you worship intense and the people were upset using the everywhere today we are no longer afraid churches like everyone else the teachings on the last things are taught by theologians do not use the literal method as you once you do not seem to preach as you used to yes you did make a contribution some seventy years ago but no more I really hope is wrong don't you hang paragraph of you heard it know something about the bad news on the radio and his reply about what he thought about Seventh-day Adventists it depends on which Seventh-day Adventist you are talking about the denomination has become so diverse that one group bears little resemblance to the net that may be the most damning evaluation of all Adventism is no longer a unified body with a unified message you travel from one church to another church two blocks away and hear things entirely different you know well I don't have to tell you about that Ellen White said desire of ages page six eighty Christ designs that have the disorder of his plan of government heavens divine harmony shall be represented in his church on earth thus in his people he is glorify how is God glorified by the unity and harmony of his church on earth does that work well little adjustment boss people and a great work to do the world must see in the church of God through order trim visible in trouble organization testimonies ministers page fifty through the church eventually will be made manifest the final and full display of the love of God the world that is to be white with exploring how will this be seen through the chair the glory of the love God now since our churches struggling a bit since it may come out on the negative end of that question are we succeeding or are we failing in the mission that has been given to us what should we do what should our response be for the example of Jesus did Jesus first of all sent his disciples out there in the world to get it all right within the Jewish your port and send this message to that body to heal the patient will often give that beautiful message to the world as we reversed that order of the family got the cart before the horse carts noble horses very well should we not take an example from Jesus Christ as to how to fix the problem we are very upset in some circles when the word enrages nation and we are very happy when the word outreaches mention because that means we have something that were getting the most poor people out there and they can come and join us we have the message it makes us feel within reach means we got some problems that we need to address the problems in our hearts we got some problems in the way we run business in the church and we got some problems in the way we act and we need to address those until we address those our witness will be very noted out there in the world because they will say what I feel indifferent you got out of a divorce of your churches we have an archer why are you a better life I don't know if you were residual are we fixing the problem in the wrong place that's the question conference president former conference present is passed away since Henry Bosch loaded this way music is made up of three parts melody rhythm and accompaniment all three are essential but are not equal in importance the melody should have the most prominent part and should not be overshadowed by the rhythm or the accompaniment for a basic principle you can see why some music is a little annoying the evangelization of the world by means of extensive preaching and teaching and printed material the expenditure of large sums of money for campaigns buildings equipment and travel by Volvo all these are him him themselves fulfill the principal commission entrusted to the remnant church these are not the melody at the most they are the accompaniment and getting it confused the melody which is the reason for essentially a first ever more clearly is the song of victory over sin the song of Moses and the Lamb soaring higher and higher closer and ever closer to their heavenly pattern further and further away from the world to the character of the goods of a climactic fight of full and final display of his grace in vessels of clay but divested of all earthly most and testified onto by the declaration of the angel here is the patience of the site here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus for the first time this testimony will be said of the whole community is his methodology in your dream during over Satan 's power and then he said Leslie of disunity more than one time David fell victim to the magic influence of numbers that Satan inspired sport which so slyly leads to pride and self complacency which so traditionally substitutes quantity for quality the awkward people to merit the charm exerted by number size and quantity is allowed to prevail will Bill Laodicea 's views with illegitimate children as well her ranks with a mixed multitude which as of old could bring her march to a standstill at another K Barney God forbid that such a thing should happen Congress president telling us that evangelism improperly done and destroy the Seventh-day Adventist church and then he said unless lay of the sea will submit to a candid him compromising self-discipline they will descend upon her campus that will stiffen Shaker rice and sweet the one side the whole lumber household with its elaborate furnishings and costly equipment clearing the stage for the more himself with a cold array with an army of unidentified ones whose names and pictures may not be found in any register or church paper or book nor the views from any desk or platform you take a hard look at what God really want from us that they happen George Knight wrote it this way ministry magazine if I were the devil I would encourage the denomination to keep playing the numbers game the worst thing that ever happened to have been visited when it learns account we count members churches institutions money and everything else while numbers have their proper place they may have very little to do with the reality of the finished work that Ellen White now we find out what God said from his own voice selected messages volume three page two sixty the standard must not be placed alone that those who accept the truth shall transgress God 's commandments while professing and then she said better far better would be to leave them in darkness until they could receive the truth in its purity one in the state will own the voice of God who has served if we place the status solo that we are disobeying God 's commandments while having a placard up on a wall same these are what we believe it would be better to because we are placing them on a that leads to destruction we know that if the narrow road that is most raw or we need to think carefully about what we are doing what our mission is and what God 's purpose so summary the purpose of this Seventh-day Adventist movement called into existence of the time of the investigative judgment in the final atonement is to vindicate God 's name proved safe and the liar by preaching and living the pure gospel of Jesus Christ that's why I talk about the gospel that's why I talk about the nature of sin and the nature of Christ and justification and sanctification and perfection because there is no way to vindicate God 's name with a half true gospel we might say if we honestly believe that but we cannot vindicate God 's name and we cannot get to the end of the great controversy would have to adjust some of us take a risk of breaching very unpopular truth truth would shut the doors to us in many many circles because there is no gospel there is no truth it is either true or useful the secondary purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist church 's outreach winning souls carrying the gospel to the world blows out on the primary purpose for our existing outreach is not peculiar to our sickness outreach must flow from the feeling of that's then we will have power in our message and victory and we will go home very soon let's turn one more text of the Bible Ezekiel chapter thirty three Ezekiel thirty three him more than one time even than losing feels fine and we will begin reading the first seven sold-out Son of Man I have set the watchmen of the house of Israel therefore thou shall hear the word of my mouth and warned them from the what are we going to Warner was therefore allow Son of Man speak at the house of Israel busty speak say if our transgressions that our sins be upon us we finally landed how should we then live were sitting all the time what's the answer say under them as I live says the Lord God I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked who are the wicked here is not publicity Scott Israel but that the wicked turn from his way and live turn the turn ye from your evil ways for why will ye I will house all lenses up that's when daughters say I don't think I'm pushing God 's word out of context why will you die says I have loved you Jesse is that Israel had taken you as a baby I've carried you a lot have grown up and now you are turning away from me and walking with other lovers and you are consorting with those who don't know me how can I give you how can I give you why you are widely Satan knows better than any of us that the only way you can continue was existence on this earth is to destroy this message and this movement he knows that he doesn't have to destroy the popular Christian churches they will continue to preach their messages him who work on the third just fine he knows that he knows the only way to his bedroom is if this body of people get their message and their movement to clear their reason for existence what is going to attack a this body and business that is going to be his primary focus in his final attempt to dethrone God from the house is set some traps for these extra people still purpose in one of the trappers trap is an easy one is worldliness it's the love of worldly things the pleasures of the world or even business as usual we got a hot a family to feed we got an education to get we have got to concentrate on the things of this world or else we go down the drain we don't survive the death of the concentrate on the things of the worldview that either my pleasure or by necessity and we become conformed to the world without knowing that the practice now there are some who realize that draft and are not going to go that way are not going to go Smith's second of the world 's pleasures or the burdens and responsibilities they are going to take time to pray they are going to take time to read the word of God they are going to take time to food to witness and to study God 's word and be good in people their eyes are wide open this track is first track so safe says one just for you and you love the Lord you want to serve him you want to be you want to be in his kingdom you want to be true Seventh-day Adventist apply here's a Gospel design just for you all you have to do is believe you don't have to worry Jesus will take hold of the wheel don't drive your long existed in the passenger seat it's just far you are going to heaven and on gospel of those lessons oh what the hell those who are faithful this sounds so right it sounds so good it sounds so plausible as God is love he is not in a cast does he walk away from you and you fall down why of course not so here's the gospel that satisfies the need for ensuring some have their eyes wide open the something that is false gospel the gospel it doesn't matter to you what what what what you do you just deleted what God visits across all the pages very upset when they see this Gospel penetrated deeply into our beloved Seventh-day Adventist church they see it at high levels of the Seventh-day Adventist church and they become frustrated they become very disturbed that seeing a false gospel running without objection any longer within God 's remnant people and they get angry they get angry and they begin to point fingers and they began to get them to relate stories about apostasy and begin the print material showing how bad things are the Seventh-day Adventist church and how God is close to if not already has rejected this money is Mister and they continue on and off holier than thou angry bitter spirit that is just as deadly Satan doesn't care if he gets us in the fires of fanaticism of the ice of indifference doesn't care of it he doesn't care if we have all the truth straight and we know the true gospel and we don't have any doubt about the nature of Christ if we are using a vindictive bitter spirit he's got just as much as if we are misled on the one more government I know what you but I don't like to be an extremist you you like to be our right wing airfoil left-winger or neither is not phrases we use to try to distance ourselves from both of those we talk about the right wing and we talk about the left-wing and of course none of us are you one of those we have now we are monitoring we walked the middle of the road someone has said that white line in the middle of the road is safely walks for you we want to avoid controversy we don't want to be labeled as a so you know how to avoid label eviction don't say anything from the church was the preacher sing a song that I'm offering go home and then you come to church again and you sit and listen to the preacher and your company ripples you smile at people when they smile at you your wife by every body and you go home and you even talk to your neighbor over the backdoor fence about Jesus loves you but you will not open your mouth about any matter that is in the least controversy all because that will cause walls people will begin to categorize you they will no longer what he was much they need and forbid you to speak to certain death that's the most deadly trap of all because that's where most of us want to be we want him in the moderate ground the balance from the non- controversy all crowd and remember I think I heard someone this morning say that the worst type of hostility to God 's neutrality is that is a worse type of hostility to God is not an worldliness is not even a false gospel is not even in bitterness but in spite of wind on his voice those seven thousand and healthy life to very much they were there but they didn't help in the crisis yes I know we have seven thousand today and more where is the voice of Caleb and Joshua where is that boy where is the courage to speak to the crisis even one stone by from your friend from your social the most deadly tribal and I will finish with the text that was red already today it is such a good text it is in Jeremiah chapter twelve verse five Jeremiah twelve verse five if thou hast run with the footman and they have wearied the then how canst thou contend with horses and if a land of peace where thou trusted they wearied the then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan we are running only with equipment today that's all it's pretty comfortable we get a few slaps in the face we might even get some career problem only for men what about horses missing her by Wednesday ferns loses forces upon God 's people what about when the Jordan begins to swell praise God for problems in the day of the they're just getting us toughened up for the real battle that's coming up praise God when the opposition because the God is preparing us for real opposition that we haven't even dreamed home to face God has a way of preparing the soldier is removing the soldier you be willing to be soldiers and then God will give us prepare if we will allow that to happen there is mentally with the right understanding of God 's word and he will prepare emotionally that may be hard emotionally to withstand the abuse that will come from those we trust law when we are seen as I remember that statement from this morning as straightlaced extreme straightlaced extreme we are called by name we are called atheists because we side with those who believe that everyone should be free to choose in their own way we will be called atheists in the site is not helpful is that call a special time called for a special purpose call to be that generation that will prove God 's truth to the right and the whole universe agreeing that it is time for Jesus to come and then we go home and we sort of design things out in the millennium right now our business is not the sort everything out our business is the loyally serve what God has told us to do that the unselect the level things are not quite clear to stay up there for a while we have enough clarity him all that read that you all are things with you about your father in heaven in this final generation in this generation in which you are appealing your people to finish once and for all your final work I pray that you will find your Seventh-day Adventist followers ready to follow you I pray that right here there may be a light kindled that will not be blown out by Satan straps I pray that the young people of the older ones here will no longer see each other as on opposite sides of a generation but as friends and compatriots working together as soldiers in your army Lord I pray that in this place there may be the truth of God and clearly clearly live in the lives of both thank you Lord for hearing our prayer Jesus


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